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August 24, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 24, 1961

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thoughts. My chief regret is that your present course of insti'uc- REFORMING THE COURTS tion does not permit you to ask the same penetrating questions of your informants you asked me No one seriously concerned with the administration of in your letter. justice in West Virginia will deny that there is a crying In answer to your first ques- need for revision of our judicial process. We are prompted tion, I am heartily in accord with to make this obse wation not as a result of any particular the principle that prompted the incident, but as a result of a general awareness of the Eisenhower directive three years ago authorizing indoctrination of manifold shortcomings in our present state court system, military personnel as to the real It seems to us that West Virginia vould do well to adopt nature of the Communist enemy. provisions similar to those in many of our sister states But it is not only naive but down where inferior courts presided over by persons familiar with right stupid td+beIieve that any: law and legal procedure have been created. Under present one who wears a star or a bar is law a justice of the peace has no jurisd+iction in a civil case capable of performing this fun. where the amount in controversy is in excess of three hun- ction. dred dollars. But what of the cases involving five hundred Let me illustrate: Shortly after or a thousand dollars? Should there not be courts, short the close of World War II a of the Circuit Court, where matters of this sort can be friend of mine introduced me to expeditiously disposed of? It would not be wise, in our his former commanding officer opinion, as has been suggested, to simply increase the juris- who happened to be a major gen eral in the United States Army. dictional limits of iustices of the peace for the simple reason He hated FDR to the point of that when the matter in controversy surpasses the arbitrary being downright disrespectful, three hundred dollar limit the litigant has a right to expect and equated everything connec- t John Brown" certainly shows the y Past Governor Irvin Queen of Lo SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rAmmms , ~ ", ~ professional touch and Charles ~gan, also of the W. ~a. District; ~!!i!i~ii~i~i!:!i)i:i~ ~ Wood deserves the rdcognition in Hubert Str~ttoff, presi0ent of the 4---A THURSDAY, AUGUST 24 this department. Winchester Club; and James Mol ~ --- ~ " " -- WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER ======================== ~ Julia Davis, the author, of this er Inter-National Trustee of the es Davis, City; Mr. Matthew W. Michael Thompson, Hubert ~i:~;+~~::!i:~:~:::i~:~:~!~ mm composition certainly did a gem gave a short talk. . Wilt, David Masters,, Billy CHARL~-S TOWN. W. VA. '~~iiii:i:ili:::i::i~dL of a job. local club. Each of these guests Harrison, Purcellville, Va.; Mr. insert, Jr., Charles Sager, ~ ~~~ Raleigh Francis Moler, Bakerton, , .... : :'.~ .. BEST MEDIUM OF'ADVERTiSING Sincerely, Burns Huyett and Melvin Stri ., ...... chant ann l)avm lwcJ)onaia. FOR REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALL I~~2 Betty Lou Cavalier'der, two of the three remaining Katherine and Marie Trussell. Af IJoromy vearl ~ting, lvlar-latter scout was unable t, Harpers Ferry, W. Va. to the audience.' [ved delicious ~efreshments. ~tuoy ueiores wflz, rarpers ~er- ted far him by Mioha~] 'Ph IURROUNDING AREAB FOR MORE THAN !16 YEARS. charter members were presented lt~r the meeting Mrs. Bloom ser- ~nsburg; Mrs. Ada Carter, Mrs. present and his award wash RK&D EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN Sy W.M... 12, 1961After dinner the party adjourn I ry; Mr. Burr William Trail, Fred ......... ........... -- 20,000 PERSONS -- THE FACE of the ENEMY Jefferson County chamber of ~ed to the ball 'room where the[ _~.,~ .... . _, crick, ~Md.; Mr. Larry William ++Mothers of the scouts we~ reer, tbly; lvlr. Joseph ~ugene ed to stand beside their ~nl (Mr. Morrow's column this Commerce and J~efferson County Blue Notes Orchestra furnished] | ~ | ~I~F & | I Fr e .......................... y , ~tanson; Mrs. Iona Chrlst- ing the c~remnnv and ~ael~ PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY week takes the form of a letter Civil War Centennial Commission music fbr the dance which last. I | ~~,~]}~| | ~1~ | e Haines, Halltown; Mrs Mar w~ ~+ ........ ~,,+n - BY THE JEPFERSON PUBLmHING COMPANY. 'NC. written in answer to a letter he eduntill2:'3Op, m. I i ~ : +'-~~1 in .................. BECOND CLASS POSTAGE PAID AT CHARLES TOWN, W- VA. [received from a former ShepherdCharles Town, W. Va ...... ianna S/nallw0od,. City; Mrs. Rose ---Sco=u~maste~"~r=n~ ~ ..... cumvli College student, now a memberGentlemen: =~~ I ~ .......... bud Pearl, Ranson; Mr. edteh scouts on thew" " {mt IPIRIT E~TABLIBHEJ~ 1B44 -- ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1aSS of the Armed Services.)~ Last night I had the privilege Execut| ee l~anaolpn ~emon ~etts, ~erry- .,d ~,~ , ...... +i .... ,~ , viiI~, Va; Mi" Charles Edwin ........e'n(tVcoYtinue" COMB'NED MARCH t. ~S4B of attending your performance I Fi e births, four of them boys .... : each of th . [Dear Mike: of "The Anvil" and it wili be an ~ ~m~n~e ~|.~ A|~ue Ioccurred at the Charles Town ~ore, t;IW. work in the church should + MAX BROWN, Emvom It was pleasant to hear from occasion which I will long remerh v. wvmu. ~ ~,mw eU,~ IGeneral Hospital durihg the per- Surgical patients admitted were first, with your school d OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREK'F -- TELEPHONE === yOU again. I welcome your.invi- ber and cherisr. .... "' /iod of August 16-22, it was an- Mrs. Eleanor V. Rider, City; Sar next and then your scouting tation for an expression of my In ~ SNUBS nounced Wednesday' NATIONAk ADVKRTIIING RI~PREIIKNTATIVli:I [views on the current controver, inInotthinkexpressingthat I wouldmybeappreciat.dilatory NU her U I i ah Lucille Madison, Harpers Fer- Brent told the young scout~ WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES. INC. I Two of the birt~!s occurred on ry; Little Martha Morgan Burr, Clay Leps served as chat 404 F,rr. AV=NU=. N=W YOmK tS. N.Y. sy which seems to be raging with ion for ydu sporisoring and p1"0- The executive committee of ~Friday, Aug. 18 a'son Paul Jet- Lancaster, Pa.; Master Ollie Lee for the Troop committee al ATLANTA -- CHICA=O -- D~TROI'r -- LOS A,O=~= SO much heat and so very little ducing such a fineperformance, .the senior women's club met on ]trey, born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown, City; Mrs. Beverly Jean a few brief remarks told' light on the matter of educating in a manner which ! think could the evening of August 15th at the [Dayton Hite, Brunswick, Md ; Hoffman, Knoxville, Md.; Mrs. present about the duties A~ =uucmm',o,. D=uv=,=- ,, ~.= Bv,~ ,a= Bu,,J=~ zo S% CON~UM=,, military personnel on the sub- not offend anyone regardless of home of the Eastern District pres !and a son, William Yates, Jr. was Jeanne Belle Shaft, Gapland, Md. Court of Honor. B~=. TAX.BU,,~,~,O, =a.BO P=m Y=~, ,N A~V*N=. ject of Communism. I am compli their opinion of the event. I hope ident, Mrs. O. S. Bloom at "High I born to Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Mr. Franklin Ely Thompson, The meeting was opened merited that you shoul(~ remem, that you will find it possible to v " ' Jew m Ranson. Mrs. James I Jones, Charles Town. Kearneysville. the entire group repeat: Lord's Prayer and follo' ~EMBE~ O~ THE " ber the series of lectures I gave continue With this show during Watson the senior club president I Monday, Aug. 21, a son was ~,~v,~n ~,~,~m~r~.~ the Salute to the flag NATIONAL EDITOIIIAIJ to your Class at Shepherd, when the rest of the Centennial be- presided, Mrs. Charles Reviol de/born to Mr, and Mrs. Melvin Dou I ~ ~ ~ .~..~.,, ,.,~, ,,unu.n.n... scout pledge. I was teaching there, on this sub cause I feel that you are giving votional secretary of the club op- 'glas Law, Ranson; and the same A C TI N ject, and even more compliment- a real public service by making ened the meeting with a bea~lti- day a daughter was born to Mr. 0U~ Troop 23 Are Zi0n C-hmh ed that you should find the indoc this show possible for the public, ful and appropriate prayer, i~nd Mrs. Reid Lawson of LoT- SC [] trination you are presently re- Being a stranger in your com- Many issues were brought to ettsville, Va. ' ceiving somewhat at variance munity, I was naturally handicap the attention of those present. I Tuesday, Aug. 22a son was Cited At Honor Court ~ ~ ~ with my previously expressed ped in not knowing whether all who took part in the production were local or professional act- resses and actors, their perform- ance impressed me as being put on by professional personnel. I hesitate in commenting upon the performance of anyone of them, because I feel that each and all :if them did a superb performan- ce regardless of the prominence of their part. May 'I just say to you,, the ones in the show, the "ends behind the scenes", the wri ter of the show and all others Who contributed their time to it; congratulations for "a job very well done." When I was a young boy liv- ing in Charles Town, a Mr. Avis lived there and operated a drug store. I don't remember whether he was the jailor at the time of John Brown's imprisonment or whether his father was, but he always told me that he had sev- eral items from the jail at that time. Since the family has entire trial from a magistrate fully cognizant of the rules of ted with the New Deal as-being ly died out, I never heard what idence and procedure. To be sure, he can get a trial in either socialistic or communistic, became of these items. And for In fact I am hard pressed to re- about the past 10 years I have Circuit Court, but frequen+tly he must wait until the call ever having met a more stu been trying to track them down ircuit Court has time to hear his case. ] Another area in which there is room for reform is thepid man. He may have been a without any success. i[resent method of handling juvenile cases and domestic re- good general (although I feel sat Very truly yours, r now that he is retired) but as E.R. Grymes Heneberger tions cases. Jurisdiction in these cases should be placed a political theorist he was not one 450Sunrise Avenue in the hands of a separate court, charged with the duty iota removed from a babbling Harrisonburg, Va. of disposing of these cases and no others. Indeed, if this idiot. could be done it might not be necessary to create another Thi brings me to my main "Sellebration'" To Be class of inferior courts, as we have suggested above, sincepoint. While I thoroughly agree the Circuit Court, if relieved of the duty of disposing of that military personnel, anal civ juvenile and domestic relations matters, might find the titans as well, should be fully in Staged At Court Man0r formed on the real nature of com ........ time to 'mete out speddier justice in other cases, munism, as well as all the other We hope the West Virginia State Bar and the West prevalent political doctrines of Plantati0n Labor Day Virginia Bar Asgociation will give some time and thought our times, we must be exceeding towards the solution of these problems, ly careful in the choice of instruc Staunton, Va.-Court Manor Plan torN and administrators of the tation just south of New Market program of instruction. There is putting on a real "Sellebrat- are far too many people in this ion" for the coming Labor Day FOR A COMPL[T[ WEEKLY NEWSPAPER country who equate any and all Week-End in this area. things they happen to be against On Saturday, September 2d, B Uy T H E "= with communism or socialism, the Fall Round-Up Horse Auction, "== The main quarrel 'I have with will be held at which time regis- the Eisenhower directive is that tered and grade Quarter Horses; - !it leaves too much to the indivi- Appaloosas; Standardbreds; Walk dual field or post commanders, ing Horses; Pleasure Horses; and IS democracy so weak and com-" Registered Welsh Ponies, will be munism so strong that an object sold. This is scheduled to be or/e ive comparison between the two of the largest horse sales ever cannot stand without distortion held in this area. of both.? I think not. On Saturday night at 8:30 there Since we are engaged in a war will be an old fashioned Square (Charles Town, W. Va.) for the minds of men, seems to Dance Featured will be Colonel me that the Department of Defdn Art Bennett from Sawyerville, Complete Local and Jefferson County News Cover- se would be well advised to put Quebec, who will do the calling. age -- Photos -- Sports -- and Classified Page... FuLl forth a special effort towards an Colonel Bennett is a champion. objective education of our mill- ship square dance caller from the News Coverage of ALL News Events. tary personnel. Indeed, the same Province of Quebec. thing should be done for our civ- On Sunday afternoon at 2:30 a ilian population. For you know as Championship Rodeo with some 0N S .~ L E well as I do that not one person of the wildest bucking horses in a hundred has anything more and rodeo stock itl America 'will than the vaguest sort of notion be gwen. Top cowboys from Art- At Your Nearest News Stand---10 cts.---or by mail in of what Communism is Or what zona, Oklahoma, Nebraska and West Virginia--S3.50 plus 10 cts. tax. Socialism is. And how can we other western states will compete conceivably hope to prevail over in the various events. an enemy if we don't know who To top off the events on Men. he is and what his techniques day at 11:00 ode of the largest are? auction s~iles of Angus cattle ever Have Car--Wil! Travel There ave obstacles to such a h'eld here will be put on. 300 course of instruction. I have men head of cattle will be sold, featur o tioned to you the difficulty in ob- ing the dispersion of the Byars taining objectivity. There is an- & Alien herd from Gettysburg, other obstacle; public apathy. Pa. and consignments from many People just don't seem to give a other leading herds. In addition hang, and they start fidgeting and there will be 40 select top'bi:ed act bored when someone tries cbmmerdial" heifers. Consign. to alert them or educate them. meats consist of bulls, cows with It's amazing to me tha~ we can calves at side, bred and open heir spend more than fifty billion d~il yrs. As a feature of the sale, the tars a year on anti-communist Canadian Royal Champion Bull programs and people don't even will be sold at auction as well as know what it's all about. 9 outstanding young rams of the I will look forward to hearing very rare North Country Chev- from you, when you find the lot breed of sheep which are just time to write, being introduced in this country. Just pack the car and go---sums up the vacation plans of Sincerely, The sales are being held under millions of American families each year. If this is your year HWM the management of Canning Cat- to "hit the road" family-style, you may welcome these timely tie Company of Staunton, Va. tips from the Noxzema Consumer Service--designed to make or trave+ unnie and sa er, Chades Town Kiwanis Think ~heud: Working out your trip in advance is not only practical, but can be loads of fun in the anticipation, You'll be sure not to miss a thing if you ask friends who've been Club Has UllI~I blulBht~l+=~|"k there to outline high spots for ybu. Children love to share in "=" TO THE --- the planning stages--travel better later when they know what'= coming .p Ladies Night Dinner ,~tg~ Ott~n: Lon~ Unrelieved stretches of driving are boring and~l~ey- ~'~yofii:" eri~i'~y" ~i~,e~r." ~Stil5 ~ften "along the way fbr sight-Seein$, snacks, just plain stitching. Bring a ball and The Charles Town Kiwanis enjoy a ten-minute game of catch---it s an exercise break that Club held "an Infer-Club: La~iies really restores your pep. Spirit of Jefferson Nite and Dance at the Hill Top Play, Games:,, You can make them up as you go along and . House in Harpers Ferry last you~!l find they re a first zate way of keeping the child~:en Editor's Mail Bag Thurday evening. The occasion interested: "Urge them to count horses or cows---or idenuzy "The Anvil" was the "creme de being the Club's 35th anniver- license plates or trees-and-flowers along the way. Keep adults lo creme" as far as "local talent" sary. alert with brain teasers such as naming all 50 states, state capitals, etc. is concerned. After a social hour the hotel Be Prepared: Little emergencies are bound to crop up ,on An edifying performance by served a delicious roast prime any vacation trip. You can treat insect bites, minor burns and all-in my opinion 6f course the ribs of beef dinner. Presiderit'A1 scrapes most effectively with a new first-aid cream called Nozain performances most outstanding Nerhood presided. He introduced ~really a "first-aid kit in a tube." So safe and pleasant to use, in my mind were those of Robert the distinguished Kiwanians and it works three ways--as an anesthetic to re~icve pain and itch- Leonard as John Brown, C. L. wives among whom were Gover- ing--~s soo~hing medication to help heal sore skin--as an White as Hiram Griswold avd nor Walter Dactyls of the Capi- antiseptic to help prevent infection, inhibit the growth and Mildred Perry as Mrs.John toi District, from H.agerstown; ~pr,ead o+f common skin germs.' Note to sight-seers: it also cools Brown. -. ' Gov:-Eleet John'Helt6~ of th~ W: aiad $ootl e tixed achia$ leet--r. a t:, - The direction of this "Trial of Va: District. :from artinsburg; Names of prospective members, born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth committees for the following Lee PEnwel! of I~rp, ers Ferric. year, budget revision, contribut-] Medical patients a'dmit~ed to ions and types of programs were the hospital Were: Mrs. Nellie set in order for the final vote of Bell Carroll, Mrs. Mary Wilson the club iii4mberS'when they l~old Rouss and Mr. Lloyd Edward Ken their first meeting of the season dle all of City; Mrs. Carr e Mae in September. Plans were also Delrich, Harpers Ferr2iMrs.'()I- considered for the first meeting lie Lloyd Damerosn, City; Mrs of the 1961-62 season which will Thelma Roselee Eagle, Harpers be lathe form of a banquet with Ferry; Leol~ Katherine Miller, an outstanding speaker who will City; Mr. Hfllyer Arthur parker, talk about+ some current issue in connection "with the clubs act- ivities. Those present at the meet ing were: Mrs. 0.' S. Blo01~,+DfS- trict Chairman: Mrs. James War- timore, Md.; Mrs. Eleanor Delor- i building of the church. + ~ith a number of the parents present, Scoutmaster George Brent and his assistants Richard Reiter and Sam Shirley, members of the scout committee of Clay Leps, Emory Kable and Max Brown presented the pins and a- wards to the following scouts. Homecoming August Seven members of Boy Scout The .congregation of; o: Troop Number 23 of the Charles tist Church, Harewood t Town PresbyterianChurch were Charles Town, Will ob: ,r awarded their Second class pins anniversary and HoE e~ and certificates at an interesting Sunday, August 27 from 11 Court of Honor held Monday until 3 p. m. it was a: hight in flie new educational this week by the pa~tor, S. H. Patterson. Special guests will come Baltimore, Md. and various in Virginia to participate Homecoming and the well to attend. There will be the ba blessing of infants as a the service, it was stated. m ~mmt mJ IL CLUB lb. FRESH lb. lb. I Pkgs. c f (No Noodles) 16-Oz. Pkg. C (WHOLE mm ,ark-up your menu with.:. CELLO bchs. JUMBO each GRAPEFRUIT, LEMONS, LETTUCE, PEPPERS, CORN, ETC. ,ous, ,Ithful eating c each \ (NONE HIGHER) lbs. C PHON] -- WE DELIVER -- RANSON, W.