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August 31, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 31, 1961

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W I _.J [!11 U-. - .*, Deputy Director, W. Va. Depart l CIVIL WAR [ Marlinton, Friday, Sept. 8, 7:30 rfamily were Sunday supperSPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATI ment of Veterans Affairs Follow p m (purebred rams and corn-'guests of Mr and Mrs William ]~aU] I [ldV~ ]] ....... " ] 1 ] " : 2---A THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, : I__ __ j mg the him ne wm answer any] EROM pAGE [merclal yearhng ewes). Fellers. !! ]Tf AI~uI and all questions conce1"ning any ]the role of a spectator and tak-I Rams of the following breeds] Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pranzoni ]l~ EIUVI veteran and his affairs ]ing pictures for his own inter- [will be offered at these sales-'of Baltimore, Md. spent the week Mr. and Mrs. Millard Edwards the day Friday with her dat~ "This is the Trent itme of the ~ ]ests. ]Hampshire, Suffolk, Dorset, Cur- end with Mr and Mrs George visited Sunday evening with Mr. Mrs. Donald Hovermale and "People are too busy, they Ivear I don't h2ve ~thin~, to ad- IL,.Ih, T,.~ggb, | |,kLI ~1~, durln~. ~ho ~roo ,t~ .... ~riedale, Southdown, Cheviot, and Cox. " " and Mrs. George" Price and Mr. ren on Jeffers.on Avenue. d do:i; h~e eette~lto 7;4 ~li~fh 9nY ]vertise this m~nth.,'7 ~" HIUI|] /tOIllg 1-1~fll i iod:'~,e:S'laowease,s-muc~[t~l~e~ ]Shropshire. ! Miss Pamela Cox attended a and Mrs. Bill STarts. lvirs. Floya ,ageant ann iq~ow' I d~n't Y e g' I Many times a merchant cannot ~ ^, a ,, ". , [about Mystery Woman will be / The sales are sponsored by the birthday party in honor of Miss J Mr..and Mrs. ayle Furr and terSwmehester. Brenda wasand aPenny: callera~S .... ]think of anything to advertise. ]~,~use UI Ace]cenT ]~ ]riding in the Harpers Ferry area. [West Vit, gtnia Purebred Sheep~Karen Upright, daughter of Mr. son Klm of Charles Town were da afternoon ith M t~ It is very true that people are I The women with a closet full of l ]She will appear in the restored I Breeders Associatiop, in coop. [and Mrs. Alvin Upright at Lee- callers Sunday evening with Mrs H y . .w .. rs. _ m v. Rr,,o. Furr " overmale anu xamlly near busy these days, more busy than ]clothes claims, "I haven't a thing I~h~nt, TA~n U~n~,[section Of token riding side saddle [e ration with the Cooperative Ex- ]town On Tuesday evening ............. [erson Ave. they ever were before. No one is J to wear," and then wears less on j bllGI lID /VWII IqVIIUG] ] and stopping occasionally to pose / tension Service of West Vix;ginia J as busy as a person with nothing ]the s~eet than her grandmother . . . . ]for pictures. [University and the State Depart. [I P P T I~ US ILl ~l~[VH~|[*~T[~ ] Common refu--~~es to hear to do. _ ~ ]did in bed. It is a natural and ] .. A.ournenout bulb in the trat.- ] On Monday Se-t 4 follow]n- kment of Agriculture. ] L !- r ] U ]~ N I'lal~lllMtlWIbJ/Y 11 I1 ] rite on poerage.. With the'shorter work week,] easy matter for. a merchant .to [ ~Cdl~h;t ata~ic~:ert~fe~sapwUae~ ]her ride, She'will ~e roaming th~ ]. Additional information concerti_ [ - = -- = .... --'" '" -- I higher wages, people have more ]mink ne .has nommg o,aaveruse ] re ..... -- "-^ ........' .. IShowcase grounds in regular cio I mg me sates can oe obtained I tsy Mrs. ary bruce r'urr By Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands .................anl ido intoroet z.,.jq't" .... ..... l wnen .he nas a store .... ot mer. I ~uv..~.u~e. ~o~. a twu ]thin~" o so tht she ...may. l~e_ ]dent'_ _l .... from county agricultural agents. crpaiian hav,~ marc h .....enr [chandtse. Many t~mes ~t revolves[car mgnway COllision at mat.m-]fled far a nri~p t. ~.rn~ |,ekv [throughout the State or by writ-[ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood and I am very sorry to hear of'our ] t~ ~ a t~l ~v"~",,,~'~'.~,,-~'~,,~'~-~v~o~,=~ ]factors over which he has no con].~ersecun ~onaay morning, unar i t,urio~t- je-f~'%:=. ~.-.,,~+,'".~.,~'-.:.~"~ ling direct to Ben Wamsley, Jr, ]family of Homestead Falls, Ohio[good correspondent Mrs. Marian-] ~l~l T I q.t~t~ "n] no(only broadens p'eoole but it ]~ ] ....... " " ]~ble for participation ]~ [" .........................." ''" " [na Johnston is in with a broken I ~l]. UIU(~UlII ~Sw!~:e~;s l~(Y~l ~n~hl/~!~ [als_o_ flattens !~im__T~at' me_an_s ]~st~] I~;~rY ~,~,1 ~%~anyder~ [~~''~]~ I ]~in of the-program. ]~~] ]foot. We all wish you a speedy[ ~ ]rcovery Mary Ann. ' ] ....... ] Mrs. Nelson Bush visited herI "TI'TT~'~'rITI~ ] mother Mrs. Willingham and dau [ //1/IJ/' I ' U' all this e'ty in " i " - timated at $750 the weekend when The Wizard " " I ghter in Kearneysviile one dayI UU !1/I Ill , up and go f shlng. The truth Is ,, home, people also dont have aslhohs~s,seb.flnf.rms,,,,nsnal Thelight facing Samuel streetlof the Whip , Council Burns, thel KFARUFYWilI [_Mr" Roy Furr of Hage~stown, Ilastweek. I | I[J~l-J-J'J'~ much time to she the stores an ............................... nbr.u~Ls~ p.hL ~a was a caller Saturday even P Y ]the proper understandint, of his[ TM green at the time of the ac-IShowcase stablemaster, will de-/ - * I. " ..... ~ ~. -I Saturday evening callers with[ more. They have read about what / .... ~ ..... [ cident, but the one facing on I monstrate his skill with the bull I By Mrs. Elsie lhmstead ! lng wltn ~ars. ~lary ~ruce rurr.. ] Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands were [ ~ ~ T~T~l~ ] ..................... ~r and Mrs Charles Blue o~ they want m their newspaper / .... . o. ] Washington street was burned [ whip m a special exhibition The ] ] .. _~: . . .... ] Mr. George Jackson of Baltimore, ] | ! I| / 1][ ] I ] I | and come to town with a purchase/th~nUS~ev~ersdare Ev:rYv~ng^rem~ I out. I horseman will show many of the [ Weekend guests of Mrs W B [,nart.msourg were ea~s r r.iaay I Md., Mrs. Lester Viands and sons [ [-- I-~ ] ] ~l l" | list. Over eighty percent of the / ? . I I tricks the Civil War muleskinner/Hammond included her" sister [ eyeing w tn ann v rs. war- { Glenn and Jaekie of Charles I 1 d- ] housewives have a definite pur-|eVeer liart la t: ny r aanna S:esn [POWItATAN GARDEN CLUB [used in urging his stubborn char [Mrs Elmer Hoyle, Gaithersburg, lin t lue ann amily. ]Town and Mr. Donald Hovermale I * chase in mind and a definite | .. _ ~ t, : _ _ I M~, .~, u~. ~ nt~l~ [ges to greater effort He will add ]~n " ~r~ n ~ ~o~a~o,, u,~t- [ Miss Pat Heflebower and Miss I of Jefferson Avenue. I * placeto dotheir shopping. News[Se.. oetter.m r:eoruary. Acer-I "~'~- ..................l a few touches that will be of par. [ ~, .~. ~d.~irs.~.~ol~rt..~.]Ann, West have been recent visi. I Mr. Melvin and Mrs Beulahl DuPont 4{l'House Pal tam percentage tne gross t r paper advertising can and does ] ....... .~" [ The Powhatan Garden Club met ticular interest using four differ- [ llam~ ~o~b',~ Md "[ 0 S with Miss Vicki Blue t Fritts spent Saturday" evening I gives brilliant white fini help make up the shopping list. /l^ne~)s one.m ^nesame. mont. ]at the home of the president Mrs. lent whips including one of eight / "Sunda~-~;~-;'~'t" ~ h .... [ Mr. and Mrs. Gene Starliper / with friends in Brunswick, Md. ] that stays white. Due With the addition of just one/~~". Ye.~" ..'~"~ .te.L.~:u,U,t Wy?U, IO. S. Bloom High View August I teeti feet in length Burns will/u.....~" ~=V'~.:~..=:.~ "~-~7^_"~ land son Cliff spent Sunday at l Mr. and Mrs. Milton Popkinsl unique combination of p: " r aers anas mese Selling anu ouy- 7 ,,--. ,,-- Bradd e " word the above remark Is lite ] ......... I I perform at 3:00 p.m. /woro Mr n,n u,-~ ~o~.~, ~a I o k Heights, Md. I of Kabletown were Saturday even I ments and oils, 40 Hou ,, mg patterns, has somemmg to au .......... ally true. People do not have ] .... :~ "1 The club voted to change the l Living History troops will be ~;:,=:ao'~'~ ~~ 7=" :=/**_ I The Womens Society of Christ-ling callers with their son-in-law] Paint actu~|ly cleans its veruse every ume me newspaper ot hull ,.,. 1,. 11~ time to read uninteresting adver- / .... I meeting dates ~rom the first Mon on the grounds on Monday only [~s D-n~'~mmo~n *h- ~-~:~- ] inn Service will hold a rummage J and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Obie ] sheds dirt and dust wi tising. Note the word interest . [ m, . ....... I day of each month to the fourth I because they will be taking part 1~ .... ,. ,_^, ~,==.. ....... I sale at the Church Saturday, Oct. ] Johnston and daughters. [ ~er rai~ l'~asts for yea~ lne aoove IS calico plannecl aa . . --u,, . Remember ..... a few facts. Magazine |__,,.,.._ ,.,_,,_, ]Wednesday. ]in the Hagerstown cemetary re-I M.r Wi .h' ...... -- tant ........ ,,h,, ]7. Anyone having any thing to l Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ott and l : / circulatien Is at an all time high. | ........................... I Mrs. S. H. Stone was m charge I dedication on Sunday. For the [sargent n r.u. .o bute, contact some of the ] children of Patuxtant, Md. were [ " " " ~HVeI'LI~ ~ CgI'L~III ~IeC~ Ol lllep' . . ~ ~ r, "" ~'" :*'" ''*~'''~'" ~,*.~O~tV" Newspaper subscription is the/ ............... I of the program Old Fashion cemetary program at which ex-/o-e-t oot.o. ~ ichurch members. . I weekend visitors with their bro-I ~:~iiii~i~::~ii~iii:~i!ii::i:iii~i!~i!!i:~:~iiiii~:iiiii!i highest in history. Book sales are ]enann~e.wnen ~t nits the S~l~mhg Summer Bouquet Arrangements" Ipresident Eisenhower will be r~re * .................... "'~ I Mr. Lyle Furr of Charles Town I ther-in-law and sister Mr. and I peak Tnls ncrea es sales a e busting all sales records. /t.;_~.'_...~: ...' ....~ ,h ...... ~...o I At the close of the program de- present Living History s full corn / M~ ,d .Tamo .T.nae me I was a visitor Sunday morning at [ Mrs. Richard Ott. ] Gone With the Wind is over ];'~ou m~;.~a~"~.T~f.~=n~".~!licious. -,~ ,,0~,~,-~- -,,~- -,~ ~-,,,s refreshments, served by plement, will be participating a-] H_e-c]~e[i"ll-~'h'a~'m"~v~d~'~h'~" Ithe~__v .......... .__. ......~ Methodist Church with his[ Mrs. Maude Smallwod and son] ~~ !400 pages of small type and. ~t [~.~i~,~,,~,~ i~ ......... th~ ~ .... , t,~i,oo~,o ,,, ~-- the hostess was enjoyed. . by all. long w~th numerous state gover- ] house, recenl~t v __ca_edw t -,he ~,x..Mr [ mother Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr. I Marvin and his twin daughter [ ~~~ has sold over 10,000,000t. _fp~es'. /'-'V'~:me mgner .... pronts,'7"" ~':Xauverusmg .... Is I The next meeting will .be held I nors. ,- /*..d,,, ,,~-0 .... ~,,,m,,a~...~ ............ uiuo, ] R Warren. Worley and Mrs. I co-Linda and Cozelia were Thurs- ] The secret of get lng anything [o u... ..... .... ....[ at the home of Mrs. Raleigh Shaf [ On Monday however the, will / Mr a-d M"- S [ u Garrick of Hanover, Pc. ] day evening callers with the for- ] d -- o ,=o..v. ., , , .. .o.. ..u -... a.. have read and remembere ~s interest, fer. " t " . been guests of Mr. and Mrs. eo 1 nt to bu . be m heir usual drill period on son Bobby s ent the weekend at MakeyOur advertising interest tO ]p -p,ew-a .... ~-Y" - ........ ~ [the Showcase ,,rouna- q'hi~/r--~l,-~ a--P~ .... n ..... ,.:,^~]Bates Watson several days thislmers grandsn and wife Mr" andllMrs. Francis Smallwood and fam] ~ " AflV^'~ISln-- Ulstress mercnan '-- . . . . , . ~..-. ....:; ...... ~,-~s -7..- -,,-~,- .~,~o~ -,~,?eu past week. the customer and it will be read/_. "cats & d--s" into l, orr nnnnaat I means a brief skirmish at 5 00 |another son A3/e James Smith whether is" long or short. Step ]alse ............. to turn og I "'F I., m and the im- 'essive retreat"/Marie an ................... ' / M'sl s Mary Ehzabeth" Watson I ily in Ranson. i i-t- an,, ma-azine stand a-,,/cash, ~s all rlgnt, out the,main i_ i~,. . _. t~. ] v,,,p~oyee ux oxtun can/h~ h,~, ,r, ..... t-,~,a ..... ,1 Mrs. Helen Shirley of the Gen I ~~ ............. -/ or M way Area ]ceremony at o't p m ]FredCmpanY is ...................... on vacation this week ]Mr. s ...... ]eral Telephone Co. was a dinner [ t r purpose of news paper advertis .... book store and look a the eno -'on*" :~o''"* of readin- hein- ling is to bring ha the most profit In the area just ahead of the an employee of Standard and Mrs. Ernes~ Shsher Jr. ]guest on Friday with her parents l ~:~::~. ~!:~::~ , s ..... ,, ~ ~ ............................ , I parking lot of a group of some/Lime and Stone Co is also on va/and Gaff [Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. [ .... ?*'~'~llllJ pU ~iglg. ]t~lLll LII~L Ill IIIILIU tlll~lU i " " slAd" ~,,r,' customers choose[is never a day when a store unWdlt~e tMoisCsPa~Y,Z~m~brbe~ng]70 Wheaton, Md. Boy Scoutsyilileaten. / The Primary Class of the Methl Mr. and Mrs. Kearns and two[ ~?l[~P~q_ ----. ~';- ~ - ".- : ..... tdoesn't have something to adver- ........ ~..%%~_ .......... .Y_"" /nave a moaei camp set up as mey / ~ar. and Mrs. Clarence Dunn Jr. ] odist Sunday School enjoyed a l sons of Murrell Hill were recent / ~. ~ 40 melr reaamg, oe ;t oooms or au- / .... [,,,s o~ rue uuu eway news Items /snend Monday in the Showcase/motored to .... I callers with their cousins Mr. and I . - u.~. the ........ '~ ............... u,.- e,~,,l~ xull~ll ,.,,,~...,aj ,~ .,,~ vertlsmg. People read, that ;s a ] I Spirit of Jefferson.Advocate/area In.., u.~ r~ ....... ......../ ......... ]Mrs. Ross Stagner Jr. [ ~l~[~ i) ~~,, , ........ proven fact. Whether they. read a ".__ .o ,, .o.. . [is looking for someone to. fill. her I Of" special interest wilt be an- ] I tiica %e ' ethe' nivaersi e ]nmey Memoers MrS.and rneStmeir guests lUsner'were]r" Mrs. Anna Margaret Pageant ] m[ V store, s advertisements. ~s deter- ~|lilll~l~llln~,w --,ah01'll0"., Iplace.. . If. you should be interested, luther troo-- , of scouts from S"rin"~,s ]for ob~e~rvauoa .................. aria treatment. ]15lily ............ ann vmerla owens um er land daughter Penny Ann and ] SELF'~ttAmila mined by the writer of hat ad- vp ,, in writing the news for the Mid. If]eld Va unde- t"^ dir^-q^- ^" t ................... ] ...... , PP ; I Brenda of Winchester, Va. was a / _ ......... 'die __.. ..... / , . .e u. / hey. hr. ann mrs. wtulam/Owens, usan 'l aDO, Tricia uol- verusmg, utore auverusmg I tl-- V. O-- eL ..... &t [ way section me eounty,/Major DavidN Dalton An exnec/SoLlv of S ,am- rove Pa ""-" ......... |caller on Saturday with Mrs, AI-/ HUUSE PAINT lea .... - ," --'e' " , . WIIU IIS, umuy annas, uusan uarper, should be news to the customer. ]Hill/0 D~ ~IIOWIi AI p se get in touch with the man [ ed ~rou- of some 15 scouts will [s~ent some .... ,. c~. ....... [ ........ ]brt Viands Jr. and family at the [ ~ _ : ...... a~er at the S-ir"t an..... ,~ ..~ I. ~ t~ ..... 1 ~" -.,e ,- o.evuerun-/J~eona t~rown, ~ary ann day war -; ...... , . _ .... "--"'yV "" IDe coming a 55 mile niKe on ]town last week visited with ]son, B. J. and Dougie Allara. ]Bloomery. [ "Dulux" rrlni & ,- ,- Lmian epHnfl t0nlflh ~n~nar~esTownor te~epnone[the Appalachian Trail on Sep- friends in this area on Sunday . . Congratulations to Mr. and] Shutter Enamel ...... .... =--- ]him oetwee=n me nours ot/tember 4 and terminating at the [ The Men's Brotherhood of ] Mr'cMfl rd Sanford and Mrs. Curtis Lamp of Martinsburg/ ~ (s~, color! $1;ghllyld ann a p m Monaay mrou n ....... : g Civil War Showcase Grace E & R Church entertain. " ...... :': ............. :- N~~I~ ! The regular.month!y naeetl_ngIFriday" " ~ As-art of their "Historic] .... ", ..." ....... |ton, D.C. vlsltedSundayevenlng in their marriage which occurred / .... ' .... " ~ ~ " ~, | ~ 0t JaCKson-rerKs rost ~o. 71, [ I P~ ,, /eu melt ~amllles anu trlenas wlm/with Mr and Mrs Kenneth Fritts in June. Mrs. Lamp is the for-[ ,~ Trail ~wa d" " " .................................. The American Legion will be 1 s r they wm eonst ct/a wemer roast at Fred Smtths/and family mer Jo Ann Jackson daughter of / -" -- " " " ~:~:::::'~' ~ held at the Legion Home in Char [ "v,~,~,,~.,~ |a demonstration abatis in the i cabin on the Potomac last Thurs / " Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson of/. ' , ~, ....... -- ..... , ........ [ Miss Kenna Frltts was a guest ~:~m~'~ .... " trench area of the Showcase I day evem The conslstor will " to Mrs. Nelson Fritts. They are ] Ch desTown -" ,~~~ les Town on Thursday evening, 0g. Y fM" September 7, 1961 at 8:00 P.M. From.Page 1-- A /They will fell selected trees on hold it's monthly meeting Wed. O~g ~sJoYiDiunnoaS2turday even Marlowe. Mr. Lamp is a brother | PHONE 17 ~" ."~=-~ f~ (DST) . ltect them, Senator Byrd said /the grounds in the manner of the nesday at 7:30 p. m. at the chur- l_ -u ~.~. " house keeping in Martinsburg ] , a ,- w. ~ k,~.~t The "film 'Operation Abolition' ] He stated that "Virginia resist[Civil War soldier and erect the ch. , [toppers ~.~ ..... where they both are employed. [ m - Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. and dau] ~ ! ~~~-'~' ~ pertaining to unamerican activit~ Ied the Warren Court intggration |abatis as a permanent exhibit. The K. C. Y. F. sponsored a | The Leetown Toppers 4-H Club "~~,,M."~" . ~ ies in~ the United States will,- b~|~ecision in defense of the princi-~1~ a).at~ morning g~tivi~, ,; Hay Ride and-outdoor movie last ,w~: ~neet Fr~ay ~t Septem- rs Mary and Nane~ ,spent .~ | shown by Mr. Ray Sencindiver, I ples on which it bel|eves this na. | ' .... ,' Friday for the Y ung, People" 'of tmrl at thClletIil bt Church. , " - - It]on was founded, We shall al-[l .... L. J Kearneysville. Members are asked to please ~ II~ I~~ [ways defend these principles to]rU[~U[~U [~H~ The Evergreen 4-H Club will bring project books. New officers "~~, k ~.~ ~--~ the extent of our strength and ]s~ "'s ~ . ~ . ~ hold their Sept. meeting at the for the new year will be -electeu ~~;~" r ~ ~m ~ regardless of how ruthlessly we/~l~e "1 home of their leader Miss Vir- at this meeting. All members are ~ 1.-- ~ are crushed.' /~Ul~ ~lUII ~l~l L ginia Creamer. Preceding the bus I urged to be present. Movies of lo h ....;,,,nan .... .1: .... / iness meeting there will be a coy- ] cal activities will be shown after ~~~ I mm ~ of annlo ~,ra~or~ d,~d,~,-~ ~,_ ] The annual serxes of Purebred ered dish supper at 6 o. m with [meeting. All children between dr "~ ~ I[]~ er a~aT-~ers-tla;*'"~r~'~,~7-= ]Ram Sales will be held through- each memb.r hrmging-a dish of Ithe ages of 10.21 are eligible 1o rPI1UIi A _At TI 7, .... the Mountain State beginning food ' I join 4-H. Any child interested in JL I~1JL:J X~k~ll&~ . aa~ ~o aS~ul~rl* ~lldll~ U~ Ub" " * rs F s r .ro ,ioo, h.o. .... ,i, ;o .,;o /w th the sale at the Trl-cqunty Mrs. Anna Stackey has been on 4-H Is invited to attend our meet- liiiii! i!iiii iiii!:!! ...... -- !1 m~ lid II L'-~--'=?:"__--L~="[" -, :. T .... "/Fair Grounds in Petersburg on the sick list - I ings and join our club. l~OllOW ][our l~RVOrlle ~ wm~ry weapon oy wnlcn flee na at " " " " " .... ~. - . .,,,,. v .... ti ...... ,~* ..... n 't~ ~,o h ..... /s urday, Sept. 2 at 1 p. m., ~t Miss Virginia Creamer snent[ Mrs. Kenneth Frltts visited ~i!i::iiiii~ili~iiiiiii Jenerson uounty anu Vtfl/rl I uK .... ...... /was announced this week by the Weel end at Reh-beth neach [Sunday in Berryville, Va with iiiiii ii iiiiiii Sectional" Football ueep,y rooteu misrus ot unre- . . - - , - " i i!:iiiii ili ~s~mw~mas strained rule b-- c .... ]Ben Wamsley, Jr, associate Ex. Del .... ]Mr and Mrs J R McDonald T'~"~mS on The sk~mau~.n~u y entrat govern-ltensi.., ani-a" ~"='--nd ..... : ~" - ~ ..... ...... -- ment there are reasons / o. ,. t ,ya,, Mrs. :velyn rayne of Martins- I Mr. and /lrs. David Grove and proetms-- Also appearing on the ;ro;ram IW StwVirginia UniversitYn Allburg called on Mrs. John Dick [son were callers Sunday evening iii@iiii!iiiiiii fiiDTC OI C@ --- - - /a es " pente on East r StanSaturday afternoon. I with Mr. and Mrs. Alton Grove orvnl J rRD|.J YOUR HOME . which was provided over by ,B./dard Time. Mr. and Mrs Harley Potter and and family - ON YOUR FARM... Beverley Byrd, vice president in [ "These sales will offer top rams . _,_ " ..... ' ................. cnarge of production for H B /from outstanding flocks in the of the Ai/UUK au~n~ltaa B r ..... " " " ,, - ti~ii~i:iiii~:::~ii!~i~ii y a, inc., were n. o. :rwin,/State, Wamsley pointed out. ~1.16 Ag bag ..... CALL president of the United Fresh ]"Many of the entries will be ........ v," anFrUit ..... & Vegetable Association ]high-placing animals at the West j[ - - .............. u reter a. tiunner, director of/Virginia State Fair, which was l J LIGHT & VOW~K produce ~merchandising for the held previous to ihese sales" C O M P A N Y roger Company of Cincinnati, J The dates for other regional ] Don Rentch's com,~ete coy Ohio both of whom spoke Ol the ]sales are as follows: er~ge of ALL games of Jef- marketing and quality of frmt. [ State 4-H Camp, Jackson s Mill [ ferson County High Schools Tnere were a number of orchar ](Weston) Tuesday, Sept. 5, 7:30 and Shepherd College as well dists and others from Jefferson |p. m. " * Seetion will be County at the picnic. J Fair 'Grounds, Gassaway, Wed ~Oven; One~ne ~lmrm ra~es GO ~ [nesday, Sept. 6, 1 p. m. TO CHURCH SUNDAY ] State Fair Grounds, Lewisburg USE THE CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, Sept. 7, 7:30 p. m. If You are not st Sub- scriber now, Telephone 222 and start receiving the hews- paper wRh ALL the Sports and Football News Each --THE-- Week. Spirit of Jeffmon. Advocate q IN CHARLES TOWN Serving Jefferson County Readers for ~[ore~than 117 ~ears. we,m~mma m~m~t~ USE THIS COUPON TO SU SaU TO THE SPIRIT OF JffFSSON-- ADVOCATE Or it along to a friend or use it to exte or renew your own subscription. Please start sending me the Spirit of Jefferson - Advocate. 1 m ,.i.a m m a m m m mm m m m m m m m S~!~ ~-o-~-.**...,,...*.o.**to**eto. --= S_ ?_ =-Y.- -L IN PACKING FOR COLLEGE, SOME THINGS MUST BE LEFT BEHIND BUT THE NEED 1NOT BE ONE OF THEM It Can Go With You For Nine lVlonths For D.r Speei' Subscription Rate Of Plus 7 Cents Tax in West V giaia Fill in the Order Form Below, Giving Us A Date With Which to Start Your Subscription. CITY ................................. :... .... ,__..:.~.;,:.~ City ........................ State .......... P y 10 ets, m V $in Endoeed 3- Ring .... $1.25 HEAVY DUTY RINGS LARGE A ACITY Plastic Tab Sabject Divider J.mbo Filler , , - - - Total Value - . | ~k ' ,, I ESTERBROOK -. PAPER MATE DICTIoNARIF .,o-. CLIP TYPEWRITERS ACROSS FROM HOTEL - 29c - 98c - $2.52 SHEAFFER BOARDS EHARLES TOWN, - . . W. VA. 1 Behind the gleaming, ~rc~ cabinet you'll find a pa~nt~_~ inner un~ ~at makes .~p~. floor heat possible. Look at t~ big btowor wtte~l that the air through a battery- inner heat tubes that ~set in the heart of~the tire! doesn't wait for come out.../t /t, then forces it oyf your Come in an4 see for Why Siegler ,/ ONLY SIEOI~B GIT~S YOUL I, IOTTER HEAT OVER YOUR BUY THE SEE YOU NEED TODAY FROM OUR LARGE SELECTION WEST WASHINGTON STREET : Phone ( har e