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Charles Town, West Virginia
August 24, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 24, 1961

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;!i L iill o , - . -'given wa.~ either fictitious or kJ ....... _ i lhey had movedon, leaving no IMl' iqIW |~ I I forwarding address. - ,,, ~ vv ,,,r ! [j ] Blaekford noted that some itin Ur ~PIRI~II ll~ Pk~lP]hf TAIIII~ Pklll~Pk m [| [erant rackateers in the septic IVlle 11111 3 Ill l llUll /VI II I IIUII II :. l l tank cleaning business find their -- !~ I victims by offering to inspect ~ innmnnml~~ ~l ~lr~'lt'~Irl~ '~rr~777, ~T~Trr~ ~ 000 !septic tanks without charge If ~ IIm~IIIIIIINIIINI~~ J.~.L~;~2, .J.v.~J. J.v~vv~.~~J ~-,,r.,~., given permission they report it ~ ~ -~~ !!i ,, -- ...... ~ ~~ ~" is in bad shape 'and "in need of ..................... ......... ~~~ !i~ , cleaning They may give an es- ............... Charles E. (,ore who suffered a kJ.. D,.k.,.J E,,.L wife,Anna Madlena and four .. : . r 1 "" 1 ~ " .............. :: ii~ heart attack Tuesday night at his MI~. IllUlalU IUIIK [children landed in Philadelphia, unm te oase(t upon a r~ alive y il Ihome on South Samuel Street _ Pa. on August 8, 1733 on the Eng smaiz neander ot pounas to De re- land was removed to Charles Talk "ra WaueMa l lash Ship "Hope" from the eala- moveD, at a smart cost per pound. .~m~: ~',~-~/ : ." mu,n.~ uv vv u$.~n~, ' . But wnen they present their Dill Town General Ilospltal by Indep- tmate, Germany ........... :~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i i! [endent Fire Company ambulan- ~ . ~n n ~* I The president has called atten ulaCKI()ro, state~: it may lie tor ~~ ~ : ce, was reported as resting corn- ~araen UUD r0up [tion to a change in time In for- several times me eSllmate(~ .a- ~ ~ . ~, i fortably and his condition slight- mer years the family gathered mount, eased upon mew c aun ~ ~ i ~! [ly improved early Wednesday~ The Wayside Garden Club met for supper; however, the commit- that me lanK nero more tHan ~ ...~l[~ ~ : [morning. Auugst 22rid at the home of Mrs. tee in charge has decided upon mey esumateo -. .- ~ ~ ~, ~ i ! [ Guests of Mr and Mrs ~ohn S 'William Jackson for a delicious the two o'clock hour for this .rmmewner.s .neeDing mre S ea~ ~~. ~ I!~ Ilk. IAlfriend at their home'on Souti buffet supper served by Mrs year's meal vices m. se.puc 3anK cleane s.c : ]~~ ~ .... I ...... Iackson and Mrs Paul Fleagle avola vlcumlzauon oy uea~mg ~l~i~: ;~ ISamuel Street are tHeir granD-,' 1-, ";, . .... .... k, I,-- , ~ with established concerns of ::: ............ ~ : ::: [childrcn, M~sses Emily, Peggy i ....... ,,,~1 ,o o..,o. ,~o charm Town Women known rehabfllty. If in doubt ~'~ : ~ ..... iii ] and Lucy Alfriend of Boydton, I~.1";~'h "~'~"~" ~;~ ~c'~,',,~ ~'~, ....... Blackford cautioned, make m- ~i i:: lea, Mrs Alfriend's brother-in-I~" v ............................. s ^~ ~__ n t~ ,, qulry of the Chamber of Com- ~ 'J ? . t]l" "% I W Srat nat r Mr'Cahn:rlM SnLyn ;Fhe club voted to hold a rum-IUT M~se in imerce. : , mage sale in September the date The " ~ ~! ~ ~? : ..... I Mrs. Alfrlends sister-m-law Mrs. and -lace to be announced later I regular meeting of the k J_._ r.el. I~ ...... J E.. ~:' ~ "~~ :! : IMatthew Harrison of Purcellville, I Mr' ........ "ICharles Town Chapter Women IvIO[I~ l,lll[~ II~I~I~IV~U rut ~:~ ~'~'~~~: \-.ii : I.. -- *- " - ~ rs. ~lcnaru ~UnK was in cHar of the Moose was hel~l' "~ " ~; " ~ ~ ~ " " "~ : ~va Mr tiarrlson is a pauent in . .~ ,, ..... 1 tuesDay .~:~ I.~":~% l~ " .~ :: " ge oi me program ~ettlngevenin A " " " ........................................ : ' :::~ .... ~ .......... ' ::: Ithe Charles Town General Hospl- Read" For a Flower Show" g, ug. 27, atep. m. atthe Hae | al k4amamal I nnd I tal i ~, y .. . [Moose Home and after balloting iuva~ IUl I'II,,,IIIVIIUI IH ILl yil ~[ '"t~~~]~ I ............. 1, for me general arrangement Ion new candidates for member- -- ...... .~i; :: : I lvlr. and ~vlrs. uari wetzel el I ' Planted bv The Rivers of I ohl. .,oo o.,~nlafa,~ fhA V .... A numner ot recent gIIIS nave : :g~ii ~:~ I Parkersburg were guests of Mr. Water" Psalm 1"3 Mrs Carl Mer l p.m n,~mo,.o~ ....... n. been received for the Charles : ...... :: : ~:: ....... I Wree':::n~:Merrth:l~i!~:~GSteWoer~iils~. ~;e~:S~e~':!eddablri:~l~S~:w~rd I ;otFs~!~;ffiii~il;::ig. mamd T;t~e Gyn~p~ii:?irSwPe:tn:lMem!ircalr~ t ~Mr. and ~i:l ii~: [during tbe past week. They were white I orts of the various commi!tees last week by Mrs. D. K. Koonce ~ ' ~ : :[ [on their way home from Chariot-S-ecimens were awarded rib ]p .... : . . t ttreasurer of the fund. The mere- The charles Town Presbyter- punch bowls; Mrs. Richard~ Itesville, Va. where Mrs. Wetzel bonPs as follows Mr "" nneth Sa Iwere given ant mus taken care Iorials are as follows: tan Church was the scene of an of Charles Town; and Mr~ .:ii Ihad been a patient in the Vniver- I ........... ~. ~ ~ "shoe . ~'i"^ [0L " I In memory of Isaac Henry Stri [ impressive wedding Saturday af- othy Boltz of Martinsburg, I sitv of Virginia hospital i~ex,, ne.~L~tnu~ ~.u,x~we~, w~tu The door prize was won by lder from Mr. and Mrs. Merle E ternoon Aug 19, when Miss ving the wedding cake .ant' - Kuorum Lily, wnl~e; reacocK ~la ' .' ::~ [ ...................... naI .............. [Mrs. Roy Lancaster and the good [Alger. Betty Lou Henshaw of New York Joseph Cunnmgham of W~ ~i l1r alKl 111~ l~lllUt~ll JOU:~ll ia tl CUOII, rea; Mrs. talenn wlamyer, ..... It [a .... h+,~.o - .................... 1 ...... ...... Iof the chapter pmze was won by [ In memory of Charles Sechrist [ City N. Y. daughter of Mrs. Cal- [ ter, Va. at the brlde"s boo~ uau8~a~,,~*o "ditqugllll allU IVlJL;llelle J~ellS ot lrelanu, reD; ~amnoula, . - j ' l. . ' ..... I .......... [Mrs Louis Smallwood I from Mr and Mrs Merle E A1 wn' Ilenshaw of Leetown and the I Following the receptio~l | Inave returneu to their Home on I blue, MarigoR1, Dlue; ~ars tsarl" ' " " "1 ' " On Sunday, August 20th the n ger .late Mr Henshaw, became the l couple left on a honeym0ot ~: South Samuel Street after visit- Merchant, Ageratum, blue, Pc- ri " " " i l Mr~ R,,~h'~ narents near Dan I i ...... n.~, l.aniana hl,,a oalan I women served a delicious dinner I In memory of Commodore Tho b de of Mr. Wllham Frank Kear into the New England state~ | Iville Va I~,,~, ~,hi~,, ~,~,- ~ter rod It the Lions Club There were I mas Peyton from Mrs Barkley K I y of Bergenfleld, N.J. I travelhng the bride wore ax .............................. f t " . ......... I .............. I-"-'a-~ ~'in"i^ "'ell^w Mrs Thur I or y three members and guests IRead, McLean, Va I The double ring ceremony was I trle blue silk shantung dre vlrg thames w uoleman [ ~vlrs wnllam Taloerc Has re. luw r~ -. H a. X U " ......... ~ . " ' ' ........ ~ % ........ "--~-" "'': ...... ^-"~-~'*" ,,ell .... I ot me Lions present tor me Din I in memory of Mrs John Elliott I performed at 3 p m by the Rev I matching feather hat an& I mrneu to Her Home in Lexington, I ma. r~.lta~=re, cuta.a~=umo, ~ "-- Her 'f ..... " ' " " " acces " -- -- -- I .............. ' ..... m---- --'.a;..'; ~.~... Mr~ t " Irom Mrs franK t~. Robinson. I Carlyle A McDonald, pastor, be-[ series. They will resl~ , . r~y. alter visiting tier morner, a~ut umu, ~iawu, oiu=, -"" The " ~ " " Be e f' " : At 4 o clock Sunday afternoon was arranged on a headpiece of I .............. ,.,u,...~ Tn,~|~-o,.~-- e--~i-~ .... t d"~'l~- I meeting adjourned to meet IIn memory of Mrs. Ralph oag- Ifore an alter decorated with [ rg n mid, N J. ' ' ~wrs James lvl Mason dr. at ult~ ~v.~lal. oat.~xSu~ ou.uu~a a. la . . . . . August 13 in the Milville Meth- lace and pearls She carried a bou I ~-_7.',~ ~,.~+ u:." .... a ~..,. h,,,~h vellow rusty red ' ehinax Mart- I again September 12, 1961 at 8 p. ler from Mrs. Frank B. Robinson. Iwhlte asters and gladiolas. The bride was graduated ~ . . . ~t~llOt,L lbl:~l, llOlll~ ~11I~& 11l~,]k I~lk~l-ll" ~)' ~2' m a ? odlst Church, Miss Eunlce Reset- quet of white orchids and step- [ .... n ~.~o,~ ~,, ~, u,. o,n ~t,.~ pold yellow Harrisburper plad- [ . t the Moose Home. I In memory of P. N. Moulden, I Preceding the ceremony Mrs. ]Madison College, Harlsoi~ ............... "'" ........................ ~;ilver S rin M ta Myers, daughter of Mr. and hanohs on a white Bible. I r .... a~ a~ ....~ o tho~,- ,i,la~ yellow o,,~id zinnia yellow I~ I p g, d.from Mrs D. Lee Morgan of Shepherdstown [ Va.; and from the Univer~l] ~ .... OdlII~S .L. ,WI~UII q-~t' I-ll~l& v ~"1 d "'1 ~"~I'~ ' ~v " 'I Mrs Frederick Myers of Mlllvllle Attendin- her as matron of| ........ I...,.,...i....i. vellnw I~,'~mm~ |~n~ I1~-- I Frank B: Robinson. I played a program of nuptial mus[Colorado Her preesnt posit~ " . s Homeon outn amuet WHI = HII a, , ..... ,, . " became the bride of Charles Wil- honor ....... io*,-';.~ la,- a~o [ .~ .." . I I WalIIIIIU I~U~ '~$|| I In memory of James B.Kemp ic which included O Promise with the Fashion Departme l 1 Mr and Mrs ~oscoe ~iayes ot ,~ ,, l's Co eman, son of Mr .and MrsGlenn R Mvor~ nf R,wkville Mn ] " " . Ira. ,~, q. m, I. _ -- _ Ifrom Brig Gen. and Mrs. John ]Me"; and ' Because ; and The [ the Singer Sewing Machine D. L. Coleman of Martmsburg She wore a street length mossl,' estNe,wt ,Mas,,s:,are r ,UnK neum0n l0 IIhnaranF Kanhr IN. Andrews... . ... [Lords Prayer. ]party in New York City. i The bride's pastor, the Re, green taffeta dress with short I.t"e .~,,/)~i u..~.~.wn,.~ . [ I mmum~,m~pm ~,mm~, I m memory o~ mrs. Agnes wy-I The bride given in marriage l Mr. Kearney, who was Home vmton near to son F , . , - . " g ester from Mrs. H. H. Hun b Willou hi3 Henshaw of Mid I ed from the American AOI Harold R McClay Jr performed sleeves and scoop neckhne ' " s H [ n At Uv|lla y g y . . the double ring ceremony in a Bridesmaids Miss Norma Jeanl Mlss Mary .Richardson of wa:hl ed Su dny ITank Cleaner 6vn I ter, Mrs James Kemp, Mr.andldlewaya brother wore a streetlof Funeral Service in New setting of lighted tapers white Kendall of F~'ont ,Royal, Va., a [ington: u. w.fls v~slung ~vnsswm l. ,, ~, | I ...... --~ -- -- ~r:.L [Mrs. J. B. K. deLoach, The nev. [length dress of white lace over I served with the U. S. Army gladioli and ferns, classmate of the bride, and Miss I nm ~oy. at Her Home err ~oum Liq, lllPran |.nllrl,~l i~ Homeowners were wa.rnea to-I ant ~wrs=. ~amuei w. Tying, livery, with a fitted bodice a drop I time. He is now a funeral D .... a;....~ .......... ~ Kav M-ers of Washington D C l George St I ........ I~aY to De on guara aagmst gyp I~amoen, uel., ~vir. and Mrs rren/ped waistline and a full flared i or in Bergenfield, N J " ..... ; " 'M'S~ Howard W Hoff and I ..... , ............ I ant septm tank cleanerslch Skinner, Richmond, Va and ~skirt She also wore a tin mat Out of town uests at th Owen Conklyn presented a pro- a niece or me oriue, wore yellow I / gt. ~ THe annual Lln~ l-eUlllOll Wlll l .............. t ......... ",.,~ t " Y " ! g ' ' " .... h returned to Ellsworth ~ ........... twno rove me county-slue uurlng IMrs ~eorge U LinKletter lvtan- din were from New Jerse gram of nuptial music and Mrs taffeta dresses styled the same I~amny as I be nell on ~unaay, August zY, ln~ ......... ,_ '. . _ . t chlng hat trimmed with pearls~ " g Y. ,, '" " s D after s endin, me summerume leaving a tran naasset, N Y York Cit Washin on l lohn Porter Burns sang Song as the matron of honor's. All at-[A. F. Ba.e, S. . P g/the parish house and grove at St ]~ -'i .................. [ - . ..... land her bridal bouquet was of y, gt , . , " ~ .......... da s leavewith his"arents ' ............ i o~ u ~atlsilelCl customers in melr, in memory oi Mrs tiertruue ~ ...h~+. ~st.~.o Ohio, Md and from Wincl of Ruth ', Charles Gounod and tenoants wore matcHing saun 1 la y. v /James Lumeran tmurcn, UVllia I ,.,..~.^ I...... "- .... I w lt~ a " ~xS. ~ -, Escorted by her father, the " " s ccordmg to the National [O. Wilt and Mr. and Mrs. C.W. of the bride to be and I g Y .... " Y Y ' ' P " " that a ' " " " "]pale blue full skirted crystalline " " ~ ~,.;n ..........,; ........... :,1. matchingtheir dresse . [ Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Henshaw I This is the ninth reunion for Bette- n,,o; .... . ........... .;.. .: ................. dress, tier bouquet was of pink ....... ..,u~ ,~,,.~ ,, ~a.,, s,,~- w,.,Judy Gay Myers flower ~,irl a I~ ...~,v., 4,.o ~o+,,.n,~n ..m ~ ,*b.c. ;,~ *hie ,,i.lni~,, n,~o,mdea I . ,-,t,o.l~ ~ux~au, s~v ,t,li- r~UH~, vva~lmgto~L ~. ~. ..,~,.~ prior to their marriage on slightly scooped neckline and " ~ . . , ~,, , a.u ~o..,~ ~.?~ .? ............................. : ...... " ""~.~'~ ." erant septic tank cleaners are as In memory of Mrs Charles L "~ ..... . day .... . . . mece of the bride, was dressed]ten day vacation in Denver, Col./from Jakobes Link who with his [ ............... t ......... Mr Wllham T. Hicks of Glen [ _: . . . long sleeves coming to a point at ~, .,,.,^ ,o,_,. ...;,,. ...... [ _~ _ : :,:_.~ . :,~ ~ ~J... / .... l aCUve as ever mls year. ]urane, ;hr. trom Mrs. /vlaoel l~row " '. The guests oI Honor th ...... ",= LaLI~::;La WILll ~t ~IIUO0 orao_o VlS|LIIIg Wl[ll ~11~. ,II~:;II" . A T i " " " " Rock, N. J., a brother-m-law of e wrists. The skirt ended in a ........ ~ ~.- ~.o.~.~, ......... [ ................. [Colhs all of Leetown and Mr and [ yp eal Gyp Operation ] se Llnson, Greensboro, N. C. and ......... .~ ~ ....... +. ~. Mrs C C Henshaw, Mrs. ..... s.vv. ~a~...,=~ ,iv~,~,,=~ wa~ a, sHaw s orotner, vlr. w. ft. x~.,,.. . The i .... li,~ ~.o,,.. wa~ .~ 1,,.. ,,, ,,,r. . " chapel train. Her silk llluslon veil ..,~..^ ~.^.......~. _ _,. ...... t.;+_ .,.., ' _ ................... .~/Mrs Ed Bohrer of Martmsburg ] typ cal gyp itinerant, Black [Dr. Ehzabeth Ford, Greensboro, sic Hess, Mrs Mary Macg I WIIILI~ Ut;W WItH a ~IIUIL WIIIL~7 ClI an~l HiS iamlly, xney msu ~tuvr'eu /~..-::* o-..a.. ..;.:+;-.~ a~. ....a I ford exnlained ma" tell his "r^ txr r~ Mi"" ~-~" ..... a~ ,, ..... ,, Keartaey. . ...... .. , " " , ~r'vt=~ OuIXUay vI~=UIl~; ~uI aHU le , J' ~' ua" x~ ~., a~ xl, cuu~Ca ~.v,t. xiar'l=ell ....... ILVlISS /Doris rxearney ~vlr am ~tetta~h~l~S~tt~e~:a~lteb~e ~f to see Mr_ Henshaws bared [Mrs. Eddie Bohrer, Big Pool, Md. l pective customer that he had had I Mi~s Edith Gardner, Mrs. T. me orioo's mother wore a pe -, M L Henshaw and famin SUNDAY SPECIAL daisies. ........ [ Mrs. Howard Shreck, Mrs. Char[ ancall pump andclean aseptic]Perry Lippitt, uglaston, L. L, Pangelo e;r Pes[terress wire a cor-[Bil1 Jr., Kathy Sue and BeI ' ........ ' " 'les Peer and Mrs Edna Coo'-er i K n tne nelgnoornooa and i~ ~; ~vtr anu wrs r'niiip '1' for shaw ~v~r t;oleman nau as Pest manMisses" Louisa" C Smith of v ,, ...... " "A ~ ~1 ~r~'lr'~'r~l'~n [ ..... . ...... , [ " |of Lancaster Pa visited their [that he just had time and space [terfield lr and Mrs Philip Following the ceremony a re- The candlelit table was t 1 o 1)11~ Jl~l~ I ....,,,,,,, .i, ~,.,, ~,~.~,, rr..~, .... I Washington, Ehzabeth Sm~h ano { a-nt Mr~ Fannie Jannev of Ha~, / m his truck to pump one more [ Creamer. I ceptlon was held at the home of I ed with a large bowl 0~ M I D D L E W A Y I .... D.,,~ r..v ..... a ,~,.,.~.. ]Mary Randolph mith o .......... Md wh. i-st returned t tank. As hkely as not, he will I ~ Ithe bride s mother. Decorations T sweet heart roses The me~: /UIU dt Al O. h UJ.l . ll lLl. lW:7 Town visited" " Miss" Ella B Sm'thl ---" ..... ' [ ...................... '-~ ..... [ ~ " ~ 1"""- *"'~ th- h"s"Pal . drive an unmarked truck, but I ~ ~ ~ ~m, I for the reception were white as- I sisted of hawaiian .,unch: ~nyer~, mut.e~ ul t.e uHue. ~lHg a 11~111~:; J-&UIAI ~" U 1~ ~ J~ ,COUNTRY HAM I bearer was Master Kent Myers, la? satur. w.. ..... . ..- Mr and Mrs Calvin Fleming, Icreate the impression, of being a I E D ~" ~ ' ters. I wafers, country ham, petal ~hai,~ ,e '2 V~o,~t~hla~ I Roockville Md, a nenhew of the l Mr. anct ~ars. ~.arun J. ~mlm~Mr and Mrs Guv H Miller and llcal concern oy staung mat net~ ~ ~ ~ Serving for the reception were buttered limas, applesaus( ............ [bride I who have oeen nvmg on ~ou. a~,~t,h~,~. ~ ..... f P.harles Town I~s working out ot some nearoy[ L--L I Mrs. Willoughby Henshaw of Mid tea, coffee and meringue l 11 lvla " " " """~" ........... ~ " " ' " " ~a ao and Dine De l~OllS [ Mr~ Myers' dros~ for her dau IGeorge Street are moving into~,. ~.A ~.o ^u.. ~_~o~,,vtl M,- [cmmunltY. I ~ ul ~ p ~ Idleway and Mrs. Marion Henshaw filled with strawberry ice l~,;~,,- ~1 ~n I ghter's wedding was a two piece I thelr.recen~tly.purchase~d o _iand Mrs S C Glassford and ] .estimate _is requested,] ~ ~ ]of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at the surrounded by strawberrl ~,~.,,~ ~x,o~ dacron reen rintworn with neer me I. Io. vamvtelre farm on .... "~-~-" "/- -~ - ---'i* ~-'"" I t~lacKIoro anaeu, ne usUally ex- I I r !~ I g P " r r ad gt',~nu~ua ~u.y u~ Durum ~ .~ut,,~ lai Au- 24 it [brown shoes white hat and -lo ]the Martmsbu g o . t ....... la--f~ [ p ns that he cannot tell what I U n__ II~F ] g " ' g " 1 Mr. anu v rs. ueorge c, ss .... - " / . ' ...... I The Reverend and Mrs John ............ [the price will be until the tank is [ M ~ ~ [ , /yes and a WHite orcHID. . . ~" .. 'and z cHilDren, ~ar. ~unn~ ~amp- uncovered Bef r " " ;\" " -- - ~ 1 u ~ I Mrs. Helen Davis, aunt of the IDaingerfield Alfrlena ot ~oyd- bell Jr of Shenandoah Junction ]the -. , o e going to a}ll I] ~ p I I ~ 1 rrlval of WOrK Ot uncovering a tanK, [groom, chose pale yellow chiffon [ton., V a. announce the. ar " _. all enjoyed a picnic on Sunday at [he bends every effort tO "et an [ WITH YOUR I lover taffeta with white accesser-[their tourm cnuu and DaugHter i the home of Mr and Mrs. John l'r ...... s~ . ! I ~'~ill[fi~l(~lili[~T~,lil 1 1 Miss o uer slgneu ~t ne succeeus ne r,., n ,,~., o -- lies. She also wore a white orchid. ]on August eighth The litt e " ~ Glassford in Half Way, Md. Visit ]will uncover" th " " - ] ELECTRICAL I k| nH.- I After the service, a reception/weighed a little over seven l in~, in the afternoon were Mrs I ......e tank anu pro-I [ -..~--.__ m~ I',10 nln [was held in the church social [pounds and has been named .Sar pia~yllis Farmer, Ranson and Mr: eeeu lmme~lat.ely topump it out.I PROBLEMS---- I II "~- 7" " L) I room. Centerpiece for the bride's {ah Daingerfield. This is the ten- land Mrs. Harry Brown and son of I up0n.c.ompleuona o ui is present I , ......... M" . I ~r/- "" " ~ 1 th randchlld for ~r anu mrs eu WHICH may De two or mree n~ ~,~u~ nv =. o I table was white gladioli. Miss / g . . 2 ...~ [Baltimore, Md. [times the "revailin- r^*^ I .... ' ....... [ ~lJ '~k~ ~llffTr~-~ [lMary Magaha, cousin of the bride/John S: Alfrienu ot ~outn ~am'l..~..~,, _..,,~,,~ ,.~.~r,-~ ~.,..,~..~ ..... , ~,,,.~.~. I~..~ta.~..~ .... "L'r v. .... ~ ..,t~e.... t ON YOUR rag,.,, I n IV ,- .... "~ 1 cut the f0ur-tier wedding cake, [uel St: ~ ]and ,two children, of Morga~atow~, [Aitin~r:~tut:~ac~:ne~Uarl~:~e I AT YOUR BUSINESS [ ~~ ~/A ~~ I! II fill I I I I while Mrs. Preston Longerbeam [ Miss Betsey Moore of Philadel- r W. V~., were g~ests ~rom aVlon- 4 er ..... w. P I I l'~ L_ ~r ~ 1L !~ 1 ate m mls manner, may glee a CALL Will-l-J[ [ sister of the bride and Mrs. Char[phia, Pa is visiting her mother]day until Ta~m-sd.ay -morntng f/tw or thre e . . I I ll /ul~,',/r l! Ik~l Iles Myers sister-in-law, presided[Mrs Garland H. Moore at her[las~ week of'lV~,rs. ~. B. Crawford[~ e y arguaramee, m[ POTOMAC [ - 1 1 " 1St adson n Hugh on ~orth ~eorge me event ot any Olssatistaction, at the punch bow. home on South Samue . , ~ 1 LI HT POWER hA TXTm! I Mrs William Kave, cousin of[ M "~ " W-son- of South Is reet a,n a son. on Taurs ay[Blackford reported, they are not G I ~ ~~m) "I~~ m= , m m , , ..... t rs. ~. ~. y g morning .they left ~ ,return to / to be located because the addressC 0 M P A N Y [ I'~11/II1" I- V Ithe bride, and M}ss..~atsy ~n.aae [Samuel St. is visiting her son-in- their home a~ld ~t C~pon Br~dge,/ ...... I -a ~" ~ ' " 1 were in cHarge or giltS a~rs ~on hter Dr and Mrs s 1] Ill I I , . ,- , /law and daug . W Va met with a me t tragic/ / 1 0, , ,11.. ---..'--.-..----- - ~- - ue E DOOK / /ald Dopson nad the g s Vernon Cofer at their lmme in a, tt~bfle a~de~t. | ,,a..n.~ I 1 is [--'''" Fr a shrt trip int Pennsyl" N [ [ 11~-'~ ~l .... rfolk, Va. Callers with the Slushers and ~'||||~ DuPont 40 House Pa!nt Ivanlathet~rlde C~l~eb%:wmge:c~o~[ Mrs. Carrie Titus of Hamilton, Wils0ns, Leetown on Sunday pp gives brilliant white fimsh ]sHantung. ress w.:~ ...... I Va visited several days last were Mr and Mrs Eugene Jack- [ ttm c [ I ta s white Due to series an~ a wrote orcHID irom, " . " " that s y . [ ....... ~week with her brother and sis- son, Martinsburg, Mrs. William[ ~mm~|. J //O " "" i ner Drmal Douquet unique combination of pig- [ "~-'~-. --'-~+ -1i-, i .... hear ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James Swartz, Mrs. Clarence Swartz and 1 . I ments and oils, 40 House Isa~i'~e~br~lSa~,,a~,"an~Sfamilies Hough On Thursday evening Mrs. Glen Edwards of Charles 1 1 [] | - / OJ lllll 1 Paint actually cleans itself ]were entertaineVd a~ the home of Mrs. Emma Ballenger, her daugh- Town 1 m [] ~ ~: m heds dirt and dust with ter Mrs Thelma Cornele and .... .,.s " " . [the brides sister Mrs. Preston . ........ ,, Mrs. Howard Ike .Hoff has r 1 U m "~-~ . ~ 1 v for ears r great granaaaugnter, Jgonna ~,~ every rain. Lasts y /Longerbeam ........ turned home after being a pa. l~ii~ 1 [i! ,a- ~,~ SELF-CLEANING HOUSE PAINT "Dulux'"Trim & Shutter Enamel (some tolors slightly higher) PEOPLES SUPPLY PHONE 17 Charles Town, W. Va. engineering' division of Bester. :Long Construction Company, Ha- gerstown, Md. He is a member of the Maryland Engineer Associa~ ion. Friends and relatives among the wedding guests were from Front Royal and Leesburg, Va.; Keyser, W. Va.; Rocktile, Md., Washington, D. C., Martinsburg and other parts of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. Mr .and Mrs. William White and their two children Faulkner and Elizabeth Ann of Perry, N. Y. spent last week with Mrs. White's parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Burns Huyett St on South Sam- !uel St. Mr. and Mrs. Hough and Mrs. Ti- tus, Mrs. June Gray and sons Da- vid and Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Ray. mend Spurling and daughter Cin dy: and son Steven and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barker and sons Charles and Michael enjoyed:, a picnic lunch at Gathland Park, Md. They returned by Hamilton, Va. to take Mrs. Titus home. Mr. and Mrs. DeHurtman Heir. onimus and two daughters return ed home to Syracuse, New York after spending 6 weeks with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bush. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wilson, Jr. near Charles Town, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Wilson Sr. and son Jerry, Lois Ann Brewer, Gaff Slusher, Jimmy Edwards, Diana Camp at Churchton, Md. this week Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Henshaw and children of Cuyhoga Falls, Akron, Ohio spent a long week- end with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hen shaw. While there they attended the wedding of their sister Miss Betty Lou Henshaw to Mr. Frank Kearney of Patterson, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boyer re- turned to their home in PhiJa. spending four days here as guests of the latters sister Mrs. A. B. Cash and her husband Mr .and Mrs. Donald Kilmer were guests over Regatta week- end at Harffeld House home of Mr. R. J. Funkhouser, Centretile Md. The Third Annual E. E. Falrchild Corporation Employees Picnic was held on August 19th. at the Jefferson County Memorial Park, with most of the employees and their families attending. There were pony rides, games, swimming and plenty of good eating enjoyed by all. Many prizes were given out in the different events of the day. The winner in the three to five "Candy Grab" contest was Terry 3enkins, in the six to eight age "~roup was Niekie Jenkins for pinning the "Tall on the Donkey," in the nine to twelve age group "Sa~k Race," Sharon Martin, the thirteen to fifteen age group "Sack Raee," Eddie Painter. For the sixteen years and up group ,wa~ a "Shoe Scramble" with Mrs. Dorothy Sowers as the winner. A "Spoon Race" for the adult women only, was won by Mrs. Violet Jenkins. The grand prize of the picnic was to guess the number of v~eces' of candy in a jar and Marlyn Roderiek was the luckyI winner. The plcnlc Was planned by the Employees Committee eonsisting of Mrs. Reva Dopson, Mm. Maxy Phillips, Mrs. Maude Mercer and, Mr. Donald Bowers. j German Buffet Dinner 4:30 to 9:00 (D. S.T.) Dance 9:00 to 12:00 BAVARIAN ORCHESTRA Folk Daneing -- Floor Show Song Fest -- Waltz Contest WEAR YOUR LEDERHoFEN DIRNDL RESERVATIONS ONLY. Telephane Harpers Fer August 24- 1t:.