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September 3, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 3, 1959

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/ __--_-~ ..... ~ ...... IJ- ....... ~!--i.-- ~- t We hope you'll have a most pleasant and successful school year. Do stop in and visit us whenever you feel that we can be helpful with your money m t- ters. We will be proud to serve you, who serve out community so well in a vital role. Across From The Court House A Community Corner Stone Since 1871' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ! h, ' ' ' ' Virginia, ~Md., Pc. and W. Va. NEWS HAPPENINGS IN Recent visitors with ~ss Bar- bara Hough at the home of her KA IL [ ' I parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hough were Misses Wanda and Carla Milburn of Hamilton, Va. By Mrs Clarence Smallwood Phone 20-F-024 Sunday wisitors with .Mr. and Mrs. Homer Newcomb were their pare,uts Mr.. and Mrs. Charles W. Rites ' Necom,b and family. Ivlces returning home Thursday. Charles Newman, a graduate of of Baptism .......... I Mr a~nd Mrs Kable Johnson Page Jackson High Scnho~.l Char- ~ev. ~ r.. ~utener t'. u. w,111 ih -"-- ." ...... -,~-,,~,,~-'*::- ~i+o~ ~f ~a~tism Sun ] em melr annual Iamlly picnic ~]~"'Se~,~" a~ duri~n-"*~h~ "Worshi: [Sunday at the Jefferson Coun.tyrelltes ToWnjuniorhaScollege,enrolledKittrell,in the N.Kitt'c. "~.'..^_ ~:' , ....... ~ " " Memorial Park Those present He is the son of .Mrs. Bessie New .......... "~" "" S meet ere mr and Mrs Reinhart John man, Myerstown." rne oa~e oi me w ~ w , . " " *,- " " : ' -"~il" '-e son two daughters Chert and Jack mg oI one mcaJ cnurc'n.w '~ ,o ie of Fr ........ Visitors Sunday with .Mr. and ~md .... , ..... ~- night Se"t on~ ~oya~ va. wno nao Mrs. Henry Clipp of Walnut ...... . o_.... _..~.. ~. ..... f ju.'t returned from a week at Vw v msteau u~ o~. ~ a~ u.c ,u,~c v ..... Spring Farm were Mr. and Mrs. l~v Alvin Ruch Av~n WhEel F~rm glnla Beach and ws~tmg his bro- George Smallwood and four child ":~" "'"- - v " f las~ t er Mr Al~uer Johnson and .fam- , un wea~esaay e enmg o ~ il f L" ..... =': _ .. ren, of Boyce, Va., Mr. J,ames ^^' ......... ~'--'--- members y o ~unom, va., Mr. ana ,mrs. Nichols a,nd son Ronny of Stevens o~ ............... me meal lxa. x r anu ~i" C~lU> ..... ...... Grady O ens and son Grad:~ of City, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lowe ....... Frank ~um.m~t Poet Mrs Lew~.s l~issler enjoyed a nay nee. Mrs. three dau h-er .~ .. . . of Arlington, Va. &LiD leader accompanied the child ,, ' , ~g~t's r'a~sy, Jane anu Patty Seal, youngest child of ............ rs ~usan m wnea~mna Mr ann Mrs Ten ~lter me rme me memoe ,. _ , , Mr and Mrs. Eddie Seal is ill "" ...... he r~omer ~ees mr and Mrs Leon with bronchitis. ~uOY:l~. Bi~I~v~grnmenw~as ~ve: of ~idmRybl~'dhl:adr~ngo:iT~Iy and Mr. Abner I. Johnson, two step the truck which was loaned by .. .-_ .o..: _ ,_ "__ sons Calvin and Cecil Ashby of ..... ~ars. Tnomas wonora, aaugn~er Suffolk, Va. were brief visitors on ~ner~ ~:am. , r ' - ' ...... who hasLa~ a An,u of Winchester Mr and , .ar~ss margaret oonnson Mr ..... "- :-" Thursday when he came to visit .... 7- -.. . s ~mrence ~mallwooa snelr oeen a ,pa.~en~ m me ~narms . " ..... , . ,with his sister Miss Margaret Town ' ', since nlece, M~ss ~anura donnson OI Johnson in the Charles Town being a1~c~lAuHu~sPiitalsubmit- f:YC~eVl~en Mnr~ #::hmUrtBss!fY' Oo,-~eral Hosoit'al. ted to a major surgery 'Monday ; ,.~: ........ " " The Johnson family received . . 'Jaw .Mrs ~o~ley an o[ ~"mKsourg August 3ts~ .... word of the death of their cousin ... ." ...... Md. Mrs, Mabel Harrison and Mr. t'res~on welsh has returnee ~o _' ............. ,Mrs. Grace ,McDonald Claeett of .......... ann Mrs. l~llly ,~ran(ll; oi unarles the nome o~ ms parents ,mr. ann . . Alexandria, Va. Services were held ........ s" wn Town and the assistan,t ,M~mster ttvlrs J~ernle welsn oi myer m "' , .~ . of the Charles Town Methodist in the Episcopal Church, Shep- after spenaing me summer vacua- Ch" "-~" herdstown. Mrs. Clagett was the ion wit,h his brother Messers Char "M~ss~-m-~~'--ally Russell who submit widow of the late Mr. Wickliffe les and S~encer Welsh and ,famll- ', ". ", , - Cla~,ett of Alexandria. - i~ nf R.r~h~t.~r N V ~haI'las ~eu o surgery an the Charles ~Mrs. Charles R. Langdon receiv ~*~d "f~mi'iy brougi~t Preston home IgWh~?Sfuitalela~t.Ml~nd~oYmAUog~ ed word of the de'a~h of Mr Theo and remained for the week. , ' , ' dore Chawastyk of N. J. after a Word fas received one day this Her parents mr. and Mrs. Page prolonged illness. The deceased B nhck ~tussell past week by Mr. Walter u " . was ,an older brother of Mrs. Lung of Drew Farm of the death of his A large group of relatives and doE'S son-in-law Mr. Adoph ChaT maternal grandfat;her Mr. Frank friends belonging to the Bush- astyk o:f Silver Spring. Bromley of Coye, Pc., Mr. and Rowland fa,mily met Sunday, Aug. A wedd~:]g of local interest was ~rs. Burdlck and chllclren Sharon 30 for their annual reu,.~ion in the solemnized Saturday, Aug]st 29 in Dale and Porgie Nelson left on basement of the Kabletown Chur Haymarket, Va. when Miss WIar- Tuesday ~o attend the funeral ser h including those coming ,from garet Irene Shultz, daughter of .................................... . ....................... : ............ , Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stephen ~:" ::"i ";::i!:: ::::'::~~~::: ::;~ l~ : ::: :::: :'::::i 8hultz of Haymarket. Vu. became , .... ~?;' ..... :',>~ ".~ '~ the ,bride of Mr. Lind,say A. Wal- lace Jr. of In,wood, Mrs~ Shultz the ~i .... !:::!::i::iii:i: i:: :ii:i:/::: ".' : ..... i bride's mother was fmmerly 'Miss Norma Heskett who spent her i:iiI iii!i!i!:::::':'ii~':'i!ilili~ ~ ..... :'.i : early girlhood days in .t~l~is como i!ii!!ii!~ii ...... .... munlty where she resided with her .parents, the late Mr. and .Mrs. !:.ii::;:?. :! Thomas Heskett and f~mily. Mrs. i: J. Edgar Ware of Woodbyrn ,Farm ::!iiii!i!}~ .... !!iii:i!ii'::~ :::~:::"!~":~!:::!!!:~ : i!!ii "~:i :'i: .... her daughter Mrs. Turner Ramey .... :: if: i: '::~!i:!~,~:.~:i~i::.iN ! ................ !i.:, :ii:!: :: of Walnut Grove Farm near Char .:-';!i,v.' :~ii;i!i }::.. ! :: les Tow,n, Mrs. Paul Chapman of : i: ::::i::ii:i:' ::::: :: ......... ~i " ':i:i Rlppon and *Mrs. W. B. Morg~an of j~iiii:~! i ; !1~ Charles Town attended therecep.Wed- :! :i!i!::iii::::i:!:: ding and assisted .with the ,tion. SEPTEMBER BOOKS AT CHARLES TOWN LIBRARY Am(~ug ,bhe .books being CeaCured l~::::i ! ll ~~~ii~ i,u September at the Olde Charles Town Li'brary are the following: The American Reader, Paul M. Angle; Steps in Time, Fred As- No, you didn t get me out of bed.., taire: The Chinese Box, Kather- ine W. Eyre: *Murder and Blue- No more jumping out from cosy comfort when the phone rings now! An additional phone at your bedside ends that-and it costs so little Get a handsome additional phone in a color to blend with the room. BENERAI TELEPHONE Americo', Second Largest Telephone System berry Pie. Frances and Richard Lockridge; The Pack of Lies, Gor don Ashe; Spring Harvest. Gladys Tabor; Celia Garth, Gwen ~Bristow JUVENTLE Nicedemu,s Laughs, Inez 'Hogan; Nic0demus and the Houn' Dog, Inez Hoga,u; The Hidden Window 'Mystery, Carolyn Keens; The My- sterlous Fireplace, Carolyn Keene The Mystery at Devil's Paw, Fran -klin W. Dixon. just a wee s, prinkle of rain in late evening. Wednesday a,nother sub ,, , .... ,I c,',n ;a:: emir,- onei SPIRIT OF JEFFER, ON ADVOCATE TIlE wEATHER AND OTHER [ion to be__________~remembered. [6--B THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 3, 1959 I ____ ..... CHESTN IT IlL } i l M,dgez orve-e-dl I a ' I . .... [Wagn(~r Chevrolet as a prize in a project are bein~ sld now at Sl the car which is being ,affered by[ Tickets for the, Ii-htin~ system I Mnt R~ Pr~~.t~d AI' [lighting .system project for the Am [ per book. , , By Mrs. Georgia Pearl[ .~us I*,.. ~,,.j~,.~.~ ~m l erican Legion baseball park does[ [ l arrive in Charles Town it will be l ........ , . ' " t ollnly IIalT A.gS(tC 1101(I I~Ise#t~ ~sln~'u ~=~ I dehvered to the person selected to '' " J~/IC;/3UII ~,UUIII] tall Ireceive it at the closing night of AI1DUa| l)i('lliC, ()tiling ~Aeather of Some Sort Attend IIomeeoming I the Fair. We have some sort of weather At Ebeneezer Church I- Announcement was made today[ The little car is being used as I The Jefferson Cmlntyl par A~- oy ~ne proprietors ol wagner I the -rand ~rize in hel,~in~ to I~ociation held its annual p~cmc every day of the week and this Mr. aqd .Mrs. Howard Ambrose iChev.rolet:. In?.. of Cha~'les Town Iraisef4 ds ~'o purchase a li'uht- [outing in Charles Town o~1 Wed- past week ,was what I would :call oz Engle, Mr. and Mrs. CharleslthatiLwiu no~oepossimetomaKe~.. :, .... . . 'hot weather on Monday morning Garrett and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. p,'esentat,on of the m,dget Co,'-I~ngd s~mug~r i~n"h~eg~,~giP~'l~.v I-'n sdavjudgeSeptember29D. H..Rodge!'s.along w~t,h in closing t'he news the morning Pearl attended the al'l day meet,- was heavy fog and seemed very ing of the one hundred and twen- vette automobile at the Jefferson lplanned to present the car at th'e Imemoers of u~e ~erKemy county low and hanging until almost ty .!~xth anmversary and home County Fair on Saturday night IFair because af some delays in IBar Association were guests of the noon. When there was same clear coming of the Ebeneezer Church Sept. 5. But instead a sample mod S shipment of the body for the car IIcal Bar for the ocea. ran. in~ and the air very humid and in Loudoun Heights, Va. and also el of the litle car is expected to lit will not be possible to have the .... close a very warm ni'ght. Tuesday enjoyed the sump, tous dinner the arrive here in time to be placed lear ready for presentation until Drug vie,ved as a new hope in morning hot 97 here with us and women relics nail prepared; the on display at the Fair. And when ~a later date. Itreating gout. dinner was free and I feel sure everyone enjoyed the dinner and try morning continued very ho; all day 98. Thursday morning quite a great deal of dense fog and weather very sultry t,hermom- ;eter climbed to 100 here at Blue Ridge some clouds in late evening. no rain ,ground very dry. Friday mor,ning a shower which with us :it was very ,welcome. Not quite so close but if one could it was best ,to stay in ,the shade and Saturday morning we were anxious to brea- the real cool fresh air after a ra- ther comfortable night during the day was very pleasant and cool during the night. Sunday morning more fog and a heavy mist and about ,noon a little shower which in The evening a real fine freeze and what a night to slumber on and one really felt as though they had enjoyed a wonderful nights rest I am closing the news, the rain is pattering on 'the window pane. 1Monday morning raining and a little cooler, ,Miss Patsy Wilt of Charles Town and who is now employed in Washington, D. C, spent Satur- day eve~ning with her uncle ,and aunt Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Pearl. So glad to have Patsy make a visit with us. She is a wonderful per- son and so proud to know of the wonderful work she is doing. Best wishes from its two uncle and aunt and a wonderful success in the future. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl .were luncheon guests Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. John Love at their home near Charles Town. Mr. Charles Garrett has been quite busy the ,past week. He as- sisted Mr. Howard Wilt with lay- ing Block for a foundation for a new home ,at Shenandale and also with ,the assistance of some neigh bors moved a small cottage, the boys were very successful in their trans'portation and every t'hing is lookmg very cosy. 'Mr. and Mrs. Herman Garrett and Mr. and Mrs. John Hawk were visgors Sunday with the for ,reefs parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garret~t of .Mtliville. Mr. and Mrs. Eugne Wilt of Mur rell Hill and son Lee and daugh- 5he wonderful fellowship and meet ing with ,old friends and making more new friends and I feel most assured every one enjoyed the fel- lowship horn'. During this fellow- ship hour I visited the cemetery adjoining the church and visited the grave of my grandfather Geo- rge Washington Derry, his body was moved from the old cemetery to the one now near the church and was buried in the lot by my mothers brother and wife Mr. and Mrs. William Derry. I also met with some relatives of .my mother as her birthplace and old home was a short distance from the church and she often spoke to us children how precious the Eben- eezer church was to her as she was converted there when just thirteen yeaz\s of age so there fore that is why I have a heart desire to have fellowship and worship at t'he place where ,my mother was so happy, This anniversary day was a full day from 10:30 a. m. until 4 p. m. music and wonder- fu'l song service and the supt. Mr. Robert Hardy gave a wonderful talk and very touching prayer and the minister Rufus B. Pink gave a fine address. It was a wo,~derful day not such hot weather as we have had some fog in the morning and cloudines~ at noon and then a shower and sunshine in early evening jus.t a nice day for every o,ne a very large crowd in the.moT ning services and also afternoon and also a large number of folks that ate dinner there for myself Available Now -- Good Used Trailers. Low Rental Advance and Low Monthly Payments. Rent Applies to Purchase. We Deliver and Block to your location. RAILER SA ES Route 15, 1-Mile South of Frederick, Md. Open Daily to 8:00 P. M. Including Sunday CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. A) Yll-3321M-Y30- C11>31-1M-902C Crew neck brushed wool-mohair sweater. sire !" "MARJORIE MORNINGsTAR" in Warnercoior with Gene Kelly- Natalie' Wood - Claire Trevor "THE PICTURE ON EVERYONE'S "MUST- SEE LIST!" SHOP PENNEYS FOR ALL YOUR ,SCHOOL NEEDS FOR BACK TO 'SCHOOL!! BACK TO COLLEGE!! ALWAYS THE NEWEST IN SHOES, FASHIONS, MEN'S CLOTHING AND FAD ITEMS! ~isitors iMond~y evening a~ the home of Mr. and ~Mrs. G C. Pearl. Mr. and Mrs. Estel Wilt of Mur- rell Hill ,were guests 8wturday co- erring ,with ~he ,formers parents Mr. and Mrs Howard ,Wilt. daugh,ter Tressa and sons Bruce ~,ud Warrdn o'f Murrell Hill were grebeam, .Mr. and Mrs. Aut~hor Brown .and family of Federat Hill was Sunday evening supper guest. Mr. Elmer Jenkins and little ,ter Cindy Lou were Saturday o9 O ~" n,ight guests of the formers par- Sizeso. to 4. 6.9a J ents Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Wil.t and daughters An,tionnette and Arbutus. B) Yll-9801-Y30 100R ,Mr. and Mrs. Junior Harding and ti,ttle son Johnnie were visi-, Full fashioned Pen-Lon tors .Wl:t?n 'the 'latters grandmot.her of Brunswick. sweater set. Sizes 32 to Mrs. Myrtle Wilt a,nd Mrs. La- 42. Tern Tatton packed a very satisfy ing lunch for the .men folks who Cardigan - - - 4.9 are working at Shenandale where Mr. Howard Wig is building a new r: 9 home. He is the contractor and at C) Yal-400-Y30-.)05Z noon hour .the .men folks were ready to partake of this appetiz- Lady Towncraft little ing meal a,ud t,he women folks also enjoyed ,the ~feasting. iron Proportioned cotton Mrs. Stanley Lainge of *Martins Shirt. burg was a visitor Saturday even ing with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl Sizes a0 to 40 2.98 at their home. FORT DRIVE-IN School Days Again Happy days are here again. On Route 340--2 Miles West Those wonderful days and it isn'.t of Harpers FerrY, W, Va. * all .the children that like to go tc Classics have more hondrs (and new school I asked one of our little ' ' ~ looks) than ever! The fresh, smart boys incur n'eighborhood recently Wed.- Thm's.- Friday look of shirts, sweaters and skirts is will you glad when school ,be- September 2 - 3 - 4 stunning in rich burnished colors and gins?? His reply was no mum, I will not, .this is his second year so "The low-down on the girls subdued plaids. We have all the new I asked how about last year. Well who get around!" fashions, with all the right accents at I don't know but I wanted to go last year. Well I can well re mem- 'PARTY ,GIRI2' smart savings Your school budget ber my school days. They were in Color and Cinemaseope will go fat" at Penney'si precious to me. I often ,pause for a with Robert Taylor moment :and recall the memory Cyd Charisse those were the happiest days o~ 104 E. Washington St. Charles Town PHONE 780 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE my childhood. There was no ~bus tc A I, S O --- ~:~.'::.::.:~ ~ ::::::::::::::::: ~;~:~':z::~a:.:-~ ~- ,~.-=..~:. ~:.:.=:~,~ come to the door. We walked a- "Brothers with guns who.. iiil ~) !i i! i ii i ~ iilii! I{!i!~iiiiiiiiii~il;~~ii!ili!!i{{{ilili!!!!!iiiiiii{{iiiiiiiiiiiiiiili}! cross ,the fields about a miNe and "SADDLE THE WIND" !iiiii iii!ii !iiii !:!iiiiiiii::iiiiiiii! a half to die No. i0 a little red ! ii:ilili!i li!il i i! ili[iiiii iii!i!i :!! i !! i :iii'ii::ii iiii:::iiiili!ili :ii!i!iliiii ii{i!!i !ii:!!: ii!!iii!i!ii i:iii - iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!i!iiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:::iii brick school house in the country in Color and Scope ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~!: !~ }:}::::::):::}:}:::::::::::::::::: ".iiiiiii::iiiiiii~::i!~!ii~..~'~:~ ,~}::::::::::::::ii::::::::::i::::::ii::i::i::i:. i,n a farming section. We walked with Robert Taylor ~::~!~}::C::~i~i::~i:::::::: ~'~ :i~::!::::;;!::~C~i~i~; ~!!!~!ii!~!i!:~ii:~:i!:l ~._~iiii~!~!!!!~i>ii~!!i!::!:!! rain' suns!hine r snw and enjy SaturdayJUlieon,y,Lndnsept. i i!ii*'iiii~ iiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiii[ii "~ iiiiiii:!i!~iiiii{i!;!i i i!iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiii::i::('~"/{,,i~{~..~ .... ~!:;i:::iiiiliiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiiiii ed it and we didn't have the op- ~ }i::~::~i~i:::::~i::::~!::;i::::i~i ::::~i~::::{~}::~i::;~}}~i~ [!::i}::!:::::i~:}i::ii::~i!i~i~i::ii::i ............ i!~::!!#:::iiiiiiii;i::!ii~i : :i:!:i~i:!:i:i:i:!:i:~ :i W.':: ~!:i:~ :::i~:::~:$: ~ !:i:i:i:i: :i:i:i: :i: : : :i:: "' la~ '" ':: : : 3 :~:}:!:i:!:!:::i; :!:~ portunity ,then as the chiidren 5 ..... - ....................... ::::::::: ................ ~.,~ ~ .............. iiiii::iiii::i}iiiiii:~i ii{ii::iiiiii::i::iiiii::il ii~:~;~ < ~;~ ~ i~