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August 31, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 31, 1978

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8 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1978 CITY OF CHARLES TOWN FINANCIAL STATEMENT JULY 1, 1977 TO JUNE 30, 1978 RECEIPTS Cash Balance on Hand 6-30-77 9,417.23 Balance in Hands of Sheriff 0 Real & Personal Taxes 49,754.29 Dog Tax 144.00 Police Fines 21,031.75 Jail Fees 879.50 Judges Fees 3,484.00 Police Pension Fund 1,774.00 Licenses 6,246.75 License Fees 185.00 Rents 14,390.00 Building Application Fees 77.00 Garbage Fees 48,158.96 Parking Meters 13,000.00 Utility Tax 20,869.40 Liquor Tax 25,063.56 Pole Tax 388.75 Franchise Tax 4,177.07 B&O Tax 24,395.07 Payment on Radios ,from other towns 71.40 Miscellaneous 28,413.67 Potomac Edison refund 13,324.0( Money from plans not returned 15.00 Anti-Recession Fund transfer 11,597.43 Smith Nadenbousch refund 1,969.00 State of W. Va. 750.00 Damage to traffic light 25.00 State Auto Mutual Ins. loss on vehicle 25.50 Mayor Master-phone call payment 2.00 E. W. Day 32.50 C. T. Sewer Dept. 133.00 M Williams 140.00 EDA Street Paving Account 135.20 C. T. Water Dept 244.98 262,504.17 Total Receipts 271,921.40 DISBURSEMENTS Ca tegorical Listing A-General Gov't. 74,228.09 B-Protection to Persons Donnie Fiddler (C) 7,071.62 Donnie Fiddler (D) 210.43 Kenneth Fiddler (C) 4,216.28 Kenneth Fiddler (D) 166.96 Stella Fiddler (A) 606.71 William Fiddler (C) 396.00 Q, D. Fleming (A) 300.00 J. Russell Fritts (C) 60.00 Larry Fritts (D) 113.40 Dorothy Furr (A) 300.00 Roger Gaskins (C) 125.00 Roger Gaskins (D) 100.00 Gateway Construction (D) 3,030.00 Lorenzo Green (D  73.60 General Telephone (A) 359.66 The Greenbrier (A) 261.63 Grimes Truck Center (C) 1,434.62 Dr. Win. Hancock (B) 54.60 Hankey's Radio (B) 1,732.90 Hann Electric (A) 21.00 Hann Electric (D) 32.40 Charles Henry (B) 8,872.94 Charles Henry (D) 120.00 Richard Henry (D) 320.00 Hills Gulf (B) 380.24 Hill's Gulf (D) 9.00 Thomas Hose (D) 312.80 Carlton Housden (C) 217.60 Carlton Housden (D) 303.33 Impression Products, (B) 34.02 and Property 107,994.76 C-Health & Sanitation 40,001.59 D-Streets & Roads 32,432.07 G-Unclassified 9,267.00 H-Capital Reserve Fund 0 Independent Fire Co. (B) 1,500.00 Industrial Towel Supply (A) 162.60 Jefferson County Commission (C) 7,350.00 Jefferson County Commission (D) 30.00 Jefferson County Commission (B) 2,000.00 Jefferson County Health Dept. (C) 200.00 Jefferson County Motors (D) 649.41 Jefferson Memorial Hospital (B) 21.70 Jefferson Publishing Co. (A) 547.00 Jefferson Tobacco Co. (A) 101.34 Jefferson Tobacco Co. (B) 40.77 Harold Johnson (D) 80.85 Kable Oil (A) 244.98 Kastle's Men's Shop (B) 1,543.50 Wallace Kuhn (A) 23.63 Wallace Kuhn (C) 367.77 Wallace Kuhn (D) 1,178.14 L. Smith Printing {B) 42.00 Lafayette of Charles Town (A) 51.89 Lafayette of Charles Town (B) 21.40 Lafayette of Charles Town (D) 11.45 Liskey's Auto Sales (D) 1,500.00 Smith Nadenbousch Insurance (A) 9,994.10 Smith Nadenbousch Insurance (B) 959.80 Southern States (C) 145.07 State Tax Commissioner (A) 875,00 Albe.rt Stringer (C) 55.44 Albert Stringer (D) 94.71 Stuck & Alger Pharmacy (A) 13.41 Sunoco Service Center (D) 14.26 Supertane Gas Corp. (B) 406.20 Temco Uniforms (B) 83.01 Thnmassen Ford-Mercury (C) 6.79 Thomassen Ford-Mercury (D) 124.87 G. A. Thompson Co. {B) 200.00 Thompson Towing Service (D) 125.00 Valley Hardware (A) 50.50 Valley Hardware (B) 33.00 Valley Hardware (D) 244.57 Lisa Viands (A) 494.50 Elizabeth Wall (A) 300.00 West End Gulf (B) 111.78 West End Gulf (D) 81.35 Western Auto Associate Store (B) 1.45 Western Auto Associate Store (C) 2.60 Whitmore Lumber Co. (A) 21.73 Whitmore Lumber Co. (D) 365.37 Marshall Williams (G) 140.00 Williams Motor Parts (B) 4.66 Williams Motor Parts (C) 49.19 Williams Motor Parts (D) 132.77 Wilson Typewriter Co. (B) 85.00 Abbie Woodward (C) 4,764.52 W. Va. Public Employees Insurance Board 9,284.16 Abbie Woodward (D) 1,740.18 W. Va.'.Dept. of Highways (D) 102.24 W Va. Municipal League (A) 78.00 W. Va. Workmen's Com- pensation Fund (A) 2,156.62 W. Va. Public Employees Retirement System 40.00 Total Disbursements 263,923.51 263,923.51 Fred McCauley (A) 300.00 Alphabetical Listing Fred McCauley Dr. Earl Allara (C) 50.00 Landscaping (D) 120.00 Asphalt Products Co. (D) 914.19 Herbert McDaniel (A) 81.01 Avey, Steptoe, Perry & Herbert McDaniel (C) 383.00 VanMetre (A) 558.50 HerbertMcDaniel (D) 2,744.29 Bailey Comm. (B) 280.00 3M B.P.S.I. FDS2944 1,146.84 Norman Ballenger (B) 8,479.87 Magaha, Inc..(A) 455.85 Max Barrow (B) 9,265.09 Magistrate Court of Bester-Long, Inc. (D) 278.31 Jefferson County (C) 35.00 CharlesBowens (D) 16.17 MartinsburgJournal (A) 41.66 Grace Boyer (A) 23.00 Donald Master (A) 600.00 Edward Braxton (A) 300.00 Donald Master (A) 122.29 Briggs Welding & Mrs. Russell Mays (B) 42.50 Radiator Repair (D) 27.00 Merchnnt-Noland Louis Brunswick (B) 8,553,13 Chev.-Olds (D) / 410.74 Raymond Burcker (A) 84.95 Miller's Printing (A) 333.75 Burroughs Corp. (A) 1,452.94 Miller's Printing (C) 156.90 Dorothy Bush tA) 25.00 Miller's Printing (G) 30.00 J. Robert Cain (A) 8,000.32 Gregory Mills (A) 127.89 J. Robert Cain {A) 42.52 Gregory Mills (C) 186.70 Car Parts, Inc. (C) 3.26 Gregory Mills (D) 1,094.62 Casto & Harris, Moler's Sunoco Service Inc. (B) 199.12 Center (B) 168.31 Charles Town Building Monroe (A) 36.50 Commission (A) 10,600.00 Edwin Moreland (D) 11.55 Charles Town Photo & Henry Morrow (A) 1,200.00 Gift Shoppe (B) 33.15 Douglas Nichols (B) 5,734.53 Charles Town Sewer Ott's Business Dept. (G) 3,890.24 Services (A) 59.35 Charles Town Water , Ott's Business Dept. (A) 220.16 Services (B) 37.68 Charles Town Water Oxford Chemicals (D) 81.49 Dept. (B) 4,125.86 Franklin Painter (A) 71.63 Charles Town Water Franklin Painter (C) 298.39 Dept. (C) 6,000.33 Franklin Painter (D) 2,167.9 Charles Town Water us Park (A) 780.00 Dept. (D) 1,564.83 DarrellPenwell (D) 70.00 Charles Town Water Peoples Sunny Farm Dept.,(O) 4,910.17 Machine  (C) 38.95 Citizens Fire Co. (B) 1,500.00 Peoples Supply Farm City of Charles Town Machinery (D) 121.43 On-Street Parking Peoples Supply (D) 238.50 Meter Fund (G) 273.50 Donald Phillips (A) 300.00 City ol  Charles Town Pifer Office Supply (A) Payroll Account (A) 3,278.59 119.95 City of Charles Town Pifer Office Supply (B) PayrollAccount (A) 5,207.30 96.55 Dald Clendening (A) 300.00 Cash (G) 43.09 Clendening Motors, Policemen's Pension Inc. (B) 8,001.22 Colonial Tire Fund (B) 17,153.50 Service (C) 63.67 Willis Porter (D) 248.04 Colonial Tire Postmaster Service (D) - 1,026.31 Charles Town (A) 497.40 Comm. Auto Parts (C) 200A3 Potomac Edison (A) 4,211.63 Comm. Auto Parts (D) 164.65 Potomac Edison (B) !1,673.81 Comm. Oil Co. (B) 30.12 Dorothy Propps (B) 44.24 Comm. Oil Co. (C) 69.48 EdwardPurkey (A) 11.69 Comm. Oil Co. (D) 41.09 EdwardPurkey (C) 68.47 Courtney Auto Parts (D) Edward Purkey (D) 379.93 70.00 R.C. Electronics (B) 90.94 Mary Coyle (A) 300.00 Ray's Turf Supply (C 100.00 Creamer's Texaco (B) 7.54 Bert Rickard (B) 10,442.69 Junior Cross (C) 4,934.78 MarshalIRiekard (C) 80000 Junior Cross (D) 1,655.94 KennethCrnss (A) 224.12 Riddleberger's Store (B) 7.25 Kenneth Cross (C) 336.27 S&L Auto Service, (C) 100,00 Kenneth Cross (D) 1,458.69 S&L Auto Service (D) 4,010.00 Decatur Elec., Inc. (B) 1,595.00 Sargont-Sowell (B) 136.94 Ronaldl)enney (D) 145.29 Sargent-Sowell (D) 233.35 Diamond's Smart Fashions Security Outlets (B) 1,315.0 (B) 39.00 R.B.Shaffer (A) 25.09 Diamond's Smart Fashions Sharecorp. (A) 30,24 (G) 10.00 Sharecorp. (C) 120.38 Share Corp. (D) 1,003.70 Eastern Panhandle Reg. Shenandnab Quarry (D) 476.25 PhnningComm. (A) 3,28.00 Skeriff of Jefferson Eastern Building Supply, Couaty (B) 2,472.50 Inc. (D) I.M Smith & Wood Servlce Debra Engle (A). 6,S.00 Co. (D) 200.00 City of Charles Town On-Street Parking Meter Revenue Fund Balance 6-30-77 0 Receipts Parking Meters Revenue 22,827.71 Parking Meters Fines 6,655.00 Parking Privileges 3.303.00 Retail Merchants (Courtesy Cards) 855.60 Miscellaneous.Damage to Parking Metdr 25.00 33,686.31 Returned Checks 12.00 Total Receipts 33,654.31 , Disbursements City of C. T. Parking Facilities 20,654.31 City of C. T. General Fund 13,000.00 33,654.31 0 Balance 6-30-78 City of Charles Town Parking Facilities Revenue Fund Balance 6-30-77 5,262.01 Receipts Parking Meters Revenue 4,999.15 Parking Meters Fines 1,239.00 Transfers On-Street Parking 20,654.31 State Sinking Fund Savings 8,717.78 Potomac Edison (Refund) 103.54 35,713.78 Total Receipts 40,975.79 Disbursements Dorothy Propps Salary 6,508.08 J. Robert Cain Salary 1,456.00 Franklin Painter Salary 54.56 Kenneth Cross Salary 50.40 Gregory Mills Salary 6.82 Edward Purkey Salary 6.68 Wallace Kuhn Salary 51.00 Herbert McDaniel Salary 72.00 W. Va. Public Employees Insurance Board 770.24 Municipal Bond Commission 10,842.74 State.Sinking Fund Account 10,625.01 PICA Expense 485.60 Pension Expense 861. Potomac Edison 299.16 Lucky's Bait & Sign Shop 204.00 Smith Nadenbousch Insurance 445.25 Wm'kmen's Compensation Fund 153.93 S, G. Adams Co. 285.99 Duncan Industries 48.41 W. Va. Public Employees Retirement System 5.00 i K-R Industries, Inc. 160.78 [ POM, Inc. 130.00 [Frank Frantz Co, 2,200.00 I American Legion .00 [ Peoples Bank 74.67 Eugene Piscitelli 217.00 36,515.18 Cash Balance 6-30-78 4,460.61 Sinking Fund Savings Account 11,149.38 Sinking Fund Reserve 8,453.96 Sinking Fund 17.43 24,08,1.38 City of Charles Town Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Balance 6-30-77 51,413.80 Receipts Treasury of the U.S. 29,261.00 P. C. DiMagno 149.31 Charles Town Water Department 5,030.00 34,410.31 Total Receipts 85,824.11 Disbursements Asphalt Products Co. 3,318.03 Wayne Chatfield- Taylor 600.00 Eastern Paint & SanIblast Co. 30,070.40 Vogel-Ritt. Inc. 144.00 Jefferson Co. Memorial Park 500.00 Charles Town Sewer Department 19,000.00 Jefferson Co. Committee on Aging 800.00 Clarence Janncy 350.00 Winchester Evening Star 114.75 Jefferson Publishing Co. 65.23 Valley Hardware Co. 107.86 Ramey's 980.66 Bester-Long, Inc. 122.69 Jefferson County Motors, Inc. -- 226.27 Brigg's Welding 14.20 Eastern Building Supply 9.56 Peoples Supply 55.25 Shenandoah Quarry 58.27 Peoples Supply Farm Machinery 9.16 Jefferson Co. Parks & Recreation Comm. 500.00 Citizen's Fire Co. 2,000.00 Pride In Action 750.00 Independent Fire Co. 7,000.03 City of Charles Town Payroll Account 1,05t.41 FICA Expense 50.83 Pension Expense 110.70 Workmen's Compensation Fund 15.47 68,027.71 Balance 6-30-78 17396.40 City of Charles Town Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Savings Account Receipts 29,562.03 "Interest Earned 1-12-78 to 6-30-78 383.91 29,945.91 i Balance 6-30-78 29,945.91 City of Charles Town Anti-Recession Fiscal Assistance Saving Account Balance 6-30-77 2,029.48 Receipts , Interest Earned Benefits Perry E. Ott 5,765.40 Purchase of CD 15,000.00 27,129.64 Balance 6-30-78 2,358.37 City of Charles Town Coal Severance Tax Revenue Fund Savings Account Balance 6-30-77 5.095.17 Receipts State of W. Va. 4,032.92 Interest Earned 7-I-77 to 6-30-78 267.50 4,300.42 9,395.59 Disbursements Transfer to Checking Account 9,303.00 9,303.00 Balance 6-30-78 95.59 City of Charles Town Coal Severance Tax Revenue Fund Checking Account Balance'6-50-77 158.24 Receipts Transfer from Savings 9,300.00 Return on Loan 182.21 9,482.21 Total Receipts 9,640.45 Disbursements Sargent-Sowell, Inc. 1,421.67 Carlton Hoasden 50.00 Charles Town Building Commission 600.00 Charles T-wn Water Department 600.19 Whitmore Lumber Co. 148.52 Lester Mullineau'x (Salary) 24.96 Paul Montgomery 96.00 Tommy Whetzel 96.00 Sunoco Service Center 27.09 Williams Motor Parts 13.65 121.51 21.20 23.53 626.72 3.60 5.82 32.00 3,120.02 75.63 57.29 27.14 Community Auto Parts Valley Hardware Eastern Building Supply Shenandoah Quarry .Western Auto Associate Store Jefferson Hardware Postmaster Charles Town City of Charles Town Payroll Account Pension Expense PICA Expense Workmen's Compensation Fund 7,192.54 2,447.91 Balance 6-30-76 We hereby certify that the above report has been prepared to the best of our knowledge and is a true and actual statement of the financial condition of the City of Charles Town, Jefferson County, West Virginia, for the fiscal year ending June 30. 1978. D. C. Master, Mayor Rufus W. Park, Clerk Q. D. Fleming, Councilman 7-1-77 to 6-30-78 144.97 Donald Phillips Treasury of the U.S. 10,491.00 Councilman Aug. 31-It J 10,635.97 --  TotaIReceipts 12,665.45 Webelos Camp Disbursements | Transfer to General Fund 11,597.43 Held In July, ITermed Success Balance 6-30-78 1,068.02 A Webelos campout for Cub City of Charles Town Capital Reserve Fund Balance 6-30-77 29,126.59 Receipts Interest Earned 7-I-77 to 6-30-78 1,426.15 1,426.15 Balance 6-30-78 30,552,74 City of Charles Town Polleemens Pension Fund Savings Account Balance 6-30-77 1,699.77 Receipts Interest Erned 7-I-77 to 6-30-78 86.81 86.81 Balance 6-30-78 1,786.56 Investments 6-Certificates of Deposit 92,500.00 City of Charles Town Pelicemons Pension Fund Checking Account Balance 6-30-77 4,854.54 Receipts Salary Deductions 2,937.93 Donations 396.00 Cost on Fines 1,781.50 Levy Appropriation 15,000.00 Interest on CD 4,518.24 24,633.67 Total Receipts 29,4k21 Dislmrsements Benefits Mrs. T. W. Allen 1,200.00 Benefits E. W. Day 2,593,80 Benefits Ralph Whitmore 2,570.64 Scouts of Jefferson County was held in mid-July at the Anderson farm at Kearneysvilte, with an excellent attendance and an outstanding program. The events began Saturday, July 15, with morning mini- Olympic activities and presentation of ribbons for each activity. A campfire was held Saturday night, with parents invited to attend. The staff was introduced by Camp Director Robert P. AnderSon, then each den present )resented a skit, awards were given together with activity ribbons and songs were sung. The campout was concluded Sunday morning with church services conducted by Chaplain Billy Viands of Troop 39. Webelos in attendance were: Pack 95 -- Alvin Lewis, Doug Mills, Jerry Ruby, Gilbert Huff. Pack 33 --= Nicholas Rushisky, John Marteney, Billy Knighten, Lee Shorb, Denny Offutt. Conte Cicala. Pack 39 -- Kenny Benner, Ricky White, Trevor Littleton Frdnkle Magaha, Kevin Viands Victor Carlisle, Mike Feltner John Jennings Chris Grey. Adults and Boy Scouts in at- tendance: Pack 95 -- Alvin Lewis, Wallace Mills, Sissy Mills. Pack 33 -- Burke Feaster, George Offutt, Burke Feaster,. Jr., Gerald Ericson. Pack 39 -- James Brand, Bill Viands, Kenneth White, Linwood Feaster, Willard Lynch. JoAnn Viands, Bey Feltner, Donald Feltner, Donald FeRner, Jr., Rendell Anderson, Billy Viands. State Fire Commission Suspends School Closings Order In Mercer 00unty Mercer County Schools will now open the 1978-79 school term on time as a result of action of the West Virginia State Fire Commission which met in Princeton in Mercer County last Friday. The State Fire Marshal had a short time ago issued a directive that all schools in Mercer County that did not meet fire safety regulations of the state fire marshal office, would not be permitted to open the forthcoming school term until the school buildings met all of the requirements as set forth in the regulations. But Friday, when the com- mission of which J. Kenneth Willingham of Charles Town and William D. "Bill" Sites of Martinsburg met with Mercer County School officials, the original order mandating the closing of the schools was suspended, the Commission gave the School Board until June 22, 1979. to bring all the county's schools in compliance with the regulations of the state fire marshal's office. The decision to suspend the closing order of State Fire Marshal Walter Smitfle, III, was a unanimous one by the Commission. and it was based on recommendations of attorneys representing both the Mercer County Board of Education and the state fire marshal Only about 30 minutes of presentations by the attorneys was needed, for the State Commission to consider the suspensmn of the closing order and give the school board a reasonable period of time to comply. K. Pfiul Davis, attorney for the fire marshal's office opened the session by requesting a pre-hearing conference In order to obtain a settlement of Blue Ribbons Presented -- Horseshoe Pitch -- J. Mar- teney, G. Huff. M. Feltner. 50 Yard Dash -- N. Rushizky, D Mills, K. Viands. Softball ThrOw -- L. Shorb, G. Huff. K. Benner. Broad Jump -- C. Cicala, G, Huff, K. Viands. Push-ups -- C. Cicala. G. Huff, K. Viands. Sit-ups- J. Marteney, G Huff, K. Viands. Awards Presented Pack 39 -- Mike Feltner, Arrow of Light; Kenny Benner Bear Badge and Gold Arrow Webelos Colors -- Kevin Viands, Kenny Benner, John Jennings, Frankie Magaha, Chris Grey, Ricky White, Victor Carlisle. the matter, or to simplify the issues at hand. The pre-hearing was granted and the attorney for the Board of Education asked that a full hearing on the matter be held at a later date since the Board of Education staff had already prepared a sChedule by which the Mercer schools would be brought into compliance with the violations that caused the state fire marshal to order the closing of the schools. John P. Anderson, attorney for the board, tQld the Commission many of the violations had already been corrected and that many more will be corrected prior to August 30, or the opening of the school term. He further noted that the schedule of school repairs would bring all of the schools in the county in com- pliance with fire safety regulations with an II to 12 month period. One of the conditions upon which the /State Commission suspended the closing order was that the school board approve the repairs schedule and adopt the Commission's order prior to August 25, or the suspension order would become void and schools would remain closed. State Fire Marshal Smittle pointed out at the Commission hearing that one-fifth of the violations in the schools have already been corrected and that under the repairs schedule another 150-200 could be corrected by mid-year and that full compliance could be ob- tained prior to the opening of the schools in the Fall of 1979. A total of nine stipulations were included in the Com- mission's agreement to delay the execution of the fire marshal order. These included that the school board take all action necessary to comply with all violations in the state fire marshal's report as of June 26. 1978. prior to June 22, 1979; that the board be permitted to con- tinue using the schools as long as the fire marshal is satisfied that the board is making progress toward compliance: that the board submit progress reports to the fire marshal and com- mission on or before the 10th day of each month; that no school building under this order be used for anything other than school, or school-related activities, excepting certain buildings can be used as election places. Course Is Postponed College has Speech Children, Labor Day weekend, Information on class or any of the of graduate level available at the Center located in Shepherd College, stown. Legal To Law Zoning matters bulk of business the Charles Town meeting held August 23, Mrs. Rosa Hall. the town's Zoning asked the council answers on the zoning regulations iS territories. Mrs. to a 1941 city automatically properties south of Avenue on .Geor commercial. Since expansion and taken in territory. The council "reasonable" necessary to status of annexed Councilwoman voted against suggesting council ceiling on legal costs, Turning to busine@: council favoring broad the use of residential areas. commission had that such signs he 10 by 12 inches. The council to give council decide the matter indicating it restrictive to limit one size. Mter discussion, was referred to the ordinance committee structions to recomm endations restrictions downtown business well. In another voted to chassis and a new truck. The the number of The V/est Virginia University injured annually Graduate Center at Shepherd 350,000. qHENANDC00H 00EDCR,4L 00,400IING00 LOAN Now, The Rate & X m r ,q Z We now pay 8% interest on the new 8-Year Certificate, with as little as a $1000 minimum de It's the most we've ever paid on a Certificate of Deposit. And with daily com- poundin the yield is 8.33%. 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