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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
July 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 30, 1959

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...... bime one cannot help but wonder a step further. By in,nuendo, heve m the fundagnental and major principles for which ............ =. . , / ) . l,~ w,r. ~enneay n~s no~ mspmye~ w.h~,ch in l~w ean be as tortuous the Democratlc Part~ stands E~ en the }~epubhcans have more zeal than dis'creti~n I.~ tm~ ,as a direct s~temen,t, ~VIr. Ken- belatedly gotten around to behewn in those things for television appearances in the past nedy suggested and strongly infer red 4~ha't Mr. Hoffa had knowing- which the Democrats. have,, .traditinally. . ,,. . stood,, things which, weekcomesMr.a sui~KennedYaddinghaS, thatSaidif hen juryWel ly, in t~nt~on.~y and for ~he ~'i~- Swt rd , the Repubhcans cal]ed socmhst c . minimum wages, social ....... , .... .... security, rural electrification, public power in under-de- suc event" r o ffr r ou "re_" ,pose o deee ng n rni a g u ay and Sunday will be Bishop of West Virgiaia. At 1:00 lied before t)he Senate Commit- ~big days for St. Bhilli,p's Episcopal P. M. ~he Woman's Auxiliary of veloped areas, old age benefits, public health measures, public sign. It might ~be added tha~t ~vfr. tee. This is a serious charge oe- Churon in Charles TOwn ('shown the Ohuroh ~oge~her .w~th ,~a housing, aid to farmers, and a host of other measures that Hoffa has not agreed with ,this oause a,t ~s a dharge that Mr. Hoffa above as annu, al homecomang Homecoming committee wi:ll serve . proposi,tion and th~,t win, lose or has com m4bted perjury, ~hich is a will be celebrwted by the congre- lunch to ~ll persons present a~ the nronerly enumerated would fill pages. And to heal ......... _ - .- ., ~ ~. . .,- 1~ oraw, Mr, nona prGDaOly nas ~o crime .~hat makes i so terribly gation w,i,th a full program of not- service. This will alsO be Vhe fen some Democrats, or so--calleo uemocra s, LalK, one wou_o intention of resigning serious and dangerous is that Mr. ~ivi~hies having been planned, lows~h~,p hour think they are ashamed of this record instead of proud But what concerns' me is w:he- ,Kennedy must prove it should ,Mr. ~ On Saturday the St. Electa's This year's program has been of it ther or not Mr. Kennedy, in his Hoffa sue hi.m, and i,f he cannot Guild of. the OhurCh will sponsor under the" genera] chairmanxh~p " ........... ~ -" ~-i~ zeal may be unwittingly streng .prove it .the juage wil,1 in~ruc~ ~ne a [.)arniva~ on the lawn and in the of Mrs. Ollie Tol,bert and Mrs. We join with Mr ttayouorn ano we aKe near irom n ~ then:__ ,~ '.. ~ _ ' ~. ..- , ~.~ " ......... ,., ,rig ~ar. nOrth'S nana. 'mr. Jury that it is libelous, per se, find .Barish house of ~he Ohur~h, begin Nelli~ ~--ai~ ~h.~ ~,,~ h ...... w0ras" we are uemocrauc, ann far irom Delnff asnameo Kenned somevchat n i " ' n'n ~ .... = .... " ..........." . . ~ , y, a veiy, 1%h~vt l~he 3ury must bmng in a vet ~ g at 8:00 P. M .... d~c~ in favor of Mr Hoffa. Mr. t On Sunday there will be two .............. of it, we are proud of and want to shout from every think, assumes t~hat in a jury trial " ., sis~eu oy a very ~ine group of co- workers wno nave l,woorea co make d ur natlol~ there can be no que~aon but that e w ter res en fine opportumt to do so Those corner For in every crisis that has confronte o -. , . , ' Kennedy, it seems ,to me, has r%Vorsh~ps services: 8:00 A. M. Holy ' whether the threat was internal" or externa ,l It" has been the neremoWill ..... be successful. Anyone .... even placed himsel unnecessarily in an Commun.ion and a~t ll:00 A. M. a ~his year's program a success. "l~he ..... - ~e~y acquaan~e~ w%n ~ne pro e~:tremely vu.lner~ble position. He Choral Celebration of the Holy Rev. Oharles Mervhan,t Johnson Democratic Party that has provided the lmagmatmn and cesses of ~he law is familiar v~L~h need not have done so, but witch Communion and Sermon by the is Vicar of the Ohureh. The pubH~ the leadership to cope with it, So it will ever be! ! The ~bhe old axiom: never predict ms orasnness ne nas ,pm'ce~ m Mr. iRt. W~'lburn C. C~m:lYoell, D. D. is invi,ted to all ~hese avtiviCAes. .... i~ i, th. l a jury will do. Has ~Mr. Kennedy Hoffa's hands an extremely dan-[~ v ............. v ...... ,. ~ stopped to 0hink that a jury gerous weapon Certainly Mr Hof]- ] might find in favor of Mr. Hoffa .... acR" B "Ad" G ~a is not so ignorant as ~o not] 0f 'and that if i;t should Mr. Hoffa know that 1 the Justice Depart- I F0|0m ffen aSll vls0r, r0un__r_0T 0Ph C~n~|l .u ~LL ~tu~ will 'be even more firmly e,ntrench merit could make a charge of per- _ _ / wvw..-~ ~'-- ............ -- ......... ed Vhen he now is?? W~hat ~hen? jury .against him stack .they would ~ ~vRI~|R ~k:~$:.~ ~ L k~..&.*--- e'..j_. ~,e ~| | ~1 , ~1 a ~,a ~ II WHI t~his not 't~en afford Mr. Hef- .indict him. And ye Mr. KennedyI I~|a||| ~|~||V~ J~l [ ~L'~||~U !rlr|l[ll~lv ' l ' fa with an opportunity to say ~that vtsa01e0 veterans claims un VrA ,0t S is 'Mr. Kennedy who s~ould re- has said he Can prove that ~hieh [ -- # ........ ~ ..... ~he Just/ce Departmen~ seems re- ~ --------- .... ..... .__~____.___.__ sign and not Mr. Hoffa. Indeed ~uc~ant to try to prove. Represen,atives of ~he ,press and [~heir cooperative aotivi'ties. Oppor ~:~' Members, of the Jefferson Cou,n t c~pted by ,the county ~vorke~-s dur ~I was tat'her_ ~surprlsed._ _. Sunday_ af- It might appear here that I am [ rad4o and other ~nterested persons [ tuni~ies will be ,nrovid~d ,4,,,~.,. ' " ' t e m m cernoon wne,n Mr ~,,enneay ap- trying to defend Mr. Hoffa. Noth- [~have ,been invited o attend an op I ,, .... ~_., . ~ .""'"'" ~ne meeung Ior ~ase ana non ~i ty Councll of ~he Department of Ing rche mon,th of July , h , e - ~ ..... d -~ ~-+ ~ ...... +~+ ing could be further from ,the [en 'meeting of ~'he Advisory Group ]~edera'l interests o comment on PuMic Assistance e~ fine[r July /bel~.i~ftthe COr~iCiels d~v~U~able ~o no one asked him whether or not truth. W hatI am trying to say is [of the Potomac R4ver Basin to be 'the work "~" '" meeting neld JU,y Zl a'~ Z'z~0 p m /nap1 ~a 1o ..... - "'r " ne" " i"ch~t :Mr. Kennedy has not demon ,'held Jn Washington, D. ~., Priday ] PersoLI~nsh?UrveY" ' *' ' " ' ist nce reci tents ,Me ne M ~,,en ay snould have re- ,in ~he. county olTiee, braiding voted pubhc , ass a , 'P - .~A,~,~,.~. ",,~"--,,~.,, ,1,o~'o ~..,,~" .... ~ ~*,,--s~ ..... s u.~f s trated that he is any match for Io~t vchich first h'and information I" ' g ~o ~resen ~,,to h~re a ful,l-t~me, office secretary. , thods .~sed .bY ~he, Depar~ment~ " " s tOr o-riDery .......... agalns~ mr. nona resm~ea him. a,nd that by challenging him I will be given on 'the procedures ~views on any phase of the c arrent : discussed reha;bHlt'ataon services secure physical rehabH~tmn, e - in ~*r H'-ffo ~'~n ....... it+,,~ i~,,. .... ,a "n for inca a ..~ . . ~,~1 s ,,~u~ ~u. ~. P ..... for pt~lYlic assis%an:ce, reclpentsl v!ce~ ~nd~?b rt~" ln~g ex lai~al~d; i.t will be remembered that vChen in the manner't~at he has 'he may |and objectiveshf ~ comprehensive I's~ud'lesotomaeorRlverfutureBasanneedswlll'for,be (t,helv and decided to check inn9 ,one s~a~ cl~a e .... e, ' p . . ~ ........... very well be serving Mr. Hoffa's [survey whi(ff~ r as been made on l .... , g - ~ ....... f "- i" - stedMr. nona was snea on a cnmmm cause. And that I do not wish to ~'h ~ ourees of ,the Poto- I " Y us of ve~rans aasalyiliI~y claims, mem,oers o ~ne counc ~ sug~e. .hor~,e o f~w m~nt~o a~,- ~t. ~o,~ see mac River basin. I conduoting the confereoce request ~ '~ " h hes se ices ~ " ~ ~ " ~,..~. s ........... In line wl?)h the re~e.nZ .changes soemfac cases w ere t e . rv ~ ~ one ,u,ue~,u~ 'win ~vv u,,ucvwa~, , ...... . in orgam~a)bion~l ,procedures appear to be needed and would as i "- .................. ..--.~ ........ Ihowever ~hat ~,hese views or staCe ter [Mrs iMyrtle Wilt and faxnily [a~ 9 R. m. in ,tJhe air-condi'tioned I'me~ts be discussed width [Mr. Ea~le vchi,gh fine Deoartmen't of Public sist families to 'become self-sup-guest, Mrs. C. C. Durkee of Elk- " ' w e conference roe of the epa - ' m D rt T Andrews of Berkeley ~prings and Mr ~nd Mrs Bob N~ce ,arn r .'. . ' Assistanv~e has made, .and ~whlch porting. Further ex~oloration of fudge, Md. and Mrs. Paul Liskey , :~. ', -- ~' [,me,n,tul auditorium in Washing-[West Vlrgmm represen~a,t~ve of permits the adding of a .paid sec- , possi.ble training through the div- visi,ted on Wednesday afternoon o~ a~ t;narms Town " "" "" "the adv~ r " '" " " " == " te'l of ~r~n ~essmns win De c~rried .throu I ' so y group ahead af ~nem r~tary to ~he staff, the Jefferson ision of voca'tiorml rehabilitation Salt week a,t ~he home af the for ~ar an(] iv~rs ~eorge t:os I o ' ,' so the ma b ' .... "~-~'-~ ~^ "m - ^r~ ~"nda" Igh until 4:30 p. m. i,t was stated. [ y y , e ~oordmated into County CouneAl approved the hir- yeas requested for several of ~he mer's nephew, Mr. James H. Sny- ,,~a~ ...... ~,.~,,=~ .~w,.~.;. .... w~ c OUr. v~i~ [ The staff of the U S Army En- | the s~hedule or orograzn VlSl~,0rs OI Mr. anu ,zars. ~a i w, .... " ." . . : " ing of Miss Audrey Diane Donald- DePartment's cases, der and his fami/y. Mrs. Durkee ,~ ..... .~ o,~.., I gmeer Dmtnct, Washing, ton, will I I% o's not knoWn~ae~her anyone son as secretary for the Country Cases concerning disabled vet- was joi,ned ~t "West Shenstone" ~ ............ ~ d ~Mrs ~scrner uaen ana sons ,(Auy ~, S r , DPA olTiee. IMlss Donaldson, a erans receiving 'public assistance orl Saturday by her .husband, the ...... - " - ~" ........ ....... er- [I heeSCribeu veytheand'Wrkthe~elngvanousdnepar-n [Jeffersonlr group Cou~n,ty~rom 0har]eSplans ~oTWn~tendr graduate of Hedgesville i-Ii~h were discussed b,,, the council. Ad- Rev. C. C. Durkee and her n,iece ann ~'ranme o~ ~aKevwn w e ,d .......... ' ' Sunday ws~,tors of [Mr. and [M I Sohool, a~tended Shepherd Col- di'tional information regarding t~he vCbo were overnigh.t guests there " ' rs uclpaung agenmes wd~ repor~ on "~he meeting tege for one year and passed ~'he status of their vetera,ns disabili~y before the three le{t for a visit Lester Ott. [ mer~ system examinat}on to qual- claims are to be secured for the ,in Pennsylvania before returning IMr. and [Mrs. ,PIu~h "Wiley ,and [ The Founda%ion ,has made. 1959-60 study prog,rarn at Syr&- ~fy ~or ~he position. [Miss Donald- council. ,to ~heir home. Also visiing w~,th son Roger ef [M~l'lville were ~un- /grants ranging in value from lcuse. ~ndividual grants wilt be ,son is now residing ~n Oharles A~ending the meeting were Mr. Miss Snyder on Sa,turday wa's her day vis, iltors of ~he ~ormers ~ar- [~ ^0 ............... ~, .... t , ~ ~.~,u u V9 ~o,zou ~o DI mgn scnool asea oy ~eacners to cover the cost Town. The 1959 WeSt Virginia Leg E. L. McDonald, c~hairman, Mrs. niece Mrs. Los.lie SelJls of Charles ents [Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wiley .... [ . isla~ure a,ppropri,ated ~tmds ,for l~ussell W,hi,te, Mr. J. Blackwe!l Town. ' and ,f~mily a,na preparatory schocd scmnce [ of tin,on books, travel as well as ~DPA council to hire an additional Davis, :Mrs. Ollie L. Tolbevt, Ass%. [Mr and Mrs. Marshal,1 Jenkins "" -" "" "" B --- o~ [,teachers for par ticipa.tion in ~he [living e:penses ;-~r. ,tuna Mrs, ~lenn lggs t , 9ersonnel thus en~blin'g the De- Director, Mr. Les ter T. Viands, Cheir'dau t ' " u ' T ...... ~,,,,7~ We we,'o '~,,"d .... vi~,r~ ],~eacher developmen~ Program at l ----- ..... gh ~ Joyce and J_.da~h ...... .~, ,.; ...... t" "%~. ..... ?. ISyra~use Umvers~ty. Twen.ty six of I k]|l | |1|| | Oa~tment to provide better ser- w ounty Director, mrs. Glen ~'or- 'and their son David and Mr Er- of the lawers pare~n~s ~r. ann i'these -rants were mad +^ *-~~~ t ul4 ~.. = [ vices, sy~he. Child Wel,fare worker and ne% Rudo}nh of ~arle~ ~i~0wn Mrs Forrest Hostler and '.family. [ ..... ~'..._ff_ ....... ~ IvUi I llttI in - -" ..... After examinir~g and approving H Ward Nlcklin District Adm' - a~t nded a reunion of th de "r~t, . ....... er~ m ~ew z0rK ~a~e. zeacners ' " will ~also en-By Miss Dorothy Lake .' . e e S- n~dM aut~t;rmr%f ~tow~a?:~e~ Crr?lem iln3 t~teherr:tg~ ~?ae lists of cases reviewed and ac rstrator. ,cendan~ts of the la)te Mr. and Mrs. a p ~ .