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Charles Town, West Virginia
August 11, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 11, 1966

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our commu- 4r t i 11 4r _=- -- _- .... SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE dist Parsonage in 7 ..... ,,~,, "r~,~ ~la ~arson~=e has been . THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1966 B--- . rl * * .... IILJll need of quite a bit of repairing.]4- 3~- M,~ .th l Buzzard and family of Leesburg, Va., were { Wiltshire, last week. Miss Lucas Mrs Georgia Pearl So the decision was reached to .j .~ " .......... ~. _ Friday night guests with Mr. and { stayed for a longer visit. .... " build a new one and it is on its ~I" Jl" I~I~~'-":---- "~ Mrs Floyd Chapman and family l Mrs Lewis Sager ks visiling her mttr~ll~.~:~~~:~Iga way. The parsonage was sold M- A ~- Mrs. Ada Cogle has been a pat- StLsan ~Chapman spent from ls0n-in~law and daughter, Mr. and Good morning, my dear read- and will be torn down. The hence-~: 1 .~ lent in the Charles Town General Wednesday until Friclay with her [ Mrs. Abner Whi~er and farn- er~! So glad to have this oppor- hold contents were sold. The~I" ~,, ~I" hospital for several days. Mrs. aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs.|fly in A~exandria, Va. tunity again. A very nice morn- foundation for the new one is be- ~I, f ~ Cogle has been on ,the sick list Billy Chapman in Leesburg, Va. I Miss Regina Donahue and ing v~tla the beautiful rays of sun- ing buiR now. ~ _~ for some time now. Mr. Howard Cogle was a visito)i friend of Baltimore visited Mrs. Shine. But we are in dire need Mr and Mrs MelvSn Piner and N" Jr" Little Bonnie Grove 6 months to see Mr. Leslie Kellison in I Cabel Tapscott Monday. of rain. famil'v were "visitors S~aturday ~ , =m ~. old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Town who has been very [ Mr. and Mrs. Gary S~ger spent " - ...... rs So proud this past week I re- evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wil-:i~ | l] ~t Floyd Grove is very .ill at the ill at the .home of his roster M . [ the weekend in Roanoke, Va. " ~ived a n~ee card from my new [tam Longerbeam of Charles ~I" Charles Town General Hospital. Aldridge Staubs. [ Mr and Mrs. Alan Welch, of Iriends from Barnesville, Ohio, Town ~. ~ =| }~. Mrs. Annie Grove is on the sick Mr, and Mrs. Robert Spitler| Bethesda, Md., and Mrs. Paul Who had a short v~sit v~ith us, but Mr" and Mrs Dennis Herndon _, ~ 1 I{ ~n~n ~ ~ ~a. Hst, not feoling to well, we pray and children of Baltimore, Md./ Miller, of KearneysviHe, visited very pleasant one They arrived and family and'Mr. Ed Ritter and [ ~" ~ 1 , i~|u g| ~ m~3 ~- for her a speedy recovery, visited with relatives in Mar-[ their sister, Mrs Mary Grayson, in sa in " they en'o ed . Cla n Talton and son AI- _ _ _ ~ Mr and Mrs Robert Spitler tinsburg on Friday evening / Sunday " e safely y g _ J y i~rs yto ~ " " n " ~" Visit with Mr. Pearl and my- bert, of Hamdlton, Va., were visi-I l , t~ ; ~, ;ffil ~' ~A ~" andh:hildren' Ba:dmMrs iSpitle~ dat~nTire Ch~I~. ~n~ ~Tnth~lgyld[ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Yost have if. We can say that we cer- tors Sunday of Mr. and Mrs:l ~ I I| | I| ll| ~l|~ ill m , . " p . u~ .. ~. |moved~oBerkeley Springs. The ~y enjoyed the. visit very George Ta, Ron and family. I ~ " ~. Md. spent the wee.z Grove 4ied at the ~haries Town| ttouse vacated by them has been :~uch They said they were look- We are ve"~' -lad to report that! . J with relatives me zormer s ~pm General tiospRai on ~onaay mor-1 rented to Mr and Mrs Bernard ~g forward to another visit when Mrs Rormie~G~rza wlto was un-[ )~ li P N" lets with Mrs. Ethel Buzzardand rting after being ill s~tr~e b~trth~| Shtllingberger and family. mey come this way ~ain. In the. der "sur cry a few days ago Is" _M" family while ~ars. ...... uerrrice ~pit- Two sisters ttiane ann Itnonaa, z i Mr and Mrs Jesse .Bvd-. visit- ~eantirne they continue to enjoy ~ome ngw and doing, very well I * _ , __. ~u ler spent the week :m Mar tmsburg brothers Jackm and Floyd Jr. led 'his brother and slsler-m-law, the Chestinut Hill column. Her hea~lth ~b'as n~ b~en the be~ I ~. ]~ ~ ~ ~ . ~r Mr. and Mrs. Jonnny ~uuer o~ survive wRh parents. I Mr and Mrs. Clark Boyd in Muse, " ' "I en " Martinsourg, were ~mraay even Pa last week , ~everal falks from our little w "i bt~t we hope she can soon be "l ~- ~' ( , ~ _ | ~" ...................... _ l ., . ~. ~a~,e ,~t,~.~n,~ ~h~ ~hower on Sat- I ~,~,= better 'healthI t~,,~k~ "~ _ N~#ff #l A i! _. mg guests wltn ~v~rs. r~mt~ ~- ~ - _ _ _ - - " | Mr and Mrs Chesler ~raves ~lay evening for Mrs. William I Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wayer of / it. /F" " f ~ , ~ ..~ ~ . . I zard and faro. fly. ...... l'i I ~l]~l i~|h~ |U I and children, of Pou_~hkeepsm, N. ~ackson Delicious refreshments Charlottesvitie, Va., and Mr Ed-| M. ~ ~ ~_'~i, / U | ~ [ tars. t~em~ce ~pmer o~ ~a ~-i ~|l~[~][][~[J~ | Y., ~em last week with her ' -1 more, was an overmgm guest ~= ==m ,,~= ~w 1, he in law and sister Mr and servedandanumberofmcetward Miller, of New Market, Va.,/ ., ' i #~]|i|'r~. ii1 AM. | ~t. i ........... "~-zzard andI ........... /brot r- - , were given Mrs. Jackson. [were recent visitors of Mr. and |~ / ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~ [w~trn.. mrs. ~u [ ||i~[['Tl~t~ [ Mrs. Bernard Snyder. |atoll ...... I Mrs. John Rtmlon, Sr., and ram-|~ --~ ~mm=mm m :~ I _ Y. - .... I $~|~||~F|~ | Master Jeffrey Sager, of Shep- ~r!~ln~{1 az home [ :.. , / "~ .......... -- -- L ~_ J_ _L -L -~..~- ~- J- .~..~. J-I Norma l~oagers ~en year om I oo. . ,..__ ..___._ l herdstown, spent lazt week with and Mrs. James Jenkirts en-[ a#. _ ...... ~... | *k ~" ~f ~ ~l~ ~" ~l[ ~ ~ ~l~ 11~ ~l~ "K ~l[ "K ~l[ "K "/~ "K "~ "K "~ "~ ~ "~ ~ "K "~ I daughter of Mr and Mrs Ca~ain/ t~llsS ~ tVlye~ / hi~ un0t,~ and aunt Mr and Mrs aned Sunday at their home/ __.. +,~, _t~" as,,vht~r Anna[ "" - ML and M~ J~hn Ru,.v., Sr., ~--- " to ~ ' " " ..... [ Rodgers had the .misfortune . ~ _ :~--- T -~ "= - --- [ Lewis Sager. onor 9f relatives Whom they / ~..::'~ .... ..:.~" ~..~.~%'~,~," "~o~o / o.a f.,~ii ..... .ii.tnr~ nundav, - -: I H arotd Car~er and f; mil [ step on a piece oI glass on fia~- [ ~a,.~ j Cliva Mva~ and dauuh-[ Mr. and Mrs. Victor I~isner and not seen for qu,ite a while r,=~,~=~, ~,,~ ~' ................. : ...... ~ ................... - Bhode I~and urday cutting her foot very ~)a~l. I t~-"~i~'d ~,~,~'~,t ed ho~nel bob of Martinsburg, and Mr . n~ a few days m New Market evening of Mr. and Mrs. Estel . . ~. ................. , .~.urn Y, . A detmmu~ droner was/_sl~e_~~ ....... ~ ~ ~,~ .... .... ++~,.~ / ~a..., .... r~ho.l~ ~.,=n I ~|~ng i Mr. and Mrs.William W. I She wa~ ~aken to the unarms e~,,,,.a .... ~,~ h~vin~ ~ent the| Jesse Boyd spen,t the weekend ed to ~eso guests. [edthe famera~lof the latter'S cuos-] Mrs. Georgia Piper, Mrs. Mar-I Iq||ll VI~ [a,d son, Wflt~m, Jl., ff ' |WownGeneral H.y, ^::.. ..,~ilast seven weeks with her son-re:[with relatwes m Norfolk, ya.. y Attend Sale /in, Mrs. Effie Whetzel, on Friday|gie Garrett, Mrs. Ize~a Ta~lton[ Mrs. Aostin Nieooemug [e:s0u=r.g,.~a.,~rs.~a~n~ [~lUnan~a~o~s~c~'~ n~'.l~law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs.] Mrs. Betty oacg~n, Ovti |wilt- very large crowd attended| evening in New Market. [ and two daughters, Cindy and [_ _ ___ - - =_: _-= . | a act ramuy w re me of ~[r [ ~ JOhn Potter and family and] liamsport. Md., has oeen s~ung sale Saturday at the Motho-I Mr. and Mrs. George Ta~ton[ Sharon, were visitors Tuesday [ ............. I, g aestsat me nom [ ;'r- Renatha Wa~ers and dan-|dau~hter, Miss Mary Ellen Hen-|her so~-in4aw and daughter, lvlr, / ~,ra~ui~ ~t~i/h lha former s sister i t~nrtst un, urcn ot ~unxerlivirs ~woo~ t~reeuen. / ~,x ~. ...... n-~e~s in Fullerton. C~lif /and Mrs. Jimmy l~oya. t ....... " ........... i .....t .... re ......... Mrs. Sarah Garret.. Mrs. Garrett 14ill, wRl hold its annum servlce.. Mr. Herman Copley. of Balh-l ghter, ttorts ot tsea~a}ngton. We.v i .......... ,vh~ ~v arrd Mrs Dar~an Lu-I The many frmnds of Mr.. A. M. i some on September 4, at 4 p.m. Tlns is more, Md., Mr. Lewis Carroll re-[ oatuvday guesr~, wrm re ia.u es ,o~ and ~xms Charlie and Ricky,[ Stum were deeply graeved to has had arthri s for qu te . . a ............. 0uthern" States" Safe ] time She 'taker ...... Care of her/'the" oldest ....... Episcopal church inI turned home on Tuesday after[aiher~ and. attenaednie the a Yi ~n't! ,="x ~,,-~..-da-~hter, Miss Beverly Bol: [ learn_i[ of l~ts tragic death Satur-~llntlltilll~. ~mati thre~room cottage and does | ~n the diocese and even though it ] vataXxon to Warfmld, Ky., visitingI School pie . . ~ . . I +,... ~ ~,ca- of Hurt Va, visited I day afternoon at the Beefier Link ........... " doe not .~lave a con e at|on is Mr and Mrs Phillip Coptey: Mr and Mrs. Vincent t;ooz ot ......... " where he was workin on a dUIiiIIi@I ver well. She enjoys company, s gr g . . " . . " her arents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed farm , . g |~ Yhen vou feel as thouzh ~ou Is till counted as an Episcopal I They a~lso spertt spme hme ml near Washing.ton. were weekend i~x,~mmond lind aunt, Miss Camillal silo and shpped and fell. mm u 1L m I li 1 I~ 1 I I ~ [ ~.r;d mal~, a xriRit ~t~, ~rs Gar-I church because one service is[ Huntington and a~So Parkersburg[ guests witn me iormers morner [ "'" - -.--- .- r I fl r I [] l F I1 I rett it v~ill he ~,relit .to do so I held in 4t each year. The annual[ before returrimg home. ~l Mrs. Elsm Cook and faan y. . I -- -: :-_: ~--: / fl L I'1 ~ nm ~K I a :',