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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 17, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 17, 1959

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WEATHER FOI{ECAST. I ~L!~ i .... ~lu~tly sunn~ and quite cool, near 62 today. Fair and tonight with scattered frost 35 to 40. Friday mostly sunny ~tnd continued quite cool. highest 63. Outlook for Saturday, fair and cool, "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson Coun|y Community Since 1844" TW() n n Read By More Than 20,00{! People Every Week 95, NO. 38 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS .... i lf eri, a Del end Upon o Inlured ,".'n- ne.of ITen :11 idi _.... ..! ._." ._. ininE I 'ht ren In Ho ne, Sc[Hnghway Acctdents m Jefferson CountylPeo Ill F rned BI" Grand lurf'.h o , t' t .o. .11. Ul____..t_ t'I..L -A- occurred in Jefferson county dur: lerai Hospital. " .~ ,,, . . A ". .~m -- -- . | BII [I _||qli WI[]m[]IH % [IIIH_ ,~|% ling the period of Friday through I Trooper Barlow said a 1953 Had ]~__l_ d It_.. ..-~------~-. ~.l rA...-- ~ ~. --B---A i ~w'm... w ~ .. lm' --", ~ ~-v~r ~.~ [Mo,nday in which two people were son being driven North oil State l~ ]~nu~ | [In rllmll[ :~ ~ ~ I[ ]J ~J~ lr~w .____ .__ ~ ...... ........ ]injured and five carsand one stat [Route 9, by Norman E, Kerns, lV||n| ' F|| ]uuuuun ;11dun ~m w~l~ v uuw l ' UlU l UU ............ ~h" ' ~"'~ "-~-" ~" ......... * .... 1- ....... [ . . . _. . lion wagon were dam'a~ed to the ex 35 Alexandria went out of control I 1~ 'zu~ure oI nmenca .~c ~ ~ I~uiv UZ'~ly ~y '~XVVe'~b~LZ ~t4~e ~'~e~ ' ~' " ' de ends anon how well par-[er warned I hmprlcan [pnmn ~l~rlC~'ltent of $925. !ran mto a ditch a;ad stopped afterI ................ , ---- ----------- .P . _- ...... I .... ' ........ I ............ ""25"v'" --"~'''"'1 The first accident occurred Fri Istriking a culvert Trooper Bar-[| ml ~ [ Ten indic,tments against six per Gift on a forgery charge Wedne~ t .ff Inspector for th'e Federa/ stated Today parenls are'too busy " i i ra son Ste which was uliin' ontd t~e hi 'i(' " ' " " " s ' " ' "" ..... ~. .... ,,,~o,,^.~ ,.,.~ morn ]~' .... '- .... .~ ..... ...... : t tiCt 11 w, nn ~}~n,} Hprm IRoute ,5 by Phlp G y. -~ :, 0 , ~.eau t0 5peak At I morning Seven of the mdictmentslaga,,nst R, chard Hem'y Fisher, ~.~ v..~,**,.o~.~..~.~,.., .... '.*..~ /,,,1 .,...,..~..~,..., ,~,~,.,~,o v,.~ ~-~l-,u~*- I v,~.o mmI wv||| $|HI/ ~la~/~ IvpnS 17 Route 5 Fredelicl Md Iwav from Peazl's stole I -- lu,,~,~ fr~ f~ln~i#aq ~'~r~ thr~ f~r rn~: /whn ,~n J.n,~ it. ,~i,~ -t.ol r,,,m of the Charles Town Worn- s]bibties theytook on m their ' i ~iven N h r es hax been referred ' s s " and a 1956 Buick be ng d" o c a g~ ;e P ~ demeanors Frances Shoemaker the sum of Club and t,helr host of guest j, i man'zage vows. They are toobusy I --_ ' : ,West on Hiffh street by Guy Gar in the accident, Trooper Barlow,uvnlla H0mec0mnnn, ..~oo in'dictments one a felony $72. He pleaded guilty t,o both ,{ men ano ,women a~ ~te~uan- i on.,~un.~ay.a~enmng me ma,~erpJ I ~ teth Chicchirichi o,f Ransom said. Damage to the Kerns carI "~ land two misdemea,nors, were re-/counts and asked to be placed on ,,..~2nner mee~mg ~ .~_-/~n!n.~s Ln ~Lze ~o worry a oou,~ me ] ~rAnli~ , I Charles Town Sta~e Trooper R. i amounted to about $250. The Nick ] The Reverend Harry F, Bough- ]t,u'ned by the grand jury against [probation. ,.v~, ,~ av ~a~ x. .~ oelze~ splrH, ual Mr ~UB~ler oeclareo ~ lithe! an .. , -: '2:" . uL." ....- | -- : " . ..... ' " i ~ tR Truex said Stevens was charged I car was not str'~ck by t'he Kern. l man president of the L l John Allen Willingham Millville A felony lndicement ~three ,~o~ez in~'na.riesiow~: . | L~iscipzine of!lo scaresI " . - I with speeding and Chicchirichi [car /The01ogical Seminary at Gettys-l in connection with a' shooting co,rots) was returned against Ai- ~n ~'ned~J,n~ss'l'~7&Ju~l~oer|mhos~s paT::s?:t:~a:~.Ia,~neseaar:Y?s[ '- :. [with failure to yield the right of ] Mo.~day evening about 6:30 ]burg Pa. will be the preacher at ]which took place near Millville ~len Coolige Maphis 31 of Rl~D 1. .... __~ ...... :_ _f |. ~ P~ ..... '.. .Y ?.._ I !!~ |way. Damage 'to the two cars a- [Trooper Barlow investigated a two ithe annual Homecoming Service i Aug. 29 in which Samuel Robert ]Kearneysville, for burgulary at the ano wellare orgalzlza~zu[z~ o ~ouay zeel IL IS oet~er vo ie~ ~ne 1 z n Chulch .... n wlth the |' - ...... :: ' _ . '...,~ I : :::: ]moun~ted to $175. Trooper Wruex [car collision which occurred nea'[ at St. James' Luthe'a ' , I Engle of the Millville section was home of Mr and Mrs Ily arson county jmm. g ,.. ~- [cn!!a ~o!l, own_,oesires..'ney[ [said the accident occurred at the l the intersection of 10th Avenue ]Uvilla, Sunday, September 20, ac Ish(>t. [at Leetown, And another felony aens ~iuo zor cms specm~ soc oeiaeve ~ g~ves a cmio an amer ~ ,l nd m R ns n LateRoute 9 nnoancemeat b ._ . .. ! .' '. . , . . , .. .'l lintersection of High st'eeLa 1 a .o and S ,, ,Icording to an a ; Yl When arrai-ned Wednesda- indictment (two counts was re- ~-~air ~i~ was ,tne larges~ crowu iori~y complex ~o De ~iscrpnnea : ' ia ~ ' ohn ' ~ * ~ " " .. ' . " . .. - / ................ ' I ....... IRoute 45. I Trooper BalloT stud a 1959 C e - u the pasoor ~he Revezend J [mornin~ Willin~ham nleaded euil [turned jowlly agamst Allen Cool- fly capaclLy ever "co aczeno a Iir tsUVtler st,area Well i'I yOU "[ : " " " " :' - " s h o ..... .... ~ ~,,a m .... ~n r.h.~,,/n,,,~,, ,~o,e ........ h~n ,~,~., ~o I ~ Saturday about 1.35 p. m. Troop Irolet bemg driven East on 10th I Grissmget &. The ~.s .c e- Itv to the felony indicment for un- l~dge Maph~s and Charles Joshua ~,..y ~.......:?.:y- ,:. ,~..,,...-~/..v:.. ~ ...?w~. ~,~,~, ~.,.:~. "'Z': t'~ I ler W. R. Barlow investigatefl a IAvenue by Max Eugene ~arrow, I duled to begin at 11 a. m. flayiight I~:,.,e..(,. .... n~:~. ,,e ~4,,1~ and was Davis ..a~ m aam~on ~o 'hearl_ng |wm ma.ster you Japer, ear. bm;uer [ i two-car collision ,.near the West 122 Ranson was struck by a car i saving time. I ' ven"a"ve 'in the ~e r~niten" I Maphls and Davis were cha~'ged m~eres~ing ano eaucab~oru~ co,'~ciuoeo ...... li on " ' s o 10~h Ave ue u te of ~ '~ "~ " ' ,~. ....l ................ i ... ._ _ [ |Virg~ma-Vlrgm~a State ne Ibex,rig driven We.t n n I Dr. Baughman, a grad ,a It~ ....... ~ ~r~. ~.nt~.~,.. ~.i,~,. s-s with entering the home of Mr vy 5": ~.e. g,ou~i ,~.o open me_dinner programi IState Route 9 south o,f Charles I by Carlton R. Housden16 of I Gettysbur- College and the Lu-i~,~",~'a~'~i~'i~'~a'~ ~]~. ~'~ and Mrs Bratina and taking jew ,neara ,onez su.mmanes oz/wnicn was ,presioea over :by ~a.r's. I ~.ii~, /Tnwn ' IShenandoah Junction ' "1~,..~ m~.,~,~.~.~ ,~-m,marv at I~'":" ...... . ": ..... ~ ............ ~"~ I,'~ ..... ~:,k,~ ~ ~ ~,~n t other civic and welfare or-|o. S. Bloom president of the] ~~l~_ '/--~q~rnnr)~r Rnrlnw ~nid Frnnk E I Tz'on~or Barlnw said Bnrrowl~:fftt~'~h.r~:~'~'~;.~'-wirlelv- ae_/Cea on, pro oation for a. year: .tie ~,,~xr.:.~..~,~o~,~ .~.~, ..,, ~.~..~,., [za,tions of the county acco,m- Charles Town Woman's Club the .- . .- . , . -~ ............ pmaoeo no~c guu~v ~o me mz~oe ............ a .................. [ ......... -__ I ~ ~]Kerns 33 of Alexandria Va. suf- l was makmg a left turn mto h~slclaimed by his Church as a pas-] .............. .: .............. ]nleaded ~,uiltv to the feinnv ohar ed cne pas,v yea a. many .rear lCnaro eal pas,tor o1 81,t i [ ' ' '1 ' I " / .,eo.o, c.o, ......... i " _~/~~pl~J fered lacerations of the left side driveway when the accident occul tor teacher and author He has e of bre kl v ri ro r~ms for makin ' ~ ' " : ' " ' " ged mtent to wound George E g a ng and entermg the a ed p g 2 ..... g Thomas Lutheran Chm ch, Ran- :: of the face,and a knee injury" and red. Barrow was charged with also served his Church the United 1~ .t .... a ~,...~,, ~ ~ ..... " Ihome but he has not vet been rles Tow,~ and Jefferson court son pronounced the invocation, u i " h n r ~ " " ~" ', ' "1 a as a .................. a ........ ' - , i Norman Kerns also of Alexandr a, bemg to ,the left of t e ce te of f Lutheran Chmch ~,: Ame~ c , | ......... ]sentenced. better place in w'hich to live lwo mmcemems were also ~e L ' . _ . ':_ |Guests Introduced I4~~: ~lVa suffered i,njuries to his right /the street. Damage to the two ve- Imember or chairman of many | . . ~' ." - -" I In the joint indictment against ae speaker, securco ,~or ,the oc| After the group had enjoyed a]~,J~F ~]knee, left leg, right arm and sLh0ul ]hicles amounted to about $500. iboards and committees. ]t urneo agains~awrence .~norew IMaphis and Davis a plea was en- on Oy congressman l-tarley u washington charms lown One igers opened his remarkson/[~i~m~gc~r~i%~er~ro%~e~:~ ~[der and h~sonal injuries. /t,.?'[nB?9~hamsa~'hbegaantol~:'s,~nTn~i'~n Ifor'felony and other a misde'mean Itertendt ~f?tgg~][lytYite [ohetl~:Cf?nd Subject of Communism b'rt .... " " " Ke ser or [ ............... '..... /gues,ts from Charles Town She _1 11111 1 , , n- . ~ | ... . ~.y Lutheran Church m Y~ ' . . . count ~on'~ a~vers long .... .~ ,~.,y.,u, |herds'town and LMartinsburg april ........................ I L0~al r0ru ueaners , ~nss Beulah Dull0w [West Vi,'ginia. In 1918 he went .to I ~.o arra!gnme,n~ WeanesoayI WiL'h onlya limited number of mg ne ielt tha~ juvemle Uelln YYlLLITkII rat a~(~or~ ~ h 1 11 ,~c ..... ' '~ ," '~--] |ex`tended a cordial welcome to l I i /Pittsburgh to become the pastor/morning e p eaded not, gu" ty to i cases to be heard the grand jury ~y was a more lmpor~an~ anu er subject ~for `tt~e occasion .them ,to 't~he :affair Among those [ District Commander Wil'liam [ ao ~ . ~,. ~* ]~nn~ Ae ~neH|~mn~ [of st. Stephen's Lutheran Church |the felony inoictment wn.icn cnar I was not long in finisl~tng up their ..... L " in'troduced were' ilvlrs Lena ,l:tusei"~o,~" T~..~.o,~.. ~*...,.o q. .... ~ I a~ rnrn Mn~nr unmnanv Im-II~U~~'U Ft3 ~*VIl~UIl~li~ /there. Then in 1925 he was called |ged him with unlawful and felon- Iwork Tuesday " . Combattmg Ism for Pensacola, Fla., Mrs. Margare`t ]nounced that the tenth ,annual[ - [ a .*-- L* L* -- -- --L!|------*.~--I it0 be pastor of Tr~,mty Lu.thez)an ]mus cutt~g of L a.aurence Puller of [ The docket which has bee, n set r~tli'le C,rl ~he subjeet of Co:m-ISkinner Mrs Creel Welshans [American Legion District C aravanl n~n n IF d~ kl I ~ / i iuleTiTliiil aT H0$glTi l |Church, Gern~antown, Phiiaoei-/wnaries Town. "rnis charge was I by Judge D H. Rodgers shows ~sm, the speaker ,did admon- IMrs. Russell 'White, ~Mrs. Helen |will ~be held on Sunday ~tober L rlanr n0 see ~ew ~0aels ] r / phia, Pa. He remained thoreun,til ] continued ~ntil the next term of lonly one criminal case to be heard .~e group to teach c'hildren to I Goldsboro, all of the ~hel~herds- 11 ' r ' I Miss Beulah Ditlow has been en | 1944, In 1941 the ~,utheran ~'neoi- / Jefferson woun~y wircuis wourt. |at this term of Court There are hat all "i:sms" including Com [town Woman's 'Club" 'Mrs Gard- ] The caravan is c,ue of Che most ] W D Coor~r and E M Whitin~ [gaged by the Charles Town Gen- logical Seminary at Get~tysburg |To the misdemeanor indic'tment |numerous chancery ancl civil cases tlsm. He said c,hildren should ] ner Pierce, ~VIrs. Car'lto,.n S`tuckey, | unusual and colorful events of t~he ]of Jefferson C*'oun,ty 'Moto'rs Char= I eral Hosprtal in the capacity of | called Dr. Baughman to be its pro i he pleaded ~guilty to the charge of ] to be heard some of wl~ch wilt re- Yarned against the dangers of |and Mrs. Fred Ma,tthews of the [t~all season From 200 ,to 300 Le- |les Town are making a special vis Consulting Dietitian, i~t has been [ lessor of the Art of Preaching. : assaul~ upon ~ena ~., Jaczsonana [quire a jury. ;rerae lef, t wing" groups. I't's ]Martinsburg Club; .Mrs. J. Henry ]gionnai~s "in uniform Auxiliary|it to the l~ord Mo,tor Company announced by William W. Perkins [Ten yea~]s la~er in 1951, he oecame ne was f~ven, a year m :ne Japer- ] Friday one of the several cases ~tly a!.riffht for children ;~o be I Dutrow, M~. H. H. Huyett, both I members, wives and ,frien~ts of the |headquarters i,n Dearbon~ Mich. h~pital ~d.ministrator. _ . o/presi~ec~t/bthe tsc~?l~i'caf coZ~'ne- son t~ouni~y jau. . I between .the two. Charlv_Town ,~l in ~neir ~ninKing, ~ou~ no~ I oz (Jnarles town wno were among I Leuion travel from one ~nd f,n ,he i,Lhi~ w~le tr) xrif,,u~ tho l_Qfff~ 'nr~ ~MISS L)ilI,0W is a graoua,~e o I | que ~ o - One ielo..ny inoictmen~ was re- I race trac~s ann one city oI wnaries ~e so l~iberal and lean so far ],the first members of the Charles ]ol~her of ~he scenic Eastern Pan-|and tru, cks meet Lface-to~face with Charles Town H~gh School and re ] men,t~qes and rehgmus pe~odi- turned against Bernard Eugene Town will 'be heard. ~e left because the,n their lTown Woman's ,Club when it was I handle whe,.n Fal'l c(~lors are atlas- .n~.::~,.~ ,,,~,~ ,~.~n ~.,~ ceived her B. S. Degree i,.n DieLet-/cms, ~r. ~augnman is also ~ne au king can border on Commun- ] organized and Mrs Frank Bush ]their heights |~n~ m~,,~ wi~ ~ ......... ~cs and Inst.i`tutional Management / thor of ,three s~gmfica,n,t books: ........ ~ _ ..... r:the speaker stated long. ] Thig year the firs't division of/and o'hers the ~romi~. wh~t. t~ from Madison College, Harrison-[ This traditional Homecommg Tr~r W~ ~ ~r~h~ ! P|~=~_r~n ~v~ - ' ~ ~" .......... , ..... i 1938 to com -'vvr'" ,, .,... ,,. =..!.....,.. ..... . . ..... . .... . .... -said :high school and collegeI Mrs Bloom then mtroduced of-I~he caravan will start in Charlesnforthcomin~ ,~-~d~ h,~]ds fur t'h~ borg, Virgmza. She was *the reclp-| Servzce was begun n , i ~la~tions are i,mportan,t in al,ficers and representatives of a lTown ann th. ~.,~.n,~ ,~n~.n ~,~/..~..~, o.~,~,,'~'~, o~,~a ,~:~,, ~]',~..~,~, lent of a scholarship from the Du | memorate the dedication of the C~.& D.. U...&.,. |M ~ .. . ,= ~. . ~g person's life because it isI n~rn~ber of civic a,r~d welfare organ IPranl~lin=and ~ dr~iv~e'-to'-'h~st'o~:ic | bi~e" i~nd~,~r~"" ............ I ........ Bois National Foundwtion and the[ first church building on this site JIIUI Dy HHIi~I- III lh~r~ Par ~wmn ~se years that the real mold-]m~ion~ of Charles Town and Jeff ]Romnev where they will uni`te Cur| mh~ ,Inenl d~l~r~ r~,r)r~on~, n Vlrgm,m D~etetm Aossoctataon for| at Uvflla. The congrega,tmn o St. ~ m mm ~ -- u~ u of the yo, ng mind oc-/erson eoun, ty who gave brief sum-t,th finial leg of t:he ou , ev to/ o i"on' )V heTb-0" 'or eaier internship whioh was servealPeter's Church, Shepnerdstown. Mal' n ll l_Ollnl wO II , .:. .......... . ..... ,).. ],maries of ~he~r programs of ,the|l~(i~eley where Kn~h~ev (lVI~un-|w~b have been invited to the com at Vanderbfl,L U,mvers~ty Hosp~`tal |umte wzth the congzegatmn a,t ., ......... ..... .... ,~ ~..~.~ ,., ~**.~ ......~^.. ": ' ..... -~ ...... -r,-, ..... .... villa f r the cele ration l~oll ~ " " , .... r, ~ us ~,~ ~*,~ ~ ~ ~dren are ,blessings and ~t as[ past year. [taJ~ Post ,No. 136, will be ,t)he 1959|,navy',....... s head.,uarten rs. l~a~h~'flle, Tennessee .... Upon com-[ U o o b . .:~ ..,, Charles Town Stat~Trooper A. r~,v~a.v~ ~=~.~,.,. ~,.~. .... ~,~ ,~. ..... r.h.,,~..~..,~ ~: i,mporta,~t that their hoes/ Those responding arid 'the organ caravan host U,~-n arrival the`,|` -- ....... pletlon of her m,ternship m Aug-/,ing `the servace ot worsmp, one con j Wade received wor~Wednesday ,~^.....~.~..~. ...... ~,, ........ .._ . ....... ~ , a me wnaries "ro~vn area oealers , , , . " ' 'n h ' x~,w~ ,~a~ u.e3 w.a, .~,~ ~.., ~g~ ~ded an t'he right d~re'ctmn If[ ~a~tmns or clubs they represented will be served a Sunday dinner A,f|~a~,~n e,, ,~,~o,. ~,,. ~.~,,,.., ust, she became a member of .the|gregat~on will assemb!e ~... t e afternoon that a brother, Gary Charles W, as~hin~n ~ea~,tre In vlca is ,to survive /were" William Hund president of ter th* ni .... ~*. ......... ~oo; ./~---;':'-,~."- ~"~-'~',~'--~ ~'- U~".'..~ .... :.~merican Die~e`tic Association, 1 grove ~or a p~cmc ranch. Allzor- Wade a game warden for Mar-~a~~ ~,~,~ ~h:-''/]~* ~,~-~--* ~ing to ,the juven,ile delin-/he Charles Town Kiwanis; Hugh brief addl:ess~'b~."a~ cl~s"t~n,~u~she~| on lvionaay,2ep em?er :a seei She has accepted employmen,t[ mer members of t;he.congregation shall 'county, had been wounded ~t'u=:"~ ~i~:.~ ;~-,.~':~'~.~ ~Y problem which 'the nat,ions/Via, vice-:presiden`t of the Lions" guest discuss Le~lon nr~)blems |:~ne. n.e~v._~ras.unvej.i.e.,a_~na_~..roaa ]as dietitian on the shaft of the| members of the p.arisn ana ~nenos by gunshot while giving chase to ~,~ ~'~'~,~'ff; ........ ,~ "" ........ ~" W~y b,Y~ ~ZlUW lt~aGIAl-l[lg r~ay ~ol na ..... ,Z today 'the speaker declared[Allen ,Marshall of the Chamber and renew old friendshi,~ '| - ' .. .. "..-.. _ . Newton D. Baker Veterans Hos-| have oeen invi~eo ~o a'v~;e . a hun,ter in a wooded area near ""~l~e ~me ~ri-,~s-",~ ~'~-~"h-~ ~". ger dane r-owen ano ~lacKs,tone ital d '" ~ ' ~- ~" ...... ........ aers can and d9 have a great[of Commerce' Roger Perry ~ice Each ,,ear~he caravan has|..- , ......... . . ~p an assumed her position| _ _ . Moundswlle. ul~ fur thf* t~i~t~Pp~ wt~| ~r~-d'flt~l ' ' ' ' ~ ~ ~ae ~laglclan. The nectars. Will al&o ' Pr h " .......... ""............ "-'- Lance upon children, Paren~s] president of Che Junior Cham~er grown in popularity_ wi~h Legion_ .... |h. o,~~.~,~n hr. m ........ ~..,~,,~ there.on September 14, .1959;..*. n | ~ Although details, of the incident at the Pltts Charles Town Was~h- ~Sehool teachers must accept|of Commerce; Mayor Kelly L~nce naires, and with 'the public. QuiCe[ ~or(i'an~l~Rose~ary~'l'~ey~" " . ~,n ner ~o~ as consuttmg me~!~-]oleS-yter|a -~-o. were only meager, it was l-~rned '~rd~ theatre as those which : responsibility i,r~ im.piantin~[ of Ranson Mrs. Norman Kisner, ofte,r~ visitors drive long distanoes| D rin their -- - s~ ran, ~or ,~ne joca~, nos,p~ta~, ~]ss ] ~m~ ~||A~e~mn ~ that Wade had been shot by the were~ effect at the old theatre in ~pr per spiritual ano men~ai/presiaent of the Jaycee-ebtes" (Mrs to observe or o take ~art in the/u g , ,~nree-aay ~ay ~luow wm se,~ up oasic proceoures IIIUII /~;IIV~OIII~ IV hunter who was usin- a shot-un "" mr _ " ........ ...... ' ' " " ' the deal rs will occ i ' h ' ' ' .. ~ . S . g ,~ ~.;rta~ s lown on ~,ve,~ wa,~lng- rig, ts mto Che m:mds of child| Vesta Jones of ~the Cardett Club festivities. All friends of the Amer|tels ~e ~m . upy: glh,t ~o- m thed~e.tary department and w !l [ , ._j.o. r.... :.. The nature of the injuries had ,ton ~reet Sunday shows will be ur America~s IuBure will .no~ ] of R.a.nson; ,the rcev~.~cnard Neal ican Legion are welcome ,but the| ~.~' ea~ ~e ~ons oz cn~czsn, v~s~ 2~e,nos:p,~aj a~regu!a~,2n~r- i meeu ,mnmel i.v lllll not been learned here Thursday helc at 3 p, m. in the after,n~on mucn ear. ~u~uer s~a~ea. ! presmen~ oI ,~ne Jefferson .oun~y size of the ,caravan forces ,the hose- be'el ~{) 0~{)0 ~lol~ster "tai~s."~'2.~5{)O .... ~tmeny~'~; ..... " .... ~ .... '~ ~'~"The Senior High Fellowship of Qnly that Wade was bei,ng treated and at 8 p m at night The fin- Ly in the home is one of Society for IMental Health" Mrs r~St to ask each ~,est *o' m~ko , ..... , pa ~ personnel ' .... in the hos~)ital in Moundsville -" - " " "" " : ...... methods for correcting H 'H Hun~er for the Jefferson ~7S___ Z' e'~'. I ]~-- " ~ pounds of shrimp 3 000 pounds of "This is another step forward in ,the Charles Tow,n Presby`terian ~ - ~" " " a) snowmgff[ p~eturesat tne t~ts curmer reserva~mns m aavance. .... Jenerson rneatre in t.-nar~es Town Juvenile delinquen County Hospi'tal Auxiliary; ,Mrs. and juvenile deliaquen- Robert Smoot, Jr: for the J],.nior be cured by corre..., ct.ion Continued On Page 8-A Town High Shenandoah Downs To Class Officers Have Ten Races Each 1959.60 Term a special election held at Town High School Wed- afternoon, the ollowing ~cers were elected for the school term: Class ~ldent, John Martin; Vice David Burns; Secretary Cheshire; Treasurer, Robert Historian, Robert Skinner. / ;iden't, Barbara Coul.ter; Vice Ray Beahm; Secretary- Ruth Staubs. Class Ldent,Rvu~h N~cewarner; resid(, Kay Lorenz; Secre Judy Je,n.kins; Treasurer, Friday, Saturday Night Night thoro~tgb:bred racing un- der the stars ~,t Shenandoa~h Downs ~ill be more in abundance for the week-ends Chis meet ,t~han in ,the first meeting, as announce- men,t 'was made Wednesday by General Manager Robert LeaviVt ~h,a~t ,both ~he Friday and Satur- day ni,g~ht racing programs will feature 10 races, Leavi~bt s~id the 10-ra:ce card each Saturday evening had prov- en ,to be so ,popular at Che Spring meeting i~t has been decided ,to have it on ,both Friday and ~Sa`t- urday night this meet. So instead of nine races ,Friday t.t will be a 10-race card. i members of ,the Charles Council, ~ City Attorney Mason, III and City ~.n A1 Hooper were in Charles- an'd Monday for a the West Virgin,la Service Commission on a "by the City of Charles to buy and up distribution system Charles Tow..n and Town proposed to pur- 'the system from Peoples- ~ervice Co. for abou`t $300. ci,ty plans a $525,000 to finance the purchase the system. Town request also proposed rates. A six- scale ranges from 60 1,000 for the flrst 10,000 of water used dow,n to 18 1,000 for all over 200,- A minimum charge 'be $1.50 a mon~Lh. Oeorge Mullen one wi,thesses, said that with rates, ,the ~lty would be abottt $180,000 for ,to the sys,tem. were no protestan*ts to which the Public Ser- is giving consld- t to. Represe,n.tlng ~narles Town Council along with Mason, Hoooer and Mullen were Councilmen How ard Sechrtst, Joseph Warrenfeltz and Thurman Whitacre. ATTENTION--FREE GAS THE RANSON ATLANTIC SER- VICE STATION (on the Ranson Circle) WILL GIVE A~'AY 10 Gallons ~f Gasoline tO the lucky winner each week. Drawings on Saturdays at 2:00 P. M. WADE BENNETT R. M. SMITH, Distributor. May 22-tf.--FP BAKE SALE SEPTEMBER 19---9:00 A. M. AT THE RANSON CIRCLE Sponsored By CARDETTE CLUB Ham Sa~ndwlches, Pies, Cakes, CLndy, Salads, Etc. Sept. 10-2t.--FP WILL START Picking Apples Monday, September 21.. $OHN HARDY, Bett-M~rr Orchard. Sept. 17-It.--loP Reservations- should be sent to Knobley Mountaln Post No. 136. The American Legion, R, idgeley. Legion ~r~ Mrs. James t~. Morison, Brown- ville, graciously entertained wt her home members of the American Legion Auxiliary,, Jackson-Perks U,.nit No. 71 a,t their regular mon- thly meeting September l0 ~t 8 p.m, Mrs. Raymond Smi~th presided with 17 men~bers and 5 gues`ts pres en,t. After a routine business session Mrs. Allen MarShall, Past presi- dent installed the following offi- cers for the con-tin~g year: Mrs. Raymond Smi,th, president; Mrs. Joseph Cepelka, first vice-presi- dent; Mrs. l~aleigh Shaffer, second vice-presiden't; Mrs. l~i.chard Sny- der, secretary; Mrs. Joseph M. Wil so~n. corresponding secretary; Mrs. James Morison. treasurer; Miss Mary Magaha, chaplain; Mrs. Bed ford Green, historian; Mrs. Guy Miller, se~gean't at arms; .and Mrs. Calwln, Fleming, assistant sergcan at-arms. Miss Natalie Warden, dau~h~er of Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Warden and the American Legion Auxin iary's representative ~co Girl's State Jaqkson's Mi:l~l was prese,n and favored the group wi`th a most enjoyable and informa'tlve account of her activities there. While at Girl's Sta`te. Miss Warden was chosen Mayor of her co`ttage and was Direotor of the Band which hel~ped c~mtpaign for the "Nation- alist Party". Also out of 336 girls ~tending she was chosen as one of the top 15 who received Cit- :izenshlp Medals. Thlrteen of this group will be seleeted to retur, n next year as Junior Counsellors. i After hearing from Miss War- den, The American Legion Auxil- iary would like to encourage o,~her civic organlza,tions to sponsor a re prese~ta~ve so that more gifts could have the opportunity to ~t- tend Girl's Sta~te. Anyone Jn~ter, ested may contac~ Miss Mary Ma-' gaha, Tel. 568-W for knformation. Other gues`ts presen~ were Mrs. W. P. Warden, Mrs. Roger Manuel iM|.~s Peggy Wilson all of Cha~ rles Town and Miss H~en Knudsen of l Denmark .who is a guest of Mrs. S. H. ~tone. f 'Mrs. Morison served delicious re freshmen~ts. Pr~den~ denies using veto er ld:gl~ly. , but,ter, 2,000 pies and. drink 1,000 gallons of coffee and 2,000 quar`ts of milk. Adrain Cain Charged Wtth Drunken Dnvmg Adrain Cain of Ran~on was fin ed $50 and co~ts aead had his driv er's license revoked Sunday after- noon .following a hearing before Justice of ,the Peace Roger Eugene Clipp on a drunken driving 'char- ge. i Cain was arrested by ChaHes Town St~:te Troopers Tommy Ward and R. R. Truex in ~anson after t~hey had spotted him driv- i i,.ng ,his au, tomobile in an unsteady condition in Charles Town and had followed him for a short dis- Lance :before a, pprehending him. rendering the best possible care for our patients and toward be- coming an aocredited hospital," Mr. Perlckns stated. Thomas Speaker For Yokefellows Class Tl~omas Kltchen, well known local Bible Class speaker wil:l be guest ,teacher for t~he Yokefetlows Class at the Charles Town Pres- byterian Church Sunday morning 2~i~e class will convene at 9:45 a. m. and Mr. Kitchen will begin speaking at 10 a. m. Visitors are assured a cordial welcome and members of the Yokefellows Class are asked to bring along a friend or guest with them Su,nday morn ing. Max Brown is in charge of the program and wiB introduce ~he guest speaker. Church w411 ,hold its regular meet- ing a.t 6:30 p. m. on Sunday even- ing. The Theme for t~he curren~ series of programs is "Our Present Slavery." Mr, Gene Soud, Student Assist. an,t NIin~ster, is now meeting with the group as adviser and leader. Halltown Chapel To Hold Worship Service The Hal,ltown Chapel of the Charles Town Presbyterian Chur- ch will hold its regular worshi,p service a,t 11:00 A. M. on Sunday morning. :Mr. Oene Soud, Studen~ Assis`t- ar~t Minister will deliver ~t~he mes- sage and conduct the worship. His topic will be "Peace from God". The church school will begin its sessio., s at 10:00 A, M. IT'S A PARADE AHD THEY ARE HEADED FOR THE FAIR Participating in the line of march of the special parade staged recently in connection with ~he opening of the Seventh annual Jefferson County Fair. were members of both and Senior and 3unior Womgn s Club of Charles Town and the above picture shows them riding in two cars in the pa- rade. In the big car to the (left) Mrs. O. S. Bloom, p~esident of the Senior Woman's Club, Miss Louise Br|scoe, second vice-president; Mrs. Stuart Miller, first vice-president; Mrs. Frank Hurnston, corres- ponding secret~ry; Miss Louise Walraven, secretary, and Mrs. L~cey Bailey, a charter member of the club. in the Httle car to the right were: Mrs. Edgar Smoot, presiden~ of the Junior Woman's Club: Mrs. Richaxd Snyder. t(easurer; Mrs. Archit Smith, recording secretary; and Mrs. James Gore. Both clubs played an active role in the staging of the Fair. (Photo By Clipp Studios) Lions Scrap Paper Drive Is Saturday The Charles Town Lions Club will hold their mon,thly Scrap paper Collection Sa`turday, Septem ber 19, Cooperation in this project is greatly appreciated. All persons are asked to place paper where the collectors cain see it or bring it LO the paper room on North Mildred St. and place on the side walk. Lions will gladly put it i~ the building. i was on Wednesday nigh,t. CITIZEN'S AUXILIARY TO HAVE SUPPER FRIDAY NIGHT The Ladies Auxiliary of the Cit izen's ~ire Hall will hold a bene- fiL sandwich and soup supper at the fire hall Friday evening, Sep- tember 18 at 5. m. There will be country ham sandwiches, hRm sol ad and chicken salad sandwiches. Homemade vegetable soup, home made cakes and pies and soft drinks and coffee. After mon~:hs of planning and work. the Jefferson County Oham bet of Commerce is now nearing a full t,ime opera, tional program, having a'lready settled on a loca- tion for headquarters and is s(>pn to have a full time exec,~tive secre tory to run the office a;~d carry on the business of ,t,he "Chamber. This was announced at a dinner- meeting of ,the member~hi,p held a't :t~he Thomas Jefferson Hotel Tuesday at noon. President Allen Msrsha:H said the board of directors had la~ week agreed to lease a section of t~he lobby of t~he Thomas Jefferson Hotel for headquarters space. The area will measure a,bou~t 15-feet ,in de'pLh and e~te::d the full wid,th of the western side of ~he lobby, Pres, iden.L Marshall solid a num bet of applica~tions have been re- ceived for the job of execu,t,ive sec retary and the ap,plicants wi,H be in~terviewed by the ,board ne)ct week and appoin.tmen~ made in ti,me for every,thing to be in readin ass for t~he headquarters to be opened .ne)t mon,th. The commi~ttee ,handling arran- ed from Charles Town and Tho- mas Steptoe was named to the va cancy. The member.~hip voted Tuesday' ~yo set up a special awards com- miVtee r'to make recommenda~tions for honorlng Indlviduals and bus ines~s for out~tandlng work or progress i,n community imp~ove- men~ts. Named to this commi,ttee ,were: C. Manning Smith, Linden Bush and Steve Clopper. President Marshall announced an invitation had been received from the Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce for the membership to a~ttend a special 'forum on "Leg- islature Challenges of 1960" to be 'held in Martln~burg Oct. 20, ~Marshall also announced ~the an nual meetlng of Shenandoah Vat ley. Inc.. to be ~eld a,~ Fror~t ~y- al, ~a. Sept. 22. He said John Newcomer was ,plannin,g to ~ttend and would be glad to have other members-of 'the Chaz~ber accomo p~,ny him. An invita,tton was also read from from officials of Shenandoah D~wns race track to ~the member ship with re.spec`t .to holding a din net or d,inner meetin~ .some even- gemen,ts for the 'headquarters is ling m the Starlig'h~ Terrace of ~'he now in the process of securing of- ,track. No action was ,taken on the rice furni, ture and other neee,~ary '~ i,nvi~ta~lon. equipmen, t, i't was stated. A letter calling the member- Donald E~ckles of Har~0ers Fer- ~hip:s attent4on to the visit of ,the ry chairman of ,the membership Red Cross Bloodmobile tm.i~ commi,t,tee, gave a report on pro- Charles Town Friday, ,Sept, I8 was gress being made wit'h respect to read. Admir~tl George R. Cooq~r, revisions in t~he membership class t ch~rman of 'the Red Cross ~lood zf (x s s at n that p~ogram asked in his letter ~he : ica,t,i ns and due'....t i g , " . : ,. . , ._ . the overall picture shows abou~ 30 mem*De~n!p ,vo rna~:e ever'] enor.~ percent of memibership dues has .to ~ve blood F~d~y... -. been paid to dwte. | lviannlng ~mHTt rlafl ~,*lr. laatll |Dove of Hill~boro Va and Er~e~t Eackles asked for a replacemen ... _. "g~ I' the --" -- . : ~mr~, an omma o~ ~'~res~one on the membership commi,btee ~or ITire and R,~b4aer Corrt.pany, as l~is Richard Broelcman, who has mov |guests at bhe dinner.