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August 24, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 24, 1961

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W .................... several years ago was the former folks from that . eetion will do- scythe when taking care of the 'zer all of Martinsburg. [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE LOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES m . . . Miss Mamie Young of Bolivar. nate to this ever worthy cause, lawn and yard flowers.49th Anniversary 16 B THURSDAY AUGUST 24 1 One son, Jerauld Cook of Bolivar Members of the P. O. of A. Mrs. A. S. King, Mrs. John Reis Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chapman l -- J.~u~,~a, ~uuuo, ~, Lm ID[[~l ~DC ~l~Dr] J Ak|~ ]DJ i| [~ survives The deceased served in Camp No. 12 held a business inger and daughter of Washing- celebrated their 49th wec]ding an l~'''"~.. ~ ...... I ...... ..... I H ~r] ,~ [[~ | ~y ~ HL| ]r [] , the 80th Infantry Division during meeting at the home of Mrs. G. ton, e. C. and Rockville, Md. niversary Tuesday, Aug. 15th tzouson and tamiiy in Hiller)ore, lv/r. ann Mrs. t/eorge lviit~ ............ World War I. Services were held E. Webb on last Thursday after- spent last Wednesday at the home very quietly at home; their many Va. 'Charles Town were callers al ffirs, u. w. weDa Telelmone 2492 on Saturday at 3 o'clock p. m. noon. Refreshments were served of Mrs. John Ilaefer. friends and relatives wish them l Sunday guests with Mr. and and Mrs. Edgar Everhart o~ ..... from the Dailey Funeral ttome, after business transactions. Miss Brenda Kenny of Shep- many more years of haot)iness[Mrs. .Junior Grove and family day. ......... I ........ ttarpers Ferry with the Rev Mrs Bessie KaDlon, her son-inherdstown and ,1. Thomas Ment- and good health together were Mr. and Mrs. Fred N~ckI Mr. Earl Red,ere of I~ ~eam ot Mrs. ~vtirley ]oo(ty rested at the r~acKles Tuner John E Wright officiating Bur law and daughter Dr. and Mrs zer of Baltimore, Md. spent last Aug. lath weekend vie'tiers in and family Mr. and Mrs. Elzy Lor~ [wick, Md. was a Sunday :! Mrs. Carrie Amelia Mirley, 74,]al Chapel until Satul!day evening ill was made in Harper Ceme- Meyer Schultz and his mother week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. the home of Mr. and Mrs J L ]gerbeam and family Mr. and Mrs. |with his parents Mr. and MI ,,,,m t.n ......... ;n,,,, , :o,,n,, I wnen it was removea to me late terv d hrnthor all of XMnchino~tnn l) Thomas Mentzer as the guests of Chat)man " v r Bill Longerbeam and family Mrs H Rodgers and family ............................................ an ................... . was their recentl ma I ~. I ttnak lion i, the ~ ...... ~, [nome in ~an(ty riook, rne tuner- luncheon -tests at the homo C were in UarDers';~errv'a~'n"ci'Boi their son and daughter'Tommy Tied'grandson Carl G Harris and]Luise Howell and daughter ofI Mr and Mrs Floyd Ch~ i~~l'i"~nr~'='"R[ADY~'"~|~~ m_~~,,u-,e;~''~"~-'L:T :17~?'",c~,~"~';':-~;'~yZ|~] lal, was need iromN[[Dstheo Methodist~ of ~Mr .... and Mrs" G E Wehh~. .--~' ivar recentlv._ e'nroute to Charles and Susan h luncheon was ser. ~.,,,,~his wife(o=v.,~the.,,,,,,former,~,=,,.~Miss., ,.Vicky,,o Ii Chestnut Hill. ]l and three children Sharon,li]. Mr! ,m lVridnv ram'.in, nn.~ . ]Church there !m M laaay at 11 Friday were Mrs lessie Clo~,~,-** Town to see "The Anvil" Mrs ved on Thursday at the Mentzer Clark) now of Chester, Va Also [ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cogle and [and Susan were Sunday w~ 7""" =:: --'='=f ....... :--o .... .'. - IOClOCK a. m. wnere tl~ deceased ., ,r~,,,o.,: a~.; "'~;., t. ~,~,~,~.~" ~:amnn i . ,,,, ...... ;a.:., ,,~ home in honor of the oun,, Sunda visitors was their rand children Mrs Elsie Cook and with the formers arents M long illness. ~,ne was born in ~an , ~ ,,..,,~s,,,,, ,,,u., ~,.s. ,~. ~. ~,uu- -. ~. .......................... Y o Y , , g , . P (iv tie,d: nnr~ ~nont mntt m horlhad been a member for many row and Mrs OA Webb of Bolt Harpers Ferry where her hue-guests, daughter Mrs. Bobby L. Whetzel[children, Mrs. Leona Everhart]Mrs. Robert Chapman and, lifo there A dnnohtor nf the 1~to ]y-are w~th the Rev. Thorn ofhc- war band the late A Kaplon conduct Local guests present were Teland children Carl David and Wan were guests recently with Mr. in Middleway, W. Va. Tho . rating. Burial was made m Vwts , . ed a successful Department Store he McVay, L~sa Francm and Rlcda Mane of R~chmond, Va. and Mrs. Georgia Cogle m Neers Mr Howard Everhart an~ mas Dunn and Anme Lee Mesdames Itelen Esch, Grace . M n Also ' " Phelns Dun she was the widow of ICemetery, Sandy tlook. Hai-h Adn Jamo nniCv q'ho,,,, business for many years. The ky a uel, " Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Har- mile, Va. Thurman Pioer had wells the l~'te W. "Fred Iirley, a B. & ]Death of Mr. Cook and~dna--Wa]'s~-o'f ~asfhingt"o~, Kaplon family are regular read- . Miss Nina. Ross of Tazewell, r!s and grandson Ray Carson Har I Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rodgers and ]and water put in their hous~ O Railroad Employe who died in Roy Evers Cook, 68 of Bolivar D C were luncheon tests of ere of the Spirit of Jefferson and va. is spending a ~ew weeks at r Is ot l~apmne, va; wmte~ ~virs. I daughter Norma and granddau- ]Myers of near Martinsbtlr~ 1953. Survivors are two daugh-ldied in Charles Town General Mrs. "John Heater on fast Men- nave been for many years, Mr..~e Home oI Mr. ancl Mrs. Leon ~.arrlss parents Mr. and ~virs. lghter Brenda Chapman were,visilthe work for them ters, Mrs. Eileen Burleigh of ]tlospital on Thursday night, Aug. day. During the afternon theyand Mrs. UedSpmdel, the latter v:awaras, unapman~unaay, Aug. 20th_ . ]tore on Sunday, August 13th with [ Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ch~ Washington, D. C. and Mrs. Low-[16 where he had been a patient visited many points of interest the ~ormer trances ~apion el Mrs. Dorothy Stultz and MissMr. ann Mrs;. tidy ~. liarnsiMr, and Mrs. Earl Rodgers andland daughter Brenda were ise Kimes of Knoxville, Md., one |for several weeks A son of the throughout the Bolivar-Harpers ~arpers ~erry and a Commercial VIary Woods of Evanston, Ill. ann granuson rmy of Rapnme, [daughter and Mrs. ttazel Danner I tors in Martinsburg on Th~ grandchild and two great grand- /late .]ames E. and ElLa Cook of Ferry area. Teacner torn number of years are visiting Mrs. Hazeile Lang- ya. accompanied by their ~augn:]and daughter's in Brunswick, Md. ILittle Brenda had an al~ children; one sister, Mrs. Margar ]Harpers Ferry, he was born on Injured By Bull in rtarpers rer~. District High nack of Evanston, Ill. who is ter...~rs, z~obby L. Whelzei anct I 'Little Peggy Jean Long return [ment with the doctor at t~ et Bowers of Baltimore, Md. The ~July 25, 1893. His wife who died We are glad to know that Rich ~cnoot are travenng in r~uropc ;pending the summer months emmren ot ~cnmono, va. wno Ied to her home from the Charles ]ic there ard Fadelev ~'~ ...... m .... for their summer vacation with her mother Mrs Steinbrum had spent a week with her par-J~, .... ~, .... ;+., ~- ur~....o., .... I .. ,-." ......... . --..--..------~.... --..--.v~..vv~, ents orougnt noy u ~xarrls xx~ .................... , Mr. and Mrs James Fadelev of They arrived in Lucerne, Swit- Mrs Thomas Mentzer gave a ..... ~. ~. I ter beinz a patient there since I~n wn~ n onllor with Mr, g a ~ V a I| a .~ Bolivar Heights who was remov- zerland on the day of the big bus :offee" hour at her home on Fri- OaCK. nome to nis parents~oy ~'lSunday. ~ - [Mrs "~Ternon-S'taub's'and'-]~ R .... . , I t$ I! I.~ll ....... ~ ed to Charles Town General Hoe. accident, there .and the family lay morning in honor of Mrs.~l~arrr~lSs~olt s~tYr~ ~cn~:rI Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Cook of Ion Saturday. "~ [~ R~AD Y .~l|~ ['(~1 " pitai recently after being attack- were quite worrlea unui mr. ana mngmack, her morner and ner ....... ;-.~" - I Washin-ton were-tests with the l Mr and Mrs John Raral __ _____" MIX CONCRff[ ed by an angry bull in a field and Mrs. Spindel called from Europ ;tests Other friends and neigh- a week S VISIt wire nls granopar [~,rmo;-:mmho,- ~,: ~1i0 t~,,t-[*n4 ohilclron ~r~ viilint~ W~ ~**,xr o,,- ~------ ~ receiving serious injuries is show to assure the family of their sm ,ors were present. ~nts.~n v a_ so ne .c.oulcl navea D.lS I an'd-'fa'mil'y ...... "~." ............ I m'o~he'r"Mrs" ]iazei'ha'msb"~ ~ e~ v J " 111-3. OllUltg, l&l~ OOU. mlU 1,1i~. ~linio at tho lT of T~I!~ |fl~t Wpd I 1&1. dlIU i1I~ fULl) UIUt:;IlYYalL II'I~:;HCiI~IX, Y-tIU. .t~ll able to return to h ......................... $ VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, W. VA o ~s home soon- A report will be given later on mn,,mak snent a few days last ........ and son of near Chestnut Hill - -- " .... ~" "- oelore entering senool. , : . ..... "~ ........ * .... ~ er then at first expected. Had it the net profit from the CarnivaL reek in Stanton, Va. at the home Mr and M-o t-,,~ r_ ~rarris of[were Sunday guests w~th the lat-I Commissions are not~ | PU l kl I IlkdDPI klBlklV not been for an older brother held last week by the Friendshi~ ;f Mrs Stultz'sson Raymond ,,, : .. , .....,.,~., .. Iters parents Mr and Mrs Russelllarguments won, but |nu~ LU~DIT~ ik~lJ~r'~4~l~| ~ who threw a stone at the angry Fire Co The gross was ove~ ;tuitz " t~.nester, va. was a~unaayea,er[~ogle and family " I made ' 111 | ,,.,, .,__~,__: ~._ ,.. animal cant " " " " . wim ~r. tiarrls s oromer rtoy t~. .:', ..... @ s ng h~m to investigate $2400. Th~ Fire Co wishes tc Annual Homecoming to be held ......................... [ .... II D'IIIIVIUe rlanr ~o. a~ unaries Town O where th ................. " .... raarns or. anu Iam/ty atlu ntsl ")m | .... ~--.-- .... -~ -- . ....... ~ .. . ~stone came xrona anulmanK everyone woo neipeu it; tt Ebeneezer Methodist Church sister Mrs Bobby L Whetzel and I1DTg~ xr xro ..... T Martin burg l'lant AM 7- 8965 I( auowmg me oromer to get tticn- tanyway to make it a success ~ . T~ttelat,n (To,,ntv Xra ~- c ....... .,, a .... I.L~JI.~OF N 12~ T ~.~ ~kJlmml I ~ ~qPRlll~Pl~lt ard o . i . ............... ., v . u,t ou.- cnlmren Will return to melr $ ................ - ........ ~ ut of the way he poss,bly,year old Pammle Rutherford o: lay a,~, ~7 ho~,innin~ at 11 a ~- ..... -;~- ......... ,. u.~ I A rl~ ~l|~ ~1[ ~l~lU~ ~ ________. - u d have. been killed. _We i Bohvar was the winner of the hx .1. with speakers, singers and the ris ] ::, i ilml i snomu gwe ttlcnaru a taro snow. ing room suite. ,*ual aa,,~ -ntertainment Free" I m .= m ii~ ~a~t it am~ammai~l, tt mm~Im~t, ier while .... he is in the hospital. Miss Mossburg, Former Teacher,Oanch will'~ ~be"served " ill ~. | | a~ I . -- . . ;~ H and I'#IUUI%MIIM Mll'llllld m Mr. and Mrs. Lester Webb and In H. F. H. S. Enjoying Tour " ......... w=rninn meemm,~n INn I m,:lllT~t~'~i~][ . ,.~ m lie ulmu It. %~FIVli'|I~P~PIVll ~lk~ m mvn m the formers mother Mrs. O. A. A letter was received recentb m~ R R a~ km It ummmmmmtl m~tm~,tm vmm I " " m SOUTH GEORGE STREET RANSON, W. VA. m W ebb spent Sunday in Baltimore, fromMiss Lucy Mossburg of Bol K I !* !* U tl e---.- I m~mlm~:~~~ .