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August 31, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 31, 1978

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8 SPIRITOF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1978 li?00 , ,, Byrd s.Eye Vtew Realism and Railroads A quick glance at any map of the United States reveals the impact of rail- roads on the settlement of our country. As tracks were laid across America, huge areas opened up to farming and ranching; towns sprang up, and cities developed where rail lines met. Our founding fathers real- ized that improved trans- portation was a prereq- uisite for the success of the American experiment in democracy. George Wash- ington, concerned about uniting the far-flung sec- tions of the continent, wrote that it was necessary through transportation "to supply the cement of inter- to bind all parts of the Union together by indis- Congress originally in- tended to sponsor ConRail until it was financially able to stand on its own, but that day seems to be far away. ConRail has again come before Congress--hat in hand, palm extended-- asking for more federal dollars. In a time of auster- ity budgets and conflicting priorities, Congress needs answers to some hard ques- tions. The Senate has approved an amendment I proposed that would require closer government examination of ConRairs operatimm. I be- lieve that Congress cannot make informed judgements on budget priorities with- out accurate, concise, and complete reports. My amendment directs I IOATING I TOPICS by Bob Brew=ter I MERCRUSER OUTDOOR CONSULTANT WOOD REINFORCES FIBER6LASS When buying or repairing boats, people are sometimes surprised or puzzled to find wooden reinforcing members buried inside the fiberglass laminate. Is this good or bad, some want to know? Wi]] it even- tually rot and weaken the boat? According to the MerCruiser stern drive boating experts, the incorporation of wood in fiber- glass boats is a recognized and approved practice If the wood is totally dry when built into a fiberglass laminate, and if care is taken to cover it. over completely with fiberglass, wood is very un- likely to rot. This is because a sound covering of fiberglass tends to seal out dampness quite well Also, rot experts believe that the resin brushed onto the wood's surface while the work is being done tends to inhibit GARDEN[ When it comes to roses, less is more. The less you leave after pruning, the more, big- ger and better roses you'll probably get, "'7 MPROVE YOUR ROSEI with' proper pruning. Make all pruning cuts just above an out-facing bud in order to let new shoots grow away from the center of the bush and minimize crowding "Do not sit among the mockers, they are the News About all creature,." Matthias ! Pain Re|ief JUNIOR "MISS JEFFERSON COl .. .,, ree. CHARM REVUE KEEP ASTHMA IN CHECK Chances are you or some- may be triggered by bran- one you know suffers from an allergic disorder, such as. hay fever or a skin rash. But, more than a million people in the United States suffer from a far more serious allergic disease: the severe shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing attacks of asthma. An acute attack of asthma is triggered when a par- ticular substance to which the sufferer is allergic, ir- ritates the small bronchial tubes, causing them to swell and secrete a thick mucous which blocks the air passages. During an acute attack, breathing may become nearly impossible. Sweating and straining, the victim wheezes and gasps for air. He feels as if his chest were caught in a vise. Untreated, an attack of chial infections, especially severe colds or flu. Asthma may also be aggravated by allergic reactions to drugs, including penicillin and aspirin, and chemicals and additives in food. Once the cause, or causes, of asthma are discovered, most attacks are preven- table. But don't try to diagnose asthma on your own. Your doctor will pre- scribe treatment and drugs that will help prevent fur- ther attacks. He may recom- Sponsored By: THE BOLIVAR CIVIC ASSOCIATION OCTOBER 14th, 1 7:30 P. M, HARPERS FERRY JUNIOR HIGH All Junior High School Students Eligible Special Entertainment Children $1.00 - Adults $2.00 To Enter Call 535-6528 or 876-2038 soluble bonds." the U.S. Railway Associa- rot spores from germinating Cut back dead stems to the asthma may last for hours mend the following: pODGEVOLVO IH DODGE VOLVO IH DODGE VOLVO IH Railroads remain the tion, which alreadymoni- and developing into wood- point where they meet ;y:Vennda[:  Ue:::erh a s-D:uttsmk:m[fP:silb]ed VOLVO : backbone of our transpor- tars ConRail's financial per- rotting zungus, healthy ones, and cut back tation system, although they formance, to deliver peri- Plywood is often used for a any part of a stem that is spasm of the bronchial Y ..... " .... 5 now facestiff competition odic reports to Congress on goodr.cason., diseased. Cut weak stems to s:Syl es ......... dTul tne netp oK rooms, especlallytnosewlm-out adequate ventilation. O-= ! USED CAR i zrom mgnway, oarge, ann ConRairs operations, cost I uurmg ,manutact.ure, blg allow nourishment to reach P g. xne ooctor r ' ogsare pcelea into thln veneer, vigorous wood When two ..... -- Ca e for all colds mfec- alr carrlers aJso WORKS with the pauen ' control and marketing pal- which tends to dry out quickly, stems cross, cut back the ....... tmns and fevers. If you have . One.of.thenaon's!argest icies. In this way, Senators to alscover wnat suostances trouble breathin - when freight nnes is unslioate ca ^^ w*'t onVq's Then the heat t the laminat" weaker t a grwth bud are causing the acute allerc " - suHering zrom any ofg-these ! CL[ARANCItl i n s ........ g rPrSanSitTdSo:sturd:lv off below the point where they 'l?:h: ashtmaCac p2t?2;t ailmm:dn::el_See your doctor Rall Corp., or ConRail, problems are and what its which Congress created in manaeers are doin to car- Y . .  . ' . cross. That allows air and ' 1976 by consolidating sev- rect them.  bo ny the tzme a slleet of ply- light to penetrate - can then avoid the triggering  , ,Y"  , , . :;tl ]inebe?.skrnpt Northeast- By identifying and acting ao0d finds its wayto a boat Weak varieties and thin ...... --eiect neaaacne an(] pain stu:a?:::ei:aennset.tateu relief medicines carefully.  AT CLARKE MOTORS ! ctory, n is naeiy to  very 1 ConRa,l carries on serious problems i n . shoots shoud be cut back .... s .siwity. to Many people who develop  . % = .  a;,, ...... harder than vigorous varieties ;:r::n'a?:'ceinie:aem  asthma may have a severe fourth of the natitnne'; plenty, of time. we ca: wooc?clncgtrirmg:rSlo and straight shoots. Prune l frei-ht throu - 17 t " avmdtheaisaszerousenect .. . P ., allergic reaction if they g gll S ares .......... ,,,,,,yv= tree roses harder than bushes =Ca t thC:unPe=n:hn:: y take aspirin. However, the including West, Vir''gmla, on .lcal economies, ot can- teUSutrheY:r:toC?d?naZ;l'al  and hybrid teas harder than  whr_' ,,1 th,-,, cehngmney'lsmgrutes- o K" majority of asthmatic pa-Oi I i ......... ' .[i sands  Ctlsha: "o': We also fulfill our obliga- P p P g p andifloras and floribundas over which tO lay and brush  .. As with other allergies, tients can take TYLENOL O , .. , . une at least once a year. asthma can develop at any for the relief of pain, with- .....  tions to the customers and aown glass mat into u ana Good advic ^ ':'-^ .L: :_ a-oc:omicc, i gumralr :n communities served by Con- _h:ectlon reinforcing available in a new, 672-page age. Infants may be allergic out harmful effects. to certain foods, while -- Your doctor may recom- " ' Rail--as well as to all tax- crushed stone. In addition ....... $ .. ' ...... excellently illustrated gar- ..... payers--zo assure tnaz me ros.astlfst te sreP deningbook, lt's the Reader's adultsadlescentsare oftenandmoreYUngsen- othermend exercisc, s.Special breathing and 5;st rgP':ians aT e railroad performs accord- .' 6' Digest Illustrated Uuide to sitive to inhaled substances, -- Try to avoid tense situa- n u mg zo sauna management is m the fiberglass over R, hull Gardenin written in an eat a n al payroll of $7.4, rail- strength m hardly affected g Y such as dust, pollen, animal tions. Anxiety and emotion- llon, prlncipleg. " to-read style with easy-to- hair, and feathers. During al stress may trigger or follow instructions, surges- middle age asthma attacks worsen asthmatic attacks. A Pubhc S@rv,ce O This rslp,r  ,, . . o 1975 VOLVO It could help make your  245:Automofictronsmiss,on, $AAQ more like a bed of __--= ,-(" ..... =--=_-z__"' ....... _ ..... #   station wagon .............. "II"= '#'  FINDINGgarage STORAGE SPACEprecut 7) ll To prevent your car from an equally wide variety of E-! __-_ =  O0 : :* ":   taking a back seat to bi- permanent, sturdy, wood  cycles and outdoor furni- buildings. One group of O --.- _ .... 0 ;:i:: winter, get busy and create frame and trim kits. additional storage space.  " " "------- mnv. Prepared bytheAmerican i Season after season many .1./ ' \\;, ,'-=== If you've had your car for 25 years, it is officially an O [Fo]---Blllm .................. -:: "':"'7 homeowners find them- /:. ----- F Association of State Colleges antique and qualifies for special license plates. selves opening and banging  ?. 'J [ rll B and Universities (AASCU), a =  '*' ....... car doors against lawn-care II |/Jl" t(,.'i* I ] L/lill national organization of pub- Z 1 0 ....  ':; equipment and barbecue []'1 I|'[.. ""-'- $ lic educators dedicated to f grills. They even fall over _| t- [ ---- expanded college opportu- their own watering cans,  I ['._./-.-= [ nities and high standards of .>. ,-Rm ] hoses, rakes and folding []-Jl.=,./'/'/ /Sx'rJ  llIF I II academic excellence.   . chairs. [[_=__, we neeQ all Q Will the recently pro- 0 Some expeditious people, I ---- : -- --=- ....... ,s N! I posed tax credit help me pay t 0 however, have solved the MINIATURE BARNS are TJI w, UJ for my daughter's college   o 1975 VOLVO . _ problem by erecting a yard appearing in the yards > 242: Automatic transmission _,#J}MIJ building intended solely for of many industrious lm tuition? [ g  ' >O air-conditioner .............. arlk''71m ! the steady accumulation of people who find they lJPqgI|o ** * _ "saves--as d. the outdoor-activity equi V- need yard storage area.  A. That depends. Some I medcon-built. Handles 4' & . =, people may be able to get up %' Io=: "3{" ..... meat that s common to .'. Each section of these   to $250 in tax credit, but " snowblow. 4' dozer, most families _ . ' wood buildings is numbered I ;e rm#;h, many will ket much less or eoada_r In-nli.o :o z ...... ..... : ..... .: .._:.o 0 One o! the nicest aspects to match an illustrated vvummmmp nothing at all. The approxi- Sale= and Service  ton loader Iog-sphtter. See ..... our d=sploy redo oz a yaru sorage structure is assembl- -lan When - ou  O  mately 80 percent of Ameri- Financing Available ' y.  ,::I,T  . . ,, . . . y P y  :: tf bm, ldmg ,- slmp!mlty, finish putting the structure  *" " can college students who R. ZACHGO and SONS , 662-276{I 6 i t x.oulreauy aon  ounai,you together you can paint or ll attend public colleges and Rt. 7 East, Winchester, Ve. (Behind Denny s Furniture} > i) :: "71? ' II gimpy assemble Dy ZOUOW- stain the exterior to har- o "'" . community co]leges will  rr ": -':: ,' Ing complete step ny step ff .- --- . . " " monize with or even match  receive less, student aid [ A]sPG RO instructions. " our house i ....  0  F .............. : :' Y ....... recipients won t recewe the The only tools you need Check with your nearest WVe cannot fad in following : nat.r. " Mntalnna i full cred,t, and part-time F ] z  =': : i * are wrencn, nammer, hank home center, or favorite ................. =" i studentswon'tbeeligihle. *" v.-:'i :'i screwanver. XI you non t information about these R own them already, look for easy-to-assemble new stor- / Can You A ..... "YES" ,o These I J', { = too, 1 like Crescent, Lufkin and In one weekend, you can I  Do,o,,. ..... , ...... .. ( "I[KT" J colso, at your hardware improve your home by ad m The Town of Shepherdstown will I 1  Doo ........................... t tl"zl I ding 500 cubic feet ormore >. |44:Stondardtronsmission, $OQi I ,oo...,,,,,, ..... ,,,o,, 1  1974 VOLVO . _. There are many sizes of of additional storage space I conduct ca Public Hearing on Thur-I | PEPsYOU CBECOEAWORROWr! o newtires...: .............. ' lightweight metal yard barns and, at the same time, give I gdoy, September 7 a.t H'le ghepher- [ available today, but there's the garage back to your car. [ [ [[ -- I _ [ I dS'OVVn Hall b g n g [ I IF ACCEPTED AS A PRODUCER. WE OFFER I .... .twain The U.S. Department of e in in atl:30p.m. I *Professiona]Guidance *MarketmgServtc e g Transportation s Federal n * Exchange Membership * Complete Supplies I  ploysAViatinmoreAdministratinthan 1300 womenem'air i ',%,.,.,O;;.O' the hearing !. to: [ I FREE BROCHURE, ) | traffic controllers. I ]) and.prpsu[' on I o I 0000;d;.ond I I---NTIONL J i "First-day misse0 1 3)  obtain come,!$ from the.c.ifiz..$ I o ....... ....... . ,, s= [ D.v.iopm.nt p.,orm=n II- ""--'"*l ..... .... ...... I on Shepherdstown's Community I .............. "::z ....  .....  :, the I bus!' I . ,.-.-,.........sin..,. ,.s, ,,.,,,, " n .. Thi,shearing will be held inpreparation of the n " ........... " " .... : mDeve'pme"tA*tf'"" m ,,, ,,,,,o,,, ,,,,,,- ,, ,o ,,,,, ,n I " . AKER ,,74VOLVO . __, ':: ....... ...... m > |45:Blue, automatic trons- :::::, CO VERSE S E S . mission, oir-conditioner ....... s36V00 nothing else Ii i CALL FOR |  . : of.a.. is good enough I  , k :, ".-' I-] Perfect Granite i us :-- YOUR | . ]lk ,, """ F-} Superb Craftsmanship N D .-. ,.,,,.,,,,. V-]Cust0m Design Service ,,,=m,, I CO CRETE MIX .,  .L./ ;.; ........ II Well /ill il " -- -* F-'lWriff,n n,.rantee Can the heating season be, far ] --'=J;n by w,m0uzHmeLnm,[ behind. WRh the addedrmk of andle Concrete -: r''  ='-= Tb,t,ubatmMe,u,, andfirelsS'RealtytheMreIn'ua"Cellcompany " . Jobs Professionally l[ u, _,. ) tbemot trusted name Washington, Alexander and in memorials Cooke Agency offers to review - -- your property insurance to be [ m *CARPORTS PATIOS DRIVEWAYS II " Jlrlllnl.,llllPirll sure of adequate protection, i i SIDEwALKSo BASEMENT FLOORS II ] m, hck 00| BATA , sion145: Red. ...................... stondord transmis- Sqll P,__. =nw= ==u...= considering inflated rebuilding We Havo $o -l'o-$eh $o|e Shoes 0 s , . ,.In : _.. ranite Work Moor l 0 FINISHING II m , m.c,o z ,,-- ..o .,u:. .o ,.oo,, "" e ngurance In I F"'--F-R FC - oo.,.oo i00CLARKE 109 W.John Street AH'" TUR ONCRETE J DIAL267-6141 Re=" Corn II , "Y P"Y PRODUCTS Marfinsburg, W.Va. Waghmgton, Alexander !1 --- FREE --- AndCooke !! DIVISION of TgRF [NTBIPRISr5 il m SHOE r.,,,.r., : MOTORS, INC. "" Since 1870 Charles Town, W, VS. '" =" ! 237 W. Washington St. CHARLES TOW-N,W.VA.  "Ham# Of $ rIc t [ CUSTOMER PARKING . il0 North George St.. 725-MI5 [] i ii ii IIHIIIIIIIII II i i _= - -= -==: -= =_- -= - l. PHONE: 304-7:25.7776 := DODG|Phone662"7855VOLVOIHDODGEDeIerN'vOLVG1838 : Education 1