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September 10, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 10, 1970

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I I I llllll III 1 I I,I a ne Kelbv t Omdt Tnwn Woman' I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE ~ I i THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1970 A--6 M Study In WalesI To unch New [ , o . ,J :nD. Hr. & Hrs. Vnrhs H. Peer Ho t0red On I Tear At Meenng ept . . . I I 30th Wedding Anniversary [y Family I [of the Senior Woman's Club of[ ~~ ! t Charles Town bas extended an in.[ Visitors over the L,~bor Day ] Miss Dorothy Gacksetter of Wood Mr. and Mrs. Virlis tI. Peer, of [.Peer and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. i vitation to all members and pros- weekehd with Mr. and Mrs. Rus- ville, Ohio, Mr and Mrs Charles - Michael Painter and famil Mr ~ . . . : . the Chestnut Hill sechon of Jeff- - Y, ~ ~ t Pechve members to attend a coy- sell Batty were their s n and [Dfllow and MIke of AlexandrIa o ~ n.~red ~ [ and Mrs. Larry Hawk, Mr. Johnny t:~ I~UII t.A#t&tlt 2f, W~:;I~ Ill.# t.Fl~z-- ) ~ ered dish supper ta be held at .the, Mr. and Mrs. ] Va. and Barbara Turner and Don ~ [ Peer, Harold Martin, Mrs. Mildred ! I Hillary House the Woman's Club Merle Batty and three daughters ] na Lewis of Millville, W. Va. cenuy oy meir ennaren, me pc- [ Martin and sons of Romney, W ~ ]home, on Tuesday, September 15 Jane, Tara, and Jennifer of New] Sunday dinner guetss with Mr. casion being their 30th wedding]Va, Mr Joseph' Tyszkiewicz, of ]at 6:00 p.m. [Castle, Delaware. land Mrs. EddieBohrer and son anniversary, i Arlington, Va.; Donald Braekett, :~~ This meeting launches a new C~M Harold E. Miller, son of [ Jim, Big Pool, Md were Mr. and Those attending were: Mr. and [ Mr. and Mrs. Chisler of Shenan- i ] club year of deddcated service to Mrs. Bertha Miller of Hanson, W. IMrs. Ernest Slusher, Jr Mr. Mrs. Autry HeweR and daughter, ] dale, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jack- i [the community and at aH times Va visited with her while on a IErnest Sluaher, Sr Leetown, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Viands~son and family, Mr. Danny Stau- ] ] will emphasize high ideals, prin- j leave from the hospHal in Olmon ] and Mrs. Page Wright, Shepherds and son, Mr. and Mrs. Vir],is B. Ibs, and Mr. Farren McGraw. - ---. .~ [ [ [cipats, and priority needs. Mrs.]doff, Alaska. I town, W. Va Mrs. Eugene Jack [ i ] Adams will te~l it informally, and I ~P,mn~ ~,m, nmn,~, ,t~,ht~v I son, ~FI), Martinsburg. Mrs. [ [as it has been told for the past l,~ ~r ~,n ~t~,~ mn r~t, ]r [Edgar Bohrer, Inwood, W. [ [49 years when the club was or-I " aar es Howard Bohrer and Mrs. Mar im ,rut Onll, lv ,t, r.r [ [ganJzed. Unity and Diversity has] ~esi~. in Woodville Ohio was]van Bohrer, Big Pool, Md. [[[~ I n . Dr ll~fllll'~ Lt ff l'! P.P. L [~] [ [strengthened . the orgarfi~tion ! christ'ened S'unday, September 6, l ~ [[~ 4 S. W~hingto~ ~t. Winchester, Va. ~[ [ ~wmcn. has a rang ms, pry. at ae-] 1970 in St. Luke's Lutheran Chu I Hletaru atar I o /compllsnments. The puoiic will] rch at Point off Rocks Md bv l'"*'v'$ "" Northern Va's. Largest Selection of ISS CATI~RINE KELLEY [ be mvRed to join in a great cele- I ,~.^ D ~,~ ~.~, t~.~r~ Mr I i I~ ~1 Miss Catherine Kelley, daughter [ bra~hon revj.ewmg both serviceI and Mrs. Charles Stunkle of [ Lutheran Church I[fl a mti lane accompz~snmems at me cropI d[ 0 m pa you may desire of Mr. and Mrs. Layman Kelley, ~.~ ]Point of Rocks served as GO -l l l~ NEEDLEPOINT Shenandoah Junction, W. Va will ~ a~ a go!aen .tm~e'm anniversary]Parents" Tonda's grandparems I Io U.w Au tl.klA " . , recogmtlon Tne zeaturea speaker 13 HVW AYglIOUIC ,be, studying in Wales, United f.;~ : I Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Joy of l I CREWELWORK and accessories ' ~1 ,o me evening wuz oe rTOSeCuting Kingdom, starting in September I Point off Rocks, Md. were else pro t I1~ ~1 s 2~tmrney Jerome Raaosn wno Will lllt~ Ilrac cuplike OI Ult liria A a second year graduate stu- . ] sent for the chmstenmg. The Dil i i eter's SEE OUR ~1 dent in the Division of Social on. A ammistrauon at pus-I lows also have another daughter[ u erann% e y inz e;hUerds IS en t vaw at- ant. Work, West Virzinia UniversiW. ~e . ~ms topic is inane spnero] named Tana ] ~v - 1[~ orr~t,l/~t~ O/~k~ l~Lr. ~j . "~ - at ati crop woman's mDuence and " town tram lYoo mrougn lvva, M~ss Kelley was chosen to be one . Mr and Mrs John Keeler of i nd of the six students to participate wil lhbeveary "mf rma . ve" a ,n, J Falls' Church are receiving con dS:s ir d Phone 662-0632 in the Division's International So .~,? ~yu~ "7" ".'". ~'P' '. /'lgratulations on the birth off a l ~." * ." v^ b k~ c ' Wlll De alscussecl ann aaop~ect, me " t copiesat rne ~ page oo , czal Work field placement pro- . ;- i daughter, Dawn Mane on Angus 1. ~, a ~a,oa ~ ~a~, ~ l~a ~J ~'-'-" ~'iss ~^'~--" :s ~n" ~" "-'- tlallowe en aetlVllles wmcn xnelo. : oo ', ~l~tlll Itl "J~t~llCy I U t~ U~I I~.~Ul ~.t t~ ~. ~ a ~ Ill the t~'|lGZlt~ IUWAI t~Cll d ] ,o u to.n n, h,-,hordsto,- S . . c'luro orgaIllZL~Q aIltl are respons- . " d ~o n~--o~. ~, o-~v ~- tudents who wall be going to % ] Hospital Mrs. Keeler is the au- [ "*"~s ~'lea [ Wa, les. Two others will have field ~o~rco~r~it~eeai~l~S~e anal glfter of'Mark Durst of Kearneys [ ~Z; eU~)~:xU5~'~e;~er~s~ow~ [ . ~ J~a[~ ~1~ experience in Africa. v v ~ ~ "W'[ville, W. Va. [ ~,~,- in~erestin~ anVd comnreh'en 1 ~V~(~/t~t'X x{/~ )~] ]~]~(, Dur ng the fall semester, Miss " I Visitors over the weekend wet t her-'s ~~/|~L~VJ] i ! |~lOl I ~ft~ x'~]l~v will b~ atlendin~-1~,~ riostesses tar mzs re~ ietterl~r ~ n T,~.m .+ her/sive history oz the ~nep u- I~/~F~m~/If//l~J I 1ll| IkVII ~.2 ,ni t ns-- --~occasion are" Mrs Martin Glaize, I, " e i town Lutheran Parish, wa p op- aL Ll|e U Versl y m ~wa ca ann " " name on LTeorge ~'treeL wet . nan " - = -~inin~ ora~%i,'~ ex~erienee i- Mrs. Hugh Via, Mrs. Emery Kable, t u,o ~ ~, ~-li,~," Va [ erly reorgamzed Sunday mar g ~,-"" *" .r ~--. v ""Mrs Virginia Metz, Mrs Andrew -vy ~:, " August 30, at the service at St. community planning and develop ". . Mr. and Mrs Richard Wright and,' t men~. Wales was chosen as a " [ daughter Bmkey, Charles Town. [ Guerm and Mr~s Wi~iam Jackson ." Peters Church when the firs ,a ,ho t ~. es,m~ed W H$610N EIAtrf 910P field placement by the Division ]Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kehle, M " 1,u~. uo t.m, ~,~ w~,i.m n Charles T-wn Mnrt|n~hnra, ~eeause of the szmslan~xes m the l~t, t~ A ',-& ~ q I m, Pa The Keble s remained t I sher o,t as o onomi s of We * Vir rove t.u en war. t z I isi week with their daughter, occasion ginia and Wales. I Mrs. Lookinbill. [ accom ante" - r an WHAT IS IT? a ~ ~ Assembly 6od Church I jJ~hen Lalwleyi, H~Prer~iv~ir:Y ~rnd i~;t~n~'r~nch, horPna, a~d ~Yym ~ni: Around the bead around the neck Miss Ke]le~: will receive, a .Master ~ The Calvarymen, an instru-Is~,ent last weekend in Ocean City sa~:ckC,a,sslers Cantata, Built on ~ound tdhreop~i~t ;romeoT:~InL;utt of one:: 04 ~lal work aegree in may o~ me~tal and vocal quartet,af 1 ~a. I mho ~,o a,~ ,^h r : ; -"~ " "" -~, ~'"" - a " "Z Z. AI~ .tt*~V~l~i/~ OUIIll ~I'IIDDIII~ 9 es~ed 1971. I Newark, Delaware, will present Mr. and Mrs. Frank. I nastor in his sermon on basic gu it. SON BO "" TO i a special concert at the Calvary/~in:ndO, a~gah~n.t ~ar~y ~ [Christen concepts through the A SCARF aA ~ :: As~m~tioo unurCh, located ~ ' " P d ages, read a Hst of faults of Luth- MPL & MILS. GAYLORD DH~LOW Ion Fairfax Blvd in Hanson, on l end with Mrs. Perry Goodean erans in Shepherdsbown as pro- Any design, any size, any color, or'any ~aturday night, Sept 12, at 7"30 Perry, washington uourt, cnar- ~. ttern Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Benjamin,~ . - "- " " " :e Town 'Wern~'ht -nests were jected on November 16, 180," . *he group, wno ,oeueves m,o, -, ,s ~ Pastor Johann Dav'ld Young's far Dfllow of Middletown, Md an- Io alt Si e Perry s children, Rebecca and . Even The Latest In The -- son "i-ven y Y' ne raw, aevotmn, con- . . well sermon to the congregation nounce tne mr~n oi a,~ e . ' " t ;- . ~. secratmn and dedication, all es- Charles uooae. .P~o ~ .~,~ m.n~ ~ Snake-Skin Look. ~yle, oorn Augus~ za s Avis ~ G~ ~. ,~ a ~ x#. senhals m the ministry in song, Mr. and Mr. Gr~m ~ was stmnressed surprise that thev Diltow is the son of Mr. and Mrs. have been staging roger.her since v Vj ehrington SP rnt and were still guilty of many of Pas- Your BankAmerlcard or Central Charge B L Dillow of Hanson. He is tne,y can rememoer. Line many Smith in Martin burg toP Youngs accusations. . Account Honored At Our Store -- a "graduate of Charles Town High such groups they nave 'sung in " " " lth Exactly 175 years ago on Aug- c~,~ ~,~' ~ ~ ~o churches, concerts, banquets, an- W. Va. They also visited w",~, ~n ~a~ +~, ~.~ ^, =, SchOol and ~?/,~v-,~*? ~,~,-~?, niversaries and other :inspiring Mr. and Mrs. Bill Corbin and Mr. ~'~ ~, '~'~,~k~"~,i~. e :'YuempmnYr any ev Sat's so unique about the end vMirgin?:tohe un d:d of Stan-ing in tox n v, s laid. B ore theft Frederick, -. ~ 2. ~ M and Mrs Jo- -- M lev time, the Lutherans and Refor- ~, calvarymen. They are a tamziy . it. L . nn u. as ~f medshad ~hal-ed a log structure. type gospel team, consisting off at xorK, ~a are tne parents o The book concerns the history S~ Born Wednesday To two brothers, a sister and broth- Mr. & Mrs, James H. L en Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lemen of Summit Point announce the birth of a son ~rn Wednesday morning in the Winchester Mere oriel Hospital. The little boy, weighing in at 8 l*hs. 14 ozs. ,has er-indaw. Since the Calvarymen are closely related, this has en- abled them to develop their own style and enhance their voices in blending a com~binatlon of talent and dedication. The Oalvarymen now have in- been named Thomas William. straamen~,al backttp consisting of ~a ~ piano, lead guitar, bass guitar Mrs. Lemen was the former .~ .o n " " Alice Moore. This is their flr~ a d also steel guitai" and ban}o. child. -"-" i This has greatly corrtributed to [the superb so#md of the Calvary- men. GO-'IN) CHURCH I 1 I I ~e area's largest collection of wedding gowlm for all seasons from $60 A Department Of WINCHESTER a son, Christopher Darren, born of the two churches Which make August 30 at York Hospital. weighing 8 ]~bs. I0~ oz. They a~ have a five year old son, John Steven. Mrs. Mosley is the former Ruth Ann Staubs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Staubs of Maple Avenue, Charles Town. Sp/4 Leslie Holmes son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Holmes of Ran- son, was home on a 3O day leave. He returned to Vietnam for 8 up -the ,Shepherdstown .LtRheran Parish at the present, St. Peter's and St. James'. Other features are the biographies of the pas- tors; pictures of preachers and properties; membership lists; con gregational directories; translat- ed excerpts from an unpublished diary of Pastor Paul Henkel, a pioneer Lutheran missionary, who Jived in Shepherdstown for more months, eight months in 1783; and a new Mrs. Joyce Anne LeHew and translation Of Kirchen Buch, the daughter Leslie who have been first parish i, egister, including making their home with Mr. and baptisms through !819. Mrs: Russell Batty, have~ moved The volume is bound in brown to Baltimore, Md where Mrs. has accei ted new employ and Mrs. "Leonard ElwOod Williams, HarPers Ferry, W. Va. re the parems of a daughter KeHi Marie, born August 31, 1970 in the Winchester Memorial Hos- pital. Mrs. Williams is the for- mer Miss JudJ'th Kay Chaney. Mr. find Mrs. T. W. Dillow, Jr:, Ind daughters Tonda and Tana of WoodviHe, Ohio, spen~ the Labor Day weekend at their on the Bloomery Road. Mr. and Mrs. Dillow and family over the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Joy and Da~e Hickman of Point of Md Kenny Wright. and off Frederick, Md Demory of LaGrange, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and chirdren, Sherri and Ronald ~ay ne andMr, and Mrs. Willie Faul- ton and children, Trudy, Tammy and. Debbie of the Bloomery. with an imprint in gold of the cherub, drawn by Johann David Young in 17~0 for the title page of the old record. The dust jack- et projects the three symbols off St. ePter through the title, On ]T~is Rock, and the design, "The Keys and the Cock." SUBSCRIBE TO THE SPIRIT Let Our Competent Operators i I For the informalities of Summer, and assist you in selecting and styling a hair piece for the formal VIRGINIA'S BEAUTY SHOP DIAL 725.a414 118 N. 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