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September 8, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 8, 1966

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J TWO SECTIONS SIXTEEN PAGES LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA LOCAL NEWS -- PICTURES SPORTS -- COUNTY NEWS WEDDINGS -- SOCIETY ADVERTISEMENTS 1844 ---- The Newspaper Charles Town And Ranson Grew Up With .... 1966 , CmSSZnED ~~wn~ nn ~ ~ nu~ .mimmionl - nn mm~mman ~ ~ 102 NO. 36 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1966 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS ' nn iu~immmn i ~ ~ mini mu=mmmi na~ nn nn ~ -- nn J~ - - wation Well Underwaf For Po, vhatan(s Ne, Found Animal Welfare So ie T. IShepherdstwnLutheran "" " I" D F UirUU'til( IIU ItI) ....... ..... . : ............ ramh To Honor r. ray ~!::. " ?" .... A n A - = --- , .... ....., .... t onsueer ueg )luLuon Plan IAt Homecomm." Sunday --, an : ' t t 'ors'e[is No Kaun ,,, Suege,ted lro (dainty Cour There will be an imp um--ef money it has been payingI cm, or onnr :: - meeting of the membership of to the dog, warden. The Court ill agaglpHl,ilSi 115uVI5 ~;, ~ ~m n ~-~ m~ Tm] ~lm ~ the Anmaal Welfare Society c4I had been paying the dog warden "'' "-- " r ~ |>J ....... " 1! | ~i~ ~ [::!~'~ ~ i~ ~mml~lil Jefferson County Monday even-I.the sum of $200 morrthly, plus - - ---~ -"F*~ mi~' ~ ~ I] ~" ~.~| ~ ~ ~.~J trig, Sept. 12, at 8 p. m. at ~he I $2 for every dog taken into oust- i~~;: -: _- : ~ ~ - - "~~| | ~ ~ ~:: :~ ~ ~l~ .~ ~ ~ Jefferson County Civic Cer~ter in ody and $1 for pups. ~ __ . ~' | Despite ~he break in the ex- .i~,:.:. : ~.!~ J " i~,. ' .... Charles Town for the purposes Dr Master sa,id the Society A K *~l]an treme 90Megree "or better, temp- ............ ........... , , .... . .. rarems s ge . , / [of electing new officers and alsolwrll use the money to handle the ra tures whtch scorched th,s sect- ~)~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I to hear in detail a report from / dog situ+tion in what ever man- ~~~~ |m .t....n Ao.l.nmenh; /ion and it s residents for much of .... -: -- ---- - --:- " J ~ | U ~ [] ~ ~ I Dr. C. C. Master, Charles Town I nor it sees fiL Dr. Master told ~~~ Ill OUIUU! #~k~ ~ |July and August the drough~ sit- :~: - - - ~ I ~ | / IIi~1~1~ ~ N ~~:~:"~ t Veteranian, o n a suggestion ] the Court he had not talked the :.: :.."~- _ = __ _ _ |uation worsens, and according to ~~ ~ ~ ~::~ ~1~: ~ [] ~ ~ |which he m~de to the Jefferson/proposal over with the Animal ~i~- ~r Th$|r I~l||drt~n |all advance weather predictions ~ [] ~ I Couny Court as a solution for/Welfare Society, bt~t since this ~ - -- ~ .v..,,~.,. -, ......... |there is still no rain in sight, or : F!2'I~~ ~;:~ ~ solving the county's dog prob.|organization is vitally interested arents, most of|at least fOrthis section ::: ~~ .............. ~:~ .... ~ ...... ~ ~:~::~:*:. :~: About a dozen p ::;r -:~:: :.::*.:~2~ ................ ~ ~' . ........ lem m solving the dog problem, he e The local drought ~s already so :~:~:: ~.: ................. , : ....... . ...... . . them members of the staff of th . . . "|~~IL ~ I Dr. Master f, rst made the sag- feint sure it would work out some Harners Ferry Job Corns Conser. cr+t,cal it has passed the condR- ~ | ~ ~ I~ ~ [ gestion to the Court at a meeting [ kind of soltrtion. + va, t]on Cen.ter, appeared before|inns which existed in the terrible ~/I/~IB ~ [Thursday, Sept 1 and.. the. Court/. The Society is expected to .actI ' members of the Jefferson County]drought of. 1930 and is fast near-. has agreed to gwe. consideration upon the proposal. ~ter hearing. AY Boardof Education act a' special rag. the one of. 1920, according to ...... ~: ., to the idea whzch proposes that a full and derided explanatmn REV. DR. JOHN FR me t'n~ g urdav niuht and re figures compded by Vhe Weather the Court turn the entire county from Dr. Master. 1 ....,:?:!~i~: :::::::?:~ ~' . , __._e_l._~, _at ~ ' ~ - , . . The Shepherdstown Lutheran hue ed thatthe schoo assign|Bureau AgrmulturM Service off4- h . , . . ' -. st 1 ..- . . ~~~~.~ ~ [dog problem over to the Ammal| T e report of the committee Parish will honor the Reverend mentswhiehhadbeengiventheiriCe m Kearneysvalle. ~i :~ ~ ~ i~ ~ ~ ] Welfare Society to handle. ] ~ bring ~ a slate of new Dr..John Fray, former pres~ent etrildren be changed. They desir- ! .The rivers, streams and wells _ -- -. -.- .. - _ . . - a ~ ~ ~,~/::]ii~:~.~ ~ ~ / Dr master told me uourt that ! o ncers to oe votes on wil,! arso aarion t;oamge, ana Mrs rray t, h,., thoir children attend Ot me section aria area are new | since the coumy dog warden, [ be h ard and any other ~mportan, t Sunday ~t the annual home- Harners Ferry elementary school ! water lows and m many places m sidewalk superintendents can have a field day soon when the concrete starts to be poured at Wil,liam C. Dodson, quit the post business ..... ma.tter that might be coming services at St. James' insl'~ad, of bei--n,g sent. to the Shen-~ the rationing, of water, has either. tan s new foundry, xca, Y e ion C mpa y Y, "[ t .......... " andoa,h Juno! n 1 ' E ration b Potomac Constru t o n is well under wa and con in August, he and others have" neemng aCtent!on wal,1 be d, ls. Lutheran Church, Villa Sunday " io school been in force, or is now be!ng will be started soon by S L Minghinl & Son ' ] been bothered constantly with/cussect ana posslD!y a~te~ upon I morning at 11 o'czocR ....................... I put in, to practice To date Charles ..................................... -- ..... |calls about dogs roaming at will| All members and other persons! At the end of September Dr.' r^a~.'ter S~ee b~ardU~S~ci~ed Lt~O i Town's water supply has been ..~ . _... . ~. ,~ ,, .. | over the county. He suggested the | interested in animal welfare work and Mrs. Fray will leave for India ~,~]~'~^^.. o* ~'i~h -^~'~-' ! holding up, but unless some rain I_~ nAtt=|A I~AAAm~a,~a..---~ I ~rn ~!] ]~v~l~ r~rm i court turn the dog problem over| m the county, are urged to at- where they will both be on the ..^ ~..~__ ...;.~ ~ob C-''~ o... f ]s soon fo~tbcommg, thin s!tuatmn ~[]~ II~,iOV|P I~[l~ii:i|~l]dl[-|ll|~JI I [to the Amrrml Welfare Soe|ety|tend this most rmpoVtant meet- , faculty of Madras Christian Col- ~ .... .i... t~eato, t. th.~She..~.a~l could change quickly, it was re- IN| i#V]l$ mtVVV II~'ill|all~ ] e~_.~n.,,n, la ..... J n.. /and pay the Society the same;,ing, it was stated. " liege. ' .~.."~*~"~'.'~'.~an~tho~e"~'u~.~Iported. _ _ -- __ __ v 1 311miTlV uamaoeu Dv / ~ it wilt be a homecoming for ..... f,,~, ~,,Z~, ,, _._ o ~,,,~,, I And with the long severe drou- " ~-- " ~ " do " c fra is ren a~ me ~enmr oi elementary . r _J _L_ r ....... I | .... _ . _ [ the Frays, t , sin e Mrs. Y ." o.~..^~ . ^ ,^ ,~,~ Chena,a.., l ght of not only this past Summer, y . a native of Shepherdstown and ..... ~. ,~s~ ~,J ..... ri ": ..... bt~t also of the past several years, lIISTaCIOrll rrotn IFire Wednesday Hight|Drag Bacers, Barkma Doas, Loud , IDr Fray served this parish for JunctmnS~hool,.ashado gmallYlhascome emmv barns anduran in hi been aone oy cnoo s upermten- . eighteen years It was dur g. s er!es and problems for the live- A large frame barn located on astora,te that "the resent irish dent T. A Ix)wery * . . . mA Ilnnn nvnne , Y otses From Racnnq Motorcvdes house at St James Church was They a~lso agreed to study the he Lewis M ers farm near Kable p P P " stock industry in this section and iim I~iln town, was damaged to the extent -- -- " e . ~ area. ~l;lU flt t mu tm _ J t,o / ..................... !] ll~ | n ~m m ~ ~ ell ]erected, that the parsonage was matt.or fu~h r n~. only wlthre: Livestock feed supplies have / [L',outt2,~TY,2~oYZYS~?[Y. I gl;f'll~fl BV LflSWiP~ Iown liflglltll / buiR in Shepherdstown 'and that l~uon, to the chi!dren ot~ SI~tt l been cut in half by the long drou- f am il / ] ~v~alxltl6 ~,vx..~x~ ~aa~a.~tx xxv.~, vza~ ] == =~v=mww.,= =.~ ~$ ........................... v==~u . =*~ m. m= v~mm~= / ~t PiafOr' f~hllrph xL.~t r~,nNV~t,~l mem,ners o;t the clOD ~orps uenter / s,,',,"h* ~u.u,.u...-"-A~;,.-- .,,u"n'~ ,~;* .o~t-"~ ,,=~,,h"~" condition of Robert J. ford, 37, o C. p H 1, Pa. After Charles Town Independent andl / .......... but also other federal em-lo-I .' '. :. : . . " " he rfor . . , . . ~ was ne woo organizes ~t. and- . ' v y- estimated that it will require 150 ny) Doyle, ~, of ~. orison t ~tr~n~itn]e Nor s~a~rht~e Doy-! Cit=ens. ~,re Companies. couJ~[ Drag racers, the loud noises meeting and show cause why they [mas' Lutheran Ghurch in Charles merit cen.ters m the coun~y, flo {thousand tons of imported hay to ~e, t)narms.. Town, wno was .e om " ca . .... eau-on I get to me scene anu exzzngulsnI,~ from racin~o motorcvles, and bark- should not be razed. / Town. aetermine senooi assignments zor i main~a'-h, the oh~v ~,. ..... o~1~ ~.a sly insured early Sunday into a c pact r oemg driven the blaze with booster lmes and a i o " , , future ears .- .... I,,.... *~. ....... ~.;-*. ...... t hv n.nn.i~ L~ Dhori~ ~ .,~ 19n I "m.. *; ............ ,..n *^ ~. .... I ng d gs were the major topics Council was told that a total oft After the 11 o clock service on Y ' / dasry ca,t41e in West Virginia .-s .... "~ ......... "~ .... ~ ,o~ ................. , ................ -~v,,.~-.. ~- ..... for discussion t he r l 5876 h ..... ~...t.-~. ...... ~ ... u~.~, I a~..nhm a~)nd r~n..rtt ..... ua I ~. .... .... ~ .... ^ ,,~....**.,, [ . a t egu ar meet $ , .36 as been spent on street| Sunday a4 wh!ch Dr. Fray w!H Cl~!ldren of Job Corps sta/fers/alone during the Winter months. ~.._ t.,_t. ..... ~ ~, q'i~.h ITh~ Dherit car ~ns .~hovod intnl~,hi.h ~a h..,~ ..... ~ ,.., .... I g of the Charles Town Councfltrepar work in the mumczpalttytpreach' droner wall be served m ~f tugh school age had[ already| Usably when hay is needed i ~2at~ ,,~,wa~.. v~, ,.~ ,L'~:."I ;";"=~e-t~ Z::,^S2~-~;:L".~.~.'Z'_'t 2"2"~'_' '_'~"_7 ~L'~CY~'~_~__ "~.'J..,~.~v_'lTuesday night. ,] since July 1 and a decision was~ the parish house and grove, enrolled at Shepherds!own High| is purchased in Northern Ohio, ', ~was k~led Dr E W Dztto r :, , , And during lahe d ~sion Ci~,; ~ tg. ~ the C a le~. ~,o~-rl ~laere ev,ryone wa I have an 9 -Tuesday ~ those of emen~ary ~ ~lliga~ and WesteTa ~/ today by .o~ms t& We |~,,.~.~.~..;. r,'..,:~.. L.^./~^_; o~q~ x~t,~d to go^" ot~t. _, iv los Town Police cd~ W Dd~:]:C~nerat Hospi~l 50-percem oz me/ portuniOy to say goodbye vo the age were m nave been enrolled ~ Pennsylvanla. ' on u oumy 3~(1.~- eo~al~ ami~er:~a,i~l ~:)U~erl~ d~e~r~oma|,, ~2 -r~n~ w~'~--.etre~^-~w2.~^a,~/pointed out to the Co'oil" ~] mo~athly w~ter bill for the new Frays as!hey start on their three, ~t the Shenandoah Junction ] Vi~th She shortage .of livestock l.s a p u.em, f,ractur d skuli and internal in "" .......... citizen who complains of/sewage line which the hospital|year assignment in India. School Wednesday, Lowery said. I the price of the hay and other nne time De!ore Wt l de " n no ' has hooked onto the cits sew him tv, m hn .liuries. / ,,,.v ..... |these nomescan sagu acompla,ra[ . Y "1 ' - 1 A tatal of 11 children of ele-tfeeding gra s:,that is available .,. ~u ....................... ..t,~.~ wwa uj vxxaxxv~ .,,.. age s stem " h e "~ ....... er MeCleaf said / ..... ~gamst any of these drag racers .. Y . .... menta school age were revolved as be n moving up rapt@ly, thus Care, zt w~ learne f!ramen also prevented what at l Hu h L h0, r. '. d Troop . after the . ry -- - =: -- '1 Do~,~e car had hit the Dherit car .......... /or person making loud noises t t;ounctl was a so told mat more I g S , J in the request made by the par-l adding mote protrlems to those ng l)oyie~ son or ~ars, Rot)- ... ~...,.,,,e,~ ~a,.~he ..... .;. ........ ru'st mreateneu to de a sermus | with motorcycles and the police| applicants are needed for the ._ _ en,s Saturda " hr. which the farmers ~re already' ~ ~x,,,.- ...... - ~,.-,~a.u u. ir e Slee riouow ~otI ana, . . . , y rug .... [y!e, Mormon Avenue, Char-the highway, turned over several f~_eat.the .~ ,fly ..... m ,c,,,~,dav tdepartment wall pick up the per-| l~Sl~on ofpaCrolv~an on the Cha. [ Hamed Director Of I faced with. West, V!rg!ma Coo- wn, sustaine~ a oroKen anK- . ...... u~'ht fire -n-~ w-- ~- .... ~ woumy ~ltm ~uvu~ ......... ~ t son, or persons involved. If the ~ ties Town vonce ~roree. The pos- / missioner of Agriculture Gus l,. ~tures of the facial bones '~"~' ~" s ., , o~ o,,,~u afternoon. . .... I driver is nat known than it is ition is now temporarity being| ~ Ch l c Tnwn Man HamtadlDouglass s~id he has been seek- up st from a venlcle startea v,,u,.,.., .,,,,., ""'""'1 raises and brush burns over ::. a E hau " . . ' necessalw that a license number filled by Calvin Bennett. To d&te0m ing some forn of Federa rant ~f his body _ ~oun.s ~'7~L^ a .... VW"'.~." a blaze which burned over aoout bo oh*al;~.a h. ~nid only hree ersons have annlied L PaW .! . . . 1 g -" n ~oou~ ~'~ ~or a visi~ wi _ ............... , ......... t P __ .~ {or th~ West Virginia livestock Tow Ill a rdmg to Tfc. Robert H. Mc lends m Hagerstown. Md He ...... .... In the discuss, on on the loud The ma*ter of weeds left grow-I Hew Bolivar PoHcemn mdu,stry since many of the farm- ) . . a haLf acre of gr ss land, some .... fr . t , of the Maryland State ~a left there about'midnight ~"P-lumber..anfl__u~ility po..!.es, barking of dogs within the muni- ing on vacant lots within the ors have exhausted their credR Do"le was"drivin~ his and was enroute back to Cha~es was ~rougm uI~uer ~ontro! jus~ c~palRy, it was also pointed out municipality was also discussed 't and are not in a position to take y ~ De!ore ~t reacne~ a oarn ana ma , r's 1966 Dodge Sedan car Town via the Hagerstown-Sharps chin- shed " that the town s nuisance law up- by Council.and it was poimed up Alex Carol.1 of Charles .Town, I advantage .of. ~me. limited fed. .,,"'- .,-,,.~,~.,~r~'~'~'a o~c'"" .,~.~t~""*~ ---.~"'a Road when the accident oc- ~aplier'~ =" Tuesaa~ .... y morning t~nar- pries, tO IOUa ~arKmg, aogs wno tn~t once,tne property owner, nas was. namea 'ruesctay night Dy me1 era~ am wnicn nas ~een otterea. a. ~v~,~" ..... *^ -* ~--~,~ ~urred ............. d!stur~ a person s sleep and that been notified and no action is Boh~rar town Council to be the lBut he reports that no requests hway and struck a station Mary P " " g of Town" The cause was listed as Ru " "' ' ~ " " being driven in ,the oppo- some nature will be placed again- poss:fl l a cigarette having been _.ssell Roper, owner of three cost. stable, will work on a part-time t Several ays ago .West Virgia- by Edward R. Nor- st l oym, thro :( froma pasting car ouses on w er street wmen asis. l ia's U. S. Senator Robert C. Byrd nave neon conaemnea oy a com ' s ar t - . " . . . " l'rrlgkll~ PUlllt4~u The town pays its policemen| h p y cr~tized the U. S. Depart- - _ mix'tee of Council, to appear t)e- A i | I:I Ul llUIl n : even cents a mile and the costs ment of A riCulture for refusing f , . .g or th " Ro Eo M0rdand Susta|nse e City Fathers at the next which they get from arrests made/hvestock feeds to the drought Monday evening on U. S. Route 340, ~bou~ two miles West of the intersection of Route 340 and Route 34. State Trooper Anthony DivL~ said a 1959 Oldsmobile being driven East on the highway by David Sarauel Brown, 16, of Rip- pon, was passing another vehicle When it were out of control, left the l~ghway, and struck a histor- ical marker. The car, valued at Leg Fractures When Kicked By His Horse R. E. "Speed" Moreland, of 406 North Mildred street, Charles Town, well-known sale clerk, met with a most painful and disabling accident Monday morning about 8 o clock as the result of being kicked by a horse at the Blue Ridge Livestock Sales, Mr. Moreland was walking be- side a horse which he owns when suddenly i~he horse bored and kicked him on the left leg. The blow caused three fractures in Che leg below the knee. He was taken to the Baker V. A. Center for treatment andhe is still a in other parts of the motorists were setting a all-time Labor Day week-end death toll, Jefferson did manage to get by any fatalities, but not personal injury to five and one race horse, and damage a ourtting to Town State Police a series of five high- during the period $300, was completely demolished, pat!lent there. even4ng and early Tues- Injured in the accident were: ing, and Charles Town Linda Carr, 1.6, of Harewood Ave., To Be er MondayAt Pol'ice handled a traf- Oharles Town; Linda Downing, )in Charles Town. 14, of Eagle Avenue, Charles i M nmnn~'nl'hll#l esday morning accident Town and Valorie MeDaniel, 15, Menta ee _,,, in personal injury not adso of Eagle Avenue, Charles one car driver, but alSo Town. Trooper Divita said Brown race horse, was charged with reckless driv- Dr. Charles E. Goshen, Psychi- atrist, Brooklane Psychiatric Hos- Town Sta~e Trooper ing. . ......... r I One highway acciden, t was in- pita~ at Leitersburg, Md., will be L~WRa saia a i~oi i~v- ...... S I vest,gated by Charles Town State the speaker for the Jefferson lg ~rlven ~as~ on .~m ..... T..^s~a~ | Po~ce Sunday morning about 3:15 County Mental Association on ~,:, a~ou~ ~:fi~ ~,y~ ~_~,/on the Flowing Spring Road, a- Monday, Se~. 12~h. g, oy unarles ~, Dar~er oa~ .......... ....... : --son oout mhes J ast ot t tmr!es Dr. Goshen is director of com- vlaL(lre(1 street, !tan , ;n u~hi~h -ne -erson the ........... t.-rse ~ ..... , -, ~', ..... ~- , muni~ty services of Brooklane and ,mQ !nsure~ a r~ ,,,, --' -- "" hwa in|driver of the car involved, was his talk will cenCer around the ran across me mg y ~ in~ured of the Rarker car i . poss~bi.l, Ry of esta~blishing treat- d " - " "n-'ur-" [ Eddie Roger Barley, 29, of 315 ment services in Jefferson County rzver, wno was ! j v~Ic ,~ .~.~ e',harls To~- p_ .............. ,o ...... .............. , thus eliminating the need for ~en to me t)Ilarles .tOWLt! "-" -- ; o "n" i wh Hospital, for. treatme::e I ~t~ CS~r~et! ~eUr~:s dra.evn. lOCal persons to leave the local per l)ivita saia me . . . communi~ty for treatment. W ...... d -at b'" ling East on the Flowing Spring The Rev. Allen Bartlett, Presi- as' oe]ng WOrKe t~ ' y ~, ..... ,----~Road, went out of control, leaf dent of the Jefferson County e Denney ot t~naries zown . ho ~he animal stumbled, threw / the h~ghway, struck a telep ne 1 Chapter, sta~ed that this meeting i,~-- . ........ ,. ^.. ~.i p~le, a ~one post and knocked|is open to the public and prom- [r .... q h, I down 25 yards of fence at Med!a / ises to enlighten our citizens in ~'uon Oz ~v .... v-.- M ul' .... h, ,, edlfarm, the hame of rs. J !a/regard to the long existing need t - .... --* ,oenl horse Daws Healy Damage wa Isied / in our commun! y with Dr. Gas- rvin Evevm, , ., at 600 " / hen s,,talk on Community Ser- 'and trainer. Damage was l 2? : ........ o-or in the accider t at $600 I t;nar!es Town urte fro p t vices. This regular first fall meet ersons were injured'inlTmmy Ward said Bailey was ir g will be held at the Hilleary 8:15 TURN ID PAGE 8 00 p:m. As a part of their Rural Youth program, members of the South Jefferson Ruritan Club, recently paid a tribute and honored the above group of young boys ami girls for being the outstanding students in their respective sehools during the 1965-66 school term. They were the guests of honor of the Ruritan Club at a dinner meet- ing recently at which the Rev. Mlllard E. Williams, pastor of the Summit Peint-Mlddleway Baptist Churches spoke. The students as shown are: (left to right)--Kathy Alle~, of the Rippon elementary school; Richard Gla~ford, of the Summit Point School; Mar!ha Ellen Burns, also of the Rlppon school, who tied with Kathy Allen for the school's top honors and Edward Clem, of the Mlddleway School. Richard Hadley, of the Kal~letown School, was missing when the picture was taken. This marked the third consecutive year the Ruff!an Club has so honored the youngsters for their out scholastic achieve- ments HUGH I. SHOTT, JR. Hugh I. Shott, Jr., president of the Daffy Telegraph Printing Company, publishers of the Blue field Daily Telegraph and Sunset News - Observer and operators of WHIS-AM, FM and TV, has been n~med to the Board of Directors of General Telephone Company of the Sit, heist. The announce- ment was made by H. E. Hussey, president of the telephone firm, following a meeting of the board today. Shott will fill the vacancy They do not receive any salary, areas of West Virginia. i | A num, ber of special awards have been donated by a number of merchar~ts and individuals to be given as prizes at the 14th annual Jefferson County Fair to be staged October 13, 14 and 15 at Shenando Downs Race track 't was announced thi week by created by the death of Ernest G. Otey. A t~luefield native, Shott is married to ,the former Jane Mc- Dermott. He was educated at Augusta Mili~ry Academy, Fort Defiance, Va., and the University Fair officials. These special awards will be ~iven by the Peoples Supply of arles Town, for the Grand Ghampion B,aby Beef; the Grand Champion Dairy Female; the G~nd @hampton f~t hog and the of West Virginia. Grand Cha tpion fat lamb. Active in many civic endeavors 2 he Farm CredR Cooperative he vice president and a director will present special awards to the of the West Virginia Chamber of Best Dairy Heifer in the 4-H or Commerce, and has served as a FFA elasses. member of the Board of Gover- The West Virginia Artificial Breeders Association, will presen an award to the Grand Champion _ Dmry an m ; the Blue R dge ........ Livestock wil nresent an award stein Assoc!a ton presem an ........... " - --am ion awar~ to rne t/rana ~n p [~~ to ~he Grand Champion Baby ...... , " Beef; the Jefferson County Farm rto~lstem r~aie.. -- . ..( _. . ~- : . i Bureau will present one for the ,une o~ .the t ea~!;rea high, ~ign~ Mostly ~untkV and continued iBest Female hog; the Jefferson ot me~r!aay cool today with the high 72 to 87. Oounty Chamber of Commerce a, ~sllow in toe graham.anti w},q ve Clear and cool ~ight with low-]ward will go to the youth for ~e.person~lappearance o~. Tex l~l~er, o~Ls-ranfflng st~r zn L, ze est in the 40s. Friday mostly sun- [ best at Shoxving and Fitting; and., ._ ,. ~ ..... n ~le!a o~ uountry must on teie- y with high 76 to 82. Outlook l Blakeley Farm will given an a, isi an~ rec~ci"-~s f a ~ V on (1 Lug or S turday fair and a little ] ward to the owner of the Champ- ~' . _ _ , ~ , warmer. North to Northeast lion Hereford Female. , ~riaay will be outh Day at winds 5 MPH or less this morn. t An anonymous donor will also the Fair and the jading of ing and again tonight around 10 t give $100 for the 4-H or FFA ca~l ~11 be doneat 7 p~ m. The MPH this afternoon. Wlmis Frl-l member that shows the greatest jud g of open* Class of day East to Northeast $ to 10 t improvement for 1965 to Sheep be do e 9:30 m. MPtL J Fair; and West Virginia He4- FROM PAGE I