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September 1, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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September 1, 1966

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' T0 LOCAl, MEN. , SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE [THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1966 LI As an enterprising merchant you are quite naturally con-/! ! cerned with the rapidly rising costs of doing business. Your/Stickm~v~trs'MJsepne~arl:l~ ~r~' I pot" H rrv C. Dorsev PUBLISHED EVERY T]t RSDAY I p2 -YoOb]ect Is to increase your flow of business at a Imn-] hou Mrs.' Herbert Er Withers 1_ _ "__ -'. _ . ~ and Miss Jackie T" g ................. SHING CO INC I Newspaper advertising has been proved to be the most/ I(0mpletes Advanced "rum , rr tt U .t-tJ Ja . -- "d. .. " [ By H ry W, Morrow effective way ever tried of increasing business. ] r_...__ M/*.lI.%.._ P..L--I..... L[ ...... 210 North George Street - t naxies Town, w. va. I - There are several reasons for this The. most. important are:.[ rfl$1 li WIIllSlll lUl RUll$I [ a ITInt nt /raining Zip Code 25414 i 1. Reaches a larger guaranteed audience m your buying/ , ] ----- ----- mmmmm area--newspapers axe paid for by the subscriber and conse- rnmn[ e lnuu nnnlu [ Fort Clayton, Canal Zone 22 500 .... ,^ quently are welcome into the home wit;h the same regard| ,u-$ ,mgyn$ I NC) - Army Private Hat POPULARITY I zs, you want to hand the elecuon [ ...... ~ ~n.~eA A} A~Ane ~ [Cloyton L. Dorsey 108 He~ RB&D BY MORE THAN ~ PEOPLE THE PRE ....... ~ ...... j ............. : .... ?. driven other purchases and dehvery ]s guaranteed by the U. Dorsey, 19, son of Mr. an, . . ~. r'osT~illCe. 1~VUl o~ /41 /4111~110/ I~IU. . ' Second Class Postage Pard At Charl~ Town Postofhee I Dr C.~,~, Gallun is a nublic ] to .the opposltmn on a silverI 9 q~,~, ,,~, ,~ ......... : ............~ ..... ~,~,~ l~,,| [ Martmsburg, completed 10 -- -- .-- ...... ~ -- ~ t er. ,. ~,,~ .,?,,,~., ~,~,,,~ ,,..~o.,~. ,~ ,~ ,~-~,,~v?* ,o ,~,,~,, -~ of advanced infantry traiv . I opmmn samp.ler. Lyndon B:Jolm:[ P ira? .... [ the subscraber when he is in his most receptive mood, relaxed/, Athens, Go. (FHTNC) Aug. 15 [ Fort Clayton, Canal Zone, t ,,.,,,~,ua, u,.wePAPE| I son is Presmem of the um~e(ll TInS noes not, nowever, meanl ___, .~. ldsure ~ ~avy -.nm gn wrmam o. ~umKu-1 .. - .... ~H,~- ~.-~,.,~j ~ ~ ~ ] ' / e ed wil lauua~ e " / " I riewastrameammapan , P, ,-, r- har that Senator K nn 1 not . . nst, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lew~s A States. For some reason, pecu Y " " ture " " " , ........... .. 3. The advertlsmg message is always available for fuSta les of Martinsb r a c pass reading, land-mine w A C T t,, b,,th men , each of them seem f,,d ~ ,~ ~f ~avi'~hzang ,,, h~s . p u g, .h s ore- . . . I ~:~ ~$ ~J t be keenl in,terested in the ularit ' "t continues as it reference (and the commerclals are not tur_n_ ed off for a quick pletedthesix-monthBasicQuali-andf!rmgtheM-14rfflean_ o Y pop y if I ' " - "n the are a welcome com anion i ' machmegun. He also lear n~. I work of the other Two weeks a o trip to the bathroom--] fact ~ y P ). f cation course at the Navy Sup- g probably w~,ll. There has been[ .![ ....... . [ tecnniques ot jungm wart~u I Dr Gallup went around and askedI e lati writ en this col- 4. VlsuJ impact makes a rere definite -n31pressln .n, the ply Crps Schl m Athens, Ga" --- ~ [ / alotof Democrats and Independ-umn before to the effect thatl buyer s mlnd and has a more lasting effect than any audzlx) Yl The course lnctuded instruct-lion and rnl]ntprin~urgpnrv spe u on t m ' " " " r . . eluding survival, escape and MAX BROWN, General Manager _.. eat voters who they would like Hubert Humphrey's star, barring / impression. . ..... | ion in office procedures.and sup-| ations ................ ..... DON RF2 CH, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. lt o see .hea mg me emocrat]c| presidential disability, is pres-[ 5. The cost is surplasmgly low ]n relation to effect For[ aP y sea an.o ashore: r e] " [TlcKet m lv~. ~. ~. g:. or ttoo-| ently at its zenith. The speculat-] example, a ten inch ad in the Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate| s?. e r eo ~o recewe an(~ issue| T To~ rPl~ ~1,~oo;4~; ..... l ert F. Kenneoy: io me great[ ion heretofore written in this/ ~{ll l-~ e,a~n ]~xr at- l~,.,~t O~ OO0 ~r~n]o-in tho huvin~ araa| materials ano cargo ann prepare| ~.~ow ~w ~.~,~o, xJ National Advertising Representauve, [surprise of the pollsters and to{ column was that the President] and maintain correspondence files Attend Church This V .... ............ -- i. o _:- . - - .......... o --, ....... ..... / even talk that cheanhr . I Detroit- Chicago - Atlanta. San Frandseo - Los Angeles ]In generfflo ne answernapp nea I s amply- replace him on the tmket[ ' ........ / I I I j ............ ........... lin zut z am not so sure now,1 ] ! lIHIOll Ilia IlIlla ll lla IFa l resuR of this the speculation has r" a " 15eta W Va. Tax fore the w y things presently I IIG UI II1(ill /UI SUBSCPdI>'rION. $5.00 Per Yr., Plus " 1 :z z m n:ne lne ythweil ff?; twha [look, that when 1968 rolls around] SPIlUT.ADVOCATE TO SERVICEMEN l U . . , the President may be forced, by ForBuainess, Newsor AdvertismgDepaxtments /until 1972 .to make his bid for]Kennedy himself, to replacei To a man in the armed forces a letter from home is a val- [ , IO n* [ 9_ ~aal,~l |SOl DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 the presidency, and second!y that Humphrey with--.-guess who?---- uable possession. Next to that he would enjoy having his / " UIl(ll dUtAdl I Lt:l / .............. e___[ Y. / home town newspaper NOW you can send him the Spirit of/ because the polls .show the Pres- Kenned ............. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1,1966 : :!dr his iia dCaau ! s*phnseldent :pceb!l e fegT A eetpeu YWdhet e n lh:p rl ctHetiwfll:2 Ys'i] ' m po ," " pecially the home town and sectional football games this Fall , ~ s popularity ~s down h s , " " 1 n wst me are unwarranted Even if it " e i " " LABOR DAY THOU6HTS / be conceded that the poll taken]not doing a good job O1", statedl Then, too, there s ,always a. great bighelpingof local, e I HtKFF nmVF. .... ~. .... | by Dr. Gadlup is really represent- I ~nother way, this is the inference./l ems ; news aoou ms relauves, imenos, neignoors, a. over I -- ---- " ''"--" "" No one in his right mma" quesuons ior a minute prol ative of the thinking" " of Demo-[Dr, Gallup is free, of course, to] the county and possibly many in. this area. Plu all of this, I osition that the AmeriCea ebO mUeiO maoud ::etr )e oYn and Iond npeydec t io r e t./c dUethhiis iPOlmlS, ~I a~ll s~re[ [her;:Lamlarg m UI er of, :lp]ctUtrre;eOf p ele I t he whole coguntry. Tribute that will be paid across the the notion that (short of presl-I iness in his polls that is confuS-~Yoi~l scription to his favorite newspaper, The Spirit or Jefferson- ] F R 0 S T Y F R E E Z E onl of union members but ator Kennedy seriously entertains h 'm But there zs a certain sneak li t r from h the well bern of this natron, not y " * . " " - "ke a let e ome --- and there s nothing like a sub- length and breadth of the nation next Monday the Nation d:nt~ldinS:tbfl~tY~:::tsi:t~ytiJthlne p Os dYn ,hpl;a riBYi: Advocate. Send your check or money order today, with his RANSON, W. VA. it shoum we y observes Labor Day, 1966. That is as " . " .. Whi~te House as iong as the Con-!., - ' _ . * complete service address to: Spirit-Advocate, Subscription] r leaders and their s Kesmen, nex vzon mere is an mterence ne is labo po enn , De artment, P 0 Box 231, Charles Town, W Va hope that the . - stitution permits. Senator K - . P .... day, will see fit to insert a few paragraphs iri their speeches edy is no political novice, by al.02ind. a good. lob. I d oat @! ] ..----. -- .... dealing not just with labor's gains and labor's contrioution long shot. And he would be thelmra: ru;po el?'u e'thw atdgal y[ ..................... ,- - / to the welt being of this country, but with labor s responsl; first to ad.m~^that even. if .thel of most ~eople to believe that if[ t:0blMUNIIY H Wh?Afl:K ~ i m v I I v / m=~ 1 * bilit. The working man, the laborer, has a rign a aecen situation in woum nna aim l ....... I Y" " ~ ul t an the President|a rresmem is no] popular n el o work and to share the fruits of his more pop ar h , ' " c " wage, to a safe place t ' .... " " 1 [ carat be doing a good lob. et cAjAnd A statement of how zmportant a ommumty newspaper, ' " , triKes and work din- the nomination would scarce y .... A M. T0 | P. M. productivity. But, lets face it, not oils havin It is inconceiv what upsets me even more that such as the McArthur Democrat-Enquirer, ]s to its commun- $4- .... . a'd be worth g .................. ruptmns come within these n tsCOn mne itlHeO2n SnO : :il r able that President Johnso: re iedlen;/ henSnheaSt ;end ity, worth reprinting comes from Ed Grady, editor of the that the right of free speech d ........... [would abdicate the office with/ .".. .. " g: t] Maquoketa (Iowa) Community Press and Jackson County fire in a crowded theater. So is. wlua to swIKe.[the possibility of another full] smenW~orrm~_her ::; Sentinel: r ' SERVING: ' e where the UDIlC lnl;eres~ IS ann OUght; . ox ms per]arm u t~ ,, Strikes in the ar as p . . I term ahead of him. And it is/ ~, ...... , ..... ~.,~ ..... ^..~ a.'_[ Without Its newspaper, the small town American com- rutinizea ann wa . . m v" .... to be paramount need to be carefully sc , , , , :,YSleven more mconcewable that the[ nrow -r disarmrove the way] mumty would be like a school without a teacher, a church SANDWICHES BREAKFAST fund to rmz lar u) secure [ Cnventin wuld refuse t nm" ! ...... 'ii " and mearm ought to be pe _ .... he is doin thin s I was erson- wzthout a pastor or a home wzthout a mother. In the aggre- ' " " dan e in the ublic interests, inate him, regarmess oz his rec-. g g" P . ~ ~ , lust raghts without en g r g P .......... ~1 t e that the Presz- gate, the weekly newspaper determines the outcome of more DELICIOUS LUNCHES r a y happy o se . Labor unions and labor leaders axe people. Some are good ord atfl~hat_ti_m..e_ The_re. was~ma2! den,t's popularity had tumbled elections, exerts a greater influnence for constructive c m- The ood need the unions ano ney talK OI uolng just tlZl~ WIUII~x~,a~.gJ, -- .~ . ~ ' ' and some are not so good. g . I ...... ,. ,o o ,, o0, ,o./do not wmh him unpopularity as[ mumty progress and zs read longer by more members of the r need to Know ~'~"~" "" ......... ~ ............ need laws to protect the unmns. But the bad .... [ where F-r a Convention to re-/such. But the fact that zt wasl family, than any other periodical pubhcatmns. Through ser- thin the do in the name of orgamze laoor ...... that not every g Y [pudiate its titular leader, whoI down gave me some slight hint[ wee to its community the county weekly will not merely .... can be done with impunity. " I also happens to be seated in the/that he was more interested in[ survive; it will continue to flourish as the most represent- Thank Y __ . -------'-'---- I most powerful office !n the worldthat/being . President than in beingt afire, most distinctive, most wholesome type of journalism , ---- TDAItlWC ATtlAImEl FERRY I and who wants to cominue in popumr. -I America has produced." : -' IP.~UI~II~U ,~IIW~" aa saa~u ,~ I~ . "I - . ~ I 1 The announcement last week, in Harpers Ferry, by GeorgeI great.booster of Jefferson County [ 'T~ C tefs Son" [ f'ha h Tnum ~am~n'e A report was given by Mrs. R. ,. B Hartzog, Jr., Director, Na onal Park *Se.rvice, that with!n ann Lne, ,a erntvannana e ", r .... [ ~amHt,~ av.. tymllun M an~ I~: lty, State Ed cat!ol the next year and a half Ha s Ferry will uecome lf ent in Jefferson Count * " " .... " *~ " " e The hr .... ~ ....... ~ ......... ~, ~ wna,rrtran, ~tr~ur~ee~o ~no~ , -~ . . . ~n~h~l.ei~. ?:iO? eeSws z e sp y commumty, to others ,and to club Let us give credit for this momentous news where credit Yet through these reflections Two Morning Worship Services Jefferson Memorial Park was cussed and clubs were asked to is due. Let us here and now extend our heartfelt thanks to there is a view of disappointment, will continue to be held at 8:15 the site of a picnic giVen by mem- have reservations and registrat- Shipment in September October Jenning Randolph, without whose untiring' and unceasing In expressing these d,isappoint- and 11 A. M. through the month bers of the Charles Town Junior ion fees in by September 6. efforts none of this would have l appened. He introduced the merits of today, there is a risk of September at Asbury Metho- Woman's Club on August 15 for The Eastern District will be legislation that brought the Harpers Ferry National Monu- ofoffending the people of Jeffer- dist Church, corner of N. Charles prospective new members. After hostesses for the State Conser- Certified Free of Harmful Insects and Of Any Resid meat into being. He fathered the legislation that brought son County for their lack of and North Streets. For Sunday, the picnic, the business meeting ration Workshop and Outing to That Would Conflict With Pure Food and Drug adequate community leadership. September 4, the Rev. Mr. Lee was col*led to order-by Mrs. James be held in Cacapon on September ards. the facilities of Storer College within the framework of Nat- I will assume this risk in hope Wiliiams,,will use "The Carpen- Gore, president of the club. A 23-24-25. Registration fees must tonal Park Service activities. Now, through his efforts, the local Jefferson County interest is {ers Son for his sermon topic, skit was then presented by Mrs. be in by September 19. training service for the whole National Park Service complex aroused to lnttiate action... Is it The 11 o'clock service will be R. Manning Kelly, and her com- The State Project of the Junior Grassy Mixed I ay. $38.90 ton is to be located, not in Walla Walla, Washington, or Tekas possible you have too many lack- broadcast Over W~VA. mitiee, Mrs. Robert Watson, Mrs. Woman s Clubs will again this FOB off car Robert Turner, and Mrs. Blake year be Mental Health. Local pro- City, Texas, but in Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, WestitadaisicalHarry"DemcratSRepublicans,and "YOUor justd ustCircles6, will meet Tuesday, Aug- Harrison, explaining some of the jects under this heading were dis Virginia: -------- One of these amendments con- ~~ cerns the lowering from 60 per- cent to 50 percent those in favor, of school bond and levy elections for passage. This means that shotfld this amendment pass, if 100 people vo~ed and 51 voted for the levy, it would pass. In fact if the percentage turned out Ranson, W. Va. to be 50.001 percent vote it favor- August 29, 1966 ably, the levy or bond issu~ would Mr. Max Brown, Editor pass. ! Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate The question is, does a 51 per- Oharles Town, W. va. cent favorable vote, aithough a Dear Max: majority, indicate the true desires Please accept out: thanks for of ~he people? If lowered to 50% your editorial of last week regard- why not at some future time we ~ing Powhtrtan s expal~sion pro- wiU be ask to vote on another gram. AiImugh we know that amendment asking that a 40 per- those in (mr community who cent vote w~ll pass an i.%ue. If a speak from aJhougtrful considerat- school system cannot be the in- ion of all facts are never guilty spiration ~o voting county citizens of taking the older established in- for a 60 per.cent favorable vote dustries for granted,. ~t is good why .~ower it to 50 percent? This to be recognized in print for our is another way for the politician contribution. I know your re-to get ,into your pocket. Seriously marks will also be gratifying to consider a NO vote on this amend other industries in our county, meat, particularly Haltto~vn Paper Has this amendment come Board and Dixie-Narco. We all about because school administrat- try to maim our efforts worth- ors are worried that their pro- While, not (rely for our stockhold- grams have not met needs and ers and our customers, but forhave not kep ".up withschool thead. our empIoyees and their families, ames, : xtavvt cou,ty and for our community as a mmistrators given the public a whole, good reason for voting for build- simple inadequate state and fed- eral representation in govern- meat? Highways Major roads into the county are obviously inadequate With two major race tracks forwarding their tax tolls to the ~tate Govern ment for a number of years, it would seem logica,1 that the cou- nty should have an adequate high way system. This problem may relate to poor government repre- sentation at the State and Federal level. hools High SchoMs had weeds around their buildings this summer. Doors to gyms, auditoriums, :or- ridors, etc have rusty and loose hinges. Classrooms have inade- quate ventilation. Even re- cently buiR Charles ToWn High School has poor ventilation sys- tems. I am not surprised at this condition when you check the West Virginia State Coding for school buBding. Your local schools are second rate fire traps when modern day construction is considered for Elementary and Junior-Senior High buildings. Mortar in the bricks has f lien out of many schools. Living in Pennsylvania, I sug-i gest that your local and West Vir-~ ginia officials visit the Depart- ment of Public Instruction in We're sorry you were out. of ing bond or teachers pay levies?. Harrisburg. town and were unable to be with This past year perhaps signaled~ Prompt dispatch of qualified us for our groundbreaking cere- the mast numerous defeats furl leadership and community respire monies. It was a Proud day for levies in our state in recent times, sibflity to these and other obvious PoWhatan, we are deeply The cause - - - ? The cause may grateful to a~l star~ in Charleston and end on those who took time from their busy schedules the north west corner of Congress to share our pride in the confi- and S. George Street. dcnce our ownership has shown Very truly yours, in present management, labor, William J. Brown and in our community in making this expansion possible. 519 Wynne Ave. Sincerely your, Havertown. Pc. 19083 Powhatan Brass & Iron Works August 23. 1966 C. F. Reininger Spirit of Jefferson - Advocate President & General Manager 210 North George St. ,Charles Town, W. Va. Aught 28, 1966 Mr. Max Br vn, Editor Spir~ of Jeffersma.Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Max: At the November election, vote rs will be asked to vote on a num ameadmeat Charles Town, West Virginia 25414 Attn: Mr. Max Brown General Manager Dear Max: This is my initial effort of writing an open letter to a news paper publisher. Encouragement write to you vn many i, troblems wilt make Jefferson ounty a better ptace tO live and visit. " Very ~ruly yours, H. N01son Jacobs Sbepherdstown, W. l~ August 29. Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles ,Town, W. Va. To H. W. M.: "Where Do We Go From Here?" Look at thc other side of the coin! How .did they come ~here? We declare "All men are created equal." How tong shall we ,resist! cquaHty in prac~tice? O. C. S. GO TO fltUROI SUNDAY Circle No. 1, Chairman Mrs. Grover Goode, will meet with Mrs Lester Ott, at Mechanicstown, at 2 p rm; Circle No. 2, Chairman Mrs. Henry Hine, will meet with Mrs. Ralph Rickel Jr. 509 Euclid Ave., at 8 p. m.; Circle No. 3, Chairman Mrs. J. W. Carroll, will meet with Mrs. Glenn Ramsburg, 810 Morrison St., at 8 p m.; Cir- cle No 4, Chairman Mrs. Thomas Wolford, will meet with Mrs Al- fred Linaweaver, 212 N. George St., at 8 p. m.; Circle No. 5, Chair man Mrs. Allen Marshall, will meet with Mrs Alfred Marshall, 637 Jeffe~rs0n Aven~e, at 10 a. m. Circle No. 6, Chairman Mrs. Ed- ward Morgan wfli meet in Fellow ship Hall at 9:45 A.M. A Nursery is provided for this Circle. The Commission on Worship, Chairman Mr. Donald Cline, Will meet Tuesday ht 8 p. Sr. Choir rehearsal Wednesday at 8 p. m. The Commission On Educatitm, Chairman Mr. Edward Morgan, wfll meet Thursday at 8 p. m. Mrs. tam/B. Master hbalti0n l ree At Indiana Ibiversity Mrs. Larry D. Smith of Wash. ington, Pennsylvai ia, was award- ed the degree of Master of Edu- cation at the annual s immer corn- mencement exercises at Indiana Univers{ty of PennsylVania, ifidi- arm, Pc. on August 21, 1966. Mrs.' Sntith taught for three / years in English department at Blairsvilie Junior High' School, ] BlairsTilie, Pc., and is presently employed at Trinity Junior High Sch0ol in Washington, Pc. She received an A. B. degree from West Virginia University in 19~2. Mrs. Smith is the former Miss Mary Louise Saville, daughter 0f Mr. aitd Mrs. J, E. Saville, 310 South Mildred treet, Charles Town. A1TEND CHU!EH workings and goals of the club. cussed and several are under con ('/. A1~1~ -4 h ~- M~v,,,t Membvvs uvu,ugu [u 1, b ,lu ,,,, ,,,, Christmas articles and Mrs. Har- After the meeting was brought ; 4U. U - IYUI OII car rison, chairman of the project, to a close, those attending were passed out catalogs and order treated to refreshments by the ~t/ "~ --" "'~ ~'" "" ~'~'=-" "~ blanks. Anyone wishing to buy combined efforts of the Charles ~U ,Jr or ~vlore Allalla - l l)t Oil articles may contact any club Town and Martinsbur~, Junior member Woman's @lubs . ABOVE PlaICES ARE BASED ON CARLOAD It was also decided to raffle a Guests at the picnic were" Mrs P~t/ O12DI~.R tree ic - " " -- .......... ceramic Christmas , wh h Raymond Pickett, Mrs. John will be cleaned and painted by Stump, Mrs. Vincent D. Brad. ,~r~-~ Tr,c~ ~r~r~,~tr Mrs. Gore and Mrs. Robert Burch. shaw, Mrs. Larry Fri.tts, Mrs. Alan i~_~_JE~ U~ IX)lJ/~kI The fine arts committee willMichael Haught, Mrs. Irvin have a display of handicrafts Prtopps, Mrs. Gary Arthur, Mrs. ~ ~q, umB~IPUtu ~l~ made by some of the club mere-|Allen Kibler, Mrs. John Porter ~lr/rM~l~ MllllNI'KN t/AIP% bers at the jefferson County Fair| Burns, Jr., Mrs. Matthew Mitfle, FVV uu-,-uuu uru in October. 1 Mrs. Addison Hurst, Mrs. Leon- ~JlJ~']$ ~MAWI.E.~ q[hD~trNl C~/'tP$1RA'PIVE On Tuesday, August 16, thet ard C. Nicely, Mrs. Kaye Bush, ~~/~' ............................. Hillary ,House in Charles Town Mrs. John T. Smith, Mrs. Michael r"~ DIAL 725-2212 RANSON. W VA. was the site of the Eastern Dis-i Cronin, Mrs. John Morris, Mrs. " " trict Workshop. Tkie meeting was Robert S. Chandler, Mrs. Donald _ _ I 1 called to order by Mrs. Thomas L. Marcum, Mrs. James Meehan, -* ~ - " ,- : v- ==--'..- -: t t ~" .- " v] Burke, Eastern District Chairman Mrs. Don Chapman, Mrs. Joel i Would you believe .... / I etecrR,c- FLAIdELSS1.ECTRICHATEDHOIdE| CAN BE HANDCRAFTED ON YOUR LOT... I I FEATURES .... (AFTER A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT) e6 ROOMS oWASH|R eWAtt TO WAtt CARPET @ INSULATED WINDOWS & SCREENS 4t1~ IIATNS oDRYER eCUSTOM BUILT CABINETS ~ MANY MANY OTHER ITEMS INCLUDI~D etAUNDRY, eDtSHWASHER eCERAMt BATH (TO0 NUMEROUS TO M~NTION) OVI~--HOT PLATES {GRIODL|--HOOD & FAN) mira Ce RPt n&Tlt bl. (Local Builder- Local Service) -- Visit Mico Model Home. Next to Coming ' ..................... Glass in Martinsburg, W. Va. PHONE 267-8928.