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August 20, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 20, 1959

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m PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN. W, VA. BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. ALl. SUBSCRIPTION8 DELIVERED IN THE BTATE ARE 9UBJECT TO ~ CONSUMERB ~L[S TAX. SUBSCRIPTION $3.$0 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. SP|R|T ErI'ABLIBHED 1844 -- ADVOCATE ESTABLiaHED 1885 COMBINED MARCH 1, 1948 MAX BROWN, EDITOR OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREET ---- TELEPHONE 222 BERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR 114 YEARS AND READ BY MORE FHAN 20,O00 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK, ENTZRED AS 9[COND CLASll MATTER AT THE POSTOFFICE IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA., UNDER THE ACT OF MARCH 3, 1879. WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, INC. NEW YORK CHICAG~ ATLANTA DETROIT LOS ANGELES MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL EDITORI Thursday, August 20, 1959 W. S. VENABLE W. S. Venable was a good man. His death saddens us. And in that lingering sadness we meditate upon the things that bring us to say he was a good man. He was kind. He made no overt display of it, as some men who are II I I I I I I I I II I I[I II I II " )orth enti, BT Hmu7 W, Morrow Charles Town in the News Lost week an ax cle appeared in a neighboring newspaoer call- ing attention to the fact that there is so much news of national interest emanating fzx)m Charles Town. The artiele conchides, some what editorially, that "something should be done about it. Just who is to do i,t or how red, ins a quest- don." This is an e~tremely odd obser- vation. Whwt should 'be done about it or who is to do it, indeed! The observation is .all the more startle,rig considering the ~fax~t that is comes from another newspaper which, one would think, would be far more interested in news chart a brief comment, "Nothing ,to re- port." Much of the national news ,that has developed here of la~e has simply been national news wi,th- out a,ny one locally having much to do with it one way or the other. Very li,btle news is "crea~ed." I just ha~ppens. And t~ha~t is h~vppens here is due not so much "6o the efforts of any so-called public re- lwtions men burr simply because it is news, and 'the whole press would be derelict if it did not report it. Take .the local racetracks for example. The plain fact of #0hel a~atter is "that w~wt happenso~ a~~ either of these ~two tracks is of, considerable interest to millions of people 'bey(~nd the ,borders of Jef- ,other woman appearrs on the scene ~and claims the second wife ks not 'reuliy t)he w~,fe at al~, cla~m_~ng ~tha~t she is the l~uwful widow. Less i~teres~ing facts have won Aca- demy Awards. It was news. That l% h~,ppended in Ch~Wles Town was only in,cid~n~tal. It would have been news if i,t had happened wt a cross roads no one had ever heard of. Or take the ca~e of a dyn~mit, e ertmk bt(~ving up on t)he highway. Dynamite trucks blow ~p on roads wi*t~h a~bout the same .frequency men bite dogs. Every user of the *highway, every person who lives an reasonwble proximity to a high- ,way, is i~n'terested in this sort of ,~hing. Charles Town didn't make i~ h~ppen, wishes it h~In' h~ppen ed. Bu~ when it did there was *no~ng to ,be done but req~rt It. The sazne can be said of a truck crashing into a house near here leaving a host of People miracolou- ly uninjured. It was news. There have been intances of national news here that have, more or less, been of human makang. When a person as im- ,portant,,t as 'he Speaker of the House of Represen~tivies ~poears here to make an address it is of some natio`nal interest since any- :thing such a person may say may provide a clew to n~blonu~ legis2a- t.ion. The persons who are respon- sible for these vi~i,t~tions are no~ IL~glng behind our adjoining cou`n ties in Virginia and (Maryland. These eou,~ties h~ve long since made it possible ,for every cht'ld in ,the county to attend a graded s~hool, where eac~ grade has an i~dividual teacher. In Jefferson Councy we are doing alrlgh~ for the colored child ran. Every school age ,colored child in ,the county ~has ~ccess to this kind of a graded school. Many wbA'te children laving in the couaty have to attend two room schools, ,where one teacher has to teach: Ithree or four grades. ~t seems to i me that we should do as much for ithese white .ohl,ldren as we are now doing for $he colored chi]d- ran. I think that we shou,ld sel~ these two room schools, bunildings and thus get rid of their maintain- ante cost; tra,'~sport the pupils of these s~hools ~o larger schools, where each grade has a separwte teacher. Our present system As not qufte fair to these cour~try child- ren. The over all cost of such a move should not be ~ny more ~haan the cost of the present sys- tem. I say that i isn't ~alr ~ the l~.ild who 1~ppens ~o ,be born "w~i%e", and l~,ves in t~he county, ,not o h~ve as good school ~ac~lt- ties as the ocher children in the county. Let us do somethin, g about it.. J. Burns ~I-Iuyet~ St. 507 Valley PacEd Ex. Charlottesville, Virginia Augu~ 13, 1959 Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Charles To~n, V. V~,. Dear Edl~tor: roder, Hya~,zville, Md.; Rebecca Smellings, Georgetown, Del.; Clar'~ M. 1%Issler, Ranson; Paul Benjarr~n, Mary H~hes, Mrs. /viol .lie Porterfield, City; Mrs. Child- ors Deters, t~l~imore, Md.; Col- leen ~okes, City; John Bingham, Knoxville, Md.; ~l~rry I~vwsor~ ,Harpers Ferry. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE 4--A THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 19 CLASSES NOW FORMING INTENSIVE TRAINING PRACTICAL Mrs. Randolph Barnes Mr. and Mrs. White Crran~,ham returned Su`nd~y from a visit with relatives in Erie, Pa. and Cleve- land, Ohio Saturday, August 15. They attended the Node~-Torrey nuptli~;ls in Cleveland. ~Mrs. M. S. Oranthern of Silver Spring is v~itlng her broacher Mr. J. Murky S~aull. Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Slonaker of Shepherds*x*wn ca,Hed upon Mr. and Mrs. James Haler Sunday af- ternoon. PMr. and Mrs. J~m Ke~rn and .family of Conn. sPer~t Im~t of last week wi~t~ the formers parents ~r. and Mrs. J. P. Keen. Mrs. l%ic~rd Madison and sons of At~ar~ta, Ga. v~si~l Mr. and Mrs. R. J. M~dison S~tur~ay. They were enruute to Georgia a:f- ter spending a week with Mrs. Madison's mother Mrs. Herbert Miller in Shepherxlstown. ~Mrs. Earl Gran~hwm was a Sun ~ay d~maer guest of Mr. and Mrs. (K. W. EaSier in ~epherdstewn. This was a f~a21y dinner in honor of Mr. Cdtber~ l~ion. ~Irs. James Ma~ougl'~ry w~ho is a patient at N. I. H. in Bethesd~ ,w~shes to t~ao.k her many friend.s Medical Secretarial Business Managemel~t Dental Secretarial Retailing Executive Secretarial Airline Hostess Garage and Service Station Management (Includes Scientific Motor Tune-Up) MONROE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS 18 East Piccadilly Stree Winchester, Va. Call Berryville 638 or Write for Catalog I attempt to do. Instead he allowed his acts to bear their erson County. 1%acing is one of own fruit in his heart, rio him virtue, and he had virtue, the nwtion's leadin,g sports, and in was its own reward in the inward satisfaction it gave his state.s where parimutual berating is spirit. He was courteous. It was always a pleasure to legalized t he income tax-wise .from racing is of vital concern. There- meet him on the street, not just to talk but just to speak, fore, poli,Ucally and sports-wise He was never too preoccupied with the affairs of his bust- virtua Ily everything bha% happens hess to exchange a friendly greeting, generally offering his ia racing is, whether local people own greeting first. We will miss that. He was generous, care or not, a ma ter.of great! concern. No one that I know of not only with his talents but with himself. He contri- veants do anyGhing wSout buted, not only money, although he was generous in that supressing it. Tha, t brings me o too, but his time and effort to any worthy cause he thought Vhe mwtter of certain law suits that have been iled over the past he could serve. So quiet was he with his generosity that few years in which the racetracks perhaps it will not be until sometime after his death that were either directly or indireVtly the real nature of his generosity is known. He was a involved. philanthropist; in roans preoccupation vith ords he is Again, these matters were of such great interest they attracted prone to think of philanthrophy in a narrow and restricted ational at errtion. The suit pros- way. It is not so with us. Philantrophy is more than giving ently pending to annex ? he local one's material wealth. It is the giving of one's self. hh'. ,tracks in~o the ,town could con- Venable did that. ceivably affect every "rual" race- 'track in the country. H CharlesL ;ns 'esThe whole community mourns his loss. It is with sad- Town do it possibly other in our hearts that we pay tribute to him. His monu- financially hard-pressed munici- i, ment is in our hearts. May this sadness assauge in some palities can do the same bhing mall measure the personal grief of his bereaved widow and t~his in turn cou,ld effec~ the ~hole sport ~or to put i,t more and relatives, properly, business) of racing. As seeking .natior~i publacity; bu,t neither Should the ~a~ of such an ~ppearance be suppressed simply because it ha.ppened in ~harles Town. Who wand, s to do such a thing? All in all, we agree warn our nei~l~boring newspaper ~riend v~hen he says a lot of ,things of n~tional interest h~pPen here. Some of the events, ~he tragic ones, we deplore; about some of the others we are normal~y curious as are lots of other people. But what should be done about it, 'we are sovnev~hat, short on answers too. If anyone can te,H us how to prevent dyna:m~te laden trucks from exploding, if anyone can tell us how in.terest in horseracing can be deflated to suvh an extent no one gives a hang, if anyone can ~elt us how we can keep the Speaker of .the House from coming ~here if he is kind enough to do so, if anyone can tell us how we can disassociate ourselves crom ~he *history of George Washington, J~hn Brown, to m~n,tion but a few, and if anyone can tell us how I received your statemen last ~ho l~ave s~own their though~fu,l- week infomnlng me that I would ness by cards and let%ors and receive ~he Spir~ as a ~irbhday :hopes soon to be well enough to gift from my father Neville M. ~dl~,ank them in person. ,Hindman. I wish to e~press my ~Mrs. J~mes Gran~2nam entertain ~ppre~laion to you and to my ed Mrs. J~umes H~fer and Mrs. Mil dad. I think it's one of the nicest lard Bu~fiaong at l~noh Tuesday at ~lf~ I have ever received. , ~letown I, nn, Berry'dlle. Mr. I ~ink you'd be interested to ,and Mrs. Bushong and fuma,ly know th~ Mr. T. D. "Ted" Web- ~have since EEl,led for a two years ester is my husband's grandfather, stay in En~lend, he bei`ng on the We think a great deal of ~hi,m and exchange teax~hem program. ! .wish him the best. Sunday callers a~t the home of Thank you again for your :time ~VIr. and Mrs. D. O. Schiil were and consideration. ,Mrs. l%a~ph Burner of Hanover, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. George Cram and ~Sincerely yours, Mrs. Clarke Cra'bbe (,formerly Jo Am'~ Hindman) F~ur blOt;as, three boys and one Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kearns. girl, occurred at the Charles Tow`n General Hospital during the per- rMr, Robert Hockensmith. Correction: In last week's col- mnn ~he word ,'deu~ should have ,been d~ate of the l~wir. If I goofed my ~pology as the Pair is growkng instead of in a state of debase. Mrs. Beatrice I~dOler .as of last Tuesday is employed at the Clear- brook Woolen Co. 'Mrs. Da~s Gruber, Mrs. Paul Ho,~gh and cl~ugh~r Beverly were Saturday evening dinner guests of DAY ON Y SORRY EXPERIENCI The disclosure made last week to the effect that Shifman Brothers planned to move their mattress factory from Jef- ferson County to Berkeley County comes to us as some- what of a shock. We went back in our files to our July 14, 1955, issue and re-read the account of the firm coming here with considerable interest. The news stories stated that the firm hoped to ultiatmtely employ between 150 and 200 people in Jefferson County. It recounted too the gen- erous effort that had been made by a considerable number Of our" local people to entice them to come here in the first p/ace. It also recited how grateful the owners of the firm were for the generosity of local people who made their settlement here possible. Now, five years later, local people are treated to the news that Jefferson County is not a suitable site for the .operation after all. Just why this information was not known to the company owners when they accepted the local hospitality in cash and other mat- ters of value is not completely clear. Nor are we aware of any effort being made by the company owners to com- pensate the local donors who so charitably contributed to the firm"s foundation five years ago. We do not question the right of the firm"s owners to set up shop whereever they please. This is still a free country. But we do hope that the local people who con- tributed so generously to the project five yem:s ago will learn a valuable lesson fr01m the experience: the lesson that comes from obse wing the' folly that is often attendant to giving persons or businesses something as an enticement to come into the community. Many businesses don't ask for it, while some do without ill effects. Most businesses are generally willing to accept the community "as is" without saying "gimme, girnyae, gimme..." and then running. to t'he litigation over the e~t, ate of Ohe 1,ato A. J. Boyle, this was ir~terest new~ of the high- eat caliber. A man died lea~ng a fabulous estate, in the miHlions. !His w~tl va~tua,lly disin~herl~ed his ,four Children and ~ave his esta~te [to his second wife, Who is not the m~Vher of the children. Then an- Jefferson County can keeP ,from being 1,mportarrt, we .be a mite interested in knowing about ,i. But then, again, "a~ha~'s ,the use? If we l~new wll t)hose ta'Mngs we'd only have another nwt~onat news story .... ABOUT JEFFERSON COUNTY. ~i,ty of Charles Town Jefferson Couny August 18, 1959 Mr. Max Brown, Editor Spi,rit of Jefferson-Advoca,te Ol~arles Town, W. Va. Dear Br. Brown: The City Council has directed Cba, t a letter be wri.Vten ,to you for ~the primary purpose of enlig~en- ing ,the public re~ard~n~g ,the sui,t ~fited ,by ~,he Charles Town Racing Association, Inc. and Charles Town Properties. Inc., against the ~Mayor and Common Council of Charles Town. App~,rently some People are not o.~are ~thut ~this As a suit ag,ainst al'I of ,the people of Charles Town, but ~he sui~t, by necessi*ty, must be filed agains~ their elected repres- en%~vtAves. Tax 'monies t'ha,t will be expend ed to de,end this su,it wilt limit the monies ,t~hat can be expended for greatly needed street and other in~prove~er~ts. Obviously, the race ,tracks ~ave refused to accep~ ,the mand~e of i~he people both within the torpor- *ate ~lim$~ and the ~erri.tory annex- ed, %t is 'aPl~renit *t~at nei.ther of ,these en, tevprises desire ,to con.~ri- brute their legal ~hare ~o ,the ~nI ;treasury as each and every cAVizen mhSt do. 'Very .truly yours, C~harles F. Prin,tz, Clerk Charles Town, W. Va. August 15, 1,959 ~Mr. Max Brown Editor Spirat of Jefferson-Advocate Caharles Town, W. Va. IS JEFFERSON COUNTY SLIPPING? Jefferson County has had a nine monl;hs free school system since 1848. For rn~any years we 'have been leaders in the education al movement i`n West Virginia. In !'the matter .of Graded Schools, ~vt ,the ,presen,t time we seem ~o ,be Iod of August 12-18. A son. John Robert, was born Wednes(tuy, Aug. 12 to Mr. and (Mrs, Jerry Bane of Summit Point. ~lVlonday, August 17 a d~ug~ter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Kilmer of Charles Town. Tuesday, Aug. 18, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. W~t% of HarPers Ferry; and a so~n ,yeas born the saxne day to Mr. and !Mrs. Thomas W. Howell of R~ 2, ~I-Bt r,pers Ferry. Surgical pahien~s adv~A%ted to )he hospiCal were: Mrs.~ Helen C. Turner, H'ar~pers Ferry; Maser Ke vin M. JohnSton, Mrs. Etholene B. Kimes, Charles Town; attester Howel,1 O. Thom~xson, Knoxville, Md.; ,Mrs. ~er~ha ~Ticodemus, Berryv~He, Va. (Medical ,patients admitted to ,the hospital were: Mr. Mason W. Gordon, Needmore, Fa.; Li, t%le Ka therine V. Willls, Mr. Paul Ban- joman, Jr., Mrs. Mabel W. Small- ,wood, Mrs. Etl~ N. Colt:is, Mrs. Mary Frances Gause, Ci,ty; Baby Timothy E. SoutYmrd, Shenan- doah Junction; (Mr. Robert (M. Nick, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Vinia D. Nickolson, City. RD. 1; Miss Barbara L. Greenw~l, Sandy Hook, Md.; Mrs. Bessie E. Pen- well, Ranson; (Mr. Jonathan ~tubbs, Kcarneysvllle; Mrs. Eliz. abe~h H. Be~hm, Knoxville, Md.; ~aby Debru D. ~ause, City. O~t ,l~tien~s admitted were: Wits. Shelly Wilson, Ranson; Cur- :tis l~deout, City; Jemes Penwell, Harpers Ferry; Helen V. Katza- ,man, Harpers Ferry; William Sch Charles Town Cooperative PHONE 43 RANSON, W. VA. RAINBOW FOR GIRLS ATTEND 'GRAND VISITATION' IN i~IARTINSBURG WED, NIGHT The Charles Town Assembly of Rainbow for Girls a:t, tended the "Grand Visita~tion" of the Grand ~Worthy Advisor, Sharon R*oberta Woods of MuUins, W. Va. i,n Mar- ~0insburg on Wednesday nitVht. The ~V~arl~insburg Assembly was also ,present. The Charles Town Rain- bow girls would lik~ to thank all Eastern Star members and ,MRs- ons who supplied transportation. OIL OUTPUT DIPS Crude p~roleum production in West Virginia totaled 878,000 bar- rels during ~the ~firs~ five months of 1959, the s;tate chamber of commerce reports. T~a.t ~tal corn ,pares to one of 895,000 for ~he same period of 1958. I May we inspect your car today. We now have the New 1959- 1960 West Virginia State Auto Inspec- tion Stickers. Let us check your car today, it may have an expir- 1939 PLYMOUTH SEDAN (new tires) , 1948 DODGE COUPE ...... 1951 BUICK Special 4-Door SEDAN - - 1951 CHEVROLET Sedan (Auto. Trans.) - m STUDEBAKER 1-TON STAKE 1951 PLYMOUTH 2-Door Sedan - - 1954 PLYMOUTH 2-Door Sedan - . 1954 DODGE SEDAN .... . 1950 DODGE 4-Door SEDAN . - - 1952 DODGE TON PANEL - - - 1948 - - $ 79.00 $129.00 $350.00 $'289.00 $239.00 $635.00 $595.00 $179.00 $195.00 $295.00 1954 MERCURY 2-Door SEDAN--. 1955 FORD V.8 2-Door SEDAN--- (These Two Cars are in Top Condition.) AND MANY OTHER LATE MODELS. ed sticker. ' ES -- [IRAD TERMS SA ES DODGE -- PLYMOUTH CHARLES TOWN, - - W. VA. DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS WASHINGTON STREET TELEPIIONE 71 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. IN RESPONSE TO NUMEROUS REQUESTS THE FAMOUS WILL BE OFFERED IN WINCHESTER BY THE EXTENSION DIVISIOIN OF THE TWO COMPLETE COURSES SECRETARIAL GENERAL COMMERCIAL Full ten-month courses for those students who wish to train for the verY best secretrial, bookkeeping and offie management positions. TWO INTENSIVE COURSES STENO - SECRETARIAL GENERAL BUSINESS Practical, short-tern courses designed to qualify the students for office po- sitions with minimum cost and time requirement. FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE TO GRADUATES J NOTE :--We wish to train as many men and women as possible. However, CLASS SIZE must be LIMITED to assure adequate teacher load and INDIVIDUAL training. WHO CAN ENROLL? HERE IS HOW YOU BENEFIT Courses are open to both men and women. Age is no barrier. A high school diploma is n@t necessary. @ Training WILL NOT interfere with your job or holiday a~tivities. Classes will be held at night. Qualify for a. top paying job in a few months. Insurance against lay-offs. QUalify for a civil service job in ~t few months. Free brush-up in any seheo| of the Jefferson School System. Free placement service. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY REGISTRATION CLOSES AFTER CLASSES START @ Don'~ Find Yourself Left Out. Enroll Now. Join Your Friends CALL JACK HOLT--GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL Phone MO 2.0301 {If M/. Ho][t is out Wb. n you call, please leave, your name and number) OR CLIP AND MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY YOUR TUITION CAN BE FIN. NCED! MR. JACK HOLT JEFFERSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE George Washington Hotel-Winchester, Va, Please furnis.h ~me, without obligation, ~ull information about :the 1cROFtS- ~IONA:D BUSINESS TRA,/-~ING" P~O- GP,~M you plan to offer in Winchester. ~AME ................................. ~/~EL~ AIP~RESS .................... ,CITY ....... STATE ....... PHONE ....... { ~he