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September 14, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 14, 1978

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2 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14,1978 WE'll SAY IT AGAIN For as long as one can remember (and that dates back more than 30 years) the state of West Virginia has been asking: "What are the highway priorities for the people who reside in the Eastern Panhandle?" (Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties) For as many years.., well over thirty.., we've been saying.., give us a new east-west highway, one that will provide better access into West Virginia proper; one that will take care of the ever growing amount of traffic that sometimes clogs narrow, curvy State Route 9 from U.S. Route 340 in Jefferson County to U.S. Route 522 in Morgan County. We've opted for a by-pass of Charles Town, to relieve unmerciful congestion in the middle of this historic town; we've opted for a full by-pass of Martinsburg; neither of which we have gotten. But most of all, we've asked for a modern highway that provides us with ready access between the three county areas and, repeating ourselves, leads into the other part of West Virginia. We've suggested, time after time, that it makes sense to connect with Corridor H of the Appalachian Highway System in West Virginia, rather than far- ther down the valley in Virginia. But at the rate that project is progressing (because of environmental concerns in the South Branch Valley) we may not hay, enough gasoline to operate the automobiles and trucks that might utilize it. The old West Virginia Highways Department, now named the Department Of Highways, has told us many times that improvements are on the drawing ' boards, following survey aRer survey by department engineers. Beyond piecemeal improvements, however, very little seems to get out of the planning stage. We are grateful of course for the work on U.S. Route 340 in Jefferson County; and the work on other Jef- ferson County Highways, Berkeley countians may ultimately say "thanks" for the partial Route 9 by- pass in North Martinsburg, if they ever get used to using it. We understand, of course, that money doesn't grow on trees, that the work of the Department of High- ways is often predicated on its available funds; and what work it does must of necessity be of a priority nature, with first things coming first. However, we sincerely believe that the Department of Highways need not continually conduct road surveys to determine an area's needs. Money could be saved by eliminating some unnecessary work in this category. It ought to be obvious, by now, that the Washington- Baltimore urban corridor is beginning_ to encroach upon the .Eastern Panhandle .... as has been predicted. It ought to be obvious that highway im- provement is imtant tO eet th ging population of Berkeley,Jefferson counties. It is ob- vious to us. It should be made just as obvious to the Honorable Charles Miller, commissioner of highways, when he visits Charles Town on Tuesday, October 3, to determine, as he informed the Jefferson County Commission, what the people of this sbction want in the way of highways. A look in the Department of Highway files, Mr. Miller, would have answered that question. There' letter after letter from governmental and civic bodies outlining area needs. But come on to Charles Town, Mr. Miller, and we'll be glad to tell you what we need in person. BALANCED BUDGET Howard Jarvis, who enjoyed so much success ip California with his "proposition 13" tax cut proposal, and which has stirred tax revolts of various dimen- sions in other parts of the country, is now proposing a constitutional amendment for the United States which would cut federal spending by $100-billion dollars over a four-year period. He proposes cutting $25 billion a year from the budget over a four-year period, after which time he says the Federal budget would be in the black. While his proposal is a noble one, we personally prefer an amendment to the Constitution which has already been introduced. This amendment would require the Congress to balance the Federal Budget each year, except possibly in time,of national emergencies. Such an amendment has already been passed by a number of state legislatures. All sorts of campaigns, proposed amendments and ideas have taken form across the country in moves to cut taxes and balance state budgets. What is now needed across this country, we believe, is a unified, coordinated effort, behind which we believe all Americans seeking to reduce waste and over- spending by Congress, could and would rally. In talking with many Jefferson Countians and also people in various parts of West Virginia, we found considerable sentiment for an amendment requiring Congress to balance the Federal budget each year and to spend only that revenue which the Federal Government takes in. If city, County and state governments are required to, and do, operate under the baiapced budget system of government, than why would it be so im- possible for the Federal Government to do so as some of our legislators claim. Congress can be made to operate its financial affairs in a more responsible way if the voters want it done that way. But unless  you make it clear to your legislators that you want the Federal Government to operate under the same sound fiscal busget balancing process as do your other governmental agencies, they are not going to move in that direction. There is already a lot of sentiment in this country for just such a constitutional amendment and we can see no reason why our Fleral government cannot be operated in a responsible fiscal manner. We support a mandatory balanced federal budget and we hope you will let your legislators know your feelings on this very important issue. UP AND UP INFLATION "IlliH 'Novqtl e, yoo- ?" Letters To The Editor L .dL- A,,. Ak A .k dk,dkL dlL. ,dk,. ,ab JL ,dk ,dk, .dk .dk AL..lL Ak ,aL.  Dear Mr. Rentch: I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the Old Opera House Theatre Company. "Godspeil" was terrific. I can only imagine the efforts and amount of time invested by the actors, musicians, extension measure. That, of course, was satisfactory. Almost as an afterthought, I said people in our area were tired of machine letters. (How I wish I had made a tape recor- ding of that talk.)I believe I told stagehands, and director, to bring "Godspell" to the residents of Jefferson County four successive weekends. Thanks for the efforts; and thanks for the entertainment. Wm. Brent Anders Dear Mr. Rentch: Enclosed is a copy of a letter which I have sent to the Jeffer- son County Commission which I would like you to use in your Letter-to-the-Editor Column. Thanks. Jefferson County Commission County Court House Charles Town, West Va. Gentlemen: It is my sincerewishlhatyou will not be led down another blind alley by Mr. Beckett, "At the Taxpayers expense of course." There are too many important matters in the County that need your direct immediate attention both now and in the years to come. Remember Gentlemen, the people of Jefferson County have spoken by popular vote before by "VOTING AGAINST ZONING." All the money the Jefferson County Commission has wasted with Mr. Beckett should have been put to good use by un- dertaking some worthwhile projects that the Taxpayers could benefit from, like better roads and new industry. We all know there are highways in this county that are just plain "DEATH TRAPS." Why don't you do something to correct this situation? Gentlemen our high- way system is of no credit to our county. We have yet another problem that needs your at- tention and that is industry. Why doesn't the County Commission do anything to bring new in- dustry to Jefferson County? Sure we had JEDECO, but let the industries choose their own locations so long as they locate in Jefferson County. "Gen- tlemen we ncd roads new in- dustries and jobs NOW." I recommend you get rid of Mr. Beckett and put the money you are wasting on him and his "UNWORTHY" projects to work for the good citizens of Jefferson County. Stay out of these blind alleys with Mr. Beckett. Sincerely Yours Jay Hoak Dear Mr. Rentch, My friends have been unhappy because, in response to a letter to their senator, they received a machine letter. May I have space to tell them about a very special handwritten note Senator Robert Byrd added to a machine letter to me? Because we all received identical letters in reply to our letters to Byrd asking that there be no extension of time for ratification of ERA, I went to Washington to express, in person, the views of Eagle Forum of the West Virginia Panhandle, of which I am president. Althengh I did not get to see his holiness, Byrd, I did talk to an assistant. I gave her our opinions about the extension time, then asked that if the measure were brought to the floor, the filibuster be permitted. The assistant told me that there were so many bills to be considered before ad- journment, that probably there would be no time for the ERA News Of Other Years her that even Democrats were I 10-YEARS AGO-10 Tribute was paid to the late Jerry Wayne Dillow, specialist Fourth Class, U.S. Army, who i was killed in action in Vietnam, on April 8, 1968, when a total of six medals were presented to his widow. Announcement was made that Max B. Wine joined the staff of the Peoples Supply of Charles Town, as Vice-President and general manager. Miss Marcia DeHart came very close to being named as the "Miss Ingenue" of the United State when the finals of the l contest were held in New York. She finished sixth in the final judging. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. DeHart. Alex Doleman, described by many observers as "one of the best backs in the area," and Glen Hinton, as "outstanding i back," once again get ready for! the football "season. MARRIED: - Miss Rebecca Sue Woodford of Charles Town and Barry L. Pattison of Alexandria; Reba Kelly Pestun of Middleway, W.Va. and Edgar Roger Jones, III, of Vineland New Jersey. DEATHS: - John M. (Jack Trapnell, Sr. of Charles Town David Trundle Jones, Sr., of, the Files Cross Roads area; Mrs. Emma G. Ramsdill of Bolivar; Mrs. Mabel Churchill of Ranson; Anne Russell Mallard, 10-month- old child of Nebraska; Miss Grace Stonesifer of Charles Town. considering voting against Byrd 29-YEARS AGO-20 whenhe ran again Most likely I Samuel Stein, owner and said that I, personally, would do operator of the Ranson all possible to influence people Manufacturing Company has against him. But I swear that I announced the closing and did not express my real feelings prospective sale of the plant. Miss Joan Merchant of the for Byrd -- no lady would talk Dolly Madison 4-H Club of THAT way. Charles Town and Miss Bonnie! The assistantsaid I could not Rerr of the Rumsey Climbers of conceive of the number of letters Shepherdstown scored blue coming to Byrd's office and that an individual reply to each letter ribbons and placed in the top ten was impossible, at the Jackson's Mill state style I asked why the staff did not at revue. least count the letters for and Lament W. Williamson, against an issue and cited the District Manager ,of the Win- Canal issue as one where Byrd chester, Va., Social Security went against the wishes of his office, stated that 1224 persons in constituents. She said Byrd Jefferson' Co. are receiving voted as he th0ughbest  ald that .its totaling $59,904 mort- we (the US)did trot ownthe Canal. Feature of Blue Ridge Livestock Sale. Prime veal I replied that I had a copy of $35.25; good cows top $21.00; the Hay-Buneau-Varilla treaty hogs active at $21.35 top. ceding the land to the U.S. in Johnny Lowery, outstanding perpetuity and that if I could get first baseman and pitcher for the a copy, surely Byrd could get last-place Dodgers of the Jef- one. ferson Little League, was the Well, shortly after I returned leading batter in the league with home, I received a machine a 452 average. Meredith Polen, letter about my visit. On the Indian pitcher, who also placed bottom was a hand written third among the league best postscript as follows: pitchers, finished second in the "Your approach and attitude hatting race with a 425 record. are not calculated to help our DIED: - Frank Alexander of cause. I am never intimidated or summit Point in Winchester impressed by threats of reprisal, Memorial Hospital; Clyde etc. 'Honey attracts more flies Edward Hinton, 7-year-old son of than vinegar' -- as the old William Nell and Betty Marie Willard Hinton of Summit Point in Charles Town General Hospital; Mrs. Evelyn A. Hearn, wife of Wilfred Hearn of Friendship Heights, Md. and daughter of Archie H. and Mary Rutherford Asquith of Charles Town, at her home; J. Rush Snyder, 78, son of the late Jacob and Elizabeth Snyder of Jef- ferson Co. in St. Luke's Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Hector Margaret Hall Carr, 37, wife of Robert Carr, Charles Town at her home. 30.YEARS AGO.30 On Sunday afternoon a freak twister dropped down from the northeast corner of the Charles Town Jockey Club. m saying goes" Signed R.C.B. So you see, one can get something other than a machine letter. What is the' moral? Go lick Byrd's boots -- you get a machine letter. Tell him in writing what you think -- you get a machine letter. Tell him bow his constituents, Democrats, are disappointed in him -- you are threatening reprisals. Oh, yes, I should say that one other time I also got what was not a machine letter. I had written complaining about his votes for labor because of all the money he got from labor. I don't have his reply, but his words are engraved on my mind: "You are the kind of person that would keep a public spirited man (like Byrdlrom running for everyone in a frenzied scramble office." for immediate gain. That would he the day. In Jefferson County a Lela Gardner residential property must have a market value of $55,000.00 in Dear Sir: order to contribute sufficient I admire Mr. Wheeler for his property taxes (at the present continued interest in the affairs tax rate) to support a single of Jefferson County. His corn- student in our educational program. Unfortunately, building permit records for the calendar years 1976 and 1977 show the mean average market value of a new single family residence to be $30,077 and $33,622 respectively. Other typos of real estate improvements are, therefore, required to make up the tax deficit resulting from residential development. Most local communities rely on commercial and industrial development to offset residential tax deficits. This reliance on "paying" activities is part of what is meant by a "balanced community growth." There must be some public effort put forth to encourage non- residential growth if an af- fordable tax base is to be maintained. In my opinion, the location of a ments in last week's Spirit about County growth and commuter residents were noteworthy and deserve further attention. Perhaps our thoughts will not be too far apart once he reads this letter. Commuter growth is a sub- stantial part of Jefferson County's growth dilemma. While the County has grown in resident population, it has lagged in the growth of job producing ac- tivities. This situation would be insignificant if local property : taxes were not the prime source of County revenue. How does a county strive to maintain needed services (education is most noteworthy}and at the same time keep property taxes at a tolerable level? Very simply, it takes an active role in managing growth so that land values are Lions outlast the Kiwanians in benefit softball game in 100 degree temperature. MARRIED: - Miss Virginia Lee Buch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Buch became the bride of Mr. Frederick Nelson, Jr., of Winchester, Va.; Miss Eleanor Carroll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Carroll, Sr. to Mr. Alvin Carter Buch; Misy Starke Higginbotham of Salem, Va., director of Christian Education at the Charles Town Presbyterian Church, to Mr. Grover Wilson of Hazard, Ky. DIED: Benjamin Washington, Jefferson County farmer, in Kings Daughter Hospital, Martinsburg; Miss Bessie Aylett Mitchell of Charles Town in the local hospital. 50-YEARS AGO-50 Henry G. Baker, Jr. was omoted to the position of Sales Manager of the Sharon Steel Hoop Co. of Sharon, Pa. The number of marriages reported for Jefferson Co. for 1926 was 99 and for 1927, 110. There were 11 divorces and no annulments. MARRIED: - Miss Viola V. Everhart of Charles Town and Mr. Laurence Edward Sours of Fordwick, Va. DIED: - At his home in Alexandria, Va., David Janney Howell, for fourteen years in the civil engineering profession there and son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Howell, the former for many years cashier of the First National Bankof Charles Town. 70-YEARS AGO-70 Automobiles were considered deadly weapons by the Charles Town Council and their speed was limited to six miles an hour in town. It was estimated that 1000 people attended a picnic in the woods on M.E. Trussell's farm on Dark Lane by the Sunday School of Leetown, Mt. Zion Shenandoah Junction and Summit Point. MARRIED: - Miss Laura Green and Harry Marstella, both of Charles Town. DIED: Near Miambi, Missouri, William Hergett, formerly of the county; at Elkins, ,WVa., James Edward Meyers, a native of the county. 9e-YEARS AGO-N The Rev. Frank Divon of North Carolina became pastor of the Charles Town Baptist Church. DIED: - The Rev. John S. Lafore of the Presbyterian Church and a son-in-law of S. W. Wysong of Charles Town, died at Rockridge Alum Springs, Va., at Kabletown, Mr. Louise Langdon, wif of Charles H. Langdon, in Bolivar Henry Stuart. 100.YEARS AGO-100 The Democratic County Convention selected the following executive committee: Dr. John D. Stacy; chairman; Major J. Lawrence Hooff, John L: Colston, Dr. Strider, James Trussell, A.C. Morgan, Shepherd Lucas, John F. Welshan, Lee H. Moler, A.B. Yates, J..P. Hess, Logan Osburn, James M. John. ston, James W. Coyle, M.V. Burr, Thomas W. Meale, James Moore, G.F. Cross, Laurene Montague George S. Syster, C.L. Barnhart and James Smallwond. James N. Gallaher bought the house and lot of 7 acres known as the Dixon property in Charles Town from P.. Van Buskirk of California. II0-YEAR8 AGO-If0 Smith, Walton-Craighill sold the farm of Col. J.B. Laure, containing 200 acres,, to Mr. Warrenfeltz at $50 per acre. with residential development and a sizeable portion of that development is commuter oriented. According to 1970 census figures a full one-third (33 per cent)of the workers who lived in Jefferson County worked *outside of the County. From outward appearances this figure has increased -- local em- ployment opportunities have not kept pace with new residents. Commuter residents generally de not provide the local pool necessary to' stimulate local business and industry. Commuters in Jefferson County tend to be more highly trained and better paid than local workers. They also tend (I believe)to spend a considerable I portion of their earnings outside of the County because of con- veniee, product availability, and price. To support additional commuter growth is to hasten the arrival of a true "dormitory community" along with inevitable high t#xes. Your observation, Mr. Wheeler, that the Planning Commission is contradictory in its statements and actions is anderstandable. For the five years I have been employed by upheld, so that residents and train depot at Duffields would businesses are satisfied with aggravate the "inbalance" our their community, and so that the community has assumed. The the Planning Commission, future is not overlooked by community is overburdened almost to the man the Corn- m [STABLISHED 1844 JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO., INC ......... Donald G. Rentch ...................... Edit R. Meade Dorsey .................... Mana Published Every Thursday at 210 North George Street Charles Town, W. Va. 25414 Telephone (304) 725-2046 Subscription Price .... $7.50 a Year Entered in the post office at Charles Town as second class matter Ad Deadline 4 p. m.-Monday wondert VIR00INi00  By'r. Jams er Is there any land for sale? If land is badly needed how can the community and social interests he satisfied. As this writer has written before there is little land adjacent to coal mining interests for sale. Miners have no place to build or own their own home. Governor Rockefeller ha had his patience tried with trying to make available some promised nd-space in southern West rginia for housing develop- ment, this of course, in relationship to the flooded-out areas and rehousing of local people. The eighty acres needed and appropriate have been priced out of the budget range. It seems that the Cotiga Development Corporation has set a price of $4,500 per acre and the Governor believes the price should be nearer to $I000 per acre. This development cor- poration owns over 40,000 acres in Mingo county. Does the state have any other choice but condemnation. If we think land is high in Jefferson County, how about $4500 for completely un- developed land in the mountains. This is the problem and so-called urgency for reassessment. There are many who think that taxes on this development land should roll back for several years at a much higher rate and even a penalty. Taxes on this idle land have been low. Is there a reason that the public sector should not share in the capital gains profits. This whole con- mission's policy on growth has been to keep it manageable, keep it organized, and keep it contained. The appearance of three acre lot subdivisions scattered throughout the County should be clear evidence that subdivision laws have only limited power to manage growth. What the Planning Commission needs from you, the public, is the authority to bring develdpment in line with organized community growth and thereby avoid the destruction of prime rural land at the hands of consumptive subdivisions. The text of my personal comments to the County Com- mission regarding commuter residents and growth is printed below:Mr. J.T. Mentzer, Sr. Commissioner Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425 Dear Tom: I was surprised to hear about the County Commission's decision on Thursday, August 3, 197, to support the development of a commuter train depot at Duffields. While the traffic coditions at the Harpers Ferry station are certainly congested, the Friends of the Railroad should be among the first to recognize that a depot in Duf- fields will not solve the problem. A depot at Duffields, in my opinion, will simply encourage the movement of more com- muters to Jefferson County. Both depots will readily fill to capacity leaving the County with two congested train stations and increased resident population of commuters. It seems that the County Commission and the Planning Commission have always ad- vocated a slow, manageable rate of growth. In spite of this policy population growth over the past several years has exceeded even the highest figure estimated in the adopted Comprehensive Plan, and the growth has been unorganized. In terms of public revenue, commuter growth is one of the least desirable to encourage. Commuter residents demand school, police, and public ervices much beyond their capacity to pay. The tax shortfall from a commuter population is not able to be made cern will get prime southern West Virginia and spill-over will hit our area Do you know that nine or foreign investors have stantial investments in Virginia coals lands. Io recent year it is companies from France, and Luxenbourg large tracts of coal state. Austrian percent interest in Crews Coal Co. That's tl over. This is a steel whose interests in southern counties 800,000 tons of coal in cording to reports. foreign owned corn reported to have mined 2 tons of coal in one year. the most recent is an company, two West companies, a company and the Steel of Canada. Reports are floating about the Japanese our power companies. Virginia is one of the sources tor coal, energy. I producer for our state. be that we will battle companies for taxes to local governments. ownership has problem in West Vi these absentees may removed from even States. up' by local business dustry because populations do not activities as do are locally employed. To encourage a ( expandable)commuter ! at Duffields, in con the existing high school and the presence of Springs Road, is to advocate growth above beyond that which is now. I did not think position of the Right now, the best practical deterrent celerated commuter congestion at Harpers station. Commuters living here should willing to accept a inconvenience and Harpers Ferry in the positive values community life they to find. We all a values and should maintain them as we Please express the others on Commission and bestitate to call on Commission when land use proposals to your attention. Magistrates 379 Cases Jefferson E.W. Day a'nd handled a total of during the month of misdemeanor, 71 civil actions checks. The monetary included $143.75 jail costs; costs and $335.53 Twenty-seven thless checks A check totaling transmitted to the rice. Some say "it's see lightning