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August 25, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 25, 1966

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TW0 SECTIONS LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA SPORTS -- COUNTY NEWS ADVERTISEMENTS SIXTEEN PAGES LOCAL NEWS --PICTURES WEDDINGS -- SOCIETY CLASSIFIED ADS ii 1844 .... The Newspaper Charles Town And Ranson Grew Up With .... 1966 102 NO. 34 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1966 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS ! . [ Teachers Meet Friday, Then I [It iAIill Rp. R Miss Karen K---~y Marcus, daugh-:- [ mt m m mmm ~-v i~'( ter of Mr. and Mrs Charles Mar- I# I _ cus of East Washington Street, It [~ll~ n 1 11 1 Charles Town, gained honor and _ ] ~k-J~RJr~A 1 ~ll~h~il j , 1 glory for herself and Charles t i | [ By next Summer the State RoadI of $247500 for construction of a . ~' av night a,,~ l_q ,n r, [ll~blll~U n IUpl , Tow _rid ...... ~=~_ _ _ @-- - Commission headquarters for [standard maintenance headquart. Asbu'rv Park "'N'") w~en 'sloe' ~ = [ and supporters, past ] 11~ .m m m a_ _m Jefferson County shoed be lo-[ers building on the Leetown site. was selected 'as the"second run ~al~alnl2~al~ [ All l Ill ! of the narners Fer~. ill W wa,emv_Jnc.m] cated in new quarters on a l6-acre [ Miller's bid was the only one sub" l n~r un in ~ho 1~ "Mi~ 'HI,,~[~/I'P~IblilUbl [~[~l~=.I~lm~,~u I---ram J , 1-" ".., nine ww * ~ ill . -----'--r ..................... ~-,, Historical Parkwere [ plot of ground on the Ranson-Lee-[ mRted to the State Road Con]- School of America" pa~,oant ~ 1 11 | r,mfl l l i , .... o'-'----, ! I (Thursday at a luncheon [Plh.,~.~,~ TA~ ~.~,~ Uam tOWn Road. The ,land is now be~[ ml~on on the project. [ stated in that city Au~, 18 d[ Grand and peht 3urors for the:lJI I I I llil[I ! I lll ] by Senat~) Jennings Ran [ I~llal IU~/uwii uaa nun mg used as a stone storage depot. J Construction of the new facil. [ 19 .... an ] September Jury Terrd of the Cir- [ v m m. -- .~- -- ~- --. --wm at the Hill Top Hotel in ] , Movement of the County Road [ ity is expected to get underway [ Lynn Chafee of Waltham, [ cult Court of Jefferson County, [ ~ ~ __ 's Ferry_ .. | In M2enn nli # nfl Commission. facilities to this. site[ in about. 30 days after the actual [ Mass. ..... ,.an n ...... a as the wl'~,~-," ...... [which convenes here on Septem-I -- - ,~ Llk" ..... - *h .... old ~.,~'~ "All a -""'~,,~, zipal speaker for the occas- [ rune u,uu,avmu mwumn~umu~ has been under consideration for I awarding of the contract. [ of the na~eant- Mi~s Galia Moore I ber 20, have been summoned to [ ~r'ViSV ~ ~sl~r lr thin, ...... st come t ..... n ,~, ~. ~s the ast several months and it The new s te ~s located about a ear, and their names are as $ George B. Hartzog, Jr., ] H..W. Wageley, Inc., and the . P "~ ....... [ ...... o ......... .~[[of Stanley, N. C., was named as ].PP -[ /it will be Tuesday morning for ~r o a ion r oecaxne a certainly tnat me iour miles ii- Ill KaIISOYI, anti R h IOllOWS 4 f the N t" al Park Se ]Charles Town Gas Company, are ....... I ........ t e first runner-up and Miss I kl--.--.J kd ...... ....... |most of the some 550 Jefferson / ............ ....... )~..i..~, ................. ~h ..... x..e~q'h v change wouia oe mane weones- [ is large enough tor me nanming I Marcus finished, third. * ] Grand jurors who have beenI i~dlqli~l MllilII~[/4~Wlly | County children of school age. mornin~ General Carl C | ~.o hmh la~ate~t in na,. and ~nac- day when announcement was I of stone storage needs and also [ According, ~a worn from the [ summoned to appear on the open. I I ~h. win have tn ~.iv~ ,,~ ~hm,: .... made by the State Road Corn- for the construction of much eartt ffic'al e lovel mg day of the Term, September tion,in , Provost Marshal General, mus quarters in the newly re- . . pug o z s, th y Char Stumper vaca g fun and re- te " , mission that W. Harley Miller, larger and more adequate Road le Town Hi " ' con ri 20, are" Lee Gruber, Donald M[ z'zurn~'m--~l ~i~ma c ass a plaque showing two/modeled and enlarged Mason ......... / ........... e ........ r ...... s gh ]umor t buted [... _. ......... turn to the 1 "rooms for the t Harpers Ferry Flintlock |Building, on East Washington : martmsourg comractor, sun- 1 ~omxmssmu u auquarte s ~or the i substantially to help make the l r~olana, ~annmg ~mlm, ~ogarl _..._____._. I long 180-davs of the 1966-67 school to .T.~h ~ P~n*i~ |o,..., ;~ ~.o.~o q,.... ~ mitred a low bid in the amount[ county . [1966 Mi~ High Keh~l p~,~ntlP. Smoot, Jr., Kenneth Cavalier, -_ -~:A:~-~ - [;,~ - - " atendent of Harpers Ferry | The Charles Town Gas Corn- of Amemca the most spectacular .. : .... ;... ~. And those who are not required al Historical Park. The |.pony and the H. ~hr. Wageley k| .... T_..I-_.. T-- D. U...UA-1 Aem-- ~l l& I presentation of high school[~?waru2., war~n ~. ~~ I to report for school Tuesday morn O01ilS, ~eorge ~ TaOO, U D of the presen~tion is of [ Company are occupying the I~t~Y 1Ud[lltffb 1U D~ I1UllU[~%l bWUo O A1 1 beauty and talent to date. ] ..... .... , [ ing will be heading back to the Ular signifance,marking [ground floor area of the Mason ~ I Presented to a capacity crowd l~_.oYer, ~alpn Eunn, wnour o. I classrooms on Wednesday morn- }t rurr, donn L Effle t~ennem ~* h anniversary of the Nat- | building where they not only I .... LAA--O ~IPA IP,~,.~.,aJ, aHA ~mA~A" [of more than 5,000 people eachl .... "_ ~ .. {ing, August 31 and by ~lhursday nln l~owe, unarles o unselo Park Service. [ have larger and more attractive I~U~U||I ~ V ~'~ ~ UilI~ eve " g by the American College ~... _ _" _ morning, Sept i, al,1 of them will , of Cosmetol-o~, and the Cit,, ofI retn ~urors WhO nave oeen :~: ~ I )r to the Civil War, a Fed-] display areas for their Tappan . .-s~ g ~ ....... ~be taking up their pencils and krras factory was located at]Gas ranges, Seigler Gas Heaters, mh ...... ,^.,~h.~o I.~sbury Park, the qual!ty of per-jSu,mmnea ,apPear on^_Ee ibooks once again for the first the Jefferson County School ys- dlcated clear an 27, and thereafter as directed by , .~. ..... ~ .... T that the pistols were ers, and dryers and RCA refriger- . . I ly that m y years . :i)...I., ::~.:. ..... ::; [ - Re e ators and freezers, but also lovely tern th~s term Will be honored by of diligent practme" had been de the Court are: Leroy R. Baker, .:~:::~:~: :~ ~ : But with the school openings .... .... onc bern s ed. the Y ' voted to mt~s l dramatic Robert Brady, John R Bring -'::,:.~: : . cords show. that thes ' Jefferson Count Education " J " r +!:::+:=:~'i' %4~ = :~ ' e again 'g tag on a )r~s were made during the and modernly equipped business . lca, , and " ..... :~ ....... radua scale the first tw , .,~..,, Assocmhon and the County C10ss, baton twirlin~ lessons either nri- hurst, Frank W. Buckles, Louis I g .... 1 . _ :.. V _. o days . 1806, 1807 and 1808, and ~ ........ ~ --,,,~ Teacher Association at a ~ ~:' :- =- ~ , , o ...... ,- I ~ Rn~h Nnrrn~n Cnrhin ~.,,c~,~ " .~.,~ ~ I xvl~.l oe ot halt aay uurauon. r ............. / [ ~ rarely, or in me mgn SCHOOL j .................................. ~ "'~'~l~ P oductmn was hmfled to The old offices Which housed n be held an ..... " . , ~ ~ .... Unde the schedule armoune . luncheon meetz g to . L. Crum, Tommy Enms, Ruth .~ .:;!!~i ~.:~. [ r , . ed 2,~0 pistols. Few of these[ the H. W. Wageley Company !n the Wright Denny School cafeter- _..Mms ~arcus...who competed Funkhouser Thomas W. Lennon,:i ~ ~ !for the school @penings by prlnel- axs 'nave survlveu me test] Ranson, win oe convertea lnvo in l~ridav At- ~6 I ~~~~ uxxaj, XILtile OgaL~t~ t.olll~tltl~lll(~nvdr~n ~o~ahefov Tr ~tTano I nals of the Charles Town Senior le and *hard usage on the a warehouse and the plant wfl~l "-'- ....... -" I I I[of the pageant, brought a "Class[ ............... , ? ........ ~i~::~)~:::|'~'~;~:.~=i~i:~!~ ~" ~:~:~'~ *an Ht S -- . . Guest speaker for the program ,, Thornton, John R Zezgler, Harry ::> :.::~::~: ~:,::~:.~ . ~..~ d Junior gh hools and the 1 . P . I will be Phares E. Reeder, exeeu- o.,a..,o~.,.~.,o,V ..... ~ ...... Gageby, Lew~s Meadows, Marjorm ~}~ ~telds and frontmrs of be in o eration six days weekly . A .honor back to her high school ........... .~.~%~:~? " ~" Wright Denny Schol in Charles .a:, An.d today, .the[ to oetter serve customer.. [ tire secretary of the West Vir-I ~~iJ~~'~g~ } ".~,~'~,'~'~'*_'_72, "~Y_'__';.~:L~,v~'I H. Wilt, Barbara J. Bratina, A C t Town, only the ninth graders will rzstoa is a rare ooject Tile | Although the ~:wo ousmess I .i.~io W.dncafiem Association I ~~ j se ..... ~,m wim u~mty ann non- I Halvr~a Nnrva,I .Tn~an~fnn TT l:vl~ I be renortln~ in at Charles To~ ~are unique for their ~race-[ firms have already moved into. in"Mr Re~ler~'a former teacher, I ~ Ir~.:._ ,"..... __ ........I P-e{t'ijo--h'n.'-M- a on-'P'ife'r "r;ahl'B I Senior High Tuesday morning-"-; u oeat~tifUl lines, ant R was ! their new quarters, t~e ottieial I. "~___t.~.-.~:_-- ,t.-- xxrxr~C~A I I .xv~)~ ~vxaz~cus wux-e a ~uveay [ (~londonin~ Rand~lnh I-l,,vaff Malri~V n nvV, W~ ~U I only the seventh ~raders at tha SYmmetrmal~~a~s ~e~desagn that grand openmg, at which the pub . ~ n g wn wit settei D~n~:~hlmeeL~2! S~iiii~ekk' P~n~e~! A[IY:~ :~at~a ~e.]i:i tth(i ] ~ilar~yrlll~=eTw~i~d~d~anndl!~]lnegdnhdtht~ I . p [ k:~,^.. Ue has served as ,,resident[ ~~i~ I lnmmnn| ['ant r At n ] Clarence M Dunn, Jerry C Hock-A ....... ,.,. - ~-~ ...... ~,,+=~,~+ I school last year, wlI be going to .~rsary of the e li ment['stab sh It was stated by James M avis ID , e [ I ~*v'"'"m" v"'"~'~ ~'~'"/, '7 " " " ~'""~ .............. v'u'u't i, the Wri ht Denn A and the West Vir man and Tom Shffman g y school that P r of the WVE - of Harvey D Peeler, Jr, of RFD ark at Harpers Fe ry manager . " Iio n l,o ed rl t" weMer. D i a OnannO nc eth " II . Clar.SSrReO eeedTeacheTrA Ioc Seeknng Donations For cArtm s earnatti cILle aV u: rmge yf llarl # Ts ?::Say,ns'? .t trMaf m Inng , ay morning, Aug. 31, ~--" -- ~" L: I ----L~P -- "-- S l; '':~, " " ' I of the National Association of I - [ I to the fact that a number of cases, keting Dena.r~ment [ also just a half-day schedule, only ~wnen n_e was a member oz | l~ti6 tlae. 14. w. wag~ey om-/ Secretaries of State Teachersl PItARES E REEDER I lie-, / were carried over from former I l~r r~.;~--~.;~ '~._~ .......... / the 10th, llth and 12th graders ~use o~ ttepresemauves I party Will ~ecome me ~upertaneI. . 1 " /u=~ uunu'll ' /u~*IIIII~ / / ..... ~-,~ ,-,,:~,~ ~ expe,- . . la runs from 1958 to 1960, o 1 r Terms ~ will report at Charles Town Sen .Assoe t sch o s for th ee years He taughi ience over the past 15 ears in| * " ~thm Second Cangressmnal Gas Company; and the Charles . "" Y ervm on ~he executive ~ lor High, and only the h The birthd~ of the Har. Town Gas Company will be later S . g , ' in Kana_wha County at Dunbar The Jefferson County Commu- _ ..... the~-fru; trade strongly ~demon- _ .... ~_ .'~ ~h l:rrYthl~ive~e~OrsaC~O~ ~.2~Ib~ the S~q~r~ame ~I ~uckhannon, the ] aH'igho~me~r?ref~de~ oY~t~ a~aan~| t~~r[ ~.S Of ~~~ [ ~i~oFan~leo~h%Ifo "" ' "~'~" .......... Count CA room Teachers - ~t before me ~en~s go aaeg ~hrne~t of the National I executive aeeretary was a teacher[ wha . y a~s /for their Annual Meeting. , [ UA& ..... I/I/111 kd..& I..[ ledge which is vital for our plan- ,., ,~,~ ,,~ ..... ,~ ~ ~ ~rvtee, created on August D..JAIn~ &,~u~we lin Upshur County elementary/Associations. ] Repair work on the bui~Iding|ClClllll~ Will I~i~I m [ned expansion in f.ruit marketing ~ea~'l~~.~e"eou~v~sela'o~ ,: I~ Iff~IlNNIIIIII .lllfll[.~ I . " ~,~,, ,4;~.,~,,~,aAI ,,,~.1 ~- ..... A..,..-.:,4,..,1/ / l~eeler, ~ a n~l:lve ot l~erKelev "~"-~ "~ *'":--" . - i ~g the distinguished guests ........ I A I I~ | A m to have the woodwork repaired| h nhprdcFnwn lnn 2fl /~p ~.?gs, w=va., and a remdent to the rea, business of getting the luncheon today was Conrad ~[~ ~.F|~P~lfill ~ [ |~Allll~r~| ~~l n "J~I~I~I~l~lJ~l~ and painted with the addition of[" "r - ........... ~s vv ]or ~narles town ~or some years, sch6~l nro'~vam well-or~anized ~h, who was Director of i'iUm~ I|~-mdv~,,mwv ~-~ I new doors being necessary The He wm oe locateo atAgway neao , " ~" o I IJUUIllI, V IIUGIU VUIIIIlllOO OIl . .. . . . / nry Kyd Douglass Camp[quarters bifldin~ in Syracuse" TEACHERS TO ME~ ' ationM Park Service when .o , i~. m, I ~ An appea~ tor uonations ~or/Sons of Confederate Votovan~ /.. ." ~ ' ....... ta ................. ~A a~e9 mnn~ i ..... use of the bt~ildin- is beta- made u ........... -~'.-."-' I r~ew xork There writ oe a meeung of the , .Ipl$[~ _mel'l'y l-'~rK, w~15 II gl LUll IlI~IlI I A I ~ I i n __ __ ' ~ S "|WU[ nolo melr Augus~ me~ing/ Peeler "- -~-a,,ate ~ ~r..+Count., Teacher~ A .... O:.atio" " hed ," The Cemmu,nity Center is a and dinner at the War Memorial .' ~ s--,-, ,,~ w~ ~ ........ !~~:~n:i 80 ." in ~en~~!!~~i !!!~w~!!~~~!~s~otn .... I ilirl.. Vtrglma Umvers~y, was assocm- Fmday, Aug. 26 at the Charles ~, t turday At 4 atic Execuhve Committee Jefferson Y " ubt argive ~- ~iharles T~wn to lecome - " " for a n~i~er if years legume S~hools ~uperintendent ;r ~ Lb~w . Democr " ' . "l Commtssion crew will unto- " "n , m m * " " " ' e going with the New York firm cry and an introduction of the lbers of Malta Lodge No 80The two men, both seeking[ edl,, be better equipped to do a part of the county s star Road l~-, . . ~ld A. M. will hold it's ~n- reelection, are nownumbered] battle with this Win~er's snows equipment And a Ford F-800 riP! He is marriea and the Peelers new teachers: .~^ . ic Saturday, Aug. 27, be- among the most powerful men on than at anytime in years as two truck, equipped with a V-plow, II~I nave a oaugnter ue~ecca m wash 'men at ~:~u a. m. warren lngton, D C and a son tIarvey Mwkey, coor41nator of specml pro at 4 p..m. It will be held Capital Hill. Randolph is now more brand new pieces of snow arrived this morning to augment ' . ~ " " . chairman of the powerful Senate removal equipment~ are being the local commission's snow re- Beeter, who resides at the Peeler grams for the Jefferson County year at the home of and Mrs. Harry Sager, lo- on the Kabletown Road. ~embers are invited and attend and bring a cover John B. Clipp, Worship- said. People Named Gro@ On West Virginia Green Jefferson County people 16 persons named by inia Governor Hulett tl~is week to serve on commRtee for conference on Keep Beautiful. They are Manning Smith, of Char- President of the West Garden Clubs and Mau- of Charles Town. FAST RESULTS THROUGH SPirit. Advocate CLASSIFIED ADS On Second Call" rms. and bath, 2nd floor couple preferred. Call xxx- results, had many calls" --'61 T.Bird, 390 V-8, auto. bucket eats, claan. Good Phone xxx-xxxx. CALL: 725.2046 or 725-2047 ~0NDAY Thru FRIDAY A. M, To 4:30 P. M. - TUESDAY P.M. Public Works Corm~Rtee, the first West Virginian to ever hold. that post. Staggers 'is chairman of the powerful House Commerce Committee, through which some of the most critical domestic leg- islation of our times must pass. Randolph, principal speaker at last night's rMly, hammered at two themes: Democratic indiffer- ence to the importance of the coming election and Republican distortions of the Democratic re- cord. Staggers thanked the people of Jefferson County for the support they had given him in the past and asked them to continue that support. Sheriff William Whittington, president of the Democratic Association, served as master of ceremonies and introduced other guests as wel4 as the candidates who will be on the ballot this November. At the conclusion of the ceremonies Senator Randolph presented an American flag to ~the Bardane Community Center. The gift was accepted by Edward Morgan, president of the Com- munity Center. Children's Story Hour At Civic Cenfer Changed To Saturday Morning Now that school will be in sess- ion again, the time for the Child. ren's Story Hour at the Jeffer-~ son County Civic Center will change. Beginning Saturday, Sep- tember 3rd, ,She days will be changed back to Saturday at 10 o'clock. The following dates give the schedtile for the two age groups September 3 - 5 to 7 age group. September 10 - 8 to 9 age group September 17 - 5to 7 age group September 24 - 8 to 9 age group A~l children of these two age groups are invited to ~ttend the story hour sessions. sent here to augment the other equipment already on hand, it was announced today by Lewis Rissler, Supervisor of the Coun- ty Road Commission. Rissler, said he had been noti- fied by Mr. Elmer West, of Buck- hannon, director of the Equip- ment Division of the West Vir- ginia State Road Commission, that a new, huge Austin-Western grader, costing about $23,000, e- moval equipment. With the addition of these two new pieces of equipment, the county will have on hand thk, Winter a total of six V-plows. The county now has seven pieces of heavy-duty equipment, includ- ing a snow grader, which will be of. invaluable assistance to the county's road crew this Winter in keeping the county roads open i to traffic. Jefferson County was well rep- mg a blue ribbon. Mark Lemaster resented at the State Dairy Show held at Jackson's Mill, August 16- 19. Approximately 26 head of cattle were exhibited by Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Walker, Jerry and Barbara Walker, J. A. and W. W. Grant- ham, Amon GranCham, Lyle C. Tabb, Cam, Walter, Ginny Lot and Bobby Carter Tabb, Johnny was first in Senior Yearling Heif- er Class and had the Grand Champion Senior Yearling in 4-H Glass, receiving blue ribbons. In the Holstein Open Class, John Milton was first with his Jr. Heifer Calf, receiving a blue ribbon; Pete WMker was first and Barbara Walker was third with their Sr. Heifers, each re- home. Both Mr. and Mrs. Peeler were prominent in the community and civic life of Jefferson County, Mr. Peeler having been one of the founders and the first pres- ident of the Jefferso~ County Junior Chamber of Commerce. Board of Education. Will present a review of the special programs ~hich will be carried in the Cou- nty's schools this year. Then Bet~y Livengood. super- visor of MinerM County Schools, will present an elementary Eng- TURN TO PAGE 8 I Once again Jefferson County's highways were the scene of a ser- ies of six motor vehicle accidents over fhe five-day period of Fri- day, Aug. 19 and Tuesday, Aug. 23, with the vital statistics show ing nine cars were damaged to the extent of $5,200 and four per- sons sustaining minor injuries in three of the accident. Four of the accidents occurred on Friday, Aug. 19, and there was personal injury involved in three of them. d _ . _ Milton, Mary Ellen Blue, Eddie riving, rroperty aamage was Wh4ttington and Mark Lemaster listed at $500. Rissler was c.harged Eddie Whittington was first in with failure to have l~is car un- Senior Division Fitting and der control. ..... Showing Contest for the Ayshire Tnen at ~:sa rrmay morning Breed and Mark Lemaster was a two-car ~ccident occurrea about first in JUnior Class Fitting and 23 miles South of Gharles Town Showing nan.test for the Brown on State Route 9, when a car S~iss Breed and also won Breed oeing ariven by Clifford Herbert Chap~nion Showman. Connor, 32, of Newport News, Va., Eddie Whittington was first in movea across me center nne of the Ayshire Open Class receiving the h~ghway andstruck a car be- a b|ue ribbon for his Junior tteif. mg omven oy ttooert L. Arm- er. Bobby Carter Tabb, Eddie TURN TO PAGE 6--A Whittington and Ginny Lou TabL ceiving a blue ribbon. Pete Walk- er was first and Jerry Walker l was fourth and fifth in St. Yearl-I A ~umbet of innovations and under the direction of Mr Pestun, ing Class, each receiving a blue [ ribbon. Barbara Walker was see. |new proiects will be undertakenI will be offered. Class will meet ond and Pete Walker was fifth[during the 1966-67 school term at one hour a day. It wit1 be open in two-year.old Class, each re-I Charles Town High School, de- to all students. ceiving a blue ribbon and Pete[signed to 'expand and improve There will be an expansion of the Art program which will now Walker was declared Jr. Champ- the over-all scholastic and ath- include freshmen. Instrumental ion in Sr. Yearling Class. Pete letic program at the school, it music, other than the traditional Walker was third in four-year-old was announced this week by marchin_g band, will be offered @lass and first in five-year-old Principal Herbert Cottrill. to students This wi1 car Class, receiving a blue ribbon in j One of the innovations will be *" ry credR and will be offered 5 hours each class. Pete Walker had the Reserve Champion Female. was the introduction of Biology to per week. This is for the im- The first occurreu about 12:30 Friday morning about three miles miles West of Charles Town on State Route 51..Charles Town State Trooper Gary Arthur said a 1961 Ford, owned by John S Rissler, Ro~e 2, Charles Town and being driven by his son, Run I~issler, 18, was completely des- troyed when it went out of con- trol, left the highway and rolled over. The car then rolled over again and landed right side up :against a fence post. Although Rissler was not injured, a pass- enger in the ear, Jeannine Grub- er of Charles Town, sustained face and neck injuries and was taken to the Charles Town Gen- eral Hospital by the Independent Fire Company ambulance. Trooper Arthur said Rissler told him he went to sleep while "The Pive Acts" To Play For Two Dances At Youth Center "The l~ive Acts" one of the top combo units in the area, have been scheduled to play for two dances at the Jefferson County Youth Center, it was announced today by Mrs. Leeds K. Riely, president The fir~ appearance of the musical unit to the Center will be tonight (Thursday) playing from 8:30 until 11:30. Then on Thursday evening, Sept. 1, the sa~e group will be back at the ' Cemer for a return engagement. received red ribbons for their Sr. Heifer, Walter Tabb received a blue ribbon for his Jr. Yearling Heifer and Cam Tabb received a white ribbon for his four-year-old Cow and a blue and red ribbon for his five-year-old Cow. In the 4-H Ayshire Class, Eddie Whittington rec~ved a blue rib- bon for his Junior and Senior Heifer and Bobby Carter Tabb and Ginny Lou Tabb, each re- ceived a red ribbon for their Senior Heifers. Walter Tabb al- so received a red ribbon for his Jr Yearling. The Jefferson Coun- ty Herd was placed second and received a blue ribbon in the County Herd Class. In Open Brown Swiss Class, James A. and W. W. Grantham's Senior Champion Female was de- dared Reserve Champion receiv- first in Jr. Get-of-Sire and Best Three Females Class, third in Produce of Dam Olass and second in Cows in Milk Class Barbara Walker was fourth in Cows in Milk Class. In Holstein 4-H Class, John Mil- ton placed first with his Junior Heifer. Barbara Walker was TURN TO PAGE-8 members of the incoming Fresh- provement of individual perform- man class. This Biology is the ance. new Biology of BSCS and it will A more comprehensive physical be taught by Eugene Piscitelli, education program to be orga~ with Miss Patfline Moore teach- ized on the needs of the whole ir:g one 10th grade sect, ion of the school population has been plato new course. Each section will ned. Physical eduga~ion has been meet five times weekly for reg- opened to all students (Fresb- ~lar class and one additional n{en through Seniors). Additional hour for laboratory work. The gym mats, stall bars, peg b~ards, emphasis on BSCS is in more ex- and flying rings have been pu~- perimentatio~ and working with living materi~ rather than pre- served specimens. A senior class in "Contempor. art Affairs" will be under the instruction of Miss Susan Knott There will not be an adopted Some cloudiness today, with text however, magazines, news- high between 75 and 80. Partly papers, and other supplementary cloudy tonight and Friday. High material will be used. This will Friday around 80. Saturday fai~[deal wi~,Sh current even~. and becoming warmer. A Senior H4gh School Chorus, chased to lay the foundation for begin~ng a gymnastic program and increased instructio~a m wrestling and individual sports such as archery. Golf, u~der the coaching of Mr. Eugene Piscitelli has been added into the athletic program. Erection of an electric score. board for football, has been un. dertaken. TURN TO PAGE 8.A !