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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
August 15, 1968     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 15, 1968

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standing among all peoples will never be measured on a SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATBijF graph. Yet, it may well turn out to be the mOst decisive I l= T T l= C I IkJlhh/Lll l/JlV THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 1968 factor in reaching the ultimate goal of peace arfd a higher IE IF,| IV IEW A1 clvihzatlon. I PUBUSm:D EWl V 'mUeSVAY ---To The--- t Mrs. Harry --s .i2ey Dr. -'mtey F. Dobbins --- i II' hPBCMI~@ /~il V.l,l ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: " l ]g f L./v6c6 BY THE SEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO INC. ii ucrcnua vn /uu. Fh I T fl R [Stork Shower Issued License To 210 North George St Charles Town W. va Zip Code 25414 k m V I m . Heart transplant patients and thousands of persons under- ,a of l, ette-* Ial A stork shower was ven on eL -.L h----LL gomg less dramatic surgery these days owe their chances for Which Readera Express Their M.s- ChaAe - f Mrs Gary rre lll;e uenlslry :: Second Class Postage Pakl At Charles Town Postofflce hfe and health to the work of Karl Landstemer, a scmntmt 1 . ~ ~ nones. ~ars. ~mrley r~oover assist- born 100 years ago m Baden, Austma. dstemer discovered led Mrs Jones Games were nla-- ~ "~ ~ /~xf"~ 2 ~1~ N ATI O N A L N E W 5 P A P E R the A, B and 0 blood types. Until he did so, blood transfus- I ed and" refreshments were served Dr, Riley F. Dobbins, who plans il O-I N iOnSorganWere usually futile and frequently fatal. Any sort era August 12 1968 I The~t quiteguesta number attending.a to wnt practice dentistry In Shepherds ~~~ ~//])] ]]~:' T transplant was a fantastic dream. His work opened Mr. Max Brovm, Editor of honor received is one of 27 I " tes- ~pirit ot je~terson-Aavocatelot of nice ifts west virginia ulnivers~ty ~nooz" n t members 2( the new wozld to the surgeon. He came to the Umted Sta I g . . "A gossip doesn't received a Nobel Prize and lived until 1943 He is buried inharms Town, west wrgmm ] Mr and Mrs. Allen Ring and oz. uenu.scry.u. .ass oz wno opportunitY- does a quiet graveyard on Nantucket Island off New England. l ear Max: I son l odney, and Miss Terry Car- n etoSSUra c imen ?nt Usa ymg It is fitting that the centennial of Landsteiner s birth will] I wou.!d l,!ke.!,n, some way.to,pay son :have returned from. spend- West Virginia "" BROWN, MA2~TAGER -- DON RENTCH, N WS EDITOR be marked October 27-31, at the annual meeting in Washing- I mOUld to .m rerKs mu,as rag two weeKsin ~mom, ~nss o ton, D C, of the American Association of Blood Banks which I most ms zrienas Know was, visiting xerry z~ing. | NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE [has pioneered the blood clearinghouse system in which the I Cerv'eKeen s I Mr. and .Mrs. Harry. Shirley [ Red Cross lomB. Th s permits blood given locally to be cred-.oo n.so he oee~'s ~- be ^- the AMERICAN NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, INC. " i,ana two cnizaren spent me wee~ v " n ~ u ~ o . o ~, ,- ~ ena tourmg ~anaaa stoppmg at Atlanta- Chicago. Detroit - Los .amgele,New York San Francisco lied .to a patient in a distant city, helps sa e lives, a d cuts [ road to. bemg out of danger 1Niagra Falls returning home on medical costs for many people. . I "Biir naB ~een active wim Sundav evenin~ I SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 Per Yr Phm 1bets W. Va. Tax t But, human blood comes only from human beings. If you lmany organizations for manyI 'v , ar.e in good health and between 18 and 59 years old, your years, the word No has not been .~"~,~ ~'~'~,~'~'~"~,~"~ Business, News or Advertising Departments blood bank or collection center will welcome you as a blood a part of his vocabulary . . t Middleway'celeb'ra ed" her'lB la donor. Unless .enough of us take the trouble to do this, Karl to a cztizen, a de.voted birthday on August 10 Those at- " DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 nusoano, a lovang zamer anct ~ear. . "n s er ! Landstemer will have worked m vain ~tendlng was her pare t,h : THURS~ ] " I brothers, Ben Jr and David and DAY, AUGUST 15, 1968 ' mean, we mass ~ms vemg m czrcu atmn ann we owe mm s~m-i . " ~,~I~T ~t~ID~,~M~ ~1~, ~iui,-s ,f *~nks an~ sl-ce'e' s~ster Lmda, her grand parents ~ ~t,llll=/Sl LI~UI~t~[J~LI~I ~ ~.?.'":'"2 ~ .~ o Mr and Mrs Jessie Owens Sr of gratittme zor nis many years o~ " . " - " l n ~a o~- ~,~, +^ +~ Berryvflle, Va. her cousms Sherry DAY,There are indications that more people in the U. S. are n t'v " Lynn Owens Jesse Owens and beginning to think about the spending spree that their -" aary anne uwens ann azso ar. Sincerely yours, Howard Grim of Bayce, Va. Mr. National Aviation Day is to be observed August 19. It is a elected officials have been indulging in for some years, andMrs. Leeds K. Riely and Mrs. W. L. Aleshire and day when most attez tiOn will be directed toward the unbe- they still have time to quit asking the government for Miss Phyllis Ann Longerbeam, lievable advances that have taken place in the art of flying charity under various high-sounding names. It always seems in the short space of time since the Wright Brothers lifted so difficult to realize that government can give the people We Co He an MiSSand usefulV r USgifts.received many nice ." " " re t Kilt Hawk Aircraft nothing it does not first take from them in the form of taxes, . p On Wednesday Mrs JudyMills their fzad craft off the g und a y " " w i o ke m n. . ati e the m rvelous ,-- rformance comfort or through mflatlon. But, ne ways are be ng found t ma IS emacemem tar Miss Debby Fellers, Miss Debby kind'and size' people help themselves and to enlist the job producing, job l [ Shirley, Donald Shirley, Jimmy Farm Credit was If -ou are i" the ri .ht vicinit. -ou will se the small leasure [ trammg, creative energy and vast resources of private enter- ! Rr=rkm rlrh Liskey, Rusty Shirley and Mrs. I .bt hh Han s t at av become the too s of the!Prise. More must be done. 1 IWlU~fl~ll.l~i~l. Harry Shirley enjoyed a, picnic [ at work here, too! ' ~ I ! at ~reen~rmr ~tate yarK near businessman, and the jets that catty air travelers through- Immedmte past exper!ence with huge federal .spending There }was a change in a part ~ ~,v, Md I out theo lobe ' I programs naB snown ~na~ money atone aoesn ~ so~ve socm~ of the guard at the Charles Town ~'~ ~uznner uests: on weanesctay" . . I Farm Credit has been an lntegral part of farming slnce tl~ |~ m. " .: L ot I problems, but it can raise hob with economics. It is also State Police Detachment last Fri-i .!i ~ I day of the old-time threshing crew. Then, as now, Fartn Tnete are o~ner aspects .ox ate avlauon ~ge uzs~ ~.^,~,~, aHA,~n~ fh,t th,~ t'~or,l ~,v,~nmant o,~n'e otaom ,d, ~ha, ~,~n,v,1 V ~ Bracken wire ~ rs. raul King ancl lamlly I be paraded across an mrpm but are equally impressive. F ] ~hc~xrol r~nn. + lair tha hilllcme ea~ oll manna. ,~ ,~qxro ~u~r [ rich, who has been in charue of t were Mrs. Anna Mac Denms,I Credit provided funds to buy seed, fertilizer and other,'~, a a ~---~- ~ ~ " red necessary farm supplies. Farm Credit stands ready to lend,~ : one thmg, tile cost of hying hs increased by 50 per cent l --I the detachment for the past two lMrs. Lorna Dennlson and th I schemes stm remam so ven and cole meet oonga 19 7 et the cost of air travel is lower thanwas,e " children, Mrs Mattm Mobley, smce 4,y ' in t y ars, was gxven a promotmn tel . -- - " I ions. Greater awareness of the shortcom gs of welfamsm Mrs Lawrence Rag, Mrs Doug- [ a hand for any need relating to farm efficiency or prodU I':' lion. And, on realistic terms and conditions. .~ C~,h nen anQ nas decreased oy p=. offers much encouragement for the futur life ,o=.s=a , Iu''''~=t' ~ " ~ ' inn r ost an Co ora W C laB tting ann ~ar and ~vzrs r~en-j Discussyourneedsforfarmproductionfunds ~~ |:.~. years. The dechne more spectacular--and reahst c--when, . . othe p,d rp 1 . " i' Exn m oonstant dollars of 1968 nur- I Hershman, who had been statmn- I with Farm Credit, today. " ,health, and freedom of the United States and its people. . neth Rag and two sons. ~:~,~:,~'~-"~'ho ~::2T2~V ,~; i rr,~ hv n~r $ 'ed at Berkeley Springs,' was trans Mrs. Mattie Mobley is visitingI ":~ *'Z':~-' ~'.'~. ":~',Y-~ :; a-W: ~;';o~-"B --i Services for the I]adependent,will be held at 7"30 p m for ferred to the local post relatives in the community and l 3rm Crec~lk per mile oz travel In I?OOl was more man one-~nlra less ~nan -- .~ i i . . ',- ;: z - -, " " ot - ut on ~ untirch ot uocl, zm Avenue, ~an- I classes oz ah ages. Sergeant Brackenrich expects at the present is at the home of [ in l'aa~. ~mo~ner aspec oz air ~rave~ ~nav cann t~ p ] son, have been announced by Pus- I The Missionary Society meets to leave Charles Town in the Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Ring [ exlub t is the mpact of the great jets flying lnteznatmnally s s ll s " ' "," ~ a " " " " ~ t tor i)onald Byer,a fo.ow : [the third Monday of each month near future and report in at the i There was a very good turn ] B !/: 111on8 0I )eo le each ear to ever nauon on 3 a m w he Rev WI r carrying mi " t P " Y Y [ Sunday School at 9:0 . .[ itht . "lliamC owe, dir- South Charleston station from out on Saturday night at theI ASSOCIATION / earth [ Worship service at 7:30. p. m, Lector of the Martinsburg Rescue where he will later be sent to the Methodist Church to hear the I What this must inevitably mean in terms of greater under-I Wednesday evening Bible Study lMission, showing slides of mission Spencer Post Statef r duty PoliceHe has quartet. Mrl ! W W H HOND /[i : [been with the depart, On Sunday and Mrs. Har-[ I ment for the past 15 years. He'lan James and Mr. and Mrs. [ " " I came to the Charles Town Post Grower Dunlap motored to LurayI COUNTY AGENT S 01~7lCE i I from Petersburg. He plans to Va. and toured the Luray Cav-I |~l move his wife and family to Spen erns. I MONDAY: 10:00 TO 12:00 NOON / " cer as soon as he can locate liv-[ ----'--" I / i ing quartersfor them. ( Mr. and Mrs. William Capriotti I DIAL SHEPHERDSTOWN 876-7441 ] ~orporal r~ersnman, anative I . . and son Gary v~s~ted relatives m[ Ot Rlpley, W. va naB oeen In rne H~r~hov Pa o- .~,ndnv t 18 ar "" State Pohee for the past ye s I with Six years of that time having 1 I been spent in Kanawha County [ [He .was graduated from Ripley !' ~High School and Served for som~ ~: ~' i~:~ i years in the U. S. Navy, joining the state Police after being dis- charged from the Navy. He is married and he plans to move his wife to Charles Town as soon as he can locate a house to move into. Dopson,Mney Nuptials Solemnized August 3 In Las Vegas Church Announcement is made of the marriage of Beverly Rainey, dau- ghter of Bernard L. Boyer, 505 Hedge street, and John F. bop- son, Jr son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dopson, Bakerton, Saturday, August 3, They were married at 7 p. m. in the Little Church of The West LaB Vegas, New by the Rev. Dav- id Howe, Candelabra, palms and flower arrangements graced the chapel and pews were marked with white satin ribbon bows and streamers. The bride wore a beige lace dress with pale beige accessories and a corsage of carnations. Mrs. John Smith was maid of honor and Jim Canway was best man. A reception followed in the Loyal Order of Moose Hall in LaB Vegas, where trimmings of satin streamers and bows graced the table filled with lovely gifts. The bride attended Martins- burg High School and was for- merly associated with the C. &. P. Telephone Company. The groom attended Harpers Ferry High School and is employ- ed by the U. S. Government. The couple w, ill reside in LaB easy! -==-am =~=qu= I LATEX HOUSE PAINT easy paint! Easy to use and easy to live wi Use SatinTone and you get a superb low sheen finish that holds tight.'I lets your house breathe and streich with the seasons. You get color tha doesn't fade away and painting that's latex-easy to apply quick to dff soap and water cleanup: SATINTONE LATEX EXTERIOR PRIMER Vegas. ON SALE TOO - SAME LOW PRICE! l:V:, MH r!l'Uen:a~ endr '%~ ~i~Yu~ fv iWseMh2 Mr r "M~aUnud! i! [ in!g. DAVIS SU'FAST HOUSE PAlleT i ' $ 95 ~ $ 29 !:i; Reg. =6,s SALE $6'9 gal ~ ~. DAVIS ItOUSE PAINT PRIMER ON S,E . TO0, SAME LOWPRICE! j' , "Sure, lwashapp, toserve VALILI HARI) WARE. CO ~.:; [ i e=th~Su,C~l~xpiettc~eb~t L'udt no; Phone "725-5113 -- Charles Town, ~V.