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August 18, 1983     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 18, 1983

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4 STUCK & ALGER PHARMACY PRESENTED ONE MILLION PRESCRIPTION AWARD NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY -- Stuck and Alger Pharmacy, Inc has been awarded the One Million Prescription Award by Roche Laboratories, a division of Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc a health care company with headquarters in New Jersey. The commemorative plaque commends Stuck and Alger for serving the community and honors the pharmacy for dispensing One Million Prescriptions. John Miller (center), Roche professional products representative, presented the award to Paul Manzuk (left), and Denver DeHaven (right). Im mm im m m m ~- am -- -- "- "~ mm m VISITORS WELCOME CHARLES TOWN After selling their home on East Washington Street, Mildred and Tom Mrs. H. H. Hunter Lennon have taken up residence in the Dial 725-5239 newly renovated apartment house in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ,- -- -- -- m -- --, Apt. 2 at 400 East Washington Street, PRESENT PROGRAM formerly known as the Miley house. Mr, and Mrs. Ray Malay (Ray and Through this column, Mildred wishes Bess) have an inspiring program for to acquaint friends of their new address over 70 persons who attended a meeting and are ready to welcome visitors. En- of Full Gospel Business Men'strance to the Lennon apartment is on Fellowship International. The meeting the East side of the six-apartment was held at the Towne House building. Restaurant on Tuesday August 9. MEALS ON WHEELS Mrs. H. Clay McCormick of East The Maloys presented their talk in Liberty Street was the featured ~o segments. Thefirst portion covered speaker for Chapter 799 of AARP on their recent trip to Ireland where they Thursday August 11th. About 70 participated in a Christian mission as members and guests attended the mar- representatives of the Full Gospel ning meeting held at the Educational organization. The second sector of the Building of Asbury Methodist Church. presentations were testamonies of the The subject of Kelly's talk centered divine healing process through Chris- around the process of delivery of the tianity for both their physical and emo- services. tional changes in life style.The organization is a non-profit, non- The miracle of spiritual healing sectarian program serving meals to power cured Bess Malay of MS, a pro- any resident of Jefferson County who gressive and incurable disease and - in is unable to prepare adequate meals for Ray's own words - changed a stiffneck- himself, regardless of age or financial ed and self-righteous man into a new status. Persons eligible are the ban- creature, dicapped, elderly and convalescent. Ray, an aeronautical engineer, is The program is financed by the meal retired from the U.S. Government. He receipts, the United Way and individual was Assistant Administrator, Interna- donations. Meals on Wheels has, at the tional Aviation Affairs of the Federal present time, 95 to 100 volunteers and Aviation Administration: HIS work took serve 35 to 40 clients daily, Mrs. McCor- him ~ 130 countries of the world. He is mick said. The service was establish- also an aviation test pilot. ; ed about three years agoby Mrs. Isabel Bess and Ray reide in Shannondale Druschel and Mrs. Willis Shuman with and are active members of Asbury Kelly McCormick as a volunteer since Methodist Church. inception of the group. ALEXANDER WANGER, M.D F.A.C.O.G. F. H. ROSS, JR M.D F.A.C.O.G. ANNOUNCE THE ASSOCIATION OF MICHAEL W. STRIDER, M.D. IN THE PRACTICE OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY AT HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATES FOR WOMEN, INC. OLD MILL PROFESSIONAL PLAZA MARTINSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA TELEPHONE 304-26 5-8964 For Claim Service ~,~~7/~-v~ " o ," ,~ CAN'r BEAT STATE AUTO. You can be confident of help when misfortune strikes by insuring your car with an independent State Auto agent whos committed to serving you. In our agency, we feel that you should get a prompt, fair settlement at time of loss, A good policy assures you of good claims services. And that's what we provide. May we serve you? You'll find we're friends you can depend on. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOC.ATE -- THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1983 LO~T ON INTERSTATE8 sion celebrated the 86th birthday After attending a delightful P.E.O. Elmer Mason, also the 70th birthday[ morning meeting at the home of Isabel his brother, Franklin Mason. The Dnk~hel last Saturday, I was invited present were the hosts, Mr. and blt to linger a bit longer for a chatting fast James Horner and daughter and a 12 o'clock repeat of the delicious Newark, "!)el Mr. and Mrs. Wt refreshments of fresh fruit, banana Moldock and son of Preston, Md )/. bread and cheese cakes. Elmer Mason, l~and Mrs. Edgr About 2 p.m. Isabel suggested we Varner, Mr. and Mrs?'&~. Whitdngt~ ride over to East Hagerstown and visit Mildred St and Mrs.LucKie Bemmef the discount stores for shoes and Parkersburg. clothing, We did but got lest on In- NEWS BRIEFS terstate Routes 70, 40 and a couple Mrs. Medford T. Thomson and Ma. other roads. Instead of a short distance John Alfriend, both of Samuel Stre, from Sbarpsbarg we wound up near attended the wedding of the RevereJ Hancock. I wasn't much help because Robert Goodrich and Miss Mary Wv landmarks h~ve been my main guide ren which took place in St. Pas but landmarks are all gone and replac- Episcopal Church, West While the ed by numbers, they were house guests of ML Well . . . we fmally wound up in Alfriend's sister, Miss Gertrue downtown Hagerstown through Rt. 40 Harrison. East and found the two bargain stores. Recent visitors in the Thomson h~ We got nothing but our hunger overtook been Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thayevf us so we settled for dinner and got Titusvine, Fla. Mrs. Thayer is le home by way of Sharpsburg in no time former E. Anne Slfirley who grew uW flat, that is to Summit Point so I just Charles Town. Also visiting her gral- made it home from there before dark mother is Miss Lynn Stockmar overtook me. Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. What a pleasant day. 0 yes, I forgot Mrs. Dale Keyser has returned to lr - we did purchase three bart~in pocket- here from Malvern Pa. where se books between the two of us. Making visited her daughter, Miss Be$' that 100-mile circle to get them didn't Keyser. save us much. Right? Last Saturday Mr. Franklin Mare FAMILY, BIRTHDAY of St. Maws, and Mrs. Lucille Beam CELEBRATION of Parkersburg, were overnight gues Last Sunday a family picnic was held the home of my neighbors, Rosa le at the home of Roy and Betty Mason and Edgar Yarner. They came to t- and family of Sun, met Point. The occa- tend the picnic celebration of ~. Changes in the job market are sending adults back to schol today more than ever before. Shepherd College has developd an extensive Evening Program, designed to meet the chang~g COURSE INDEX NO. COURSE NO.DAY TIME LOCAT)N ART lntrodoctlo~ to V~ual Ads 2520 33- I03-ETh 6:30-8:10 A~ls Ct&- 14 lnwo [kawh~J 2580 33-299-A Sat a m 9:30.12:00 Ant Ct~ (5 wks, 9/24-10/22~ DYawing 2590 33-299-B W 6,109:00 Old Hal BIOLOGY General ~ 8100 81-101-J T-Th 6:30-7:45 Snyde~ I Ge~,~al ~ 8120 81-101H MW 6:OO-7:!5 Snyde~ General Bmtogy Lab 8250 81-101-TM 725-9:15 Sn~lt~ I Gtm~al Biology Lab 8260 81-101-UW 7 25-9:15 Sn~ler I Generd Biolo~ Lab 8265 81-101-WT 7:55-9:45 Snyder ! Fall F1ma list 8 wkg 8510 81-324-A ~ 600-8:00 5/-Siee ~)1 Vet Topicl fm Ho~eme~ 8268 81-199-A w 6:30-9:!0 St-.~ott )i / BUSINESS Advertising 0460 11-370-B Th 6:310-9:10 White il Bu~,ss Law i 029g 11-312C T 6:30-9:10 White !(~ Bu~ness Stalistk:s 0220 ! 1224-C M 6:00-8:40 White IC Fmzmc~l M~r~ment 0r~O 11-4008 W 6:00-840 While 23 htermediaee A c19 I 0345 il-329-C Th 6309:!0 White !i imro ,~counting I 0090 I1-201-G T 630-9:10 Wh~le I1 Intro Accounting I 0100 11-201-H Th 6:309:10 Cittzen's all tntm Business 0020 li-IS0-B W 6:00-840 Wht~e 10 InWo Business 0025 ll-15OC Th 6309-.10 Wh#e I0 Intm Computers 0160 II.214F T 630.9 I0 White !1 Intro Computes 0170 11214-G W 600-840 White il Marketing 0410 II/M0-D M 6 00-8:40 White I1 Real Estate 0300 II-317 A Th 630 9:10 White IC BUSINESS EDUCATION Computer Data Entry 0760 13-325-D T 5:30-6:20 White 11 Computer Data Entry 0765 12-235.E W 5.-~5:S0 White I I Typing OMA) 13- IO3~A ~ranged Wh~ 2{ Wo~l l~xtmlM Op~aioas ~ 13-330-A ,nangt, d ~ COMPOSmON ~ 5020 ~O-BIO-B T 6:30-9:I0 Knum F~tals d Grammar 5060 60-100-D T 6:30-9:10 Knm~ ~[ Wrmen ~ 5180 60-101-L T 6:30-9:10 Knum Wflmm English 5230 60-102-E W 6:00-8:40 Knum ECONOMICS M~a'oe=momi= 0650 12-206-A T 630-9:10 White !0 EDUCATION Audio Vt~al Adl 1121) 21-~05-BT 6:30-9:!0 Nursing I~ Coltege Reading Skis 1020 21-09~-BW 6":00-8:40 Ymum il Edu lmomd Pwcholo~ 10~0 21-302-AM 6:00-8:40 Knum !1 FIRE SERVICE & SAFETY TECHNOLOGY Toxk/Cm/Rad/Mamia~ 9430 8&212-A T 6:30-9:10 S*-Slon ~t ~mticum I 9480 88-350-A T 6:00-6:310 5t-~m ~' ~actlcum 11 9490 88-351-A T 6:U0-6:30 St-Slon 2( GENERAL STUDIES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bowling list 8 wkg 3520 49-170-A M 6:10-8:00 Ctc~ 32 C'iogg~g (lsl 8 wkfl3590 49.199-D M 6:10-7:40 Cree 312 Golf (l~t 8 wks) 3440 49-151-A W 4:106:00 Crt~ ~2 Had~ Yo~llst 8 ~ksl 3520 49-199-1 M 7 40-9:20 C aee 11 Hatlm Yol~t (2ud 8 wire) 3850 49-199J M 7:40-9:20 Cree I I " Ride I (lg 8 wks) 3570 ~EVl91.B M 6:30- Cr~ 120 ~k Ride I (2rid 8 wks) 3790 49-191-C M 6:310 C~ 120 HotsebackRidctl (ha8~g 3600 49199-E M 6:30 C~ee 120 Ho~eback Ride 11 {2rid 8 wks) ,'~10 49:199-F M 6:30 Cr~ 120 Shmnasti Fitne~ (lst 8 wksl ~I~30 4~-!99-K M 9~) 1 I:00 Cre, 32 51~r~ ~c F~ness 12nd 8 wks) 3866 49-199L M 9~) i I00 Cree 32 Squaee Dancing (2rid 8 w~ 3780 49-179-A M b: 10800 Oee ! 1 I TORY H~ Chml to 15Z5 7230 71-3flOAM 600-8:40 Wh~ H~cmc P~ese~ate~ 7190 71-300.AW 600840 White 3107 Lowe~ Shen Valley Histmy 7210 71305.A T 6 30 910 Vv'~ite 307 Victim ~a 7690 71-299-A Tdecoum Elmer Masoe, Rxma Lee's father. GOLDFINCHES RETURN Revengers Ma Plan Disney World Well I ~ the six-week nesting The Revengers Ma Carp will he accepting new lan'iod for the little gotdfincl~ss is about baton, drum, flag hells and over. During ~ period they hatch Practice is held Monday their yonng and send them out into the the Skatery on world to femd for themselves. I see that The group is platming a trip in ', a few of the little young birds are star- WaR Disney World and the ting to visit my two nigher thistle seed Center. This will he the last bird feeders. I assume that during the tion before the trip. six weeks they are not to he seen, that Registration will he they are finding their food in the wild August 22, at the Skstery. For thistle burrs. I'm so glad they're back information call 283-3251, for I love to watch them. 283-6207. INFORMATION MEETING ABOUT INTRY DAY AT SHEPHERDSTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 19 from 6=30- 7:30 p.m. The Country Day School is an independent, denominational corporation open to all children potential for real academic achievement and regard to race, creed or national origin. The is located 4% miles west of Charles Town on Rt. 51 Light refreshments. career needs of today's adults. Whether you're in need of courseS for personal enrichment or career goals. Shepherd's Evening Program has something for you. COUR3E INDEX NO. COURSE NO. DAY TIME HOME ECONOMICS Food and Meal Management 1560 25202-A T-Th S 30 7(J0 St Skin 102 Personal Finance 1630 25-399.A Tdecourse HOTEL, MOTEL, RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT Survey Food Service 16,50 26207-A T 6:30.9:10 St Slon 201 LITERATURE d Amertc~m Lgml~ 5.120 61-204E M 600.8:40 Knutli 202 Su~ey d Em~h Li~alure 5370 6I/2II-A T 6.30-9 10 Knu~ti 202 MATHEMATICS Bask ,'~dx, a ~ 85-I04D T 6:30-9 10,51 ~o~ 2~ Basic hlgda'l 11990 85-I04-E W 6:309:10 ,~-5~on 20g Malh 8940 854)I0.D l"h630-9. I0S~-Slon 207 Cdk~ Algt~a 9025" ' 85-105-OW 6 00-840 James Computers ~ So ieW 9180 85-217-B MW 6006:50 St-Slon immducl~m to Malh 9160 85.215-B T lh6 30-7 IS S~.Ston 202 S t ali~t~ 9250 ~.314-B ~ 4:15-5 ~0 St-Slon Tagoonmet~ 9040 85105-A W 600-7.40 St-S4on ~01 Inleo io C~ 2140 32 299-AW 7:00-840 /~s CU M" Kef'-mm~d/Fr~t ~ 2t)lO 32-107A W 6:007:40 Arts Or M' ~ 2'120 ~ 480-S M 7:30-8:20Arts Pi~cmstou 2130 32-234-AI 6:308|0 Arts POLmCAL SCIENCE Ame~em Fed Go~ 7335 71-101G Sat am 900-11:40 G~ Decisions 1983 7710 72-299-A T 6:30-9:10 Mtsb9 Lib PSYCHOLOGY Abno~rmal Psgch 1460 22-360-A Th 6:30-9:10 Knutti 115 D~tt An~/sis Psych 1420 22-200-A M 6:00-8:410Knum !15 Genial Psych. 1410 22-I04-B W 6:00-8:40 Knutti 115 batro Pwch 1390 22-103-D M 600-840 Knum 11 RELIGION Gt'eal Rdigio~ d ~ Wodd 5540 68399A W 6:30-9:10 ~ Lib l't~o~ Ctms, to 1325 5535 68-330-A M 6:00-8:40 Wh~e 306 SAFETY EDUCATION Cumr~ Trends in Sdc,W 3370 47-40qA M 6:10-8:30 Cree 120 Fire Aid 3360 47225-A W 7:109.00 Cree 120 SOCIOLOGY Focus on Secle~/ 7700 73-299-A Teteco~rS~ Cx, M~ d Sociok~ 7460 73.203-1M 600-8:40 C~merd Sociology 7680 73-203-JM 6:00-8:40 Berkeley IMUm C~ Atom 75,10 73 499A M 600-8.40 Mien ~ Women in Ttan~on 749073-3qg-A T 6"30-9:10 ~ 30-1 SPANISH F~ Spanish I 5520 67-199A T-Th 6:30-7:45 Knum ~06 Intermediate Spanish I 55,30 67-299 A T-Th 8:009:15Knum 206 SPEECH. DRAMA, BROADCASTING Funda -~m~a~ o/SlPe~h 5630 69.202.1 T 630 9:10 Am CU idle = COituSES IN NARTINSBURG Cereal De~ 1963 7710 72 299A T 6:30-9:I0 Mtd>g L~ ~-]Mr~al R~JIOl~ O~ ~ Wo~Id 5~,',',',',',',',',~0 68139~'A W 6:30-9:10 Accoanting I 0105 11-201H Th 6:30-9:10 C~m, fl's Ottt~t Dt~ 2590 33-299-B W 6:~0-9:00 C, oil~ Alleebm 9025 85- IOS-D W 6.-00-8:40 'OURSES BY 1-r.LEVISIO Focm on SecU~ 7700 73-299-ATh 5:30~:~ P~mmd ~ 1630 2S-399 AF 5:30-6:30 VielMm: A Tde~ed ~ 7690 71-~)9-AT 9:00 C(XJRSE$ IN BEm(EL~ SPRINGS Gtmerd Sociology 7680 73-203-J N 6.-00-8:40 S TI.glDAY MORNING COURSES Ameflc~ Fed C~ 7335 71-101-G ,5~ a.m 9:00:I1:40 lntro Drawing 2580 33-299-A Sat a.m. 9: 30- 12:00 (S wks. 9/24-10/22) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I li I1~ ~B lib ~1 Im ~IB ~B lIB IB Ill Im mQIDI II For More Information Contact: OWed Continuing Education Shepherd College Shepherdstown, WV 25401 (304) 876-2511 Tr md with Area Junlor and Community Colleges