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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
August 11, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 11, 1966

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sit-in by the hordes ~f the dirty forts. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE unwashed who rush ta man the Today there are politicans and THURSDAY- AUGUST 11, 1966 A. barricades against the forces of others who supervise and admin- - .......... " .... law, order and dencency ister our civil institut~ions who ......... I ~m a '~iv~rl AmArioan woa. would ~irn~t and set bounds to iogy ~eparxment. [aJso, visitea a small spanisa ry of the beatniks who say they our understanding. Bounds have This year I Joined .the group ilage which was PUBLISHED EVEl~Y TIt'URSDAY should have the right to deter- been set .in our local scl~ool sys- around Aprrl 15th. for tt s Flom dalplace .I saw men wlthp:cks, ~ ~ mine what laws of the land they tern by those in aurthori.ty. Bounds ~ip: lvtast.ot, megroup .lea oyt snovels c~mng oacKa DanK BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COo INC ....... ,m are willing to obey. I am a "tired which seriously li~it the under- ~ro~essor ,,ester f:. rlarms were I .a .roao. 1de ~.scermi wnere. ~! ........ ~. , ,,,___,__ n~..._ ~r ~r-- ~y tienry w. ~orrow |i American" fed un with mobs standing of students, teachers, ~mmgy ~ajors, out a ~ew nKe[ lSh Royalty as tmarms tv. rs ~lo ~orm tieorge ree$ - ~m~r~ xow,~, '" ,~ ~hh, ~,~,~ 1,,~,~-~.,.i,-~ v,~u nnd taunave~'.~ Mik~ ' me were not. Many Geographical I ied was another highlight oi ,i-- ~...,~ o~A~ ~ ~'.~'~:~,~L:~'."..~"S:?SY .~.: -".7. '--:- ...... ..-~--', ......... Areas as India, Thailand, Japan, trip There was a visit to a S ~lp ~uatv ~o~x.~ tn,s a,nu 'mtUZ~-ZZ~.LZVU ~z*tz~ w.u -1o De specific, tieaa b~ar~ ~.~]~nA t',~l,,.oA,, ra V M T [ ~o., "o~..i. lxr~,. ~dam~,vin,~ ~it -~ ~--- ~ ~ ~ -- olaim they represent the "newfor ~wo summers has been limit- ~:,s.?,.~, --~ .... ~.' :;" --', ...... I ~" ~.."'LI .... A:~"?:''-7~-~":" o,3 ~ wave" of America and who sneer -~ "- :- .......~ ~__.__ _ w. va., ~a u., aria va. were pre- I t~ranlte t;ross aau It. mgn a~ READ BY MORE TITAN ~ P UP MODERATION [ est c~ty m the world was parhally a~ the old fashioned virtues of,~, .... n ~.~ h~,~ ~ ,~,- +here sented. . . . . I church underground. Th s2 al . . . ,., ........................ The group ~raveieu in ~wo~Spatn is cry with omy m m ........ One of ,t~he th~mgs that has con- I paralyzed by a needless and - honesty, mtegraty, morahty on ] young people who will enter ~:' ...... .............. ha P e Paid At Charles Town l~OSl, OIIlCe usea ureynouna ~uses lnere was ram a year arm ma~ omy Second Class ostag tribt~ted so greatly to the long [ most pointless subway strike No which America grew to greatness. I school tl~is fall for the first time ...... " .... life of our renublic is the Amer-I ~ , ........... : r a .... ~ir"~n American nau "^---~- ~--'-~-'-'- -~'-^~' ~*.-" mso a trauer puHeo along w~n son. ,- , one aoutns ou.t mat me strikers ~, ,,~ a ~ ~,a "1 otmuu~ iv[ ul~u ~czttruz ~u- + ..... ..~*.~..~o ~...,~ ~..n ..o..~ .-. -- ,- - .... . ,,,u v,,,~,,= s-o o~,,~o -,,,. ~,,.~ flume was our next stop, .............. ~can love for moderatmn. We re l ........ ~.~ +,. ~,,~ ~orn ann seated by the lazy do--nothmgsldents have been set by refusmgl .......... I NAT_IONAt N~s~W~AT~I basically a nation of middle-[ t*'h~'.at~ t~ere~'were" griev;nces tha,~ who wouldn't take a job if you l to intro4uee curren% m~lern pro !~na~r2, PP~Y~offr~:~arrzSiwe .visited famous, places, as~ [/I ll~]~i~|,ri ~ ~ I I A f~$.DCII~T~II1~ roaders, wedded neither to ultra- [ could not be i~nored forever drove them to and from work ~n grams in chemistry, physics, bio- ~,'~^ ~".~_~:'_"_,~" ~'_"'~.?'_~_"_~_~'~.~_5' u.omseum, me vat,.can, ".~avo~ ~ ~ka~U] I:::::l~t~! I ~ k./ ~_ conservatism or ultra-liberalism. I]3ut-wl~a~t- was uDsettin- and is aRodlsRoyce Iama"tiredAme- logy, English, and social studies ~,~e a~s}.sveu .oy .~vn)e oz .toe dens, St. Paul'suameuralano, " ~q~" - --'--~: - " ..... _' We never understood the facism]upsetting is the ~act t~a,t there rican" who is fixed of supporting lThose young students who are t~nw:nea~2mou~ne:~dn,~i A visit.was, paidto.a farm o~ ,. of Nazi tieranany that threatenec~/ ............... families who haven t known aaay, college bound are going to hear l . r.,~ I oy Antamca Amines. ~t. ~. to sweep the world a few decades[ was not _a~/u xs not any way_~u.[ other source of income other than l a new language in the co4,1ege I eat.m restaurants. . 1,500 cattle including a aa'~ .c,e olsp,u~a'nts to settle tllell . The zlrst zew aa s we s ent in ' ' MAX BROWN, General Manager ago, and we don t understand, nor I controver_" short of extremism government rehef checks for I classroom For the nob-college ] ......... Y ;P' ._ . over 150 cows. Some of ~t s reall rete to 'the comman- ~a " . zne r mmaa r~ey ~rea on aaarom- mer, t was very moaern, ana a DON R~, News Editor -- IIENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor i= YhP~ :wend n,~ hold at bay[ And extremism, the absence of threegen at2 ',_. .o.,, I s, rids^ : av,el on Key. From here we visited the !fie bit of it was primitive. National Advertising ~resentatlve, American ~a~i?~e~ii~erd-i~a~rWe :Unit wn~/~~~)b~ihe~e~ailwbea me'her ~k~!~nfidt~a~d~!Y~:m~Uvt~ I ~m~e~ ~~n~dra~?m:e~s~ / ~e~pe~m~mF~Y~a~:n:S: I ~a[amSg~t sea sick A highlight to my-1 hke g.rtaarl~nv~nrel?mt~o~e~ap .. , .t~,t Newspaper lteltre~.~tatlve~, Inc,, 404 Fifth Ave., New York ~kanndt ~ es~ISmeW~Ulmd~ average American launched Amer~ca'in an obscenity _artisan courses as well as distri- ................... "^- An-eles ~ *~'~ ~ / .... " . ._ I race . . wno try to zois~ on USl butive eaucation courses, t seif an- someo'- r a an air I wen, z win cruse now as x n Detroit. t;meago. Auama- ~an ~ranc~u'*~'- ~ we've been saying we want no/ .~.:ne.~me ~s true ot the. pro the beliefthat filth is an integral[ For the teacher, bounds have/ 1 a.j tne~aW'~S n andItpreparetogtSfia Bulg~ -" m part of either facism or commun-/C~V~l raghts movemen,~. ~vtost. ue-I part of culture .... ~ the arts, I been set which stop short of any [ P~oenrmekVTon ~tn~uVr bus behind the Iron Curtain ton SUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Yr., Plus 15cts. W. Vs. 'lax ism we have taken a little bit[ cent .~merlcans warn ~ne minor- ] ~e m o~ies, 1,itera~ure , the stage / programs regarding the teachers [ _ .~ g y . .s ? "1 " row. I will go to Moscow, R~ fr eac f them and blended zues m ~ms country to nave tne cravers was an mrplane z :~mg , - o~a h o ' ] I and the mobs who see Lenny[ welfare which stop short of ethi- I ....... ' ...... after a couple of days there ' ' her An that is what same basic rights that the more ,, ,, ' . . mstruotor, .mac ~a ~ne zzymg m 1 r Advertism De rtments them toget . . . d . . . ~ .................. Bruce as b~rghtly amusing and cal practices m a. vrofesmon then tour some of Southern For Busm_e _,_.Ne_wff ...... [g pa denmeracy as: firm fairness, a[ przwle,~ed c-~joy fo, them~elw~,/Norman M~iler as "comPelling'!.[ which is based on a corner stonela rented, plane. The keys werelsia i wilI try to gave you anol DL/kL r/v'[}'~U4b or 'Iz~-zuz~~ , Fmppy combination between a/but ,these same Americans, or l I'm tired of these "artists" who/ of ethics' I .Deautizuny surrounuea oy var~r.. ! report from Moscow on th~s t , police state that hasn't gone too[ most of them, at least, are re-/scavenge in the cesspools for in-[ ......................... ling shades ~ Blue Water. A ~r,pt Yours since! ' 1 at~ far and ~n exercise in libertv lvulsed ~t the extremist connot-/~..~_.+~__ ...n ...~_ ...~ ..... ,.. ~....t./ ~zz ~ne aa~L uvzzu xevy ezec~m~i,/ OU't 1=O the ~ast revealea a clear l ~_~..~ v,r u.w~,a AY AUGUST 11 .... -" ............. ..... ,,n ....... u ..... . . ......... THURSD. 1, ....... , .... within the bounds of reason The [ ations the civil rights move,merit [ .n nt eh, ~tnr. [ ~. was ev.~den.~ th.e bounds set for [ tree where the mack appearing __ -- _ . . . __ _, . ., .._ ,.,_,.. ,_,.__ _,. .......... .. t me taxoaver m me remsaz to uive t ,.,~+,...~ eh.~ ~_,,~ +,,~,~ ,,,,m I .... . wora is mouerauon. "t'n~t s wn~ i na~ ~wtuzy tar.e., a,z~v~ ~t~zx waa~I I'm n "tirpd American'" weary! .. :.r ...... ~. ! .-~. vx ~..~ ~x ~.~ ~"lJeffer.~on county lsranen oI ......................... - me pUDflC IUtl an(l complete In ........... " , ~ the average American wants: ] civil right~ for mmormes, b~ I of the bearded bums who tramp| fornmtio:' concernin- the const~1 be seen . ........ National Association for the PU~IM I~AV~ I fairness for everybody. He wants[when the thing they want ta~est the picket lines . . and the sit-[ cti-., -,~-~am O~e noticable/ .we . v!sx.~ea me] vancement of Colored Peop find out what Big Sister gr , I " " " ' "1 I " " 000 000 fr a new high schl blxildin ruin it et to the store for new uate ruushce. That s what ere- movement or the labor movement ha~ lost .all patience with that l..: ....................... t g s . I debate over the nend~nu ( for L ttle Tom or Mary, 15 days to g ....... ,,~,-~ you .~ ,~r,e LO ~ee m,w z~ We then headed u to Na les! ~ - "~ ~,.~,. .... ,,~A,, ~ha ,hi]A~- ,, ~,n i ~ barefoot, ated the Sherman A_nt~ Trust Act. w~ll ever get so far out of hand czvil rights group whqch ~s show-[ ,~,h .~,,,,t-9 p~,,,,.~ ..... ~,, h .... [ ..... P .... P- R~ghts Act of 1966 that ~s no ~t~, ~, r,~--,-,~.- ,. ,,o no u he s ~*'" ~""~" ~ "" ~ ~ anll venice where a visit to tile ' ~ ............ ~ "~ ~=" , Y - ...... 1 He wants labor to get its j st / that it cannot be coped with. T / hag propoganda movies in college / :::-"~'l~ "'- "--n" ::~'~-~---- " ~'* I ' . . , Congress It is believed that daysUp all "~% summer,the Bo~rdmindfulOf Educa~ionthata new~neYrecordVe., ~ennumbereOUnUngof stuCne-]the[ rewardSwagner L' an d that'Sab o r RelatmnWhat" createds Act'. / threa~en'ng[ b a s i e ltrublem ovemeW intt sh atb Oth~st .h/i MoviesCampuseSdenouncingt ....... ~the ~" Urdted ["nd | .... ~*~The ~ m,s~hmei_ 'hasPa~geS'-cme '2.fur more !1Corkscrewbeacn ....... was madeswamp. A siaetriPsanctuary~ to there "~ thisll ........................ Admini~',~-~ionAct as foundhZS firm~.n thebaSis] mwm ,man wr~txe~ worus on me msues vetoes me Deauty oz uypress t dents will soon be trooping to the school douses, mterv, g[ He warns freedom for oppressed[ moment is that they have notl States - m~)vies made in Commu-/'. ' _ . __ [ . . I Amendmer~t and the Cumin teachers to fill vancancies and make up for shortages m some I minorities, so he supports the/yet come to realize what bUsiness[nist China,, ,, [ OtriO~eV~eCn~Oo~fp~erms~nr~ouSUp- [twre~s ~%asw~np ~trea with ope~l Clause" ;^ /civil rights legislation land industry learned the hard/ I am a tired American who/ Yl .' r u wm a type o ~ ..................... , fzelds. " " wa that the American people I " 1 ri hteous / Schools Should express his will- [ green vegetation t,me ~ oz ~nls ~ct ~ee~ w . Yes, in them:ldSootm~f ituhs~ A~Stwd~led/et~i~,alth~:~Stmday[ getBsUtu~ho~n;a~ry~hx~gahe t~: f:/v~i~ not stand ~.ill for injustice| ~b~dabry', ~h~ti~ ~f ~r~e.~ica [ ~rg,,ne~n ~t~e aeL~t::r totthe Ed~ [ .~ Our. ne~ trea was zn No.rth :er~ the~t~i.a~itmn~l ams~th~ ~r L~Ot.IT I.ID, y j I tha hvnlraa r,n ~ntl thlc ie tha ,vast[ in any form or in any name./nt h.,ma ~d abroad who set I ,n zz s e ue t~en.tral l, torl(la or near r~lgn ..~.o..h., ,~,~, a,~f,nnnnt~ ? / ~,~,~,.?,~o ~,., .~,~.,.. ~ ....- ,';.~5/Or~an~zed labor has rizhts and] 7~..'~k~ --:7....,~,:.27.=' " ,^. ,~ ! publ~ically the school issues and I Springs on .the Santa Fe River I ,,,,:~;.o~ ..:-..~ ...~.~._.~_--_.-. ,~ ~" ~ ,~ ~,,0,,~ ,,~. .~,,u ~ ',,L ~ 'tn~t ~ ' ~ e ,,mv~v ~a,u~u~ ~, "'~th-e "bo-nd-"u s w--hich ha-s been ~-et~, x:nls ...... was a pretty area wlm'~l set Iree oz racial t:rame~. ............................ ..., ,,- / at this moment that there is a| minorities have rights, and th Umted Status but never apply the I a-ainst facts of what our stem I S=lanish' Moss on man,, trees and lthou'gh great progress has b NI:WKPhPHi IldPI I NI lid IN I:I. KUUI I ] rising tide of sentiment for curbs[ puonc generally 2s aware ot me! s me standards to the r'rencn, I .... ,o, ..... *" ..... " .. . I made in gaining the right II~lb ~ ~,mr~lll llam*~ u .m v. .............. / ~-- ~ha T~xr~ rwa4nv nrono who~'~/rights ot t)otn l~u~ wnen ~nesetBritish R~ssi~,a or Ohinese I ~.~,.~tt ~a,v,oxu,, ,v,~,, ~a,~ l~,~enLlCrySLal cmar wa~er in me river. ~...... ~+i~ tn a fnir trial . . [ ,u ~,,~ ..~,,~ -..-~-- --y~ ~"_-.~/ri-hts be~in t~" assert themselves I , ~_' .... ,__~-"~'-.^_, ........ ~.- ~. I expen4iture. The debate should I Some here did scuba diving and I ~'"~ ~. .... .~- ~L "~'-':~-"'~t " - eachin ool, moaerauon nas ceasea to oe .~uc . 8- ~' .O . . I alli a I;II.U'Ut ~xmra*~ W,U ra . , . equat ~reaunen~ Dy me tx, ewspapers are word, and where the bounds are/ n an extrem,st lash,on and w,th] weary of ome Negro leaders who I Py'b:e, beetaP T-A"] s.ome of t~s canoed .. do~la theI abusive police tactics, indiscr m the cta~ssrom o: erie natron s puo~m an(a pa~ocm~ ..... V'~" ; beina overstenned I am referrinu/a public-be-damned atti,tude the I for shock tmrn~ses, scream four | .... % zaf~. ~aae Key ,ssues wmcu ~ river ~or aoout z m)aes, tt was I nate arrests of Nezroes and Teachers not using newspapers, say. top educators, are. m~ss- : of course to"~,the" areas of civil| first persons who are going to] letter words in-church meetin~so. ] most a~recuy ezzect your stuaents. II real,ly amazing to look many. zeet / v,,~,.~,'~?'-''('~""~"~""~ ..... ,,, t,~"*~XT,,~S-~-~o ..... f ing a real opportunity to bring their textbo?k teachl g . rights and labor demands. /get hur are the persons who [ n down .... are related to teachers, curncu t the bot~m of the r:ver I am a tired American who d iS~lum and "--~----'a ..... e~' .... -~ o,2 - . "- . [juries in some southern st~ / ~1. 'traIl~;pO'l't tlOIl I ~lgllel-s from nere we returnea m to a practical level of understanding and applicau(m :or During the past year the larg- need those righ,ts the most. I~ikes clergymen who have made/welfare employment "nrac~ioes iw~-~ .... ~ ............ n~/prove tl~at complete equality . - - a caree out f in,er alton causes/ . '. ,- ;.-= ~ ---.., .... m..~ ............... ~ ~ ..... ..~ . tudenLs r o " g an r ~ ' a~ t ic " .~ still not been secured. ,, " ! i c ildr n[ a p o essmn e h s a.mng w~n and eRrus frmt after a very en- ,, wn W Va 25423 but send the r own h e to Use of newspapers, or living textbooks, as. they I Hal,lto, ~' ~ ..~ i...~' ........ ,.~~;: curriculum design and improve- joyable trip The consistent refu~l of called, was first applied by enterprising, teachers m _ ngnsrt. ~| I - ~ugus~. ~, ~o [ P-~f~. ~,,,,t~. ,~. .... . , men, transportation procedures This ._-re~rrt trin._ ~s a Person I whi'te, soutnern juries ~ co~ ...,n ~_~:.,~ ~+,,,~,~ o! .... .- .~t,A~nt.s were asked to fred and1~--~~~ ~1 iMr. Max ~rown, rm~vor I t am a ~ure~ Ameracan, SINK-lincludin~ safety factors Also theIT,, Pers-,, ~'riend~bin Tom" The[Vth~te persons, no matter. ,~,u ooc ............................ , ......... so Advocate ened by the ~lack jawed bigots l " --" ," ........... the evidence accused of kU .... md nln words Varied tvDes |'-----" 1~2~1 L[ ]spn,~t of Jeffer n [ ." . . , future of edu*cation m Jefferson[Honorary Chairman of the roun I , - ~'~-~'*~- ~- ot'~;,"~,,,-'*'~l~'~ l an :ua e constructions | T~ T~IE [_~[ I1| [ Charle~ Town, West V~irginia } who. wrap._thems~lves in_. DeC: County must be talked abo~t. Tax [ sponsor-ing this trip is V P Hum [ a Negro or a White civil r~ t,~ ~=,~,,c~ o~--,.~--~ '~. .......... ,, ~" [ Dear Sir" I sneers In me aeaa o~ nignt ana a ers deserve to know what isI " " [w~wor~er reqtnres a new loo~ " rs as the P Y , phrey and the president of the nments w:th the newspape given as home work a g ........ I ~h|IrN]~ ~~,r[ I I am a steady reader of your/roam the coun~tryside looking for Ahe future ~ire~tion of the educal: !srmn~m'in~r o'~ .... i~ ~.~ P,o, ~,tle jury system and appropl social studies classes the s:u~en~s were asKe~ ~o [t~vn] l~r ] |t~vma] . " innoeem ,~ictims , ....... ~" *"--" .......... ~cti t end the trave source. In ~ ~ . , newspaper and know that, serving[ renal stem whmh seems to have i " on o sty .... ~ . . . sy Dw ght D. lihsenhower. My group [.~_ . . acquaint themselves w~th names, places ana events repo:ted -----'---- [the l~ubhc as you do, you are I am a "tired American" who no directian except on a day to:of thirt,, one contain~ a teacher ]ustme enacted m many a so ,, ,, I IS still in newspapers from around the world. _ , TOO MANY DOGS / in, terested in news which mdzca- resents those who try peddle ,the day basis What legacy wi:ll be l from V P I two bankers and ~ ern courtroom, t From the be tuning, teachers and students have developea - Halltown' W Va 25423 tes tren4s and which uncovers belief in schools and colleges that left ~to th'e ~ncoming suverimten- [ _und~r~ai~r" ............. a' rotiroel~......... vio,~ ',r,~_~. I that police, officers can ~,, many differen newspaper uses for varied classes .of study, August 8, 1966] the attitudes and opinions of the cap!alism is a dirty word and dent of schools? [ident of the New Central R. R., A INegr preeners a_.nd.claamr ~...h,n:~, ,,.~h~m~i,,~ ~--~;~,- science nome ec- ~- ~r~ n,,,,~, Editnr / American peopm tt/at tree enterprise ana private Very truly vours, coa~ mine owner f ,armers tWo I uezense as ~xt excuse, a,~ onomics, drawing, music, and even for classes of retarded Spirit of Jefferson / I am, therefore, attaching two ~mtmt:ve. are onlysynonyms, for William J. Brown doctors, and some others. [ ' . .... children, . Newspapers have been used in the elementary, DearCharles" MrTWn'BrownW' Va. ca~mnCpies" Ofof theour moStho ereCentorgan,pUbli'the cagre'e~'pRa~,ismTneYoutSaymatmey aremeYaiwaysna e Department of Physics I We flew. from New York Wed- I verYaencernmSTat ~li, ewaenCeana a r~egror nots: " " " ult " [nesday mght July 20th and our ~unlor h~gh and senior high sc!mo!.successf~ y. ...... Could "I "leas'e have a little "Town Hall Board," which car- right at the head of the line de- Athens, Greece; first stop w~s Frankfort, Ger-lexc~ted fora crime for whi~ Students have tearneo now ~o :lgure image,s, stuoy L ne ~ .-- I rie~ ~ sheeto, article on na-es 3 manning their share of the T,,h, 'm ~aa m~,n,., r~o,. ...... ~.~...~a ..1 .... ! ware man has ever papa a s~ "ob stud merchandise offers, make space in your paper once agam. i o .. ~. ~,, ~"~' American wa 4 ~,--a ,,~ ........... , ...... ,-~ ~-',,,,s~,~ ~, ...... [ stock market, look for a J , s y , , . T ...... ~ U~. + ..... ;+~ ~,,,,+ ~h~ and 4 I. as a patron, a CZtLzen, y of 1 fe.Mr. Max Brown t and flew on to Hadrid, Spain. penalty. . .. . sample. . menus.. , l:)lan trip~s, read the. business, news, unaerstana. ............................ Do s. You see, up here, we got and as a'proud. American. . do urge' I am a "tired American". . who The Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate The service on the German air'I ' Title. II deals w~. aiserim the ed torml page, evaluate ed~toraal cartoons, add figures, lotsg of dogs Big Dogs, little ones, you to reprint th~s arhcle so that gets more than .a little b~twe~ry _Charles Town, W. Vs. t line Lu.tbsana was very good. mn m the selection of grand spell, write clear sentences, and learn about the many things all kinds an'd colors. One hops on all of our local citizenry may ben o~ ~ne enque ~n our. ~tate ~e- Dear Editor: . t We visRed a modern chicken | petit juries in state courts. a nevtspaper has to offer for readers to assist them ,as well three legs some that can hardly efit from i~s truthfulness. Poa.~ia~eo~twnod~tnvo~ ~d~egara a _ Trav~ can be very .interesting farm near Madrid with 150,000[ Ti.~le III deals wltn sonooi ,. ;..v .... ~^o~ ~.~,~,~.,+ .~,~ ,~h~r~ if i~ ~ link with o+o- +~,, have It is my oninion that it is the P '~Y y p en .... t.~lumo~a Union College that I cl~ickens It produced up to 110,/gra ian. for mora~ty correc~ ............................... ...~....~-,. ,.. ,~;..,..... A La" Coo" ~-uess thats 4ut- of all true Americans to the same .greup who ,s~.scnbes to attend, sponsors a ~p to Florida 000 eggs a day, and hatched up rag, a socmty must be llIe as l~ reaaiy 1S, ana ~nls encour~ge~ Itlttlly ~.t,~,c'tz,,~.~ t,,.., ',..,~*~.~L~Z',.~.Z ~ .y 1,, ,~, ., . a "'no win" li ill viet ~am eve -, [ " -- ..... ..... -'-'-- "----~-^^~- ,------;-~c, what the,, catl it when they get stand up for the//" county and pe ey ry tw~ years, through ~t s Bin-I to 400,000 baby ch~ck a week. We, TURN TO PAGE 8---A oecome,more serlou, s aooul, ~ne:r s~alez, xex~t~t~r, ~e~,mzz~, ..... a ................. I am - ",tired American -eal - --- '" " instantA u,nmKen out oz :vty coop). Tnay DacK C0 ISH UHOn ana govern-a -- -- ]s no longer enough m a world of rapM change and ......................... a--e ~ut'" of tired of those who are trying to ! ~ ~ mm ~ ml ommunications their , int out are so oaa tna~ reopm ,here zzzvz~. ~,L z~ ~n~ ~ m u, y ' . . ,~t, , ~ ,~v . ......... called the warden, and he payed those true Americarrs to fight sell me the b~mf that Amer)ea ,,~ .... Actually, teachers become more enthusmsuc aoou ne:r no attention to them. So about against the inner diseases which as not the greatest natron, m teaching when using newspapers, because students become ten of us Wrote him a letter ask- are weakening our world posit- world . . . a generous, nearted ~.~,) ~ ~ ~ (r~-~ more interested. This has also had an affect on more careful ing him to do something about ion ,and not just to set back on natron :... a nau.on a~a~ca~ed, to ~111 . m - ~/~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~'~A~ ~,,n ~,~.~,~ ,~m,,, ~,, ~arents teachers r~rt since them their dead butts and pretend to me porzcy.of ~fy. tng to neap ~ne~iml~4~ ~1~ : .......... ~ ........... ~" *'-' ~" "~'+ ' . "~ .... ~ ......... "have n,,-o" acndeve some of mo ---**~m --~, ~i~[~ ~ ~ [~ ~ ~~ d [~:~ students at home discuss the many benefits newspapers offer One old lady told them ,that worry .oecause ,,tuey uon ~ wau,~ -o~ thi'~s that our s" "+"'- "'~ II~lM ~t~ l~ II ~ :~ I "/~/~] ~~ - N ~~'~P'~ and how these are used in the classroom, they are _upsetting her f!owers to De_,!inv_olve~_- ............... ~re~'~ e t"e rise brou~ll ~'at~ut ul ~[ ~,~ ~ ,. ~)~I The news' a' r readin habit develor d early, can help rignt on ner porch, tie tom her x oelaeve t'nat vne attacneu a.z~- ~, .., A~,,..~ .... ~...~,~,.+.. ~. ~,., ~ m ,~ ~ ~ ~~ ~P~'~- . m..~, q" | ~WL~|I r, t~ ~ , , r-~ " ....... '- ---' --- ""~-- - icle w"- wri*ten *--. a real Ameri a,,, a,, ~,,~,,,~,~ .,~ ~=~ a ~-,m* m m ~ nm~ m-m ~ ~im I I~nlr:lK I ~mlitl~ f i should be a re'uired art to ta~e a a.u u. t.vz. a- t = ,~ "i " ' a,,~,~-.v.. students m so many ways tha t q P .-- ,,,o+ .... +,t~-- -ut e.. wh- is doing' his dart t- stand n bts throat when he hears the ~~ .Y_~ | ~ ~ ~ ~t~:~ t ~'~'" [l~ II . ,,,,~ ....................... ~, ........... ta S an le Ban "a IIIb~AI I~V of classroom work, some teache:~ beheve. Knowing more ,, ..... h on ~a,, ann aP nile un for dem0cracv It would be S r p .g d . ner nd who ' ~ ~ ~" ~[~[ mtk~ __ |~1| about newspapers, as reqmred m most newspapers-m-the- it . ick to kee the dots y~rdu~yasanewsmanandasa hods.. 1~ the ears when ne ~-.~ ~.L=...,. COLLEG , " " " 1 , f r a better underst ndin w h a p . nears those enmmg r*ign no es ot ....... classroom progzam, Is a so helpful o g away. He never done one thing fellow citizen to ,not only prmt th^ ~,; .... , ..... =+ .... ~.- 01a ~~t~U~ I ~ ~ ~ .... ~ ~ of a free. press and its role in a free society both teachers but come up here, and tell people what is happen~ing in this great ~. ~ ~,,,~o~o.~,~v+.,~ ~,~ ,,-,:,~ ll~l~l~ll~ ~i~ l~l ll ~'i-~ "-"--t ~ ~ and students report, to do something like that. country, but ~lso what our peo- ,.,',y,a, .......... t, ,, ....... ~ ~ ~: m ~ .. ,~ 1 7 47 Jefferson County." kept dogs in .~his County would country as a whipping boy 365 Charles Town, West V4rginia The fact the paper is commencing its 123rd year of supprise you, on~ly about six years 4ay/year. Dear Max: (Plus 11 cents Tax in W. Va.) ago it broke out among the foxes. I am a "tired American". Wea- The famou~ Italian scier~tist, publication proves it must be doing something right, l~ight here When it does a lot of ry of having American embassies G~ileo, once wrote, "Who will Use This Convenient Fo:an Again, our belated congratulations and best wishes forpeople will be saying I wish some and information centers stoned, set the bounds of minas under. another 122 years of recording the foibles and follies body had told me. What I am burned and sacked by mobs ope.r 8landing?.'. For sixteen hundred of man. (Charleston Gazette) trying to do is .help. First for the ating under orders from dictators years the taheories of ,the Greek ........... .......... sake of these hungrey dogs, sec- ..... I who preach "peace" and breed Aristotle, 'had held forth. Arista. ond to protect everyoo~ys pets lconflic~t. ,, ,, fie, the man whose ideas of the I TO: SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON-ADVOcATE and propi~y I do not get payed I a a t A . . .. ! ........ [ m tred merican weary umverse and nature the Church tO uo tills The lac~ o! It lS I i ^~ I"" ~ ..... . . ..... I of be n,g lectur~ ,~ ,~.~zm hoaorecf .If any mare doubted PLEASE SEND SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION TO: urove all over ae~terson t;ounty] DeGaulle (wh~ never won a bat- these wor~s and .theories of this ni al el " ................. to fred out for the A m W tie w o : . . "t ) ho p ses as a se~)nd Jeho- great philsopher, it was heresay ....... fare, at my expense to tinct out vo ,i ri " [ NAME . . . ~ h n ghteousness and w~sdom, and every often that man was " 3ust how many aogs were running I am a ' ~re A wa " ea * . ' [ , 'V d mer n .. wry excommurdcated from the holy .............................................. mo~. /of. Nasser and a~l the other blood church or l~st his life. . Thanking you a thousand times] sucking leeches who 1Meed tlncle Oa~ileo dared to increase the COLLEGE ........................................... : ~ remain " l I Sam white and who knick him on bounds of mars ~mdeI~tanding of City ................................. State .......... Yours tru y, ,t e t t /. h .shins and yank his b/mrd if nature by accurate observation [ S.T. Douglas/ the cash flow falters, and experimentation thus dispro- ! [ ~ -- ] I am a %ired American.. ehok ving the 'theories and-ideas that CHECK ( ) OR MONEY ORDER ( ) ENCLOSED / a~,~t-tm~ ~,,,m~mm ] ed up to here on this business of had so long shackeled tll~ ~inds .... ~ ,,-.-, -- .......... ~ ' | ~| |l:r~ [,~U~'~LJ! trying to 4ntimidate our govern, of men. Ker,~ suffered great mental " ................. tin,at by placard, picket phy :at for his ,ef