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July 25, 2012     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 25, 2012

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PAGE A8 Wednesday, July 25, 2012 ,pirit of JEFFERSON and FARMER'S ADVOCATE We're not discussing the NPR type of ing on short no- can git to the motor." Driveway Moment here but rather the mo- . rice. The old dozer was certainly blocking ments that a mechanic experiences when iii The hour of the road but a wide, comfortably worn al- customers show up at his residence early these visits, often temate lane went around the yellow mon- on weekend mornings. I thought that this before legitimate ster as it had apparently done for some practice was obsolete but lately there's business hours, is years. The machine's batteries were not iiiiii! been an unexplained increase of such oc- another issue. I've only stone dead but had frozen and cracked currences, even been abduct- during some.previous winter. I was able to There are customs that -- as far as I ed from my ear-tactfully extricate myself from the situation know -- are unique to this region. One ly morning two-and haven't been back~ And don't plan to . such custom that I've dealt with over the mile, serf-inflict- be. years is that of "goin' to git a mechanic." ed, forced march. Do plumbers have this problem? How This practice involves going unbidden and Moreover, what about electricians, plasterers, painters? without appointment to the mechanic's res- mechanical malady could possibly be so Probably not. Anyway, enough whining idence in engage his services or to dire that someone would feel justified in -- let's try to figure out how this grand old have him resolve a technical question -- disturbing newlyweds (only 35 years) at 7 tradition of wresting mechanics out of their right now. The customer applicant skips the ann. on a Saturday? private lives and into the realm of grease formality of a phone call. I. wish that they I understand that farmers -- and, indeed, and skinned knuckles at any time of the day wouldn't do that. everyone -- may have a mechanical emer- or night began. Much can be accomplished by a sim- gency now and then. These circumstances We might look to romantic images of pie phone call. A phone call is especially are to be taken seriously and any consid- steam tractors and threshing machines. helpful to me because I can tell right away eration of the mechanic's convenience and There weren't any telephones in the-rurals whether or not I even want to answer. The rights under the Constitution need to be in the early days and seeking out a mechan- phone exchange that appears on the caller put on hold -- motorhead martial law. For ic in person was often a necessity."The rad- ID speaks volumes. The decision is based some folks, though, the term "emergency" dle's come off the bull gear again -- take not on opinion or prejudice but upon my is too loosely defined, the piebald mare and find o1' Rufus at the previous business experience in those ar- A complete stranger appeared in my repair shop. That gray mule kicked Spivey eas. For e.xample, in the 540 area code, ex- driveway early one Saturday morning and in the head again so bring the doc, too." -changes such as 687,338,955,837,364, excitedly announced that his bulldozer had Time moved on and with the advent of 554, go right through.However, exchanges broken down and was blocking a road. I the telephone, most tradesmen and pro- such as 622, 635 and 636 are considered understood the serious implications of such fessionals became exempt from being probationary and are let to go to voice- a situation. Waiving the usual fluid check fetched. Somehow, though, mechanics re- mail for later consideration. (These latter and warmup of the service truck, I left in mained public property. I understand that three exchanges represent a certain town emergency mode, following him to the site. there was a mechanic locally (Hanging that some folks like to use as joke material On the way, I wondered if law enforcement Rock, Delray, Pleasant Dale, in Harhpshire when there are particularly sensitive West was already on the scene to prevent acci- County) who was most accommodating in Virginia or New Jersey people present.) dents and quell rioting. Has WVDOT per- this regard. For whatever reason, phone Though it is dependent on modem tech- haps cleared some roadside brash to make contact with this individual wasn't always nology which I generally don't care for, I 'an emergency detour? all that reliable and customers would regu- nonetheless value this option. Approaching the scene, he tumed on larly fetch him from his home in order to Even with this self-imposed limitation, to a narrow, rutted dirt farm lane. In the make repairs. Living alone and always up I'm still responsible for around 100 ma- heavily laden truck, I had to move more for adventure, he seldom had any objec- chines. Most of these machines are on slowly than did his empty pickup. When I tion to being abducted by his loyal clien- an intensive maintenance program so they caught up to him, he was already at the site, tele. With his recent passing away perhaps don't break all that often. I might experi- backed up to an ancient International bull- some of hisoold following have sought me ence a Maytag repairman moment now and dozer. He was loading old fence post, wo- out. then but the Old Hippie has a list of chores ven wire and other assorted junk that cov-' Generally, I like to see old-time rural and projects to fill these small gaps. So -- ered the dozer's hood, tracks and seat, into customs and traditions preserved but I I'm not exactly anxious to give up a large the pickup, think I'm willing to let this one slip quietly chunk of my privacy for the honor of work- "I'11 jes' move some of this junk so you into the past Chartes ]Own Farmers Market Charl, es Town Farmers Market Char es ]own Farmers Market: #8 8 q~ E L~ G6 43: L~ q~ E r~ L~ C C: r5 E g D L; Saturday, July 28 8am - lpm (Open one hour longer) 100 block of South Samuel Street Speaker: Debby Kay - Nationally Known Dog Trainer Bring your questions! Jefferson County K-9 Unit Demonstration Also: JC AWS Tri-State Pet Care PawsNClaws The Pet Companion Gower's Feed Briggs Animal Adoption Center and more! The hot, sultry time, known as the Dog Days occurs during the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending on August 11, coinciding with the heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. Contests: Craziest/Funkiest Leash - Pimp out your leash - The most outrageous wins! Dog Human look Alike - Does your dog look like you? Do you look like your dog? The closest match wins! Best Dog Smile E L~ ~3 L~ Come celebrate Dog Day with the Charles Town Farmers Market! tm Town Don't forget the also offers a wide variety of Fruits, Veggies, Baked Goods, Meats, Crafts, Live Music, Local. Info. and Hospitality. Have questions or need more info. ? Call Marketing Manager Fiona Harrison 304-579-0924 (304-579-OWAG) Charles Town Farmers Market Char{es Town Farmers Market Charles Town Farmers Market July 16 CALVES 107 Head steady with last week SLAUGHTER COWS $2-4 Lower Holstein Bull Returning to Farm BREAKERS Avg Dressing $73-78 #1 95-120 lbs. $92-105 Boners $68-75 #2 90-120 lbs. $70-90 LEAN $62-68 #2 80-88 lbs. $55-65 THIN & LIGHT $62 Down Holstein Heifers BULLS #2 80-100 lbs. $140-150 YG lbs.2 2000-2250 lbs. $89-93.50 BW Face Bulls lbs.1 106 lbs. At $165 FED STEERS $2-3 Lower Beef x Bulls 110 lbs. At $95 H Choice Prime 1275-1525 lbs. $112- Slaughter Calves 115.25 Good-L CH 264 lbs. At $114 1 1612 lbs.At $110 Good 80-120 lbs. $40-60 L Choice 1100-1200 lbs. $110-111BUTCHER HOGS 43 head $4-6 Low- FED HEIFERS er Low Choice 1050 lbs. $105-109.501 + 3 200-240 lbs. $64-67; 260-310 lbs. CALVES $10-15 Lower $64-68 Holstein Bull Returning to Farm Few 530 lbs. $54-56 #1 95-120 lbs. $100-112 Sows Few Offered #2 84-120 lbs. $80-97 1 500-600 lbs. $51-53; 300-450 lbs. $44- Holstein Heifers 100 lbs. At $150 46 Slaughter Calves Boars Good 75-90 lbs. $50-60 650 lbs. At $23 .50 BUTCHER HOGS NONE 325 lbs. At $35.50 Sows 542 lbs. At $50 STOCK CATI E 51head Small Sup- STOCK CATrLE Few Offered ply FEEDER HEIFERS FEEDER STEERS M&L Frames Few 300-400 lhs. $110- 127 Good Shorthom 816 lbs. At $119 1 516 lbs. At $108 Holsteins 350 lbs. At $100 LAMBS FEEDER HEIFERS M&L Frames Good 55-65 lbs. $110-120 188 lbs. At $130 SHEEP Plain 400-700 lbs. $90 - 110 Light Ewes $55-65 FEEDER BULLS M&L Frames 200-400 lbs. $120-136 July 18 Red 958 lbs. At $103 GOATS 51 Head SLAUGHTER COWS 92 head $2-5 Sold By the Head Lower Active Bidding BREAKERS Avg Dressing $69-75 L Billies $160-190 BREAKEffS H Dressing $77-80.50 L Nannies $110-135 - BONERS $68-74 "Select lbs.1 Kids 30-40 lbs. $55-62; 50- LEAN $71-77 70 lbs. $.100-130; 70-90 lbs. $140-170 THIN & LIGHT $60-Down Select lbs.2 40-60 lbs. $65-85 BULLS LAMBS 21 Head $10 Higher YG#2 1300-1500 lbs. $84-88.50 Good L CH 50-80 lbs. $127-135; 80-90 FED STEERS & 1 Heifer Few Offered lbs. $132-145 Dairy Replacements 59 Head Sold By SHEEP the Head Ewes 130-200 lbs. $52-82 Weaker Demand Prices Lower Buck 228 lbs. At $67.50 L Springers $1000-1395 PIGS & SHOATS 72 Head Jersey $535-900 Sold BY THE HEAD 20-40 lbs. $25-45; Fresh Holsteins At $1125 50-65 lbs. $55-64.50 Jersey X At $1000 Sold BY THE POUND 120-160 lbs. $64- Small Jersey $475-700 75 Short Bred I-Ifrs $700-1075 Breeding Size $600-900 Wednesday, July 25 Jersey Bulls $600-700 Feeder Cattle sale Farmers Livestock Exchange Winchester, Va. - 540-667-1023 July 23, 2012 HEIFERS: 122 - Med & Lge #1 -300-400 lbs. - $125-128; 400- LAMBS: 76 - Hi Choice & Prime - 500 lbs. - $115-119; 500-600 lbs. - $1"30-135; Choice - $100-130. $113-115; 600-700 lbs. - $110.50- KID GOATS: 19 - 20-40 lbs 114; 700-800 lbs.- $116. Med -$170; 40-60 lbs. - $190; 60-80 lbs. & Lge #2 - 300-400 lbs. - $125;, -$130. 400-500 lbs. - $107-117.50; 500- SLAUGHTER CATTLE 600 lbs. - $110-114; 600-700 lbs. - COWS: - Utility & Comm. - $82- $102-111; 700-800 lbs. - $88-107. 86.50; Canner & Cutter - $64-76; BULLS: 109 - Med & Lge #1 - Cutter& Bng.- $73-79.50. 200:300 lbs. - $152.50; 500-600 BULLS: 19-1-2-$84-100. lbs. - $118-130.50; 600-700 llas. STOCK COWS: 18- Beef BH- - $109-113; 700-800 lbs. - $107. $810-1030; $1085-1580 pair. Med & Lge #2 - 500-600 lbs. - BABY CALVES: 7 - BH $35-95. $109-113; 700-800 lbs. - $93-97. FEEDER CATTLE: TOTAL: 578 STEERS: 113 - Med & Lge #1 Regular sale every Monday, 1 400-500 lbs. - $131-140.50; 500- p.m. State graded feeder sale 2nd 600 lbs. - $115-123; 600-700 lbs. - Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. $114-123; 700-800 lbs.- $108-111; Fat cattle sale 1st Monday of each 800-900 lbs. - $111; 900-1100 lbs month at 3 p.m. - $96-104. Charles Town I Farmers Market eat. fresh, local f~ Visit our Facebook'page for real time updates on what's at market! / -- J I