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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 10, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 10, 1970

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Serving The Charles Town-Ranson Jefferson County Area For Over 126 Years SIXTEEN PAGES Local News - Sports News Ads - Pictures County News - Classifieds L 1844 - The Newspaper Charles Toivn, Ranson and West Virginia Grew Up With - 1970 106 NO. 37 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1970 CHARLES TOWN, (Jefferson County), W. VA. West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE - 10 CENTS May Decide Course Of Action Monday tral- 1 . The Congregation r~fa the C:/c~ . les Town Presbyte "an Chu h ,| ~ will meet during and after the I,11:00 a m worship service ,%his ,Sunday, September 13th, for the r purpose of electing Ruling Elders ' and Deacons, who are the official Jefferson County Board nearly two years ago when the U .* "rl - ordained Officers of the church I~ / ill I~lte/ll / I |l/ell IN / cation opened five bids bond issue was passed, Lowery numel;ummg/lll$ comprising the Session and Dia- Kavmnnn w ,laa~ nprapr./r. Will gi~ / rmght, on the new Central said with the ,reduction of the conate. j ~ v v.~l t v 1 [ated high school which amount on the 1955 school bonds {llll~ta~tlut ~ |~ma~mi' Five Ruling Eiders and five t% / 1 t~ / I L4 t. / t~/ I I m planned for Jefferson over the past two years, also a JUHUOJ; JI. JOl|l~) Deacons will be elected to terms uroalne0 nun0av m Marnflsnurfl Lnurcnl '; ana when mey round the slight reductmn on the new-school ~ ,~ ~s . of three years to replace a class / one was about a half-mill- bonds via payment the past year, Lumeran t,llurcn which concludes its term of set. Raymond W Riddleb les Town Presbyterian] lars above the funds avail- plus the property assessments in- v, ice at the end of 1970 ~i~/r a.n ~z ~ T~ xxr'='u[nm~'] I",1 ~ ,~.n .~ ~ nM. . ~ ~(. **,~l or the new ouuumg, mey crease tins year, me bcnool zsoaru This retiring class includes: berver Sr of South Samuel St,I Ministry under care of Winchester] ~} spend some time consider- again has a bonding potential of Sunday, September 13, willRuling Elders J. P Burns, Jr a~,h~ ~-~ai-o,~ ~ ~ x#i,~i~t - ,~l P.~h,n~,-. oi~,~ ~c~ -I Th ~o- ~,~t,~,~. ~ ~;~, ~o~a ~. e-~ n vhat their next move would about $550 000 00 which would mark the 32nd observance of theR H frazier, Jr, W E Henshaw, ,~'~'" ~os ~'~l i'n"tl~: "P~s-t)"~derian I -':~"J:~f ~ o~.~ =~= ^ .1 ter~o~.~.~.~ u,~Vc~ ~ ~.~ ~t ~,~, ?~? o .~ ,~.X~ ~ ~ ~: ~: %. ' ~.v ~,~ = ~ t I on ThUrsday, ~eptemoer ara, I ~.v ,~t~u ~ '~vui ~ ut den- Ke[ as against live ior me Aprn provme SUnlcJent tunes zor con- l-lomecommg celeoradon at ~z ~. ,~. ,tmgeway an~ ~. U. ~racey, Church at a snecial service to be n ~ ~ v ~ :l erson County will convene in Cha term c~ ~m~rt r ction ' ' " ne was - ! Y dec~ded to take a two st u of the new high school Jam~ Lutheran Church, Uvllla. Jr.; ,and Deacons H: R" cottr~fl!, held at the First Presbyterian [ Presbytery durinz a meetin~ atl rles Town Tuesday morning, Sept. The grand jurors who will re- am approach to the problem as now ptannea, Lowery sai~ Tne bervice o~ worsnip wiu oegin Jr, Mrs. ~, lvl r~sner, ~;. w ~huxch of Martinsbur~, Sunday ~ :'; " . x t ~5 with .h,d~ro f'.v~v ~ih,a~- nr,~=i,~ ,~,~ ~ a ,~n ~ ~ ~ ~n h "" at 11 a m -- -e Kl'ine EW" Walters and M B t lvit ~torm, w va anu a ~om-I v " v :o, .~ they authorized Schools In other Board action Tuesday . Tne preacn r Will De,e-tember 13th, at 11"00 a " n ." . -- ' / . n . ~ 2o ' 'n ~, v ,-- mission o~ rresoytery appointea s. ~v~ary *~y.a r.~g~ a c~er~ o~ rintendent T. A. Towery and night a total of seven substitute the Rev. Dr. Jacob M, Myers, pro- Wl e. M ~Mmoho,-.~. ,~ ,~n,~,on/ . .~-aol. ~,~a ~u hi ~lol T~ r *, D *~- the Circuit Court will be as fell- ' 1 m mb rs f the on re b board s architect .for the cooks, were approved and employ fessor of Old Testament at theA 1 e e o C g gat- . .~ . [ ^~ ~,^ ~ ^ ~^ ~ ' ~[ ~, r,^~ ~. ows" - trom ~:nartes TOwn .nigh ~cnoo~ ,~aatu~ u~ u~ lv, al u.~- ,~ vy oe~ome r, auu~. sam to- building program, to meet ment of Larry Togans to work as Lutheran Theological Seminary, ion are urged to be present for ] i. ~,~. ~. ~ . t.~ ,~.^ ~,^ "1 a~. ^ ,~ ^~ ^ r,: :.~ ~,~ a "-- "--- -- '-"'-- - ~ "-**''~-"-- ~ ~""qn" ~'"11"* f'~ D r in lua~ ann since znen nas re-/uuxG xtnutx.ii ux wIl'l~tt Lilt x%trv, lUay ~li~ ~ranu Jury Will once ,x~l~titt~ it/wit J~i~tgtt;t - riuyta me two lowest omuers anu a teacner at me rage jackson %Jt:~tt,ybUIAl~, ra o u,o~ S 'uo ,~ u'~--r / r~ ~n o o ~ ~ r. :0 r~ I.~ ~.~ ~ ~ W Berr- Clea~,ett B horsey N "-~ " "- r~r " "" ~ " -^- Elders and to take one vote oncetvea me tOllOWlng ttegrees; at ~t~avlu '~. %/,taW/,Ui.V, O.t ~ l-tt~LU'/ I a~al~t Ut~ Iat;VlA Wlt~l all t~Xtlt~lllely J, e~o -,- ~, * pu determine where cOSt cuts Annex OUllClmg. ne is a veteran ~, ~,ye.~ ,~ ~vwu ~.u ~w- . ~ ~, / . .~ / ~ a .-~ -----. ,~ 0 Clark Furr and Paul W Ott [ ]'to l'n~d~ " ~nd i ~-ocartthr ~,~.mloa ~. ~ ~ected throughout the church a~ I those nominated The election will ~acnemr or ~rts zrom ~nepneru] ~vtemoers ot me ~ommisslon in- I ,~,-a ,uau t,~ a~ - - .~ ~. . ". 'A . l 'the" Board decided to teacher trai'nin'g' ro amoper te h bi'biicaf-sc h-o- ar "and-"te-ac-her- ] not be completed this Sunday but College in 1966. a Bachelor of Di:[ clud s Min ers D. C. CraweoLd,] sidera on: In act,the,case load n2 arpersf rryn' s rrl ,; :i "'~ "*. ,~- ~- ,~-^ o -io,1,~ n~,m~,~ He has cnntri,hu~od nnmernu~ [will continue through Seotember vinity trom union "vneotogicai/,James ~. ~earss and oonn u, I'-" oe ~u ,~cav~ .v~ ~.v ,~r u :~':"'7' ~7.":%. -: consloeraraon to anomer ~--~,us- -,~ v i ar in 1969 and f ' " Jury they may once a ain find it tlerKeley W wimers articles to anth 1 " i li 27 in order that shorter sessions Sem n y a Master o Garrison and Ruhng Elders Ward g . . ~.~ue electron ,to obtain the men, Center aLShepherdC~lege. ~t,di,~ ~ ~. ~gmsh fb, bl~al ] can he held .n each ~qundav Arts from Presbyterian School of I Wood, ,Mrs, Raymond Park:] tmpossrble to finish their work . Ka, bletown District - John N. ~.~ neeaeu to consrrue~ ~.~ ~,u u a~u uau ~u~vt.r~ u~ a ~ - 7 -" " 'in one da as has been the case Andrews, Paul Chapman and Cha '" In additi " ' In the Presb ermn Church Chmstian Education m 1970. He Jacob Johnson, Foster Gain and Y lew high school as the plans cuss mn on a pos].tmn pay ~tse ,p~q~hcations, ! D,1;na I~1A yt4k^ .~: hat heen a life lnn~r mamher nf/ Dndlav .Tfma~ dl at the oast two terms of Court riPs A. Heare. Itow drawn And a specialfor tne principals m the t;oumys .~r. ~yers ts the. humor ann eu-I ,:s .~.u=-~fl,? ~.e u c~ .v~ 1 Radosh said he wilt seek a Middleway District - Julian H. ~g of the board has been set schools. The Board first agreed ltorof volumes in bibhcal stud- Ir senta rVeeSa oLme mem rs /total of 27 indictments against Clatterbuck, Elsie Mac Dunlap ~Ionday evening, Sent 14 atnot to grant the pay niKe in lieu ms. ne lS tne translator anct autn- I t ~ ctmgr gauu. e~ecteu oy -them, ~ m ~ mm 9n nar~t~ne t~ith th~ ~.~. and H B Link U m "to consider th'e" aclont [ of the six-l~ercent reserve hold- or of three volumes in the I wno, with the raster, make up ~m~ == == ~ It==. I ~ It / ~ o /~ % v "';~- "':~ v'~ ~.~L ~-~- ^ ' r~io,~; ~,~. " [ bUUH[V bU'U r[ ] ~eatments t range Ir m t r erg y ,~,~v,~, u~'~uw ,~- back re uired b the state But Anchor Bibleseries(I Chron- the Sesmon which is the ]ruhng r o ~f an ordinance calhng for q Y . . ' - to rand larcen ge W. Colbert. D uglas L. Cur- trial bond vote at the Novem- later the Board decided it would lcles, II Chronicles. and Ezra-[body of the local eongl".egatlon. g~dosh said Yhe will s-e'- i- rier and Conrad C. Hammann. general election. I re-open the matter when the six- l~enemiah). His most recent book [ ueaeo.ns, also electra oy the cong-,ml / e ~ .- Th~ -mit i-roTs selected ~n~ e 1.~ . *h~ iv~ h~a ~ [ percent reserve is resolved, is The World of the Restoration, [ regrauon, assist the Eluers in "~ / am mflents on. two telomous as- ~ho'~,~ ~ f~ ,h .n "v;;-s. "~ li " mana n the affairs of the saults cases; rive tor ot~strucung ~" ~ ~came'from'~lae'Vv'"i~()yer I The Board accepted the resig- pub shed by.Prentice-Hall. [~ ~a~ ~:: ~ : ~ ~ ~1~ ! ~I~ [I ' ~ll][I1 II,law enforcement .ffioor~ in their day morning, Sept. 22 are: " : The annual homecoming 00- rum c. x. ".~unr,es .tvw~ ~.urcn ~ )any of way esboro, Pa for [ nation of Mrs. Jo,yce cox as a servance at St James' Church I has 15 "of each type of officer [[ =' r ll i1 I l E l flt I duty; one for possession of a dan CHARLES TOWN inSTruCT- -- ~m of $2,166,000,00 This is m~ry teacnera~ne ~earneysvuie . ~ ~mlm~ == .==== --.--m=mm " " ' was oegun in l~ durin~ the / U .11.1 ITS [] [] ~ ~ ~ l[]lr'= I gerous weapon; four for contri~ut Ralph Birkett, John William ,~O0.00 over the. $1,700, .000.00 I e~e.ment~yscnoo~e~tce~t~ve ~eP~ pastorate of the Rev Dr ~John [ kd ~ D L I~t.--I- ~ ~1~' ~l~'* ~' V ~ ill j: I! Ill, i1~llV ] ing to the delinquency of a minor Fritts, Merle Goode, John M, Hell in tne SChOOl edna assue I ".~, ~^~'~. ~s'el'lor~ ~u~.~.les H Fray, to mark the founding / PqOl]~ll rtt[~K ul.'ipuff ~,~ ~ [ and two on forgery charges, gren, Woodrow Jenkins, Glenwell ~ved oy ~ne voters nearly l guma.ce cuu.~v, x ~ .~. ~ . ", ' " ~:2 I Town Junior High School Clar, ot me congregation in the Uvilla / . . . [] I ' lV[],IIIII,The criminal docket which was Lloyd, James F. Manuel, Gary ~r~.n~o. l ence Mills also rest-ned as a bus community, which is southeagt / T~ ~$ ~ ~ ~|lltl ~ U ~,:li a~ Imlm~ ~ ==mJi'ltm~ ~mamJLm//carried over from the April 1970 Mose, George Meyer, Paul Myers, wucuon~r ~ompanyLeCelveu we'r~e'maKe/01 nasers.i~y~-.~k.~e~u~.~ ::*- ~. - ~- of Shepherdstown on the Harpers .~ -v -~ -, -,~v-$ ,u lllillliirllll [ term of circuit Court is already LouiSesn D. Ramey, Lee Reed, R. C. " Flmr - ait Ju--u--dllrilher flUUI4UlIILI I twice as heavy as it normally is, yder, Francis ~kal as P eston of Fatrfax A~te p r ten