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Charles Town, West Virginia
September 3, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 3, 1959

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:~ate Senator Ralph Bean has all , but announced. All three of these men can be regarded ~S "serious" candidates in the sence .that each ~* will e~pect to wage a campaign de PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VAs~gned to win it. But there are not mv "rut /,~c'==~c:t~M ~llmllC:gall~t'= t"t~MPANY, |NC In any ~ho believe that either ~_ ..,._ ,.,....,..,.~...,. --.........,.. ......... IBean or Skeen will emerge ~ucces ------- .... ----- ~. ~_. ~ ] sful. Skeen presently holds state- ALL SUHCR,Vr,ONS DEUVSRED ,N THE STAVE ARm SUBJECt VO a% c u ~ wide office but remains one of tJhe SALEE TAX SUBICRIPTION $3 50 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. I " - ~ i lesser known state officmls Bean t is president of the S~n~te, but 1~ IPIRIT gSTABLIBHED 1844 -- AOVOCATE ErI'ABLISHED t885 COMBINED MARCH 11. 19411 MAX BROWN, EDITOR OFFICE NORTH G~ORGE BTREK'T ---- TELEPHONE 222 , SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR !14 YEARS AND READ BY MORE tHAN 20.000 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. ENTERED AE ~ECOND CLAEE I~ATTER AT THE POBTOFF|CIK IN CHARLEE TOWN, W. VA., UNDER THE ACT OF MARCH ~, IS7S. WEEKLY NEWBPAPER RF..,PRKSKNTATIVF..8, INC NEW YORK CHICAGO ATLANTA DrrROIT LOB ANGELES MEMBER OF THE ATIONAL EDITOI is doubtful if his candidacy will ~tt1~ct mu0h attention out.side the eastern section of the State. And there have been few men in Vhe eastern section of the sta~e who ha~e managed to successfully mount a state wide campaign. The Bean candidacy may as weM be headed for the same fate that be- fell l~te candidacy of J. Howard Myers four years ago. In addition to Skeen. Barron and Bean, there are three other persons ,who have indicated more ,than a passing ~r~terest in making ,th race. They are HuleVt Smith, who is presently chairman of the State Democratic Executive Cem- ml, ttee; H'oward Pauley, who ~is presently Speaker of t~e House of Deleg~,tes; and .Milton J. Fer- guson, former S~te Tax Com- missioner and unsuccessful can- didate for the nomlr~tion ,four born to Mr and Mrs. Charles E. is ,married to the former Miss ,Shenandoah Garden Club I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON fARMeRS ADVOCATE Seal, Charles Town; a daughter, Paye Zinn of Tunnelton, W. Va.IiTo Meet Wed., Sept. 9th!i 4--A THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 8~ndra Le~,h, born to Mr. and and Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. ~ --~ ------------- t Mrs. Clyde A. Robinson of Ranson -- ' ~.~._..,,.~...,-,,a~r,~.,~.~..~., and a daughter IAnda Lou born Paul D. Mills Jr. of Halltown. ] The Shenandoah Garden Club New Hours Announced to Mr. ~nd :Mrs. George W. Moore Airman .Mills and his wife will] wil meet at the home of Mrs. .a^. m .... ,:~ ..... library will be open every .~ Jr. of Knoxville. Md. reside with Vhe former's parents'Jamesl .8~nseney on Wednesday, Cha. s noon flom 3 until 5 P m Surgical patients admLtted tofor the presant. , t~he hospital were: Robert O. Can |Septembei~Qth at 2 p. m. (DST). iford and Mrs. Ruth M. Hines, ---~ |All members'~=e asked to be pres Announcemen~ was made this 8:30eaChp.FridaYm. ,mgh~ from 7:30 "enL Knoxville, Md; little Lilly Palmer RE~D THE SPIRIT-A30VOCATE week that beginning Monday, Sep Charles C. Smith, both of Charles Town; Mrs. Rosa O. Willingham, Alfred H. Johnson. Jr., MlllWlle; Mrs. Oladys V. Dunn. lit~tle Con- hie D. Johnson, James R. Pierson, I-tarpers Perry; and Dean Hocken smith, S~enandoah Junction. ~Medical patients admi.bted were Mrs. Eva B. 8mallwood, Harry J. Smeltzer, Mrs. Edna S. Smith, Donald R. Sm~llwood, Mrs. Arlene Punkhouser, Mrs. Eunie J. Hltt, Mr Samuel L. Phiilips, John C. Engle and B~by L~vetta Hughes all of Charles Town; J,aseph Bar- ron, Route 1 Kearneysvllle; Mas- ter Wayne P. Hardy, Millville; ~Vlrs. Margaret E. Longerbeam, R,t. ~ H~rpers Ferry; Maser Norman MI)owell, Kearneys~lle; Rich- urd L. Nelson, Hagerstown, Md.; Donald R. 8ni~, Knoxville, Md.; snd Howard L. Ashwood, lq, anson. Out patients u~ the hospital were: Kat'hryn Jones, Knoxville, Th,,,.,,io,~ ~t~,t~mh,~r ,~ 1OKq years ago. Md.; Rod Spencer. City; Sharon Stmth is beheved %o be a "corn- . ettit, ;McLea.n, Ca., Richard .... er" in state party ~oli.tics and Nelson, Hagerstown, Md.; Brent IN, lkiPl~hhlll~ tiJiil~l~lig IPkUh' ,bears watching. He has done an Virts, Knoxville, Md.; George Bun ~A~r~uu~ ~rr~. r~ excellent job as state chairman, ny, City; Charles Munday, Ci,ty; and is perso~nable and well-liked. Dwi~t Hoffman, Knoxville, Md.; ............. he f t re and it There are some who 'fe~l he would IHarry Sme~tzer, City; Henry Haw ~% z! e pas , ;s an.y mmcauon . u,u -- .. :not make a good campaigner, but Ikins, City; Harry Ashbaugh, Har- You can make the Labor Day Weekend one generaity ls--~ne commg nonoay weeK-eno Will De anomer q, ha t he would make an excellent Jpers Ferry; Gertrude E. Rochester ' ";~: week-end of tragedy. For millions it will be a week-end of governor IP,,ockville, Md.; David Hoffmaster, wonderful holiday for yourself--as well as your rest and commemoration. But hundreds of families, ere his/~c:~lid~UleYw.:h~ ~eel~n%i~trhgeat JeBra.k~r~~' Wpa Va~teSr~:Sa; %?Y ~ ,:t family--with these fast-fix foods for outdoor the week-end is over, will receive the sad word of thely on the decYi nof o g mzed ta'jCity; Marcus'i utherford, Boliv r[ ~:~ fun feasts! These fUNsational FOOD VALUES "% ' Y are perfect for picnics . . . and your best bets death of a loved one in a traffic accident. ,bor. James Slon ker, Inwood; Beulah : '" r~,,, ;,, ~,,~ A ...... t ..... ~,o,~,~,.,~ ~-oA;,,~ +,~1,~,~;~i~- "ro i Pergamon had an excellen~ re-IOrndorff, Kearneysville; David L. ~~~'~:~,2"."~,:~" **" .......... t~ crd as State Tax Cmmlssiner I Oayhart' l~aasn; Winme Hackley { O / S for better barbecues, too Treat yourself to a grams even commercml a verusemen s preacn u ,rer.and ,is. unquestionably an able JHarpers Ferry; Cathy Riley, Brun G I labor-less weekend . ; . and treat your picket- folly of recklessness on the highway And yet notwith-!man. But having waged 'an unsuc- lswick, Md.; Donnie Andrews, Ran .: ::::% IPLE :*i!!:; standin this monumental effort between five hundred and icessful campaign for the nomin-[son; Willis Hough, Shenandoah book to BIG SAVINGS... by shopping MARKET "a thou gand people a week lose their lives on the highways, l e C a e t ete n tth0 agc .h JJ anCratmnl issRUrt ' i trY k MANOR, todayl Much of the trouble is that the great majority of the people ]many :feel that his nomina,Uon J'Shackelford ty; Lucy' Poston, :.i!i who hear the warnings fail to heed them, naively believing iwould be am, intake and might minlKearneysv!lle; Tommy E. Mills, ::! :ii:ii :" ... ........ ;o .....eon else "It can't:irmze the Domocr tic chances in|Ranson; William t;raw,ord, Sos- libby &$ happen to me represents the most fatal, the most dang " 1 In ,politics anything can happenj~ ' ................... " ous sort of thinking the American people are capable of.!but ~t t~s iparticular moment ltj A|.m.n Ds..I h lUlIll. V . % STAMPS If it be. conceded that the. preaching of the necessity !,.looks..norse frOmrace between this cornerHulet;tlike Smitha real] #~kll,lllGII /auI Y. IVllll3 ~ ~~:~;'~~; ~%:~ ~~G~~" " ):i~:i/!iiiiii~Y~/: ~~ 0: for care in the use of the h ghways has been largely m- ............ I .. . . r . " ....... " F n )ossibl and wa,y rmrron ~s m me oner- ' " " ng. The Perguson candidacy and J uJscnaroe rr0m Army effectual m reducmg the numbe, of deaths, the 1 Y 1 em lo ed We est rigid en Pauley candidacy would in all I other methods should be p y . fig " " -, forcement of our traffic laws and heavy penalties for rio- ~a~b~bit!'tY hu~ Sm!,th and help ~ ~':~::iii::5:G~:'~J'~:" ~ hi her ' oy spii~ing me vote lators We also suggest that motorists develop a g " "- % "" " ; You get one stamp for each lO:purchase, fm.~ . - a~ Dne same ,ume ~,ne ~ean can- degree of respect for traffic officers. 1"oo often we curse didRcy ould a:ll probability de- the officer who is simply trying to save a life, The prob- ~traot somewhat ~from the Barron 14kern--see how quicklythey bring you gift after gift! lem of traffic safety is too big a problem to leave in the candidacy m Vhe. no~herno and ;~; . . eastern par~ oz ~ne ~ave. 1I F, Fle hands of a few men or women, a problem fo, all of I race did boil down to these two Quart !': us. Not until each of us comesto a realization of tha'cJmen, Democrats would have little Jr fact will death cease stalking the highway. Ito lose. Bothmen have a:bnity, and L J ...................... l.both have shown a~ ~bi'lity to , , , I rise above party and petty fact- Quart ~: - ' ........ ' ' ' ~ [ionalismw And ~, candidate of that ' ~ ,sort is hat West Virginia Dem- : ocrats need if they are to recap- ture the &overnor's mansion in Quart Can 1961. W.M.=,.--;; ' Democrats For Governor The race for t~e DemocraVic nomination for Governor in West Virginia, just a few short 'months away, promises %0 be one of ghe most interesting political races in West Virgima in some time. The ~feeli~g ~s ~h~t who ever comes up with the Democratic nom4nation will stand a better than even ~an ce of returning the governorship ~o .the Democratic Party, and for %hat reason the Democratic nom- ana~ion will be vigorously sought. At ~he moment it would appear that the Republican nominee will, in all probability, .be former Sen- ator Chapman Revercomb. As of the moment no Democrat ic c~da~la~s have taken the vir- tually irrevocable step of filing, but at least Vhree ,possible candid- ~tes have let it ~be known they will ,probably be in the race. Wallace W. Barron, of Elkins, and who is now Attorney General, has been getting around over the state quite R bit and seems certain to be a vandidate. Orel J. Skeen, State Treasurer, h~s indicated he will *probably make .the race; and Only four biVvhs, three girls ~and ~ne boy occurred at %he Char ~es Town General Hospital during t'he period of Aug,x.~t 26-29. Airman l~irst Class Paul D. ~Iills Jr., of HaHown was honorably discharged from the U. S. Air For- ce at For~ George G. Meade, Md. August 31. While in service Mills was a sen ior creptographic operator and he served 18 months in Germany. He IT'S BEST-BUY SEASON ON NEW CHEVROLETS RIGHT NOW... 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