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August 3, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 3, 1961

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insisted that nothing be placed in the script of her play that cannot be substantiated by the actual history of the trial itself. In fact, it is almost improper to say that Miss Davis is the author. She has played more the role of an editor who has gone over the actual facts and gleaned out those which are important enough to give the viewer a vivid picture of what happened here 102 years ago. She has done an excellent job, as we know you will agree when you see the production. I l states, each soverign within its tVa. and also Mr. Jackson, Va. [own sphere, but none soverign [ Mrs. Joan Garza and four chi|d ~:~:~::: : .............. :::.:,:: :~:::~:~,::::::~:~:~:.::,~m 1throughout the whole. This may]ren were dinner guests Wednes- !!!~!ii!!!::~:~:iii::::~i(~::~:~~i~i~i~ . be the beginning of a sort of Uni- day with her mother Mrs. Anna wE~r VIR6INIA'S OLDEW'f NEWSPAPER Ill):::(::::i~ji/:i::~ii::~ ~ I ted States of Europe which can [Janney of Falls Church, Va. CHArLeS TOWN W. VA. ~!ii~i::~:::i!ii:i~!~!~i::~!i::~!i~!~ Z ] be a powerful deterrent to further I Mrs. BoRic Viands is employed --~ ~'~~ii. ~:::.!:!~i~i~i~:~i~ii::ii::::.i::::::::~ I Soviet expansion, as waitress at the Manuel Rest BEST MEDIUM OF AOVE:RTISING ~~~'': .... ::~':~ :~ m4 This is not to ~uggest that we IHome at Hillsboro, Vs. ~OR n~ACH,NG THe ~UV,N~ POWZa O~ J~aSO~ COUNTY ANO ALl II~~O are ready for world government. I Mr. Charles Garrett, Mr. Ollie "URROUNOIN6 AREAS FOR MORE THAN 11~ YEL&RS. [ ~llI "-~*~:~IButwearegingthavetcmelHawk'Mr'HumphreyWilt'Mr'C" [to some semblance of it before IN. Hawk and Mr. Herman Garrett R~J~D EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN I .m ~ ~'~ ~' ~" [long or be annihilated--if we are [have been giving thir spare time -- ~O,~ P~RSONS -- I NATIONAL $OVERIGNTY 1not annihilated in the meantime. [from work in putting down the ' lAND WORLD PEACE I It is true that this nation has[new floor on the church hall. [aLl~l.l~t'l~l~ ~EI~Y. THURSDAY While ..... I doubt ff it will receive [much to lose by any s~rt of sur-[They are doing a ve~T nice piece BY TH JIFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY INC. I. h .......... [ render of soverignty due to the Jof work with the assistance of Mr. SECOND CLA~I PO~rA~l[ PAID AT CHARLES TOWN W. VA, [ tOO muc puonclty, yet tHe uecls- [ fact that we are a Big Power. But I John Love. ' ,ion by Great BritisH earlier this [ the days of Big Powerism are fast [ Sunday being the fifth Sunday SPIRIT ESTABKISHllm~ 1S4& -- ADYOCATE ~TA"LmHEO |aSS week to seek entry into the Eur- [ vanishing. The nuclear age threat I at Chestnut Hill Rev. C. W. Lloyd COMelMED MARCH 1. 19a8 opean Common Market could be [ ens to make us a world of equals, ihad charge of the eleven o'clock one of the greatest events in re-|where even the smallest power [ services reading from the twenty MAX BROWN. EDITOR cent history. OFFICE NORTH GEORGE ~I'REL~r -- TELEPHONE ~ This is SO because it represents ican wreak the most terrible de-I fifth chapter of Matthew and the the surrender of a measure of sov I struction on a Big Power. It is a ] first thirteen verses for the sub- NATIONAL ADVE~TIIING RFJ~REEENTATIVEE erignty by the British, and it is ] question of either surrendering a I ject he chose the eighth verse and WEEKLY MIEWSPAPER ROREaENTATIVES, INC. really soverignty and the insisten-[measure of soverignty or losing I the foolish said unto the wise 404 Ill~rH AVENUE, NEW YORK 10, N.Y. ce bv so man- nations on the ] everything in a nuclear bombard I give us of your oil for our lamps ATLANTA -- CHICAOO -- O~fl'~lT -- Loll AN~EI~ll rlgm" --r" ~'~O ta~e" - unuateral~'" ....... acuon ma~ [ merit. I have gone out. A very interesting is responsible for so much of the I We had some experiences with ] mes.sag~. ......... -AA~ _Suucm~r'"ll_ ~mvom"vSmmON ..... m v~:, ..mAY=, ~ll_Su~:~ VO S% CO.SUMll,ll C.,~U~ ..................... m t.~ wvrm tvuay, l soverignty in this country before ] ~, Miss ~ancy ~el~: MISS ~.[ame I i.EI TAX. SU $ I $~.~g PE YE R IN ADVANCI[ .... f l~ell ann Joan 15ell were stoner - THe Umted Natmns does notE1789. We were a system o states[ ....... ...... ~ ov VH~ function well for this same rea-[bound together by weak Articles[guests ~unuay. with their sister son. The Big Powers, including I of Confederation. It didn't work[~ars-Jonn t~racKetL NATIONAL EDITORIAL ~ the United States, insist uponland our present Constitution put[. Mrs:.AnnieJanneyand daugh- 1:er _~lllureu el l~alls wnurcn, va [ AS~C~TI~)N ~~!!~ ~ maintaining a veto even though it lan end to it. I ] Wnaclrnw Wilunn s B r F n ] Mr and Mrs Frankie Ashbaugh [~ ~ t~/ l ~ ~I.~I~ may end up in the break-up of the ................... n_ late ra . . [ kl'n D Roe velt w e enam r and family of Millville, W Va, ~-- - - _ --_,- [ World Organization and thereby __l ........ se ..... er o ed] .... o Mr and Mrs Charles Garrett and ~w~th the Idea of a family f nat-[ . ... further endanger the peace of the [ lens working together under a sy ] ~ .. ........ world. - " Mrs Joan ~arza were visitors on Thursday, August 3, 1961 unuay wire mr ana mrs u For years Europe has consisted [stem of world law. But neither[ .... of a series of soverign states, has [ was willing to surrender the one ] Pearl. ~.a ...,.Willis " t . / ,,-- ,-~,,--o m Wilt ~tll~ ~MVll dicapped by trade barriers be-|thing that could make such an I ".. . ". ""-'T, . - spent me weeKna with ~neir uau ~n-- ~. tween them. This has played no organization work: a measure of .. . . ,, . . . small part in the making of the national soverignty. Here it seems ~gmer.and ~amily Mr.. an:d Mrs. lrranKle Angelo oi ~urKe, va At times in history a man appears, pointed like a coin- last fwo C.r~at W~rRrliisn mu~t/to me is the true path to world [ passat one s~ar---a man o1 iron, an anvil oI WHICH L~O(1 oea take her share of the blame for/law and world peace. I ~ _ out His purposes." this. The little island has always [ The Britiish have this week/H|~10~rv to North These are the words in the prologue to Miss Julia Davis' been content to go it alone, rely-/ de s p in that direct in/ ma a te " " ion ...... " ........ play, The Anvil, which will have its initial showing here ing for her diplomacy on her hith/Europe this week. Let us make a [[nd|a W|[I ~flpak ~} August 5, from the words it can be seen why Miss Davis erto powerful navy and a system/similar step in the United Nat-] ........... I" ...... 1 F r th words are of alhances Now that Br~tlan sees lions. Let the Russians be the only ]Ateamhlv af gad ~hlwrh selected the title she did for her p ay. o e , " . . " .. .... Her policies are oumazed tHe [ones insisting on maintaining[n~'~mm$ v. vvv ,,~..m,,,. written of John Brown who appeared but briefly m history ....... L,,~ ~0,~,, ~,,,~h ~. ~,~,~,~+ ,~ ; worlu has movea a step Closer to] their national soverignty and see [ ~,-~ -,,~,~ ....... ;: .... v,~,~ -,?, -~. ............... a Western European federation of how that works on world opinion. I we nave seen renearsms oi ire nvll commeno I the play to your viewing. Miss Davis has obviously made a detailed study of the original record of the trial and has PHE WEATHER AND OTHER By Mrs Georgia Pearl Weather packing of everything was loaded One week ago this Mondag mor in Station Wagons the scout mRs Ring very high hum[dRy, tempera ter with his troop went to the ture soared to 94 at 2 p. m. in Pearl home thanked them for late evening heavy clouds began their hospitality and hiking to rolilng up and we did get some, Weverton, Md. and spent the rain of which we were very much night and hiking next day to Pen in need of. Other sections not too Mar and from there to their home far off have had plenty of rain There wre 21 Boy Scouts and 8 a- and therefore the vegetation is dults. These were a group of fine fine. Tuesday another very hot mannerly young men. day, temperature reaching high Mrs. Georgia Pearl recently re- up to 92. Wednesday some little ., . . breeze, the litle branches on the Discontinuing the Dairy Business, I w~|l sell the Following trees moving to and fro and not located 3 miles West of Martinsburg, 1/4 mile Souhh of Nollville, on Ridge Road, on so humid the temperature 87. 2G~IN~NIN~G~ A~ 1~3~0 ~ ~ i~H5~" !~S! Thursday a very pleasant morning and a little breeze 86 and a very nice night to rest. Friday a wee shower in earlymorning and a , ) very heavy dense fog. Later clear- 50 HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE 50 Chain No. 82, Holstein Cow, fresh with calf by side, artificial calf. Chain No. 97 Holstein Cow, fresh, with calf by "side, artificial ceived word from a very close friend Mrs. Cora Hill of Rich- mond, Indiana saying she has re- tired as school teacher and has taught school for forty two years and only missed three .days in that length of time. She'~graduated in white water high school at that ing and in late evening high hum time near her home. She then at- idity. Saturday very warm gar- tended State Ball College at MuR- deRs in our community burning cie Indiana and began teaching in up from want of a good soaking graded school and taught twenty REV. JAMES MODDER Rev. James Modder, missionary to North India, will be the featur ed speaker at a special missionary rally to be held on Aug. 6 at the Calvary Assemblies of God Chur- ch, Fairfax Boulevard, William P. Reed pastor, announcd today. Under appointment with the Foreign Missions Department of the Assemblies of God with Inter- national Headquarters in Spring- field, Missouri, the Modders have served in North India since 1938. Serving as managers of the James rain. Sunday 97 here at home. l years there and during that time Harvey Memorial School an ele- eal/ Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wiley and drove from her home at White mentary schol for boys, the Mud- Chain No. 16, HOlstein Cow, fresh, with calf by side, artifi- litle daughter of Murrell Hill Iwater, Indiana to Muscle, Ind. ders have been in charge of 350 cial calf. were visitors Sunday with the lat- ~night'and Monday after the twen- students. The enrollment of the Chain No. 55, Holstein Cow, fresh, with calf by side, artifi- ters sister and family Mr. and Mrs. ty years teaching she taught at school has doubled under their su clal caff. Richmond, Indiana, the other pervision. In addition to his re- Chain No. 15, Holstein Cow, fresh, with calf by side, arti- Johnnie Brackett. total calf. ' Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Harding I twenty two years when she retired sponsibilities of the school, the Chain No. 67 Holstein Cow, fresh by day of sale, Artificial two children of Lovettsville, Va. she enjoyed the best of health dur Rev. Modder engaged in evangel- bred. and Mr. and Mrs. Estelle Wilt and ing this time and her parents pass istic ministry in the Bihar dis. ed away and the brothers and sis- trict. ChainaptificialNO. 50,bred.~uernsey Cow, will freshen August '21, 1961, son Dodd of Murrell Hill were ters married and now she lives a. In preparation for missionary Chain No. 72, Holstein Cow, will freshen August T2, 1961, guests Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. lone. She was .asked what she service, the Modders were gradua- Howard Wilt. artificial bred. to travel and see some other parts Springfield, Missouri. Mrs. Mod. Chain No. ~}4, Holstein Cow, will freshen August 24, 1961 Mrs. Myrtle Wilt and daughters was going to do, her reply was ted from Central Bible Institute, axtificiai bred. Wanda and Mrs. Lavern Talton of the country. Her hobby is ser- der is also a Registered Nurse. Be- Chain No. 2, Holstein Cow, will freshen August 31, 1961. were dinner guests Thursday with ring and flowers she now has 80 fore entering missionary service, ~haln No. 66, Gnernse Cew, fresh with calf by side, axtifi, the formers sister-in-law Mrs. beautiful African Violets and a the Modders pastored an Assem- eial calf. Blanche Lanham and family, large bed of 50 geraniums in her blies of God church in Wisconsin. ChainartificialNo. $6,bred.HOlstein Cow, will freshen August 26. 1961, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett yard. She is a wonderful church Rev. and Mrs. Modder have Chain No. 6, Holstein Cow, ~ freshen October 216, 1961, 'were visitors Sunday evening with worker and never idle. three children, James aged 24; artificial bred. their daughter and family Mr. and Miss Arbutus Wilt assisted her Paul, aged 21 and Marvin aged 14. Clutin No. 10, Holstein Cow, will freshen October 1O, 1961 Mrs. Nell Slusher of Ranson. sister and family Mr. and Mrs. Rev. Modder is no)v traveling artificial bred, Mrs. John Brackett who is em- Elmer Larue in moving to their in the United States presenting Chain No. 11, Holstein Cow, will freshen October 25, 1961, ployed at the Clapton Rest Home home. Miss Wilt stayed with her the work of the Assemblies of artificial bred. , at Peonian, Va. was absent from sister until the new home was God in North India. Acompanying Chain No. ~, Eh~te~m Cow, will freshen October 25. 1961, her work several days due to ill- put in order, the Rev. Modder is his wife. The ar tlflc~l bred. Chain No. 8, He, rein Cow, win fresh~ S~Ptember 24, 196i, Hess is at this time feeling much Mr. and Mrs. John Runion were Assemblies of God have establish Chain No. 68, Holstein Cow, will freshen November 14, 196 , better and will be at her post of visitors Saturday in New Market, ed day schools, orphanages, leper artiflolal bre~. duty Tuesday. . .. .. Chain No. 9. Holstein Cow, will freshen November 14, 1961, Mr. and Mrs. Charms t~arret~ axUficia| bred. and Mrs. Georgia Pearl were bus ' Chain No. 4, Holste~ Cow, will freshen December 9, 1961,tRess visitors in" Martinsburg Fri- axtifleiat bred. day evening. Chain No. 94, Holstein Cow, WIR freshen Deeember 9, 1961, ar tlflcal bred. Chain No. 65, Holstein Cow. will freshen Deoember 29, 1961, axtificial bred. Chain No. 15, ]l[ol~in Cow, will freshen December 14, 1961, artificial bred. Chain No. 7, Ho~tein Cow, will fxeshen December 24, 16~1, artificial bred. Chain No. 27 Holstein Cow, full flow of milk, bred back. Chain No. 1, He.rein COw. fun flew of milk, juxt bred back. Chain No. 70, Holstein Cow, milking, just bred back. Chain No. QJ, ~]lol~n COw, flr~t C/dl~, ~t flaw m~P,c 'o~en. Chain No. $0. Holstein Cow, first c~ff heifer, f~l flow of milk, bred back artificially. Chain No. ?8, Guernsey Cow, full flow of milk ~ed 4-9-61 artificially. Chain No. 24, H~stehl ~ow, f~ll flow of milk, bre~i 3-24-61 axtificla41y. Chain No. 75. Holstein Cow, full flow of milk, bred 5-14-61 ar t~l~iallY, C~hain No. 3, Holsk~ Cow. full flow of mWk, bred $;-13-61 axUflcially. Chain No. 62, Holstein Cow, full flow of milk, bred 4-26-61 arUficiaUy. Chain No, 5, A~d~l~ Cow, f~ll flow of milk, bred 7-11-61, artificially. Chain No. 57, Holstein Cow, full flow of milk open. Chain No. 53, Holstein Nurse Cow. Purebred Holstein Bull. 3 years old. -5 Holstein Heifers, yearlings; 2 Angus Heifers. yearlings; Guernsey Heifer. 6 months old. This is an exceptionally good herd of dairy cattle, TB and Bangs tested 30 days prior to sale, health certificate~ will be given with each individual animal on day of sale: Cattle may be inspected any time. D.H.LA. records will be' read on these cattle on day of sale. 2 Surge Milker U/fits; 2 DeLaval Milker Units: (sterling) Double Wash-Up Tank. 'I~RM~ OF S~A~LE:-.,CA~H. Nothing to be removed until [or. WILIJAM R. FORD, Owner SPENCER MARPOLE, Manager EDWARD "NED" MORROW. Auctioneer, C. WI~L HNESELL. JR., Clerk Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly "of Falls Church, Vs. were dinner guests Sunday with their daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Garza. Mrs. Ida Hardy, Mr. John Mc- Donald and sister Reva were din- ner guest Saturday with the for- mers son and family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardy. ,Mr. Humphrey Wilt gave a help ing toward the moving of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Larue of Murrell Hill to their new home they recently purchased in Charles Town. Best wishes and much happiness in your new'home. Mr. and Mrs: Jam~ Harris and family of Neersville, Vs. and Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Heskett of Lov- ettsville, Vs. were visitors recent- ly with their sister Miss Eva Pearl. Troop 58 of Middle Sex Town- ship Butler County, Pc. along with their scout master Charles Craw- ford enjoyed a wonderful hike on the Appalachian Trail. They mo- tored by buses from Pa. to Wil- sons where they spent Tuesday night. Wednesday they hiked to Keyes Gap and plans weKe made for four station wagons to meet thin with their tents and supplies ~nd all equipment to spend the iight out in the open whereMr.. P:~rt gave them the clover field ne:~r a big spring near Keyes Lean-to to pitch their tents and have their meals and enjoy the fresh Blue Ridge Mountain air and ThUr~lay morning every one was i'ea(lY for bteal ast. After the IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR MINT JULEPS, IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPACIOUS, GRACIOUS LIVING, DON'T READ THIS AD. Brick Colonial--8 Rooms, 3 Baths, Oil Heat, 20' by 40' Poured Concrete Swimming Pool, Bath House, 6Vz Acres, Beautiful Grounds. Brick Colonial---8 Rooms, 2 Baths, Oil Heat, Modern Kitchen, 8 Acres Brick Colonial--10 Rooms, 3 Baths, Stoker, Run- ning Water, 200 Year Old Trees Beautiful Grounds, 12 Acres. EThese Properties are Priced at Less than New Building Costs; in Excellent Repair and Two of Them Are Available for Immediate Occupancy. AUCTIONEER AND REAL ESTATE BROKER PHONE:--Charles Town 180-W Shepherdstown 3028 laRd genral clinics, national work SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON er~' training centers and churches [ 4--A THURSDAY, throughout North India. Rev. Reed extends a cordial in I t vitation to the public to attend | * pC 'b ' ~es this special missionary rally.~Btsh0 tm eliTo |e Slides of the Assemblies of God1 wrk in Nrth India will be shwn I g0f!| and curious and costumes will be ,ht Home . Philh_i on display. The service will be-[ g'~ 1: . . : .... : , : ,. " Charles Town General Hospital[ ' : :) during the period of July 26 and| August 1 and on one trip he de-[ " i::~ ~i~ : : livered a set of twin girls to Mr. | and Mrs. Jesse N. Lawson of Ran ] son. The births occurred on Aug-| ..... ~i~! ::!~i::!~::i:;::i:i:~i:::: i:i On the other five trips the~ ..... i~::::. " -ii .......... .i~:.. ~i:'~.~ stork divided his deliveries on a[ ~ ~~i~ ~ ratio of three boys and two girls.[ A daughter was born to Mr,[ and Mrs. John H. Goode Jr,, of[ Charles Town on July 26; and on[ the same day a son Irvin Bass[ was born to Mr. and Mrs. Irvin/ V. Propps of Charles Town. [ Friday, July ~8, a daughter[ Bridget Yvonne, was born to Mr.[ and Mrs. Jesse Davidson of Ran-/ son. | Sunday, July 30, a son, An-[ n thony Wayne was born to Mr.| and Mrs. Earl H. Sealock of Rip[ pen. 1 Tuesday, Aug. 1 a son was born] to Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.[ beT,heD.Rti)R Bish~ u~nthe E~p ah Da~ney b~olbert , Brooks of Charles Town. -| copal Diocese of West Virginia, cated by the Bishop Surgical patients admitted to will be the special speaker and A. M. Service. the hospital were: Mr. Eber wi!l confirm a class to be pres- This is an impo Fritts, little George L. Spoke, Jr. enteu at the "Homecoming" ~er in the life of the C little Kimball R. Ott, Robert T. vice at. St. Phillip's Episcopal of the members ar Hawk all of Harpers Ferry; Miss Church (shown above), Charles are away return : Mollie J. Glas~for~i, Summit Point; Don H. "Breeden Rt. 1, Town on Sunday, August 6th at ion. Charles Town; Mrs. Dorothy V~ 11:00 A.M. The chairman of Goode, Ranson; Mrs. Louella E. The Homecoming activities be- ivities is Mrs. Longerbeam of Harpers Ferry; Mrs. June S. Adams, Rippon; Charles O. WrRt of Charles Town and Master James W. But ler of Rippon. Medical patients admitted were Master Donald D. Welsh, Mrs. Annie M. Crane, City; Mrs. Erma L. Leake, Ranson; Mr. Glenn G. Wiltshire, Millville; Mrs. Janie I. Stewart, ~ Harpers Ferry, RFD 1,; Mr. Albert C. Welsh, Ger- rardstown, RFD 1; Mr. Alfred. H. Johnson, Millville; Mr. O'By- rne E. Jennings, Ranson; Miss~ Ella B. Smith, City; Mr. Garland: H. H0oe, Jr., MillVil!e; Mrs. Mil dred R. Ashwood, Ranson; Mrs. Marie W. Writt; Mr. John Win. Coulter, Knoxville, Md.; Mrs. Grace B. LaRue, City, Rt. 1; Mrs. Lora L. Lackey, Brunswick, Md.; Mrs. Maude W. Payne, Ranson; Mrs. Victoria L .Dutrow, Ranson; Miss Nancy M. Welsh, Kearneys ville; Mr. Bushrod Pillow, Har- pers Ferry, Rt~ ~; Little Denff~ Rogers, City. ........ gin on Saturday, August 5th at 8:00 p. m. with a program and fellowship hour in the parish house sponsored by the Home- coming committee. The worship services on Sunday will be Holy Communion at 8:00 A. M.; Bap- tism at 9:30 A. M.; Confirmation, Holy Communion and Sermon at 11:00 A. M. Memorial Hymn boards given by the Tolbert fam fly in memory of the late John Tilghman. The Mrs. Olive ShelteR Rev. Charles is Vicar to the public is invited to activities. Mrs. Beulah Fritts sister Mrs. Roy Pulse tient in the Charles Hospital. Violet we speedy recovery. fOR YOUR El CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLE, Millvitle Plant No. 899 Charles , Martinstm g Plant AM 7 ..... I " ) I IA~ I III m ~Id I [I .......................... Broken Lots- Were $4.$0 to $5.95 blOW 'ro,,, Iumr $ Were $4.25 to $5.00 W Were $4.00 to $5.OO Some at 99 -- NOW m ] Freeman-Jormon All Volue $4.0 to $5.95 NOW M @ I All Ladies" Come In and Register [or Free Gift W dfingt n St et Charles FREE PARKING IN REAR