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September 10, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 10, 1959

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I i ill i ii II i il ililiili i i li iili I I i I .%~ ~ ~/ lit i I [ I '.. ,ireil- t ! i - v l i, H,, , ,, ,,, , , , Intemohonal Un~onn ~nday SchooJ L~onf. nat30 - .......... ing at the home of their aunt and ~, v r ]H 0 0 a I a : 0 p. m. at the chapel, j SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE Bible Material: Jonah. , uncle Mr. and Mrs. Melvio D~vey tl V. ~v ! I I I No. 2, Mrs. Francis Whi~ington 14__B THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1959 ~e,otional Roa~in~: Psalm s7:1- . THIS WEEKS NEWS IN ]and their family. ~ i , a Ichairman at 2:00 p m. at theI -- -"-- ~--6--" S ]HH IT I) r JAttend YouthRally '( bi ' ,,ll A"i [.cl apel. ) A group c~f boys ~md girls re- ' ] No. 3, Mrs. Frank Bane. chair-iand Mrs. Willi'am Sohill of Mar-I :Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gruber en- i i insburg, Mr. Louis Kester a -ld [tertskned their sons at a we[her presenting the &iris Auxiliary and [ t~l~ ] r~ { I1~ ! [man at 10:30 a. m. with Mrs. Jer- |daughter Susan, I:~vid H. Allen, ]roast S@turday night. The guests ................ ]the Sun'beams of the B~ptist Ohur ...... [ry W~te. [Jr. of Berryviile and *Mr, and Mrs. ~were Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dailey Mrs. ~tuart unto vlmne 4"i-JF-u~z ]oh, panied by ~Irs. ElwoodTh,~ Roy ~.i~rd ~. Mo~l r~ | NO. 4, Mrs. Ra],ph Sager. chair- [John Dougl~ of New York City. land f~mily, Mr. and ~vIrs. White s'hir d : " ......................... ~'-~" /C~,e ~ e an_ Mx, s. l~be~ L,i,skey [or St. Thomas Lutheran Ohurch |man at 8:00 p. m. with Mrs. ~Mil- ] ThrUer~da~teneea a ouvn rm,i.iy neia on. nansen announces the ollowmg" ']lard Trussell. | mcely|wiIl[ :Mr.soonfrOmaLeW, be KriegableCoronarYtoiSresumereCupera,ting~ttaekhis anddut i,~r.[ Granthamm s~'~"~ ~sn and| ..... daug4~ter~ .... ,~ho,,~and JONAHIt Was iSplaceda strangeby theSrtearly ~f be( Deferred From Last Week the Purr home. ~Yat~i~r~nrc~ theLlVI~, schedule of services for Sunday. I No. 5, Mrs. CVnarles St~d.~r, Jr., i~,,.~ ............................. Recer~t visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Kite Sr. and iV~ The ~aker ,for the .meeting Sept_ 1.3, at which timethe Rev. |Chairman at 8 p. m. with ,Mrs. ]ies as a placing judge at Shenan-]an ons. brew editors among the prophe' [Mr ~v~l ~t~,e wJ /1' w~,~*~. 1~.... rbhe~r family re~ur~ed home last |w~s M,.. ~..~n. tt~....~. ~f ~,~ Mr. w~Hi~m A. w aae, ~). L~. w~n ]Virgil MaPhis. but there ,~Iocke n~ith|d O~jh Downs. I is nothing to indic~ ,~ .....................-~ ,,,~.~t. ~,..,. ~ ~,o .... ,~o~..~ ,~,,,.,. i = ,oo ~,., ,,. ,,,.,v ~, ,, "~ be ~,eSt nreacher" The service at been Mr. and Mrs. James H. Shy- t'r~p'duri"n'~ ~h~h~hev'~isited'ln ]'&O0~:l Wc]~llCen~er !n W .'a~inffton, 11:00" a. ~T1. wi,l~h'sermon by ~he| No. 6, Mrs. Abner |c~airman at 8 p. m. wi~h Mrs. I Mr. and ~Mrs. Ben. Hoover a~d I Congress held responsible ~or that Jonah wrote a line of it. It ].daughter of Harrlsonourg, ca. 'are I hi,~h U S suendi,ng a story about a prophet rat~ 'der and daughter Beth who were Dallas We)cas aria a~ places of in ]~:-~':, =~'~2~ ~ms sexton ~.p~c Reverend Will.lain A. Wade, D. D. IFrench Ramey. ]vacationing w~,t~ Mrs. H. H. Jen-I ..... . than sermons by a prophet. It in : , , ,,c ~,~,,,~, ~,,,~ ,~ ~o~, ~, ,~ce of Lovettsvitle Va. Nursery held I No. 7, Mrs. Bmory Ka~le, chairI nings. ] I strange, moreover, that somet d nor gue~ there, Mr. and Mrs retest along ~e w~y. ]were hetd on the grounds of the durin~ ~vorshin S~ndav Church |man at 8:00 p. m. with Mrs. | Mrs. Boyd Gardner and d~aug~n- [ good issaidabout ~rv~i~le ~enaven ancl emldren. ,~ ~ ~r~ ..... a h~ [Carillon and la)ter a concert pres ~:.~ ~, ~.~"~ ,~ o~ o~o~,~,~ [J~mes P. ~rison. onme and C~til of Ripopn and ........... en~t b he rillo~er Mr Char |d~ers and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Card ]eMITH g eTDIlY:D ndy rles au, o .o.s s nurch. l les enjoya" The of o cers. We :] No.8, K. W ll, Jr., every one men- Town who w ee ..... V r s in 's week visit . . neso~y u.m~ Lalrvneran w'nurcn ]cenairrnaniPaul Reid.~t 8;00 p. m. wlbh Mrs.|nerh~ve| returned ~rom a vacation]| 41Vilill ~ ~IIIIVLI| tioned in this as a w kend gueSt at a. a e pond g @hi " I boys and g~rls ~ttending ~he rally ~VI~n meet at the church at 7'30 in ~'~lor~da. I | Mr. Joe ttough. ~ surgica,1 pat- | FUNERAL HOME book all except , . . , ,,, ]'were Mary Cheshire, Roma and~ m ~,,,~v ~,~ r~1.~,~! ., ooo . .ooo t' MIlL|WAY ,iel~ti~C~arlesTownHosp~,allast, Jonah. Further, I Ill DR. VERA FISCHER, Optometrist lillDn'sh, Ceglendia Holt, De~bo. ra~, " ..... lweek returned home Sunday. [ 304 West Washin ton St. while prophets Jonnny and .Patricia u~nesmre. . i ~VIr. and Mrs. James Ruble a~-i g were expected to lli P hvf , ~oe.~ ~o~r ~.e.~ ~ ~.~ Mrs. es t0EYES - GLASSES TTED ' I |~'zlq:ted ~the Rtlble reunion at ~he | proclaim God's ~~ ii| Hours,--9,45 - 5,00~t;losed Tuesday and They In l.rhom'~ '~f Mr o,,,~ Mr: Ralr~ _res_..enan Circl I Randolph Barnes I ZmVoed Park Su~nday. | Charles Town, W. Va. word and will, OPEN Friday Evenings By Appointments ............... fit II/Dun= were the latters cousins Mr. He~, UOn~l=~u tant l *k i Mr and ;Mrs. Earl King of WIar | this man Jonah ~~i!i l]I Phone 785 112 S. Charles St. Charles Town, W. Ca. ]]] land Mrs. Vealter ,South and daugh~. ,,i ,uuj, ~,I# . wnH I Deferred From Last Wet#k linsburg called trpon Mr. and Mrs. i argues with God ~:~i!:l " ~ ,~rs of New Jersey and on Fridey ~ and shows very Dr. Forem I I I i ................... I -- enin~ -"sitors at the D- nn hom" ] The Circles of the Charles Town|Bel ] MJSSAir,DOnn.aMd. Sa~urdaySChHl returnedto resume |]Frrest'Miss NancyW~VtsnKeenSUnday'of New orl~" " I] PHONE :-= ~r~ ~d'v ~wd |tRee f~rvi.l~.~ ~r~'M'~.v , Presbyterian Churc~ wll,1 meet |her +~-~'ching for the 59-60 eerm. |Ci:by is vacationing at the home of I n~v .~Ta plainly that he does not think ~n ~nd ~,~r~n W~nr~ ~.n~d ~a~! ,Monday, September 1 as follows: | Caliers at the home of ~Lew H. |her ~arents Mr. and Mrs. J. P. |~--" ..... ~'" of God's attitude Indeed, e~ ......................... -'" ---" m 'r of Ripp~n. No. 1, Mrs. Willta S~uck, thai ~ Kraieg over Vhe weekend ,were ,Mr. "Keen. when inside the fish, where Due to my health and inability to get labor, I am Dis- continuing Dairying on my faxm and will sell on premises thereof, located on Route 383 (Jefferson to Broad Run) about 1-mile West of Jefferson, (former David Lewis Farm) In Frederick County, Maryland, on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1959 BEGINNING AT 12:30 P. M. (DST,) TO-WIT: 40 -- HEAD OF HOLSTEIN DAIRY .CATTLE -- 40 TWENTY- NINE ARE MILK COWS and about ten are carrying second calf. Five were fresh in July and August, three are now fresh and several due soon or in next 30 days. Ten fresh or springing first calf Holstein Heifers ready for production. These Heifers were raised for replacements in my herd, One Holstein Bull about 2-years old. This is a herd of good producer|on, young, clean and T.B. and Bangs Accredited. Last test on August 25, 1959, and health papers will be furnished on each individual antmal so they can go anywhere. 4 DeLaval Milker Units and Wash Up Tank. The milk tank I will rent with farm. 500 Bales of Good 3rd Cutting Alfalfa Hay. You are welcome to inspect this herd anytime at the faxnL TERI~S:---C~SH on Day 9f Saie. ROY E. EVERHART JEFFERSON, MD. PHONE BRUNSWICK 2142 EMMERT R. BOWLUS, Auctioneer. HORACE M. ALEXANDER, CleEk. LUNCH RIGHTS RESERVED. September 10 and 17- 2t. OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY! Intending to Discontinue Dairying, and moving to town, I will sell the Following Real Estate and Personal Property, located 2~ miles Northwest of Cleibrbrook, Va., on what is known as the Cedar Hill Road, at Grimes, Ca., Frederick County, on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1959 BEGINNING AT 11:30 A. IV|. (E. S. T.) 17 - HEAD DAIRY CATTLE - 17 Five Holstein Cows, full flow of milk; Holstein Cow, will freshen by day of sale or shortly after; 2 Guernsey Heifers. bred; Guernsey Heifer, open; 3 Holstein Heifers, open; Hereford Heifer, approx. 650-1bs.; Registered Holstein Bull Calf. This herd T. B. and Bangs tested 30 days prior to 'Mr. and Mrs. Chaples Rober% .~ " * " " .... * * * o-" .... " " " ....." " " * * ...... .... " man was very pious indeed, Jons and their family who have resid- led ,for the past year in the Light !house, moved f.rom there on Wed nesday of last week going to l~all i ing Waters near Martinsburg to make their ~uture home. IMrs. Leslie Sells of Oharles Town spertt Sunday visi,~ing with her aunt, M~ss Bell Snyder at "West Shenstoe~e". ~Ilss Edn,a Farnswort,h and her sister Miss Lucy Farns~vo~n of Washington, D. C. have returned home from a week'~ visi~ In Chl,c ago, Illinois. Dinner guests ~t ~he home of ~VIrs. Harry C. Prazier and Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Crlm on 'Wednesday eve~mng of ]~tst week were M~ss Wilder Wi,lson of Cha,rles Town and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Stagner and chiildren ~IM,bby :and S~o%ty. The oceasioh yeas the celebration of .~he natal anniversary of Mrs. Frazier's daughter Mrs. Moreland Maddox of St. Petersburg, Fle. iMr. and Mrs. Warre~R Pannell of Portsmou~t~, Va were guests over the weekend ~t the home of the latters parers[s: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hinon. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Darsen and Choir two year old son Gary whose ,home is in Wisconsin mov- ed on Saturday into the Ll~h,t 'home vacated several days prev- iously by ~Mr. ,and Mrs. Charles Roberts a,~d ~heir family. Mr. Lar son is associated with ~he Federal ~Flsh Habchery in'Lee[own. {Mrs. WDton Henry and her in- ,ant son Du~ane silent Sunday vis i~ing wl:~h her paren~ Mr. and Mrs. George Fre~nch at their home in Point of Rocks, Md. w-~ile Mr. Henry was in lV~vt~nsburg attend ing a meeting of the National Guard. i1Viss Nancy Renner of Berryville Va. was a recent wekend guest a~ Vhe home of her cousins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oha~pm,a~n. Visiltors on Sunday at the home of ~Ir. and Mrs. Au,brey Jenkins were ~their sons-in-law and grtters Mr. and Mrs. Jake Frye and son Kenny and Mr. and Mrs. Howard ~hewbridge all of Charles Town. Also v~sitlog wit'h the Jen- kins' over ~he weekend was their daughter Miss Shirley Jenkins of WaShingemn, D. C. Club Meeting The Summft Point Farm Worn- Club will meet at 7:00 EST :8:00 *DST) on Thursday evening, Septem, ber 101~h at the home of Mrs. ~tuart Crim. ProJec~ circul- ,ars ,are due s~t Uhis meeting and a report is to be ,made on each. ~f wnable to attend, members are re quested ,to send their circular in by that date. The lesson "/~pples in Appealing Ways" will be pres- ented by Mrs. James H. Snyder who has requested t~at eac~h mere her bring her ,f@vorite apple re- sale and all axe bred by Curtis Candy. l~llvidual hea!th elope to ~the meeting. ~Miss Jo Pierce wSto has been v~s certificates will be given for interestate shipment. Worthy i~ting wi~h relatives in Aldxandria, the attention of prospective buyers. Va. has returned to the home of DAIRY EQUIPMENT her brot~er-in-law and sister, Mr. a~d Mrs. :Melvin Davey and their family. Bike Riders, Drivers Urged To Be Alert To Traffic Regulations, Wibh Iffle re-opening of schools Charles Town Police Chief ]~ph- raim Day reminded students de- 1~ending upon their ,bicycles or .transportation to "and 'from school of ,their respo~nsibilities in riding in ~raffic. And at the same time he urged drivers of motor vehic- les to be a'lert for bike riders dur- ing the ,~re-school hours in the morning and ,also when ~chools are out in the late ~fternoon. Chief Day said bike riders m,~st obey all ~traffic signals, sigrml stops and turns just as do operators of motor vehicles. They should ride in single file o~ the right hand side of the street at all times and not against traffic. A~ ~vhe same time motor vehicle drivers should ,be, ale?t at all times when they are~ driving ~n ,the vi~rflty of Six Can Milk Cooler, 14 ten gallon milk cans, can rack, Electric DeI~val 514 Cream Separator, Buckets and Strainer. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Two Bedroom Suites complete; 3-Piece Living Room Suite; Dinette Set, 2 Sewing Machines, (one electric); Chest, End Tables, Lamps, Gossip Bench, and Other Household Articles ~hat axe not listed. school. Pentecostal Church In Shepherdstown To Be Re-Opened Weekly Due to the reslmnsive interest shown in the teat me~t~ings ~~e " r ce,ntty held on flue la~v,n of ~he Pentecostal church in Shepherds- own, :the cht~rch will be opened for weekly services on Sundays and Thursdays ~t 7:45 p. m. Mrs. Lester D. Myers Sr. of H:ager~town MISCELLANEOUS 3~ h, p. Chief Garden Tractor, with attachments; garden plow, 40-ft. ladder, wheelbarrow, shovels, mattocks, picks, rake, hog trough, and other articles too numerous to men- tion. 900 BALES MIXED HAY; 1939 CHEVROLET 1~ TON PICK-UP TRUCK, recently rebuilt motor. REAL ESTATE TRACT OF" LAND NO. 1--Consisting of 1Vt Acres, with Modern Frame Dwelling with 5 rooms, bath, oil furnace, butlt-in fire place, built-in kitchen, water heater, aluminum storm windows, venetian blinds, aluminum awnings, built-in back porch and large front porch; doable block garage, block building 12 x20 feet, and other necessary outbuildings. TRACT OF LAND NO. 2--Consisting of 20~/4 Acres, ap- prox, 15 acres in Walnut, Oak and Locust Timber, rest cleared, with frontage on Cedar Hill Road. TERMS: :--CASH on Personal Propert,~, TEKl~S ON REAL ESTATE:--10% down d~y af sale, balance within 30 days upon delivery of deed. HARRY S. HARTI Y PHONE W1NCItESTER ~ 2-3945 W. D. ORNDoRFF, Auctioneer. R. E. MORELAND, Clerk. Luncheon Rights Reserved. Sept. 3 - 2t. ~d. will be fl)lin~ in as pastor for ~e Present time. The publi~ is in- v ted to t ese service. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . .. ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for Ihr building of character and good citizenship. ]t is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church. neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four so~nd reasons why every person should attend serv|ces regularly and support the Church. They are: (I) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For Ihe sake of his community and nation. ,(4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs'his moral and material support. Plan to go to church resularly and read your Bible daily. Day Book ChapterV#rsee Sunday Aet,~ 20 34.35 Monday Ecclesiastes 518-20 Tuesday I Thessalonians 38-13 Wednesday Isaiah 52 %8 Thursday Ephe~ian$ 6 5-8 Friday Luke 14 7,11 Saturday Psalms 2Z 2~-27 TOP ROW: Cora and Jim Eggers, who take the altar flowers to the tek... Mrs. Godshall and the kindly doctor ... Myra Adams who heads the Primary Department... MIDDLE ROW: Elder Rod Stuart with Mrs. Stuart .. o) And the newly-Weds, Alec and Gwen... Orval Merrick and Mrs. Wellington; 0real yOU know, is Sunda ; Scho01 Superintendent... BOTTOM ROW: Peg Rosser with Vic and his sister, Louise Connie Edwards, the soprano soloist ... And young Todd Breckenridge who is studying law at the University.. Below Todd, Head Usher Foster Comland andhis, wife Rose o. The twinkling eye of Ward Conley... And Young Adult President Jack Burgess... _ These are just some of the people behind a church. Their worship, faith, time and talents are devote generously to Christ. They are helping their church to grow, and to serve the community. And you'll find their wel- come warm and friendly--for they believe YOU BELONG IN THE PICTURE. s.,,i., v,., Thin Advertisement Sponsored By The Business Firms Bdow In Support Of The Churches Of The Community: SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, . - - W. Via J. L. EACKLEs FUNERAL HOME J. DONALD EACKLES Harpers Ferry, W. Vs. CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION ]?hone 5007 Charles Town, W. Vs. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 Charles ToWn, W. Vs. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO. Inc. SIIF_ WIN-W][I IA S PAINTS Phone 45 ~harles Town, W. V~ J. EMORY KABLE ESSO DISTRIBUTOR l~ilone 5~8-W Charles Town, W. Vm, ii n , , m RANSON REAL ESTATE POWHATAN BRASS & INSURANCE CO. & IRON WORKS RANSON, W. VA. PHONE S09 RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC. " BUILDING SUPPLIES KEARNEYSVILLE Phone 650 Charles Town, W. Vs. ESSO STATION COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIF.,S SERVICE Chaxles Town, W. V~ M~rtinsburg, W. Vm o- Leesbur~, Vm VALLEY BOARD CORP. HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA PITTS - JEFFERSON THEATRE CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. "ALWAYS A Good SHOW" RODGERS SINCLAIR SINCLAIR & GOODYEAR PRODUCTS West Washington St. Phone 5036 Chaxles Town, W. Vs. MR. and MRS. NORVAL JOHNSTON Keaxneysville, W. Vs. Phone Shepherdstown 2112 LLOYD'S PLUMBING AND HEATING PHONES 41-M - 621-M Charles Town, W. Va. VICKERS & ASHCRAFT GULF DEALERS 321 West Washington Street Phone 5006 Charles Town, W. Va~ remarks are with one rather peevish. DIInd Prophef Nevertheless the reader great deal from this book is generally wrong, but God right. The trouble with this tious prophet was that he not see things as God saw Maybe this makes him no some one will ask. To be sure is never called a prophet in book, but he must be counted for he did finally say what the told him to say. And still, his born peevishness is much the picture than his obedience. For one thing, Jonah could see the repentance of" Nineveh was the capital of syria, a nation which brought disasters on the Israelites. evidently shared the general ion of his fellow-Israelites at period, that the only good was a dead Assyrian. The Nineveh were plain enough Jonah. What he could not see the people's repentance and It is a strange contrast we here: the people of Nineveh believed God, and Jonah not; the people of Nineveh who pented and Jonah who (so tl~e story goes) never did of his attitude to Nineveh. had what is now called a type" in his mind when he of a Ninevite, that is, a fixed ture which he could not a picture of a hopelessly and wicked man. A repentant cite, weeping for his sins something so strange he could not see it. No Eys for Ohildron At the end of the story, God is explaining to Jonah ~i he (God) took pity on the capital city, 120,000 mentioned who "do not right hand from their left." It generally supposed that this to children. God even speaks cattle; the divine interest in reals comes out in this book where else in the Old It is clear that Jonah had thought of the much 1 of the cattle. What he see was fire from heaven, a mg city. That there would be cent sufferers in the flames not seem to have occurred to man. Again Jonah had his type of Ninevites. "For Our Ins~ru0ti~n" "These things were written our instruction," said a ment writer about the Old ment. Certainly the book of has something strong to say here and now; so strong that hard to take. (The Israelites did "take'~ the message of the of Jonah.) We also have our ite stereotypes, we think of in certain fixed ways and we dom think they could be Let the reader test himself. do these words suggest to yoU' Negro, Russian, boss, banker, congressman, socialist, A. A. C. P., scientist, European, union crat ? It is safe to say that readers have fixed ideas some of these, and perhaps fixed hatreds. In war we always think of the Jonah did of Nineveh, in the harm the enemy has us. It is a hard pill to swalloW, we don't know whether even managed to swallow it, but is, we love. everybody except enemies, but God too. Peace will never com~ Gods people begin to lee8 people God loves. (Based on outlines the Division of Nattonal Council of the Christ in the U. S, A. Community Press Service.) HEXT WEEK- LESSON- RELI610N THE