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August 4, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 4, 1966

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SOCIAL, PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN Ohio. were visitors on SaturdayI been shoWn the places the youths Cross Standard First Aid Course ences with road officials in New[ THURSDAY, AUGUST ,1, 1966 A--,2 evening ~t the home of Mr. and [ patronize, and which of and merit badges in Basketry York and New Jersey, where stud] .. ~ . S JMI~IT P01]l r & AR! A Mrs. James II Sny der and chil-lthe~ are passible trouble spots, and marksmanship. First Class ded tires are permissible, and ~,changed and will include An.d- dren, Beth and Nick. Jennie re-/The counselors will be helping Scout Dick Tabb earned swiinm- with representa,tives of the tire on wet clear pavement increased lrews Air Force Base (Md.) as the relined overnight at "East Shen-/to patrol the area. ing merit badge. Second Cla~s mmmafacturing industry., three to four per cent, depending terminal for wounded en route By Mrs. Stuart Crim --- Phone 725-7777 stone," while Mrs. Gibbs antl Dor-[ And as a result of one or two Scout Jay Watson completed cou- The nuds may be in. terted only othy were overnight guests at the/small incidents which have accur, rses toward first class rank. Tend in new tires with a recommended on the type of surface.' to .hospitals of the Missisg- home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. l red in Charles Town in the past, effect Scouts Randy Littleton air pressure of up to 40 pounds ippi. Most of the ARC phone calls will then be from Tracts and And- ~op Campbell to Visit i"Tracey Lynn" was born on Y~trr. I officials of the ttarpers Ferry and Bruce Moler both worked on per square inch which means rews, and elsewhere ff neces~ry. ........ I Job Corps Center, have been Second Cla~s rank tires up to eight ply but not l~l~he Rt. Rex erend Wilburn C. Thursday, July 21, in the King's ~unaay ~cnool l'Lenle I asked and agreed too, limit the Dave Howard, aLife Scout with heavy truck ti.res. _- ~,Pbell, Bishop of West Vir- Daughters' ttospital in Martins- ~a, WiLl make his annual visita- burg. Mrs. ~idwell is the former The annual picnic spon~red bY[number of boys from the Center Troop 23, attended Rock Enon The studs must be tungsten Un~ccul~d Farlll House the Sunday.School of the Meth-[ to be in Charles Town on any one Friday night and was recognized carbide cores up to three-eights I~to the Episcopal Church of Miss Louise Shul,l of Summit odin Church was nell at the/ single nizht Italy Spirit on Sunday morn-] Point. - -. in a formal ceremony as a candi- of an inch in diamenter and pro- Lamar Causev of Port St. Joe, Jefferson County Memorial Park [ " ,late for the Order of the Arrow, truding seven sixty.fourths of an ON Dark Lane Dt tr0yed ~datl~" Aug. 79:30 oclockThis serviCeDsT andWilI b:vi.:. Fla., who is ir~ training at the in Charles Town on Sunday af-/ a-__ .a ~, a~ mm are welcome to attend. Fol- Job Corps camp near Zoar, was ternoon wi,th about thirty per-[ ~0UI' I~0p ~ ~a~ a secret organization for except- inch. sons gathered to enjoy the boun-| ional Scou.t campers. Manufactures who~ products American GFS medically evacu l'llg the service at Grace a visitor over the past weekend BDly and Eddy Clem, members must be certified by SDC shall ated from Viet-Nam are being By fire July 28 tiful picnic dinner and a plea~nt kl.~d~t~ A~h~r~a, |n of Troop 68 of Middleway, also submit statements that their ~ud offered a three minute, free tele (led tires meet the specifications, phone call home by the Red Cross Catch in Middleway, the congre- at the home of Mr. and Mrs." El- afternoon. } IIUlIIUI~I 14UVIIilIt.~t III ti0ns of "the two churches wil,1 wood Cheshire and chi'ldren, Deb- attended Rock Enon with Troop~ The rules and regulations were upon arrival in the United States An unoccupied frame dwelling k'~able in the churcl~vard in orah, Patricia and John Miss Melissa Ander~n of Ran- ~ m .. ~-- son was a recen~ visitor at the ~anK~e ~erl~ 23 and completed merit badges According to the reaction of the owned by Anthony Johnson of drafted by J. C. Vance of the SRC paljents, the unexpected service Ransom and located in the Dark there. ~it P~int to hold a picnic Home Demonstration home of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey " legal division who reported to is needed, meaningful, and great Lane section of the county, was aner honoring Bishop Camp- Club to Meet Cain near Summit Paint. Boy Scout Troop 23, sponsored Sa~-yers: d(~stroyed by fire about 1:15 ~l. Those attending the picnic The Summit Point Home Dem- by the Charles Town Presbyterian "Neither New Jer~y nor New iy appreciated." Thur~sdav morning, July 28. iwvaqUe~ed to bring the!r .own ons~rtation Club will meet on Was Guest Teacher Church attended Camp Rock York has had a single reported Most of the calls have been The fire was discovered by a re an(~ a picnic oasKet or, Thursday evening, August 11, at Mrs. James H. Snyder was the nnon near Gore, Virginia the accidentas the result of studded made from Tx~avis A!r Force Base neighbor residing in a nearby i~y pre~er, a covereo (usn:sm: the ~aome of Mrs. Wallace Snyder. guest ..teacher at the v~/es~ey week of July 24 through July 30. tires used during the 1965-66 win- nospital (Ca,mornia}, wmc.a was trailer, but by the time the Citi- "a'n.tOr a iar~e gr!)up. ~cca A~ll members are urged to attend. Methomn Churcn m ~;nartes Members of Troop 23 were ter season. Highway damage is renamed the pavia tiran~ A~r zen's firemen arrived on the ~,ttt paper cups wait oe pro- Jim. Magaha, son of Mr and Tow'n on Sunday morning, teacn- very active durine the week in The use of studded tires on negligible Force Hospital juIy t m nonor scene the house was a mass of ~u. Mrs Edward Ma aha of "Cham- ing the morning's lesson to a adva tin " ~ :: West Vir inia hi hwa s beteween ,T, "" " . of the late Dr David Grant, first ~m~ ~r - . ..... .. g ........ an g in ranks and merit g g Y~ - Studded tires do prowde a . ...... n ........ ~[s. Bonn w. t:r~m is a pahent p~ign" is a patient in the Charles group composed el all tne aumt badges Eavle Scout Geor~,e Tabb Nov 1 and April 1 has been ap- ~fetv factor rmrticularlv on ice, air surgeon ot me Army Air ,. ....... ,h~ cir, hs~ nm been .q[ Charles Town General Hos- Town General Hospital, having, classes of the Sunday School. Jr comole~ted merit ba~,a in proved by State Road Commis-~here the increase in'traction Corp and former head of the .,...~"~," ~, ,f ~l,.having been taken there by been admitted last week for Knowing Mrs. Snyder's.:talent in canoeing, rowing, anti b-ask'etlSy'~ stoner Bunl A. ,~kawTers. due to studs was 40 per cent, and ARC Blood Program. ~h~=~i'~"lLss "i'~'w~'stat-~,(~ .... 41~U!ance on Thursday evening trea, tment of injuries suffered in t public spea~ing as well as ner and alSo completed the Red Cross Directed by the legislature to on packed snow nine per cent, ac- Free calls totaled 1,315 in 1965 ................ ~l~Observation mad treatment, a fall from a horse. The accident abilities in the teaching ann Standard I~,irst Aid Course Eagle promulgate rules and regulations cording Cto New York test results a~d have now averaged nearly ~ ,~ tqtllln~U ~|lldlt~lV 'J[~isitors last week at "Locust occurred when the saddle slipped, L homemaking fields, none of her Scout Chazz Printz completed can for the sTraw-and-ice tires, Saw- determined by a skid trailer spe- 500 a month as the tempo of the ~ |U I~nul~ldi ,]UIWUA| ~V.e,',,the home of Mr. and Mrs. throwing him from the horse l many friends was .~lrprised when oeing, rowing and basketry merit yers today announced the condi- ,tally built to ten studded tires, fighting has increased ~ ,,~. .t___~__ t~lip Creamer and their chil- onto a rock ledge. He sustained l she was selected last we e,,~ as the badges and the Red Cross Stand. tions under which they may be "Such tests furth~,,r disclo~d Beginning about August 1 the ~ w|~e -~" AIr~l~'~l~ alien, Julie and John Philip, a concussion and brush burns on "Housewife of the Wee~ on me ard Fir~ Aid Course Star Scout used that the traction on clear dry medical evacuation plan will be , the latter's cousins, Mrs. [.the shottlders ~n the fall, but is lprogram heard each day over ,~ ........ -_ ......... ~. ..... _ ..... ~ille I~idgeley, Mrs. George I recuperating nicely and expects I Station WXVA. , . .... ~n and the latter s son, Mr. I to rturn to his home ~his week. I Mrs. Moreland E. Maddox of St. I _. . .. ~ ~ ~ ----m.mmmm,,mmmm,mmmmm~ ~ille' Ma~in, all of Towson, i Mrs. Warren Palmell, accompa-i Petersburg, Fla., arrived here onl .... Iql~AalM $ 5QIM... | - I nied by her nieces and nephew, Friday morning to spend the next l m'7 ff I The Reverend n Mr il[ Jane Beth and Dann Tate all ofI three weeks vlsatmg her mother, ] :~ ~ |.~~T~'~~ J ~ ~ i~i~'~. Rrooks had as their guests Portsmouth, Va., arrived herel Mrs. Harry C. Frazier and herI .. _ / | ][.er the weekend .the latter's sis-l last week to visit at the home of l brotherdn~law and .sister, Mr. and I ~r~~ ~ ~rfl.~ ---- _ l .... ' ...... . | ~ r- A~i~k ~,Miss Ka, thy Moore of Hinton, lher parents, Mr and Mrs Har-[ Mrs. Stuart W. Crlm at 'MonteI ~~'~/~l[~'tt~ I ] I I ~ a m t l, ~rrm, r-~ . . ,, !~ ~;~: ~ .::,~ :;.'~! " , ~ ....... ~ro ~S attending school in Char-|old H~rdon, the latter of whom l View. I A A k J | I dM I .... ~)g:~ ~ ~:@~ *~7~:~/ ;- llle. Va., and Mr. Norms lplans to accompany them upon/ .............. [ Y i l~uae of Alexandria, Va. /tffeir return to Portsmouth on/ ' ' I E k I l~r. andMrs. DonaldGlassford/Wednesday. 1 ~||IkIE~P~ #~P / ~~]A'ALJ , r T ~ Itll-'i|~'~P" .... ~ ~iI~"~$~~ Children, Bonnie, Sarah and[ Mr Pl~flip Creamer returned[ t.naMar ur ] i II [ | a i ! mw_. l iZ?*uge, returneu home on/home on ~aturuay irom ~ewtoni ................ I :'~?~~;'i~" - ........ Iff~ I I ~IK'II IYanesday of last week from At-/D Baker VA Hospital near Mar-[ ra u gr I rlltEl _ ILl'it City, N. J., where they had [tinsburg where he had been un-| Ik~lvUV|l--||~l~t1= ,It. 1~ J | ~~~/ = ..,. I~!1 ~ ~~ ~ea vacationing for the past few| dergoing ~treatmen~ for arthri~s/ | - ~ ~/ "-4/~ ~ ~ ~'~" |for the pastweek. IS. auager, ..--+ -- E I I I I I ' i&adJ i%rrection: It was reported er-| Mr. and Mrs. David Rowland| ........................... ._ ..... ...: ......... I I I I I m,Wka ! ! I .... XA"tI="--. 2LI4 l~lleouslv last week lhat Mr and[ and children Mary, Thomas and[ ~l~'~J~m~'~m~:~W~~l ! mmmm~ ~ M~. J~2~ PMILi.iP5 ~ " I " I " i I # ! lfL )) ,.Ndff I Is. Michael Kidwell were ,the[ Ben, of Lynchburg, Va, were[ A gran~Ftime was had by some/ [ _ Mr. BILLY tOl / . .... I ' * . x . ,'~. Just 3 Uttle WOrdSin |h~P of a baby daughter bornl overnigm visitors on Sa,turday all 150 Chamber members and me rl I .... | I l[epr, e Prevous week in the CharleSn,~w/the home of the former's mother,Row.[ ladies at ,the Charles Towla It'v=[Race i mt t, Zt. ,VsV* _ =a pmvvevv nllll~mmlll~l ItWa GenerM H.~nital The Mrs Olffford Rowland The Course July 27th President :! ~f:::, ~.!~i!'~ ?:! h:!:;ii~:~:~?~~ al a lands were en rou~te to Mor an Kovens of the Charles Town Turf ~ ~ , i[i:~li~n~ig:Se~e7~5~ .town where their younger daUgh~[ Club, Mr. Costy Caras, Mr. Cha !1 ~.~.~m~ ~~i~' ,~,~,~" [ CUT FROM YOuNG, CORN-F[O aEEFi i:i SlliOIlWh welghed 7 Ibs I~| g * r a~.XrOLa. ~ONat0COV,mY ~t~mts,atOStt " * ~_~ I ter, Susan, has been visiting her[ les Funk and Mrs. Helen Smith[ [lU~.-fl_~t._t[$TBN A__1~1[~$I[$ (A~MItN6AL~0RI} I ~ v , i |~I grartdparelrts Mr and Mrs Ward[ all proved to be perfect hosts,, I I --- -- .-- -- :: a " " " " ur ~a~ ~ . Ben, son prowding a Socml Hour for o I AIR CONDITIONED I | ,, : ..... . "1 I Ie q lllli I l/m Wlrd I a ~_ _ I Miss Barbara Shull of Arling-I group that kitten err a sp en-I [ m.wat ata rt .am t.v0t eu amm,a | ...... lrree Parking Dial 667-1111 I ton, Va, spent the past weekendl did everting. Harry M. Stevens, I [ ~a';~~ah-~'~;o, I t lira l/ llr T|ND|R- . l ~ m t visiting her mother, Mrs. Thomasl Inc., as usual, served an exeell. I [~IANGRII~M !IUIItANNM~dl$ tINORASMml | , "~1 l i~ ~ ~ ~ - ~,-- ~ ~~ - " " " ' " I~UBtYL~.IJMNIG PATPAYN! [~TtA~ ..... 1 -- l/ m LUIN 1 1 1 D I ~ ~ a I Shull and family | eat dinner. Many of our membersI ~~a~.m~[~G ~.~~~[,~'~