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September 14, 2000     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 14, 2000

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below and it will be necessary to incur debt and issue Bonds acquisition, construction, erection, equipping and furnishing of a school, acquisition, improvement and preparation of the site the completion of construction and equipping of a middle school financed primarily through an SBA grant and for the improve- renovation and repair of an existing high school (also being il- l in )art from an SBA grant), and other facilities, together with fixtures, equipment and all necessary appurtenances (col- the "Project"), to pay interest during the period of construction Project and for up to six months thereafter, to pay architectural, costs and to pay costs of issuance of the Bonds, 'raore fully hereinafter described. Investigation and studies by this show that at least the sum of $39,000,000 should be spent for roses, all to the end of providing adequate, safe, efficient and school facilities in the District to meet and improve the edu- needs and opportunities of the students in the District. The valuation of the taxable property in the District, as shown by assessment thereof for state and county taxation purposes, is ~,849,672, and the valuation of each class of property within the is as follows: Class I $26,317,171 Class II 746,171,500 Class III 424,685,168 Class IV 156.675.833 TOTAL $ 1~353,849,672 is bonded indebtedness for school purposes in the District in amount of $12,320,000. The unbonded indebtedness of is negligible and can be paid from current levy funds. Ac- Bonds in the aggregate principal amount of $39,000,000 to- the existing bonded indebtedness of $11,470,000, being less due of such taxable property as ascertained by the last thereof for State and county taxes, may be issued for the herein provided without exceeding any constitutional or statu- in the principal amount of $5,000 each, or integral multiples ,aggregating not more than $39,000,000, shall be issued and sold, or from time to time in part, as the Board may in its discretion, proper, advisable and in the best interests of the inhabitants of the proceeds of which sale shall be used for the Project, however, that the Board, in its discretion, may allocate and for ' one or more of the facilities constituting the Project, any unused upon completion of any other of such facilities, any such sum remains unused upon completion by reason of estimated costs for such project or projects or a grant-in-aid project or projects received by the Board from or Federal Government, or any State or Federal Governmen- or from any other source, and providedTurther, that if any bond proceeds should not be needed for completion of the such unneeded part shall be deposited with the West Virginia Bond Commission to be used solely for the purchase or re- of any Bonds of this issue outstanding or for the payment of 0nds and the interest thereon at the maturities thereof. The pro- of the Bonds will not be used except as herein specified, that the Board shall have the authority to pay matured inter- I the principal amount of any matured Bonds from Bond proceeds money is available to pay the same and thereafter, the bond expended for this purpose may be reimbursed from levy mort- Bonds shall bear interest at a rate or rates not exceeding 8.0% payable semiannually, but it is hoped that the best bid for will provide a lower interest rate (which may result in some- rates needed to pay the Bonds and the interest thereon), Bonds shall be payable for a maximum term of 20 1/2 years date thereof. :is further hereby ordered by the Board of Education of the County that: The question of incurring said debt and issuing said Bonds and -~r questions properly connected therewith shall be submitted to County School District at a special election to be the District on Saturday, September 23, 2000. names of the Commissioners for holding said election shall be (provided that, if any of such Commissioners are unavailable unable to serve, substitutes will be appointed): Patricia A. Noland (Circuit Clerk) Margaret Byrer M |) Geraldine Willingham y 1-aJ,The registration of voters and the use of the registration books ~---'~.% overned by the oermanent registration laws of the State of ~,g - Irginia and the Board hereby adopts the registration lists of the ~ing [ty of Jefferson as the official registration lists of the District for Lllll~j ,~l~hool bond election. inf4[ he purposes or projects for which the proceeds of sale of the Bonds, 'lUrized by the voters, are to be expended are as follows: ESTIMATED onol t p.n ~isition of site and Near the existing Page action of new high Jackson Elementary to house approxi- School 1,200 students apletion of con- Near the existing Jef- Ion of new middle ferson High School t0 house approxi- Y 600 students It sta~vation and im- ~ ~;~aoto ~ f Jefferson $31,800,000 $1,200,000 (balance of estimated $8,568,000 total cost to be financed through SBA grant) Existing Jefferson High School $6,000,000 (balance of estimated $9,200,00 total of said Constitution, and such Bonds and the interest thereon will be payable from a direct annual tax levied and collected each year, on all taxable property in the District, sufficient to pay the principal and inter- est maturing and becoming due on such Bonds in each year together with any deficiencies for prior years, within, and not exceeding 34 years, which tax levies will be laid separate and apart from, and in addition to, the maximum rates provided for tax levies for school districts on the several classes of property in Section 1, Article X of said Constitution, but in the same proportions as such maximum rates are levied on the several classes of property; and said tax will be levied outside the limits fixed by Section 1, Article X of said Constitution. (H) If the debt and Bond issue submitted to the voters shall be ap- proved, by virtue of Section 8, Article X of the Constitution, known as the "School Bond Amendment," and Section 10, Article X of the Consti- tution, known as the "Better Schools Amendment," and the enabling leg- islation enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia, Regular Session, 1951, amending and re-enacting Sections 3 and 4, Article 1, Chapter 13 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, the levies hereinbefore provided will not violate any constitutional or statutory provisions of this State estab- lishing maximum levies; said levies herein provided shall be levied and allocated each year for the purpose of discharging the interest and prin- cipal of the Bonds to be authorized, and for such purposes shall be laid separate and apart from all other levies made for all other purposes of the District, and the Board does further find that after laying and allo- cating said special levies for payment of the principal and interest re- quirements of said Bonds, there will be, out of the levies authorized by law, moneys Which, when added to other income, will be sufficient to carry on the proper requisite functions of the Board and of the District. (I) The form of ballot to be used for such school bond election shall be as follows: OFFICIAL BALLOT BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE COUNTY OF JEFFERSON SPECIAL SCHOOL BOND ELECTION SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2000 Shall the Board of Education of the County of Jefferson incur debt and issue Bonds in the amount of not more than $39,000,000, maturi- ties on such Bonds to run not more than 20 112 years from the date of such Bonds, with interest not exceeding the rate of 8.0% per annum, payable semi-annually, for the purpose of making the following improve- ments in Jefferson County School District to provide adequate, safe, ef- ficient and convenient educational facilities for the School District, and levy taxes sufficient to pay the interest on and the principal of such Bonds?' ESTIMATED PROJECT LOCATION 1. Acquisition of site and Near the existing Page construction of new high Jackson Elementary school to house approxi- School mately 1,200 students $31,800,000 2. Completion of con- Near the existing Jef $1,200,000 struction of new middle ferson High School (balance of school to house approxi- estimated mately 600 students $8,568,000 total cost to be financed through SBA grant) 3. Renovation and ira- Existing Jefferson $6,000,000 provement of Jefferson High School (balance of High School estimated, $9,200,00 total cost to be fi- nanced through SBA~rant) APPROXIMATE TOTAL COST FOR ALL PROJECTS $3.9,000,000 The above amounts include costs of site acquisition and improvement, construction, erection, furnishing and equipping of such projects, archi- tectural and engineering fees and costs, interest on the Bonds during construction of the Projects and for six months thereafter, expenses of issuance and sale of the Bonds, including bond insurance and rating agency fees, if appropriate, and such other costs as may be necessary for properly carrying out the foregoing projects. The Board may, in its dis- cretion, allocate to and expend for any one or more of the above projects, any sum remaining unused upon completion of any other project or projects, whether any such sum remains unused upon such completion by reason of lower than estimated costs for such project or projects or a grant-in-aid upon the cost of any such project or projects received by the Board from the State or Federal Government, or any State or Federal Governmental agency, or from any other source. [1 YES [ ] NO INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: To vote in favor of the proposition submitted on this ballot, place an X mark in the square before the word "YES." To vote against the proposition, place a similar mark in the square before the word "NO." 8. The Secretary of the Board with the assistance of the Clerk of the County Commission of Jefferson County, which Clerk is hereby desig- nated and appointed as an agent of the Board tor this election, is hereby authorized and directed to procure and furnish to the election commis- sioners at each voting precinct, insofar as practicable, the ballots, poll books, tally sheets and other supplies and things necessary for conduct- ing the election as provided by West Virginia Code, Chapter 13, Article 1, Section 11, and perform all duties imposed by law upon Clerks of the Circuit Court and County Commission in relation to general elections insofar as practicable; and, in accordance with Section 13, Article 1 of said Chapter 13, the Board shall canvass the election returns, and shall 7-Ranson Elementary School (600 N. Preston St.) HARPI~RS FERRY DISTRICT: Precinct Number 12-Jefferson High School (Entrance to Auditorium) (Rt. 17) 13-C.W. Shipley Elementary School (Rt.340) 14-Camp Hill-Wesley Methodist Church (601 Wash St. HF) **15-Harpers Ferry Junior High School (Entrance to Gymnasium) 16-Charles Town Junior High School (Main Entrance-High St.) 17A-Blue Ridge Mountain Fire Hall (Last Names A-K)(Keyes Ferry East Road) 17B-Blue Ridge Mountain Fire Hall (Last Names L-Z) (Keyes Ferry East Road) KABLETOWN DISTRICT: Precinct Number 19-St. Johns Episcopal Church (Entrance in the back) 20-Kabletown Methodist Church (Kabletown Road) 21A-Blue Ridge Elementary School (Rt. #9E-Entrance at back of school) (Last names A-K) 21B-Blue Ridge Elementary School (Rt. #9E-Entrance at back of school) (Last names L-Z) 22A-South Jefferson Elementary School (Last names A-J) Summit Point Road 22B-South Jefferson Elementary School (Last names K-Z) Summit Point Road **23A-Tuscawilla Hills Office (301 Ridge Drive) (Last Names A-K) **23B-Tuscawilla Hills Office (301 Ridge Drive) (Last Names L-Z) MIDDLEWAY DISTRICT: Precinct Number 25-Middleway Methodist Church (Main Street) 26-Leetown Methodist Church (Leetown Road) 27-North Jefferson Elementary School (Rt 9-near Kearneysville) **28-T.A. Lowery Elementary School (Rt 9- Shenandoah Jet. Rd.) SHEPHERDSTOWN DISTRICT: Precinct Number **31-Asbury United Methodist Church (Rt. 480-Across from Morgans Grove Park) 32-Bakerton Methodist Church (Parsonage) (located acid)as the street from Bakerton Village Store) 33-Shepherdstown Men's Club (War Memorial Bld.-102 E. German) 34-Shepherdstown Elementary School (410 S. Church St.) **35A-Shepherdstown Junior High School (Last Names A-J) 705 Minden Avenue- Entrance to Gymnasium **35B-Shepherdstown Junior High School (Last Names K-Z) 705 Minden Avenue- Entrance to Gymnasium **Please note changes in polling places from the May 9 Prinmry Elec- tion. 9/14/2t NOTICE OF PENDING OR UNADMINISTERED ESTATE Notice is hereby given that settlement of the estate of the fol- lowing named decedents will pro- ceed without reference to a fidu- ciary commissioner unless within forty-five days from the first pub- lication of this notice such refer- ence is requested by a party in in- terest or an unpaid creditor files a claim and good cause is shown to support such reference to a fidu- ciary commissioner. Wilbert Aaron Kidwiler Jean S. Schley Jerry Rufus Ailshie Dated this 7th day of Septem- ber, 2000. John E. Ott Clerk of the County Commission of Jefferson County, WV By Robin J. Gaynor, 9/7/2t Deputy NOTICE OF SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE By virtue of the authority vested in the undersigned Trustee, pursuant to the terms of that certain Credit Line Deed of Trust executed by JEFFERSON COUNTY SOLID WASTE AU- THORITY, a public agency, to John C. Skinner, Jr Trustee, dated August 23, 1990, and re- corded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Jeffer- son County, West Virginia, in Deed Book 665, at Page 204, and default having been made in the provisions of the Credit Line Deed of Trust and being required by the beneficiary to do so, the under- signed Trustee will sell at public auction at the front door of the Courthouse of Jefferson County at Charles Town, West Virginia, on Monday, September 25, 2000, at 10:00 o'clock a.m the following described real estate: All that certain parcel of land located in the Middleway Magiste- rial District, Jefferson County, West Virginia, more particularly bound and described on the plat prepared by Appalachian Surveys, Inc dated May 31, 1990, contain- ing 14.537 acres, more or less, and recorded in the Office of the Clerk ' of the County Commission of Jef- ferson County, West Virginia, in Plat Book 9, at Page 51. There is further granted and conveyed an easement for the pur- poses of ingress and egress to and from State Route 15 and the prop- erty hereby conveyed and the said access easement shall be 50 feet wide and is more particularly de- scribed by metes and bounds in the above referenced plat. The deed from the Trustee will be subject to the lien for any un- paid real estate taxes, utility line easements, rights of way and re- strictive cenvenants of record and will be without covenant or war- ranty expressed or implied. Continued on next page