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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
September 10, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 10, 1959

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WEATHER FORECAST. Warm and humid today, highest near 90 but scattered thundershow- ers this afternoon and early tonight, low tonight in the 60s. Friday fair. breezy, cooler and less humid. Cm)ler Friday night. ()uthml for Saturday, fair and cool. "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" ~:,**;~.' . . ;*% . .+*;*% ;**;*%+ *+~; ;*%*%*%'~;~.-~$I TWO SECTIONS I Read Ry More Than 20,000 People Every Week (.)5, NO. :;7 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS 1 fl( i:ninv, c IR d Iph Spo B'II T ! On[ V 1 , ourt To I1 o II ;01 S I 0 Be, Speaker or, V nO P O e" ... ,Ulflna, It, ,,I- . . _ ,. _ Imme w0rm@at v 7 v __.,. ,..,_,1 nCcuntv Ft ir r2 A, rare . torer ()11 or t ur atters ,, ma I, u d );, ..I I). )ll ,,, "" ] T2-September Term of the +,:,nc ,rr 11 " ' " ' ' " ' .,.r..- --- ~ ---- ,1 cult Court of Jefferson County will ] [ TT " l ~ " t:he "Fearsome Foursome" of Cain also said Wed,nesday he [convene in Charles Tokyo next [ "-----"---- ----- ' [ :~:!iii::iii 'i:Y ' II-~ ~" ~ 1 ~ fl 1[" ll..~ ~a-m ~ ~r~ [ Washi,n~ton Senators ,baseba~ll [and members of t,he Fair Board ]Tuesday morn,ing at 9:30 a. m. [ A bill was in,troduced in the,veh~ch was created by leg[slant[on ] :ii::i:!::i!:i!ii:: .............. l llm |' II ~--nt [J [-lll I Ill a sitood in the spo.tlig'ht sur-[would like to express sincere [Daylight Time. [U,nt;ted S t~tes Senate today (Thur{aut~hored and sponsored by Sen-] :i~:i:{ili:i:.:! ~,.Jp'.. q~lL~l,~ JL q L IlqJ qL L tded by hu, ndreds of young- [ t'hanks and a,ppreciat~on ,to Shen- I Prosectzting A,ttorney John C. |sday) by Senator Jennings P..ando'l [ ~tor Randolph when he was a ~ ~!:i::ii:.:ii: Q/ seeking their autogra,phs solandoah Downs for ermittin~th~th~[.SkinnerSkinner s~ta,ted thisweek ,tha~t|ph au,thorizlng the Secretary of~member of Cong~ress in 1944 I :~~:i:.%~:f:: ,~ , , , p g . . . " . . ========================= -- , ............................................................. 'erson Coun,ty Fair came to a ]and esLpeeially ,to ~V~r Leavitt'-f'or Ibrought ,before the grand jury,,[al acres in We s~t Virginia for the ]would, if acquired by the federal ] :!;i:.{:::i:i~~~::++ tion motorists came near setting ]~i~Hfl[fAM nm|~,~m ~.m~ e s~hortly before midnight Sat] his splendid coopera~tion in hellp ]a.:d thap- a.nd. that the grand, jury, would|Harpers Ferry Nationa~l Monu-[ government.. , be used. as. a probable.[ ~~~llll~~~:~::: an all-time ~l~ gh l'n't~'affic~ death," s,] ~uuH~ll onyx/ IlUl! ay at Shenandoah Downs. And ling .to make the project even ~ebet-" I P~"~oba~y conclude ~ts serv,mes ,by {merit. }tra~mng school for persons m the ] iiii~i:!:i:~~ Jefferson county was more fortun ~ ...... [Oug:h the returns are not all iter than a,~y ever held Cain said[%~e v "i ....... [ Specifically, the bill au,thorizes [parz service. The bui!d~ngs have [ ::iii~:i~~ ate and went through the long [When c.r Taka NII~ m, Fair omc~als are jubHa,~t [wi,thou,t the race track and ~ts fac [ ,~ z,~,e p e,~!~ Jury wm convene mr [the Secretary to e~pend nat in ]been .1die ~or t~he p~% .l;ew years I iiiiiii!!:~i~ F~iday through Monday Labor I v...~n...,~ v~. ut the response which pat.rons |ilities it would have been impos- [ [nefl~rst ume on ~epkemoer zz at [excess of $300,000 to acquire the ]ann me jrz:ustees ot ale couege [ ili:i::i:.:ii~~ Day weekend with only .one high ]_ _ _ .. _ _ _ a Rear and far gave this, the |sible to stage such. a huge and[0:au a. m., ~ayl~gn~ Time. |Storer Col:lege property and .the ]v:~ ms~ January :o smeZ~e ~ne [ i::i::ii!~:j~i way accident reported despite the (iuard Rall At B ,a-o :test" and "best" of all defter- Isuccess,ful event A vote of thanks I __ ~-- loriginal sJ,te of the doh~n Brown li 'ti udon wit'h Alder.,'on-~roao- [ ::ili#:i~~ fact highway traffic was the hear I ~ ,# n H~l~, County fairs. ]also came from Cain to all tlhe de-[~lann Manaha Will [fort. I dus College at Ph~lipi. [ i:iii:ii~i~::i~:~i;!;:i l iest it has been in years. ' [ ..... " [ore than 15,000 spectators [partment heads their helpers, the [ ~,~,H, u.u~u~ ,,m ,~p~,un ] Bo~h properties, w~nen acquired [ Senator Ro,bert C Byrd is co- | An estimated 20 000 cars tray- ] ..~wara ~catt James of Purcell- ud es of he arz ~ exhib~ s e '' ........ " ::~ ' . . . = _ , . ' yule va is a patient in Charles n babes in arms to grandmas [J g t v 'o~.s ' "t., the[ ......... /would become a part of t~e Har-jsponsor witch ~ena~or rtanoopn o]/ 'ehea oenerson ~oun~y's nigr~ways [~,o..'k ,-,k--" ., ' .... ~ 'L grandpas crowded into beau |members of the county's fire corn I|~ VhkSf~||flW~ ~ll[l~V ]pets Ferry National Monumen,t 'the, proposed new legislation| ~durin- the four-dav ,.e|:iod as n~oi:" |-~ w. ~_,v/~era~ r~osp~taL sul'lerlng 1-~-~-.~...~,~-'~'~ .... '~h ~..~ .......... ,...~ .~.-~" I panies, the Farm Clubs, both a-Imy vn~.u~ ...... ~,~,--*,Ul_/ .... ....... / ~l~k~~ :,.., ~,~ gna .,~.,).~ .~+~,,,~ +~,= ,-,;:'.'. [lrom neacl and face injuries re- dul and th he Kl an] " ' ..... ~ ' ~. . le ved about 1"30 Wednesda mor ik during the three days a,nd t you , t w s, Announcement w les Town races Friday ~aturoay . ' Y.. ,e nights And w it,h nerfecr/Lmns, Ranson Helpers Club a~l~Sel:,_Annou ~. as made today [~:~| |I~I.II~A.~AI~ "rA a~,~ C.A _~M earn r~.m|~. / :...~ .. ............ ~o,.' , ...... In,ng whe.n a ca," he was dr,vmg Cher each" ~uh:t the "-show |Jefferson County Junior Chaml~er [,that Glenn Magana will be guest/ll~l 1113|J~LIUI I U ~ JU'~(ilt~l/UI W..IIGII~3 / l, ISout,h on State Route 9, went out ....... sear ' ' -- -- , ............................ t ~,, ,,,;~,.~,,, ~ ~.~,~. lof Commerce the 3awee-ettes, IspeaiCer sor the Sunday mormng I ' , . , ,, ........... of control and knocked out several , the American Red Cross and all g t e Yokefellow. Bible . REV. CARL R. KEY , . guard rails at the southern end of tt~rday mght saw the largest " la . , , , erson' County Fair" and st~ll ad .... ~d wi'th an estimated 6000 |~t,her organizations and indlvldu, l.~,,~ss, a'~C ss at ~he .... Charles; To~.,. Pres-IT0wn Woman s Club ~o south Jefferson County ditional ~housands of ,tourists mov the. Bloomer..y b,,d- g,e So.tin of I oy~e~mn ~'nurcfl riffle class con 1 ~ Mimste~l 1 s Cha]ies %own ~ssing tlhe coronation of the, als v,h.o helped in any way to stage l v~eY~e';~Zom,~tl~' at 9"45a m and I " I_. '! '~ _As;.ciaLtie~ .has sche-led through ihe county many of l ..... g and Queen Prince and Pri,.~ I ~ms Dlg snow. I ...... .Y'. ~,.a ." -' '.. l ....... ~ . . /ouleo a L$i,DJe workshop Ioy ~ep- [thom st,mnin~ nff t~ s~ ,-~ims ~f/_ .~.c: ~uwu ~,~a~e xrooper oft eFa'rw 'e ~er "1 '" a.corm:aimvi~m,uon~se~ezmea~ol. ,~ern*oers of Vne thanes town] r~ewmemoerswnowillbeintm-ltembe~, 25 a,t the Charles Town| .......... = ...... ,.-]'iommyWaz'dsaiddamages tothe h _L _hi_h .~ ved as a The exhibitors, the largest num ~au vils~ors Th s. " w" 1 " ' ,. . . - historic m.teres.t espemally at the . a ' . .... . . . e pealer ll be in Semor Womans Club will hold duced to the club are M~s R~ch Ba t~st ChurC.h at 3'00 m Dur- . .. . ~ .... ca~ amounted to about $600 g chmax to the b~g F~esta. ber for any Fmr also are desm= . . . . P ~ , P. Harpe,s Fer,'y N,~tmn,d 'Mu u- ~fo ....... ~voa~cedby Russell MillerJz their annual members'h~,p banquet urd Adams Mrs C-~arles Alwming thas one and one half Work- ~' James will be charged with drunk . r t,he hrst t, me in the his- ~zng of much credit and praise h ' , . ' ' me,nt ,. ' ~f the "i~a,ir a man ~nd wif~ ~~: Charge of t~he progralmand meetang a tthe Thomas Jeff-,Mrs CarlBen'to,ri Mrs. John Dunnshop an em, has~s on The Use and e n dr~vmg on bemg released frown ........................ - Cain said .as are members of ~..~ for the occa ~on , ' , P - " The full force of the Charles . " e~son oHtel Tuesday Sept 15 at Mrs Alve 1i~bersole Mrs Wallace the hospdal and Mrs. Arthur Jenkins Rt. [Charles Town Citizen's Fire Com-~[fr the o. |^ ~ .... ' -- . , ;. ...... _Y --. , ~. ' [ Understanding of Vhe Bible in the Town State Police detachment "" ' " .ha,flea Town-won t~he two' top I pony who sponsored a carnival [ r~ , -r~~. l ~u ow~n ~ern'aro . ,~a ~u~uer: [ ~o~z Mrs. ~no,m~s . _~ern, Mrs [ communi,ty and The Bible in the I w s n du v over the Labor Dav [ "--' '--- I I ' . ' a_ 0~'~1 ____t .... . ..... a ...... ors of 'the Fair The two ton I fnr tho fnir t ..... irma o. +h .... t++ 1 t oara w, vo xnspecto,r zr, vne Fe~era~ Ir~euY bance, lv~rs, r~onert Leawtt, IHome will be consadered I...^:.,. .... 2 ............ : .... ? / . ~ers in youth comn~,titinn whn Irw.r t~ th. ~.i, .n,~ u, hn -^* +"- ] J Bureauof Invest;garCon ,as guest J Mrs Preston Mer~har~t Mrs J J [ The Rev Carl R Key Executive -, = :' ...... / c age, ~ ' .--~ ................... .., ....... ~c~ '~lv , i ." " ' " " . ' II'C ~O nave Den me neavlesc 1[ The Dt ke a s er -crowned Prince and Princess [stage for the Fair opening by sta I For Induction [speaker" I Mangrum: Mrs. V~rllllam R oth, }Secretary of the West VJrgi,nla}h ...... r ~--~ i- +~ ...... +,, ~,,~+ [ , --- 1 c r . Uff~= ed only ! Leon CarroT of near She,p- I~in~ a parade over the down own [ I Arrangemenk~ are being made 12rs. ~,eeas ~iely, ~ars. ous l-ooe ICouncil of Cihurches Oharleston [..~,~t.~'~,.~ ~':.~.,'.."'~."..'~'.~,."..":;~ |stzgn~ acreage m~ttne ~hnaro car =IS'town. and Miss.. ,Mary Randol J~tree'ts, of Charles Town. { .Five r_=~,s_~" 't, ra_..s.-~ _.-dun ...... .r ........ }to make this one of the most, out j ner:. M r~ I)awd. McM~lhan. Mrs. ]W Va and., The. Rev I SCuavt Mc]a,t a zeasona..le" .,~.~,ds'~- with" c~,,e~, |was e~ al. o.s., ~z opet [.~ aama~e ~m,lth of near Charles Town | q~.~ ~o.~.q .... ,qo. +~,~ ,4h,~,~fi~ ]~qel'viee in .Teffor.~nn t'?n.ntv wf, rf, J stand~ng even~ts of th~s kind to be [~~cnara ~nyoer, Mrs. t~'naries Mar JElroy Distnot Secretary of t:he [hr, w~v.,, ~ ~ ~...,+ .e +~.~ ,. ..... |_ . .uma~eo a~,. auout $1.5ou ~bert G Leavitt general man-'[~f ~.~ w~-'~m,~ ~.,,~ ~o~ ~,+ ~,f~rw~rd~d T.~d~v hv hu~ ~t~ ~! ]~held in Charles Town. |cus, Mrs. Rlcnard Snyd~r, Mrs. {American B~ble Socleity Fbich- ~traffi~ ~n th~ r~arls nnlie~ ~id p ue ,a o. of Shenandoa,h Downs d~d Mr ek ce Tnompson Mrs ~,eonard m nd Va wzll be the guest xe DRUNKEN DRIVER _ ' ' * [nesd ay evening, Sept. 2, proved to It[more for fdn,al processing look~lng[ ~ . Sut~tler. Who comes to Char [,-~h,~---~" ' ' [ q ' . "_ . .Y. .~..~ !~ _" "] Except for a slig,ht hitch at the J ' , " . ~or(~a,t~.on honors, while, Ed- ~be a most enterta.ini,ng event last- Ito i,nduction in,to t,he Armed' For- J lea Town with a glo.wing repultat- [''j~'~"u~" _. - |source ~eaqers.m vms .wor~snop |race. track where a minor bump- [ H!ll, iaro was.cnargea with drunk ~. J~'z,a~:e o~ toe puoi,ici~y ae l in~ for m~re thnn ~ ha,,r ' Ices They were' lion as a fine speaker will balk o~"t | Toe uommi~ee. on Arrange- Ion toe ~me. tney will join me o~ [in accident occurred at the East en oriving ann was iined $50 ~ent of Shenandoah Downs, ] The Fair onened Thursday morl Richard Samuel Dillow, @harles]",Parent~l Responsibil~ty." [ments and Hosp~,bahty are: Mrs. [f.~cem of our Assocmtlon m .con-[Washington street e,~,trance, police]costs, spent 24 hours in the Ber- as mas~er m ceremomes "- Miss S l w ~ana S~gers ~trs D M ~enesy s~aemn~g vms phase oz our joint kele Count a~l and l)ad hi~ o ) ~ . ~ . Town leader. ' al y W~tson il,1 be a sol: . .... , " " ' ' were able to keep traffic moving . Y ' Y J " .~ t ,bert Cain, president of tihe [nmg at 10 and from then until [ Garland Eugene Co~'le Haruers Joist accompazfied by Mrs Alonzo J~Miss Ca, therine CDAIds a,nd Mrs. ]program for the year. _ ]and prevent any tie-ups {erat,or's license revoked for a per ~oard sa~d that a}thoug,h hn [nea,r midnight Saturday there was]Ferry volunteer [Peters. IS. H. Stone. l~'or reservatmn mem ~ I~hrough 1V~r. ~McElroy s mce|~aw u~rr~n lind of s~x months. ~u ...... e A i i i .......... ' ............ o la,t]on of the fmancml re-/never a dull moment and a:t +Lrmes Walter Washin t n Brown. Har All remdents from Civic clubs ,bers please cal,l one of the above 'th mer can B ble Soc ety an- .. On Wednesday Sept two ,of the three-day show havelso many things were taki,ng place[pers 1%rry volun~e~rr " I'have 2e~en invited and tl~ere w,ili[Commi't~tee mentbers before the[nounces i~ district t~hat the[ As a ma~,~er of fact Jefferson Icars were involveci in an' accident ,Y~ been completed, it is al-|in so many differen~t places i:t was] Villard 'Neill Jackson, Harpers]be a short period for eaoh club to l14h. J.1959 t+neme I or l~ai~y l~ib!e ~ead-] coun.~y }]aaa mos~ unusual l~lgn-Ion Sta, te Route 9. jUSt a short dis '? evident the project was also 'impossible for ,the fair patrons to [~erry, volunteer. Ishare their projeots. This pa~t of | Impor~an,t bus,inesses .will be a- ]~.ngs.. and t~ne. wongwLae ~i'ble J way. sa[etY }'ecoratot" near!y a i ta,~ce South of Charles Town, e success flna, nclall kee c t l-ea11ng pevlo(1 beginning with wee}: going iiom lnuls(lay nlgnL s ~; ~ " ' Y. p pa e w'th them. I For i.m,media,te induetion-Don-I~t~e program will be Communi,tY|do,,,tAon of +,h~ ,-,,~--+ ~.,~. ....... I . . . , _ . .w.J.. , ...... ~ =. .[There were no personal injuries I t , | ~, ~ uuu~c~ ~v~ v~ y~a~{ ThanKsgwlng IS llne .I~OOK "ITlat / ~ep~ ~ untll ~uesoay altelnoon| a~d Lee Andergon Ranson Affa4rs ~ / " " ' " " and property damag~ arno~mted to - , , Other dis n= ,,s o ....... +o ,. ,and p in eo* del tes to, es" ,with only one ac iden* being re-,onl about ,ae FavM,m, I ]~lilP|/~l~l~. ]~*l~l~{,[ ' " ' ~ [vl~ed' ~, ~,, s,~OStaggers[~,he.,- E~tern Dlstri.ct i s,t~tes tha~ the t~heme ] ported." I ~ ' e I,,al..h .....t......=__~ ,,r,_- are: Congressman Conventionl Mr. Key ...... Charles "I'o~n State Trooper A. '~VO ~I~UYUII~I ~ YQI|V ||~[;||~ I~l[~|{[]|~ ] r~ p r~utnvrJuru vv{n~ J and Mrs. Staggers, ~Ass Betty D'- ] a~ Peters, burg ~turd,ay October ]"The J:~ook That Lives" is a most J _ l'na,~ one occm~'ea aa~u~ zj.~u | j. Wade said a 1958 Chevrolet , _, . . . "__ _ _ _ [Midget Car; $807 Goes {Aui,to President of Ea.%er~ Dis-J17 Please plan to a~tten(i this conJa'.PPr,priam', one.~.or these unset-J~unaay m or,rang aoou~ l.l re}mS{being driven Nortt~ off of Jeffer- !|llld J'h m l n nf laffa e^n ~AII~Jll ~;~|l~[To l~io- i~iel,i ~i..i~rhf~J trlot Woman's Clubs, The Presi-Jven,tl(m members and be a~le to [,~le~ ul,m. e s in we l~ve. ~:nere|nor~ o! ~n~rms ~ownAon ~,~,'a.te {son Avenue onto Sbat~ Rou~te 9, ~-,-~e, ..... ~ ..... 1s no De~er g~ae DOOK ann all ttot~e v wne~a a tuaa ul(Ismoolle mlllU ~IlUlII~IVII VI Jq~llE;131$11 ~1[~{il V |gll [ ~ J,den~s from bhe folioaving olubs" J~ccept when ln~,ta~Ion is extend- I ... , ... ..... , ] .... ..... .: u _ | by Margaret Mariene Kisner 18 .e { ~ i Har,ners's Perry Shenhm',~r~,n" I od ~h~r}~ ~nwn nf,~d~ ~ rl~l~a-~ 'WOUI~I (10 wen ~o reaa i,~ careIully/nemg onven zuor~n on t-tou~e ~ ~y I of .~.~ North ~treet Charle~ Token : Ra.lph Rutherford of Ranson r " ...................... : .......... r -v,~,,-- ,fOr the ready hel*p i~ can bring to Douglas T Farmer Mart.insburg ~ ,~v'- . ..... ~ .. . ~~:~,~:~!:~:~::~:~:~:~~ [ ................ ............ ]B~rkeley Springs, Romney and|.tes at t~s ln~portan.t Conv~enion] ......... { ............. [was struck by a 195. Che~,olet '~...