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Charles Town, West Virginia
August 4, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 4, 1966

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, ployment w i t h Shenandoah Mr. Howard Ambrose, accompa- SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE ' . + ' " ' ' ': "' . -' ' '.' = Downs starting Monday night, nied by his son Ne~le, of Charles q'I4ITR~IIAV AIW'.II.~'P a lq~ Mr. Thomas Whetzel and Mrs. Town, motored to Baltimore, Md., -- .......... ' ........ ' .... - I I I |ll | Louise Bentz spent the weekend to visit Mr. and Mrs. Patq Brandt .......... J l| | wi~h her daughter and family, Mr. and family hour .whi oe n ela in the. rarisn congrega.tio.n's new. vicar, P ..... H'ED EVERY ~rURSI}AY [[ I [I ] i| roll and Mrs. Richard Stickles, Alex- Mr. and Mrs. Cbarles Kidwiler Hall Immediately after this serv- Rev. Wllham V. Brook. .. UDXa~ [ [ I[ | [~[rll~ andria, Va. left Sunday for a week s vacation ice. I .Brook has been serving St. [ ] | %I'll ,Ib| Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simons in D~ona Beach, Fla. The main speaker thus year will [ lp s since July. BY TE[~ JEFFERSON PU'BLISHING CO.~ INO. I I I ..... m , Lnl and sons were Sunday d.lnner Vrsrtors at the home of Mr. and be the Rev. Alexanoer H. Easly, [ A hearty welcome is ext ,,,, xT.._,t. ,- ..... ~.~.+ ~h~..l~ ,i, .... ~tr xr~ [ 1[ l~y ltlenl7 w, mtorrow i~ [ | ~i] guests of Mrs Simons' parents, I Mrs. Charles Kidwiler and Mrs. chaplain at St. Paul s College, I a~l members and friends ,xu ~mut ~'m~ ou~ ~akt,~.,u,~: , .... ' " ..... Mr. and Mrs.-Wi~iam Hoak and Mary Engle Sunday were Mr. and Lawrencevil4e, Va. Mr. Easly was[ Phitip's Church to attend "lAp UOIle "zwtla Miss Dorothy Bowers. Ha, Htown Mrs. L B Deitrich, of Blacks- formerly vicar at St Mary s l i!-,, , , , - " , - ;- " ...... ~ " - ~ , service e~ ~l~r~ Entertained on Birthday i Durg, va., a~La mrs,. aria mrs. Church Berryville. Va. This oc-[ " oames t, ageoy, oi t~ammore. '. . READ :BY MO]~J~ TIffiN/-.~O~ PEOPI~ SOME THINGS ~ sistent Mr. and Mrs. James S. Johnson Mrs Nellie Gageby remains a careen W~ll also provide an oppor-I ~_,~ qP,~ ~]~,~.~h ~,nd - I entertained in honor of their sent ,~+,- , +. the Ohm,-,~ T.,~. C... tunity Ior everyone ~o meet the, ~-.~ Jt~ ~J.,u.~.., ~., ....... TO CONSIDER By that I mean thts. the . ,..+oler~ ............. ~1 ............ - _. Secqnd Class Postage Paid At CAlarl Town Postofflce" I n' ders a d the mild]State maintains" " an absolute mon- Scottie's slxth' bi .r~hday' SunaaY [ eral~ Hospital." j ~" furorCea+tla;~rup~e~-last mon,thlOpoly in West Virgin~ia on ~he evening w~na party= 'rno~ pres-I Mr. Guy Oden and Mr. Frankie ] ............... h ..... meone -e-o,~ed that Gov I sale of liquor and the reason ent were nar. ann mrs. ~narles ~ eden, sons of M,r. and Mrs. Don- | ~ I ~ ~l~ ~ ~ I~ NATIONAL NIWSFAFI ernor ~ui~tt Smi,~l~'was -lannin'~[given is that the sale of liquor is Jonnson and son l~rian: Mr. ann aid eden, were out pa~ie~s of I IliF1 1 Ili~ll IIl~ ~Jn~ii in | +. ~'.~" ~+ ...... ~,~ ,m~+~v,~ ~.~1 by its very nature so inherently Mrs. uewis Johnson anu cnldren the Charles Town General Hospi- I in ~' ~ l i ~ ,~,~ ~l ~, ~,', ~lllil~ ] ~[ ['-''~J -~ ~ se"'~'~+~Vest~"V~i'r'~in~ans~on"t'h'eI dangerous that the most stringent Timmie,. Tracy and Tony, Mrs. tal. The Oden brothers under- | , . m~T~ , ~r * Tr~-~TrC~nn ~, ~ ,~'e' ~ ~ ~"+++" ~a+ +h"~ zovernor of this lregulation is required. The result uene oonnson ann aaughter v, el: went tonsilectomy operations I ~flk'lUl~13_/Xl~ 2-]kUh U.i~l D~ l t/OO _ - state ought to have a shot ~t al of tnis +argument is mat me .~, ~,,,~. ,.,,,,~.u ~.,"*~ -. "~" Monuay. I 1 .~n p M _ second termDiWhY n'at? As a mat-I State also gets all the profit. But lilgi~e:zl~ems ~l~.n~nl:~%Y ~O?rI Church Announcements I o~ .. ......... M/IX BROVt/N, Genexal Manager ...... ter of fact, I m+ w!ll.!ng to go the[ lOgges;V~:s ~ave, twethnee~le~O Mrs. Ro~rt Dillow, Mrs. Jean-] Vacation Church SehoM is next ] .Twomiles North +of Hall!own,.w. va., ann i'TenlethT~:~B DON ~IL News ~lltor -- IIF2~RY MOI~OW,/~aoe. ~mrar crmcs one oevmr. Why not get I .~...~.~ d,i.n+,~ that legalized netta Harrison and son Darren, ! week, August 8 through 12, 9 a.m. I [ ~nepnerasmwn on me rmgm ~w~cn ~toaa, I w l " someone or some group ot people | '+"~-".~-. +---,-o, -7-- -~ - .~....~.~ ~..~ T.~.+.. a...... a ~... ~to 19 nee- If an.,one needs I I ing Modern anu &nuque iyurnl~ure: ^ ,,~,,~,u,, ~xr.~ w~,-m.~o.o .,. ~l wagering is also mnerenuy uan- ~... ,~.u ~...~ ~.v,.,~ .J.~ ,+.u ~,,,, ,, - . -. a I I Natiomd Advert~L~/Representative, American [ whole~%ost'o~fchan~es"~hat "need lgerous, and therefore the State Robbie,.Robin Johnso.n_M.r.s. Ber:~ ~ansp_o~ta~ion,_ get ln_tovuch w!t_h I[ Bedroom suite, double and single bed, 2 Chests of Draw should either have a menu el tie WilliS, ~ars. auai raim ann raster ~utx~lay xI a yone cau Newsnal~r Rep~ntaUves, Int,, 404 Fifth &v~., New York [to be made in this state. West/ .... T y ..~.. ,~.a+... ~,~ ~, ..... +.+. .... +N- wit~ tran~ortation nlease I I 2 Wardrobes, I Piano, 1 Davenport, 3Vanity Dressers, Elec. ....... and has been for[ on oom or a monopoly on nmmer. ~.. ~,.a,.,~, .,... --,---,a o,,..~,,., ., v.' - +v ' " I " " E Virginia ~s now Heater and Electric Lamps, Pictures and Picture Frames, it - Chl - Atlanta. San Frmaciseo. Los AnpleS . . Mr. Rexford Todd. get m touch wiCh the pastor, also l/~tr0 e~go years struggl,lng along ~lth a lot[ So much for that! What about ...... ~n .hnn .... ~ ..... ~h ......... a I Table Round Ton Stand Servtnv Table 3 Rockin~ Chairs. 6 ( bco~vie receivea many nice no -- of antiqua~ted laws that are in another blg field where our laws I , ~,+~,t,,owu~ ~a00~er Yr, Phm 15era, W. Va. Tax [ .......... / - :' -- - l useful gifts He also received a+ to attend. | [ Arm Chairs, Lot Odd Chairs, 2 Oil Heatrolas ,Home Comf oox,o~,,u ,~v,,~ - v,-. -- - ~ neea ot elmer .... repeal, ~t me most,[ neea ,to ~e reexamme~9 trOmfera r~ ce present" from his uncle, PFC I ar i Fi uart r /I g , , ' t " Our eh ge-w de rst Q e - Ran e, Chunk Stove (new) Roll Top Desk Books, Victrola C or drastic reva, smn at the least, standpmnt of revuslon. I re - -' 1 il xt Sun ~,... u..~....~ m ..... D--rtm0111~ And --meone needs to set out on/to-ublic education Year in and Don'ald Dzl~ow, who Is stationed+'Y C~.ference- wll-bene ~. ,'/I met, Utility Cabinet, Dishes, Pots and Pans, Wooden Ch* .t~t ~~ ,,,,- ,~ ,4 -------~-r-- ~' / v ' " 'day, Augus~ ,, at ",:~o a~ rmgte./I , ut we aretreated to the m Germany Storage Cabinet, Trunks, Lawn Chairs Storm Door, 2 Butt , an organized course of showing year o ' " re ' how changes could, and probably[sIlgctacle of inadequate funds to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mason, of members.r the C~uarterl., Co,fier ill Churns, 2 Butter Prints, Spinning Wheel, Splnn ng oo , DIAL 7 5-?-U46 or 7 5- O4T .... A~I official board members a " " i L m - ' ~. [ would," affect the welfare of aTl/educate our children, and year in 'l Martinsburg, RFD, visited his sis-I enee and ~ou~d'~be nresen~ " Ali [| I Brass Chandeliers, oll and electrified, O11 Lampm, Stone J! THURSDAY, UGUST 4, 1966 I of us. / and year out bond issue after iter and fam~'ly, Mr. and Mrs. Er- members are also invited to at- / [ (large and small), Love Seat and Matching Chairs, Flat Iro~ ' -' I Submitted herewith are just a|bo ,n~_. issue goes down to defeat, n~rSet S~ms~nS, East Washington[tend. A good gal might be toHI Boot Jack. Slaw Cutter (old), Open Book Case, Lard PresS kll~El~ T~ ~il~lD~V " I few of the changes that West[ We ve got crowded school rooms ~ .et,+a~st.'l"nurs~ay." .... [ fill the church next Sunday at I/I Sausage Grinder, 2 Iron Kettles and Stands. Many articles $ Nts l~Lkl$ ItS W tsilli i I V~irginiarrs would do well to con-l, andB .... we'Vecan,t som~onegt underpaidcometeachers.u., with [ visited" Mr.. l~etiher m. eaue,aaughter,Anmgton,Mrs Phylhsva" '~1 ~ugxe'. I/l/II ,,,,,,,~,,,,,~ .......... w+ .... ,.~.~,v.."^" . . smer. i flu noL WiSh ,to ue ulmel-/ .u~ v v ' ....... ' - ,,, ht but Kiamer ve r~ext ~unaay we wm ooserve, Success is never attained by staying awake at mg , I stood as saying tha I favor these[ a sound proposal whereby our " , o r the weekend: ... 7. i a" "2 orni t] I TERMS--CASH by staying aware in the daytime." ~home people dottge un-I things ,or that I would favor just| school buildings cou~ld be used~ Monday e venLng visitors of Mr. I Yb :memrvt caes . le;nusmll nl~ ~l EDITH M. MYERS I ets 'lheir ni n~s are often sleepless. Others boiaty[ any old scheme for bringing them[ 280 days a year insteau of the an ........... ?~ ~ aone~ ~mI to -a~e~,~ote " ' III NORWOOD ORCHARDS P " g resent 180 da s an whereb Avenue, were Mrs ~ay ~acuuinn v . " " .... " and seek to solve them about; bu~ I do say that they p . y, d Y (JAMES H MYERS HOME PLA(~ , ,ace tlaelr dlttlcullaes,analyze them, "] ought 0 be considered and I our teachers could be employed and two Children, Wayne. and t,, , ,,, t""-'~--. I I +lla~mn:~:s~/:b~eUI~y:~s~c~ aS rS?'~lI bYsth:wre~a:i~nl ~hl~ghtilll~' d~idar~l 3Ulhllt l Y:a~'?r:~;~2~S~:pdullfr :uStsaPait~ Nn~dy:nMi:~eSr~eSt LLea%., rtl nee0 m. toungsmrs II AF::~n~oo&I~E~oTIARPE that it has no solution ; but a common la 1 g try + "lanything more than the most[but 'its high time we started " g , 1~, p ~, , ~,~ I I ............... I V er t~Ot responslme for accluents sale aay Aug Z l lessly over a condition that cazmot possibly be correctS, x n-I superficial sort of attention. [ studying ways of operating our t Mr. and Mrs. Mel r!n Snyd [ tllVell tree irwin KII~ ] I r~o~ ~ciaenss sam oay. Aug. z-~ , all anu xamuy ann miss r~ancy urn stead of accepting the reality of the situation, peopte wm ~aKe I T, hats been our trouble up to I schools on a more economic y ..... 2 . "I [ their troubles to bed with them and hear tl~e clock strike lints poim. we've condemned new[started considering ways mad na.m ann aen.rey umnam are va-/u/~i~k P,----IA&g,, D ...... I ...... hour i,~ t~e ni-ht t ideas sim:l- because they're new,1 means of employing our teachers, ca~lonlng tins week in ocean[ ffllll UUIIIIJI IIUll rl l(llgl/ ~.-el'a .. lz ~ ' v ~ City Theprice of sound sleep in mental alterness.. The man who / or because we ve been. suspicious. I year round.. " ' " a co tit t'o al " [ on....... July 20 and 27, one nurtured I " who ts losses before they are of ~he people who are behindI So ~.t asn t 3ust ns u I rt + .,.~...~~.~.-' I . I ~ _ II liil | has hm affairs in hand, aecep , [ ................................... ov^r lus~u~._ -:-.-< ==__=:- _ /,thirty (130) Jefferson County/ I: mo snn unv$ it can mean Anti In tiffing so we ve plug aniezzunzen~ to pezzzu~ tzzu M ~ " ~ N~Vlll% qMllllMI lVlh~ forced on him, who think faster than his compet ors, /'_ "_ ...... .... t" succeed hi'~seF +~at VestI m t= I pre-school boys and girls partici-/ " w "ter ea a whom xu~ oi suuu ,.~a~ ,n, ,,. . .. -. + usually sleep well In good or bad times, comments a [ , ,hai h u~ith e [Virgin, inns needs to consider i N [1 t [ pacing an Project Head Start hadt $... lilt^ I -.b in Bagology, who concludes by saying that worry never help-/ ler ng%'l em'on th'e r"U:rit n'l There are a whole host of things I . --~." ~ -- -- / a most rewarding experience. [ IUI fllltlll~ tl~llUg/O fit ~~ ' " " Mr. Wa e Welty They were given an opportunhy ed anyone except a competitor, at is of we need to start thinking about, I yn . . , / nartieularOne of theconcernmatterst, thjeffersonland if a putfllC" ..... relations firm will ~~~+.~B~t ,~._t take,^a u~.++-htrmn ride .... from, rh+~Harpers~,.rv] Your Cooperat,ve s " i - " " articular and to stir our thinking so much the' ~"~ "" "~ ........ ~" ......... VArATI~ ~I~,6F~T~ / Cotmt arts In p " ' [ ....... a r ....... ,++,... I Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Oden of AI-[ successful event was made pos-[ Illillll--iil-- ~ --~'U'~''V'" ~wvv.w..v.. " "th~ whole of West Vir-inia aslOetter. The tawou ~ v~m~,ut;, media Farm s-en the weekend/ ...... "- ~ / lllllltilLlllk'UILII ~ ~ lJ / ~ ~ t .an~ if I'm n-t run out of town" ' v t sidle Dy ,me generosity oi many/ nlll~llll~,lr I~'~lll~ ~ ~' /,i~ well rs the matter of panmutuel t u o ) wit ............. .~ J-1 ....... when "^oDle start readin"1 , " , " / ........... .. + I .. h Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wen-/local mdwlduals, churches and/ I|li-Ill~L'llq~lll/ ~i~ ~" [~Wmm~._ : son, the season when the yen for a. change, s .... I states in the nation. But, as the[ subjects, that might.. . start, us t "nk- I spending. _ twenty_-one months in| ....... tlnd thank~m..... and annrooiati~nrr.... a..o.. -_n| ~/~~ our thoutlhts. The more affluent think m, terms of Calltorma,. old say4,ng goes, there ought ,to be~ lng. West Virginia, is. a. great. , the South Pacific to~,ethers / ~,,~~" -,,.-,,-,,,s*"u"'"~"" .,~,,..oa ...... ,,.~ ~,,.o~/ ~~ or Mexico, or even Europe. Always, it s the same: vacatmn a law that voutd permit the state, but let s face it: It lsn t Miss Susan Viands spen,t the| even~" [ [~~ is synonomyous with travel, and travel and distance identify i people who reside in the immedi-| moving, and one reason that !t[ week in Et~ic~t City, Md., wi.t~ai Jefferson Jaycees af Charles] w th" each other, ate area most affected by, isn ...... t is because me peopm axen ~ ~wiss ~naron watson., ~vnss wet- . Town; SheDherdstown_ Elemen-l. m~~ But for nearly every American who goes abroad this year] indu, stry to derive a. more ust/th, nk,ng, either because th.eyrelson a~d M'~s Vlandswere c!ass-[tary PTA; St. Johns Baptist| t~~ there will be a European or some other international coming me~sure of me oenefits uerivea| too lazy or Decause mey ~nlnK ~ t mates at harpers terry ~lgla t Church, Shepherdstown; Seniorl Iv~- - +. ==- ) .... ................. o some Other from the taxation of it At times/wouldn't do any good. Neither I School. [ Woman's Club, Charles Town and/ ~I~~~~M nere.~n~Irrevery, wes~.v,~rgmlanW~ergout.tofstaterwho we become a litle less" than con-' ex6use i, valid. - + - I Visitors a~ the home of Mr and|Ranson; Bol~ivar Civic Associa-/ .....+,.'+ :"~l[Uj~~~~ State in omen tnere wm oe some - - - - ....... 9 .......... live" Mrs B C Mi.tchell and Mrs Vir- tion, Inc, Bolivar; Asbury Metho-, "~%,.'~~~v#~~''- Willcome here wn l:iecause a 101: OI people wno cton 1~ _ - Y" - . 2 ........ , wit .. i~* - ~ .-- I ~inia t;ummings and son Gary, t dist Church, Shepherdstown; I "~.~~ m West Vw mm are im ressen oy our rrm esuc nms ann g , ,,-,.-,.,,an ,,,,.aerie /+ mmlff e I were Mr and Mrs. Leo Jamisonl W.S.C.S. John Wesley Methodist l pleasant valleys, and consider West Virginia one of the ideal [ aL'ih liVl| VI/55|Vl ~ W||| and family of Bakerton, Mr. ChurCh, Harpers Ferry; Grace I places to go to "get away from it all." So they come here. It's I ~ ~, I 1. l_l,_ I_ Jt ~ _ _ JtL =. _.__ t James Mitchell of Newton D. Be-I Church, Sunday School, Middle- nitv W st Vir nians' themselves haven't quite come to a l l[llll| l|T Ol]Tn rn I ker Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Frank- way; Miss Frances Heflebower, Make this day your personal Membership Day. Visit ^* %: .... .... .... here I ............... .... ............. I lin HockensmRh and children, Mrs. Margaret Cepelka, Mr. Stew-/Cooperative - - load up with feed, seed, fertilizer, farm Mrs Thomas Welt and Mrs art Reed s r to atte d h b all available withoiJt extensive and tiring travel. [..=: '+Y "t " /phes--andbe ue ... n ?e usmessmeetmg. D ............. t -nd -ou -lan toI JIl ill i*i ; ;llllU Ill Ill] li3VII SqlUU. IV ulegg I promems ano opportunlues, make suggesuons zor Imp[ lI you navert ~ ~aKen your vacauon ye, a y p ~ ~ ~ ' " " ~ t " ..... -- ""-w .... is avail t . / Mrs Hugh Davidson remains a Phllt. e .reh services, help elect able leaders to keep your Coupe LaKe a ravenng one, we urge yOU ~ consmer na~ "1 I l-arlene in ~he Kin-'- Daughters' t~J, n,m,~ a ~nuuu~,,n , . able to you right within the confines of our own State. The/ Election of local Board of __ : _.= .7 _ . .. _. / strong. ector members Farm Home Ad +~ hospital in mar~msourg. ~ne was l mountains are wonderful at thin seazon of the year. Thel . _ , ~ . : I ........ [admitted Stmday for observation ~ T~ $1~v~ ~l~r~ll~l|lll~! >t:re smsf;:r t:eeS l ra:s f l ndt efT Im i wTh inSt I / e I IAH 01 i NMarnS l [ ,v Date: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1966 [lllhc ::? ialrlYnil! of us. Take advantage of it. Vislt[ :ySllth ei:RSn]!e M mobwn u [ Mrs. Floyd Simons Ilnda ir l o a . e l % lObservance Sunday Time: 10:00 A.M. DST to 3:00P. M. DST Southern States Cha-I + l a l Mrs. Ruth Clegg Fri-I dS ng heA t+ ?fio r m e P|ace: SOUTHERN STATES CHAE !rles Town Cooperative and will[ Rev. and Mrs. William Reed y n g t, ] .. or. al ...... g Ibegin at 10:00 A. M DST The and fandly have returned home Mr. andMrs. HarryGagebyartd ce eDr uonat St. Phn s r pisco- I T fiNI i A mm ii Ii Ill bt~siness ~esslon Is slated to starti from tnree weeks vaca*mn trey., aaugmer t~aroz An~e ann a v~, r ...... '' '~t~' .......... "''" " ........ I l~141d~ll~a~ IIIlIMIMd~ll lld~' ~d~lll~ at 2:30 P. M. DST. land Mrs. Elmer Baker of Florida [ friend, Mr. Wayne D Angelo, of Each year at this ~ime Eplsco. VIRL INIA 1 llllllll~_ llll llldrllll ll_~ lllllll "The MembershinDav"accord/nubs~ituted for Rev. Mr. ReedIM, illville, spent Sunday at theiPa~mns and others, who have 1 llNiffllNk~ ~Wl llgl~lll ~l~V /q~i~ill ~"" *-- ~ ...... ~homa~'M ~'irk / while gone [ Frye reur~ion 'in the park areal been or are now m flume way re- -.-- - ,,~ '-, ,,-*~,-s ........... - la t or nnec eQ 't the m m, OP~ l natrick Jr of .the Somhern States] Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Walls are| of the Uv~lla Lutheran Church. I _;ted. o cm t ..we h. ~tt~ IP~IrlPUIEI~kl f'IPA~E@' "- ' ,, ~ Mr an s Den Foltz f tmarles Town t.~ngregauon, trav _ II~It~ Charle~ Tow- Coor~rative wil,l~ the proud parents of a daugh, ter/d Mr. nis , o [ . , . - ~/ ~Md[F{~ .~|Jl|lnrl~ll ~lJ[~gl~.~ + .. v~. , ' .... el t St Phili s to oi in the ~ ~v~==-====-, ~=~===~ I ersonai & ~oclal itet,,a give patrons and members thelbornFrldaymornlngmtheWm-|Berryvllle, Va.,andMr. andMrs, l o P , 3 n '{~'i~ ............ + o~nortunitv., to become better ace-_ i chester Hospital, weighing seven / F, ranklin Hoekensmith and ch~l-] fest!v,!ties of renewing ?!d ae- CHARLES TOWel COOPERATIVE uainte,~ ~ith our facili,ties nro- pounds ,six ounces. This is their/dren, of Kax~sas City, Kan., spen,t! qU~ll~t~nce~ ann en3oylng me Iel- ~'~._- ducts and services All stockh~ld sixth child and ~he baby is their] Sunday at the home of Mr. and low.ship of all present. .. DIAL 725-2212 RANSON, W. .... ' .... " " " i I Mrs John J Bra Tne program mis year will oe er members are particularly urg- first g v. ] . gg ......... L " ' r / I 1 / 1 I I ~ I il miiii od to attend the business session Visitors at the home of Lee [ Mr. and Mrs. Lon Staubs, of gun w~n a service o~ nosy ~om- 1 . I I nH [] ~ 1 lP ~ I ~ and ~articinate in the election" Brown and family the past week[ Silver Grove, spent Sunday visit-I mtm~on and sermon at .11 a..m. ~J[~l]J , ._. ; ..- , ~..;- --. t m ~ll m ~ I1 lll ~l~ ~ 1 In --__t .._ ..:=_ -~ "~ha-l~- "~^wn were Mrs Edith Jones, of Mar-/ling at the home of Mr and Mrs I~unaay, august z. A zezlowsnlp l~t~WlS lvly~l-~ OI ~ U V~ .gO , " " , ..... 1 r ~l~ I~ h I V ~ll~ k h w~tl serve arS chairman of the tinsburg, Mrs. Frances Custer and / Harry staubs andchitida'en. [ .... . . .~ t~.~ ~,r,,~ a ~ local meeting daughter of Jefferson Terrace,] Mr. and Mrs, Franklin Hoeken-[ n~ m '.~iaIllI~+~lV. AUflS[ 1~- l]Jll~ ;" I~,~IU /4, 11. - . " .... Mr Dorsey Ralble of Bunker Hill,/smith and children, Jeff and Tra-I 0 ~mD ~i i H ......1 "" '=-- ~ocal operauon~ ana services " / " '[ U ' . . . Mr R~lph Haines and family cey, of Kansas City, are spending I~ vlll be discussed by Manager a ~hi isi" M Hocken o lilia HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ~homa= M wi-l~--+-ick J-Wfl'l" moved on Saturday from corner[ le v tmg r& -] i I1~ - .........~''" ' " " m" ' aren d M . .... of Fifth Avenue to tbe Evernart s ttah s p is,Mr an rs iam E, Hopkins of Winchester, a " " 1 I longmg to Van. B. Wllson member of +he eooperative's reg-h,o~,se on,, +.South C~eorge Street. IJolnr Jan~a~L_ "~arr-ll Gr-en I | ~pot, ~ne talnttUl oog gem- . u rs. o e - .... lon,al staff will report on the .... V U |iVHHVl | Located on Sou~ Church St., ......... pamon of Bobby Slmons, died last I street, of Baltimore, Md., are the [ I -" over-all ~oumern ~a~es opera~- . 1 "' " "" "~'" ~" ~+'-" *^" ++'~ *~ ............ ~'iO" Friday at ,the age of 13 years and | proud parents of a baby boy, born / I utmrles "lOWli, ~/. va. . ~ised,,,Ju~e,~0 ...... ~ a .........three months. [Saturday, Aug. 30. Mrs. Green-| ~ . ..... .......... ' Also there wil" be a number of Mrs. Louise Bentz resigned her/street is the granddaughter of Mr. / ' ~ ~ . ~_ _ _~--a-- 1~ ........ uovermor wmtnro wamut aeSK, wamu~ corner eupmmra, , l i 1 l VlC an M s q " P " ." ,,~,,I a ..... i~ ~ :'- ~ ...... pos't'on w'th "tor Products, in| d r. George GreenwaR of,[ ~ FfOQfUItl& ioveseat; mahogany high boy; several old chairs; leather plat. a~,,~, +'~.~h.~'T~voT,t~..~$e~tVr~i~ I Hagerstown, and has taken em-/~ngle. , | ~ a, ',- form rpeker; omblnatlon be@kease and desk; several stands;. Ii~1~{~, ~iI']~'~en~s";he grand ...... | ] ~,a=~ 1~.~1~' ~#~,~la~' II old 4 poster cord bed; several open book racks; cedar chest; o!d prize. ' .................... --'11 ]~ l~Fq~ ~|~ ~~+a t safe; 2 hall stands; piece of wood with notation in Mr. Wilson s Refreshments will also be sere. [I IT.... q~L.:.. ~...,,.. liT..,,. ~lf~.. ~[.k~,~.,~k.. I[ [~ ~ ~ t~ _.. i[~__~ " 's Seal old" oak extension u~u xtt,~ .s,~m3 vv ~i,3 x~, ,; I handwriting: From John Brown " f ; ed. [] ] i ~0 ~ ~OU~J[~$ II table and ~ chairs; 2 oak china eul~boards; magazine raeks; Noninees for the local Southern[, II sewing machine; uUltty cabinets; kitellen safe; cabinet; stools; ~tates Board of Directors for .the [I Tfi TUg fDIDIT Ahl/t~PATg tl ~ ' i ture frames and tanson area, are t~aryle LINK, = , ~ ~.~|~ scales; pots and pans; lmll clock, p cture% pit + a Ii : , ile ! /v/Hk J[lllll MY1[ V~bt I L, .I ~|~ ,. r~e rneysvl e; k" Ul y, - ' mirrors; medich~e cabillet; several unlm!nfa~! chests of drawers, ard Demor~, and James Louthan, ][ I] =. ~.~ mahogalW vanity; brass andirons; fh'eplate tools and candle all -f Charles Town [. + " nl ~ ,I !. . ..... t- I/ I holders; old off lamp; ro~; a veryvaluable collection of Lidie~ no'~,i- ted for the Farm ]1 t'tease J nrer lvty uostrlpuon ,I v ~ books; lot of china, glass wa~ and plated silver; floor and ..... :~..~'~." ,,_._:_'_ ..... ____ I I ~ , li -. ~,+ ~ ~ 'V II screens; i wooden doors; garbage can; oM 0fl stove; 15 ft, Mrs. Donald Magaha, both of I I ~1..~..~[ .~ ~.~.,,,,,,~....., ~ .~,~..,~ I] il ladder; 6 ft, skep lpdder; 2 wheelbarrows; garden plow; sprayer; Charles own. . I, ~lllll?ll]! [ill _~l~llll~[~~nllil-BIE [| + ! some lumber; boat anchor; nice lot of smuU tools and othcrThe following committee chmr[I ~l!~'e4~ ~JJ ~'v~l~[w'~'w'~'~'~'~'~" ~| | I - A I articles not nst,'a ' men witt assist with the IOC~lll , It l 41151 I 'l" al~ ii + " ..... meetir g: Attendance and tele-I I/ + i I fill ll l 4# 1 BANK Of CHARLES TOWN, Committee phone, Mrs. tanley Dunn, Jr., of|l Name ............................................:/ 1 t~,,., m'n~ VAN n w.~U; Charles Town, Greeting, Lewis lt r [| " " , "'" "*'~'" "" " ...... Myers of Charles Town; Registrat I I i! 1 At the same time and place I will sell the following articles: ion, Patti Z. Love, of Harpers|[ Address ......................................... [[ ] It ~ ~ll|, F H| Mahogany sideboard, over !50 years old; mahogany wall table; Ferry; Refreshments, Mrs= Harry l! .11 | I I I N [I II'lAml I[ ll occasiollal table; mahogany cabinet; walnut dinin~ table; card ~,ame ot ~narles.Town;_ve~!at-[! I: F rl ll~ I' Ill # 1 li t~hl~ ..... lng zvirs Tom l~rKpatricK, ot l~an/i .......................................... " ........ ~ i | Ill f I. t .... "'"S H"WA son; Arrangemems, Paul Z. Love[, [I , III Ii| I IF[ lill i .u, ll'~, v ~uu, x~ of Harpers Ferry /I - _ ]{ ~ IJg n~lF IF #iFV :l Auctioneers' MILLER TIIARPE .... . -- /t USE THIS COUPON AND JUST SEND $5.00 i + '- Clerk: C. RE" Aug.. ATT[ND CHU H 11 (Plus 15 Cents Tax In WestVirginia) ._[[ I'0W , W[$]' V|R6|N]A