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July 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 30, 1959

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cahn and collected with a CHECKING ACCOUNT Why swelter, walking around paying bills, when a checking account lets you pay-ln-com- fort -- in a fraction of the time. Open a check. ing account with us before bill-paying time rolls around again -- then iust write out checks and mall them to their various destinatlonsl Across From The Court House A Community Corner Stone Since 1871 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Cttasses and rules for the I!or- }ctflture dePaz~menft of the Jeffer- son County~ Pair were announced ~i~is week by Mrs. Charles ~I. Strl- der, Jr., depavtznen,t superinten,' dent and the Doly Madison Gar-! ~n Club members are making ~)lans for the for~hco~ning event. ,Mrs. ~)trider said competition W]~ll be open only to Jefferson CourtLy exhi:bitor} and ~here wIH be no fee c~arg~ for enrrles. ALl et~tries for this department of the Pair must be in by 11 a. m. D~T Sept. 3, Mrs. Strider stWted. The theme for the~exhi,bi~s at the three day Pair o be held Sew- ember 3. 4 and 5 at the new ~henandoah Downs will be "'Coun .try, Gardens". The Class and rules will be as ~o~lows: I. All spedlmens muSt be grow~ by the exCfl~b~,tor as true specimens end properly aamed and labeled. Un-n~xaed specimens wiN be dis- played but not judged. 2. All specimens must be dis ~l~yed in bottles furnls~ed by ex- ~tlbior. 3. Potted plants should have been in e)chibl,tor's possession for at least three mor~ths. 4. l~lowers used in arrangements must no~ have been grown by pro- ~esslonal growers wl,th exception of Section IV. I~ROSES-A. Hy~brid Tea, Best single Bloom 1. Pink 2. Red, 3. ~te or cream. 4-Yellow. 5. Blen tied or Bl-color, 16. Peace. 'B. Floribunda. spray-length to 30 inches; C. Polyuntha. 1 spray- length to 30 tlnohes; D. Grancll- lor~t-Best slnl[.le bloom. H-Zinnia-Ooe Bloom 1. Glar#t Hfarid, 2. Dah, lta Flowered, 3. Fore-Pore. 4. DwaH. C. Father's Day-"~My Heart Be- longs To Daddy" An arrangemen,t ,to suit {)he ocoaslon. D. ValenUne's Day-"Swe~heart On F*arade" A line arrangemen,t featuring red and white flowers. E. St. Pa, tricks Day-"Wearing of ,the Green". An arrangement wfth fotiage predominating. F. Halloweec~-"Shine On Har- vest Moon" A crescen~t arrange- ment using ~alues of yellow. G. Summer Holidays-"Carndval of Vemce'. Miscellaneous arrange merits. Section III-Parm Women's Clu~s Silver Wedding -"Anniversary Wal,tz" A composition displayed on a~ entrance h~*l ,table. Table to be furnished by exhibitor. Section IV-Oarden Clubs Pour- th of July-"&merioa, the Beauti- ful". An Irtterpret~tlve composit- ion to be displayed on a card tab le w~i?~h nlslng background 30, by 36". Both t~ble and backdrop to be furnished by exhlh4~r. Seotlon V-Junior Class Arrange merits A. Thanksgivi,ng-"Over the Pdver and Thru the Woods'. A composition suggestive of the dra ma of the First Thanksgiving as shown thru flowers. Open to Jan Evergreen 441 Club's Carnival Successful Pony rides, a bake sale, a For- tune Teller and cipher activiies highlighted the Evergreen 4-H Clubs carnival on Whetzel's lawn July 24. There were games of throwing darts at balloons and jar rings a.t pop bottles. Madame La- Mistic told fortunes a.nd read palms. Ghances were sold on a pig and two ducks wi,th ~VIrs. W. B. Hammond w,inning ,the ,pig and Frank Carper the ducks. GuessJhg the number of a jar of jelly beans and one of bu~bble gum were also sold. Mrs. P. P. ~Marshall won the jelly beans and Sylvia Creamer She bubble gum. Cakes, pies, hot dogs, lemonade, pop corn and iced ~tea were sold. The club cleared $70.00 w~ic~h was used to help members go to camp. The carnival was such~a success it was decided to make ~t an annual affair. Bradley Reunion Sunday August 16th at Community Center Near Bardane 'Phe Bradley reunion will be held Sunday, August 16th a,t the Commu:~lty Center near Bardane, according to an announcement made this week by t)he secretary of ,the reunion, Marian Guy Snow loJc ~arden Club members only) Section VI-Spe~ial E~hi'bits A. den. All members are urged to at- ,tend. Commercial, B. Conser~a, tlon. Rules for PloriculLture Division 1. Competition is open to all a- mateurs except ~here oVherwtse show.n in schedule wi,th ril~bon a- wards only. 2, En~tries not made according ~,o sohedu, le wil,1 be displayed but no~ Judged. 3, Only one en~try will be per- matted in each class by any one exhibi,tor. 4. No m~terial listed in the "Let HI Marigold-One bloom I. Car- IAve" section of the West Virgirtia n@tion-flowered, 2. Chrysanthe, Conservetion list may be used. mitre-flowered, 3. ColecUon-not less than 3 or more ~)han 5 var- letles. IV Glra~tious-one stalk 1. Red, 2. White, 3 Yellow, 4. Maroon. 5. La vender, 6. Pink, 7. Salmon. 8. I~i- color. V Dahlia-one bloom 1. Large ~werlng, 2. Dora-Pore, 3. CaCtus. VI Chrysa~n~hemum-one s~alk; 1. Pom Pore, 2. Ctu~hion. 3. Other. Vll Celosia-one stelk; l.Crested 2. Plumed. VIII Any ot~her anlm~-One Ibloom. IX Col:lec~on of Annuals-not less ~hsn 3 or more than 7. X. Any Perenndal-one Moore XI Collection of Perermlals-not less than 3 or more t,han 7. XII ~hrubs-1. Berried-leng~h to 30 Inches. 2. Flowering. XHI Ported Pi,ants A. Plowering, B. Non-Flowering, C. African Viol ets. 1. Single a. pink. b. white, c. Blue, d. Purple, e. Bi-color. 2. Double-~t. pink, b, whi,te, c. blue, d. purple, e. B~-color. SeXton II. General Arra~nge- merits A, Blessed Evenrt-"Lit~t~le Pairy W@F~z" A miniature not to exceed 5 inches overa'H dimension. B. Mother's Day-"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" An InCerpretat- |re Composition (for Blue Ribbon WCnners only) 497 Mens Sport Shirts 18 Mens Straw Hats 16 Summer Pants 75 Summer Wash 'n' Wear Pants 5, Exhibitors s,hould :harden pl~,t m.ater~l sufficiently to the three days of the show and , ~0 t.~ 21~.00: ~,ain t~ rn~:&um h~,f- SPIRIT OF JEFFERRON r nMr .s. ADVOCATE ..... : " ardly C orth Of ention " ,, By W. Morrow Should {he Governmen lnlerfere? In his syndicated column of July 21, Mr. Walter Lippmann, vchase powers of discernment are, perhaps, unsurpassed by any Other political writer, has some ob servations to make on the steel ~trike that the government would do well to meditate upon. The gist of what Mr. Lippman,n says is that the great majority of the Ameri- can people, for want o{ informat- ran, cannot intelligently appraise t~he issue.s involved in She strike; that newspaper editors are not in )ossession of sufficient informat- !on wit'h which to lead i,ntelligen, t public opinion; that we cannot md should nc,t allow the gian,ts of indu.ntry and labor to slug it out n a propaganda battle; and that the government Should intervene, wen if to do ,no more than to con- duct an impartial semi-j,3dicial in -~iry to ascertain the true facts md issues as distinguished from ~he admfttedly biased reports being issued by the antagonists. In the strike that began last ~eek there can be no question bu, t at this stage in the proceeding labor is under a decided disadvan ~age. Anticipa,ting the strike, most .'teel consumers took the precau- tion of stocking up before the walkout began; add to this the op !nion forces t~ha are heavily align ?d against further inflation which ':he granting of the strikers' re- quest is most apt to produce. And ';hen season Vhese ingredients with ';he fact that the w,hole labor move' men,t is in public disfavor at t~he oresent time as a resul:t of the dis :losures made and being made of ';he an,tics of the Teamsters and Iimmy Hoffa. When all o{ these ingredients are mixed the dis,h t'hat emerges is definitely pro- managemer~t and defimtely anti- labor. But, as ~Mr. Lip~mann points out, time a:~d a lengthy ~teel strike could change a lot of t~his. As stockpiles and fnven,tories diminish opinion may and prob- ~,bly will change. What I gather from all of Vhis is that Mr. Lipp- mann is trying to say ~chat timely xnd proper intervenltion by the ~,overnme,nt could neutralize ex- treme partisans~hip on ei,ther side of the Great Issue and thus pre- ven,t l~bor and managemen~t and, not to be overlooked, the public m general from the ~nevi,table damage t:ha, t must in the very n~at are of things ensue if a long strike becomes a reality. There is ,always ,a danger of BY JOHN A. FIELD JR. State Tax Commissioner Store Licenses for the 1959-60 year are being renewed at a re- cord clip. They were due and pay able July 1. As of July 23 a total of approx im~tety 27,000 businesses had made application. That fig~are in- cludes both new and renewal re- quests. At the same da~e of 1958 only 20,000 bus!;]esses had filed. The accelerated rate of applic- ~Vion is probably due to strict en- orcement of a ,penalty provision inserted in,to the store license' statu.te by the 1957 West Virginia Legisla~ture. The la:wmakers imposed a pen- alty of 10 per cen,t of the annual license fee for each month of de- linquency. That amounts to~ 50 cents a month for stores falling under the 'special' c~tegory and $1.50 a mont~h for holders of 'gen eral' licenses. Prior to insertion of t~he penalty provision many applican,ts were far in arrrars in payment of the license fee. ActAon of the 1957 Legislature has also paid dividends in the Ge~n eral License Division of our de- partment. The Le~isla:tor~ decided that the general licenses s~hould be issued $I.00 $1.00 should Check and refresh material if needed in Arrangemer~t Sec~Uons $3.00 6. All entries are the prooe~ty o fthe flower show commi.t~tee an- $4.44 til She close of the show. 7. The ~tandard System of Jud- 19 Summer Sport Coats $5.00 ging wirll bemused. 11 Summer Suits 8. The pla~ng and s~ging of (Wash 'n' Wear) $15.00 ~he exhi~btt Is to be done under the supervision of bhe flower show 9 Jr. Boy's Summer Suits $2.50 c~s~mi~tee. , , 9., E~ch,l'bl~ts shall be staged by 3Boys Wash n Wear Suits $9.00 cless a~d number only. When jud- 18 Womens Batiste Gowns $1.88 gtng Is completed the ex~i,bitor's 300 Yds. Summer Pc. Goods, yd. 50c n,a~ne may be ~hown. U,niform cards for this purpose will be fur 6 Pairs Plisse. Draperies, pr. $2.00 nished by the show cometic. 10. Ex lbi must be staged and 23 Womens Pedal Pushers - - $1.77 32 Womens Sport Tops $1.00 84 Womens Pedal Pushers $1..33 39 Womens ' Sport Tops - $1.33 34 Womens Bathing Suits $4.00 89 Womens Sleeveless Blouses 88c 96 Womens. Jamaica Shorts $1.33 135 Womens Slacks $1.33 177 Womefis Dresses - - $4.88 22 Womens Dresses - $3.00 :over simp~iication when one gets involved in issues as great as this. Tlmrefore, it might be an over- simplification to point ouL that if granting the steel workers' de- mands is most apt to lead to an inflationary spiral, is i:t not equal- ly true that a prolonged period of idleness on the part of the work- ers i,n America's mo~t basic in- dustry might produce a deflat- ionary result? This poses a very dangerous dilemna. It is a classic ez's 16.00 ,to 22.00; good bulls 22.00 to 23.00: plain to medium bulls 18.00 to 21.00; commercial cows 18.00 ,to 18.40; utility cows 17.00 to 18.00; canners and cutters 17.00 down; cows by the head up to 220.00; s~ocker and feeder steers 23.00 to 28.00; stock heifers .and bulls by the head up to 175.00; Choice L0 prime calves 32.00 to 34.50; good butcher calves 28.00 to 31.00; medium butcher calves 25.- 00 to 28.00; thin calves 24.00 dowel heavy calves 24.00 to 30.00; Blue head grade lambs 25.10; red head grade lambs 23.00: red s:houlder grade lambs 1920: bu~t- (~her ewes up to 6.00; stock ewes head none; Good butcher hogs 15.00 to 15.90 example of damned if we do and nedium butcher hogs 14.50 to 15.- damned if we don't. For the perils 00; heavy butcher hogs 13.00 to of deflation, particularly in view 14.50; butcher sows 9.00 to 12.25; of our huge national debt, are as heavy feeders and light butcher great if not greater than the per- hogs 14.00 to 17.75; shoats per ils of inflation. Our economy can hundred 19.00 down; pigs per and has wea, t'hered i:]flation. But head 13.25 down; heavy boars 6.50 power, could be extremely dan- up to 66.00; stock boars up to 12.- II1[ gerous, and massive defla,tion 00. could throw us into national bankMiscellaneous sales start ll:00 ruptcy. A.M.-IAvestock Sales 1:30 P. M. The Administra,tion, in the steel each Monday. strike, has taken t,he classic Adam Smith attitude that it should keep ATTEND CHINCH ~UNDAY its hands off. Mr. Lippman has t'aken the view that ,the economic facts of the Twentieth Century make such an attitude untenal~le and that it is not only the right but She duty of the government to intervene so that each of these dangerous forces may be contain- ed. Hence the issue becomes one of bei,ng neither pro-managemenl or pro-labor; it becomes an issue invol-ing t'he survival of the whole economy, and makes ,the interven tion of the government a necess- ity lest the two giant,s destroy themselves and all the rest of us with t'hem. Traditional Republicanism dic- tates a policy of non-i,ntervention But one of the great, weaknesses of l~he Republican party is that Pt is so hide-~bou,nd by its tradition al philosophy that it most frequev. tly fails to recognize that what w~s a sound and tenable view a quarter of a ceniury ago can no longer be main~tai,ned in view of t~he economic facts of the Mid- Twentieth Century. In fact one of She great fundamental general dif ferences between the Democratic and Republican parties is the fact that the Democra,ts have adopted fluid and {lexible philosophies to meet changing circumsta,nces v~hile the Republicans l~ave insist- ed on clinging to the obsolete be- lief t~hat yesterday's rules could be applied to .today's problems. If one is in, terested in determining why there are more Democrats than Republicans in ,the country the would do well to begin wit)h t,his ge,aeral premise. Independent Fire Co. Carnival Next Week The 25th annual firemen's car- nival sponsored by the Indepen- dent Fire Company of Charles Town will be held next week, Aug ust 3 through August 8 on the town lot near the si:te .of t.he old Select Baking Company. Rides of m a:ay kinds, games and amuse- ments for every member of the family will be featured each night and it is hoped by the fire- men that the public's response will be good. At,tend as often as you can because you will be aiding a most worthy cause, your local fire company. TItI:RSDAY, JI!LY Many West; Virginia plants specialize in cuL g]ass and oLher items requiring the est craftsmanship. THE MELVIN T. STRIDER NOW COLONIAL A FUNERAL IIOME Charles Town PHONE 202 Shepherdstown 35 - Telephones - DR. VERA FISCHER, Optometrist EYES EXAMINED -- GLASSES FITTED Hours:---9:45 - 5:00--Closed Tuesday and Thursday OPEN Friday Evenings By Appointments. Phone 785 112 S. Charles St. Charles Town, W. Vs. WONDERFU E EV S ONS ON DISPLAY A P P L ! A N C E LINE OF CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ready for judging by 11:00 a. m. DST, Sept. 3. 11. Under Seotlons III and IV, the club must notify Mrs. Richard l~nk, Phone 962, on or before Au.gus~ 28, 1959. 12. Tr~-~olor may be given in Section II. 13. Award of Meri~t may be giv- e~n in Sect4on I. 14, In ~his schedule an Arrange- merit im,plies tl'~ use of fresh plant material only width no ac- cessorles or a~cessory con, t~iner. A Composl,tion may have other ma- terials, also such as accessories. by the &ta,te Tax Commissioner. Prior to that time they had been issued by county clerks. Col,lec,tions of general license fees have been climbing in the past two years. The net amoun,t collected for t,he 1957-58 fiscal year was $241,605.41. The total swelled to $269,042.01 for the 1958-59 fiscal year. Part of the i,ncrease is attribu- ted to the increasing number of coin-operated laundry businesses in the state but a major share of the credit must go to the 1957 Leg islature. Persons engaged in the follow- ing businesses, activities ,trades, or employment mus,t obtain gen- eral licenses: Slot machines and automatic devices; circuses, car- o~tivals and ot,her public shows; for tune telling; junk dealers and their agents; hawkers and ped- dlers; pawnbrokers; it,ineran,t yen dors; t'heatres 'and public shows; col.leotion agencies; employment a gen,ts, bowling alleys, bill,iard, pool or bagatelle tables and trading stamp compaaies. II The quotations of The Blue Ridge Livestock Saies at Charles Town ,Monday, July 27, 1959. Receipts of cows, calves 'hcavy vi,th a good demand for ,all calves, ca~btle and hogs. Feature of sale was hogs top $15.90; veal top 34.50; c~oice heifers top $27.10. Choice butcher steers none; good but0her steers 24.00 to 27.00; plum to medium steers 21.00 to 23.00; choice butcher heifers 26:50 to 27.10; good butcher ~heifers 23.- MORE THAN 1000 BLANKETS N 0 W and as little as C PER BLANKET will put them on LAYAWAY for you until Nov. 1st I, PENNEY'S FAMOUS AUTOMATIC !BLANKET E N D 0 F M 0 N T H LAY.A.WAY NOW AT THIS LOW PRICE! 138 Womens Cotton Skirts $1.99 22 Womens Sunback Dresses . $1.50 18 Toddler Boys Sport Shirts $1.00 39 Toddler Boys Sport Shirts 77c 19 Toddlers Overalls $1.00 10 Toddlers Sun Suits - 50c 17 Toddler Girls Play Suits- $1.00 29 Toddler Girls Play Suits 50c 31 Toddler Girls Play Suits -$1.00 20 GirlsPedal Pushers - - $2.00 l i Girls Ber muda Shorts - $1.3-3 15 GirlsFull Length Slacks $1.77 21 GirlsClam Diggers $1.00 9 GirlsCotton Skirls -- $1.00 PLUS l O0's OF OTHER CLEAN- UP SUMMER ITEMS? .YOu never dreamed Sleep could be so relaxed!. You never dreamed sleep could be so relaxed! Dial the warmth you want and one of the fnest thermostatic circuits made gives you even, all- night comfort. Two-year replacement guaran- tee, too! Downy-nap ranyon, cotton. Machine wash, medium setting. Nylon bound. Flame, beige, peacock, pink, green. A fabulous buy! Twin size 63 by 84 inches $13.95 single control 72 by 84 inches Dual control 80 by 84 inches $20,00 RAYON AND ACRILAN BLANKET BUY 72 by 90 inches Woven reversible pattern ! Nylon bound. 4 colors. SEE WHAT A BLANKET JUST $3.77 BUYS ! $ .77 72 by 90 inches Warm, soft rayon and Orlon, nylon bound! Pink, blue, peacock, maize. GAY FLORAL BLANKET, LOW PRICED! 72 by 84 inches Rayon and n lOn, nylon bound. So nany colors ! StlOP PENNEY'S . . .' YOU'LL LIVE BETTER, YOU'LL" sAVI !