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Charles Town, West Virginia
August 18, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 18, 1966

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PUBLISHED E ERY "THURSI}AY BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COo INC. 210 North George Street - Charles Town, W. Va. Zip Code 25414 EAD BY THA 22,500 PEOPLE Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffice NATIONAi NEWSPAPER MAX BROWN, General Manager DON RENTCBL NeWs Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assee. Editor By Henry W. Morrow ON LIKING JOHNSON few]yOu don't 1,ike his style. If John- My ~.isherman friend of a son tried to be humble he'd fa~l weeks ago, the one with some fiat on his face, and if he tried ideas of his own on Red China, I to do the things he's trying to stopped by the office the other~do with the Kennedy grace and day and after we had compared the Kennedy class, you'd be one some notes on the dryness of the of the first ones to see t.he phon- streams, the missing trout, and iness sticking thru. You'd say he other things, we turned to other was counterfeit, and I d agree.. things. My friend paused and re-lit "What do you think of LBJ?" his pipe Then he continued. "I I asked ,h/re. knew a doctor once He wasn't 6rds Who SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1966 Molto Home con/Ivy, Wlcn LIle l)elno1at~ D~lllg so pFe(lOllllnanl~ ~tla~ bne had a sort of humble cockiness, ff has to be eliminated. But the l epuoJlcans, xn recen years, nave even Do aez'ea to olIer them any $ung a oKen opposition, l argely as a resul at you know what I mean. To look patients just don't like the mud- this, lOCal Democras, tar wan senotm opposl mn, tend to take things for granted. NeXt Wednesday, Augus 24, the Jefferson Democratic Association will hold a picnic at the Community Center in an effort to stimulate support and enthusiam for the Party and its principles in the forth-com- -ing General Election. We commend the effort, but realism Mr. and Mrs. Larry Will and prompts the observation that the picnic will fallshort of be- and Johnson. Kennedy didn't man he'd want to be in charge children, Larry Jr. and Tina, were a howling success. Why ? Because Jefferson County Dome care abo being idolized, and in case anything happened to among those attending the annual was. Johnson does care about be- him. Kennedy had a way of get- picnic of the employees of Leg- ting to the heart of things. He getts wltich was held on Wednes- l ':: cra s have been so accustomed to having men and women of ing idolized, and isn't. And Harry picked Johnson he knew day afternoon at the Jefferson their Faxty in position of authority that they take their just didn't give a damn as long b ause pohtics for granted. Why bother to show any support or as,he knew he was right." that in spite of fill his personal County Memorial Park in Charles L~ thusiasm for Jennings Randolph, Bob Byrd, or Harley Stag ,, Ye h, my friend interrupted, faul.ts, his vanity, and his ego- Town. On Moiiday Mr. Will spent :: gers. They re m office aren t they, and they 11 probably be they sure ,are different. Like ,I tism, his crudeness and, his corn- the. day in Stauhton, Va., going said, I don t ,like LBJ. He ain t iness, the man had rare bilitY there on a buying trip for Leg- reelected, won't they? So why get worked about it? And what has either one of them done for me? Lately, that is. much on,class, and Lord knows and the talent for the job." gott's store. he Wasn t around when, they 'My friend got up to leave.. I Mrs. Howard Dunn spent sev- So it goes! Forgotten is the Harpers Ferry National Park passed humility. But he s one Shot a parting question. "What oral days last iweek in Martins- which Jennings Randolph, virtually single-handedly, placed of the great ones,, mister, and about Ike?" I asked. "How'd you burg, W ya. where she was a here twenty years ago. 'orgotten is'Newton D. Baker Hospi- don't you forget it.'l'ike him? As a president,I guest at the home of her brother- tal. Forffotten are the thousand and one calls that have been I leaned forward ,in my weak mean?" !n-law and sister-m-law, Mr. and made and are being made for federal cooperation and ssist- cross-examination manner. "Wait "I liked him. As a man,I Ars. Herman Showden. ance in every conceivable field. Remembered, of course, are a mm, ute! Let's see if I read you mean. But as a presideht? .Mrs. Thomas Stocks and child- the pleas for help that failed, or the ones that were only part- correctly. Are you trying to say They teL1 me he hit the ceiling :ezL Tommy Katie, of Charles ially successful. How odd that i:laose who scream the most that you don t like LBJ, that he s when the historians rated him Yawn pem Monday visiting at conceited and egotistical, and among the weak presidents, but :he home of her parents, Mr. and about federal assistance programs are the first to criticise hasn't got any class, and has ab- that's where he belongs. Just like Ars. Leroy Cheshire. our Congressional representatives when requests for assist- so$utely no humility, and that LBJ, he war, ted to be loved. But Birth of Daughler ance are denied or de]AY'ed, he's vain and corny, but that the comparison ends there. Sec- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamrick Jefferson County Democrats have nothing to apologise for notwithstanffing all this he's a rectly, Johnson knows you can't announced the birth of a save their own lack of enth siasm. They can make some gre~t president? Is that what be oved and be president, too. aau# ter on .Saturday, August amends for that by ac'tive support distinguished from tak- you're saying?" ~ HeM ~give most anything t~ h~e13th, in the WYAehester Memorial ing things for granted. Next week s picnic would be a good "Exactly! There's a vast differ- it both ways. Anything, but Hospital. The new 'arrival, who ence between liking the man and everything. When it comes down weighed-6 ,lbs. 2 aA oz. at birth beginning, liking the he does his job. to doing what has 'to be done and has been named "Martha" is FALl the foqfeh child and the first Or, even more precisely, what Johnson will r!sk unpopularity, daug e? in the Hamrick family. STEP he's doing in his job, even though Ike never did. ' Michael and Donnie Dunn, sons Demonskafion Club Has Picnic The Molers Home Demonstrat- ion Club met for their annual family picnic at the Uvilla Luth- eran grove on Wednesday, August 10, at 1 p. m. with an excellent gathering of members and their families and friends. The beautiful setting of shade trees enhanced the tables of good food w h everyone preser t enjoying the great variety of appetizing food and drinks. Every imagiable salad, fried chicken, ham, vegetables, home made breads, cakes and fresh fruit were so tasty rearly everyone ket match, horse show and oi Mrs. Robert Hockensmith ed s~ides of her trip abroad many interesting shots of Pakistan and HongKo g. Lt. Comdr. Day Meeh With Brothm First Time In 12 Years Lt. Commander Franklin and Mrs. Day and their children spent the weeke~J Aug. 6 with Mr. and Mrs. l~ Sager of Seventh Avenue, son and the former had the ilege to be with his brothel the first time in 12 years. Also present at the famil~ her, held in honor of Lt. The Women's Missionary Soci- ely of the Baptist Church met on Thursday evening ,August 4Oh, at the hpme of Mrs. Robert Liskey in ChaHes Town with eight mem- James Magaha, who suffered a hers and guests in attendance. head injury in a recent fa,ll from The meeting was opened with a 'horse is a patient in the Un4-{Devotions 'ted by the Reverend versity Hospital in Charlottesville LMil!ard WiUiams after which, the Va., having been renioved erelevening s lesson, ("Understanding by ambulate from ,th Wiache J ]Kai aia", was p:e eat=i-by FEATURES ..... (AFTER A SMALL DOWN PAYMENTI 06 ROOMS OWASNER OWALL TO WALL CARPET INSULATED WINDOWS "& SCREENS ol-~ BATHS ODRYBR @CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS MANY MANYoTHER ITEMS INCLUDED OLAUNDRY oDISHWASH|R *OCERAMIC BATH (TOO NUMEROUS "TO MENTION) OVEN--HOT PLATES (GRIDDLE--HOOD & FAN) mit0 CORPORATION: (Local Builder- Local Service) -- Visit Mice Model Home. Next to Coming Glass in M tmsburg, W. PHONE 267-8928. tlome Demonstration Club Meets TheSummit Point Home Dem- onstratio Club met on Thursday evening at the of Mrs: Wal. la e Os de with si= the mum- daughter-in4aw,. . Mrs. David Raw.. art Ca' , .......... u Om r arn ne was parts of the country Will a tend PURINA MASTITIS. CONTROL--the ideal product for land, m W nehester, Va.; Mrs. a ..... " " " ' this affair. . large herd t tment. Gives fast control of major I ccompante b hm hlS aunt, Miss ' iEdLth Fraider of TalOn Springs, ., ............. , ....... , ...... ........... , [ = : : A mastitis germs, uS today, and pick up the route tn their h~rao in T.vncbhur~ | ~ uzs~z~,, W~l~v ~u~tu m~t~n VlSl~lllg ............... '-" "- ......... M ""-w .... = ...... i 1 " ir i Mastiffs Product that best fits your needs. Va. from Mor~antown, W V~ d~tt~ "- ~ 'Y~ ~ W~- ~ne pa~t who Ur o r t|, nt in]three week . 0a Wednesday even [ . , , , .... ....................... .......... ' .... , PEOKES SUPPLI, the West irgmia Hospital ..anal:Mrs. trim. had in- r er one sur e ,here last/ nelr gue Valsses, nryn anu ! " "~=~ ......... "= ................ HAl St ..... hours f^r work "is/ m ton of t;tsarles ;l'Own and n Saturday evening Colonel E leg which was badly injured ifl at ' ', Phone 725-2002 -- Charles Tow W. hunt!lag accident some years ago. I , ....... Drive Successful I i ...... Would you 'believe .... ] The solicitation of funds for/I E the Cancer Drive which was corn-| I "'' 1 l leted recently in the community[ i| ECTRIC-- ' CTRIC HEATED HOME t by Mrs. Lemen and msst l -Ztt ELE Sharon Smallwood was quite suc.] ! CAN BE H,e lDCR Odff'D ON YOUR LOT... cessful, rea iztn $110,00 for, this] importer work. Mrs. Leraenl wi:wishes to take. this means of| thanking everyone whose cofi,tri-| butions made this generoms fig-J ure possible. . | Mr. Skinner Poston visited re.] cen ly with Reverehd dud1 Mrs. Harry P. Light and tlseir five| chgdren of Weirton, W. Vfi. who] were vac ioning at Lake Shot-| wood in the recreationa rea. Of} the Monongahela National Park] in Greenbrier County, W. Va. ] Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J enkins| have purchased a 12' by ~}' me-| bile home which was installed las | week on the siie formerly occu-I pied by a cottage belonging to] the latter's mother, Mrs. Eva l Shirley ofBerryville, Va. [ lff. S. Meeting The school, which had 'an enroE- ment of b rty six boys and girls, was under .the direction of Mrs. Robert Light. a Mexican recipe were served, Oral by the time they arrived on the scene. The near-cloudburst deluge of rain which amounted to about 1.42 inches and wl,ach lasted for about 35 minutes, soaked good the parched soil. The winds, with gusts at times exceeding 65 miles an hour, cut a path through t ae sot thern end J [er oa Coanty rom uea ' e of Mr James Dunn, are ter Memorial Hospital on Tu s- s= ndin .... ' ..... Church .of Ranson, will be the .......... ,t..i -- pe ' g mls week v.zsltmg wim guest group with the Rev. Eugene PURA=MAST uay ot last week At mls ,,~me the ....... ' lr aunt ann uncle. Mr ann (Monday) J, im is reported to be/Mr ..... , ....... :. .... "_ E. Bzltimore, presiding Bishop, ...... -_, s wzzzmm ,.ev ann wsxn omer speaking: Music will be furnished M/ STITIS CONTROL responamg very well [o treat-/ re-~.~iv,~ ~h ~,~,.o~nriU,~ ~r~ ment and it is thought that sur-/ .... by the Junior and Senior Choirs -e ...... * b- "ece sa tris/ ors on amruay evemng of the King Apostiles Church. Purina's "Big 3" Mastitis Control Products. All o aeri* Mr ." J E rd la'a a / at the home of Mr and, Mrs O i- At 7 p. m. the Baptist Church _ ,*2. " ",, g. _ i lie DeHaven were the former s of Baltimore, will take over the developed to help you get healthier cows, increased ot tmampaign accompameu .. .............. J brothers and sisters-re,law, Mr program with the Rev. William production and more milk dollars. They're All New-- nls IO unarlotteSVllle, anu is re-t an- ..._ : . rs. t4nuen l)eriavenox Edmond and the Rev. Ronnie malmng there during his stay m ] ,;_ _ ....... All Research-Tested--All Farm-Proved to knock-out ~i~ 1 I f e ruroo , va. ann mr. ancz Lyles, as guest Speakers and the ..... o . _. / Lawrence DeHavesi of Summit Golden Star guartet providing the dairyman's most costly enemy... MASTITIS-- Mrs. ti role l~lnt n returneu/u- -t h ~a ~u~ ome .on Tuesday of last week/ "qsi ....... : the music, advanced cases--hard-to-treat cases--even chronic v rs on unaay atternoon Meals Will be served at the from Portsmouth, Va, where she ] th - ...... flare-ups. . . a me 0me of Mr and mrs now- had spent ,the past week vising ard ..... _.._ ... _... church all day. u uunn" were svtrann rors An invitation has been extend-PURINA NOVO-MAST--a re l two-fisted mastitis at the home of her son-m-law and | Jack R er - "'" - -- " og s ann Mr ann rar daughter, Mr and Mrs Warren|Beibez R0] e " :* " ed to all churches of all creeds fighter. Ideal for dry eow treatment--aids in prevent, Pannell " " 1 g rs,1 nagers own races to worship with ,the Mrs Clifford Rowland andMd: -- ._ group, it was announced by the ing mastitis at time of freshening. daughter, ..... Mrs Donald Glassford, pamr 'a'rnmas" - xrnm't, . " yrone,_ _ Rev. Joseph E. Washington, Sr., PURINA PURA-MAST--a potent, in ividual do m ,,- ev=,tno w]t I . w s a nmc0eon guffst on "i es pastor. the'* f~or~er's~-~'~toWr.i~'la'w`~ d ty Of last week at home of Mrs. Martha Pinkett, chairman treatment. COnvenient, economicM and comm m ' . s az , couslns.,Mrs Harry of the Homecoming program said eaS r-to-use, "one-ptmh" new: bellow-type applicator. Hester Rowland, and with her C FraY" ........ " t . rr ler amt ann Mrs. tu- friends of the church from all At 3 p. m, the King Apostiles Mrs. St Sart Crim announced as follows: Sunday SChool ~t 9 a. m.; Morn ing Wo~hip at 11 with the guest being the House of Prayer No. 4 of Charles Town. The Rev. Joseph Taylor will be the speaker and music wil1 be furnished by the House of Prayer Choir. Step right into a wonderful season! Autumn excitement is bers and two guests in attendance on the move., an4 now, your favorite local merchants are The meeting was flailed to order staging a Gala Opening of Fall merchandise, especially for by the president and was opened YOU. Everything new, everything interesting, everything with Devotions led by Mrs. Robert Burch. At their conclusion the important to you and every member of your family, for your ~ainutes of the last meeting were wardrobe, your home and'your whale way of living, awaits read and approved, a report was you now in your HOMETOWN STORES. Make this the start made by the treasurer and several of a thrilling 9ew , eason.. step ahead with news from your items of business were discussed. local paper and values offered by local merchants, by shop- The reports on the projects car- ping soon and often.., for fashions, furniture, appliances, ried by the members during the and much, much more, at F ll OPening savings. Read this past year were collected and newspaper for outstanding Fall values today and then shop those members who .have not yet complied are requested to send at your Hometown Stores.. , . these to the chairman of the Better Living and Material Re- sources Committee, Mrs. George Crim, as soon as possible. Follow ing the business meeting the evezdngs lesson, which was a study of ietnam, Was presented hy Mrs. Robert Light who Used the flags of both NoVeh and South Vietnam well as a number of pi ures to il lx rate .her subject, While the severe elect_ rical I the Mechanic own section, to the and led the interesting discussion ~rm which swept across Jeffer-| Shenanaoah River. The wi~as which followed At the close of son County and this section Thu- 1 brOke off some 25 telephone poles the lesson a pleasar t social hour rsday afternogn, Aug 11, brought t and some Power poles in the Oak- was enioyed durin which de- a welcome Xdlef to farmers ]land Methodist Church section -liciou$ refz:eshmentswere served from the extreme drought conz ]located along State Route 9 near by the hostess. ditions, it also brottght problems | the Bloomery brkige. But despite ]Bible School Closes for a time, for the utility compan- I the felled poles, officials of the ._' . .. ' " tes ,in the f0rmof downed tele-lGenei'al Telephene Company Of me..vac l.noB. ble.Sch .l-s. nsorea oy emoarst azm phone and power poles and the 1 Charles Town, said there no ...... '.. , . " . . copnl cnurcnes, wmcn nacl Been subsequent merruptmn of set- [ mass dlsruptio a of ,telephone tier- 1 ........ ' vice in the section Some ---mot m session tor me past ,two weeks 7 i . - | ,-roblems ..... resenCen with [ was concluded with a program ne seyere lightning wni.cnl ervice to o; [he ho tes be I held the Methodist Cl ureh at accovapanled the storm was also l. -- % ? :- "18"00 o'clock on Friday evening, blamed for a fire wh h destroy ! mg g,uoc ea out tar a time 1:, _. . .. -_ : ---. . "t Of oial Poto' ac" 'di |me meme tor seneol nan a an unocc pma tl me house on . / .....i e been God IAves Today and thin . son Company m Churl s Town, the Border orchard, at Kearneys .... ev "' Id O e in cu was d eloped, with a skit pre- y 11 c e d wnecl pow r 1 es hadt - . e, whl h has been und r rent . teb a t- Sam . kinne q,h off sere, lee to about 100 customers d y ,the pr m ry .and sun or ? ;~"2= .............. "~ .... 1 ~o- ~bou th,'e', ~ou-s ~,' ~'e a'r*~ t etasses, memory verses ana a P. 1 1 - n ....... I ong by the beginners class, and a T " . . a ong me nepnerastown r oan he six-room, frame building] aria Sw - p.n, a,r,a brief reciCation and *song by the hmh was being, for .hay ] another severa .hundred custo- pro-school class. The program was tor ge purp ses,_was al ady |mers, w re withont service for a opened with a prayer given by tmrnca inmost tne ground I y/time Summit i oint the Reverend Lynn Buttort ann the time the S epherdstown F re n nda , M, .n in Mt inn closed with the benediction by Dep rtment and Cit ex s Fore secti-- r "s" t d '-a the Re.rend William Brook, Col a a a v "" " "" ='" "= " np ny 0/ Ch rles Town, rrl - done by trees being blown-over PmmSt for the program was Miss ed on the ~cene. Volunteers from ~nd i-t,, the ~,ow~r li-es nullin~ Beth Snyder. At the conclusion the Charles: Tew Independent them down, it was s ated of the presentation a socml hour Company also ass sted in extingu A number Of tr e limbs were was enjoyed during Which the ighing the blaze. ~l~,, t-rn ~7'm trees in ~,~ ~,,e. crafts made by Che children were Lightning also struck poweroaf CharLes Town 'l ut no displayed and delicious refresh- lines on the Club House Drive at rious davnage was reported in merits were served. Missionary Sl nnondale about 3 p. m. Thurs the town proper by either the work in ,Mexico is being studied day, and She Charles Town Ci - high winds, or lightning, by the Methodist Sunday School zen s and Independent Companies this year and in this connection a were called. But the fire had table of Mexican exhibits was on already been brought u.nder con- display and cookies made from NOVO-MAST Now- you can forget about mastiti --ff you remember In the"stay.fresh" bag ! ation tournament which was held there at that time. On Saturday, in company with a group of friends, Mrs. Norman Heflin spent the everzing at the Wayside Inn and Theater at Middletown, Va. Program ~or ~. lion African Homecoming Is Annumt The schedule of events for the seventh annual Homecoming of the Mt. Zion African, Methodist Episcopal Church of Duffields to be held Sunday, Aug. 21, at the Bardane .Community;. Center at the Bardane Community Center at Shenandoah Junction on Route 9, Noah of Ranson, have been Liskey. Following the business F. Doane of Charles Town was a session the meeting was adjourn- dinner guest at their home. ed.and a l leasant social hour was Mr. Norman Heflin spent last enjoyed during which delicious weekend in Roanoke, Va., having refreshments were 'served by the gone there to participate in the hostess. Virginia Amateur Softball Associ "Don't ike him worth a dang," much on bedside manners, and was the laconic reply, outside of his job of doctoring "Me neither," I murmered, he wasn't muoh at anything else. made several trips, mander Day were: Mr. and "What you got against him?" NaUonal Adverttsin Representatlve, American He wasn't invited to many cock- Newspaper Representatives, la , 404 ffUl Ave, New York "Conceited." He paused for a tail parties or dinner parties. ] Often the group moved into Ephraim Day and sons, Mr moment, ighting a pipe, and I Drank too much. Other doctors] the Pari h Hall to enjoy some Mrs. Carl Day of Arcola Detrott - ClsleA o - Atlanta - ]Franeiao - Lea Angeleawaited for more. "Conceited. Eg- could him, out-dress him, ] movies and slides. Linda and Buddy Day of I otistieal. Nothing like .Harry Tru- out-shine him in almost every- Shown above are the 4-H Girls who participated in the judging of ......... t ville, Va and Mr and Mr ] Mrs. Peptta Lumzey ..__ _ .. "_ ..." . SUBSCRIff1ON - $5.00 Per Yr., Plus 15cOs. W. Vs. Tax man. Harry said there were a thing. But, mister, that doctor| sixth year clothtng projects or better-known as Complete Costumes. ter, England visiting her da gh- .oagers ann ar. wag million people in the country was hetl on getting people well( Standing (left to rlght)--Marlan Merchant. wearing a gold wool Mrs. Derry Krouse of Molers ot anson. For Buame blews or Advertising Departments better qualified for the job than when they got sick. Ther funny| suit; Linda Link, white wool coat and navy bonded crepe dress; Cross Road, showed asfilm of or ,_ he was, but since they weren t ing was that the patients he'd]modeling for her sister, Cindy, Louisa Miller, In a Mauve two-piece ;nglish gardens in spring, some w|$e -- Mve he ,guessed he'd have to do. LBJ done the most for were the ones[ wool; next, Nancy Henderson, modeling a brown tweed coat; Peggy lovely English architecture, eric- | ain t like that. Ask him who the I who cussed him the most. Deep | Currier with a wine boucle wool coat and a suit and Margie Byrer, THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1966 best man in the country is fori down inside, it hurt him. He coul-I in a blue wool eoat, skirt and a matching hand knit sweater. Llnda L00k t0r- t~t~'- the job, and then run like hell n,t understand why they could-I KADAiSE for ever asking, nt like him and his medicine too.= Link aad Margie Byrer will represent the county in the State StyLe Aim --'-'----"- - --" ---" "I tiked Kennedy,': I said, with Johnson's a tot like that doctor. I Revue to be held at Jackson's Mill, August 18, BLUE RIBBON a ,trace of sadness. 'And I liked' He's right abot~t civil rights. He s I Mrs', Ruth Jones, Extension Clothing Specialist, West Virginia Uni- Je Ierson tsoun y is basically and essentially a one party Harry, too. They were different, right about Vietnam. He's right] versity Judged the costumes, assisted by Marian Myers, County Ex- but I liked them both. Truman about poverty being a cancer that tension Agent. 4-FL