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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
August 20, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 20, 1959

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COMPLETE ESSOTANE GAS SERVICE READ THE SPIRIT-ADVOcATE READ THE CLASSIFIEDS Held Going-Away Picnic Mr. and Mrs. Edward Magaha and t~hree sons Jo~hn. Gene and Jim held a going aw~ay picnic on ~t~heir huge lawn at their cabin ,on che Shenandoah River last Sun- day for his sister Mrs. Earl Ful.ler and neice Mi~s S,helia Wheeler. All brot~hers a,nd sisters a,tended except Mr. Newton Maga~h,a's fami tY vCho motored to t~al~timore to reg,ister their children in church camp. Those atCendin,g were Mr. Billy Magaha 0h,ildren P~andy, Nora and Robin a friend Johnny~ Wel~h Mr. and Mrs. Glen Maga~ha i and children Darlene a,nd l~icky Mrs. Robert Sl~a~tchCer and oh,ild- ren Doris and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs Cl~arles Adams and ~hi,ldren and C~uck4e, Mr. and Mrs. J(~hn K~ck ley and mh41dren Jay, Ch,arlo~t,te, qYliillie and Peggy of Berryville, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sazn~sell and child fen Billy and Eileene of Palling Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ms- gaha her mo[her Mrs. Janney Miss Mary M'a~.~ha and our mn- #,her Mrs. JOhn IV~ag~a]~a. A lovely day was enjoyed by a~l'l playing baseball, bad,milton, croquet and bo~t,lng. Li,tle Ohuckie Adams ha~s bee'n very sick wi:t!h inflame ears and sore throat the past few d, ays. M]~s. Nellie Schull and four ctli- Farm Organizations, Cooperatives Only Way Farmers Can Control Agriculture, Southern States Group Told By Adams One way for far3ners to control agriculture is through general farm orga.nizations and cooperat- l ves. This solution to the problem of "Will Farmers control agriculture in {.he future?" was offered by Dal las O. Adams, district manager of Southern SLates Cooperative at the local area Annual Members.hip ,Meeting at Kearneysville, Wednes day, Aug. 12. In order to accomplish this, Mr. Adams said i,t would be necessary for farmers to do several things: 1. Build a strong and diver- s.ified cooperative, capable of sit- ting at the bargaining table with big business, big labor and big government. 2. Produce what the consumer aublic demands, process to meet the s.tandards set by the housewife and control enough of the pro- ductAon to bargin effectively witch large scale buyers 3. Farmers must be willing to finance their cooperative to the exte,nt to render the services they demand of it. 4. Farmers ~vill have /~o equip their eooperat,ive to serve all farm ers, large or small. Anot,her hig~hi~ghrt of the meet- ing was the elections of local board and farm home ,advisory committees. Elected to the local Southern State Board were: John P. Lay- cock, Kearneysville and Victor Blue of Kearneysville. Elected to the local Southern States Farm H~me Advisory Cam mittee were Mrs. Thomas Maga- ha, Charles To~vn and Mrs. Char les Adams, Rippon. There was also the election of a delegate and 1st and 2ad alter- notes to a District EleCtion Meet- ing to be held in Martinsburg in late fall. 'Mr. J~mes Senseney of Charles Town was named as delegate while Caleb F. Burns Charles Town was named as alternate. dinner will be held Sep& 12 and 'get,her enjoying a delicious dinner. 15 fruit pies were donated for the ,Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Adams din,net by Mrs. M. L. Adams Mrs. and children Franklin and Debbie Paul Chapman. Mrs, John Locke spent last Sunday at C acapon Burn!s, Mrs. Calvin Nicodemus, tPark wit*h frie,nds from Rippon and Mrs. Warren LaRue width ourland Martinsburg. Joimng the gro- ~ew member Mrs. Rice volen~teerluP were Mr. and Mrs. E:lwood to help Mrs. Heflebower serve. Six iTomblin and Mr. and Mrs. Clar- members from our. club will help ence Burgh and Mi~ss Linda Hardy at the food booth "at the barn"I Mrs. Lulu Castle of Hagers~town during the fair. Members voted to stopped to see her cousin Mr. and i give $1.00 each toward the nursing ~Mrs. J. L. Chapman Sa{urd, ay eve- scholarship fund. Mrs. Myers is tning. She had her cousion Mr. and goi,ng to help t~he club make cop- ~Mrs. Robert Leake with her. per planters tihe 3rd week in Aug- / ........ s --- ..... " - h Ri on Hall ~ Mr. an(] t~ars, w.nane~ Aoams, us~ ~enLav~ve a~ ~' e pp " |~ M L Adams Mr and Mrs A note of appreciation was re- ,~v,~. ~,k_' ~_ ,-' ", ,- -- ' ..:. ~a r-...~ x,.~.. ='";--i'~er *o ~ur jPau, ~napman, Mr. ana Mrs. riay Celvcu IIUIII 1 1~. 1%~1 i/ ~ v v ~ ...... r -w " ok in attend/ward B3yd Mr. and Mrs. Calwn emo me lnLe es,t e t,O ' ' ......... S |Nmodemus attended the annual mg me tea at t~he n(~sprtaL mr,'. ~ . ....... ri to'membe~Ls~h}P meeting of the Sou- ].artue announces mat a ,e p ~h~-,, States h,qd at the Commu- New York ~s being planned by the ........ n sd - ' .... +. ~.~ ~xr~.,~.-, ~-~,~ P,'sL n=l.~y ~enter on wen e, ay Dega,n- '~"~'~ ~?."' ~.~" ..... L~. ~"" P'" ing at 6:30 e. s. t. wit!h a delicious week in Novemoer all memoers ........... ' ' i " zi~n lry ~o,t,n Mrs urnarles Adams will recmve a letter. Mzss Paul, ne .... " --. " -- - Heflebower was lesson leader who eape~te~r~o t~nI~arSm~g~mnaagv~e" gave a talk on "Your Social See- -r- "~^- a uri~y Program." During recreation u x Dua, u. Mrs. Charles Adams received a lovely baby gift. T~he meeting dae for ,our next meeting has been changed to t;he second Thursday due to the f~ir it will be held at Mrs. June Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Helle- bower Jr., two children motored ~o Petersburg, W. Vs. las, t Sun- day to meet the lat~ters neice Mrs. Harry Marson from Valley Bend. Pat will spend the week with the Marson's and Harry IV will spend tthe week with the Heflebowers. Mr. David Nicodemus employed in Wilmington, Del. was ,an a bus- 4ness trip to Washington spent ,the week end with his paren,ts Mr. and Mfrs. Harry Nicodemus Jr. Spending t~he week end wit,h his uncle and aun,t was Mr. Billy Samsell of Falling Waters. Mr. and Mrs. Mofley and son :from Charles Town stopped to see ,their friends Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chapman on Aug. 5. A~ter enjoy- ing a delicious sLrl:per at the St. Jahn's Parris~h Hall. i On Friday Mrs. Charles Adams ,Miss Mary M~gaha Mr. Billy S~ml : sell, Mrs. EaFl Fuller of Smga.pore and Miss S'helia Wheeler of Bur- bank mo, tored to the Washington airport vChere Mrs. Fuller and Shelia departed a,t noon for Los Angeles after spending 4 weeks here. Mrs. Pui,ler will remain in Buebank wi~h her si'ster Mrs. Lyle W~eeler un,t,il Ootober When she will leave by jet for Singapore. Sorry all t~he news d,id not reach ~he Spirit office 1,ast week due to sickness of Mrs. ~harles Adams. ,Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Gr~pes, Miss Viole~ Carl,isle of ~inchester soen Frid,ay Aug. 7 w~~h their friends Mr. and Mrs. J. L. C~a,pman. Other visitors wi,t~h t:he Chapmans ,were ttheir bro,ther and sister in l~w Mr. and Mrs. Rober~ Leake, si~ter Mrs. Ha,t,t,ie Hil,l, cousin Mrs. I~ab,le Perks of Cl~arles Town a,nd another friend Mrs. M. L. Adazns v~ho all had a wonderful day to- ldren of Summit Point spe,ng T~u- rsday wit'h Mrs, Orville De.Haven. Jimmie LaP~ue hcs~- been in the WinChester Hospi~bal wit)h wirus pneumonia is home now he must rema4n in bed for a week. Glad to know he is im'prov,ing. Mrs. M. L. Ad~azns, Mrs. Wood~e Adams and Children motored to Shenandoa~h Ju,.~etion ~a~tion Thu rsd,ay afcernoon to meet Mrs. H~I- lery DeHaven and grand,son Don and Tom Reidy of Silver Spping who spen,t the week end with Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Ada~ms on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Joe P~dy sc,n Billy and neice Mar~h,a Dean drove u~p ~o get t2ae family and enjoyed the 'day ~iCh t~eir uncle and aunt. Mrs. H, tllery DeHaven and sis- ted Mrs. M. L. Adams v~shted their ;ister Mrs. Bertha Necome in W4n c~hester on E'riday and visi,ted wSVh Mr. and Mrs. Lee Adams son D~n nie on Swturday evemng. \ . .I I I I I I I II Your By .1. E. Savi!le ALFALFA SEEDING Time for se'edi,ng alfalfa is here. This is a costly operation and the chances of getting a stand are not too good a't the best when you con sider the money invested. Farmers say it costs from t,h~r'ty to forty dollars per acre to estab- lish a stand of alfal.fa. When one is seeding thirty to forty acres t~his runs into real money. Weather is a limi.ting, factor !,n securing a stand and there is not anyt'hing we can do about that but talk and this does ace help any. There are, however, sev- eral factors we can con,trol. The variety and quali,ty o'f seed sown can be determined by the farmer. Varieties recommended by W. Va. are Narragansett, Williamsburg, ALlan,tic, Vernal, Kansas Common. Du Pui.ts is recommended where ,the land is in regular crop rotat- ion and you will want the stand only 'three or four years. You have control of the acidity of the SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ra~ME~.S ADYOCATE g--B THURSDAY, AU( UST 20, 1959 soil. Alfalfa does not like acid soil. Test soil to see if lime is needed. Analysis and amount of fertilizer is ttfe farmers choice. The prep- aration of the seed bed is i,n your hands. Alfal4a seems to start ofli better if a good firm seed bed is prepared. The method of seeding Js again the farmers choice. i If we make the bes~t choice of ;these items, the effect of adverse weather conditions wil.1 be min- imized. 40th ANNUAL :VIEETING The 40~th annual meeting of W. Va. Farm Bureau will be held August 31s,t to Septem.ber 1st. in- clusive. The meeting ~tl~s year will be held at W. Va. Wesleyan Col- lege a,t Buckhannon, W. Va. It is ex, pec,ted ~that Jefferson County will ~be represe,nted by R. W. Mc- Cormick, Franklin McQuilkin, Bill Hammond and Mrs. Ralph Ren- aud. Persons desiring to a~tend should notify Robert McGarry, Secretary, immediately so reser- vations can be made. JEFFERSON COUNTY FAIR Our County Fair will be held September 3rd, ~t'h and 5th. Fair officials hope farmers, homemakers, 4-H Club members and Future Farmers will respond wit'h a good exhibit of lives.Lock, poul.try, canned goods, sewi,~g and etc. Our fair is considered one of the best county fairs in the area. Let us all wink together to keep it that way. Rainbow Colors Outside In 1950, eighty percent or As- bestos-Cemen,t siding was white. Th,is dropped to 25 percent i,n 1959 in many areas. Now, all the rain bow colors prevail. DR. O. T. REITER FOOT SPECIALIST Will Be in Charles AFTERNOON and NIGHT From 1:00 to 7:00 P. M. 107 South Charles Street Telephone 519-M EVERY THURSDAY CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. e ::< :+::: :< :< : : : :.: :.:+:+:.:.: :::::::::::::::::';::::::::::::::::::::::.:. ADVANCE ~:~:>: ~ ~ ~ ii ~!i ~ ~ ili ii i iii:?:iiii i!:i:,iiiii: i il i On Sale Now For JEFFERSON COUNTY FAIR ........ .' ADULT - - $2.50 each CHILDREN - $1.00 each FOR ALL THREE DAYS PRETTY TRIMMED CO'I rON SLIPS ! Take You Through .the En- tire Fair. IC sizes 4 to 14 :See B. H. BARk Advance Ticket Chairman OR ANY DIRECTOR. Pretty gasic slips! San- forized cotton with lace, e,mbroidered bodices. Elastic -waists or backs. Built up or adjustable Shoulders. Good savings CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harris and grandson gay of Papthine. Vs. spent Sa, turday n,igh~ wi~h t~heir son and f,am,ily Roy Jr. near Charles Town a,nd sper~ Sunday nip)h~t witch her paren,s Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cha~pm:an. On Sunday LOOK! A STRAP! A CAUSAL ! , $2gs o' girls sizes C. 8Vz to ,). What fun for little girls: They get two different looks in one shoe! Slim strap flips back to make a Smart causal. Smooth brown leather. Priced low ! GET YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES they at,tended tlhe Myers reunion AT PENNEY'S LOW ~t the Park in M~z~t~n~burg. Ronnie DeHaven is spend4ng BARGAIN PRICES! t:his week with his gra,ndmother Mrs. Herbert DeHaven near Sum- Book Bags $1.44 mi~t Poin~t. Zipper Binders - - 88c Mr. Willie Furr of Charle s Town ALL WOOL AND WOOL- will spend the week with his niec~ Steno Note Books - 19c Mrs. Orville DeHaven. NYLON BLENDS! L Memo Books - - 7c Entertained Farm WOman IMrs. Caiv,in Nicodemus hostess New looped textures! Basket Composition Books - 19c hostessand MrS.e.n.ter a ne.dJ hn Locke, t eBUrnsl ip onCO- weaves! Plaids, stripes, checks,$1 .88 3 I ing Binders - 59c Parm Woma.n's Clu'b lasc Thurs- solids! 106% wools, washable ,i 5 Hole Filler Paper 19c day evening witch 14 members pre- Theme Books - - 25c !ser~t. 'l~he mee t;ing was called to 85% wool, 15% nvlon blends. 54 to 60 inch order by ghe presiden Mrs. War-i You must see them to appre- lengths 105 Page Tablets - 19c ren L ,Rue wi,th deviations led by ciate the value. 12.-. 7" Pencil Pak. 35c he vice president. Mrs. Charles Adams, Mrs. Garl,and Heflebower Jr. announced tha~t caa~p Frame NEW!-BOUFFANT DRESSES IN BURNISHED PLAIDS FOR SCHOOL BELLES .98 sizes 3 to 6x $ .98 sizes 7 lo 14 Our Dan River cotton gingham plaid sister dresses need little or no ironing! They make little girls look adorable. The dresses stay fresh, shed wrinldes. Machine washable med- ium setting. Drip dray. They never miss a class ! a. Cummerbund effect b. Square collar , "% 8 OUNCE CARDED COTTON CORD LODEN STYLE JACKET WITH HOOD Quilt Lined -i For Boys or Girls Knit Roll Collar Sizes 4 - 6 - 8---Special