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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
August 31, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 31, 1961

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Ernest Slu,her Jr. fat th s meetlng. AI! members are uad ffas H a.., eiel h zaduation I [ m . ........ , i .:~.,, ..... , urge~ ,o oe presen[. ,ov,es oz so g g" . a ...... a ....... The ..... o ....... h"-'/ ............. I m I= I~ I II IM IUI I ......... ]cal actlvL[le,q will be shown after __--------- _ n to auu t . uoacn zvtap ~s / ................. I I~ L L | ~ ~[~ |~ I The Primary ulass of me l~letn rn~otin~ All children between worries ne atso test eight more ] ~mss Evelyn Erp returnea Mr. watson ]s empioyea, m led|st Sunda- School enjoyed a ::" ...... "" ":" ... =:" - ...-:" : many other scholastic at Romney, was smaller than the ~' " ' o e n end| rr ..... me ages of tu-zi are ellglme ~q boys at the start of the pre-sea h me r ce fly after sp ng a- Webh Reunion At Braddock / By Mrs. Mary Bruce Fu l-ionic lunchSaturday at the .-" ..... " - -- in the section and area, 1960 squad, only 26 players going ' o s" e s ' r 1 "a " ~'" - - " join ~-li Any cnita interesteci In son workouts this year because I b ut .~x w ek m Be ke ey, C llf. ....... , ...... 0 ..... m ------ [*-,,n-- o~ Mrs Ernest Slasher Jr t . Don Maphis faces an al-to the camp. . . . .............. ,~,o t~ut,~u .... ~/ Mr and Mrs Robert Wood andl ................ 14-H is invited to attend our meet they dec~ded they had already Idmg some work part of the tm~e ..... , . . . , . . held at Braddock Heights on Sun/ ' " ' "IMembers and their guests werej . complete re-building job at With only ten of the 26 man had all the h~gh school footba!l i connected with the, u. s. Navy. day with seventy seven persons fan_~dyof_ Falls, Oh)o Billy and Valeria Owens, Chipper rags and Join our clu_.b. ........ uounty Hlg.h Sch221for" the squad having had any experience they wanted. Tnis group incma- I lviiss Lrp and ner morner are res nr~ent anita a few of them ~:a~[ nave oeen v~smng in me county. I Owens Susan Tabb, Tricia Col. I mrs. lxennem rrms, ws,teu season as nls ~t)o ul~tnct on the ridiron Coach Ma his ................................ m n " r,nee ~ no " v e a lm ". " '. g , P ed three regulars--Lynn Foltz, a ~dents of Bohvar and the daugh- t,,~,~,, to,n+, ,,,~ n ,.mho,./ r. a (1 lvir~ ula e o ~, [Its Cindy Hannas Susan Carner, lSunaay in uerry 111 ,, V . W amp~onship team was hter- has a real job cut out for him to !regular tackle for two years; Bob ter has been a student in Shep- from'al'ound]he 13a~ti~Taorearea/and daughters Joy and Kristi of/Leona Brown Ma~ and Jay WatJMr" and Mrs. J. R. Meoonald, vr.ecked through last year s round out a representative team ,by Fiddler a guard for two years ', herd College for the past two ~,n ..... ,.,,, P~,~h,,~,i~ /~viartinsDurg were supper guest~[ son B J an~i Double Allara I Mr. and Mrs. David Grove and lauon, within the few short weeks be-, and iron Stokes also a two year ;years and will enter on her third "and" "a"'nuf 'l er-of'-otl er|Thursday evening with Mr. and/ ..... t.. " nd son were callers Sunday evening tch Maphis not only lost the fore the 1961 season gets under-: - i r" ' " i" ~vu-. lwttll~tu oamutu, o,. o, veteran at a guard post. F)ve so-~year next month, niaces The lar~,est family nres-/M s. Chartes Will s. /mice O.ornlrllno Fritts of Washin~ w~th Mr. and Mrs. Alton Grove of his team last May, but way. , . ,- ~ . ,- , .. . ................... o . ~phomores who played some last Mrs. Bobby Loudan and httle ,,nt w,~ ~ho family nf Mr and| Mr. Roy Full of Hage~-stown,/ ,,, n ~ ,iitoa Rundav oven ne and family. umber of candidates that re Coach Maphis has had to build i year, but who did not turn out '. daughter of Knoxville, Md. spent, ~I'r's "Erne:st .~-'"~;iebb" o'f'-'Ba-l'ii[] Md. wa:~ a caller Saturdayeven-/~i'th ~VIranclO'l~rs -t~e'nneth'Fritts Mr. and Mrs. Millard Edwards ~l last week to go to the an- an entirely new backfield, losing tnis season were: l~icnara lioff, l a day last week at the home of imore with 19 "members of the/ing with mrs. Mary ~.rucerurr. I and familv. "" i visited Sunday evening with Mr. football training camp at such outstanding backs as Jesse !center;.Phfl Lloyd, fullback; Way Mr .and Mrs. Jack Loudan. family present. The oldest mem-|..Mr: and Mrs. Char.ies u~ue o~| Miss Kenna Fritts was a guest[and Mrs. George Price and Mr. ?eterkin Conference Center Longerbeam, at fullback; Kenny I ne wetzei, end; u anny ~ave c.en ! Mrs. Virginia Cummings,. wi- I ber of the Webb family was Geo.|lviart!nsm~rg_were callers rnaay | )f Miss Joy Dunn Saturday even-land Mrs. Bill Swartz. ter, and ~,arry Lloyd a jumor evening w~n xir anc~ lvirs mar " . .... idow of the late Harry Cummings/rge Webb of Baltimore, Md. 86/. ... : - ".. , :" "| ng at a weinie roast. I Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Furr and guard two good guard prospects 1on time and ~amny , _ ........ ]has purchaseda building lot ]years of age. The youngest mere| " | ro-,,ers 4-H Club J son Kim of Charles Town were E);TAT[ ;AtE Jj~an~cl~rKm.~ac~au~m~ea|fr~mMr~andMrs.H~r~eyStaubs.ber~fthefamilypr~sentw~~r~m ularKe wounty Miss Pat Heflebwer and Missl ~,lily......... ,.~etuw. -~,v~'~'~""er 4H Club|Callers Sunday evening with Mrs" ... . .. ; ._ land will have a Trailer placed on lMark Webb, 9 months old and| Ann West have been recent visi.m ................ .... m I Mary Bruce Furr t~u~ not au is gloom in meltt in the very near future /the son of Mr and Mrs Harold/tors wath Miss Vicki Blue. /win meet .vrm~y mg.m o~t~ -'1 Clarke County camp, as Coachl ........ " _ /,,,^,.,..., .,_el:....,_. r~',~ ~,~._/ Mr and Mrs Gene Starliner/ber i at me lviemoa]st unurcn. I .... Mnnhi .icl thi wpolt the have I zaemoers ot me tiarpers r'erryl-- o.o o- ,:, ..... - " ..... ...........e,/ iembers are asked to please TO CItUltClt INDhY -.--e ........................ .._n .... tweamer was ideal and avery/and v,,. pe ,t ou.uay/ " that are out are working hard, x.s~ o~.u~ux ua.u. ,,v,u a.oo~, -or leasant da was en'oJ ed Braddock' Heights" Md. ....... " they are trying andtheyhav l+ ....~.~;a .... ;~,.+.,.n n.~t,~at a,.. ..,n ..o W,.ceS,..;thann[ TheWomensSocletyofChnst-/ al~~l~" e at the Commumty Hall m Baker~ P Y Y ' . . e esi o la tuil U,II .It" ll'~(2t~Y IJtl~.llt, ~.I1~ K; t~ Ill.L. I~lit~ lfJ. l~e II~U~' k llll ~ * , speed and thd re t P Y. ) ..... ~nn. .,. ~,..,~~+ . ~a,,al~..a,, .f A~xo.dr~a Va snent|~an Serwce will hold a rummage[ ~~ Workin" onthe offensive team' .... ......................, ....... ., ..................................... ...... - , sale at me wnuren ~aturoay, uct ' in Umforms. the weekend w~th Mrs. Smtth s . . at the present are. Tommy Ca ,[ ......... I ....... "" -n"~ Mrs Mille*/7" Anyone having any thing to[ Ha%'ing Been Postponed due to 160 pound junior at center; lohn/ lvir. and mrs. oaeg .arKer anal-*- .... a ~., : .... "loantvihuto onntael cnmo of th,~/ D....-.,..... -~.o .... a ~...~.;.~"..... /family of Charles Town aecom./Webb and attended me weoo re/-:-'-:~'-t'- : ................. m ~...~out~, rw ~uu.u ~o~.u.,u.~, m ., a ......... ~. m cnurcn members, m a ~:~u,u:,a ~. rain, the ESTATE SALE of the at guard; Bill Martz, 168 pound/Paniedby Mrs. Bill andlunmdna a~ ~rooaocz rtetgnts on| Mr. Lyle Furr of Charles Town|d senior at tackle; Ed Strosnider,[ivirs. r_,mma l ngram ot t$o var/o-,, .... /was a visitor Sunday morninz at| 128 pound junior at one end;/spent last Frioay with Mrs. ~au[ leeen~ visitors at the nome oHthe M,,thodist Church with~his| ~:~ late Dr. J, Edward Burns, WILL John Sours, 145 pound junior at[deDempsey in Washington, D. C. t Mr. andMrs. Howell.were|mother'Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr. | ~~ ...... guard; Charles Ramshurg, 168i me anuque ~nop mcatea near/Mr, ana ~rs. ~uy r~utcnmson/ Mrs Warren Worley and Mr~/ BE HELD, RAIN OR SHINE, at pound senior at tackle and team ![hhee f2h?lWvca~eMan2n~Pl~Irrat.edobY |antt~.~ud~Ught~r.sLe~ and Te:/Ruth "Garvick of Hanover, Pal/ mmmmmm m~l t ~P captain; Gary Strebei, 130 pound Y " " ~Y g .... /have been guests Of Mr' and Mrs" A [' the Residence on, South George freshman at end Newcomer has been restored af- and Mrs. Harold Grandstaff of Bat^s Ura.s_.. da's "~'i-I lfl[= I'L I. The backfield" is made up of ter being destroyed by fire some/Baltimore, Md. |na~ wo~'k~ u. ~ ~" ~ "' ~| ~I'~ ~ ur' 'Street in Charles Town, on David Childs, 130 pound sopho-'months ago and is now open for| Sixty four students from Mar-| .......... . ........... J m ~avr more at quarterback; Gene Stro- business. They handle a very in-|shall College, Charleston, W, Va.| | .w ..... ther, 135-hound senior at left teresting line of goods. | on their annual 28th bus tour en| | a"atur'ay Dick]e Longerbeam, 150 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Eackles and|route home from New York City[ | , td pound sovhomore at fullback and little son Donald of Front Royal,| stopped off at Hill To]? , House/ / ram Pickles l~IeCart~', 140 ~ound sen- Va. spent Saturday with the for. | during last week for hn over| / raN=., ..... " ~ ~ S / ~or at ngh halfback, mers mother Mrs. J. L. Eaekle~. mght stay. They were served sup| | U,,.um, U~A ........ 11 Mrs Robert B Menefee and per and breakfast This was their/ / naw Tne t;larKe uounty ~oys w~ . " . " : ,~,~,~,, +h.~,. ~.n ~,.~t ~.~ at ~t,-~ three children have returned" hrst time to stop at Hill Top and| | September 2 ................................ h,,.~, v~ ~.a ~h~ir ~f ~,~m,~ home from a vaeahon pe t w~th they seemed very much pleased[ J ,"~,'/"~.'": .,~.-'~r.~..';~:. ~,~.+~.""~. the formers mother Mrs. H. M, with their visit. [ [ dO/ n~,~,~.~nw,~ /~,,,~;,~ ...... " '"lParrish near Raleigh, N.C. t Mrs. F. H. Sperry is much im-| ] ~ 7~ .... J .............. I Mr. and Mrs. Kearfeit Dailey [proved after being very much in-| I --" " The schedule follows: )of New Brunswick, N. J. spent [disposed at her home in Bolivar.| | CURRENT ~o.t lr~...~..~h ....... v I the weekend at their cottage a-[Dogs Attack Goats / I ~TV~" - --, ,, ,, utvtur ND Beginning At 10:00 A.M. Sent" 22----Berke'iev Springs, home long the Shenandoah and attendI Lucky the young goat who| | ~,~;" 2q.--.~.~...~i" h-m,~ ed the Webb Reunion held at I survived the attack by killer dogs[ [ (Daylight Time), 5e~,-~-Lur" a~_v"Ilome" " Braddock Heights on Sunday. lastMarch when goats belonging' I] ....... - ---- n~t" 14~-.-r,.~ ...... v Mrs. Dailey was the former Doris [to Jack Loudan and Bill Sponsler W 1 N C H E S T E R Oe~ 20--~'l~rl~er".~,sh'b'y/away Webb. lwere injured and killed, had to I ~t~mmm, m~ ~ Aa,mt a~t ~7 I,.,,,!... ~ .... t~, 'h.m,, . Mr. and Mrs. John Newcomer be shot on Saturday morning, ] ,AVlIms , ,15 1 [I/IN ~"W '~---Pa~,,* ~o''"*~ h--,,~ of Chffslde Motel spent Sunday ,much to the grief of the owners. ) ~J"tv mm'~w,,~ ~,~ --vn~ VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD ............................. ' FURNISHINGS, ETC. . ...... ...... ...... i ...................... night and Monday with the for. ,Mr and Mrs Sponsler Dogs had A S S O C I A T I O N I ~Ja~ 17 W~vvan ~manf~ hama mers brother Mr. Ltonel Newcom .also injured an older goat which i ...... " ~er m Fleetwood, Pa. Mr. Sponsler had purchased but | .9 W. Boscawen St. Me 2-3426 I Mr. and Mrs. Strother Watson!it is not serious}y'hurt. Also one [ ............ GEORGIA A. BURNS, Ex:ecutnx FRIENDLY CLASS TO MEET and son are visiting their sonI goat was slightly injured belong- ] we ray roslage t~otn ways t ------ i Larry in Omaha, Nebraska. The :ing to Mr. John Waters and in a ! r. DR. J. EDWARD BURNS ESTATE. The Friendly Class of the Char Wats0ns lived near Bolivar for pasture nearby but the second les Town Methodist Church will many years and the children goat in the same pasture had not August 31-lt. meet at the home of Mrs. Mary graduated from Harpers Ferry been attacked. One person living 104 E. Washington St. Charles Town PHONE 780 PRESCRIPTIOH S[RVICE Nicodemus at Rippon, Friday District High School. They now :not too far away heard dogs bark night, September 8 at 8:00- p. in Williamsport, Md. where ing and a commotion during the II IIII I IIIII IIIIIII III I II I IIIIIII :i:!i ~, , ,i , ....... CHILDREN'S BACK TO SCHOOL COAT SALE Car Coats, Dress Coats, All- Weather Coats. Sizes 3 to 14. Reg. $3.99 to $29.99 NOW $3.00 to $24.00 Take your choice and save Moth- ers. Don't miss this big event. A small deposit holds your pur- chase on Layaway 'till October. CHILDREN'S BACK TO SCHOOL DRESSES Reg. $2.99 NOW 2 for $5.00 Reg. $3.99 NOW 2 for $7.00 Sizes 3 to 14..Made Of. Famous Mill Fabric. Lay Away Now and Save. Choose from Hundreds of Imported Cash. meres, Woolens and Blends, Solid Pebble or Tweeds. Reg. Collars or Mink Trim. Reg. $16.99 to $29.99 NOW $ to Ill I Illll I ,lll I Reg. $34.99 to $99.99 Now .00 to $ A small deposit will hold your purchase till October. 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