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August 17, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 17, 1961

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h- violins we~t strike, the or- Dr. Foremlm ehestra would have to fold up till they came back again. So it is with the people who, so to speak, play second fiddles all ~eir lives. They may not sit in l~he front row and they may not play the principal melody, but we cannot do wi~kout them. The true music of life must have them. --and Silao,.. $1lag and,,. There was a man named Silas, who is r~entione@ a mm~ber of times in the New Testament; but rmver mentioned alone. He is al- ways somebody's eo~npanion, al- ways a member of a team. It is "Paul and Silas," "Judas and Silas," "Silas and Timothy" ("Sil- vanus" in 1 These. 2:1 is the same name, like William and Bill); even when Silas is mentioned alone, as he is by Saint Pater~ he is helping some one else. Ap- l~#~tl~ yott never thought of Silaa without tkird~ng of some one else too. Now this is nothing against him. He was sh-apl$ a second-fiddle man. He was no soloist, hut the music the early church played, so to speak, would have missed sometking of irapor. tance if he had not been playing. Sometimes football or other ath- letic teams will vote for the player "most valuable to the t~a~" This one Is very seldom the man the public watches for and hears most about. Hero and Leader Being, second-fiddle, or support- ing actor, or team-mate or what- ever you call it, does not mean that one leaves great accomplish- ments to others. The second rid- cue's work is cut out for him and the conductor of the orchestra ex- pects to hear him. SO it was with this ~as. The early Christians recognized him as a leader; in- deed that is the way he is duced at the first mention of his name. Furthermore, he was called a "prophet," which does not mean a reader of tea leaves or crystal balls, it means an in- spired preacher. Other men learned the will of Cod through ~ning to him. Besides this, he could be a hero when the time came. His name will always be remembered alongside that of Paul in the incident at Philllpi, when they were both beaten and thrown into jail; it was no solo the prisoners heard a.t midnight it was a duet. Paul and Silas both, in the midst of that ugly place, sang their hymns together. Indispensable Mon In one sense, nobody is indus. pensable. Everybody dies sooner or later, therefore those who are left behind can, if they have to, get along without him. But when - we speak of indispensable men we mean men we don't inCend to get along without, unless we have to. When Barnabas and Paul split up, Paul had to have some one, he needed a helper. If Silas was less impressive than Barnabas (as he was, to be sure, for nobody ever mistook Silas for the king of the gods, ae they mistook Barnabas once) at any race Paul needed him. On one occasion Paul simply would go no farther on his impor- tant journey until Silas and Timo- thy could catch~ up with him and they could all go on together. When Saint Pebsr set out to white a letter he needed some one to help him, and Sila~ was the man. Peter did not have to mention Silas' name, but he wanted all his readers to know it was Silas who belpe~ him. SO the reader of the Bible who is helped by this first k~ter of, l~r may be thankful for the man Silas; the same thing is true of i Thessalonians. For the obscure who help the great, let us give thanksl (Bused on outlines copyrighted by the Dl~Ision of Chris~n Education, ~stionsl Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A. Rele&oed by Community Pre~o Service.) GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Citizen's Auxiliaff Has Supper at Park The Ladies Auxiliary of the Charles Town Citizen's Fire Com pany had a covered dish supper Tues., Aug. 8 at Jefferson Coun- Lord's Prayer and a Salute to the American Flag. Following the roll call minutes were read and approved. THE O-HER -September. lUPms, h PA.I" TA 0,. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON r r ,s WEATHER AND T Mr. Willie Constant, who is a [ bUUiti lii U3i IU UC THURSDAY, AUGUST patient at the Veterans HospitaL[ ..... spent the weekend with his faro- R Far [irth@r~ CHESTH IT I ILL H ]$ermo ........... . .... ing wn lis,io se..ce at I ,n Russia they ha p. m. Tuesday the Christ Ambas- [every hotel rov a-onl:r Mr. and Mrs. James Gilpin and[ The Rev. Richard E. Neal, pas sadors meet at 7:30 p. m. Thurs- Iv,,," , By Mrs. Georgia Pearl daughter of Arlington, Ya. andLItor of St. Thomas Lutheran Chur day Bible'Study at 7:30 p.m. "~-" Mrs. Frank Powell spent the[ch, corner Seventh Avenue and I weekend at Mrs. Powell's home North Mildred Street, Ranson an . ,"q--"~$-~.. I Changeable Weather inext month. Those present were here.Mr, and Mrs. John Stanley, lJnuncedschedule of MndaYservicesthe following Jr. i' . One week this Monda mornin Nina Runion, Linda Painter, Nan clear skies and not quite so warm I cy Rumon, Alma Hardy, Essm Mrs. Norval. Johnston and son [Aug. 2{). The service at 8:30 a.I Tuesda mornin uitea dense ILancaster, Georgia Staubs, Hum I Course At Aberdeen Ijlu Y g q Norva], The Reverend Mr and[re, and II:00 a. m.; sermon, C0~t~4~ Ordmmce fo clearin about 10 a m and phrey Wilt, Josephine Mercer, Ar g g . . Mrs. Roy CouRer and Mrs. Git-I Count the Cost!" Nursery held very humid and in afternoon butus Wilt and Antionnette Wilt, bert Willingham attended the lduring worship for pro-schooL | clouded skies and later a very Charles. Garrett, John Runion, Miller Reunion at the Martins-ichildren. Pastor's Class and Sun- much needed shower Wednesday EdRh Garrett, the secretary Mrs. burg Park on Sunday. i day School; at 9:45 a. m.; Josephi! ~r~AI-I~s~NjC I'M ^~..~... ~.r~yg~. DUa~le"ro-""-L l~er'Mwi Jp2;50___a~e~~L~ very high humidity'at 2 p m. [Annie Wilt read the minutes. Mr .and Mrs. Charles Sibole oflR. Staley, Superintendent. Thurs Tern erature 92 a ve ve " Plans were made to hold a rum p p , ry ry i . Norwood, Pa~ visited Mr. and Mrs. I day, Senior ChOir rehearsal at [ . : s r., whose parents live [ __ . , ' ~ ,~, warm night. Thursday another image sale m the near future Harold Burhman on Sunday. 18:00 p. m ..... amerscas day of high humidity and again ]and all of us are very. .prud of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Potter[ , , [at 409 W. Martin St., Martmsburg ] fin washer, [| tern erature reachin 94, later inI our church hall which almost have renovated the exterior Icompleted the nine-week supply | vet ,,.,a,,, 1 evening some clouded skies. Fri- completed. It just hardly seems .thei~ home wKh aluminum sid-[JiVlkl;3 1U! 14~lllUl~ ~course at The Ordnance School, | $189".~)5~--~" |~.. day morning a very dense fog p0ssible, that. such a change of rag. |Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., i to pay for. tl ver war clearin around 10 the interior of the hall could Miss Laura Sh ler, da terChHrrh [Aug. 4. I Holds more; ff Y g a m and a ve hi h humidi make such a difference We now | Hess received instruction in i keeim water . ry g ty . . . . Lt. CoL and Mrs. T. Leroy Shuler [ ..... i, .... ,--. v.. .... '30 n m tern erature 97 have a nlce kltchen and dmlng of Shepherdstown spent the week [ The Rev William P Reed pas ]stock record and accounting pro | longer; washes _ and I. . . p .... icedures and ,. t m ner, cmaner. ves and continued very warm The room whcih we can serve the pub- end wRh Miss Nancy Burnett. ]tor entire evening and -near morning lie with more convenience. We l of Calvary Assembly of God [ceive,~ issue and ............... store ordnance" I' U~e. See it now! usti a wee shower. Saturday mor ao want to mank me men zo~zs uommmszons ....... llocated on Fairfax Boulevard on are no, pare on CHAm.FS /equipment and supplies. ! 1 nin humidit not so hi h, some of our community, Charles Gar ..... |Fifth Avenue m Ranson announ- l He entered the Army last Mar / .... --- macm.a-r~=men~~wn' put_. on sales [cod the following schedule of [ch and completed basic fraining [ GAS C0,e litt~ breeze ~oving the granches rett especially, who has done so of the willows too and fro, a very much for us m the way of haul- meetings for Sunday and subse- [at Fort Jackson, S.C. | 114 North Ch pleasant night for rest. Sunday ing and the use of his truck and 'P~dk ,~ us,~,k,,k. ,,~ma ,~,, /quent week nights. Sunday cool and an ideal day, a wonder- the painting and carpenter work fail'~"t~ s"~,a~'='~pb"~'~ ....... [school at 10:00 a. m. morning wor I The l~-year old soldier attend i ful breeze all day, more like nut- by Ollie Hawk, Humphrey Wilt, " ................. ship service at ll:00 a. m. Even-"ed Martinsburg High School. Charles Town, umn. The ladies voted to serve a supper for Southern States on Wednesday night, August 30. The September meeting will be on Tuesday night at 7:45 p. m. The group enjoyed a delicious supper with 15 members present the and 14 men and a host of child- Mr. Stephen Angelo has return ed to his home in Springfield, Va. after his vacation with his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Will- Iams. Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hawk and son Larry motored to Balti- more, Md. and spent the week- end with the latters brother and family Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jack- son. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Mercer and daughter Carol were guests Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl at their home. Mr. and Mrs. John Brackett and family who have been resid- ing in one of the Pearl's cottages are now making their place of abode in a cottage belonging to Mrs. Margaret Ott of Murrell Hill. Mr. and Mrs. John Runion were visitors Saturday with the formers sister and husband Mr. and Mrs. Boyce of Mt. Jackson, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Wilt and daughters Arbutus and An- tionnette, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mc Daniels motored to N. J. Friday morning for a visit with the for C. N Hawk and Herman Garrett and especially Mr. John Love for the plans of the outlay of the in terior when all finished pay us a visit. By Mrs. Elsie Hamstead The McCarty reunion known as "Grandma's Picnic' was held on the Evangelical and Reformed church lawn Sunday afternoon. The family honored Mrs. WilLiam McCarty who celebrated her 83rd birthday on Tuesday. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McCarty, Mr. Louis McCar- ty and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Price and family. Other guests came from Silver Spring, Md., Vienna, Va., Baltimore, Md., Berkeley Springs, Hancock, Charles Tow~ Hedgesville, Ranson and Martins- burg. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Putman have moved from the Janney property to a house owned by Norman Whetzel on the west end of Kear neysville. Mr. Louis McCarty Jr. and Miss mers son and wife~ and of course Theresa Bryokicky of Baltimore, the new arrival of a fine son Md. were Sunday visitors of Mr. born to this fine couple, Mr. and and Mrs. Leonard Stuckey Jr. Mrs. Garnet Wilt about one mon- Louis (Sonny) is employed by th ago the folks returned to their The Consolidated Insurance Cor- homes Sunday night. Mr. Garnet poration of America in Balti- Wilt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. more. Humphrey Wilt and his wife is a Mr. and Mrs. George Ambrose ]ative of N. J. They report a won and daughter Mrs. Harry Will- derful trip. i iams attended the Ambrose reun Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Wilt, ~ion in Berkeley Springs on Sun Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett and day. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Garrctt at-i Mrs. Virgil Hamilton of Graf- tended the supper given at Boll- ton spent the wekend with her ty Memorial Park preceding their vat in honor of the employees of sister Mrs. Sam Heinz. business meeting which was open the Keystone Lime Company of Mrs. Hunter Benner was hos- ed with scripture, ~eading the Millville. The men folks were pre litalized for several days last 100th Psalm, followed by sented with a beautiful bill fold week. and the ladies a fountain pen. Miss Blancfie Zinn of Washing- The report is a delicious supper ton, D. C. is visiting her mother MUNICIPAL COUNCIL LEVY ESTIMATE and a wonderful evening. Mrs. Dorcas Zinn. Mr. and Mrs. John Runion Misses Anna Mary and Brenda STATE OF ~INIA, were visitors Saturday with Mr. Willingham, daughters of Mr. COUNTY OF SON, and Mrs. Noah Minnick of Quicks and Mrs. Gilbert Willingham IV1dNIC~PALYr~ OF BOI./I~A~, TO-WIT: At ~ regular ~e~ion of ~he council of ,~he r~tumcip~lity of ,B~tivar, burg, Va. spent Sunday with their mater- Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hytonen of hal grandparents Mr. and Mrs. W. eld counc/l chambers thereof, in ur lc.ipa build- Keywest, Fla. have returned to Stormer Howell at Kabletown. kng or~ She 1st ~y, of Augv~t, 1.951, there were ,present D. M. ~,~as, their home after two months of I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller Mayor, J. ~. Dunn, Recording Of, fl~r. a~d Coleman Du,nn, Edwin Pope, John Pope, Wincel Dunn, and ~ul Courtney, members of wonderful vacationing at the ran have purchased a home near the ~he council of said muuAclpality. ~ch home of, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Baker Veterans Center They In accordance with Section 14, Article 8, Chapter 67, Acts 1933, Hytonen along the Blue Ridge plan to move about the first of Second Extraordinary ~Sesslwa, .~he Co unh~l proceeded ,to make an Mountains. ,estimate of the amour~ts necessary ,to be railed ~by levy of ta:~es Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl were Ior ,the c~rrent {lsval year, rand dvta detenmne and est~,ma~ the business visitors in Purcellville, severml aznoum~s to ;b~ as ~ollo~s: Va. Friday morning. CUBREN~ REGULAR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES Mr. Wayne McDaniels and two sisters Shelia and Sharon spent the weekend with their grandpar ents Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mc Daniels of Arden, W. Va. Mrs. Joan Garza and four child ran were dinner guests Wednes- i0.00 day with the formers mother 135.00 113.50 Mrs. Annie Ramey of Falls Chur- ch, Va. Mr. Willie Piper has purchased a new coal furnace and having it installed in his home this week. Miss Ellen Grove has returned to her home after spending a weeks vacation with her aunt and family Mrs. Louise Housden of Martinsburg. Mr. and Mrs. John Brackett mo toted to Georgetown University Sunday to have another check- up on their little son Bruce. He submitted to surgery three weeks ago and the doctors say he is on the road to recovery. Miss Nancy Ann Grove is spending her vacation with her aunt and family Mrs. Louise Hou sden of Martinsburg, W. Va. Mr. Sam Nawk, Mr. Charles Garrett and Mr. Willie Piper ' were business visitors in Winches tar, Va. Satin:day. WSC, S Meets The WSC$ of Chestnut Hill held, their regular monthly meet ing Tuesday night in the church :halt The meeting wsa called to ~order by the president Mrs. Geo- rgia Pearl. The devotional meet ing opened by singing hymn We'll understand and say well done. We were led in prayer by Mr. Humphrey Wilt and then singing Hand in ,Hand with Jesus The scripture lesson was read by Mrs. Edith Garrets readivrg from 1st Corinthians the entire chap- ter. Poems were read as follows. Essie Lancaster worth all it cost; No other monument can be, "just as as a Rock of Monument available only from your Rock of Ages Authorized Dealer. RTIH BUI 5RAHITE WORI , Nina Runion I'm tired of play;109 West John ff~re~ John Runion, Somebodys mother Telephone Amherst 7-6141 Linda Painter Cool, cool water; Edith Garrett, his beautiful I Mm'l~sbm, g, W. Va. hands; Georgia Pearl, tiles Road [ ............ , charge thd scrJptiu' , less0n, [,,,,, ' Estimate Form No. 1 ESTIMATE (1) The amoun~ due a~ad ghe amou~ tha~ wJA1 become due and colle~tible ~om every ~ource during the fiscal year, EXCF_~r FROM THE LEVY OF TAXES ,to be .made for the ~e~r. Balance in hands of Cl%y Treasucer .................. $456.3i Barlance in l~nds of ~herl,ff ........................ 84.32 Pe~,mit~--Buildd~g, ~l~reet, Sewer and other ............ Taxes:---~plt~tie~a ~ ,~ ......................... Franchise .................................. IAcenses:---Crener~l . ................................ 200.00 Total Estlvaa~ed Rece~pt~ ........................ $999.13 ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES: ~laxy of ~ayor ..................................... $ 40.00 ~lary of Recorder or Clerk .......................... 40.00 Sal@rie~ of Police----~pe~l Pol~e ~ ................. 50.00 Genera~ expense l~lre Departmen~ ..................... 25.00 Contribution ~o County I-Ieaith ~:)epaz,'t~me~, .......... 25.00 ~t~lonery, off~oe supplies a~d .eqmpment .............. 14.00 Water---4i,re protection, streets aud ~ewers ............ 120.00 ~L~hZ fo~" s~reet ltgh~ng .............................. 800.00, ~L,lg~t--.C%ty ~*ld~iS~g, t~s/f~c ~ et ................. 12.00 Telephorm axed Cel~,~ph (~11 depa~men~ts) ............ 24.00 Z~g~l pttbl~c~blons ....................................... 70.00 ~reml~tms on laoUcemen's ~nd offl~l bonds .......... 32.50 Attorneys' ~ees, cou~ costs ~nd du~ ..............100.00 ~f~erl~ls, ~upplies ~nd expel. ~reet I)e1:~rt~en .... 586.63 A~dLt by Tax Commissioner .......................... 50.00 Zeague of M~rtici~Ittles ,Due~ ......................... I0.00 A--Tot~l Current Expenses ........................$2,312.50 Former Year's Obligations: Orders Ou~t~ndi~. .................. $900.00 Tot~l ~ ~t~a~dh~g Ju~e 30, 1961 ....................... 900.00 ~--Amou~t of ~nPmd obUg~ ~o ,be pa~d CLASS Assessed Number I Valuation Perso~al ~rope~ty ............ ,$ 18,510.00 Public U~il~$y Property ........1,000,00 ~at~l Class No. I .......... 19,510.00 Number II Real Es~te .................. Number IV Real ~t~te .................. from curr~,t ~ ........................... 900.00 Total es~i~md" d~sbursemen, ts (A-i-B) 2,899.13 esttm~cl vecelpt~ ............. ........... 999.00 ~et amount to be raised by levy.... ............. 1,920.00 TOTAL LEVY ................................ $1,920.00 Rate of Levy Prepose~ 12~zc 12~ ~er~orml Property ............. Public Ut.ili,ty Pr~per~y ....... 384,4~0.00 25 83,325.00 50c 5oc 20,900.00 Total Class No. IV ........ 203200.00 TOTAL VALUATION ..... $4~,'/6{~.00 S~ft'PE OF WE~I" VIRG~N~t, CO~ OF JE~I~E~SON, Mt IC PMATY BoLr AR. TO-W T: Nancy Runion All is gain; Annie , Wilt, If we Understood; I. J. ~. Dunn, Recording O~f~c~r of ~d rm~c~peRW, do have,by wer~-i~ ,t~ha~ ~th~ f~regoing are blue coples from the record of orders made ~nd entered by ~he coun~l of ~id municipa~iW on 'the let day oI August, ~1. Gl~c~ unde,; ray hand ~h~s l~t d~y Of A?.~-~, 1961'. z0- zv-. i:ii:ii .% ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Churd~ is the greatest factor o~ earth for t~e building o~ character and good citizcnship, It is a storchou~ o~ spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor ci~4.1ization can sux- circ. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend scrd~ regularly and support the Chu~h. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For th~ salve of the Church itself, which needs his moral and matcrial support. Plan to go to church regulady and mad your Bible daily. The re ree may call this cntcdalnment. The discotm might call it ]ifel We feel often as though we're not getting anywhere. Many of us recall a long suc ion of up and down -- ming in a vicious circle. To gct anywhere, our life must have dkecffont Not just ambition, mind you. Ambition is simply a yearning to reach another plateau. / 1-10 Direction is a course of forward progress. MondaF Isaiah 4'[ ]-8 Tu a r nl It may lead to one's ambition.., or beyond. And some- ,: We~esd~ Proverbs 3 5;12 Thursday TZ times it byI sscs an eswoKhy ambition to btmg witl out Friday Johm 4 7-26 a worthy goal. 4 27 Z , Set: a time in, your week when you will forego both enter- tainment and ambition--to insure for body, mind and sou[ :i: ............. a zight dktian. Begin ne. Suaday ;::::::: ~:~:::::::::~:: ,. "~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .~:': ................:: :'::: :~ :5 :::5:: : ::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::,. ::::::::::::::::::::::::.~ ~:..'~::::~::'~, 2.;~;;:::::," ~l~l~h~ ~1~ Ji~dl;~ ,4~1~ ~l~a} TNI ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF let]B' J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHILCO DEM ER Im les Town, W. .dO3 CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY "ALWAYS FIRST QUAIA~Y" C~E$ TOWN, W. VA. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE P ne Cl rles Town, W. Va. W. & R, SALES, CgAB E8 TOWN, W. V& BOX $91 PHONE 115 J. EMORY KABLI : F SO DI$1q[ JTOR Phone 578-W Charles Tow~ W~ YL I I[ I . I ........... JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SH RWIN- PAINTS Ph@ne 45 . Chsrles Town, W. POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS . , , , RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. aaNSO , W. Ca. S09 R SON WORKS PHON 481 RANS N, W. VA. , , t ( )M UNrlPYOIL CO., INC. crglE8 8FA VICE CharlesTown. W. Va. W. - Leesburg. VL mi]u ......... II m i VALLEY BOARD CORP. LEGGE'I' DEPT. ' JrH NO * OF BETL'ER Charles Town, W. Vs, SHENANDO AIR CO I)FI'IONING PhunbLn -Sheet Charles Town, W. Va. Phone THE MELVIN COLOmaL Ftr .aL Charlu Town ,ao She herds own PITTS CHAHLES TI EATRE "ALWAYS A GO D