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August 27, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 27, 1959

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+. ,+. + .+ PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARIE8 TOWN, W. VA. BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. ALl. SUBSCRIPTIONS D[LIW[RED IN THI STATE ARK SUBJECT TO 20"~ CONliUMIrRII 8AL.ES TAX. SUBSCRIPTION ~3.50 PER YIr, AR IN ADVANCE. 8P|RIT ESTABLISHED 1844 "- ADVOCATE ESTASLISHEO 1885 COMBINED MARCH i, 1048 MAX BROWN, KOITOR OFFICE NORTH GEORGE ITREE'r .--- TELEPHONE 222 SERVING JEFFERBON COUNTY FOR !t4 Y~R8 AND READ BY MORE THAN 20.000 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. ENT[RKD AS SECOND C~ll MA~IR AT THE POITOFFICK IN CHARLa TOWN, W. VA., UNDER THE A~ OP MARCH 3, 1879. WEEKLY NKWBPAPER REPRUENTATIV~. INC. NEW YORK - CHICAGO - ATIk,ANTA - DETROIT . LOS ANGELEi MEMB~ OF THE Thursday, August 27, 1959 OUR COUNTY FAIR Some few weeks ago a neighboring newspaper called at- tention to the fact that a lot of things just sort of seem to happen in Jefferson County that don't happen a lot of other places. Well,, one member of our staff tried to answer that last week by pointing out that a lot of things that occur here really do just happen, but at the same time pointed out that some of these things are the by- product of planing and a lot of effort that takes place behind the scenes. Which brings us to the Jefferson County Fair. Here is an annual event that began somewhat inasupi- ciously a few years ago and has over the span of a few very recent years grown into something that is an annual attraction not only for Jefferson County but for neigh- boring counties in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. And the credit for the success of it rests with a band of people who refused to believe that the old time fair had passed fl'om the American scene in the wake of television and new means of communication and travel. The modern fair isn't exactly what it used to be twenty-five years ago, but the basic ingredients have been tailored to the times, and the modern blend is something to see. The emphasis is still on agricultural, horticultural and home- making devices. But that isn't all you'll find in the new Big Tent. Merchants and business men have taken ad- vantage of the occasion to display their wares; and the entertainment is on a par with that you can see in your living room via television any night in the week . o . and it's real. All in all, the Jefferson County Fair has gotten to be quite a thing in these parts and we want to commend those persons and organizations who have combined ef- forts and talents to make it so. It's just another example of Jefferson Countians being a little bit more wide awake than most counties, and the result is another "homerun' for Jefferson. PA NB, ANI)TEAt'tIER $" Well, if the ]one suffering mothers of the County ' , just hold out a few more days, relief L, in sight. Next Monday the swimming pool and the park playground wm have to give way to the more demanding Classroom and teacher as the Jefferson County youngste:s start th 19o9- 60 school year. We can not help but lf el slight+pang_;s pity for the youngsters, and, we a a, Tne cne.. But this is the way it has to be. To the great majority of youngsters school is the one dark blight on youth, but it has always been so and it is flood to believe that in a free country it will always continue to be so. But let no parent believe that the beginning of the school year puts an end to parental responsibility. If anything, it increases that responsibility. One of the ailments of our society today is that too many parents expect the school teacher to be parents as well. There m,e numerous com- plaints to the effect that our kids don t learn anything in school and often the fault, if the complaint is true, should be placed at the feet of the parents who don t play their part in the scheme of things. Did you ever see a single horse try to pull a tongued wagon? The wagon always ends up in the ditch. And the reason is that there should always be another horse on the other side of the tongue to balance the pull. Our kids are in the wagon. And if the wagon is going to stay out of the ditch it takes more than just a teacher hitched to one of the single-trees. The other single-tree all too often is idle. That's where the parent belongs, pulling with the teacher is a combined effort to keep our kids moving--and out of the ditch. The stork made (xaly five trips l~he Charles Town Crener~l Hos pital during i~he past week and ~11 of l~hem were on August 21 and 22 with l~hree of the five bi,~hs +being I>oy~ and two garbs. On Friday, August 21, a ~on, ~teven Clifford was 'born ~o Mr, and Mrs. Charles l~reder~ck Din- ~rman of Brunswick, Md.; and ~t~e same day a daughter, Rebecca An~ was born to Mr, and Mrs. ,Gordon Kark~vood Jannoy of Hy- :~t~vl1,1e, iKd'~ Saturday, Aug. 22, a daughter'; ~l~aron Mary, wa~ born t~ +:Mr. and 1 Mrs. Armor IJawrence S,aliivam, Harpers Ferry; a son, Joseph+Lyn@ was born to Mr. and Mrs. CApables Willi~zn Hardy of Charles T~wn; and a son M~hael Darren wa~ +born to Mr. a,nd Mrs. A~nold~ O'- ~Brien Pit.~Anger, Charles Town. Medical l~tienks admi!tted to ~the hospital during the period of August 19-26 were: Miss Margaret Virginia JOhnson, Route 2. @bar- los Town; George Po~tel Peck, Fredericksamrg, Va.; ~W~ster Char ~les A,~h~y .Smock Shenandoa~ Junvtlon; Mrs. Kath~vn Ernt*tS' Feltner. Mrs, Audrey Ho~t ~oK- ~an, Mrs. Ger~Idlne M~e Dorsey and Jumor Ray Wagner, al~ of Charles Town; Mrs. Louise Jsne Dart, Ransom John DeLauder, ,Mrs. Llewellyn R~hl Field~, Hat- ,pets Ferry; Henry lTenwel:l. Ver- non David St~bs, l~ute 2, Har- +pets Ferry; Sa~nuel Pd~rd En- *le, ld~ter CaYra4~ Lee Turner. ~ 2, Harpers Ferry; Ma~. ~ar ,a~ Baton Heelan, Petersburg, Va. ~rion :/.~ter l~amner, ~Miann, l~ute 1, Kearney~ile. (Surgical patier~t~s admi,ttod were lSttle Steven Kec~t Snyder, Miss Ellen Elizabeth Griffi~h, 8ally Ann Rtmsell, @harles David (}rove, 1~ss Mary Arm ~ower ~ll of ~arles Town; li~le Tony Mi- chael Barnhouse, Bruns~ck, Md.; tittle Will, am Francis Lancaster, III, Ranson; Mrs. Ella Winnie Painter, R~t~te 2, Ha'rpem Ferry; +bOss Jo~n Carol Wi~ers, Harpers Ferry; master Lcw,is Michael Pain ,ter, Rotate 2, Harpers $'erry. Ot~t-pa~ients were: Walltam Trot ter, Margery Wil,t, James E. Hor- ~ton, Mildred Shumaker aH of Har |Jets Perry: James R. Sl'~pp, Hel- en Sisto, Fran~s ~/~uephy, Teresa L. Caliper, Saznuel Engle, Joseph SerVis, Peggy M, Ar~iemon, Me~,ha L. Brown, ~1'1 of C~rles Town; CarolTa J. Newman, Cez~treville, (Md. Allen ~. ,Dubay, ~s ,Ferry. ,~cenda L. Dart; Knoxville, iMd.; James Jeauaro, Phi.ladelphia, Pal; Betty A~l~z Pace, Al.tanda, S. C,; Plorence M. Sword, Ke~rneys- vl'~le; Shirley Shenk, Ba'l~imore, Mxi.; Wayne Smal,lwood, Ranson; +E+i~ L. ,Lan+ham, Ranson; ~ry Dorsey, Kagerslxrwn, b[uxm n vo M ET The C zens Fire Company Aux iliaxy will meet Scptember l~t at i~e f,ixe hall. 2~11 members aze ur- ged to be presea4~ as they would ~ike to ~s, euss t~he ~oup and sand wlehe~ supper. HELP FOR VETERANS ON SEPTEMBER 11, 18, 25 R~y L, Sermlndiver. Deputy Dir eotor will be in Charles Town at She A~nerican Legion on Sept,. 11, 18, 25 for the puppose of a~s~Stang war v~erans, t~eir dependents or beneficiaries, w~i~h government bene~~ to wl'~C~ may be en II SPEND LESS :AND GET KENNY'S TOMATO JUICE---46.oz. can CRISCO SHORTENING - . ESKO SHORTENING . - WESSON OIL - - L GOLD RIBBON MARGARINE LUZIANNE COFFEE---Canister DOMINO SUGAR . 5.11 (With Purchase Of'$5,;0 or More) FI Two IL msc SPAM, TREET OR PREM - 12-oZ. PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES - - MONARCH EVAP.. MILK . . 6 tall BOSCUL PEANUT BUTTER . - 10.oz. COCA COLA - . . 6 (One Six Pack FREE with Each Harmon Kitlebrew- Roy Seivers Lemon-Bob Allison (BRING YOUR COUPONS TO M, $ !i+ FLOWER SHOW-- J E DISPLAYS--FARM PRO|UCTS A R R 0 W ..... - MID WAY CARNIVAL , Oi ORF BY CITIZENS FIRE COMPANY G U N TH E R . . . - BE SUR[ TO OftEN THE BIG+ (6 PACK THROW AWAY BoTT , AND TALK WITH AllOW YOUR F E ED PROBLEMS... ALL POPULAR BRANDS l 5, sl: CHARt[S TOWN, :W. PHONE 73 lq . OPEN 8:00 A. 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