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August 10, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 10, 1961

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Y W EST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BEST MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALL JiURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN !16 YEARS. READ EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN -- 20,000 PERSONS - i PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. SECOND CLASS POSTAGE PAID AT CHARLES TOWN. W. VA. SPIRIT ESTABLISHED IB44 -- ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED IBB'~ COMBINED MARCH I, 1948 MAX BROWN. EDITOR OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREET -- TELEPHONE 222 NATIONAL ADVI~RTISlNG REPRESENTATI VK8 WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES. INC. 404 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK IB. N. Y. ATLANTA --- CHICAGO -- DETROIT -- LOll ANGELJCi ALL BUIBCRIFTIONI DELIVERED IN THE STATE ARE SUBJECT TO 3~/0 CONfiUMERI BALE8 TAX. SUBSCRIPTION 1118.SO PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL [DITORIAL Thursday, August 10, 1961 TIlE ANVIL We hasten to congratulate Miss Julia Davis on the very successful first showing of The Anvil, which opened its iniLial run here last Saturday night. To quote from Senator Ralph Yarborough, the senior Senator from Texas who was among those who saw the first showing, the drama was "tremendous". As a member of the National Civil War Centennial Commission and as a member of the Civil War Round Table, Senator Yarborough knows whereof he speaks. And when the Senator says it is the greatest dramatic production he has yet witnessed in connection with the Civil War Centennial we are prone to take his compliment as the compliment of an expert. The" Anvil is a typical case in point of a doctrine this newspaper has espoused for years. Jefferson County has a rich, abundantly rfch, heritage in history and we owe it to the rest of the world to share it. The commercial bene- 'fits that may ensue from such a course are incidental. The main point is that Jefferson County has a wealth that leannot be translated into such mundane terms as dollars nd cents. It is a cultural wealth, and Miss Davis is de- rving of the greatest of praise for giving not only Jef- ferson County but the entire country a mirror through hich an important link in our past can be revisited. BLOCKED CROSSINGS Three weeks ago local motor traffic went into a snarl that lasted the better part of a half hour as a result of a train stoppage in Charles Town when a trainman was in- jured on the train. In the incident alluded to the train was attempting to avoid injury to a vagrant who had strayed upon the tracks, but this does not alte;g the fact that for an unreasonable time the train remaindd parked on main crossings leading from Charles Town to Raison. In the wake of this ,event, this newspaper has received numerous "complaints' of raih'oad crossings being blocked in the Shenandoah Junction area for unreasonable lengths of time. Last Saturday a member of the staff of this paper waited for thirty-five minutes at the Shenandoah Junction crossing unable to cross because of a "parked" train. Finally, he drove to Bardane to make the crossing. In the instance we have referred to there has been no major injury other than to the frayed nerves of the stranded motorists. But the point we would make is that there could be injury and damage of major proportion. Suppose, for example, the vehicles waiting to cross had been fire trucks or ambulances on duty calls? We are mindful of the necessity of minor inconvenience while waiting for trains to clear a crossing. But the rail- roads need to be reminded that unreasonable blocking of crossings cannot be tolerated. Emergency vehicles have a right to assume that the public roads will not be blocked by the trains any longer than is necessary for them to pass. The railroads are apparently unaware of this, and we take this occasion to remind them of their duty. THIS WEEKS NEWS IN By Mrs. Roy Breeden Telephone 256-J Notice To Cub Scouts There will be a Den meeting on Friday night, Au[gttst 11 at the Lutheran Church. Let's see which den will have the most members present. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Higgs and two children of Winchester visi- ted on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slusher and children. They all enjoyed themselves the river with a picnic. Mr. and Mrs. David Webb and Miss Elizabeth Webb spent a few days recently with Mr. and Mrs. Joc Vaughn of West Richfield, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McDow- ell and daughter of Washington, D. C: were recent weekend visi- tors of Mrs. William McDowell. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Webb and sons visited with Mr .and Mrs. Harold Webb and sons of South lawn, Md. last Sunday. Mrs. Betty Lanham and child- ren with Mrs. Nannie Lanham have returned from their visit with friends and relatives in Red Level, Ala. ~i:~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~ By Henry W. htort*~w MR. GOLDWATER I have spent no small amount of time during the past few mon- ths trying to find out what it is about Senator Barry Goldwater that seems to be attracting such widesepread acclaim. I confess that as this column begins I am no closer to the answer than I was when I began, but that may be because I had the answer in the beginning and simply could not believe it. The answer, I think, is a combination of Escap- ism, Americanism, and, if you will, Motherhood. For Senator Goldwater is for all those things that are good and has led his nai ve followers to believe that the only way we can attain these things is to turn back the clock. I watched him on television this past Sunday and found there was not a single thing he said with which I could quarrel, al- though I confess I would have loved the opportunity to cross- examine him to find out what he meant by his sweet sounding words. He began by saying that he wished the Americans, and not the Russians, had a man cir- cling the globe in a spaceship. (Who can argue with this?) He went on to say that he was again st "unnecessary' 'government spending, although I have never known anyone to be for "unnec- essary" government spending. As for the Berlin situation, he stated that he believed we should be "firm". although I know of no re- sponsible person who believes we should be anything else. There was one occasion last Sunday when I thought he might say something with which reason able men could take issue, but he Mr .and Mrs. Melvin-Whitting ton and sons David and Edward with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mc- Donough and son spent the day on Sunday at Hershey Park. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clipp and daughters Darlene, Roxanne and Hebbie of Kabletown visited on Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonough. Miss Patsy Clipp and friend Mr. Stanley Dillow of Harpers Ferry visited on Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mc- Donough. nimbly avoided it: I had thought he was unalterably opposed to federal aid to education, but it turned out that he was simply op posed to expending federal funds to teach non-essential subjects. On the vital issue of foreign aid it turns out that he is again st "waste" in the foreign aid pro gram, as is everyone else. He says we should have spent fifty mill- oion dollars in Latin America a- bout five years ago, but blandly runs away from any personal re- sponsibility for this nation not ' aving done so then, and never considers the fact that as a mere ber of the Senate then he should have seen this then. In short. Senator Goldwater is as shallow a man as I have seen on the public scene in a long time. tte is for everything that is good and against everything hat is bad. It is an indictment of the thinking of the American that he has been allowed to be- come a national figure. The only clever thing that he has done is a cheap and sordid thing. He has capitalized on the yearnings of the present generation to escape the responsibilities of the Twen- tieth Century, has led them to be lieve that if they will but follow him they can return to the good old days. This is a monstrous fraud. For no sane person be- lieges we can ever, ever return to the good old days. What Senator Goldwater and his ardent followers cannot un- derstand is that the clock cannot be turned back. In a sense, all of us are for the things Senator Goldwater is for: less govern- ment, good old America, summer picnics with ants instead of the threat of nuclear fallout, no corn munist threa and a world of make believe. But, thank heav- en, there are still enough sensib- le Americans who can look upon these things as desirable and rea lize at the same time that we sim ply cannot go back to them be- cause there is no way back. Sen ator Goldwater can't. He will con tinue to try, but in the end we will all realize that Hiroshima closed the door on yesterday for- ever. Of the nine births born at the Charles Town General Hospital during the period of August 2 and August 8, five of them were girls and four boys. Two births occurred Wednes- day, Aug. 2 a son, Glenn Alan, born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul D." Gai ~her of Brunswick, Md. and a dau ghter Dorothy Olamey, born" to Mr. and Mrs. Willard M. Fields, Charles Town. Thursday, Aug. 3 a son Patrick Sharon. was born to Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Poland of Route 2, Har pers Ferry. Three births occurred Aug. 4 a daughter Mildred Jeannette was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Krause, Charles Town; a son John Joseph, born to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sirkin, Charles Town; and a son, Garland David, born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Hardy Charles Town. Two births occurred Monday, Aug. 7 a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Leake, Ran son and a daughter Kathy Marie born to Mr. and Mrs. Claud R. Thompson, Ransom Tuesday, Aug. 8 a daughter Was born to Mr. and Mrs. Nichol as J. Fernicola, Ranson. Surgical patients admitted to the hospital were: Miss Bonnie Mae Roberts, Har pers'FeYry,' Rt.'2 Little Vivian A. Howeli, City, Rt. 2; Master ward L. Ainsworth, Harpers Fer ry, Miss Judy C. Piper, Harpers Ferry; Maser Harry S. Evans, City; Mrs. Mary S. Propst, Ran- son; Miss Patsy A. Clipp, City; Baby John Wilmouth, City; Mas- ter Stephen L. Harmon, Knox- ville, Md. Medical patients were: Mr. Cly de M. Luckett and Mr. George E. Vickers of City; Little Ruth M. Woodward, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Mary E. Day, Brunswick, Md.; Mr. Edgar M. Snowden City; Mrs. Dorothy M. Hannas, Kearneys- ville; Mr. Julius S. Smith, City; Mr. Marion S, Smith, Summit Point; Mr. William E. Bowers, Halltown; Mrs. Ellie M. Spates, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Edna M. Armstrong, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Joan Bencivenga, City; Little RonaldG. Shake, Harpers Ferry; Mr. Daniel E. Hester, City; Mr. NOTICE! EFFECTIVE AUG. 14 COMMUNITY OIL COM- PANY OFFICE Will Be Located on Euclid Avenue, East Washington Street ex- tended, Next to Our Ware- house and Bulk ~Fhmt. SPIRIT, OF JEFFERSON r mMm 4---A" '- . "'TH i SDAY AUGUST 1L0, Roy E. Cook, Bolivar; Mrs. Alice LAWN PARTY A. Hale, City; Mr. Herbert F. Cog ] ( le, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Sadie E. I Murrell Hill Methodist Carpenter, City; Mr. Charles W. ]Yard, August 18, 5:30. 0 Ramsburg, Harpers Ferry; Mas-Ibeef soup, chicken salad, ter James D Swisher Summit I sandwiches, hot dogs, me Point; Ml'. Robert Thornt0n,"Cit; [ ive:r n:eCaske e f e' soft Mrs. Josephine J. Jenkins, Har-I pers Ferry. [ GO TO CHURCH S! H. a R. t,0 l )N AUI TI SOUTH GEORGE STREET RANSON, W. FR.IDAY, AUGUST 11, 1961 BEGINNING AT 7:30 P. M. (D.S.T.) Estate Home FreezeL 21 cu. ft.; 3 Piece Roam Suite, Chi|d's Writing Desk, Porch Swing, Desk, S ne New Merchandise, including Baskets, Dishes, Lah ps, Tools, stud"Many Articles not mentioned. SALE EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. H. and R. COMMISSION H. CLAY THARPE, Auctioneer. For Information and Consignments Call CHARLES TOWN 7-R. Mr. Norman Briggs of Wilming ton, Del. was ~pe.nding. a few days the past week with his aunt'and ancle Mr. and Mrs. George Rob nson and daughter Phyllis. Mrs. Gene Mason and son Kev in of Charles Town visited with Mr. and Mrs: Calvin Hough on Wednesday night. Mrs. tielen Robinson with Miss Bessie Hickerson returned home on Sunday hight from a vacation trip in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hough were Sunday visitors in Berry- ville, Va. with Mr. and Mrs. Earl McDonald and family. Parents of Daughter , Mr. and Mrs. Claude Thompson Jr .are receiving congratfilations on a baby girl born Monday a- :ound 2:30 in the Charles Town Hospital. The little Miss weigh- ing 5 lbs. and 10 oz. has been named Kathy Marie. Mrs. Thomp son before marriage was Miss Dottie Davis. Mrs. Howard Hackley and two children of Washington~ D. C. are spending a few days-with her brother Mr. Charles Thompson. Purchases Eby Home Mr. and Mrs. David ebb have bought the home of Mrs. Eby on Mildred Street and plans to move In soon. Miss Anna Creamer is spend- ing a iew days at the home of her brother and family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Creamer and sons. Mr. Robert Creamer is in the hospital and very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hough near town, Mr. and Mrs. John Smallwood of Ranson and Mr. and Mrs. Russell McAboy and son of Brucetown were all visi- tors on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Edgar Smallwood. Mrs. Robert Woods and baby girl of Carrollton, Md. spent the week recently at the home of Mr. Arthur Webb and family. Charles Town, W. Va. Please put scrap paper and magazines on the side- walk and turn on your porch light. If your paper is not collected by 8:30 please phone Peoples Supply at 17 before 9:00 o'clock and someone will be back to ': co|lf t your paper. THANK YOU! Mr. and Mrs. Roy Breeden and sons left early Sunday morning to visit relatives in Stanley, Va. Mr. and-Mrs. Earl McDonald with them two grandchildren Tammy and Ronnie of Berryville, Va. visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ed gar Smallwood on Wednesday night. While being here they all visited with Mr. and Mrs. Cal- vin Hough. Mr. Arthur Webb, Miss Eliza- beth Webb with Mr. and Mrs. Da vid Webb spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Waters and son of Pleasant Valley, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Elfish Webb of Baltimore. Md., Mr.,and Mrs. Mar vin Waters and son of Pleasant Valley, Md. visited at the home of Mr. Arthur Webb and family on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold McKee with Mr. and Mrs. George Carroll and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ranalli spent a few days vacation at At- lantic City and also N. Y. While being away the McKee's children spent the time with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Chamblin and family. Stork Shower A stork shower was given July 31 for Mrs. Gerald Jamison by Mrs. Harold McKee. The guest at tending were Mrs. George Car- roll, Mrs. Charles Marcus and daughter, Mrs. James Dodson, Mrs. Charles O'Bannon and dau- ghter Mrs. Rebecca Snellings, Mrs. David Cheshire, Mrs. Ped- rick Sullivan, Mrs. Jose~)h Ran- TRUE ADE Big 46-0z. Cad for LIBBY'S 46-OZ. CAN C II PACKERS LABEL DEL MONTE alli, Mrs. Elizabeth Henry, Mrs. Daisy Jamison, Mrs. LillianLloyd 4 cans 49c 2 cans 35c Mrs. Delores Manuel, Mrs. Fleata Jenkins. I I 40-Oz Box I lb. can I APPLE HERRY COCONUT CUSTARD each 4 I CRmP PA~SCAIJ BRUSH CREEK lg. cans MIRACLE WHIP c Quart for each lb. basket; most children, Mr. Char- les William Braithwaite, billfold; youngest, Treasa, Gay Braithwai- re, two toys. children, Mr. JOhn Braithwa te, fruit basket; : farthest' diStan ee. l Irs. M;aggie Br ithwaite, fruit were gtven. Oldest, Viola New- rl/an fruit bask'et;" most graffd After lunch was over prizes table prayer given by Mrs. James Braithwaite. and Mrs. Ed Braithwaite of Mid dletown, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Rob- ert Braithwaite and two girls; Mr. and Mrs. John Braithwaite, Mr .anti Mrs. Richard Braithwaite and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kranenburg and two sons all of Charles Town. The dinner started off with a CALIFORNIA SWEET JUMBO PINK MEAT C ANTALOU ter, Mrs. Vada Dailey, Mrs: Viola Newman all of Winch'ester; Mr. The lucky one winning prizes were Mrs. Louise Ranalli and Mrs. Fleata Jenkins. ' Refreshments being served con sisted of cake, nuts, mints and coffee. Braithwaite Reunion The Brtithwaite reunion was, held on Sunday, August 6 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Brai thwaite near Berryville. Those at tending and each family with a big basket of eats were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Baker and four children Mr .and Mrs. James Braithwaite and three children, Mr. Charles William Braithwaite, Mr. Ronald Braithwaite, Mrs. Martha Tumb- lin and Mrs. R.uth Parks all of Berryville, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson Braithwaite and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Braithwaite and daugh- BIRDSEYE 6-Oz. Jar NESCAFE INSTANT