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August 15, 1968     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 15, 1968

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[] ' r-- i I ' t 114 f "Ma ' o " . " /Frq)m )urt JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE iWe " " -- arles.Townlunior AUGUST 15, 1968 SECTION---B m enl ,u, t earn In L I " " ' / , IncltDe Hit Vtcto ,I r e ] High Grid Practice the stage is being set for what g ~ bur Colts 6 star|e| ott the elgntn ~rame wlm 1|/e|| l~ & u I A t ; ~ ,~ a ~o;,~n,- ~ ~ ii:: ::::~: ~ ~ [ aid all candidates are[wood, president of the Trz-County Tne results ot me ~nampion : " : t e me th ear stop match wnn wsncnester were ~ II I ~ ~i ~ ~i ~ [ reporting are asked to bring along,cials and team managers with 26 II as follows: I ~i~rMll~ ii~ ~ [ [ [ $3 which will stand the cost of / boys from the seven teams in the feated Valentine 10-8. Dorse (C ! ~i~ .~ - - t b the 1 f J t " ; Y ), ~:---~ ~--~ [i::i [ [] ~ ~ J y midd e o the week, the/in the circuit . Bakerton, Kear- defeated Monahan 81 Salsano n Iz n II (C) defeated Perry 8-3; Funk (C) [ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~'~ I ting the post-season practlceJ town by max nrown J l defeated Pffer 10-8 J [underway, will have been corn-/ Bakerton and the Shepherds- kqA.~[*L~ J] IIILM,L~,KIO~ UII~:; tellll~ I|IK:711AUv~,& ff~L U~I~ UII~I%- ' ~ ' " urua alternoon to see us~ now x " ~ ":'::'1 . I The loca~ ~ational Division lBakerton and B Russ of the 701 and Chambersburg twice while ~ -I stars wl o into ac " " / burg and Winchester on the road. Ithe 701 Club came to life and f / ollowmg this game the American baseballevenln,August 19, at Jim Edwards tufty 2 85 points apiece ve a i[ i'~ ~ ll [ll~ ~ I The Charles Town netmen provl ~ Ill [] I [] Will August i~ /diamondebattlfs betweenotwo I I l~ I I ~ / / led Thursuay night Aug. ts wny ~,~.-~ [] [ m [ [] /~ ~.~.~ ,z ~u3~ :,?,~. I~ lr- I l~ I I I t~ I they were rated as one of the l~ [] I [] /ana semi-pro ~aseoali players in k 1. I l top teams in the area when they l~ ! i I [] Norman Howell, head footballlthe area which will match the ' In a W; h.o*~. ~r. ~, ~,~ lll~[ [] ] [],~* coach at Charles Town Junior Tri-County League All-Stars again ' ' ~ ~:~:~'~ =" ~' - " ~ Hi h School ssue I DON RENTCH SPORTS EDITOR I score of 7-2 in the Mason-Dixon ~ ~ ~ I [ ~ "g,i: d the call this |st the Loudoun Coumy (Va.) ~ I League Championshin match ~~ ~ ~ ~[ ~ ~ week for all boys of Junior High I League All-Stars, The scene of ' Pam.la+a n si lrwl ~,t[an.!C I nlave,~ at the Oatesdale Park ten- ~~ ~" ~! ~ ] I~ School age, who plan to try out [ thzs bzg battle will be the Pur- : ]nis courts in Martinsburt, I ~~: ~ :ii~:~ ~ ] ~ for football this season to be at[cel|ville (Va) baseball field and .' o. I :~::" " ~ ~: :" ~,~ ~~':":"~':*':*'~.".':*~/ Ch~.~.~ "r whioh ~,m hsv. ~ ~ :~ ~ i~ the school Monday evening, Aug I the action will take place Wednes : [ .~ .f ;,~ ~,~ h.o~ .o~* ~r ~~ :i~ ::::::il ~ ~ ust 19, to reg,ster for the tryouts I day mght, August 21, ~t was an- " i-- ~~ ~ :~: ~,:~',~i~i [which wzll begin early next week. I nounced Monday by Wally Small ----'. captuz'etl tile title uy wln-n .~ : :*~ :~i,: Howell s " " - I ~li ~.* ~*~:: ~: l~i tasked to report to the sehoollBaseball League tH 1 E E K'S a sweep in me mree uouoles :~ ~! ~:~ ~ ~ mnasi " S W ~+.~oo I ~ :~;~i~ :!i~i::: ~!il~i ~ [gy um for their physical ex-I The make-up of the Tn-County "" ',t "'~,~ . .'7 ~ i~:i~iii ~ii ~ ~i ~ ]am nations and for fitting of the I All-Star squad was determined at l[ ", :: ii :! [ j protec iv u g . All those/a recent meeting of league offi- e. Jt O =A[A II In singles Kern (W) defeated[ ~~ i!ii~:~:~::: 1 [ I lace dent insurance and the pro- / circuit being selected. And 14 2 lllluln Drll l I1 Edwards 8-1; Molden (W) defeat-I ~~ii ~ i::.~,I tective mouthpiece, Howell stated/ members of the squad are from ~mWlr,~m ~m~ 'I ed Hamstead 9-7; Stokes (C) de-I ~ ~i'~ ~ ~ ll [] I itoWell said he is hopeful that| the four Jefferson County teams " l[ " ; I ~ ~ ~ ~ [ ~ ]preliminaries connected with get-[ neysvil!e, Lee|own and Shepherds - I I In doubles Edwards - Hams|cad I The Yankees, possibly the youngest and most inexl~erleneed team in the National Division of Little [ pleted and the players will be| town teams placed the largest ,"- I (C) defeated Kern-Molden 8-5; [ League play, tried hard all season, but they ~adte't~ many mistakes at field and f~iled to hit at the,able to get down to some real| number of players on the squad, ~t~JT~ OOTr TO~ ,~, 4-1 ~v,+h,~ Oh ~q~St Dorsey~Stokes (C) defeated Val- I plato and as a result they went through 1G consecutive regular season games without a single victory. [ hard-hitting practice sessions each getting six berths, while the - ~, ~ I entine-Monahan 8-3; Salsano,Funk I Several times during the season they came dose ta breaMng their ioshtg jinx, but each time their drive I ~ -/Martinsburg Colts had five Lee- ,cnogl coacmng s ali, managing ag- I (C) defeated Pffer-Perry 8-3. I for victory fell short. The Yankees, who ftaisl!ed second in the National League race last .season with] / town, KearneysTille and Sleepy vn ~a~lonaa ul~ue eague All-~als wno wn! Iaee . 1 own s iv def off 1 o y 3 Creek placed two on the team . ~, [ The win for the Char es T [ 1O victories as again t only f e eats, started w tit a lot of y unger and less experienced players,/the, ~ -~ ; o. ,~ an [ eW fOrK ~a~e cnamplons U]lS rrluay a~ ~uez,- ~ ess / ~ ~*-~ -v -s--.o~ ,~ ~,- ana %ne .~arunsourg glut UiUO v, I boys closed out a hi~,hly suet - ] and they never seemed to pick up enough steam to become a winning ball club. Members of the team Stars of the Glen Burnie tMd )/,t. ija. T~ewinner oI 1:his con~est~wln~re~d ~ea~elOrIful campaign as they showa 12-2] as shown above are: Front row (left to right)--Jimmy Lanham, Jeff Jenkins, Mike Simons, Ashley Little League when the teamslm~el~e makeu" of the team Ted msporL ~'a Ior tne m~ue ~ea~,ue w . I record Charles Town wins were ~ nd D-vld Hooe Back row qeft to rl"ht" Assistant ma---er Ji ~ - v --, -- " ~ . r . x, ~ n ~ * t I . -" / /~t~al, ~t~ % $ r- ~,Sill,)' ~L~llUilOn% ~L.U:~I'I~'~ l~ellelt~, Iil~et in a uoumeneauer attractlont Johns"- of B-kerton and Johnn-, e s Doys upenoea waulng on, iN. ,i. ,o-o xor LHe against ~t James twice, Mercers- a e " l Le " ""'" " ] :: I Carl Kranenberg, Billy Jordan, Charles Wharton, Scott Littleton, Greg Hill and Ted Kranenberg, man. t th Nationa ague dmmond| Johnson of the Martinsburg 701 [ne LllVlSlOnals at; Allentown I ouzgonce, maz'uusuurg ~ou~ I --er ""~'oto I'" "'-- o, at the Legion Field " " ! ;maollri ~haefa. *he,*,* ;ma I ag . tru uy aim ~mn.) . l ~iUO as catcners; donnny uowery, [ SCALETTA, six-foot guard wholed Al!egany Ilosing once each to Chambers:~/ m / [to be 'headed for victory when'2 m ll-aginst Glent unrflrStna lClub as {irst basemen; Gary mnity *College in nearly every oasKe oau oepart- P. g Kerns of Sleepy Creek and Joe last season, will be playing at Shepherd College ]Eachmember of the Chamnion t I cored a total of eight runs dur [Yurish, Martinsburg Colts at sec ~ter. Scaletta, a graduate of Cumberland's La- ]ship team received a medal in re-i uan~[~ll L~lJ ~llnl'~ ling the fifththrough eWhth' League starswili meetme ~ary-lend base; A. Huffman, Martins. h, averaged 20.5 points per game for Allegany ]ward for winning the crown. [ I frames and moved into a 2-6 an el llln me secona nail ot me iburgstCOltnS andtChiHU )terOfenS h ~aY ~ The Charles Town tealfi had no t mmm [] A m I lead. [ " [ ~-e he "st ; ": ' " " bu,nammon, sn p ro own ana - - lindividual star or standout tlmu=,Amm db AAIli~ [ Paul Creek and Shirley, the ~ . ~ ",[ 1 ' " " ! s at terry bnlCK e, ~aKerton, at snor~ R HAT COMES off to Charles Town s free tennis rather a great team effort a "Ilrlml =1 ll l llllll il lllll [] [aces of the Colt mound staff, U0a{ rse t.aralflalS I o.oo oo for winning the ehampmnsh]p in the Mason and tested, by the records of each Y i/II I$l hIUPWJ'U [who ~have been getting their [ ~, ,~,T '~' "' "~ -*a "~--,v'-e" t Juninr T,~no-,~ hv u~ttin~r Winchester in a title l~sted below. Jerry Salsano 11-2; I /F ' r J bumps the past several weeks, ~w~ In ~tq~e ~m~ J. ~ o*, om,/ ~mh, |.last week 7-2 at Martinsburg's Oatesdale Park R ickyoFunk 15-3, Calvin Stokes 1 I~ d~ l I gave up a t~al ofll hits, three iL ~-II Ill d~lll~3 ~1111111~3~ linen; Bob Madison, of Baker|on; " k ,~-,-o; ~ienn r~nwaros ~l-o; oteve Ot xnem to ~uss, ~asey ann vie- he e ers of the team are Calvin Stokes, Rlcky Fun,D e 18 C Branson of S ph rdstown; M. Dorsey 19-6; av,d Hamst ad - I A~fl $1~m I'AITO IKinney worked on the mound Rn$1l ~I1=11 'UnlffleJa. Iciin'on of Kearne'sville Vie Hamstead, Jerry alsano, ~teve 13orsey, .~ienn 9" Tommy Ott 7-4" Dann Nichols [] I~n mtmmmm t.^ ~ ,~n. oh ~. ~ ~ |to| ~u||,~, |.|v|nvu$ i t y ; to ,d ~ ~ lUl 1,11~ IV& 't ~l Li IJalltJLUt~ }.Wt:~t:~lh " a n and Tommy Ott. These young players treated 24)" and Mark Lan let 1-3 k1 Wbll /11 1 VI,J hem *he-,mited theC-l s to J I Holmes, Shepherds.town, V ugh "' " " ' ~" " /' "* * ~ "*' " * l~USSell, ~earneysvine; ana JaCK to several exciting matches at Jefferson Mem- [ . [ ]ust seven hrs. ] The D-d-ers cham*,i-no -~ *~o [ o .~ ,~t ~s o,tqem " NTY GUE " I ns ~ s,v ark this summer and our congratulations to eachI O~o~o~o~m~o~m~t~ I TRI-COU LEA I les and three trip es for two ru [ In the other league game Sun- 1 National Division ~f tho .loffm'~on [ and C~ ~-,~v ~h~,h a ,~ ' ore, ' vv , er STANDING OF TEAMS in the first frame an two m I Ptg~tP~Pq~l Ptll~g-gqPrk~ I ]: .~ ,m.^, ~ ; day,the Shepherdstown.batsmen Little League and the Cardinals,[Wayne Jamison, Bakerton, Wayne m me ~ecu.u ~n~ ay.e ~m*- rom e4 over the i~earne sville ' " " - [ I'Kr I I T I, II I,|=,K.~ Team W L [ " :. n P y champions of the Amerzcan Div- [ Spies, Sleepy Creek; Jimmy Mah ,r n t'on .m sam ~ atom i~ " " sou rvp~ac~u ~xzvm ~us~m, u earn b a one side 24-4 score ~ ' RY WE mmsed our o,d Shenandoah Ju c ~ J - "~ 3 J ~ t y - d . lsion, are all tied up at one game[oney, Leetown; Paul Creek, Mar. : ~ ~.w. ~ tie umunu mr oat~erton attu tt~m ve the S e ras ,Tom Grove, who stopped by the office last week 1 ~ Martinsbur~ Colts " 11 4 [ r,~, ~o~ . The victory me d. . h pne . apiece m their post-season play- [ tznsburg; and Jimmy MeKmney, o ,~ o~.~.~o~ ~ .~ o v wn cam "nto a tie |or secona " ' " a brief visit with relahves and friends m the [ ,h*rdsto vn 11 4 ! wa'" " -'an st - to t off series. And the third and [ of Martmsburg 701 Club as pitch " scn n,I : place wzth th . o~m s } final game will be played Mot|day ers. ,Tom now makes his home in Tu o,Arlzo a j Q'7 l ffi" Sleepy .Creek 9 5 J ula a rally in the bottom of the went flve4or-seven in leadin~ the ;-- ~*~r*in~, ~ .~.~n +~o J . J ~~" ~ Lee|own 7 8 [ ninth, and had the tying and, ,~ L ~.~ c~^ ~ ~. ::':'t-'~, -:.--v-.-o S " ~;: . "'~ I Ray Jamlson of the Bakertun ,~ ~ attaint, ox .zc ou=pz, ezu~ ~auonal D1V1SlOn s olamonct at c e e ~Y HUNT continues to dominate the rider stand- [ . ~ '* Martinsburg 7016 8 [ winning runs on the bags, but town team La--- Thomas had I team and George Re kw 11 of th : Shenandoah Downs. Through last Saturday the] # Kearneysvllle 2 13 l Bob Davis' long fly ball was t three of ihe 'si Kearneysville m h e ;e re U ook the opening [Martinsburg Colts,the two lead- -born reinsman and Vie*nam veteran had scored ] 2 ~ i Klageway .~ ~ ~ [ caught and the rally, was ,snuffed hits ~ame of the series from the Card I ing. teams m me.Trvt:ounty cw- ',--- -- ~--~ ' ldl -* 1 " ~ I CUll:, Wlll De tne team managers, s Dallas Hedge, his closest rival, was nex witrt I ] -- -" iurn. i," inals on the Cardinals amond -." n- " Ba- " " " ' ' Bake o L core a ru in the wire r ic er a er on Run W~tmer third with 65 James, R. Palmer 7 I '] B e SUNDAYLeetownS RESULTS4 [ third" frame,r| n s addedd two nmore in ]~L~i'| L~|e" "" "I Le~ ue by a 5-3 score and the CardinalsI an|t" Joe" was" hing~on, of Shep- a conditioner, leads in the trainer s race with 3 . J ~! ~ ~ ak rton 5 J ] g then turned the tables on the lhe,-ao*o s the coaches E. Price is next with 34, followed by Bobby Hll- J [| ~ ~.~ Martinsburg 701 Club 12 Martins-[the sixth and th.e.n pob Maa!s - [ Dodgers on the National League[ ~h ~ 1% 1 I i~ g,I~o~l,e T~t HAe~ field by a 14-4 score The third l o . [ V * ~ ~ Shepherdstown 24 Kearneysvllle ] a. four-base error ~ore to knot ] ~,t JIU1 lV llVal and final game was to have been J way at 6 p. m. on the National wtheraet ! ~ the count at ~-'* ~econas later :,HIRSCH of theDail.y Ra.ci g Foinr n,l ys 41eepy Creek 9 Ridgeway 0(fL) [Russell tripled home the winning [Glen Burnle Saturday,~a~o,~u;~ w~eke brUte~rra~g.~i~a~:2e~ g~mthe Leg~: PI~::; topmoney: mnmg JOCK y h "-" I ~| ~ GAMES THIS WEEK |run. . [ time. J games series will be played on rauLio t~aeza tne iao wno sks 1:all in r e sa ale, l F~ ~ " ' " " -t the dis- nee for " " ', o, "~-ee'- 'Frida" I ,~earu wen ~a,The An.~tar xeams ot ~ne ~at- Then t)eginning Tuesday, Aug-] the American League field at 6 money mark by winning $3,088,888 I [~I ~ ] ~v.etuwn at o,~,~ ~* ,~ ~ ~ Leetown, and although he gave tonal and American Divisions of ust 20 the playoff series between/p, m. Thursday, Aug 22. If a [ he--]up only eight hits as against the the Jefferson Little Baseball Lea- the All-Stars of the National and/third game is needed" the date, . ,Lv Jt ~m Jt ~ It ll~ll, tI, P I,I 1~ ~U,IL ~ At4~ ~t' k=',u Jr- . KEY JOE FRENCH, brother-m-law of Bill Har- J herds|own Sunday ] 11 which his teammates collected gue will get the opportunity Sat- American Leagues, will get under/time and place will be set later. tl-- -how n- -ood ridin form o-d hasu 2. .-% left the offerings of Russell ann pre~eiz Y ~ ~ ~ - ~ "~*. ~. I Ig' I,f,a~'][ ~earneyslue a~ DaKenon, ~unuayI v.-.:~^- i. ,~ h + ~ +t o~ [ - . "s ntl--"ridin'- I --m I "-" "-allers whotunearned runs, plus the four base I I - I eezs a~ water, era rarK. aoe 1 prese y g l Al Tne ~aKer~on oaseo,'^ ;. +~. Qch .omo ~oa *-hn I I |-'ill I ~ring for trainers Robert Lawrence and Ronald [ al U I! P lt have been trying since early in I UIWI I Joe is married to Hartack, sister of I o, py w the season to overtake the front h h:% i e i alous jockey I And Cotm~t C|ilb ~nnit~g Masrt:g:l~UrteCagluts i%Tyi, Smith had three to lead the Lee-i "'7 J By Barbara Hooper succeeded in doing just that Sun-town hitters. [ .~.~;~ Irom ~rllngron, va. numDerlng more ~nan I ~, wHh tnm~ h#~|n frtm~ ~h~ ~ The victorY for Bakerton was ' visit Shenandoah Downs tonight (Thursday, I c ::,C-l-u B'ut-]t tooi their seventh in their last eight 5)--Saturday night members of the Alexandria I Ladies Day Report: The game some doing by Bakerton in the starts, and it gave them a one [0. 24, American Legion, will be on hand and pre- [Low-Gross, winner. Po!ly Moore late stages of their battle with game lead in the le,ag.ue with six blanket trophy to the winner of the ninth race./wnna e~; toy ~,et, winner .~m- their cross-county rivals - Lee- weeks ot pray remaining. lyn mcuonam wsm a az minus t r er o V A er ~gust 22, the Washington Senators baseball clubJ town who all but had a vic o y At the Bak t n . . Cent their stadium staff for an evening of dining j nan%eraP; l whr t.S'B mner in the bag until the eighth frame diamond, good relief pitch!ng by ,rn rn nt g D - [ g e eve wzt . .y, me Y, when they made a four ease error Billy MeKlnney, pros timely -,--.~ v-~c, come can on mese not nays, so n l B 1 uss . [ . Y . . and set. the stage for Bakerto distance hitt'ng by,i ly R , the pray can start at 9 A M ~N MILLER'S ~'r;Rt'b'~ld is b(~oked to ~la" oil[ : to turn defeat into victory by a Johnny Johnson, Greg Basey and ~, v ~ Team r~o 1 you re tlea wltn ~o etown diamond n . 5-4 score on the Le " Walt Green, provad the dow - ~r g . . I " . Lee|own had me d into fall of the Martinsburg Colts by !.O:'d Park race track where a series oI summerI Our Cham.p.mnsmp ~nght Tour quick 4-0 lead in the first two a 12-6 score at the hands of the ns continues nament resuzts aster roun one frame lm Smith Jim " men| attractio " ' . I " s when J" "," Martinsburg 701 Club. Championsmp ~ngh~ v ~oore . [ " " Mahoney, Bob Davis and Gary The Colts took a 4-1 lead in GLENN LOUGH, known exclusively in ath- lover M. Brown; B=.Steffle. ~ye' Phillips, teamed up for two sing- the second frame and appeared ',I M Grove over J ~uny; N ~om ha.Jes as "Horse, ' and who is in his 34th year at R Pr--s -ver State, is in need of volunteer help this coming B Sm'oo' Y' McWatters Bye; II seazon. Anyone wishing to kick in for the E" Clendening over S. Heckman; e' should contact him at the Keyser school fight B" Hooper - Bye. Second Flight I.arry Bolyard, the school's baseball coach, will El Md)onaTd over D Brown; G. to assist "Horse" but if that area's ' )le ManDorsey over I. Merchant; E. Grant to keep rolling along he'll need that volunteer over ,K. Akers (.foffeit); .M. Step- he is appealing toe over M. mim. only me losers . . '.'.'." of the second flight drop down .uarte o 3, for the Phila ^'- 'ia to a consolation round. -,-.~ - ,~ .~,~,~ -~,v- I won't be here next week so suffered the worst luck of the young season last Sunday when he broke his leg in (TURN TO PAGE 2 B) Fresh Ground Horseradish "AT THE BLOOMERY PHONE 725-9213 oPEN " M. -- 12:00 P. M. I've asked our good friend and pro, John Elwood to give you the scoop on us. Remember, John flattery will get you everywherel Bye for now. | Jefferson Utile Leaguers b Picnic The annual picnic of the Jeff- erson County Little Baseball Lea- gue will be held Sunday, August 18, at the National League dia- mond at the Legion Field, Char- les Town. All players, coaches managers and their families are invited and urged to attend. For entertainment there will be cake walks, games and contests and for the adults there will be ball games." A picnic lunch w~ll be served at 2 p. m. and anyone willlng to donate a cake to the league for the outing should call 725.9084. WES on See your nearee OIds deda.