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August 3, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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August 3, 1961

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REPORT' IONS ' - THREE SECT 4 JULY 27, cloudy and warmer ~" P~'"~I ' Today- 2~ ..._^ showers or thunder- b u~ | it their h,memiddle 80s, tonight ,dr w 64 to 68. Friday Read By More Than 20.000 s. ttoward Hougiut not as humid. ~-. t,~ .... 'eeden and sons ,]titay, partly cloudy Iveople :veryweek .~ and grandson Pa ,. limmy Grove, Mr ' ' " ' Breeden and sm . . " ,ynewereguestsa "Best For News and Advertising In Charles Town--Ranson and Jeffer n County Since 1844 r .and Mrs. Elwoo " ' 3d?:uDDer was he; 32 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1961 COMPLETE I.OCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS )r the relatives a ' ' ' " " rJ ty' IF" st Sh(}w" Smiths family. ...., h..,o n,,,,H I Charles0 PeerRetlresAsDrlver efferson Cq)un s Assq sse( lr lUg ~Spirit.A~lvDe:~__L'U VU] ?_ V ?Ill IForArian ic Refining Company After lu.t,,,.a,..o it. ,t aar [.-... r,-. . W rt u .m It__ __.L--, 1 " _ _ __. I IUIUUIIVIII tlJp rlv J | 14]-- (t($']Anvil , raraae, raerq nanTs l41 Years /orkmg From SameOfflce I ,efferson assessed I L_. .lt. ring Big Bare. ams ] ]ua'tion is up $4,639,440"ov"er1 60[ chflo[ Board Am , , ." , , - ........ Charles O. Peer, well known ............ ......... ..... according to the levy eshmateI _ - 1 iT * 1 , Charles Town man has made his : ..... [ printed in the B Section of this ] fin RadnnaHnat. 61 "l 1 tJ'l 4 1 "! T [ I fllfll 1" :: [issue of this paper. , . , lop , I k.Jfll t[l q.l{ l =.llt P last run as a truck driver for the -- ' " n ......... All taxable property has ueen Atlanhc Reflnmg Compa y. . .r:.:... !.:. . . o[ Town's second annual ................ ]Peer, a resident of West Liberty] [assessed at $42, 3,005 for^thin]Makes hp intments ] _____ /~]~e0~:~c~lrt)iifgr~rt)~h~!2~lEdTu~hc'!t!eff~~p!yd~y~!ig)!i] ! . . g .. ~ [ ..... ",'.y : . Y[ ~~i:~:_.: [an;t~one half million dollars over t budget for the current fiscal] ~~~~ ] ~':'~:~L::~I:~:~'::I~ :; :~" " uS leaning me process-: ' 20, when Mr. reer returnea Irom handled a number of " .... * L formed at the Charles [makin his oil run, he was pleas [ [ 1959 makmg a total mcrease m [year, also ] i [ ' [ of the Baltimore District anu el- tw years f mre than eight mil'lther last week of Mason C. Wiley asmatters including some[ e course and marched antly surprised by his fellow driv ..... ..... ' ' sonnel 1 / I ! zen s Fire ttall before. era and employees and salesmen s " t the For instance the resignation .... Y":- tip:, .......... Lev Estimate to see assessments ..... Show Cas zicials of the Atlantic Refining ' Y ....... " ' . e head football coach and mathe- :.=::. the bulk of the umts Company of Philadelphia Pa. and as to class s. eaeher at ttarners Ferry a rade, sen drag to Char-[ [Charlotte, N. C. w~th a party at| [ .... ,, " , . L** [Itigh School, necessitated the hir I l~ ~ ~ ~ ] ~~~ ~me f me'r large CivI =:i the ffice" A variety f delieius :'~:~:~:~?~i~/ ~~2:i~ :J~:'~:~+: :: ......... / ach --~ ~'~ -- -- ' ~~": [ ~+-++ PUDIIC U eli t0 hive mg of a new teacher and c ' z~ ~. ' mnons thew amnmmt- , ere served Monda Jul 24 , ...... ....... , , . . . . fods w. . Y' .Y. at that school, with the board ..... and a marching umt was to have been hm last efflcml Tn |nl l Ni nl l fll' |rp naming Douglas Lutman, a, grad- aerate and Union sol- " : day to work but he was given the -..i. erkele S rin s High . . ............. ,_..._.. _ uate of B y p g ,. /, ;:%, cannons were placedl /rest of theft,me off and a verYl O PEER / ' *|"|"|nn [School and Shepherd College, tol li l / , at various places m [ [ generous gilt certificate *rom ",oc[ " [ VIII Oil UUIIUIII / all coach at the Jef[ ' 1 [ . _ , $ Y be head footb .................... ...... " r es , . cord of drwmg, Mr. Peer recalls ....... . .... + .... .... town sectmn of Cha 1 hterman s S@orts Center m Bal -- " s ,he l Lutman ::-: ................... : help publicize the Ben " timore, Md. easily the days when he dehvered With the building project now rsl a:o ntvYou v een named I l!i ] nar ' gasolme aria Kerosene arounu me ............ ............ ~ ......... ........... ~ ..... sales and also the rkin with well underway and expected to be the .... .... . . Mr. Peer began we g |*" .............. :-" of J-fferoon| ! as a mathemahcs teacher for [ ] [ Show Case ,' / " " " an the mr. v completed within the next three " " hoe : I .. _ . _ [ [ the Red C Off Comp y, [ ........... riwr cr-osin-[ .... | Charles Town Junmr thgh Sc l/ : [ me paraae got unue ': [ ; | main office being in Baltimore,[ was'v a errv' boa tte also remem[ to four weKs every e tortis npwt was transferred to tIarpers Ferry/ ::L:; ~ [ .... = " ---- -- -- [ 'ever, merchants report [ [ in Charles/ '" Y /bethI ut rth bY the t narms/ ' "' " " [ crowds on hand even DEFFER Md. and thebulk plant bers well many times during theg p and.will be assocmted only with LT COL ROBERT LEONARD KEITlt BROCKMAN , MRS. BETTY RO Town on Se t 1 1920 . Town Independent Fire Company "n the school's coachm ..... en their stores P" " " Winter months of using a horse tOOtDall * g As Ca t "s lays business Many ofA total of 28 Charles Tow In October 1925 the Atlanhc R- ,drawn sled in order to deliver I set.up. . . .. ,_, to op ' n and " e to rame enough money to pay the . As John Brown p John Avz a e artlc a lladel hm cost of the new fire hall addition Lutman a nauve ot erKetey au i as the rmt al come early to in on[ Ranson businesses r p " 'P [ fining Company of Ph" P " ['kerosene to the Shenandoah June [ ...... , ..... | , " ..... ,. [ With the nightly costume re- It rant owne', ,; p " *p" ,+ " +' "/ked with banners and pennants/tinsburg and Mr. Peer continued/ .... and l oro. e was throuIt tn.e maepenoent vompa y, ""[ playing football and basketbau,| before John Brown, the famous[ the jailer, will be played by' ruay en puohc response to the call for z ] ate "much in evidence[signifying that they are partic-| to work with the Atlantic Corn-| gh t'lae'use'of "fivegallon cans, fill | ....... s, ............ t |Although he did not partcip |abolitionists of a century ago,[Keith Avis Brockman. 43, a Char con~rlOUtlOliS xlas oeezz very gz-a e Belt,, Rodefer of the[ ipating. |puny. Then in June 1950 he wasting them from the' back of the ] ..................... :[| in football at Shepherd Cotleg ,| takes the Jefferson county spot-/les Town school teacher, who is the C Penney Com:[ The sale days will be climaxed| tran6erred to Baltimore, Mfl. at-|truck and carrying them into ihe ] ]s~Yl~lngne~edeU~ltte~ met t' e to" V floaT| he majored in Physical Educat-| light again, is a fun-scale dress / cure,my sludyin at Shepherd i~ ~v'ha ",rill return ~| nnd concluded Saturday evening]ter the DmK plant in unarms!stores and dumning them into a | ................ _s ~[ ion. , ,| rehearsal set for Friday night all College. --, ,, ........... ~, ...... . - * ~ ttelnlnger sam more letters are neau " " , m cash mz Town was sold to Robert Smith of Paul Swartz will serve as 8 m the Bonanza Days. Mrs./ at 6 p. m. when $500 " P | .... = : ............ I huge tank. lie out this week to individuals| ........ ....... | p" ] Other prayers includ, I.eeds K. 10 luck t:narles Town, as UlStrloutor ~wr no h ~" oasKett)all ano oaseoan eoacu was ,selectd by the[ es will be awarded to . Y] .... ? ..... : _-[ Mr. Peer said thatw he as] and businesses houses inviting| ............. ! _~] The world premiere of the two/Riely of the Charles Town Race of the Jet t-eer contlnueu to oellver rue While wllnam owers, who , s for this honor and she|persons from in front ] ...... ! - ........ [retiredheplanstdaltffish[them to heln with this worthy| ........ !J ........... |act production of the re-enact- | Course, as Col. Lewis Washing- r ouse Most Ollne trom aiumore to wnarms avelh ll f - mrea oy me t oar severm weer. and Mrs, William Orn-| ferson County Cou t H . / ...... ling, hunting and tr"rig a o |causeAnd nersons *receivin- o ...... | merit of the trial of John Brown/ton; Edward Pine, Charhs Tow0 stores are al Town anu surrounulng areas, orw 1 ves to d hen *" o ago zor a coaching an(t teaching , , tl be guests of the man[ of the participating -| ........... [ which he said he o o. T / +hese" letters are asked to ive i . . " .......... ] will be staged in Jefferson Coun-! banker, as clerk of the court and of -nandoah Downs/so offering their own store prizes/mg arouna zuo mues aany, worK- / of course when is around Charles[ .^ .... ...n + .... assignment at rmrpers rerx. ,| tyCourt Itouse at 8 p m. Satur- I C F. Printz a Charles Town ed- mg four ten hour nays btedl be dro will be assistant to Lutman , a do this evening (Thurs-| also. | ' . . .. [ Town he will undou y P|tention sen in along a donation - ................ day evening, Then beginning Sun [ ucator as Alex' n r Kelly. dinner on the Starlight I It is not necessary for bargain| Mr. Peer has an :outstan(nng|ping into the Independent Fire[as nromntlv as , ossible tOOtDa!l,.assmjant .to wa, '/day evening there will be two perl Judge Parker will be played . nters to make a urchase m or safe drxvlng record, laaving gone Hall fre uentl since he has for/ *" *" *" " oasKetoau ann neaa track coach,/ ..... a,,,, I h,, ur , Perr, veteran Veest eh:si ajko r ek'cMarr[ dhjI to participatePin the store[through 35 years without an ac-[the pastq35 y Yars been an active| .. o reaSjWers pcs elhav oa | ........... .... ..... *"] v' rginia'legislatt;r' ;and" a nun)- Retail,Business Men s I prizes or the grand prizes to be| cident and 23 years of that period[ member of the fire company ,and|First Day 0f :lt001 . y rno ..... fe-- | And as was expected opening l ber of area altorneys have hn m consecuuve f the eom an zor the $ ann mey are restolng on deI r ......... I awarded. | be" g ' | treasurer o P Y " / .... ' "| night is a sell out, with outstand- I cast as lawyers-such as Lee Bush ! s son Avenue | In reminiscing of his long re- past 33"year. 5 -- - - - Jefferson|tug personalities coming from/ong, Dean Nichols, Roger Perry ....... -- i - -- . n / . '+ .... / vvmmu upermten en_t m near and far to see the first pres-/and ttenry Morrow. in Rand I Band BoosTers uu0 |_ . . __ ' - . [ _ . ,---7---2 ..... County cnois, T, 5" owery sa]a[entation of the show which ++is/ There are two w men in the _ n m, n +%,t n_ l__ t Tuesuay, ept. a will ae he haa oen notitiea only last[h,~i.,. ~n,~n~,~rad hv the _Tat|arran~ on t.Mr A I Perry +~f Harriers + ..... I + | d:' y whie upwards of some 4,000 week by Wiley that he and ' Ferrv--a"s "Mrs J(' hn' 13town-'arid L. rrR ]F., I t mvtm$ - ll[ +, .| SeffersotCCounty School children wife, the latter also having and the Chamber of Mrs "R A Hockensmith of Shen- ........... U .... D,.d /IntSa me V Vv= [ will start returning to the sehool cepted a teaching position at Many tickets haw al- ancloala Junction as Mahala i) ie L Darrell Briek.ey,. 25, 1170[I IIIU unH :A ... , ... m | rooms of the eot nty, it was an- Charles Town Junmr.H gh School I so been sold for the two Sundays Frank Buckles president of Va suttereu a -- nouneed Wednesuay ,ay cnoms would not come to claaries Town . * " " " ical ..... '- ....... rive now bein staged by "]M I | ........... .......... Imght performances and others the Jeff rsoo County mat(" : . Y + . . . ..... ..........: ______- , County.wide . g. .. . rig Mr. ks es'g . . +. [ Town is a uift to JefferSon Court cut-tense mood, directs the pla "s 2 miles West of ChaI lor ann Junmr rngn anus |ticc~ th h School Lower stud personneL and Sept. I as me uate The board also aeeeptea the .... "" " ' " +m"g With .................. line ucce. , ,, nu",, The Jefferson County' Board 'gTotal State' Yreg''ular) for tor ........ orgamzauonat meeungs ot resignation* ........ of Mrs' Hazel lvt rten I tv.. And' it 'is being directed by movements, through~sceues in t'l~t.~, ...... uet .,,- .... contributions, having of Education meeting Tuesday ' ( ............ . ." . ] Charles Wood a professional dir home of Colonel Lewis Washing- Town State Trooper ....... to date, it was an- night to review and set up it'slthe year has been est!matea at eaeaers, eteT_)n the- _v__arm_us ducKs, as rmme conom cs2nstrU|ector. " front New' York. ton, Browns' cell an(i the Court-' ard said a 1957 Chev- - ........ budget for the current fiscal / $646,485.00, less the mree per- sen ts. The nrst me stuuentn ctor at t:names Town mgn cnoo | Proceedin z of six eventful r0onL belw g eOrd ni': :rEd a!i Add ira:t M!$500" FhauSkbl Jnsree: ta eaPoP V$ ?2 2 P . Se?oeXl neh!i':ct od ? ::Ittii! t eeh:p: CePd 3 ThPv at!: : !] djY efs 0, bYyea r:gDh?;en 3en dP :r, tththe j : f etr 'fn tl !o:n y ,;] ii , ; ...... G_.',," has donated operation and maintenance of!$ , ;' . ......... " [running tm e of-an ho,ttr and a Chorus will present a brief pro i+ Si ! Jd: Inhd Mliihave also stated they mnm l! ! t a i!f iii8P tii:iu !i" :he nt'a s ahpte ' f bap ali!;.za ; !r pdhR:b : hB e f nr p a;eu Hbab r t33C t.h:b rnst- ' " ' r Darrell Brickey other people ...... than the actual receints for the by the levy of taxes. ' Lowery said. of the school bus drivers. I ' . ............ ; * lan to make a oonauon, lnclu(1 r- The truck belon P ztacre out" the oiu" ': 1960-61 school term, ' Of the total $1,282,589.46 bud- ' A policy for closer cooperation Bakery of West ing T. A. Wh" . , Y But ......... n r as-- f-r get some $845,683.00 will be paid FRIENDLY CLASS WILL between the teachers, parents not specify what. " ........ out in salaries for teachers and and students, was also approved i0 the two vehicles a- to about $1,000 and ard said Hartsock was With failure to have the Was driving under con- Charles F. Moler .ar.e .vacationir g near The Boosters Club is selling tic kets on the bedroom suite and have plans for staging a lawn par, ty in August. The next meeting of the Boos- ters Club will be Tuesday, Aug. 8 at 8 p. m. in the Charles Town Junior High auditorium. GO+ T0 cHURCH SUNDAY as.a lot of disappoint- ] the Thomas Jeffer- I i Saturday When theY w.ith their children to laietures taken and no photographer a- the pictures They $2 to show ] aid in advance for ents began showing up with their children he had checked out of the hotel and could not be loca- ted. Charles Town Police Capt. Eph raim Day contacted the Superior Studio in Richmond and was in- formed by Mr. E. Brtice Zinn, head of the Studio thai'Mr. Bow the increased budget, and it was provided by the recent session of the West Virginia legislature when it decided that this year schools should operate an extra two weeks. And in decreeing the extended school term the legisla- ture accordingly appropriated ad- ditional funds to pay teacher sal aries, but failed to take into ac- count the extra costs to the board of education in the operation and maintenance of buildings, trans- portation, etc. A detailed report prepared by i Superintendent of Schools T. A. Lowery on the actual increase in costs to the school board as a re- sult of the extended term shows that just for instruction alone it will cost. the school board $44,308. This is in addition to the $62,877 which it will receive from the state, making a" grand total of $107,185 more it will cost" the school board in additional teach er pay which includes experien- ce increment and. books for the two extra weeks. t It will also cost the local board :and when no photo, UD they called Town Stat and City complaints. a Mr. Bow-': calls on a large homes in Charles Ranson earlier in he renresented Studio of Rich and that he was arran for Pictures in ad- nhotbgrapher who later. persons who a reed r children photograph collected $2 in each of them they had paid when tbe picture were to pay an- to the ohoto rar)her Mr. B wman at the Thomas in Charles Town. doin~ the soliciting. But by the time Sat around and the par man had worked for that studio but that he had fired him sev-~ eral weeks prior to his coming to Charles Town. Mr. Zinn advised U-a-p=t:. Day to inform the people of Charles Town and Ranson who had paid Mr. Bowman any money that he would be in Charles Town at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, Saturday, Aug. 12 to take the pictures that Bowman had promised. Mr. Zinn said that all holders of these coupons should oresent them to him at the hotel Saturday and they will, be ohnor- ed. Mr. Zinn stated he was most sorry that this unfortunate cir- cumstance had arisen and that he plans to do all in his power to right the wrong. COUNTRY HAM AND TUR- KEY SUPPER AUGUST "5 AT 5:00 P. M. MIDDLEWAY METH- ODIST CHURCH. PROCEEDS FOR BUILDING FUND. Aug. 3.1t-FP an additional $20,000 for operat- 'ions of the plants, transportation, Social Security, etc. There will also be another $3,897 expended tin general control costs; another $7,109 for custodians, power, water, etc., an additional $1,761 in maintenance on furniture and fixtures; $2298 more on Auxil- iary agencies. No Reserve Fund And in making up the budget for the year it was not possible to include anything as a reserve improvement fund since it has al so been mandatory to hold back a three-percent allowance of state aid funds, because of a possible decline in state tax revenues. Should this money come through, however that this reserve which will amount to about $16,000 and can and will be used to erect a much needed addition at Charlds Town Senior High School to help alleviate the over.crowded eon- l ditions at Charles" Town Junior MEET FRIDAY, AUG. 11 principals. Other leading expen- ses include $34,586 for custod- ial service; $41,760 for bus driv- ers and general control $26,543. Because of the increase from increased property assessments the bond rates dropped eight-ten TURN TO " PAGE 2-A The Friendly class of the Char lea Town Methodist Church will meet Friday night, Aug..11 at 8 o'clock p. m. at th home of Mrs, Alice Htt te, Ransom GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY i The farm of C. J. Cavalier and George Cole and George Tabb of I Son of Shepherdstown is the Dis- the Soil Conservation Service as- trict's 1961 Conservation Farm stated the Cavaliers in developing winner. The selection was made their farm plan. by the Supervisors of the Eastern [ The Cavaliers will receive a Panhandle Soil Conservation Dis- I wall plaque from the Eastern Pan- trict last week. handle SCD and a trip to Jacksons The Cavalier farm is a dairy farm of 218 acres A conservation farm plan was started in 1945. Sin ce that time all of the old rectan- gular crop fields have been replae ed with a modern strip cropping layout There are 154 areas of cropland laid out in 35 strips, 100 feet wide. The farm is operated jointly by .C.J. Cavalier and his son Andy. i Mill in November. Their farm will be inspected by state judges in September who will select the State winner. The above picture shows a con- tour of strip farming, sod water- way. etc.: on the Cavalier farm. At. so shown in the picture are (left to right) John F. DeBauCh, Mar- tinsburg: George R. Heidrich, Charles Town; Sanley Yost and C, J. Cavalier and Andy Cavalier. by the Board. The purpose of this policy is to provide a system of counselling with parents and stu. dents in a move to try+and help those students who need help. The teachers and Board of Ed- ucation have for sometime been concerned over the large number of "drop-outs" among students of Junior High School age. It is hoped that this new policy will promote better cooperation be- tween these students, the teacher and the parents and keep more of them in school at least throu- gh the Junior High grades. The Board was also given a re- port from the State Auditor's )ffice with regards to findings on the records of the Board of Education. The report not. only showed all of the finances to be in order, but it commended the local board on the fact that of all the school expenditures, only two and one third percent of t"he men I that action of the Court would ey expended during the past year ibe appealed by both true,ks to the went for administrative costs. Circuit Court of Jefferson Coun The other percent went into the education of the boys and girls, the report stated, which is a most commendable showing. The Board also gave approval to Superintendent Lowery ser- ving on the West Virginia Educ- ation Association's Foundation program committee. Lowery was appointed to this committee a short time ago tentative to the approval of the local board. The purpose of this committee is to study the foundation program of the state's schools and make re- commendations. The board once again agreed to coritinue it's affiliation with the West Virginia School Board As- sociation. The Jefferson County Court, sit I ling as a Board of EqualizationI and Review, held hearings last Tuesday, July 25 and.last Friday July 28, on.the .assessed value to be placed on the real .estate of estate of the new !rack should be valued at. two milliort .eighty six thousand dollars. There were strong indications ty. Officials of the Old Traek ad- mitted they had paid more than $4.300,000 for the stock of Charles Town Prooerties Inc.. in May of 1959 but claimed the value of the track had greatly decreased .since then due primarily to the opening of a new track (Shenandoah Downs) just across the road. This track was assessed al $1,182,170 in 1960 and paid real estate taxes in the amount of $30,692.80. A professional witness from Bal timore, Bentley Evans, who is in the appraising business testified that in his opinion the real estate of Charles Town Properties was worth no more than $1,500.000. On cross examinations he admitted he had never aporaised any other on the track at the time of the death of the late A. J. Boyle. Witnesses appearing for Shen- andoah Downs admitted that their stockholders report showed a val ue of that track to be in excess of three and one' half million and that their chief financial officer had at one time filed a report with the assessor showing a value in excess of three and one half milton. Last year this track was assessed at $1.375.000 on which real estate taxes of $35.722.50 were paid. The increased assessments are an attempt on the part of the county court to get all real estate in Jefferson assessed at approxi- mately fifty percent of true and actual value. Well Child Conference I tes Are Announced DANCING ItoantL Square and Paul Jones Ev rry Saturday and Sunday Night. Saturday night Tom Kats and Kountry Kittens. Sunday Night Bill Bailey and the Sky Itne Boys. Aug. 3-It-lid. FP property in Jefferson County and that the new stable area was not included in his estimate. John P. Briscoe, local realtor, also testi- fied+that in his opinion the track was worth no more than $1,500,000 although he admitted he' had pla. ced a val~e of nearly $4,000,000 Announcement was made Men. day by the Jefferson County Hearth Department of the follow ins dates for the Well Child Coo fereneset for Charles Town. tIar pers Ferry and Shepherdstown. The Charles Town Well Child Conference will be held in the basement of the County Building Thursday, August 10, 196I be- tween 1 and 2 p. m, In Shepherdstown at the War Memorial Building on Monday, August 7, 1961 between 2 and 3 p.m. In ttarpers Ferry at the Camp Hill Methodist Church basement on Wednesday, August 2, 1961 be tween 1 and 2 p. m, :iii (! !iii i?:!i: ji:i~, i ,ii !)i,i i!il