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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 8, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 8, 1966

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r There will be a meeting of the, H"--- ^i a4 J ..... 1 A I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCAT1 WSCSO R& bA. --- J fifth Fat|Ave TO Fair inaLL_. committee Ranson, ann- on][wh01[ Went ]~ teaching Left UT T051posts 0~er C0un~ie~C~inthe other 5vstem office count.,ll more than desiring somethlng be. mean rialI~~~i~:~::i[ - Fr a-ncls- "X a'vier" o;';e things we'd FOrmaylike September hess? even richly to get alt just isn't murderer, bless 11, histhat our car"I'i~l~I s ~ " ]~ ........ ~.~...~ ~!,t.~ are (I) For hls own sake (2) Fo Thursday at 7:30 p. m. This meet-[ ..... [ I #9 [ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1966 ing is open to all women of the I [ -- "----------~ WSCS and will be held at the[ J J [ e Faith Council at Shepherd Col-I _ church. I I ,, ~g~i~::: ~ubllc isi~V~ta~Ist each ] ~"~ ~ [ States i A series of monthly Sunday l at ltself, October 16; Dr. Vernon I P g " I --~m~d~ ~ U~I[~I Brotherhood i of the 31 teachers who left the ! night Forums featuring some of E. Ferwerda, National Council of ] I ~~ ~ _ _ |Jefferson County Schoo~ system /the nation's most prominent chu-[ChurChes, Washington, D. C.,t GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY i ~'~ L~~ ' ' the past year, nine of them re. Three P lm Hvms Will s0dah0n T0 Meet t . . , /rch leaders will be presented in l"The Churches Look at Each I I ~~~O~ " I | signed to accept teaching jogs in IW ~/ Reynlds Hall n the Shepherd j Other''' Nvember 6; Dr" Ilenry I i ~'~. ~ rUIl~~ ,~ #. ,- --., ... . ~, . | other states and four others went l College campus in Shepherdstown i P. vanDusen, president emeritus, l REAn r[~a~a (~T.A~T'ITT'I~rtO | L ~ ""='="----~ ue ermon ror Lumerans AT LeeTown cnurcn /to hen Greed Control ' ...................... '*~' .t Poi I / ies within the state, according to i We t Virginia beginning October I Unmn Theologmal Seminary, I ......... ,-~,~,. ~o , . 14. Sponsored by the Shepherds- siders Its Mission in the World,'/i ......... Festival "Three Psalm Hymns," will be l The annual workshop Brother-| information from of] ILesson 196e 16 and continuing through May New York, "The Church Con-I t Que the sermon subject Sffnday, Sept. hoods of the Baptist Churches in !l Schools Superintendent T A. Low : town Ministers Association in Dec,,e~ ber 4; a panel discussion / i J~" U l~ I U U l~ ~n local cooperation with the Inter-Faith|on The Church, Faces a Chang-It I~I~AI~tH LJlV &'~ALId'bII~P"PP tlPPI~d'~, died vice11' fOrandthethe9:3011 a.a'm.m'worshipMatins ser-Ser" ionthe ShenandOahwill be heldBaptiStseptemberASSciat" I erY'12, 40,percentThis woUldof thosemeanleavingthat about lthel o.,~,~, lom~,. 3~; L~._,~2 ~,*.,a s,,;,~,.: ~odo~ 20:17~ i K,,~, ~;~8~i ~-~4 Council at the colleg.e: the. Sh.ep- t ing Community January 15; a i ~l'A~| " ~ii~ ~UN~[~i[: ~[:[:l~!-tal -aft vice at St Thomas Lutheran beginning at 7:00 p. m. at the system the past year went I I nerasmwn ~orum wm cleat wire I second hanoi nn Tho Church I "=~ weeks. Church in "Ranson it was an-! Lee~vn Baptist Churcl% ] to teaching assignments else- I d I the subject, "The Church Faces ] and Hea~lin~" Februar~ 5:'"-Th~ i i ~ , ........... ~eak at nounced Tuesday 'by the Rev. i . Reverend James C. Meade, ~where. Another seven resigned to as a priest he had heard thou- the Sixties". Church and' the Cam~pus'' *D'r~ i Metal Doors - iVletal l Tames And ter. s~p 1 vastor Associate in the Brotherhood De assume household dutms, three a confession to the sin of covet- Rmhard E. Ned, . t .... . . sands of confessions, but never ] Seeking to convey the body of Harry E. Smith, University of i 1:~,~ l~r~,~,~,~r~ '~,~,~1 D~*,~,I,,,,+,~ ,~, g%~.~LCu~,rt rv " - u in partment of the General Board retired and .~hree to reside else ousness. It seems to be an un- Christian thought and faith in. North Carolina, March 12; The i = zLY" , l ,, Ll~l~ I.JILI.I)LL|IL~ kJLl~l~l .[ .I.~l[,[t,L~ .[l~J. 1,.A)llt; I%nr~ Nurse_. will be held d r g , -, rshiD service for re school ~f the Baptist General Associat where wo _ P - " I mentionable sin for most people, the most 'persuasive way possible i Church and Race", Dr. Gayraud i ............................ ~y sno~ childrenSunday Church School ion of Virginia, will lead a con-] Of the 31 new teachers m the! Occasionally we hear someone to the present age these SundayS. Wilmore, United Presbyterian i tALt~ trlAKLl~ 'I1)WI~ '/Z0-7~IZ I)lf ~topens at ~ 9:45 "a m. for adults, young terence for all Royal Ambassa. co,un.W system this year, seven ! ~ admit to being a Evenin.g Forums will present six, Church U. S. A., New York., April [] VISIT OUR PLANT AT RANSON, W. VA. up ~e" ~na" women and children" [ dor Leaders and counselors ~ had previous experience in Penn ~ liar, a thief, an denommatmnal leaders and two i 16, "The Church and World Lit- i ,~-, ................... Charles J"~m~esE~. Brand, 'Superintendent:t. Mr. Maurtce Law of Altav~sta, I sylvania, Maryland, Virgima and r~~ adulterer, or ! panel discussions on aspects of I eracy", Dr. Frank Laubach, vet-li "l'llUl~lN LLJIII~]~_JI~ (~U~VII"A_[N ~ n~s 35 n sda Lutheran ~ChurchIi va, president of the state Broth- other parts of West V]rgmm be ' A,~(] Wed e y, , W n - E y . t . , Y. butwho hasever the:theme. . . . [eran missionary, May 14: !i Ranson Plant- Call 725-7612 - Charles Tow ome ni~han Circle. meets erhood Convention will lead a fore coming to Jefferson Count ~~| heard someone me speazers aria their topics ~ponsorsntp of ,the rorum is I ............... - - the home of Mrs comerence on ' The Improved And 30 of the 31 teachers hold~~~ acknowledge the I will be: Dr Wallace Fisher, Lan- I shared by the Shepherdstown Min I i arunsourg rJant zb#-~aa i at 10 a m. at . I ]~nh~rtYrni| T-initv Ci el BaptistMen's Program of the de rees from some colle ........... ; _.. . r e meets I.. . g ge or um ~t~~ sin of covetous- Cn ' " " caster, Penna. "The Church Looks I isters Association the Inter- I J ., m at the home of Miss uren Brotherhood Mr Law zsvers~ty The one non degree teach ~~,~_~ at2 p. . .. . . . - Maida Ryman; Emmanuel Circle l amember of the Fwst Baptister has, ho~vever, completed all ~:i done. The tenth ~, meets at the home of Mrs Donald I ~nurch, Altavista, where he ser- teacher training and needs onlyi ~~ii!i of the ten corn- /'/[[,. .~v " n " i Ives as a deacon and a Sunday one course to obtam a degree Roy. Althouse mandments r e. I I W. _n,der at 7.30 ._. m. Cho r._. . [ rehearsal on Tuesday at 7:30 p. I ~cn.ool teacher. He is employed That teacher is planning to corn- ! eeives very ||file, ff any, attention. m C~nv~ian a g ~, ional l with the ~nglish Construction plots thin one course during the %~~ , ~ ................. n COnoreoat ,.. " " ' 1 Perhaps one reason may be enneorn~ af Ma~ : n " ~ompany as a construction origin- first semester of evenm classes ................. sanetta S..rmgst , g It hat it is interpreted too narrow- on Friday and Saturday. ~ j eer. Mr. Law ]sa natwe of Nor- ,at Shepherd College. ! ly. The literal meaning of the -- tOiK ann a graduate of Virginia Colle-e Grid Um ..... "~" ....... I tenth commandment seems to put "The 4d Of Uvin- I Polytechnic Institute. ]seated ~)y ~l~e new ieac~s droP7 ittheWithintenthevexyone'Scommandmentreach. Whensays, g~' #~:':~:~':',:..::~.~'.~U$):..i~j~:~, : "" ~J follows: West Virginia University ] ~You shall not covet," it means / ~ ~" .:~ . . ! ......... ~ ..... l CHURCH SERVICES OF I Salem, Bluet|old State, Carson that we shall not desire for our- :~ ....... ~ "" ~ .... ~ , ' ,' With YOU~|r W~| ~e [CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF GOD Newman, Concord, Fairmont selves what belongs to someone ...... S : ...... , i Surfers @~.,,,,,,, ~.~, .~^~,~|,&,. [toTh~ ta~vaWr~112s~eP'biRyeeodf' P~ h~r~' ~o~Ir:;s; H~eeY~g:h Schoe~n.~ else. Few of us are consciously :: :"~.