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September 8, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 8, 1966

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Ha]Ito vn Paper Mill Bill, who fat I0:45. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE ITEMS OF INTEREST TO ALL IN was 54 years of age, lived here ] Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith and THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1966 for several years. Our sympathy ~ _ _ ] family and Mrs. Smith s father is extended the bereaved family, l were supper guests Friday even- . . Guests over the weekend and '^~='~'~ ~U"E'"' ..... Iing wFth Mr. and Mrs. Clark Furr with Mr. ann zdrs. John Gardner. noon with Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr Labor Day of Mr. and Mrs. Win- ~,..~, ~ ~v=~.._ [ and family, Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr Visi.ors Sunday evening wJCh Mr. Lyle Furr and Kim were " ByMrs. Marianna Smallwood -- Phone 725-5707 stead Burdette of Oakland Farm ~/U BILLIUN f$/U,I$JNS [was also a supper guest. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Grove were callersMonda~ evening Mrs. r " Mr and ~lrsLee l~Uptonarialvi.ary l~ruee r urr were .h,s parents,. Mr. andMrs, of?$AFI~ WATFR DAILY ] M s. Pauhne Croue of Woma- ,.~j . :' ....... - Carroll A /~uraette, lv[r. rnn uox TO -rag MAT~r~NI I hawk visited Saturday evening c~nureno~ Armei, va.,. ~ur. ana ~t. Howard B. Bush (Sonny) vanced room with Mr. O. B. and Mrs. Libby Mitchell, of near ~............... ~ W1LLIM{JWA .]with~,. Mrs_,,. J. ~.~ _..~..~.Lsrb- ._Mrs'_ rattl_ tirove ann Iamuy ot GaRhersburg ~ . lviartlnsourg : . ~, , - Mr. Marina Blue put a new roof . i~ned in Germany reprts I Hughes' principal" Bbby Brks' ~ Tlql~ 1~ ~1 oFov~ I Y e en ng when a tractor on his helle Monday Mr George Wines was taken by ~ ~" Fnda v 1 Tom Wlsenburg Jr was hurt " ) le that he had been selected[Perry Sirbaugh and Bobby Haw- -". ...... __ 1-, D~ amomance to me l~ewtu, L,. ~,d- ~ ..... 1. I 70FILLTUE ~o, ovo l ran over nim **_, , t, ,,~m " the sergeant of his sector to J kens enrotled in the first grade, ker VA Hospital Sunday evening. ~m, ~ I Jr.Q~T 'd~',~" vr, Lr I r~i~ M~r~ i~ r~ ....... a ~r .... ~ .... ;. ~,. n_ ,~mumberger and ~ ~, ~j on a three-day tour to visit Pupils entering Junior High ........ ~ ~L~ ....... ~ "~ " "" - a no ~ ~ ~t .................... miss ausan rarKer or charles = L : Mr. J mes Gay r of near In- ~~ I I LA~e I Davi Lee Bell Jr ,,,ere .... ,~a I ........ =4~dt~,,~f~~ :] lnisch, Germany, and other ]this year are Oeborah Seal, Con- wood who spends a part of his ~~~ o~ [[ 9-~Z ME$ ]Saturday in Ha ge~town~lVI'(l~. ..... [TOWn were visitors lvionaay after g .,.---- ~! :es of interest. One seller was I Hie Sue Rowland, Terry Carroll, time with his son, Daniel Gaynor ~ [ [ ~V~[~.Y yILA~ ~ I Mr and Mrs Joe Buraek~ ~ndl ~ ~" ' :~ ted from each sector. I Howard Hough, Larry Johnson, erry Carroll was honored Mon-I mchard Hadley and Bobby Hen- and family, was admitted to the ~~ ~ rs~,l -- I fami~fy of Ma~land sl~n~" -t'laeI| - -- - -~- --- --- --- " --~ ' ! Charles Town General Hospital '~~~~~1 THE~R~AY",~LTI.AK~/SYr,~,d4/I.~ Iweek end wi,th Mrs. Torn Wisen-l| NOW AT .... ~ i .night, Aug. 29, on hi~ twelfth [ son. , for observation and treatment ~~ I I ZO/t~, .CO/a/z~S W/DE Am D g800I burg, Jr and family - If " ~ I ~day When his mother, Mrs. I While operating a bulldozer on Saturday night. ~-~ ~~ I I .~UA~EA~ZE.e/NA/~_,q/ d-'Wx / Mr and Mrs ttu~h ColPs ~.,al| .=.--. -- ............... ii ! Son White, entertained at a lthe Meadow Brook Farm owned . ~v I ...... ." " ~ ...... ~ hday .party. members of thelby Melvin White, Waldo Grapes Mr. andMrs. Darnel Gaynor and ~v ~s~tT~t~lE[ Ifamily have moved to A, lexandria!]IE~=~I~l~I Ilfflllllffl [i1~ ! ~ i aediate families were present. [narrowly escaped possible serious four children of Bethany Farm ~_______~2~1~ c,'~i -~ ' .......... ""~ ~ ...... IVa" ~ I" 11 JK WI KLR/ ~ i:~i~ tenhen Cloud Jr of Chew ,injury. The accident happened were overnight visitors Saturday -"" ~ , Mrs. Florence Gardner of Char- ~, F===~UM-,O ~ !~ ~!11 ] lse'~ Md son of bix, and Mrs Ilate Friday afternoon as the men of .hi.s brother, Lewis Gaynor and PRIVATe AND F~38LIC WATER UTILITIES~1~ [les Town spent a day recentlyl| OnWest Washln, ton St. - Charles Town ~hen Cloud, Sr, ~1 enroli lwere loading the machine after family, of Big Springs, Md. PROVID~ /~OC~LLONSO~ ~00 ~-.~ I t~, ~ Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clipp and ~/#'~a ~%~/~I~/A~ I fall in the UniversRy of[the digging of a trench silo. The three daughters stopped at the ~,,~ ft~[- ~ [ NeTted, II AmencanStretch Band,White Gold and Yellow ! ill ~]land. I bulldozer upset as it was being ?aYne Hill was host to a group [brought out of lff~.e ditch falling. Ott Nursing Home, the former St. _ - ....... I ..... II J. B. & Gemex-Flex-Let. Kestermade and other brand II "! hiR f,~,,a~ q~u,-'~'av nP, ht Ibackward with Grapes on the Andrews Mission Itome, en route ~WA~A~M-~...V.e~c'g~~v ~ !l ,n~ ,~a,~,,, a~[l names that" 6 ~! ...................... ~ .... t ~" ,2 ~ .......'~ JEFFERSON COUNTY, " k-to~' ~25:'whensch"~' "art"h'e'ent'ertaineaat hio homea [ seat" otherwiseHe wasreCeived auninjuredbruisedalthough leg ! Miooddleb~g' VasitedSU~r YGafo~re [ ~ L7 ..... "~*,{I I WEST VIRGINIA I] RETAIL UP TO- $170 : i " 'llhe back of the seat was broken . ey . . g : GUY R AVEY, JR, AS ADMIN ] :: :' Murphy,a patient in the Ott i I I ISTRATOR OF THE ESTATE OF]l In Other Bargain Stores- Now Take Your Pick Here At I I e 1966-67 school session set I off. Home, who had been a neighbor I ~~-~---~illl[ [LAURA VIRGINIA SANBOWER, ~, ~ i .Pace on Wednesday of last / Residents of this community[ of the Clipps several years ago ~ r~L~!- ~ ,.~._ ~ll/J~----'-- ~lti I] ~ DECEASED, ~ ......, ~wtth fifteon.ohildrenerv{wereshoekedtotearnofthefatal t[ 0111y ] I t~lin the primary room, Mrs.|accident: which occurred Friday ---- 98 ~e Ebersole, .teacher, and]~3~l~rnoon to a former resident, IviR~bbyrie~nng:rsn' CharleSmT:W~aY ~ ~ ]VS CIvIPI~fN NO 816 ~_y-seven pupils in the ad-"lPopkins, whfle at work in thelM~ooni~r~i~i~eMn~:d;~:nsTbii~ ~U~C Bulo::tp=::i;u2tca g;t ;h:t~:W?lYJ,;h2k}proof, ~ ! Iginia Gibson, HalItown, and Mrs. lvman R,chard lave, Jr. Terry ~ol~fn Cof ceL;~v:'je~r~IGAPd)~ER, widow, IRENE SAN-ll aUlV ela ar ~ iilP t 6 ~ I Clarence Smallwd enjyea a i ' and Miss Mary Reb~eea Palmer/BOWER BUTTS, widow, JOSEPH I1L/ $1U,I I ~ :il I trip to. GetWsburg, Pay .vthere! ~lae}Dd Tsrhn|ral of Charles Town were guests at | Y. SANBOWER, widower, GEO-Two Watchmakers On Duty At All Times at Fea s i ~! Dedicated to Serving ~~ Pharmaceutical Needs . ~lth All Precision ~" ~ "1 " ". " P" - -. " corporation, D. E. HENDRICKS, ~ ~:i! ~~,~~llJ:~[~-~ I tended the Pomeroy reunion Sun- ~ eft Randolph Smith, Jr., Mr. Ed: I t ~" M.D., KINGS DAUGHTERS HOS- I~I~AU~ I~l~l I~ A ::;:1 in the Jeefferson County r wara rrtmnard of Slsterx hie, ana I Memorial Park. In the afternoon on Frlclay ~tr. rJuwara rritcnara : FETRIDGE M" D an~ ALL ~T~ ~ ~ ~,~;I ] he attended the funeral f his I Airman Richard L" Kave' Jr" and Miss Ruth R" Smith mtred ~(NOWN Ci{EDIT()RS'~ OF L'~U: 230 MAIN STREET---CHARLES 'I~)WN, ~W. VA. ~. ::i!)|] i lcousin, Bill Popkins, in the Mur- [ son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L to Morgantown where Miss Smith RA VIRGINIA .~ANROWER rW. ,~ .~. , "' [rill Hill Methodist Church. In- lave, Jr of Rt. 1, Berrywlle, ............... Va. will register for graduate studies CEA.~n ' --" --- I/I~IA~ivHONE 725-74h --- X [tctmr~ne~en~y.Was made m the nearby I t?Snb:;nts~t~eCt;darfO~k~c,h~ieCxa.1, a~sotheMWest/mrtln~apn~Ve?e~tnYc~ To the abo~Defenda:dts parties '~ ~ !~ l, I~l, g~_ i;!!~ Serv i n. g v/0 U r , /Her ]"Mrs.son.m.mwJOShua Clippand aaughter,:acen)paniedmrl ~aigtnSe .PAl:ciaFl~ce.. azrcrat gu~tset~atJ Jh~ihOm?ll:f. Edward r, iniaand allsanbo,.,~racreditrs ..... of Lauraa~o~,aVir ..... :!|i: ,i] land Mrs Arthur Bush, Charles I The airman recently completed Recent visitors at the apart- ~-" .... '-- :-'-'~;""~,~Y""~": "'Y*~" ~ i] [Town, on Sunday to the Bush-;basic training at Lackland AFB meat of Mrs. J. Straith Briscoe mgn~no;e o~m2Pse~,Z?n ~Yr]U~ai Irm ..**4~h~ , !Ro~j'e~i~rl.ilitheJeffersol~'Tex.Hisn.ew. school is pa~ o.f were l~_s. Harry Puster,,:~S. estateor a'~vnart thereof: ] County War M~orial Park. " t me Air Training uo.mman~ wHicH uaniel, Mar. Robert Ran- I~' ....... ~*: ~* ~:.',::-. '^~ ,~ .... J ~ ~V VIIN in ~t~ I~N15 um I__Mr and Mrs. ,Paul Ro,vla.nd, 'cOrreCtS ~oUndredsd:f ~eP:~nal~ld ~OulP: ~Ps J~a'*~nd'daU~hlt:: Circ'ui'~'C-~urt*~f ~effe"rs*n~ C'~un't; lea]:|t ~;:~i I melr two uaugnters, t~arolme . v ,Y g ~t , mzss ~.x z- West Virc, inia~, , men*..,,.. ,.;" ,.~ ~ause"" For prescriptions compounded ]aM Conni a Sue, .were 2i er r g:dpe ncneI for the natmns be issM.Lmit mith of Arlin'ton therein pending to subject the ---- 1 r ! with professional accuracy and I guests ~una y ot ~ar n rs t g real estate ~ i .... ' " Airma v" . . oz sa a baura vzrginia mmmm , I George Dodge, Martinsburg. Lat- n Ka e was graduated Hospital, Arhngton, Va., spent a Sanbower to the -a ......... ..... precision -- for all your health iii HTED needs we axe at your service. I r./nn h da:t rno ndth:yfV at d rke County High School. fe sfo :;ts; Stel ,el iiSP zgSCe l gtb ,o n Lu:t npe I ton I N Smith and brother and sister- "art of "t -ou '~" - : .... I ~irs Myrtle Furr of EllicottUinta, home of Mr and Mrs John in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ran- (~uired t: krYesen?reoune[t:y rteo ,i STUCK & ALGER )City, Md., spent the past week S Rissler. " " dolph Smith, Jr. the unders~'~n~a -~ ore, n;,,~+;,,,. Dial 725-2821-Charles Town, W. Va. -. ii I st; sburg, Va., attended 'the Beck; ~s enrolled as 7freshmae Mrs Louella Shepherd of Mar- b:r, 19e66exc~tuhde:g~eoYoull%a~eb~t tinsburg, Mrs. Luther Jenkin Rissler family reunion Sunday at in the University of West Vir- and Mr. Bobby Jenkins were Sun- ginia. Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Ware, Jr., of Charles Town, announce the arrival of a baby boy on Fri- day, S~pt 2, in King's Daughters' Hospital, "Martinsburg. The laddie has been named James Edgar, III. Mr. Charles L. Werking and family have moved into the home on Avon Wood Farm recently va- day evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and rMs, Thomas Sowers. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Adams were among those a,ttending the birthday dinner in Bethesda, Md., (1) What personal estate the in bonor of Mrs. Marvin Adams'[ sister, Mrs. Myrtle De Haven's] said Laura Virgirtia Sanbower owned at the;time of her death, of such real estate. The above parties are further notified that in pursuance of said decree entered on the 16th day of August, 1966, said cause was referred to the undersigned com- missioner to take, state and re- port an account, showing: cared by Paul Clendening and birthday on Sunday. , the charac+-- ~,~a ,,~1, a +h .... * family who moved to Summit Mr. and M s. Rober Randolph] ~.~ What ai~,,,,~*i-., ~* ~.:,. Po]" "nt. Mr Werkinz has joined Smith, III, recently returned to] w~'~"~mn~..~ ~i~*".~'~.~.'~;.~"~"~"+~ the ~taff of the Peo'ples Bank of their home from a trip to New] b'v~G.-~-~ ~'~'~"_~,~'.~.~7 Oharles Town in the Consumers England States and Canada I oI. of-(he'E~ate'of'~aura'Vi~k~ni~a Credit Department Mr and Mrs Glenn Magaha of Sanb ............ s; " . - : .. i uwer, ueceasea, ana now FredericK, Ma., were overnigHt ............ m ................ . .... +o,,, ho,~, ,,, ~, ~.,aLmucH, z~ any, ot sam personal Mrs Char es Adams on Sunday. " " " I sazd Guy R Avey, Jr., as Ad, n~in- IlPPaM , Mrs. Eddie Bayhss and son Clay, istrator available re- *~ ..... Ill/Ira1 of Berryville, Va., were dinner' ment - am, aaht ,~,i~, ~',:,~P~,~ Mrs Austin Nicodemus guests on Wednesday at the home ~t'~to;~f" ~n'T~'~,~"~r~",%~',,~'"~"~'~" PHONE " *,,... .are,,+o - .................. ......... - ~.-_ . ~,~,K~...u~.~,.~.... I "~ "~" v ,,t~, ~,... *,,u ...-~...~.- bower ~~~- ~= ~ ~ r" --=--:- I, mo_ wartz ....... i " ~" " (3) A settlement of the admin- 725-2046 725-2047 ~zss ~a~ .l'm mer .. I ~ i~ration of the Estate of said or F t ne~ro~nel to Mr. UOlm I ~-- ..... = deceased by Guy R. Avey, Jr., her FOR Mr and Mrs Sewell Palmer, of [ I Pl~q~J~llllkl Administrator. Charles Town," announces the en-I LI=r/u N (4) What debts said Laura Vir- gagement of their daughter Mary i i Re" ' - ] g na Sanbower owed at her Decca to Corp. Terry Rolin, son/ Mrs. Mary B. Furr time of her death, to whom they FURTHER == i of Mrs. Rolin, of Oklahoma. Miss[ ~_ --y--->.. are payable, ~heir nature and INFORMATION Palmer attended Charles Town ] .... their respective amounts and prio- tligh School. Mr. Rolin attended/ t~egutar preacHing services ~un ritv t ~ ~ high schl in Oklahma and is' day mInaing in the Methdist --'i'5} What rea' estate was owned now serving in the Marines at[ Church by the pastor Rev. Lynn by th,~ sail T.~,-~ Vir, i~.~ ~ , " i Camp LeJeune No date has been[ Bt~ ,~orff t :45, Sunday School bowe- at tthe time of her death set for the wedding. / . ~ .... ~ its fee Simple and rental value: i Subscription Rates: 9Months - $3.50 Mrs. Graham Royston, of Min-/ Only the o_ ,-- I l the liens .thereon, their amounts wood, Va., was Sunday dinner/ ~r d ~~rl~, I , and nriarlti-~ guest at the home of Mr. and| l vewspaper g )0f [ other matters as ... ' ' (Plus 11 cents Tax in W. Ca.) Mrs. Howard Puckett. / I [ any i)arty in interest may require, . Sgt. Bill Linsey of Camp Le/ vT~-~t~{~,~ h~ ~=| I the same b~ing pertient or such This Convenient Form eune, N. C., was a Holiday week-/ ..... I other matters as said Commission- Use end guest at the home of Mr, andI ] er may deem pertinent, whether mrs. Tony Ceravato. / ~~ ~,.~:~ l so requested or not. T6:'----SPRIT'=---I'---"OF'JEFF RSO------'-E'---DVOCATE--'- ___ __ ---- ,Mrs. Thomas Sowers and twol I And said parties will take not- cnildren, uonna Jill and Rickey,I NJ~f[ ~,~~'~: ~I I I ice that on the 23rd day of Septe- -- ---- ----- N-A ere Sunday dinner guests at theJ [ [mber, 1966, at my office in the PLEASE SEND SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION TO: home of her parents, Mr. arm Mrs. 11~'~1: ~)lt~/~\~ ~[ [ Citizens Office Building, in Char- Luther Jenkins. ~';":~,~-~ l les Town, Jefferson County, West Mr. and Mrs. David Nicodemus I[,'k~~~J , Virginia. I ~ilt proceed to exe- and daughter Lesa Kaye motored~-~~~: ' ~d ]cute saicl decree at 10:00 A. M. to Crisfield, Md., on Friday to | =~~.~f~ ~:| [ D. S. T, You are hereby required NAME ......................... .................... spend their vacation over the hol- I"~~-~~ :J I to present your claims to the COLLEGE ......................................... .. iday with the latter's parents, Mr. I undersigned on or before said and Mrs. Lawrence Tawes and ONLY Tile NEWSPAPER i date, otherwise you may be, by City ................................. State .......... cHECK ( ) OR MONEY ORDER ( ) ENCLOSED other relatives. Mrs. Roy Chapman of Winches. tel Va.. was guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ceravalo on Saturday and on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Robincon of Berry- vRle, Ca., Mr. Marvin takes Ihe puzzlement out of the news. No need to decipher as the new,pc, per's corps of specialists bring you background and data abma e~erything from agronomy to zoology..There il varzety.., to anlu~o u W~ Itl ~hl- law. excluded from all benefits of such estate. Given under my hand this 2rid day of September. 1966. MARK B. WETZEL Commissioner ia Chancery $opL 8-34. heater--it s a z odem, visuat flame it's so unique,, it's patent l! Reai ti ceramic logs give the cheerfulness of a real log fire but without the bother! Choose your color and hearth s le.,.and watch beaut become the t nter of attraction itlyOur homel I I I I II II|1 I ' " " f DIAL 725-7051 -- CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Offices on East Washington Street ---Warehouse oa Fairfax Blvd.--- u i , i L _~ _