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September 7, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 7, 1961

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ii' ) 1 ~t~m6Uor~ Un~owa ~y School t~ns Bible MLtel'lal: Act8 t8:1..3, 18.21, ~,-m; Romans le:3-Sa. DevotJon&l Beading: 2 Corinthians 4:~-18. ]Teaehors at Homo [ Lesson for September 1O, 1961 ONE TEST of a successful mar- riage would come in this question: Do you ever think of one of them without thinking of the other at the same time? Do you often speak of one without referring to the other? We have in the Bible a no* table example of a couple neither of whom is ever mentioned alone, but both always together: Aquil~) and Priscilla /3 you had inquired around in places where they lived, Dr. Fbremsn you would have heard different things about them. In Rome they would have told you: "Oh, I don't know them. Sews I think they were, and we never mix with Jews. In fact the Emperor ran them all out, and a good thing too." If you had asked in Col:tutti you would have been told: "Oh yes. you mean ,the tent- makers They have plenty of bust. ne~s. they work all the time But I don't remember ever seeing them out and around." If you had asked their neighbors a few years later, they might have said, "That must be the couple that have those big parties once a week. Mighty quiet parties though, I guess it's so~e new religious seer." With things and people easy trade. We know that when the mothers are employed in in- quality animals. Others have de. ] slate of nominees and he may ap [ per is a Junior at Charles Town, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATEi Paul left the city of Corinth, Prig- v dustry. The state provides kinder I veloped farmstead water supply ~ peal to the, county committee any Senior High School this year. Her A__R WI4ITI~I'IAV ~PTI~.MRI~.I cilla and Aquila went with him; gardens and care takers for their systems, improved their homes time prior to the date for corn- first news letter thisI ............. ' ............ ' and essential farm buildingspleting the slate of nominees, week's issue of the paper. ~ ...... ......... " ...... t~ which makes us thmk that probe- children, she stated A 14 year Additional nominations may be bauy btarnper ana Kamy o~ r~Ke ot tears. (~. r. ~vmey, ~as bly Paul had converted them old baby can be placed in one of A(~ ~__,_.|&&~_ I made by the incumbent ASC ~hile living in their home At any these im~titutions and cared for rate, the next thmg wc hear of during the day until it is 7 years ~,.~L uummHlee [comnmnity committee if these M~. Wi[s0n Given side. ington Street, Charles Tow them is as workers of a different old, while the mother works. -- ............... lure required or determined de- t, t,, [Kathleen M. De~rmg USE THE CLASSIFIED, kind, not with cloth and leather ra 3urprlse 3nower but with people. These tent-reek- Children from 7 to 12 years old Hominations attend the primary schools. Corn _ ~,.. w. ,~.. --, W" - ,~'~'~'~'~ erSthe invitedmost famoust their andhmepopularne of i pulsory education is required up g F" MISS Carolyn Carper A surprise baby shower for [IJTea ror uuTsTanalng ^, ,. ,,^, ,,,,,^, preachers f his time, a man Ittheagefl4" AreBem ,led Mrs. Marshall Wilson Jr. wasgiv-, "L" UUMINIUI en by her mother Mrs. Marvin/Work For Gnvsrnmsnt v ,. v named Apollos. They did not in- [ She said that if pupils desire vile him to their home just to be Ito take advanced studies; after A slate of nominees for mem- W|[J Wr,te News Of Shiley, Mrs. Kenny Shiley and~ n , , vv ...,,..,,~.,. AD[~|IAU~II~ [[~ sociable. They took him so as to ]the age of 16, they are required bership on the ASC community ***u . ~ .. Mrs. Marshall Wil.son.Sr. at the] Kathleen Miley Deering, admin /4FrL|/41 t,L teach him--not tent-making, but I to take certain tests, to detqr-I committee for each of the five M|~ew~y ~[|0~ Sh.iley home at Pikes]de.. . l istrative assistant in the Inspec- t, he Christian faith, the "way of Imine their ability to enter the communities in Jefferson County blu~:CwO[~itionf~ were In pink an(1 [tot Generals Office, Department Corner Charles and ~od" as St. Luke puts it ]junior colleges, now is being established at the Miss Carolyn Carper, daughter . n. g..s in a 0ass~nette Uelof the Navy Bureau of YardsWs~h|n~tan Rtra#t~ We hear just a little more aboul [ Miss Nicodenms said that all Countly ASCS Office, Richard A. of Mr and Mrs James Carner of curates In me same COlOrS an(/!and Docks, has been presented a ........ ~" ............ these two people Paul mentions I tuition, school books and health Dailey, Chairman, County Agric- Mid~." - . - _:,- a large stork. [certificate of commendation by C arles Town w V the "church in their house," This furnished free by the ultural Stabilization and Conger- meway, nag accepte~ me pus- Games were played after which [ Read Admiral E. J. Peltier, C.E. "~*" ' "" I~'~rte'are this ,week The slate will include i Middleway and surrounuing sec- nuts, mints and punch were ser-[eau for outstanding performance APPJJANCE & T. means they must have made cation Committee, announced ilion as news correspondent for delicious refreshments of cakes, IC., U. S. Navy Chief of the Bur- GENERAL ELECTR] rehey with their trade' therwiseI M~ 10 nominees for each community, tions for the Spirit of Jefferson. ved. [ in recognition of outstanding ada SALES and SER~ IC nOtheyhOUSe,wereBUt.itthe responsiblealS suggestSleadersthat ~The from which a community commit, Advocate effective this week. If Those present were Mesdames ] ptability and accomplishment in of a Christian group that Paul tee of three regular members and you have news items, Miss Car- Alvin Ennis, Jr., William Swartz, ~ ~luality and quantity of work per R C. A VICTOR - ~ ',ff calls a church, not meaning that iZarephath Sermon two alternates will be elected by per will be very glad to receive Bentley Rudolph of Charles formed during the year endingTV" SALES" & V] there were no other churches in farmers eligible to cast ballots in them and if you can not contact Town; Lester Henry, Millard Ed-I March 31, 1961. the mty We wish we knew more [ the eelction. The slate of nomin her in person. She has a tele- wards, Ernest Slusher Jr and I Presentation of the certificate We Service All Makes of ~oo~ tha wish a so that weISundaY F0r Lutherans ees must be completed by Sept. phone so you can call your news daughter Gall, Ernest Slusher St. land the $150 cash award fore had ~he whole story of which Paul [ 18, 1961. items to her. Her telephone num. of Leetown, Ed Bohrer, Eugene I sustained superior rating during ..... ~ives a tantalizing hint when he [ The Rev. Richard E Neal, pus-, The elect on~ WlU be held by ber is. 43-F-013 and it. will be very Jackson, Leroy Starliper of Mar-~ the year was made at a ceremony l~none 2~u~ ~ays that these friends (mention- tor of St. Thomas Lutheran Chur mail and ballots will be mailed much appreciated if those who tinsburg, Eddie Bohrer, Big Pool, I held Monday, Aug. 28 in the Bur ~.,~ o r,~,,vr ng the lady first) risked their ch, announced Monday the follow on Sept. 22, 1961. Eligible voters live in or near Middleway will Md., Howard Bowers and son of]eau of Yards and Docks Annex. r~u~ ee ~zw~ rocks to save his life. ing schedule of services for Sun will be bona fide farmers or call their news to her. Miss Car- Hagerstown, Md. Ruth Campbell,~ Mrs. Deering is the daughter day, Sept. 10. The Service at 8:30 farm owners who are eligible to - " Teacherl above all Why are people remembered? Sometimes, like Aquila and Pris- eilia, for something they do "on the side," something they never get money for doing. Able and eloquent men who have been off- ~.enter in their religious thinking have done the Christian religio~ much harm It was a blessing ~hat the early Christian churcb ~as not torn by a hail-baked Apollos preaehmg a half-gospel So this harmonious husband-and wife t~am are specially noted uo~ for their Jewish family tree, no~ for their hardships as refugees riot for the skill as craft-work era, not even for their heroism &boys all. they were teachers. teaching by example, by unity I~ ove, teaching by word and argu uent They did not found a cot. ege, they asked for no pay and ~,ot none They taught right where a. m. and 11:00 a. m.; sermon, "The Miracle at Zarephath". Nur sery held during worship for pre school children. Pastor's Class and Sunday Church School at 9:45 a. m.; Joseph R. Staley, Su- perintendent. Junior and Senior Luther League Round-Up at 5:30 p. m. at the parsonage. Monday, take part in one or more of the programs which the ASC com- mittee helps administer. The Chairman explained that petitions signed by 10 or eligible voters nominating m;:e sons for membership on the com munity committee will be receiv- ed at the county office at any i'Sunday Church School officers time before Sept. 13. The names meet at the parsonage at 7:30 p. ~of persons so nominated will be I m. Wednesday, United Lutheran included in the slate of nominees Church Women meet; Epiphany if they are willing and eligible to Circle at 10:00 a. m. Trinity Cir- serve. ~cle at 2:00 p. m.; and Emmanuel To be eligible to hold office as Circle at 8:00 p. m. Senior Choir a committeeman, a person-among rehearsal, Thursday at 8:00 p. m. other qualifications-must be elig. Junior Choir practice Friday at ible to vote in the election, must 4:00 p. m. First year catechism be a local resident, must not be class meets at the parsonage on or have been for one year a mere Saturday at 10:00 a. m.; Confirm- ber of or a candidate for mem- ation class meets at 11:00 a.m.bership on an elective governing body-with certain exceptionse and September Books At must not bee full time employee ....:,:::::::.. Sn you might say that Aquila -hey were--at home They did nol of the U S. Department of Agric ano Priscilla didn't make a very ~at o ortun~ to teach a t for pp ty ; ~L---I-- 1"_. _ | .L--- . ulture. Further inform tion on strong lmpressmn on their world, the made it Of such are the . _ _ " - " Y ,. rles JOWl] Lll]r fy- , these and other qualifications me ~oman ~mpzre ~ut there was ea teachers . gr t may be obtained from the County more to that couple than some o~_ Special books recommended ASCS Office. their neighbors guessed For one t~!::n:~!~ ~:t~:~!o~::~, for reading during the month of A person nominated by petit- thing, they were host and hostess N~to a u c Se"tember at the Charles Town ............ ~*~ the Anostle Paul This (we ms-"Chrmt in the U. S. A, Released b~ 1J, ion WhO IS iounQ lnellglole to ser ~** ,,,~ ~ uommunlty IPress eJervlee ) UDll ll fo s . ' p "c "orary llow: ve on the ASC Comimttee will surmise) was before they ~ecame ...... . . . W~th One Stone, Richard and be notlf.led of such a determmat- Christians, tot at that poet they ........ ........ Frances Lockridge" And Four to ion prior to completion of the are called simply "Jews, and ~ xn~. ~r~,u~ Grow, Charlotte Paul" Don't Tell Paul went to stay with them ' Alfred, Nancy Mltford; Two and partly because he also was a Jew, USE THE CLASSIFIEDS . ..]-. ,~.,., ~xr;..;:.....~ ~*r,,...~ $ ,, partly to set up shop with them, ,ey,'~"" xouz~'~"- D'I~ouu Pre--'re~u an:-d ~ ~ --.~ L _~_ for oil thPee were tent makers no Advertise In The S lrlt Advocate ..... P " How TO Live With It, Wm A ~J~0~r; ~[J[J ""! e~QI rams, Md; Your Weight and A / T,a rh, ,e Ireturned from a 50 day sight see- Your Life, Alfred L. George, MD ~AV ~ rl L~al ~bllW! |~Ut,||;|~ ling trip in Europs. The Salt Free Diet Cook Book, [ M~ ~'~@ ~_ss ue~__ , A* q.. [. Leo Widmyer, AI Nerhood and Emil D. Conason, MD; Gourmet[ ~ 1 Jell IUWalIIS UI' Jr,p JRichax~l adams Were named a~. Cokery for. a Low-Fat Diet, Elias J $2,50 [_~ ]the convention delegates and Cananna; All About the Human] Per Week TA E.......u...m /*~....&m*.... tFrancis Printz, William Brown Body, Bernard Glemser. [Phe "Ma,ste_r' ~T~-r- ]l I U LUlUp~(ill ~,UUlIIIII:3 [and Joseph Christian as alterna- The five above mentioned] --Americas || ~ | | -- lles - " books were given by the Heart~ finest washer [| ]|l[ weeklyMembers of sesslonthe Charles Town J ......... Mrs ~" ~,,,ry~* ...... mm~,'~" o..,,~.~c' ....... ~,,,'~ FUndl00 tOyearsthe librarY.and Millions of ] yet ltpaycost onb || " J ~ .' / / _.~...--"---~.~,/__ / Kiwanis Club meeting in regular I... =: ...... JUVENILE I $189 95 Easy | ~ lWlSS teens l~lcooemus were me " ' droner at the Tho [ I to for. ~1 ~ ~%~._ teachers wno spoke to me r~lwan Holds more mas Jefferson Hotel last Thurs. ' ...... Boys, Wm Edwin Hall ] ; "-'r~ /- ' ~ / C dav evening, named delo-~te~ --d J inns. ~virs, ~mmons m ner re- " " [ keePs water hot jll W alternate" ~- a"-=d .~?-.~.Y_.-_:'-./marks said they visited 15 coun- -- I longer; washes- eonv^nP~n u ~.~e~..tue.u~tr~:tltries in all. She said that langu- |~ D~,.,I,,, M~,, ] f,~,. cleaner. Saves work 'rod ". , ~u o= .=,u a~ ~)mC~*" " " ~ See It howl water VaII.~ in g~nt~rnhor nndJage was no barrier, because m all JUHII 11133i~;1 I~C;W ] .......... . ..... ". ............ European countries there is then heard mterestlng and en .... lightening talks bv two local[qu'te a number of people who Memher Cn,nfv [ NARLr:$ TOWN school teachers who'only recent'ly]speak English. She showed pic-" -w...~w, --=--...jr I A~ en mr Mass r,, -'roauc mn has taught dimension in US ._. - itures ot varmus r=uropean cas-ll MA amms&IAa [ 14k$ t,V,! Illb a n~w JI , I ties and recerational areas The ~ UIIlllIIII I; - "- " ]hotel service is similiar t'urs']|" A oiq@' ent "ntm , I 114 North Charles St. ,H! CHURCH FOR ALl.... Cooperation. Now three men operate the same machine except that some of the hotels PP a new memt)er T H E [serged a* many as twelve ,'--rses It each of the local Farmers I Charles Town, W. VL A LLF O R' T Hi[ H UR C H around the clock. And as the whi tle blows at'the change of " o ~ ...... The Church ~s the greatest factor on earth while the Home Adm mstratmn county ..... " ...... the shift one hand surrenders the lever to another-- " durmg the meal, the speaker de- . MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. I [comlnlttees have been'-announcd:[ for me ouilaing or caaracter ana gooa citizen. _ _ , clarefl. .~ j ~ ............ l bY Robert L. McKown,-FHA su- [ ~k'~1 ~A~,A3~\\'I~ ~',~"~ ' ship. It is a skorchousc of spiritual values, wheels spin endlessly. IYlISS ~lcoQemus tOl(l about me v" ' , . per igor for Berkeley and Jeffer- nor civilization ~n survive Them arc four ..... C O L O N I A L [various schools they visited, pay-[-n o,~6nti~, [ ~~~~,.~ Witlmut a strong Church, neither democracy ........... sound reasons ~h e~c rson should attendThe same ready cooperahon IS becoming characteristic of ling particular mention to the[ WiPiam B Aikns .y .type F U N E R A L H 0 bl E I fine School system in Denmark. [ 2 Martinsbur~, has"bee~l*'ann'o~'ffl~t- J - sen, ices regularly and support the Church. the work of our churches. A Church School teacher moves to They arc: (1) For his own sake. (2-) For his . L ..... ' -- ' She said in Denmark that 28% of ..... Charles Town [ ...... ] ed ...... to the Berkeley County corn- [ /l l l l Jll[] children's sake. (3) For the sake of his corn- another city. There is another earnest Christian to take over j I~~o~" - - - - -/m~ttee to replace Wflham t~. I ~~l~ d munity and nation. (4) For the s~ake of the ' ~ . . " '. Shepherd eown . . ... ~ ] Roney whose term expired June I -- _ _ _. , - Church itself, which needs his moral and ms- her class, q hc term of an officer expires. There arc equally terial support. Phn to go to church regularly n,,,~l;~:;~,A m~n ,~A. to oerv- ;~ elect J ' 35 -Te| - 162 ~l j~ A r t n "-- ~[30john S. Rissler, Route 2, Char I , ~ --- -~'~*.~- I and read yot~ Bible daily, " "t .............: "~ " "~" , ]][ For Wrapping and ~1 [ les Town, will replace L. Elmer [ " my Oupm Make willingness one of your virtues as you go to Church -' ............. , ........... . Printing Paper Products1Vickers who recently completed I _,-- =..., SundayN emlah .2 each Sunday. Volunteer for one of the humble yet all-important -- -- | Towels, Tissues, Bags, gin three year term on the Jeffer-I rsalms ......... '_ . . no zr n TTPr WJTn tll Locker Supplies ][[ son County Committee. I J"dq I1 r T, r Ha ai ] 1-6 tasks that keep the wheels ot spirltdal progress forever splnnlng. ,,v,... For Homes-Stores-Etc g[ Aikens,- ~i dairyman, operatesI ! Will Ir _ II I II~ |E ..... ~ ] his own two farms totalling more I ! lieu ~l~ ~ Wednesday I Corinthians ~ 1-9 .,.,,n~w I~//~'$J' II~ Asl~ ~our sealer ~ I than 200 acres and also looks af- I | - -- ~ ~--- --I Thursday I Corinthians ; 10-17 Copyright 19~1 Kd,ter Adv. Service, rn% Sire,burg, V*. -- Jf~Y]~F/ [~ ~n~|a~mm I)sn,~F Pn ~J ter his father's dairy farm. Start[ 1 ur I Friday Philippians Z 3-11 .....~-~.~".':' ........... ~ .............. .%:~.`~:::`:~::::::::~::.`~::~:::::~:~::::.`:~:~r.>~:~:~:::~`z~::.~`~`~`~'~* .~ ~ ~ o:.. ~" [~ /41111G:lalll lull 1bY. ~[ing into business for himself] ~ Alrmri~m jr Satu~da~ IThessaloaiani 1 8-13 -_ -_- _~ -. |~ IIAGERSTOWN. IVID. ~ I with only 6 head of cattle in 1951 ] ~k !J lira L-~L 1 ' []I --= -- [X PHONE--Reliant 9=06~0 ~ Aikens now has a herd of approx [ q-Jl|| = ...... |~-_ - - ~ imat~ly 100 head, many of theI "~I~ I~=.~" ~ ' ~~i~:"._. --- I - ~j=- =-- ........... [ animals registered He attended I ~ ~ ,i / I I West Virginia University and is[ - ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINES FIRMS BELOW ... ........ l active in many farm organizat-[ , IN SUPPORT OF THE- CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: ' | FUI I UUK lions locally. , ' | al^ ^4-1~^.. ] " J. Rissler own9 one of the most l I lU ULIIG/ ~~'~l~~ ! .......... I modern dairy farms in Jefferson l l l:i RrTRIFAI I County county-wide I monHm nt J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. JEFFE RSON LEGGETT'S DEPT. STORE and is known | IBl~lk~q~! IIIq~JPlll~ J through his interest and partici-[ ............ '~~ [ ~ I h I Ikl d~ '[ patton in civic and community afI ^,~, I.,,~ , e'~CO DEALER . HARDWARE CO., INC. ,, ~~ / I1~ | ~ I II ~ I fairs. - I ~(211 IJ~ " ~mrles Town, W. V~. l~one 405 8H~I~WIN-~ PAINTS '~gitlg !!O1~ OF BETTFJ VA.[,UES ~.,~. II 11 ~i~ | [ The purpose of the county come _ , Fhone 45 C~u'les Town, W. VL - | {mttee is to. review applmatmns[ IltC , Oho/ies Town, W. VL | .=ANTI'I f/qlW-][l .l |for FHA loans, McKown said. I CHARLES TOWN .... , .., , -. This~._,i~ l^,,i__._..-_ __'~=~'"~~=~2 / ............ [Composed of three members, l ' ESSO SERVICE STATION POWHATAN BRASS " ' H 2 ~..t~"~" ,,.~.~,,~L~&'~z,~,~ | 'each committee is set up on a ro-" ---- ' Phone 5007 Charles Town. W. V&. : , - .l'O ~.~r~Vrhr.'ka'lr'~. ~ ~" .................... as a ,|tatmn basis with one new mem-It ' & IRON WORKS S H E A N D 0 A hearin-smalles~,ligh.t~stever=weighsaid It's Sonotone's I[ rL[:~|~~I~IP/~qPINI/~ I Jber appointed each year. RisslerID~b e.t~ A-ye~oO . RANSON, WEIPr VIRGINIA zxa~t, ~,-,~---w,-~,~ w. ~ ....................... H]B~TING,.--(X)OLING PR(YDUCTS :~ only bl of an ounce. It s a wisp / . _ _ . [joins Frank Kidwiler and Stun- I I U/ r't o J. C. t:uMva x .... of a hearingaid Worn entirely / ~ n ~ ~ ]ley W. Dunn, Sr. on the Jeffer, [ ,,_ - ",~bWAYS FIRST QU&LI~Y" RANSON REAL ESTATE l'l.mbi.g - Sheet Metal - lto In at the ear. Women _hide it .with '[ 11 Ik~ H Ilk | son County committee, while Aik [ Mon u ment a cur,, men just tuck it in place. / lens' fellow committeemen will[ " CHARLES TOWN, W. V& &INSURANCE CO, Charles Tewn, W. Va. Phone 2~i'.') If you trouble under. J . - - I be Warren R Snapp and Ted I. _ _ . ,, R&NSON, W.V.~_ PIIONK 309 ........ ' , -~ -:'~ ~t~ndin,'ot~,r,, ,kea hear. / Call ~2~ [Snvder " ava,lable only from / I II~SO--E/N M/C~-~ ~ WORI THE MELVIN ~. S~I~IDEI~. CO0 ing date with-- (" / " , --- [ [ | McKown pointed out that Farm [ ....n..,.u H.W. WAGELEY, INC. -. -- .,.---v ., ,,/[ /[ersHmeAdministratin extends[l yuu! nut;n u, r~l~) BUPERTANEr G&5 SERVICE , .~ ,, ]~ COLONTA~ FUNERAL HOMIg : u. ~uL. ~ta xvx~5~ di ace ie ch " l ' , ere t ompan d by te nma .... Authorized S 0 N 0 T 0 rN E | t a [ ]. [ , , [ " (farm rnailag~e/it assistance to I Dealer. Pho.e u, W. m W.W. C .=,es T.wn ,' -erstown | M a |, a M a |mOre than 150 farm families in | of H I'gPt ~#'! IIrt [Berkeley and Jefferson counties. J MARTINSBJmn ' " 8. Y / W. & R. SALES, INC; COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. , ~l~,rl~D~ These families have used theI ,, ,,.,w ROY B. FURR, Manager [APKIANCE LI ILII|lans to strengthen and improve I 6RAtlII~ W[~K~ CIIARLES TOWN, W, VA. 6TIES 8F-~VICE Sheplmrdla~wn ,683 ~. ~/~ ~,,,,+t, !),,, .... ~,~,.~,,) / |their farming operations. Many ] .......... v,.,.~ BOX 591 ' PHONE 115 Charles Town, W. VL , : /|NORTHr GEORGE STREET !]ihacVeeare g izedt einr e ar?sb nd [.! 109 West John Street , -, Mm-tlnsburg,. W. Ca., -., Lee bur,, V. PITTS CHA-LESI WASHINGTO .... rsto |CHARLES TOWN, W. VA.|ness. They have replaced worn:]Telephone Amherst 7-6141 J. EMORY KABLE THEATRE-,-Rans0n ' rnone nage wn t /out eqmlimei t, bought auaitionat/ " ESBO DIS mtrtOg VALLEY BOARD CORP. REgent 3.3242 ](Free Estimates Cheerfully[land, cleared scrub timber and] Martinsburg, W. Va. rhone 57S-W Olmrles Town, Wo V~ HALLTOWN, WEST Vl]RGIt~.& "ALWAYS & GOOD SHOW" JGiven. Just Call Us.) ]brush, applied heavy amounts of 1 F .... " - | " "" ": - ::' ' :'..... ; [fertil r, on .Uh'ff dUC fl ds, | " .:.U.-. O.UOM ?uwn r,.. J. )replaced:'grado:, llvestock' with top I " " ........ ,_ /