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Charles Town, West Virginia
August 25, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 25, 1966

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DOES MORE FOR YOUR CAR FIGHTS ENGINE KNOCK I theme of her son, Raymond Carp- er, Charles Town; Mrs. Burton Hilleary, at her home near the Bloomery; Mrs. Clara Tewalt, at her home in Charles Town; Isaiah H. Russell for 42 years in bus- iness in Charles Town, in Win- chester Memorial Hospital. Wilflam E. Walker Holstein Herd Is Given New Average Brattleboro, Vermont - A new SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE 5B-- THuRsDAY, AUGUST 25, 1966 completed lact~ti0n~ West Vir- ginm University supervised the weighing and production testing procedures in cooperation with this breed ,improvement program Married: - Miss Evelyn Johnson .... . .... herd production average for milk of the Hol, stein organization. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stafford The periods of August 11-17 TOwn on ~econaary ~oute 16. ............. land butterfat has been announc- The restflts of participation in Johnson of Ranson and Mr. Mil- proved to one of the most costly reVOlVes was a l~o~ ~losmooile ed for the Re-istered H=;stein 10 -- YEARS AGO --- 10 i Bush, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vivian ton A. Carson, son of Mr. and on Jefferson County lvighways in being driven by Harry McDaniel, ho,.~ ~,,~,~ h,, ~m~,... P ~7~t. official production testing are I W. Bush of Charles Town; Miss Mrs. Nicholas Carson of Charles some weeks ac State Police in- a1 .. Charl,~ ~ ....... n . ~a~ ............~ ............ ,, o~,,- useful to herd owners in measur- =., ................... er Shen~-,~-~ T,,..~... ing bree&in~ progress, analyzing day old strike of Local 475 ] Ruby Jean Burton of Lincoln Ala. Town; Miss Hazel Browne of Bar- vestigated a series of eight motor Buick being driven by James D. '. ""':":"."';~.'~. .... . _.. i,~,..,~ti,,,1 T~nthprhnod[and Mr. William B. Link, son of bour Co., ~o Mr. Wm. F. Musser herd marmge~nent and the deve- ...... ": ........ .~: ..... Y-. | Mr and Mrs S W Link of Cha- of Shepherdstown; Miss Myra F. vehicle accidencs in which a total Nicholson, 57, of Route 2, Charles~ . ;~s.repo~ea oy, lopment of outstanding cow fam- permaKers, Al"l~ agalnstl_ " .. Inn .:kSSOClJLtlOn OI .~merlca, the ..... r~t atI r~es xown Wfllingham of Bardane and Mr. of 10 persons sustained personal Town. Nicholson was charged .............. i~ies. ~oara t~ompany s pza I .... :: .... injury and 14 cars and two motor- - .... nora has compzete~ z~s latest test- wz,th failure to ymld the right- ........ This herd's performance level continues I vice: - Mrs. mary ~arr Amxan- Louis N. Bush of Charles Town. cycles were damaged to the ex- of-way in making a left turn. lug year wtm an otncl~ per-cow compares favorably to .the ave- " ' der, wife of Herbert Lee Alexan-. tent of about $8,500. Damage to the two cars was listed average of 18,017 lbs. of milk and Gregory House, Southof Town t- h. sol~ at the der, at her home m Martmsburg; 40 --- YEARS AGO --- 40 The most serious of the acci- ~ _~_~.~n i ~3 lb~ ,~f h.ttor~t hu~ nn .~1 rage U. S. cow's annual output I .. ." Z~ . ? Roland E. Hardy of near Hyatts- Died: - In Charles Town, Mrs. dents accurred Tueslay Aug. 16 "~2~l~ree persons were injured in ~ "~'~i .......... . ~'~". ~" ~ of 7,880 lbs. of m.~k and 285 lbs. )n wounty uourt ~ouse ....... wa'- town, Md, son of the late John Martha Dunn, formerly of near about 6:40 on U. S. Route 340 a traffice accident at 8 a m. on l NOTICE TO CREDITORS of butterfat, r'roauction averages ms it moore, iv ]s a ra- ' " Rippon, aged 71; at his home at near Rippon in which two cars Thursday involvin- an auto andI are calculated on the commonly awr~st- " " " watch .... as winner m and._ Emma Lee Hardy of Mill-Middleway, Henry Nicely, 78.were involved and five" persons two motorcycles~ ate" Shenandoah l .p,, th~ O,-~d~,,,,-- n,~ ~,,,,~~.~ l emplyed, two m~lkings, per day, . e Fourth District Essay ten,test yuLe. In the month of August up to sustained personal injury. Junction - t ari'e~ of "the"'Es~a['e'"of'"*~w;s|305"day, mature equiva, lent basis ~h~ted by V. F.W. 20 -- YEARS AGO -- 20 .the28th; seven inches of rain fell Charles Town State Trooper Taken to Charles Town General I Jackson McDonald, Deceased. [ to provide a comparison standard. DISTRIBUTOR ~ghter~'ried:of" MrMiSSandNanCYMrs. c,Rth'c. .~e'a,~t ...... M-rto-C Mum~na. , U. S. m ~nar es if own. . . Anthony Divit.a sa~da 1965 ~Chev- Hospital by Shepherdstown am-t ~All persons having claims a-] ~ " ._ ~h "" . " ; _ .. _ '_~ N. (Ret.) assumed his post as iviarriage ticenses were ~ssuect rolet being amven ~as[ on ttoute e ev o drivers~ ,~ ftf T~i..Tnok ] ]~l~,~ff~f~F~t~ ~ I).~14- ~ ....... OZ riemlngTora, r~eo., arm bu,lance wer th~ el_ _ _ a inst the Esta ............... . ,~.. ............. ~. ['larry C K~ht son of Mrs Managing Editor and Sec. Treas. in the Co. Clerk's office to Rob- 340, by Johnnie Shields Alston, Grafton Victor Smitla~. Jr 18 and ~n McDonald, deceased whether ] ,*--~,~,~*,~#" (~ i)t=~t ~v~cHttt= --" " ' _ " of the Jefferson Publishing Co. e~ C...Rickel .of Ma~insburgand 34, of. Charl~esville. V~, and Eugene Zichelberger, "t)oth of l due or not, are notified 'to exhibit [ ~g'~~ ]~r~r,n W ~tf~ Kn~ht of Charles ..TOWn. and the Farmers AA]vocate; meet- ~vnss ~ma trace ot rcanson; rnn- ownea oy me xelmw uao rrans~z ~ .... ~. .... a#a ~., u~. ~, .-!same with the vouchers thereof t t~y~~ ......... ~ .... ,~ m anna Suella Wheattey oz ' 1 ~P P. Clem of Charles Town and [ Company of Charlottesville, went ~o~ w~ 1 ........... i~ ~.~ I legally verified to the undersiun- ] ~r~~~t--------'_." T~. ,.,,~,* ,~,~.,. ~ield, Iowa and Mr Foster in.g at the Thos. Jefferson IIote, " ....... v .... ~, ............. ~. ,~zsm , , ~ ~-~-:~ ....... " -~ Mr ~officials of the Blue Ridge Bowl- Mrs. Annie E. Long of Bolivar. out of control and crashed into a=~o' "~;'.~"~--~--'~-~;,'-~-~* "-~.-:'-;~ ed~ at his office in the Cttiz~'nsl r~p~~-~p,j,~-- rnone zzo-zzla 1 Mr~*~""*~"~R~-o~"--m"~'n ,~f ing League organized for the sea I. ~aa6 F,,~ bein- driven WestI ............s ..... u ....... -~ ............. I w~,mr~_~,. ,,1 f~. arl ............ r L Co kIsn' Claude O. Caskey of - v~ IowI1; I~IISS my a . o . Roonsboro, Md and Mr J tinsburg, club president, prosed- sn. bert Nicely, son of Mr. "and ing. s- James F. Nicely of OharlesI Died: - Thomas H. Lewis, In Wa; Miss Nancy Louise Willis I Charles Town General Hospitaa, Grover Ci~~ Jenkinstofq Chefs, los[ oral Hospital were: Shirley Ann came. out of.State.Secondar~y 164_,t may appear on or before said da ' ...... ; .......... ~ .... ~L'* ..... , runlnngastop ,gn, andcrashed " " I:i:IIP_AM~ II:WI:'I DV aghter of Mr. and Mrs. John [ Mrs. Alva Osbourn Carper, widow near Leetown and the ReD A J iKuykendall, 26, RFD Charles .. ........... I to examine sald claims and other- Willis and Mr. Albert Dean of the late Wm. E. Carper, at the Wil/is of Middleway " " "J Town, a fractured leg and 1.seer- m~o me :t~vo ~v_~-mo~_l motor-] wise protect their interest, iS 1L.r~Urll~q~ JL. I1 ~lL-l~l r l h ~;yczes wztzcz~ were pzt~ceettlizg on " l aions of the ight eg; E "zaneth o,-.~ - --~, 1 Given under my hand this 8th l~ _ , ~~====~~~~ Ingram, 41, of Norfolk, Va, lacer- ~xmge ztoatl, da A . 80 -- YEARS AGO -- 80 ]ated y of ugh, x9 6. On West Washington St. Charles Town i 18 ooee --ae '. " and hands; Mary Jane Kuyken- g, is still under investigat-] COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNwel~ ....... ..... V Idall, 6 hcerated lip and possible ion by State Trooper A. F. Ar-I JEFFERSON COUNTY American Stretch Band, WhRe, Gold and Yellow h rdstown vicinity as fatally m lure wmie wormng a mresn thur ! , ,. J internal injuries; Carolyn I Gil- ]Aug 11-34 J. B. & Gemex-Flex-Lel. Kestermade and other brand m.g macmne, he_was one umejpatrick' 21, Norfolk, fra&ured, -- I'-" ...... names that: principal ot ~nepneru ~oi~lege. _ j ribs, lacerations and possible head ~ T/~ ~UIID~U CIIUItlV l NOTICE TO CREDITORS 1~ D. Smith Eichelberger, late oIli.~iuries and Alston who sustain-~IU It/ ~,ilUn~.ll .)UIIIILP/41 I ~ - D17~rl~lll TTD Vl[~fi ~117 gft the Martinsburg Statesman, died[ ~i~ a laceration of'~he arm and[ [ To the Creditors and Beneflci-~U a~,xu.tzlatxa t.~t ~tv - w~-.~v ~-- -~ :~ t~ ~ ~re,h, ba~, .' at ,he age of 68. [a back injury. Use The Classified ,a"es of the Esta.te of LEE A.,~ In Other Bargain Stores . Now Take ,'our Pick Here At . ~_ . I Alston was charged by Trooper l ......... ~~,~o ]CANBY, Deceases. I~ ATTFMlll rHIII H J Divita with failure to have his l [ All persons having claims a-l~ 1 dr ~I A~ Executor s Sale """ """' " * | car under control. Damage tel OTICE TO CREDITORS I gainst the F_,s~te of LEE.If tl l t/ Jthe two cars wasplaced at $5,000.I - IA. CANBY, deceased, whether, : ]$ VIII_y db I II I In another accident at 6:40 p. TO the Creditors and Benefict-?due or not, are notified ~ w ,-, ........... I/m 16 $200 damage resulted aries of the Estate of WALTER~ to exhibit same, with the voucher ~ Bulova products such as new water-proof, shock-proof, o~o oo~vm~o i/from a rear-end collision on State BAP~, Deceased... . [thereof legally .verified, to the anti-magnetic watches at the low, low price of: Route 9 just south of Char~ As Executor of the late Hazel L. Jaeobs' Estate, we will sell " es an persons navmg claims a- unaerslgnea at his oltice m the = .. I/Town gaiust the Estate of Walter Citizens Office Building Charles /%kllV IPJttN Antique and Modern Furniture, located on No. 610 Jefferson rurHiture I/ " hboun v hi le driven b Barb, deceased, whether, Town, West Virginia on or before . A nort d e c y UHL/ lU.70 Avenue, Charles Town, W. Va. on: ||Eleanor Hyle Marks, Washington, due or not, are notified to exhibit 10th day of January, 1967; o~er- JID C was proceedin~ north and same, with the vouchers thereof, I wise they may by law be exclud- ,~ Two Watchmakers On Duty At All Times at Feagans SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 1966 _ I[ started to make a -ri-ht turn legally verified to the undersign-led from all benefit of said estate I~ To Serve You With A Personal One Year Guarantee SALE BEGINNING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK log Ilwhen her car was st~'uck by a e~, at his affice in the Citizens[All beneficiaries of said estate~ ii't|4~llUli55t Ill~ Jifollowin~ car operated by Alex Office Building, Charles Town, I may appear on or before said day :~ ~m g s q, Walnut double bed, complete; 2 Large walnut veneered ward- . ........... I / Hamilton Green Jr, Leesburg, West Virginia, on or before the I to examine stud c,a~ms and other- ~ % lfl l robes; Walnut sideboard; Marble' top wash stand; Walnut I;~1 w. WaShington ~[. JJVa Green told State" Police that 10~h day of January, 1967; other-lwise protect their interest. ]~ ,,ei~,lM~l /TT|~I V I iSA Charles Town. W Va. J[ h~" annlied th- brakes and his wise they may, by law, be exclud- Given under my hand this 8th ~arble top dresser; Large oak bed,complete; Oak dressers; --... -~.- -~-- J] c'-ar s[~idded ~ ed from all benefit of said estate, day of August, 1966.JB &~~ $~m~95 i m~ Oak extension table and 6 chairs; Old sideboard, desk and Telephone #zo z zt h ~r In1 mv All benefmlarles of sazd estate MARK B WETZEL1 hgok case, combined; Oak china cupboard; Mantel clock; Li. " I| T e V" g: "a d " er was then .... ~ ll~l I 1 1611 ~ I/char~ed with failure to have his may appear on or before said day I COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS brary table; Platform rocker; Swivel rocker; Straight back and ...... I / vehicle under control by State to examine said claims and other- I JEFFERSON COUNTY ,11 8everairektng chairS;small chests;Bk caSeMagazineand bookS;rack;FloorOak chestlights;of drawers;Picture C O L O R J|Trooper G F Arthur, who in- wise protect their interest. I Aug. ll-3-L I~ KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS i It Two cars were damaged to the day of August, 19~. I NOTICE TO CREDITORS ti Largest Selection of Keepsake Diamond Rings In l~he | vesti ated" " Given under my hand this 8th' frames; Bed stands; Scatter rugs; Trunks; Suit cases; Towel Black & White g ..... , reck; Frigidaire electric stove, like new; Large Frigidaire extent of about $700 in an acci- MARK B. WETZEL 1 Area. i .... c ..... ' COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTSI To the Creditors and Benefici- refrigerator; Electro-Lux vacuum cleaner; A. B. C. washing oertt wnl n occurrett at ~ p m /a" " *, . " " JEFFERS N COUNTY rles of the Estate of Frederick ~tehine, A-I shape; Rurroughs:~Iding ma~~,Casla,~ ~r~1 ,s of ddleway o,. ..... o, ,o Su e,n l |I- Products $7.50 Up To $1900.00 register; Filing cabinet; Store account safe; Power lawn mower; !~/ ~ t Seconaary Koad 4/2 in which ~-~" ~ ~" ' ' -- ~ ....... ~ ' .......... ~'L /VX ~ / a car being driven by Susan Jane NOTICE TO CREDITORS [,,afm~t Pt~?~st:t~vin~ ~a~ams-,..a~ |r With a Guarantee not only good at Feagans, but all of Kitchen cabinets; Kitchen tables; Kitchen utensils, pots and J Widmyer, 17, of South Church St. Jr) SLttt~nq,,Id ~',~" ~,,h~'~'~ ~ the Keepsake Dealers in the World. Pans, skillets; Metal cabinets; Garbage can; Stool; Kitchen I ' Charles Town, and a 1963 Ram- r " " "" " ~ ............... " "' . To the C editors and Benefi- due or not are notified to exhlb~! TERM i * " SCales; Bread racks; Stone Jars; 12 ft. Meat case and compressor; T V ~ J bier, berng dmven by Fred M. e.i~ri~-~ ~ t~ho_ E ato .f .nTTt ] ..... .h ,h ....... .... ! S. L ttle or No Money Down- Take It With You bayton store scales; Meat saw and large kiflves; Water hose; /e ,e ~ - C^J.i_ ~, Ma.,,_~b .......... .. - ......................... ~ ................................ , , . IX) . legally verified to the undersign. ~ew Wash tubs; Mail box; Porch chairs; Oil heaters; Wooden , volved There were no personalA1 ersons havin claims a " ' 1 P g - ed at his Office in the Citizens ~loors; Step ladder; Tables; Fertilizer and lime; Some paint; SALES-SERVICE : juries. Sta ..Tro P dr Anthony gainst the Estate of Edith Office Building, Charles Town FEAt]AHS JL /[L[RS ~tiPer Valspar varnish; Some lumber; 2 Barrels; Tree trimmers. : ~avzm sala ~vuss w amyer was ANTENNAS INSTALLED ~ .... ., . ~ ,.,! .... ,.. ~...~.... B. Lloyd, whether due or not West Wrgmla, on br before the | 9~n ]tA'AT'~J ~ql~DIT~ql~ ~f~II~D ~ ~XFI~J ~1~7 ~rt I ~,,,~s~., *..~- -......-~ ~...~v ~.., ar- nntified b. exhibit the same ' lm.h clua, t~ Tan,,.~-sr 1QR~/* .+ha. IN ,,uv u~z'~a~a oxa~*'~ ~- ~.~aazx~o x ~ ** zs, **. Vzx. Lots of Other Articles Not Mentlon~l. . .... the right of the center of the : ..... ~ ....... ~" ....... , .... ' "~"~*" r.;..h ...... I with vouchers thereof, legally I otherwise they may by law be ex. | ~I~n,]~g%%.T'L~ eVO~ ~'Y~. ""~""'*~ .... the un-e " d -, ....... ...... ~ ---~t~zaa,J~ .~o-~H~ .-- .... __ ....... [verlilea ~o ,n rslgne , at lcmaea trom au oenen~s oi salO |, TERMS--CASH: On Day Of Sale. ] Three n.lgnway acc!aents also ] my office in Harper s Ferry, West estate All beneficiaries of said, ~ " )ccurre(1 in me county Aug 1~ B kNK Of CHARLES TOWN, Executor Of Jlllml ] . ~.,~,....^..._~..~ ..... ". ~ : Virginia, on or before December I estate may appear on or before ] T T ~ . " in wz.~-, g,~,v,=~y ua.zas~ wa~' o e i -" . 12, 1966, th rw se they may, by said day to examine satd claims MRS. HAZEL L. SACOnS ESTATE Ranges- Refrigerators hsted at ~1,350, and Aug. 13, law be excluded from all benefitsl and otherwise nrotect their inter I Here s w/wre the ~IILLER--THARPE - Auctioneers "* Air Conditioners-Washers ~hnlC:xted~m:g~dutt~6~5 cars m of said estate. All beneficiaries of lest. " "[ ---------- ,--lll-- o . ~00RF,--MOORE- Clerks Aug. 18-~- .... , .- ". -: __ I said estate are notified to be pro-I Given under my hand this 8th[ ,~',~'E~(~ ~M~~ ~ ~ff j l;ne nrst aecluent Aug. 13. I sent -n said date t^ "rotect th^ir [ .......... ~ mini II I ......... ~. ..... t u u g ~ u~y OI AUguS$, I~IYO Icurred at 5:10 p. m., when a car interest. [ MARK" B. WE~ZEL I A FINE SELECTION OF, operated by Harry W. Orr, crash.[ Given under my hand this 12th[COMMIggI(~N~.R Ol~ ACCftI~N'Pg[ CnMMII n'v Nil cn lUC ":~, ~:~:~~ ,., ____ ea into the rear ot a ear Delngldav of A,t n,st 1966 i ...... "~r-~,'~'~,ff~n~;~| "&#VI'H'iVI II B I V|h q Vel ill h#e tUIINI/UIi , Keedysville, Md. on Star Route/COMMISSIONER OF ~,CCOUra'v~ 1 " " , ] ..=][~t|~lttrlhll~t~n*... : :::::" ...... "' DDING 9, four miles north of Charles t JEFFERSON CO~T~'Y 1 2 ..... I I Ill I I U I ...... ~" .... 'i "~:'~ /" ' *~, , '~;~ ~ .: :: ~Z)~ .~ "": ~ ~ ;~ ~ ~: {~::!}ii:.% ~i- ~: ~.~ :.~ ~, " . :: : ~ ":~ .'%~'4~i. " .:~{:~:~:i:~