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August 31, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 31, 1961

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Guarding Truth Lesson for September 3, 1961 # ' WEATHER AND OTHER I [}orI MEET TUESDAY, SEPT. S is often necessary to fight for ITHE" . u ww METHODIST CIRCLES WILL I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Fam E ADVOCATE truth wh.e lies get on all too ristians And L0 ]4--B THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, CHESTI JTIIILL S .... by tilemselves, ate weakness of "T any truth is that it can be imi- Sermon Sunday Morning hCharwl~l~ ~etmmmnd|~u he, n~,~mm...n6 ial Security Number of the ta:ed and rivaled by half-truths re wi~ich sound very much like it. ' ' meet Tuesday, September 5th I, unununuvuuu~ I/~;~lilnllnglll of the household. i,, By Mrs) $ i HoursWith thefor followingthe meetingsPersnSare alsoand "/'ru~htill it canhas bealldiStortedthe effectaadofLWi~Leda lie. Georgia Pearl Run on Luthmn Church at following designated places. Rn " -'-------- - enre e tat,v Tn lip In Moscow profoundly move, -r .... -- ............. space flight. Hence, guarding truth means to keep it free from distortion, un- The Weather very well but still in a cast andI The Rev. Richard E. Neal, pas- given. mixed and unconfused with half- One week ago this past Monday able to be home with her family tor of St. Thomas Lutheran Chur EllenAtkinson Circle No. 1, Charles Town Sept. 6 truths and untruths that turn it morning rain which was badly but just has to take the best of eh, Ranson announced Tuesday Mrs. Grover Goode chr. will meet Announcement has been made to poison, needed and clearing in early ev- care of herself. We are all very Thu Daagsr of Truth cuing cooler at night. Tuesday proud that she is home with her by Joe Wright, Social Welfare Truth is not dangerous to any- morning a very pleasant morning family and our very best wishes Worker from the Surplus Comma thing that is good. But it does ap- pear as a danger to those who profit by lies. It often challenges people's prejudices, and cuts down the power of tyrants. Before the American Civil War, a man in the South wrote a book on the economics of slavery. The book was not a masterpiece of litera- ture, but it did show one thing very clearly: Slavery was not profitable, in the long run. Was the book welcomed? Was the author hailed as an advanced thinker? Not at all. In more than one ~ate that book was forbidden to be sold or read. People might argue a long time whether slavery was sinful or not. But the facts and figures in that book showed a simpler thing: slavery actually did not pay. There was no way to answer the argument, so the man was simply shut up. In our times a prominent American magazine published a long article on social- ized medicine, in England and Scotland. It showed beyond a doubt that the British system of medicine costs a lot of money. But there were two facts that were kept out of that article: one, the British people seem to like that system; and two, they are healthier than they used to be without it. Those two facts are challenging; but to some people they seem to be dangerous, so they were not mentioned. How to Ouard Truth You might think that Christian truth, surely, needs no guardians. Ye~ Ohristian truth also can be distorted, and needs to be pro- tected against half-truths that sound like Christianity but are not. Christian truth also chal- lenges all the forces of evil Min- EVERY once in a while you hear some one talking about "guarding the truth,"--generally It "sacred" truth, that is to say truth which the speaker regards with a kind of revererme. In wrR- tug to a younger friend and as- sistant of years' standing, Paul the Apostle urges him to guard what has been entrusted to him; and when one reads the whole letter, both letters, of Paul to Timothy, we see wh~t is the main Dr. Foreman thing that has been entrusted to him: namely, the Truth. This he is to pass on to others when he dies (and before), men who can in turn pass it to future generations Truth is a treasure; but when truth van- ishes, there is no treasure to pass 011. The Weakness of Truth There is an old story about a king who wanted to find the wisest man in his kingdom. So at a ban- quet he asked this question: What one thing is strongest in the world? One wise man said "Wine." Another said "The King." The third said, "Women --but truth is stronger still." And when each had given the reasons for his choice, all the people shouted ~r the third man: "Great is truth, and mighty above all things." To this day people speak islets and other Christians who stand for truth need no~ be sur- prised to be called starry-eyed idealists at best, or communists at worst. Yet there is need for modern Timothys who will guard what truth they have learned. Know the truth! Stand up for it! Teach it! are the three best ways of guarding truth, now as always. ~Based on outlines copyrighted by the Division of Christian Education, /~atlonai Council of the Churches of Christ In the U, S. A, Released by Commun/ty Press Servlee.) tory and traditions, administrat- ive and supply procedures, map reading, first aid, defense again- st chemical, biological and radio temperature climbing later in the day reaching 80. Wednesday mar ning another nice gentle rain and continued until in the after- noon with clearing and tempera- ture 82. Thursday rather warm with high humidity, temperature clinibing to 91 and hardly a leaf moving. Friday high humidity, temperature jumping up again to 93, no breeze at all a very warm night near dawn thunder storms and quite a nice rain and clear- ing. Saturday air becoming cool er a fine night to rest. Sunday some little breeze in early morn ing and at 2 p. m. very high hum :dity. South Jersey Scouts On Hike At Keyes Gap South Jersey scouts hike the Appalachian Trail; a troop of twenty scouts and leaders stop- ped at Keyes Gap during the an- nual South Jersey council span- to you Pearl for a'very speedy recovery. Enjoyed Homecoming Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett, Mr. C. N. Hawk and Mr. John Love mot- rolls, a large table with all kinds of delicious cakes, coffee, iced tea, root beer, lemonade. The greatest of all was the fellowship of dear friends the Pearls knew thirty four years ago. The Pearls attended church there for ten years while living in that com- munity. So many dear faces we did not see as they had passed to the great beyond. It was home again for Mr. and Mrs. Pearl. Dr, McMurray was pastor then but we met the new pastor Everrett A. Hellmuth Jr. This was a glad reunion for everyone present and hope to meet with those so dear to us again. Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Andy Seal were Mr. and Mrs. Buck Welsh and two child- ren, Doris and Peggy and the lat ters mother Mrs. Daisy Fritts of Charles Town. A fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings were enjoyed on the lawn. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett were visitors Saturday evening with their daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Neil Slusher of Ran son. a. m. and 11:00 a. m.; sermon, son 8 p. m. "Christians and Labor". Nursery Joan Hughes, circle No. 3 Mrs. held during worship for pre-Joseph Carroll, chr. will meet ~schoo! children. Pastor's Class with Mrs. Thomas Magaha RFD day, Junior Choir practice at 4:00I If you find life is empty, tr) p. m' Saturday, first year cate. putting something rata It. chism class meets at the parson-, In Russia they have a TV in age at 10:00 a. m.; confirmation every botel room-only n watches class meets at 11;00 a. n~. 'you. i, ill ..... i ~0f the power of truth. Thomas [Jefferson's line is famous: ~"]?ruth's like a torch, the more ~'s shook it shines." ~Yet there are other proverbs .~ip0inting to the weakness of truth. ~has been said that truth walks leaden feet, while every lie has wings. Considering the many successful lies now abroad in the world, people may be pardoned for thinking that truth is weak. It GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY WAC Recruit Carol Ladd Completes Basic Training Fort McClellan Fort McClellan, Ala., (AHTNC) logical warfare, problems of group living and military justice. She also received aptitude and in terest tests to determine the field of work for which she is best sored Appalachian Trail Exped- ition led by trail guide Charles Valentine, scoutmaster of troop and,1961 camp director of Camp Kim'l~le. The expedition began at A.shby Gap near Paris, Va. and would conclude the hike at Old U. S. 40 in Md. Beside the beauty Jf the Blue Ridge the scouts plan ned to see tIarpers Ferry Gap- land State Park all of which can be done by the trail hikers, Keys Gap was the Tuesday evening stop for the scouts and they ap- preciated the water supplied by Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl. In ad- dition to Mr. Valentine adults in the group are Mr. Arthur. Becket scoutmaster of troop 43 located n Mir/otola, N. J. and Mr. AI 3tubell, troop committeeman of troop 36 located in Vinela~d, N. J. Scouts are John Caputo,'Roy Dandrea, Edward Ederico and Dennis Jorzi of troop 43 Minot- rola, N. J., Donald Carter and Robert Sabota of troop 25 Bridge ton, N. Y. W. Kenneth Cavender of troop 7, Millville, N. J. Her- bert Cliff Jr. and James MacMa- kin of troop 1 Bridgeton, N. J. David Hagerman of troop 4 Mill ville, N. Y., Rudy Joseph Hyson of troop 5, Millville, N. Y., Bobby Johnson, Bruce Sheppard and Mi chael Bruce Stein of troop 82 Millville, N. J. Theodore King Trail Blazer and Medic for the hike from Post 84 Cape May A1- fen Kurtz of troop 77 Woodbine, N. J. Lars Stubec and Stewart Stuben of troop 36 Vineland, N. J. Paul Stubel served as mascot for the group and was the guest of his father Mr. A1 Stubell. Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hawk and ~on Larry spent several days Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hawk and son Larry have returned home after a weekend vacation with the latters brother and farr~ ily Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jackson of Baltimore, Md. More travel to United States ur ged by Hodges~ $2.50 Per Week rae "Master" --America's finest washer. yet it cost onl) $189.95. East ~ .!:: Q dity Warehouse at Keyser that a !representative of the Commodity Department will be in Jefferson County next Wednesday, Septem- ber 6th. Any needy person, who does not receive commodities, may apply at the County Court room in the Jefferson County Court House between 12:00 noon and 3:00 P. M. on Wednesday, September 6th. A social worker from the Commodity Watrehouse will be present. This certification does not ap ply to persons now receiving Pub lic Assistance payments through the~ Welfare Department or to persons who have already been certified to receive commodities. The applicant for commodities should bring with him the SOC" 'L ' ,H, Corner Charles and Washington Streets Charles Town, W. GENERAL ELE{ APPLIANCE & T. SALES and R. d A. VICTOR-COl TV SALES & We Service All Makes of Phone 202 PAUL & DICK WAC Recruit Carol P. Ladd, dau suited during her Army career. ~hter of Mr and Mrs Wilbur G The 19 year old recruit was of their vcacation with the for- to pay for. "d " . ". ~. " ..... " graduated from Clarke County mers brother and family Mr and Holds more; ao , ttoute ~, t~erryvlne, va., re . " awk an " keeps water hot centlv comnleted ei,,ht week of,H~gh School in 1960. Mrs. Carl H d daughter . .., , $ longer; washes y . ~ .... ~- . . .o - . .. ~ I Linda of Rockville, Md. namc mmtary training at me wo]i a " td ~ ~ " fbstor, eleanor. Saves work mid , ~ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett men,s.Army Corps Center, Fort l J0et A. ~c~autey Is and Mr. John Love and Mr. Paul time. See it now| :o tact lellan, Ala. I _ Wilt of Charles Town-were sup- ' CHARLES TOWN a Somew. - folks , though they want life to be a downhill ,.: T He ..... tCtHU2,c. v.. ,, -: tee thout obstacles . . _ Ro..uit .received. instr.. . Se inn On Colonial per guests Friday evening with uon in sucn SUDJeCtS as Army nls IS ~ Mr and Mrs G C Pearl ' The Church is the greatest factor on "it ........................ I, ~, F . "F.. } ~Iiss Betty" Lou "Grove "is spend " 6~ C0.s IHC ~. ~,__ , . . .... earth for the building of character and good " Dill: k~O(l~ WI10 maoc man in HIS own image, never meant . citizenship.. It is a storehouse of spiritual ,In rar .sz/nemre I ing her vacation with her uncle 114 North Clmrles St. it to be so. For the muscle becomes lmlpless which is never , x:a)ues. \Vithout a s.!.ron g Church, neither T H I~ I 'and family Mr. and Mrs. Carl . $ ummocracv nor c~vmzanon can survive. tensed the mud rows dul t at L I San Diego (FHTN~)-Serving in Hawk of Rockville, Md. ; g 1 which is never challenged. There There are four sound reasons why every a U~IVIU T fTOIhCD g*~ lhe Far East aboard the dock Mr. and Mrs. Andy Seal and Charles Tawn, W. Va.. ..- ........ , . person should attend services regularly and IS no courag WltllOLlt mrcat or Dame * t 9 ort t I rcl , MLkYII~ I. Jlhll/[:l~ ~. landing ship USS Colonial, oper three children moved Saturday " sqp he Cm ~. They arc: (1)For his own sake (2) For h s children's s'~ke 3 " . ating out fo San Diego, Calif., is into one of the G. C. Pearl eotta .... . , , ( ) "1 his hfe was meanL to be a succesnon of oak o oh the sake of h s community and nation " f~ n I ~ ~ I ~ T Joel A. McCauley, electrician's ges where they will make it o .......... ' ......... mate third class, USN, son of Mr. their place of abode. Those as- the__ more lnsplrlrlg because of the hazardfalong the way. And te o-.eo. and Mrs Willard S McCauley sisting with the moving were Mr F U N E R A L H O M E . , who among us, worth his salt, would want a life any differentV " ~bf: church regularly and read. your of Smth Avenue,'Ranson, W. Va. and Mrs. Sammy Pearl, Mr. Charles Town The Colonial, a unit of the Sev- James Zombro of Charles Town " ~ Y" : It the u hill, the hazardous course of coura * * enth Fleet Amphibious Force, is Mr. Claude Marcum of Murrell . P ' , gcotis ]Mng ! Day Bool ChapterVerml Shepherdstown designed to participate in amphi- Hill. that makes spiritual "~tr~ngth a must. You and I need tim Sunday ' II Timothy 2 1-7 t ! ........ blots assaults, landing combat- Mrs. Harris Better Church, We need the Church because we" see divine as well ,Mondayd ,,II Timothy' 2_ 8-1~ t ; iempnones Jt z h " " ready troops, their supplies and T e latest report from Mrs. ~uesaay l~.omans8 ~-39 I human purpose in our cxsstence. " Wed I I J l I i equipment by boat or helicopter Clyde Harris who was a surgical - , , _ nesday Ephesians 6 10-17 O0 . ~'~'~ ~"" In any threatefied Castal regin patient in Sibley Hspital Wash'" ] will ] ,y ofour need of God, ~Thursday Philippians 3 7.14 i., I,,^^,, k^.l.~ ......'L,]within the fleet's 30 million sq. ington, D. _C." is coming along Lira---as we like it--galn deeper-meaning with eaohnew Friday Philippians 4 8-13 Ht~i'l/ UI2L[~I WIIH I mile area of responsibility.~- .I:.C0VC_" , .................. I While in the Far East the Col. t ' ..... Saturday II Timothy 4 3-8 - ----- onial visit Hang Kong, Jap- ~ __ ~ew ll~]/.~'~J [an, the Phillippines, Korea and l ~~ l uommissions are not paid on ~~~ ~ ' -: -_-~ i arguments won, but on sales -~ ..... ..~v..~" , ............ " THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS 'FIRMS IBELOW : I FOR YOUR NO other IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY. I ELECTRICAL Put them ' monument RT.T S"LL INC. I J EFFERSO N I LEGGETJL S DEPT. TORE " / ate. n t together ' D mg [ HARDWARE co., INc. I ' ,, / W i fi ! N tl and you've got a CSfl b$ w. vL " I S WIN- r INrS I"ra or v ws . , , ] Phone 4~ " Charles Town, W. V~. i / HOMEOWNER ,,'just as good" , , , w / --AND OTHER p.m_v I I ...... :!' This girl is letting you in' On a | v....v, hearingSeCret-heraid."SntneIt'sSonotoneWisp''s . | PI I $Yhl$ll one pohcy" . tO keep.track as a s00. Yawn,.. W. 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Edward Magaha GAS 8E VIC ~ I . I COLONX rt rrar HOME 16~- SB of H agerstown / MAt AnA .I I- I I 8UDLEY FUNERAL HOME ROY, B. FURR, Manager/APPL!ANcE CENTER MARTINSBURG w. & 8ALRS, INC. [ COMMTTNrrY OIL CO., INC. t :' 6RANITE WORKS TOWN, w. ,,_ I I .. _: 733 South Potomac Street . BOX s91 , PIIOI I!S i Charles Town. W. Va. , Marttusburlr, W. Vs. - Leesburg, VL PITTS CHA"LES WASH----01q Ha erstown, Md. ]NORTH GEORGE STREET 109 West John 8tree! .......... II CHARLES TOWN, W V A. Br.lmttam.. " J sEMOmRsL K L2 [ I Phone Hagerstown Telephone Amherst 7- 6141 a.m VALLEY BOARD CORP. THEATRE- Ranson :.- REgent 3-3242 | (Free Estimates Cheerfully Martinsburg, W. Vs. .~ ---..-.~ own .~at"t .h rla, .| Given. Just Call Us.) C, aDaM, Owlmr Phone 578-W c~am'les ToWn, W. Val HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA i "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW"