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September 17, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 17, 1959

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]L IIIII 'i III III I Webb visited witch Mr. and Mrs. ~et, am.~.._..-,,pa,..~o.a~e.~o "IOn fBlld"-* at Willard Smallwood on Thursday -L.r .. ,. ct ___*_! evening. Mrs. Smallwood had just ; ouce oI peclal ..................................... .............. 4- MAN IN GENTRY ~:i~E~!:~i~i~i~i~i:i~i~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i~i~!~i~!~i~i~i~i~i~ * . ::::::::::::::::::::: returned from the hospital where lt4[,~, ~,f ~h,~ Rn~-f] ..`.:ii!ii!!~::~ii~i~::~::~!~iiii~i:~i~ii::!i~!~ii~!i~iii::ii::::::i::ii!~iii::::ii~iiii}:::::iii}:i::iJ::::iii::~~!::::i~i~i!i!i~i~!~! she had spent sometAme after suf- I[~:~VliL~ IL, I tl|qt~ Ult~.[~ ~ ~/:.,.:~2:::::::::: :i:i:::i:~:;:i:3 feting a heart ~ttack. She is now [ ~;iiiii~iii~i!i~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::: . , of Trustees o ieenng much better ...... '~ " f ~ !ii"1 ~0L AN~ :iiiii~::i ::i ::!!~ :i::i iii!!i::ii!i W Little Miss Norma Jean Rickel, Alaerson - tiroaaaus daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude -'~~ ~ ~ ........ ii~!i}i!::::::i::!t i::::ili::iii! 4 spent the past week in the Win- ~-i#~n chester, Va. hospital. She has a ~"J~'* tow blood condition. ------- . ' A~"RON Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolfe and The members of the Boara o I son Dennis spen~ the weekend Trustees of "The President and witch Mrs. Welles parents Mr. and Trustees of Storer College", a cor- Beautiful 60-Gauge, ,15 LOOK. Mrs. Tom Kemp .then on Sunday Ix)ration, and members of the denier Nylons you ve FIRST QQUALITY theyaH went on a picnic at Sen- Board of Trustees of Alderson- FI A~iNELS [OF 10 NN seen advertised at ...... , ca Caverns at Petersburg, W. Va. Broaddus College, a corporation, . FULLsH] EI - FASHIONED! Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wolfe visited will hereby take notdc~ that: more than twice this with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kemp on(1) A special meeting of) the priced! Quality tailored PAIRS $1"00 Saturday nl~ht. Board of Trustees of "The Presfi- Home From Hospital dent and Trustees of Storer Col- to fit perfectly. Self .m= Mr" Hward Ashwd wh was lege" a cr'pora'tin' is here~by call ~i 95 E a patient in Oharles Town Has-ed by Clare~nce W. Gran,ford..~, Vhe color or dark seams, sizes to 11 pital for eight days returned home Presiden't of suoh Boara ot wrus- on Labor day feeling some better tees, ~ be held in the Library ~~ but still not able to be back at his Bu'i,lding of Stover Coilege at Har- Across From The Court House ~ork Since his returning home pars Ferry, in Jefferson County, SLEEPERS those v~siting with him are as [el- West ~irginia, for ~ATUP,,DAY, ....:.:.::::~:!:~:~::!::~!:~!~%!~!:!%!:! ............ Check these .features! Breath- A Community Corner Stone Since 1871 lows: Mrs. Dorothy Chambtin, Mr. OCTOBER 3, 1959. AT THE .... :,5!!i~:i~:::::i:~ h able, soft, safe plastic sole . and Mrs Tom Kemp, Dawn and :HOUR OF 10 O'CIX)CK A. M., E~ S e e m s impossible Timmy Shaffer, Mrs. Mamy Alger S. W., of which you and each o~ " iiiiii:/ [i::iiiiiiiiii!?::iiii:i? Gripper fasteners at back MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION: Mr, and:Mrs. Charles Mercer Mr' you as a member of said board, i:~!:/i~i~!!!!)i" ili :i iiii!!ii:i i::ii waist for easy dressing! Earl Painter, Mr. Jo~n Bradley" will' hereby take no,iCe, said cor- ~:,:!~:ili~~!:~i:i)~ii:fl~F Sized by weight for perfect but the fact remains Mr. Grover Banner and Mrs Lin" pm~tion being a nonstock corpor- da O'Brien all of Charles ~rowna~Vion and you, and each of you. ~ fit! Value! this S U it is just ': Ginger Hough, Mr. George Gru- a,bte~d said meeting in lieu of - ber of Summit Point. ~Mr. and 'Mrs. Stockholders, aH for the purpose 29.95 ! R i c b, full i sHENANDO " Ernest Slusher Jr. and Gall of Lee hereof'tar set out- town Mr. Buddy l~issler of Shen- (2) A special meeting of the bodied wool, wrink- andoah Junction and M~s. June Board of Trustees of Alderson- TABLES Bohrer of ~Martinsburg. Br(mddus College, a corporation, ~~ [ Mrs. Lena Priebe of Detrolt [is hereby ca led bY Wayne C. Haw .............. Compare! Tray-tables with - resistant Dacron JUNCTIOI Michigan .is spend,rig two wee~s [ker, Presiden,t of the Board of ..... brass finish legs are buys at with 'her ,bm~her Mr. Howard Ash Trustees, to be held in Bonsai! :i~ii!i'~!:' 4 for $5.00! 12V2 by 171/, ... and Penney s tai- 'wood who just returned from the Lounge of Aldexson-Broaddus Col M IS ~aospi~tal. [logo i~:~i~i:~!i!i~i? by 23l/2 inches high. One is ~ [~J= I By Miss Li[lian ye ", in Phillippi, Barbour County, ~~~~ '[ Mr. and Mrs. Allen Morgan of Recent visi,tors with Mrs. Susie [West Virginia 'for SATUI~DAY, braced to store the set. Handy lors it in slim 3-but- Glaize were Mr. and 'Mrs. C. B. I OCTOBER 24, 1959, at 9 o'clock "u4~~Ht:l~~ ~~ [Middletown, Pc. ~isited Mr. and Steward of Hanover. ,Md. and Mr. In. m., E. S. T., of which you, ann .............. : ....... for entertaining.oR ~~~l ~ " , I~~ ~ ]Rut'h[Mrs' Willia'm M'il'ler and daughter and A{rs' Raymnd Riehl f Bal" ]eac~h f YU' as a member f saidla~t week. 4 F $5 O00 ton style, pays close | .'w ~ ~ ] Mr. and Mrs. Grover Thompson timore, Md. [board will hereby take notice, sai~ ~"~q~ = ~ I recently spent the weekend wi:th Mr, and 'Mrs. Carl Hin,ton were ]corporation being a no,nstock cot- attention to detail! - - ~ [Mr. and ,Mrs. Charlie Cook and Sunday eveni,ng visitors with their ]poratAon, and you, and each of daug~hter and son-in-law Mr. and/you, as a member of said board, ~~ JMrs. Clare Miller in S, hanok,in, Pa.i Mrs. James Biddle and son of Win [sha~ll attend said meeting in lieu BEDFORD CORD SLACKS regulars, shorts, longs ~ I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Race, Hy-: Em | ~ ~ a~tsville, Md., iMrs. Teeny WilsonwithChester'an awfulVa" l~indingcold. Mrs. Biddle I pose If stocicholders,hereufter the pur- .......... ........... Get charcoal antelope or navy = ~ ~ ~ ~ [gnd daul~l~ter Debl)le of Riverdale :iiiiii::iiiii : :iii!ii:i iiiiiiiiiii i !: :: .... cotton cords . . . fully lined LI|U~ A [Md. and Mr. Eddie George of Miss Elizabeth Webb and DavidI 'l~he purpose of each of said mm == ~= ~w ~ [Washington were recen~t guess of Webb Mrs. William McDowell and meetings i.s to give consideration i:~:i:~,~i~i:ii::~:' :iiiiiiiiii :!iii: iii :i:i in red cotton flannel. Styled Mrs. Susie Glaize and ~Mrs. John to 'a Contract of merger which~:t!i:!:.i~!!i!::::~:' iii ii ! i :i ii: ?i:ii with 2 pockets and an all z= d [their mother Mrs. Sherman Hop-: ' per. Goode enjoyed a very pretty day I:has been ter~tativeIy agreed to bu~ ~li::~!~i~!i:j:ili~iiii:!iii!:i::~::~];~i~. ....... around, elastic waistband. Wk|'t~ O&~:~ d [ Mr. a,nd Mrs. J. Clive Myers and 0,n Sunday by motoring downlthe separate Board of Trustees o ~ Machine wash! N ~|||JL~LdlilIII~ -~ [children and Miss Lfliian ,Myers through the Valley of Virginia. ["The Presiden.t ~a,~d Tzxlstees of 4,to 10 $~.L i ,,.~7 ~'~" "~"" Wayne Breeden spen~t the past IS~rer Co}logo", a corporation and .66 Ill ~V V ~ m m m m m m~ ~ [Visited ~heir uncle and aunt Mr.' weekend with his grandparents ~by Vhe Board of Trustees oI ~- ~ [ and Mrs. ~VIillard Myers in Taylbrs: m-- J ]~ille, va. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sma,Hwo~d Iderson-Broaddus Co~ege, a corpor | u A ~ | A m~ ~ [ Mrs. Harris Kisling (ff Charles near Charles Town. [ation wl~ich ten~ve contra~t 'Miss Janet Ctassary of N. J./bears' date of (May 30, 1959, and ' GIRL S COTTON KNIT I~lrlillli~lll B ITow~ spen.t several days last week spent the weekend at ,the home of tsets ot~t alt the d,aties and res-, SKI PAJAMAS - ~ | ~ ~|~||| ~ ]with her son-in-law and daughter ,the Glaize's..She was waiting for |~ponsi~b~,li~t~es of ea~ch o~ saia. co~- J [~r. and Mrs. Grover Thom.pson. enrollment in Shepherd College. tPOratlons fully and ~omp~ete y ,.~:t::.i::i:i!~:i~:::!:~'::~:!!~!!~!~i:i::~i:::~!:~!::. Stock :up on heavy-weight ] Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Seal spent S~nday visi,tors wiVh cMr. and ~'and which calais for .a complete arm cotton kmt ski pajamas. ~ ~ [Sunday with rela)t~ves in Sta:niey, Mrs. Howard Ashwood were as [el ~,merger of the corporation hereto- :~};!:.~i~:i:i::i~ ~i:i~!i:i~:-! They are made to Penney's Va.Mr. and Mrs. WH,liam Berry into .the corooraVion ii:i::i::ii~i~ii~ goodSpecificatinStailoring.frManylngercolors.Wear' m~" . .. ~~ ,] lows: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolfe fore known a~. "The Preside~% a~nd A ~ ~ l'have been v~sltlng his brother and of Annadale, Va., Mr. Sam Crock- [Trustees of Storer College" a COLr" ~,dli~L ,i~ [Berry in Wheeling, W. Va. son, Mr and Mrs Fred Harmon known as Alderson-Broaddus Col- 4 to 14 $ wL~h them a neice and nephew ilege, a corporation, under and by ~ .22 , ~ [ Members of the Leeto~v,n Sum- from Dundalk, Md., Mr. and Mrs. ]vi~tue of t;he provisions of Cl~ap- J. I mit Point and Junction Baptist Minor Wilson, Mr. and '.Mrs. Ver-lter 31 Article 1, Section 63 (Ser- [Chmx~h gave ,the l~v. and Mrs. ,non Wilson and son Tony cff Berry l~al Sermon 3075), of the official ~ ~! ] Earl Williams ~ pounding at the Wilson of Leetown, Mrs. Ann, meeting you wi~ be ~oalled u.pcm to , ,, COTTON BRASSIERES For white wood areas on brick and masonry houses parsonage last Thursday night in vilie, Va., Mr. and Mrs. ~Marshall Code of West V~vginia; at such [Lee~own. &bout 125 were present. Clam with son Gary and daughter{vote for or against a resolution Basic bras with stitched cups -., , .... ,, ..... [Refreshments of punch and cakeBecky of Winchester. [adopting such merger eo~raet $.i~':::i:~:~ii:iii::! for better fit. Sanfovized. ReSlS~ cBalKIng -prevents White run.oown on [were served. F&mily Picnic land if the resoluion is favorably -- " I "sur'aces , Recent visitors of Mr. and IMrs. i: A, B, C cups. oamcooreo I . lEd Hammnd a'nd Miss Camilla :Mr" Warren Walker entertained adpted bY a w"t hirds vte' f ~ 2 (l~A:s family wi*h a family picnicl,the trustees of each corporation FOR [WtltshJre were Mr. and Mrs. Lu- on his lawn at his home an Pres- i in a~end,ance at Vhe sa~d two Brilliant white-mav be tinted It ion Talley of Hun'tingon, W, Va. ton Street on Sunday, September ,meetings, then saAd merger shall -- ' " " [ Mrs. Tally Is t;he former Miss ~s~g 22 to J0 [Lizzie Rudd, daughter of the Rev. 6. 'IVnose present for the occasion be completed in the manner azxd [ h I m ' @ I I h I V JR. H. Rudd, former pastor of the were ,Mr. Warren N, Walker of form set ou, t in said Code. and Mrs. Lestie Willingham and once e~ch week for four consecut r ~: u r L ~: ~ ~ u r L / i otown Baptist Church. Fort Leonard Wood, ~VIissourl, Mr. I This notice will be pttbl,is~ed son of Manassas, Va., 'Mr. and ire weeks prior to eWaer meeting ................. ,~:~:!:~:~!ii:!:':i~ ........ SPORT SHIRT VALUE. Mrs. KsnneVh Walker and dough- date as required by law and a copy .... .:?:~!!!!~i::i~:iii~ii~ ........ ~iiii~i:~!!i!i~'%,. Printed cottons, solid color Phone 17 Charles Town, Va. [[Rainbow Colors Outside tersofKearneys~ille, Mr. and Wh's. thereof will be mailed to each i~ii:::i~,~:.iiii~!!:" iii ii! i:: i iii ! oxfords, broadcloths . . . ' [ In 1950, elg~ty percertt of As- Garland W~lker and family of member of the Board of T~4stees ~i!!~!i!ii~.. /~!~i~ all long sleeve. Save BUY THE PAINT THAT'S WORTH THE WORK [bestos-Cemen, t siding was white. Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett ~of both corporations at least ~w'en [This dropped to 25 percen~ kn 1959 Boyd and family of Charles Town t.y days prior to t'he d~te of the ....... 4 to 18 $ q .33 . . .. I ]in many areas. Now, aH the rain and Mrs. Ru, th Bond of Bakerton. respective meeting that he or sne I I I I I i U Ii I I ~ ~_ z, t~ T V | [ bow colors prevail. Everyone presen,t had an e~njoy-,is required to attend. able day. ~ Given under our h~mds this I I ~ ed from France "~'~s'-~"'" I [ -'" Mr. Warren Walker of PrestonIAugus~ 25. 1959. ~~ ATTEND CHURCH ~UNDAY Street, Mrs. Ruth I~ond of Baker- I CLARENCE W. C AW 'X:mD ....... ,.--~::.~.-... BULKY KNIT SWEATERS " Doll.... I YOU NEED HOUSING? ton, Mr. andMrs. GarlandWalkerl Presid~nt of Board of Trus ill .... I I I ' I and foamily of Ranson vdth Mrs. I tees of "The President and ............... Hi Bulk Orlon Cardigans for Emmett Boyd of Charles Town [ Trustees of Storer College" iii :!i " ii: iii [ii iii ::iii :(::i : !ilili! Toddler Boys and Girls. Red, were dinner guests of Mr. a,ndl a corpora~on i~i::!!~!~!!i!!~:i::i iii iii i ii: i ij White, Pink, Navy, Blue, :Mrs. Leslie Wllllnldaam and son of | WAYNX C. ,HAWK E~ Maize. - Manassas, Va. on Sunday. [ President of Board of Trus R~nson He]pers Meet ] tees of Alderson-Broaddus 11 " Ranson H~l, pers Club held their lCollege, a corporahion . ~ 1 to 4 $ & .66 Available Now -- Good Used .Trailers. regular monthly meeting opened Sept. 10-to by presid~n,t Kathleen Viands wiVh I ~ Bible reading by Ha,tile Cam'pbellI =: ' ............. SPECIAL BUY ON MEN'S in absence of our chaplain. Said[ ~1' U C ~ FLANNEL SHIRTS Low Rental Advance and Low Monthly Payments. , ~rd's Prayer, salute to the flag, ! | U I~ had roll call and collection of dues{ ...,:::!T:!~i~i?!i~!i!~!!~:::~'!%:,.~ Colorful combed cottons go Rent Applies to Purchase. We Deliver and Block Had reading of last months rain-' UCIViM T CTDIItCD .... ....... wash n wear, need little or utes by Secretary Clam Noland, IfflLL~ll~ /, J/IIlMLIR ~. !:~iii:i~.'~~i~}i~'no ironing! Save! to your location, also had treasure report .by Katie '~:!:::~ .:! ................... ! ............. Jenkins. New 'business w~s that C O L 0 N I A L ~=ii~::~::::~:~::::~,:.:-~!i~ $ | .44 we received some donations l~ me ~lJ~~'-"~l~~:~: ....... t L mory of Mrs. Sadie Smallwood. FUNERAL HOMB uttllUUIUll , We wts~h to thank each bne of men s sizes small, medium, I L , these people. Deferred business to Charles Town large, extra-large hold t~he brass foundry dinner on -- Route 15, 1-Mile South of Frederick, Md. sept. 24 this will be the last one Shepherdstown this year. SHOP PENNEYS =TODAY AND EVERYDAY AND SAVE! Open Daily to 8:00 P. M. Including Sunday The meeting also had some Telcphon - 162 o~her business and .the meeting came o a close with our regular IIIII I II II ...... ...... ' .... 4PiRiT OV .IEFFERSON,,,. rARMr R ADVOCATE WHAT'S GOING ON IN . . . --------- .... g--B ItlURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1.)59 { R/,N i 0 exemption certificate signed bY The Legislature did not define the farmer. I what constitute's a 'commercial' The form certifies that the farm I By Mrs. Roy Breeden Telephone 256-JX }producer "However the State Tax er is engaged in commercial farm J Commissioner has 'ruled tha~t if a ling and has annual gross sales o$ I.farmer receives a gross annual in- Imore tha,n $1,000. ] Mrs. Grace Landers visited her iprayer" ' [come of more than $1 000 ~rom I The records of any farmer claim [sister Mrs. Mary James in Hag- ~ After the meeti,~g members on- [the sales of his products he is co,~ ling the commercial producer exam ]erstown over the weekend. While [joyed water melon. Next meeting I ducting a commercial operation. I ption are subject to audit by the ~,~.,,~,~ II [being there she at'tended the wed- to be .an Oct, 1 at 7:30 o'clock. [STATEBY DONALD C. CARMAN [ The Legislature reasoned that IState Tax Commissioner to ascer- [ding of her niece Miss Nancy Citizens Fire Co. Aux. will hold TAX COMMISSIONER ]persons producing agricultural pro ]rain if he is indeed eligible for ex ~ ~~ ~ ~, ,ducts for sale are engaged in an ,emptin s'ta~l;us. ]Jones which took place at the U. la soup and sandwich supper at 5 I Several handred West Virginia lactAvity which will eventually re- [ For the convemence of,the farm IN. Brethern Church in Hagers-Io'clock on Sept. 18 at the fire hall i farmers are entitled to certain ex Isult in sales upon which the Con- Iers of Wes~ v~rgmaa, r, ne State [Itwn'Mrs. Grace Landers with Mr. ~thecoun,trypUbliChamiS invited.sandwiches,Thereham, Willsalbe lemptions under the s~ate's Con-Isumers Sales Tax will be collect-ITax Departmen~ has pmced the [ and Mrs. William Myers were in ad, ci"klcken salad, ,home made beef sumers Sales Tax Law. led l exemption certificate in the hands The statue, as drawn up by the I :r~ " r c- r " " ]of all firms engaged in ,the sale [Myersl Winchesterto thenhospital'MndaYtheretakingfor~Mr'a ,drinks.~ soup,-cakes, p~es, coffee and soft i West Virginia Legislature allots I. ~n oruer ~op omo~effomme cmJ ]of agricultural equipment and ma- [check up. The Cardette Club will 'hold a the tax benefits to persons engag- ~arming m ~ne s~a,~e ~ne exempt- ~... , . [ Mr. and Mrs. William Pollers of ibake sale on Saturday, September ed in the "commercia.1 production Iin was written into :the law. I e aJs" IArdara, Pc. and Mr. and Mrs. 19 beginning at ~9:00 A. M. at the of an agricultural product." I It is ~ot in, tended as an a:dvan- [ CIVIC LE~ET [Charles Waggy and son of Traff- [Ranson Circle) It permits eligible farmers to es ~tage ~o persons engaged Jn pro- ~ -- lord, Pa. spent, Saturday withI The Record Hop will be held Icape paying the consumers' levy [ducing farm crops for their own~ The regu'lar meeting of the their sister Mrs, Susie Glaize and i Friday, September 25th at the Old [on purchases of equipme,nt used in Icnsumptin- I Jefferson County Civic League will THANKS T Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glaize of ~_ I crops along with purchases of fer-[other farm materials to commer-lat8 p. m. at St. Phillip's Parish IRanson gave a big dinner on Sun Former Cuban Air Force head til,izer, grain and Ieed used in corn eial producers must have a tax Hall Charles Town. MY FAMILY S .~;:~ ............... I Dennls. Sammy who left this mor " - t ning for the Marines and Dennis Drug viewed as a new hope in THE-YEARS :: who has already been in the Mar treating gout. ~~m~,~ ~ OVER- lines for ~ome time is home on a Ifurlough. He was stationed inS ...... r~ i " Come see big DlT ] P.'~l I C. but will return to Camp Le- l~Ol:lCe OI pec al _ ./~f J Jeune, N. C. next week. Meeting" of the Road buys in every I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woods of ---L-r- [Carollton. Md. and Mr. and Mrs. of Trustees of department. ~ I Harold Webb and sons of South- ,-,n?.- n .-- - I lawn, Md. were visitors at the Ine r'reslaent an(1 [home of Mr. Arthur We'bb and rip .... .........~ ~- .... ]family over the Labor Day week- ~LrU~tees ut ot,,-,:~ SUITED FOR P,udent'-" parents prepar for college costs, t,,,7: sav- [en rs Wmiam McDowell and College," A Corpor- ing systematically. Build up your family's' educa- Miss "Elizabeth Webb and David tion. SUCCESS... THE