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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
August 20, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 20, 1959

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WEATHER FORECAST. sunny, highest 86. tonight lowest near 64.Eriday mostly warmer and more humid, of scattered afternoon or thundershowers. TWO SECTIONS 16- Read By More Than 20,00{] People Every Week "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" 1957-- TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS NO. 34 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES " J "Many Marching Units. Expected [G * n, h c In, n In tWeather Provides rand, Peht All kl /I i# FVIII lll I _ I , I I_f-]Lll IL. IL L qL. IIL , , . ... _lExtreme:; Past I Much Intere;st geln I Jurors Named I . , n . . I_ K_ Ilia ,ll/woo t ome a ' urmg ~ e past ]c?,nvenes here' ~ : y wme[l. WI i iIiI Sep, tembe, 15 WI' I m~ F Ill I I F$1n IlI interesting extremes with bath .Chosen tins weeK oy Jury t=omm- .. ~. . g .he same permd last year, ae- Grand jurors w~ho will be sum- more stats were filed ~;h~s cording to Laurence Llo d local . . ~t.he. C, rcmt Cour.toun of Jeff-, Charles Town H0s it la weather observre Y George V, ckers, C h~ l ~ m a n o f a r m o n e d t 0 a p~ ~ ~. o ~ S e ~ [ e m b ~. , ". ~ ............................................. " ~y ~y t:nar, es 1 1 ' O W:] ~ P The temperatures soared into rangemen,ts for the parade here [Dr Dnnald K Mrlntvr~ ,~. me open,ng day,of the Term Officers of the big-three day n k,!::o? yohl6ets 000 Be.uest /t e 90's dally and~ on Sa,turday/n Wednesday evening. September[. " oVO,~,.~ =, ,,.._~ .... ," [are: Edgar. C: HecKmjan: E:. H. Jefferson County Pairto 10es, taged I TIMa M|nalff RA~d Y ~ I ~ "]. WDA~n Will nelp SpOIAI~nL Lne oones r~emy W~llei l-ltlg~n (2ap ~ae ' "~ reached a high of 101 degrees for ' " ~' ' , ' - aL Shenandoah Downs race track |YVV I'llllV1 IIVUU , n and the Attorney-[~. I . , . dpw. I, ]~ brJ.ef igger titan in the|were no per.sonal injuries. . ... .... l anct opemng oi vv~ag,n~..19enny I~ruoper .vvaro aoou~ a:,~a we qnesI "vne r~ev. unarms wlson ~srm,~'n, I for the past 11 years has been I f~ ts no. oetieved t~he jury docket | past. He said advance admission| ~uno,ay aoout I p. m. aoou~ z.a e Schedule I S~chool m Ohazles Town be nnm I Gay evening xmiowang an accmen~ I son of Mr and Mrs Charles J WJ + I will be an heavier than usualI Irmles So ith of Chatle~ Toga on " ' g~ g . . . ' . " ..... en~aged in the practice of medi- " Y ' ' , ' tickets are already on sale and '+ - , +s ' , I Tuesd*ay Sept. 1: Tuesday. Sept-Im Which she and.her mfan~t ch}ld ]Smith of Charles Town will con-Ioine in Jefferson Cou,n,ty has an-I Court w,ilt operate on t~he ore-]mav be obtained from any mem-lSta'te Route 9. a 1953 Ohevrolet " em'ber from 9 00 to 12 00 were invmveo a oout 5 2 miJes duet the 11 00 A /M Worshi ....... lU^^l, ^$ I ' .: . " [ ........ ' . . " ] : " ' PI nouneed tha;t he vil'l close his of- I vmhng eommum.ty time ........ stand- I ber of the Fair Board and a.t PeG- |going Sout~h on Route 9, and being 01 Wlglgl~ UI I (A) Regis~ra,vion cvz all F~rstJ~ou~n 2I t:'nares own on Sva~e ]Service, and bring ~,he message I fice on West IAberty Street inl~rd or d'ayl,ight, as t!he case mayl oles Suonlv and the Swimley Fur-Idriven by Samuel Martin Oden, , I Graders for t)his 0hool year Each ~ou~e u near Blue Ridge Acres [at t~he Charles Town Baptist IC, l~arles Town Seatember 4 to ac I be I ~,+~: .... ,~(,,,:~ A,~ .... ,~ on~t f-or th,~lRoute 2 Harpers Ferry went Ol_lt H|~lb ~rh~l 10h~ld s;hould be accompamed by a] Trooper Ward stud Mrs. Sls~o,]Church, Sunday August 23. He[cept a position wi.t'h the De~)art-] |t,hroo days ad, mission to the Fair;of control left the h'~g~hway and .. ~ ...... paren and s~hould bring birth dn~mg, a 1959 Mercury sta~on maintains h~s mem~ers~hip at t,he meat of St'ate. -- will" be $2.50 per adu,l,~ ticket and/crashed t)hrough, a fence at the ~ l~ayne, prinolgal annou-]+and ~m~mum~a,tlon cel~ttficates. Jwagon Jost con~trol of the veh.~c'le ICharles Town Ba~ptlst Church I On Seoterr~ber 8 af,ter a brief ]Chamber of C0~m~r~ ].1 far ~h.ildren B H Barr is chair ,Richard Dalley farm. Week the llc~wan s h Re ~stra,tmn cannot be corn leted and went over an embankment which ~s h~s home church Th~s ,~_ fo ' g ~ e- ] ~ : ' .' o ' P /...... ' ....... ': t Ivis t with his family in Philadel- / ..... |man of Vhe advance ticket s.ale. I Oden told Trooper Truex he jane firs,t week @f sclhool I WLi~thout t~hese cer,~iHva~es. / ~eamer, nor ~ne i,a,Iu.r~ c.hiio [ fall he returns to t~e Southeas.t- | phla Dr M'cIntyre w~ll report for | |~|~ ~ ~@A~a~e #in ] An,nouncemen;t was made by I we,n.t to s.leep While driving. Dam. ~ttarles Town Junior High I In order to avoid long we,its, I w'h.ich was stro:pped in a baby ~,~z.,., B~-qs~ mho^.+..o~ m~ ~L~ ..... I work' in "Washington. For a mort- ~ IVI~I Vl IIW$~I~,,)~ VllI,the iAair Depa~t~men( Heads ~hat I age in the acclden,t amo,mted to [ t~hose Whose ,n,a~mes. f,a.l.l m the n se~t ,~as~ened to..t~he front sea~ of I.\;'_ ~"~.ore ~" ';'~'~*~'~', ~'fi ......... s ~ I rift he expects to be busy at l:'he [lll___l__ _ e, , / -~ -umben ~ of addibional, classes. /abou't $80. Oden. was. charged .w~th 31 - Organiza+tion day ]'last of t~he al, may want to |.the ~ar, were m~ured. Dam,age to j waze s~, ~or~n t.:mo ha, a a I Department of State Y'oreig~ Set-[~oau~rl~r~o 3ecrelarv/have ~en added to the candy and |failure to keep his car under con- nePs regis,ter after 10"00 thus letting tt~he oar amounted to abou~ $800 'senior He will graduate next ,May ,. ' Vonal i -- - ,# ' ' Fud ~choc trol .... . I , : ...... / .... I~zce Institute and at the Na~t { / canning d~zmon, 4- ge - { " ,~er 1 All .~tudents enter the f~ t of the aipn~tbe~ m eary ) " ,+* I' / I In~t~,tute of HealCh. He ~ill t,hen I fMembers of ,t~e Jefferson CL0Un/olate cocoant#t and penuche. In { - +seven~.h g~ade and any{ (B) - t~hose w~ho. are en,ter!ng/~ 1 qP / R m ~= + btravel vith his family tO S~dg~n, U'ty Char~ber o'f Cc~m,merce heard |~he C_.anning Div, isio,~ 1-p't. l+ima /[~mA~ ~u~|m~mm|~a* ~1, D~m,~ ~enlt,s not registered in the[tlhe tipper gracles .here ~.or menKpnpacp i., l, nn u PAl* I V, iet Nam, ~here he will spend, w /reports th~,t progress ts t~eing|beans 1 l~t peas. and tha, t corn //llglg JWIlIIIIIHI~ OI IOIK ,- ninet~h grades (9 00 to [ f.irgt (transters~ snoum regi-/=l~m~,~,#~ vm .m~mm~m m,~m~vmmm~,,u mvl l years His oh4ef " respon~ibil~itv nmade on the selection of a h'~,-,~ I m~s~, be in ~,t ~ars to be ~udged / ....... ster This lnatudes all new studen ' + ~ ~""" ' ~" " ~ + " ~,_ ]'." ',, '~ ' :" . .,. , -/~ +i lm / I Im " amA~A IA Iml ],there will be caring for the heal*th[Quarters for bhe C. af C. and also; All entries in t21e department C./Pnnl ~vvmnct ?4. P0a| ~.'~ez" 2 -. Al,l ~tuden~s in|is ~v~no were no~ m vms san~o {/Ai/tlB~t# ,~ka*~lt ~#tf 1~ ~] ~t~ Io-f the many Americans irt the l a full time secretary, a~ the re~-| E. F, G. be on t~he fair I"vv' r***~,~, a.--t i v ~,ana ninth gvaoes zromlms, z~..ay.. ..... |~t~VMlllJ ~l~kllVVl~ IVI llw#g W OliVIa+ larea. /ul,ar mon,h'ly mert~bers~ztp ]unO+-|gz~k~ and in p~ce~y 8:7+4} I:~-~T|Ta Phi. '+~u0. (Seyen*th gr,aae wil.l{ weaneso:ay, ~ep~emoer z irom/ ............. , " .... .+ -I Icon meetln,g held at t~e Thomas/Se"0 m r 2. Enter &y the elub|/U ~l~g ~11~+! I~][ ,'rt0). 9:00 ,to 12:00. , " " . Jefferson Hotel Tuesday a~t noon House a,t Shena, ndoah Downs, - ~bel 3 ~irst full da of EnroDment of all students who I Bo - , I . +, IWIII Be 27 New Teachers Thns Year Ikh00 ard Has Sh0rtl +o+e+h Staley Oh~uiran'an,of thel Home baked bread+ a.~d[ If ~he we+~her cooper+tes Jef- are reLurn'ng zrom lalst May , hen ' Go f + n -- / _ . "* . . ~ o .. / IkJ....t.-.. ........ I ..... |' dquaPters commibtee, reported [t'rad~t|onally the te.% of a g d | er'o Coun+ty ~Memorial Park m'0er 4 - Seoc,~d futil day | Tnursaay, ~ep,~emtoer ~ - ~: ~a7 | ]fV]~e[|[l~ Jl~0[U~ L~V~ |'he .commt~t.tee has looked at stY-;cook--will be in t+he spotHtrh at |swimm4n~ pool should have a te- a. /3:45 l~irsqs lull day o.I SChOOl.| In releasing the complete lis~ I Cole, Evelyn K~,tchen, Ka.ther+ne [,, , ~- r~ . . *': |eral possible lo, c.a:t2[ons ~or a C of Jefferson County Fair on Sep-]cord crowd of swimxners Monday ------ ILunches will be served, iof tea,her appoinCxnenLts and place I Moler, Emma Watson and Rich- {M es me A..0mtment ic 'headqu,aPters, but had ruled 'ou I tember 3-4-5. |as armouncemen.t was made this ~n Dii~t*h~e~ / ,, ~ meats for +. Jefferson County's lard T. Moler, custodian. ... rr . lall but one. Ho~vev~v, he said I There l~cal women wilt com- /week by pool manager Guy Tuck- ,toni IUt~.IIUO~,o /l~e~n IIttl~ I s~noms Ior me ~erm wmon opens] x~ippon,- ~wrence ~. winiam-I 'Phe Jefferson Coumy Boaro of I action has been taken on the mat-I~ete for a Best-of-Show Yeast/er that swimming will be free to .. a . ~. /~h, llW~lO~ll a-illl~, I September 1, Suoerintende~ orison, principal, l~uth M. S'humaker I Education h~.d their shortest[ter. 2Vne site eons~idered most fav IBa~ing Aw.atxi offered by ~t~nd-{one and all on Augu.~t 24 during [I lllll'fi I I ...... tll.*ll U.~.., Schools T. A. I.~wery st,a'ced that IRu, h v. Swa~tz. I mee,~iag in a long time Tuesday [ orable of ~hose w~bA~h t,he commi.t I o,,~ ~,,~,~ds Inc m, akers of I~let~h- [the how" o~ " 6 p. m. .......... " / WHI fl0t I a total .of 27 ,new teaching person- I Shenandoah Junc.tion-lAge B. I nig%t 'w'hen Vhey quickly handled ] tee looked .~n,'to was a seCtAon of [ ~,~" "~'~"v~s+ "Any v~nst ra~"~ed [ Tucker also a,nnounced that the ,,e.k.r o. ,. --l~ Im o/ I nel will be in the coun;ty school I Milter, principal, Elva P. Al'bin, {the only three rn~0tters c,n t'he a-{,he "I~homas Jefferson Hostel Lob-{b-read swee bre'ad'or ,':o':il:- in any {pool v~ll be open August 31, and : uu u, r,. //an r'rKl v I rooms nex~t month, repl,a.cmg an I Mrary E. Wr~tt, William Brown {genda including the approving of tby. " ]'q~ss is e.liable for the award of/September 1 and 2 but will be t ,,r ~,. ....... , / .., ................... l equal number t)hat left t~he school I custod~,an [a recordbudget forthe 1959-60 Pre~sident Allen ,Murshall who l~n nn |closed Sept 3-4 because of sohool , ~-,,~-,,,~,, '~,', roans nave oeen (~Oiilrl)l~bt~.l uy ' ' h , h , + ....... ". , - esslmLA*'~ wlhn h~. horn {..~,~,.,,...~ ~..~ ,,~er ........ ~l-l,a {system for varmus re, sons during I s epherdstc~wn,- F. G. Wels a,ns Ischool term. / premded for .Lhe luncheon meet- I ,p~,,~o ~o~-~,~ n,.,-~,,~.t~ ,~,~n,~ h~ lit will be ~e-opened again, how- n ...... ._,.. ............. ,,.,,+,,,+,+ ,.. ~,,+ +...._+u. ~,.~..+ , . r~n " M r I _,,,s+ ~+~ v.+-u++.+ o ...... "I Wit,h flh*~ W+++,~vw A,,tn |v .... ...,~ + q~. r~ .... ;,he Summer vaca,tton. IP opal J.anet K. Bowers a y ] The board first ordered adopt- mg said ,m n,+mber o'f a~ nllcat]o s ....... -' __ o . evez. on Sa,turday Sunday and '.. .................... ~-- ,,eague ror s~'ag+h.,'s ,~ .o~e~ *-,,az ,~s .... P,- n. fore+h~nd by the ~c;atest,an, t.- will . ' +' ,- To,+. Io , ...... +. O,~o.,.o I of the 2'/ w,ho left Jefferson IEnmta Conard, Vlrgmla Ha.wn, l,,on for t~he next year of the levy l+h,ave ,been received from bot)h me,~ I ..... ++o+ ..... ++,.+ , ....... .,,,,, IMnday vctt,h Labor Day being tst ten veers, announced {'Pr, wn dc~wn,+r+w_n s_reetst, Pridav [county for +obs else.where. , 14 +ave I.zoa'. c. Kershner. Emmet S.. Lo~ Irates as pubhshed several weeks and. women for the job of. execu- I ~.,e~, ....... .... + ,---.-+'~'~+"t .,.~,t,~m ...... with+.. +m-o }the hnal day of the season. ~at he had parchased Au~gu,st 21. Members of the mx . . ' ~ K ~' " x de Mil .. , . . , . . .. ph, ams on lavor, shape, colin, I I I,,o I I I ! ,rn Auto Store in Wayns |+tea,rn~s in the league will be in ;going to Flo~nd+a: some to M~ry-[~. e e, K:~thermeT~Rexr~r,.=n ]budget ~hl~h Is $21.434.54 ab.ove/smdappliean~ w.Jll be l n,ter,~lewed [crtts and cru*mb ConCe,~:ranCs may/ Pnwhatan .........."mn'flvi l It- ' .+ g~ne o,+~ of st'~te to teach some Ke J~ugenm A. J~owe, ~eorg~na ~. ago and a.pproved t)he $I 021 425 ~Ive secretary of the C+hamber He " r I and win move .tJhere /,,n++fn.rva "l~.i,d~w m~q mollin~" tm~ llano ot,ners ~o vivgima aug New u,=u .-. ~:zuez auu x~u~,z ,~,,~ ~= -. zas~ years. ~ was approveo {as.~ oy me ~oara ot Directors .in ~ne p,~,~, ,,JOe+ ~,ot.a,:,,, ,~.~,,~+ f,.,~,-~ a+i~,/..... I~{~N{ mlIlll~lIl~ ~V+ lv mn,~"t~U',~ ~,~hnra'~"nf | ~','~"',.~v~':;'+~'t'~'~"~l~=--'~--== ....... I Yoi'k Lowery stud a survey hastier, " I week by the Sta.te Board of Sc.hool near future so .t~ha+t final selection I~=~",,~,~:,,=";~"..~-+~."~':."~ ~k",..'7,~/~. ., . m ~ss His n Erneslt will/ m+,,o, th~ ] ...... h~ nn ~th~ I revealed that t'hose who left the I s re:it Point,-David . . ., Pmance. , can be made Apphcations for the . , . Ylcm r ' SO .............. o ............. r ' ,,inoi al l~lanc o ~,emen ~.rvel-{ r4L O " " ' " " I nlng product w,ll be chosen by the[ c 0n 5am 0aX ...... state w~nt for a rinses runn,m P P , * y The on, y thez act,ran of the post are however stfl,1 being ac- ~ted w~th h~m m h~s |means of raising funds league - P Y * g ~ , . ' + ' l~mr ,mdges ....... ( .~ ...... ~ .... I from $950 to $3 500 per yeur I l+a P. IVoler, M)ary Belle Sta~l'iper board was Vho appom.tment of cepted, ,M~arshall said. The Eighth Annual Pow'hatan I~XS?O~#?S ~eroa~r~CnKd ~m~llssapep2~P~l~Ul ;rn~e~lgtler- { Five ,teachers left Jeffersn]a%Cgl~hnI~eWey00' ~'~Stl~ia~a'ard vMiltlS: Ja~YCseecBr~2~ya2ti'Ke~/n?Y~t C Tofe