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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 15, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 15, 1966

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E. Dff enderfer, Charles Town; Mrs, Leon Edwards visited Mrs. Reid were presented for me ber- Miss Phoebe A. Kern, Harpers Douglas Thompson and family ship in Bee Line Chapter. I Ferry, Rt. 2; Mrs, Anna L. Ander- near Hillsboro, Va.[ Delegates elected to State Con- [ son, ReUBen; Mrs. Margaret M. Word has been received here of Hooe, Miti~flte; Mr. Stephen P. an automobile accident last week fer~nce to be held in Clarksburg ..... i " 'c- v .......... September 29 and 30 and October O Brien, Charles Town; taasmr n wmn Mr. donn wrlgnt I .... Herbert S. Chamblin, ReuBen; was sligMly injured, no pattie-,. . ,,ax-e . an .unanur rs Miss Sandra K Armstrong, Oxen lars were availal le. Rev. Wright + S__, ' ..... "* - " "" " - was a fo r astor -- Cam J uurvm 1. ~uwarus, lternates ele Hill, Me.; Mrs. teary A. t aruner, p or P [ cte were r Kearneyswille, Rt 1; Mrs Rebecca Hill Methodist Church in Harp- MrS, ::e t .:-.:. "" - " " - "" " ....... ere Fe--- I . w on WlOSOn, wrs t,aw- r ose, ttanson anu tar. WllllaIn ITy. 'renc -1o .............. a l n e l~ ya, tars. Wtlllamwag- S. Brooke of Ch r es Tow , Rt. 2. Mrs. Robert Hardy, Sr. has re- ner, Mrs Frank L Ronemus, and MEDICAL een~ly moved from her home in Mrs Robert J White .... ~Mitlville to one of Mr Walter " " " .Mr. Leonard W. Haines, Sr., of T~,,t.~,,~ ~. .... =S ~.. ~.~." ,^... :~.l Followi~ig the business meeting Cnaraes lown Rt 1" Mr r mmett ....... u. u, ............... , , , ...... tr, .... i vuss vlargaret t yrer spOKe to R. Boy.d, Jr, Charles Town, RE. _. , [members about her experience as Z; rs, t 4ag b ll Sipes tlancock, womans ClUe Meeung [ a second year counselor at Ameri Md.; B ty ? 0)Se p41 A. _A ;tstrong,[ The Wo aans Club of HarPersI can Heritage Camp. Her duties tlarpers erry, R't, 2; Mrs. ssie Ferry ,District will have their included serving as advisor and A. Stonesffer, Knoxv,tlle,, Md.; first meeting, since recessing for secm in[ lead s devotions of Mrs. Sanclra P. Jackson; Charles the summer wRh a covered dish which she was in Charge. Among Town; Little CyRthia A. Carper, dinner this evening (Thursday) the speakers at the camp were Charles Town; *Mr. George W. at Camp Hill Methodist Church John Noble, Herb Philbrick, both Thompson, Charles Town; Mr. social hail. The speaker will be attthors, and Mrs. Thurston all WilliamIl. Wilson, Charles Town; Mr. Lee La hat, director of Vol- well experienced in the workings Mrs. Geraldine F. Link, Shenan- unteer Services of Newton D. of the communists. Mrs. Ash- doah Jttactio4a; Mrs. Lucinda Baker Veterans Center. A popular mead White from national head Wilk r on, Charles Town; Miss quartette from Asbury M thodist quarters spoke on the work of Sharon A, Lowndes, Arlington, Church in Charles Town will fur- the Daughters and served as ad- Va.; Mr. Nelson L. Palmer, Her- the entertainment for the visor on the camp paper. Miss pers Ferry, l t: 1; Mr. Thomas evening. There are four members V:irginia Johnson, past state re- W. Kemp, Miss Roxanne of the local women's qlttb very ge tt and now naional vice regent Lamb, Charles Town; Mr. Cecil active among the volunteers at is director of the camp. Mrs. Carl ~~4~Z~~~lg'.:~:.~~~~~ Mrs. Trai~l's girlhoodhome. There ~!~~;~ posed to be," He was lookmg" at lmY mcest" country so far. It has SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS N]~WS OF INTEREST FROM--- were twenty-two guests present, my passport protograph. I the World's purest Democracy THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 HA~ER$FERRY I spent about three days inlgoing back ~to the time of Colu- After the business meeting and tEffER$ TO EDITOR West Berlin and I was really im-]n~bus. It has been nutural in BOLIVAR avery nice program, delicious refreshmems were served by the ~::~~~~ pressed by the prosperity there lEuropean Wars since 1815, by a There are a number of men and by the Congress, This , By M s. Reid Geronimo ~hostess. I Paris, France most of West Berlin has been re- I Vienna Treaty. It is very clean boys that wear shorts some men I signed by President 3~ r Sponsoring Bu,s_ Trip I Sept. 1, 1966 built and consumer goods ave I and beautiful. I took a trip to working wear shorts. I ha~ e seen [ noon on Thursday, Sel~ DIAL )35-6528-RFD, HARPERS FERRY, W, V A. The Woman s Club of Harpers!he Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate very plentiful. On a short tour lnear the Matterhorn and it was very few native women in EuropeI Veterans of the Viet Ferry District is sponsoring a bus Oharles Town, W. Va. back to East Berlin I was impress I really something to see. My top wearing pants. You get the idea J led are now eligible to trip to S ady Grove Theater on iDear Editor: ed by the contrast. It was very ltrip was to 3 countries in one day. that they wish to keep some of lThe American Legion Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Orndorff of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Upright Tuesday evening, Sept. 20. The I I would like to tell a little drab wth much of the area not [I wertt from Geneva, Switzerland their femimty. I son who served on acti~ spent several days last week vis- and also a graduate of Harpers play to be presented "Any Wed-!more about Russia. The soil in rebttil since World War II. We]to Chamiox, France. I took a tele Another oustanding thing is lthe Army, Navy, Marl iting Mr. Orndorff's sister, Mrs. Ferry High. nesday," has had especially good ~ Southern Russia, near the Black I were, also, impressed by the I pherique or aerial car over the their love of flowers. I have even I or Air Force of the Uni~ Clarence Cline and her husband Mr. and Mrs. John E. F Clover, reviews by the critics. The bus}Sea, is Black like in Illinois. They}shame of the Berlin Wall wi, th]alps near Mt. Blanc the highest seen flowers at the end of rail-]at any time on or sine in Yellow Springs. Jr., of Fulls Chu~h, Va., spent will leave the club house in Her-}say it is up to 6 ft. deep. They lits Land Mines and Patrol by[mountain in Europe or about road tracks in some railroad slat-15, 1964, and to the dat O WedResdav evenin~ Sent 7 Sund y w~th Mr and Mrs Mar- pers Ferry at 6:30 p. m. Anyone I have plenty of large machinery / men with submachine guns. The [ 16,000 ft. About sea level. The ions. You see very pretty flowers I ation of hostilities as d! the local area members of the. shall Orndorff. wishing more information con- I on the calleetive farms I saw government of the East German J view of a Glacier, surrounding all over Europe e~en including J by the governmen~ of con~bines, the windrow haymake-IPeoPles Republic must feel very Jmountains with snow, and green Russia. In Swi.tzerland many hou-I States, all daces inclt~ Shriners of the Eastern Panhan. I Rev. Mr. Warren Watts, his coming the trip may call 535-2223. re, also six bottom plows, and etc. I ashamed that it had to erect a I valleys below was really irides- see and business places have brig- [ vided this period of a~ dle~s~swithenlovedtheir wiveSdinnerandandOtherthe wife andday as guesttW children, spent SUn-of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- ~ n,'~r [ One of my group who is an Agri. [ barrier to keep it's people home. ] c~baly beautiful. I passed throu-ht red Geraniums which are very I has. been terminated ~ ....... a " HiSS H r~ et Byr~ [ curtural Economist said Russian I I left my original tour at Ber-~gh the Italian customs on top pretty. I noticed in Welch, W. Va. IraDle conotuons. ~erv~ ra~es at Shenandoah Downs. i h m Ramey. Rev. Mr Watts ]s a ee production is low for ~he follow- I lin and took off on my own. I I of the moun~ins at about 11,000 last summer where they had con~ [ Vwtnam area is not , .... . I former pastor of Camp Hill ~th- I' I ing reasons. They don t use enD- I mi ht sav Vienna Austria and ft after reaching the bottom of ~ovea to Apar~mem; !odist Church and is now pastor le Is B hue DAR Of g ~ of , , [ . . crete pots on the main street with [merit of memoersnip. ugh fertilizer and lack the per-ithe Danube River- that the river I the moun~ms in ICaly I had flowers. It might be an ideal for1 Those who are now Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Upright of the Arden charge in Berkeley I sonal incentive we have in cap-lisn'~ ue ' was mudd when I lunch after that I went to Gout have moved into one of the Mr- County. bl ~t y , [ Charles Town. J military duty are eligi~ Reynold apartments on Ridge Mrs. Rose C. Scorsone of Salt Stay At Her~ ~41mp italistic countries. Their milk and l saw i,t and I understand it is usu-Jmayer and then through the faro Another nice custom is the }under the following c Street in Harpers Ferry. They Lake City, Utah, is visiting her egg production for example are lally that way. I still think the]Due Mt. Blanc auto tunnel which driving of cars on well lighted[ If the person serve were recently married and well son and dauglTter-in-law, Mr. and Bee Line' Crnapter, Daughters of I much lower than ours. Four to I music of Strauss about the river J is 11 miles long. The trip over streets over here with only park [ time during the period is ver beat~tiful lthe top of the mountains was ing or dim l~ghts on. They only known in this area. Mrs. ~pright Mrs. Frank A. Scorsone of Harp- the American Revolution met~Six pounds of milk per cow perf y . was formerly Miss DorCas Lon- ers Ferry National Park. Tuesday, Sept. 6, at the home of i year, and 153 eggs per chicken. I I enjoyed Venice, Italy, with all~ ~bout the same distance., use bright lights to warn a ped- , gerbeam of Millville and a 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Webbb and Mrs. J. M. Garrott, with Mrs. Em- I Speaking of the friendliness of I its canals and old buildings very I Speaking of France. I met one estrian or another car that they though, continu!ng, to graduate Of Harpers Ferry High son of Takoma Park, Md., were Dry Kable, Regen, presiding. The the common people, I was invited Imuc.h It Is" probably the only[ tourist who disliked De Gaulle are coming. I find courstey much wlxnout ever navmg meeting was opened with the ' to go to the Black Sea with a I large city in the world with no [ so much, that she wou'ldn't even more here than back in the states, charged or otherwise School. Mr. Upright is the son weekendRalph Mills.gUests of his sister, Mrs. ritual, the pledge to the Flag, and bunch of Estonians on a bus trip. I cars. All travel in by foo~ or I buy a postcard in. France; My women even hold doors for men from active duty. the American Creed. Announced i I didn't go, because intourist boats on the many canals. I saw ] trench gume on me peopm to sometimes, or don't let them slam [ If the person now Entertained at Tea ~. ......... ~ ,I I I I The Woman's Club of Martins- as the theme for the year wasdesn't want you to leave a pre-la memorial there to around 40 people zrienusmp tour was zrom in their face. I duty has received a di~ "Be ye doers of the Word, not arranged route. We visited a in-Iho e b h Nazi in France He said," "the FrenchEnough for this time, so I will honorable separatmn t IlocpmwtL I I! l nl burg entertained at a tea on Sun- j U0$PIt L U l ll t _ ,, ternational students club a Plat-I stags shot y te s hearers only." ] el. . now !any time since Augus road staion that I have ever seen icy, but consider him a national ........... I with one exception. | i- l any ,,afternoon, ept. 11, at Red F lowing the reading of the'questions about life in the U. S., that you can get off and a boat hero. Angus' V M ' )onai man who is discharge youorsk and I was asked many 1944. It has the only large rail- people don't like De Gaulle's pol- | uMt N mm ,L_i I Hi.ll, the home of Mr. and Mrs. minutes and the treasurer's re- A. from poli dcs to education. I to walk imo the station. It is a Some things have struck me -- ..... purpose of accepting a | i Harley Miller . The executive port Mrs. Charles R. Langdon:They found hard to believe lrea1 experience to watch the guy as very unusual over here. One U,K .... lion is not eligible u] I boards of the other Woman's Club reported on National Defense that I could own a whole farm in i on a gondola stand one one end of thing is how widely English is Tt P2[dll U| Tlt l discharge. Any enlisted .... , in this area were invited to at- which included an article from the U. S.A. I ]is discharged for the i t tend. Among those present from the Washington Post about why i the boat, with no support and spoken. On the Russian plane that . _._ the Harpers Ferry District Club a proposed plan for disarmamentI According to the State Depart-lpole you along with one oar. I flew on to Moscow, it said on Mmm re-enlisting is eligible ann Mrs t)narles 2~iKens, e ,~__: .~ ;. _ _ . . w re Mrs. Monroe Rathbone, Mrs. is empossi~ble, an article from imerit around 12,000 Americans I Down in F~orence I saw some the fuselage near the tail. "cut nmn w u~ hntpu~ of such discharge. unarles Town, bep~. t, a girt. a " . . ~.~ ....... .. . C rl Arvil, Mrs. Farrell Johnson The Eevening Star quoting J. t visited Russia last year. I met one 1 of the art and sculpture of world here in ca~e of emergency.'; How - - , - - Jackson-Perks Post tar. ann tars. tiea.m and Mrs. Carlos Starr. Charles Town, Sept. 8, a gxrl. Mr ann .rnm, r,s,,,d,,- Edgar Hoover which stated that American family tha,t was driv-[famous men as Titian, Leonardo ever to really know the people, 10 te ]0 all those veterans mel .. Mr. and Mrs:ArnoldR, Ware, Sr., of Bolivar and the r son Commurdst leadership will try a ing around Russia. I believe the I De Vinci, and Michelangelo. Some it is necessary to know some Of [bove to j in now. breakthrough in our country this more tourists and contacts that I of these men are buried in Flor- their language. French is the On Tuesday, August 30, the [ year 1967, are due an anson,tar. aml el :l rs.m'ataarKgir -ilaray,- JameSe and his family, of Ranson year; and an article deploring we have with Russia, the sooner I ence in a Cathedral - such as best. I have been asked in many National Convention of The[now at $6.00 for New. .. _- ....... sp nt Sunday w th Mr. and Mrs. liarpers erry, z, what seemingly is a campaign to we will be real friends and atlies lDa Vinci. If you want to see art places, did I Speak French. American Legion adopted a reso-[ana t ose who renew ..... .Dale Lancaster m Bethesda, Md. foster distrust and public dis- one member of my group in Rue- or sculp ture work come to Flor- Another thing is the neat and luion hich petitioned the Cong- I dues, m, a g ri. Mr. Lancaster, Sr, remained for a approval of poli hemen upon sia said, people are the same lence the center Europe for usually more modest dress of we- ress to amend the Legion',s Fed- .SURGICAL lohger visit, whom we depend for protection I find there is huour even inI The Leaning Tower of Pisa near have not seen one woman in of membership to those who and Mrs. Donald Miss IAnda V. Downing, Char- Mrs. G. E. Webb had as her and enforcement of our laws exerywhere." J these. , men here than in the States. I eral Chapter to extend privileges Mr. and Mrs Billy lee Town Master Dennis K.weekend guest her sister, Mrs. made by ourselves, the people of East Berlin. T he East German Florence, or about an hour by public wi,th her hair curlers show served, honorably, on active mil- children of Johnson, Mfllville; Miss Sharon Lew s Hendley of Hyattsvitle, this nation its states and cities. eustoman at the Airport where I train, is quite a sight. It leans ing here in Europe. You rarely teary duty, on or after August day with their G. Chapman, Harpers Retry, Itt. Md., and Mr. and Mrs. George Mc- The names of Mrs. Marion Met- landed from Moscow said, "is that 13ft. off center, see girls and women wearing 5. 1964. The next day bills to Mrs. Albert Viands 2; Mr. Harry G. Trussell, Charles Carthy and daughter of Philadel. char t Myers, Mrs. Suzanne Mor- really you?" I said, "yes i is sup- I will nominate Switzerland for shorts in the towns and cities, carry ou{ th s request were passed ters. Town; Mrs. D. Brown of phia, Pa. On Sunday Mrs, Webb is0n Nicely, Mrs. Hflda Marshall Harpers Ferry;Mrs. Margaretand Mrs. Hendley with Mr. and Kable and Mrs, Phoebe Gilbert SCO'P1',& WHITE PHONE 725-2182 Ethi d*Pharn acists CHARLES TOWN, W. V A. N ,I II Dr. Fam preserlptlon label you know you will bem fit from the t mt that science of "Gray House," whic~ had been parts burned on the last mornin$. Then a new ~lag given by the State DAR is raised. Each day a girl is chosen to represent the Spirit of America and on the last day one of the girls is selected to be the year's represent,,~ive Spirit. A rdOUUn To REMEMBER CHARLES J. W. SMITH in luly celebration we ought to thank God our fore- Some of them were so well versed in made a name for themselves in the pulpit a~ well as state. On Tuesday night, Sept. 12, th~ produced in Williamsburg. members of the W. S. C. S. of Vespers and the candlelight ser the Bolivar Methodist Church vice in which the girls walk were enter~ined in the home of around the lake carrying lighted Mr. and Mrs. Willia~n Trail at candles and singing Onward Chris H~lltown. The hostesses for the tian Soldiers were recalled as evening were Mrs. Trail, Mrs. being very*beautiful and inspir- Eva Shultz and Mrs. John Snyder. ing; by tSs Byrer. A very sad Everyone enjoyed seeing the re- and solenmexperienceois watch- cently renovated and modernized ing the Flag being cut apart and Fo lowin'g the program the host ess Mrs. G rrott assisted by Mrs. Ronemus served delicious re- freshme ts from a very beautiful candlelit table and a social period was bn]oyed. We would like to call to the a ter#tjon everyone th t the weel of September 19 through 23rd is Constitution Week and Washington wrote, "I am sure that there was never should be commemorated in some way by every American and every. a more reason to admowledge s divine interposition American Institution. Flying in their affa!: than tlfese of the U. S.."... John Adams wrote, "1 Flag every day of this week is have a tm ! for years, from the cradle.",., appr0pria. , also, Franklin "I believe in one God, Creator of the Universe, and , it was he wi 0 m ,ed, "Tint henceforth prayers imploring the assist. auce of Hes, en be held in this Assembly every monalng." Coggress Lions TO Item Monthly continues the day.. Jefferson, during his trying days Re . 1.49 e,' r i,e , a M,,IS of ,esu, of Ikive 20 . ",. ,*'. Nazareth." It be' translated into three languages. Alexander Wi ter.designiaundry Hamilton,, his duel with Aaron Burr, Wrote his wife, _ The regttlar aonthly p'4per Fht flnlsh, velvety wall paint dries inone hour, basket is rustproof wRh no ,painty" smell. Washable; one is ;0 n, my bdov , can alone s pport .you; Irivd bY ith CharlesT< wn Lions l lastie; han dgri s. be rlght F!yt , tile ef Ged and [ lftbday, S{ p erwil! ffe.ifebn dudtedal120/paperit wotttdnplacedTUes be eaou dr to cover mo t surface , f$O 2OV xlS A.. . These founded eer nation with faltl They differed oiit for p! flt up eould be tied ig "Sta-Put" Multi Purpose SALE Weekly Pieee Goods l engllawI 'bundles and placed on In their otm beliefs they all agreed the religion of every, the porch or curb. 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SAVE A BIG $3.11 Matching 3 Piece Gr ou of Contour Lightweight Luggage Reguhrly 19.99 SPECIAL PRICE All Metal KITCHEN STEP Regularly 4.98 PRlB SALE M. Hedges, Ranson; Master Minor the Veterans Hospital namely: Galbraith, State Regent, taught E. Twyman, ,Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Mrs. Joseph Prentice, Mrs. Mar- one of the classes. Rheta M. Fattble, Jeffer~n, Md.; shall 0rndorff, Mrs. Byron Webb Miss Byer reported three nights Mrs. Linda M. O'Brien, Charles and Mrs. R. N. McIntyre. a~ the campfire, folk songs were Town and Mrs. Virginia F. Ho~t, Miss Bonnie Bond has returned sung and orations were given by Summ~ Poiz~t. home after being employed in talented girls. One nigh~ was Rehobot, h Beach, Del. during the sturrt night. The last night the summer. She w~ll now resume program was "My America", in her studies at Shepherd College which the girls, the c~tmp chorus, where she is a junior this year. and the aduience participated. Entertained W. S. C. S. Members This is the same program which is