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July 23, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 23, 1959

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J/ i'I ) ....... family ,of Alexandria, Va., spent R . A m ~ ~ Mrs. C. Manning Smith Mrs. Jos SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS the week-end at the home of Mr. LOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN . . . land Mrs Miller Webb. On Satur-I 0 0mac arnen ]un eph Warenfeltz and Miss Peggie: 2--A THURSDAY JULY 23, l . ,,,. ...... Alderson will serve as co+ho~tess- -- r day afternoon they motored toI ~.~.T.~ w#h Mre ..tmw es. If any of the members intend .... HJ DP~ ~ ~PDD V AM~ I~| ~ ~ ~ lWoodstock. Va., to, attend the wed-] ............ ...,v.w~.v., t~o 'bring guests with .them, wil} REPORT FOR MIDDLEWAY ALTERNATE DELEGATEF lip I|/L I~ ILl||| / M|~'Y gJ ~k | ~ | [companiedIding of a byfrmerMr, andClassmate'Mrs. Archie[aC-[ The Potomac Garden Club met they please ~otify either one o~ CLIMBERS 4-H CLUB REGIONAL 4-H CAMP ,.: Hughes of Arlington Va and Mr ry Dutrow, with Mxs. HendricksI of the picnic. The meeting of the Middleway I Ash4~on Pinckett presi~ By Mrs. G, E, Webb Telephone 2492 ]and Mrs Kenneth 'Borc'hardt oiI July 15 at the home of Mrs. Hen- these hostesse prior to ~he night __. Darnels as co-hostess. I ~ Climbers4-H Club was held July t,he ......... W~lling Workers 4-H , , ,, , , |Falls Church, Va. Other visitors at i~~._._~ [the Webb home on Saturday were I Mrs. H. H. Williams, president IBLUE RIDGE HOMEMAKERS 17 at the l'mme of Don.a,ld Dawson ~v'na ~ an al~erna.~ea~] Mrs C. E. Dudrow,of Bolivar, [aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hediean. ]Mrs Charles Webb of Alexandria I presided and Mrs. Edward Johnso~]WELL-BALANCED MEAL The clubs president Stephen Pal- [p~sen) wes~ v~gl~.~ ~t "has received notice of the mar-[Miss Betty Hackley, of Baltimore, |Va. "and Mrs. Harvey Kidwiler of] explained the program for 1959- ~ , . . ....... -~ ,~mv ,w,-- { tinge of her granddaughtex, Miss IMd., spent the week-end at the ]Bakerton. ' I 60. The Blue Ridge HomemaKers ol garn opened the meeting by stag- [TT,~ ..... ~*,, ~,r~o~.,~nn D. ing West Virginia Boys a~nd Girls ~""~'~'~J' "' ??'"':~'~:s lg~ Jill Margaret Dudrow, daughter of Hedican home to be with her sister [ Members and friends of the Boll [ Mrs. H. P. Schley (Civic Pro- ]Charles Town prepared a well-bal followed b,, "le~ :r ..... m~,: ]~ugus~. ~ccorolng ~o ~w, :,~ TMres~2d Mt~ly 2Dla.n~e: #rU.dr~e~ Mn. p2edirfavm~.y for a few days, durl,t~g lavar Methodist Church held LheirI ]eats) anounced that Mr Dalen,]anced meal showing short cuts to secretary and treasury reports fol-[G: Goens, Club Agent,de1~ former Supt. of The Harpers Femy l.~av~ qm~ ~f. th~ h~m~ ~f ~r ,nd lowed the diseusion of new and old [se~ec~e~ as :a!~ern.~e _~j~l ' - ........ ! ual 5unsay ~cnooi picnic on ! N "i ................................... ~anchez, Jr., both of ~a~on ~ouge,Mr. Dorman 'rnompson ann ~wo |Monday of this week at ~ra~--t- ! a~ onal Monumen~ would talk on rs * " business. Demonstratmns and talks ~and activitie records La They are both graduates of sons and Mrs 'Anna Waters and ! ..... " ..... ' ~ ..... I "Th P ..... I M ~. Chfford Thomas on Charles " . cause o~ ou~s~anumg p ~e~gns w~m a goomy crowd pres- Baton Rouge High School. daughter, of New Jersey, spent last lent in' shire of the *h .... ~,,~.,,. I ~ovemoer'" e :o~omac ~Vermee~ing w~nicn~'asm"is a~tsuDthe[street recen~tly. The preparaNon. . of were given by Eddie Whibtington,/ ' s ~ , Mr. and Mrs Clifford Zombro Thursday at the home of Mr and ~ '~ ,- .... ~ ........ ,;~ [ ...... .~ . - ~he meal was *under the dlrectmn John Kite, Janet Kite, .Ki,tty Kite ]~,.~,~r~a,,~ u~,~,a*-~. t feltWeamerafteranamostme neavy rain whicn ! ' P , ' g ] _..~ and son, of Brunswick, spent Sun- Mrs. Arnold Hoffman. folks had ~atheredI ~e~:;Jal to oer~ers:on.~oun~y.[and supervision of Mrs. Lewis R. Ele~ Ro er David Dal arn and .......................... day with the former's mother, Mrs Mr John Howard is spending a ~ - ~. s I _ we .e ~we,n~y ~lve memoers]Goe~s' Club Agent for Jefferson, Becky Dunn. The meeting was]HAVE KIWANIS PROGI~ - : ..... ]a~ me ~ark. ~uite a number went ~ ['Homemakers presen,t were Mes- ~ ] ;Thurman Whiteacre. r~ Ella Zombro. ~ew nays wire rem~ives in Morgan- ~after the rain had cease~ an~ +~.~ i ann one v~s~or present. IBerkeley and Morgan Counties. '~heu adjourned. [ ~ _.~ Mr. and Mrs. Evan Nason, of ! town, W. Va. I ' " ~ ..... , ,,hen "dA kllalluUall ,UOlUGII/~-'~'~nn i Taylr,[dames AlbertchesterThornbOn,cury,James E. Andover, Mass., will move back to Blessed with Rain [sun was snmmg. | FOBJ" BURNSyoKEFELLowsHUYETT SPEAKERcLASS t past}the Comuni,typres~dentOilof cm~l~e ~;the h, ~,~ ......... ~. ,- ~ ...... J [ Mr and Mrs C E Garten andI G T (Chick) Kline will be one Robert ~"~ '~'~ ~"'~'~ '" ~'P~'~ Afterver dr ...... ....... ' ..... I y y weather for sev- [Mr and Mrs H E Garten and of the rmcl al s e --~--- ]Town K.iwa,.~s Club w,i)l be~ ~'erry me ~irs~ o~ ~ep~emeer They eral ....... " " . / P " "p p akers at the /~l,,l~ "rA u_. A I~-',--:-- [Dvummonds, Alridg.e Young and " ........ " ,,_ I weezs wisp vegetation a~ a i little daughter Pammie. s ent the annual State Poultr. morea mezr zurnz~ure zn~o vne stan ..... ' ...... P [ y Convention ~IUU lU ndVt rll;lllt; [Rodner Page and Miss Pauline J. Burns Huyett wiTl be bhe tea Ige of the program for ~1~ ......... , j a sou grass curnea orown /weekend at Dewe Beach m Dela at Moorefield Hard c . nome. Mrs. ~ason was me ~,,rmer ell - ' ..... " ' ' Y ' " - [ , Y ounty, [ Wood. Mis Wood was the .leader of cher this ~.unday morning for mem [ regular Thursday nigh~ ~ss ............ ~ul~ wmcers o~ ~uroers i Wtio s ann cm~erns, low, ann res~ric-. Iware. July 29-31. Mr. Kline has done Plans for the Shenandoah Car- [the lesson "Meals That Save Time" bers and guests of the Yokefellows [meet,ing at hotel Thomas ~ Ferry Mr and Mrs M G Laign,[ ns on using_town water, this] Misses Carole Ann Noland and[ poultry Extension work in Kan- den Club's annu, al picmc agMaaf[The nex,t meeting will be held a Rilble Class at the Chrles Town]Dinner will be served at0~ " . area was olessea wi~rl a very re .... sas and Massachusetts and is who have been occupying the Win- ] freshin- sho ..... ]Nancy Clevenger are spending thls [ ................ :; ,,- fair always looked forward to wi~ [he home of Mrs. Albert Thornto~ Presbyterian Church Convening [with the program set to ~ wer on ~unoay eve- wen ~mown ~nrougnou~ ~ne co.,, ters property, have moved into an .......... |week at a Lutheran Camn i ~_ ! . much anticipatio~ by all members, [n riarewood Avenue. promptly at 9:45 a. m., Harry ]round 7 p.m. ~'~ .... ~,-.,~.~ ~,~ ,~o ~ .......... i nmg, wlmous much nard munoer! .... ~,~ xro ,~, n ..... [ try as a poultry specialist and their husbands and guests have [ _ . _.~ ....... J. Cain, class president, urges a [ --------------~,.~ ~uc ........... I d hghtenmg, and after a humidI] .... : ~ . [ author. He has written four books .ben completed This year i:t will [ ~ The ~'L~'-A~VOt;~I"~: ~fu~l a~tendance of the membership) [ Have you ever nogC~ '' YoMOp2 /, 'O , OllV2r.Tl g2 S' [ night and a very hot humid day a ,,r:n~ay par~yat their nome on on the subject of poultr farm- be held Wednesday, July 29 at 6:00[ READ THE CLASSIFIEDS and extends a cord4a'l welcome to]many people haven 1~ __:_-~ .,T';-""." U: ...... ..."'~. .... ~': [ on Monday another rain came fol .. Mr. and Mrs ~aymond oar gave in and at resent ~s Y p.m. DST ~t the home of Mr. and READ THE SPIRIT-ADVOCATE r , ' - g P a olumn- ~oe WIll De nelo on vne lawn wv ~unda afterno " ................... [ lowed by the secpnd one and w~th- ._ . Y . ,. )on for their 9 year~st for The Poultryman, the New ~,~. ~,_~, _.~u~)_m~n wnurc~, .n [ out so much lightning al']d thunder.[In aaugn~er, Li~ma, and the!r 8 England Homestead, and the ~iiiii iii I~ tu.~uay eve.:lmg, amy ~u, oegln-[With the severe drouth existing ]year-om-son, Mlcnael. It was neld [ Farm JournaL nwli?g ~ ~sO~IOCK p:m. "~'ne supper [and the condition worse each day' [on the lawn at their home, with [ " " " e~" P "a"~e s'~y'~e' "m aJwe are very hannv t knw that labat 25 yungsters present There [ ~[ ]the ~ ' 1 i~ K variety oI mea~s, wire all ma~ goes ~" wer " ' . .... the drouth is broken Rains had e two birthday cakes, with , . . w~th each The pubhc is mvlted .... ." ]can~l~ ~ .............. formers brothe~, M~. Karl to onto,, thi ........ ,^ 1,.-- ~e~l~ ~4-I ~anen in many nearoy areas dur- ~ -~, ,~v .~cam, pova~o crops [Kisling his wife and two dau h a reasonabl"~ ~-~'~ ......... u he ling the past three weeks, but ~he mjn~s,, e.~c. ~ames were enjoyea, |ters, of' Kansas City, Mo. g Mr and Mr~'J;hn G Naille of[twin-twns were missed" [~m0n~emaafan~trMclf~ael received-a] Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snell and ~ , , 11( ~ga!}~ 1 ~?:~]aYr jJ3 ~t~@da u/t~/e fa a ~,e2OhndPerr~a~e [the Butlar family reunion at Pike- [ .............. P y' [ A luncheon meeting" and work- "~ummer OI ~ne 17~n Doll " given h " . Mr. and .Mrs. Edgar Trot and ]side on Sunday. In, ............... . , ~ Is op was held at the home of ~ ~uuucK r~el n~s las~ Berkley Winters . [Various prizes will be given 'rh,~ [~n~,w~h~o ,,~.~+s ~ , and had an[ Mrs. W. C. Pierce, and her son- Mr. and Mrs, William Pangle of [ will be refreshme,~ o,~,~ --:~'y.~.:" i~"~,f..,~': ".':,~"~'~y"" _ ]in-law and daughter, Reverend and ~t;a~burg~Va.werev'isit~rsat~prizes.HarpersFer~:y[B~varI~n~[~vI;~.`u~mg~nmversary~`[Mrs.Barr~nMa~berry~fBa~ti-remainder+re+ **A*ou*t++* ++*telV +u+e+ +re ~ Sv~ g, ~. r, !Vlarket- the home of Mr and Mrs John |Club are the s"onsors ....... | ................ 1~ ' . spent the week-end at . . - " . ~ ~ . ~-~uuuuus |qmuuy ceieora~ea ~nelr 50tll We(l- the ho Eamunason a few nays ago ~for the benefit ^~ ~', ............... -. " [! me of Mr. and Mrs Clifton , ' " ! u~ x~vu~vnbary /umg ~nnlversary recently, at the Butts Reverend Mayberry is pastor Mr. and Mrs. Perry Eackles and |School. |home in Bolivar with all mem !~o~ ~ cbA~Idren of l~reder~cksburg Va [ Mrs Hazel Lan~m~ ~e ~ ....|h~ ..... ' : .... - , ~he Uppe~co Lutheran Church, ! ' - - ~- -- " ~. -:- o ............. - i~'~ o~ mew ]mmema~e ~amily of Upperco Md ~re spenmng a iew nays wi~'n vi~e [~on Ill. is spending the [ -, ..... Iormer'smobherMrs. J.L. Eack-lof the summer with her mother, [niversary cake, sandwiches, cookies,[ ~ E! IN RANSON ]es. . .... ]Mrs. John Steinbrum. |nuts ,candies, andpunchwere serv_ AT 1rill- I I!i C D~in~o~wnM. r~a aap3St ~?rd:y [ ilMrs' H: L. Fridley and son, Mar-led in the late afternoon by 'their I_CbarIes Town Women , ., lr ~ spen~ a zew (lays las~ week in ~zour daughters and thei~ ~es ec [ with Mr and Mrs Leon Edwards Baitimore ' -- ' " " p " [ , Md. w~th the former's ]tree famlhes Mr and Mrs Nozman Of Moose Host Colic e Mrs Theodore Carel of North lson R ' . ' ". " [ o .. ' . ' "~ , oy and family. [Clevenger and family of Doraville, P ' .. 1ie]d_, __Minn..., ha_s r.e_turned home' Mrs. Alta Cordle, of Baltimore,[Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith and Re ents Cha-ter Ni-ht 40NDAY THRU SATU ~a~rh~en ~I;s~mea v,s,~ w~n ner lMd.' spent Sunday at the home of [family, of Alexandria, Va.; Mrs. [. g g .a~g~_. :.M:, ~l.arry J~anl!n ana Mr. andMrs. JackHedican. |Donald JenkinsandsonofCharlesl iCharlesTownChapterNo. 1028 NOW Ol'El rll } DHliH] RDAY 1, Mrs. orma Thayer has returned lTown; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb of the Women of the Moose held y ........ . ,,,uux~r, an~ ,~ ~p~UULUg I nome after spending five weeks in land Mr and Mrs Ro-ce Sm'th their Colege of Regents Chapter (~2eWee~s wffh her.,and visiting [Vienna, Va., at the home of her [and family, Of Alexandria Va. and [,Program July 18 under the direct- i DAY AND NIGHT[D "~,~ ::':~,:~ "" ~"~ "'^~" ..... ,son, commander Harry,Graves, and ]Mr. and Mrs. Miller Webb of ']~oli- ion of Co]ege of Regents. @hair- HOME OF L 0~, L 0 , l, )W i ERY RICES: ,~.::~:/~"..u,~r~'.~en_,~w~'u~.2~c"~ Icn!ldren, while Mrs. Graves made |car. Mr. and Mrs Trundle receive,~ [man, Mrs. Gertrude Pram. Regis- ' ~,^w~vff. a~~y~, vv.n~am [a ~rip to California due to illness |a number of love'ly gifts and als~ Itratin of members was from 1:30 ~e~a~c~Lj~.'_ar ~*ron~ ~oyat, ca. l in her family. Pat Graves, 10 year [were presented with a ~)outonni'er [to 3 o'clock and guests .came from ~~ lm mm | mm mmI mmm I~~ ~.,~[d~/:~,fftmj~y were Iormer I old son of Comm. and Mrs. Graves,/and a corsage respectivelv made [visiting ~hapters in Piedmont Mar "~: ......~'_ .... ~ ....-- [returned home with his grand-lof yellow carnations Frien~scalled tinsburg, Moorefield, Wi~lchester ~ ~ __ .__..|( . L~|p( __M..r_ana Mrs..~arry ~rill have l mother, for an extended visit ]during the day and'many extended ].Front Royal, Hagerstown Bruns- .=~uruuunomeai~erspenaingsev Mr and Mrs r ' ' - -wick B * FRESH FRUITS AND VFGI:TAB ............... " [ - . A nold Hoffman [thew best wishes [ , al~zmore and Strasburg. . ~ ' , ' ./of Bolivar, accompanied by their ~ Mr. and Mrs. ~7alter Dudrow ana [ There were a,bout 100 mem- ~wr. ~-u oars. ~oy ~imey ann l daug~hter Mrs Be~tv Stotlar ~f [daughters Martha ~n ~ ..... :,~ [bers in a,ttendance Vwe,~ty-~wo of 1 ~ ng son of Baltimore; Md " spent a few ]Brunswick," ' "" " ' ' ~ .......... ~ ...... ' " days last week "with"the forme-'-en]Yed atrip to Get-|Saturday night with the former's I~hemb.emg College of Regen.t Me CANTALOUPES---Large - 2 for parents, Mr and Mrs HuesL;; [~2~)ul~-~ff.-a:' and ~o ~ork, Pc., on |mother, Mrs. C. E. Dudrow They ~ers;:rnemee~ing was ca l*ledto or I rr ..... _ " , nay ~were enroute to Nag's He~,~ ~'T ~ Iler ooybenlorl~egen~Mrs Mam- ~SKAY S ~0I'1 ([ ~ ~D CORN--'Yellow .... doz. J~T~aley, m ~arpers /~'e~x~ . :~[ Mrs. Austlne Mater is indisposed spend this week with'~}'rienh~" ]ie Lancaster and af*ter the address ~vu-. ann iris. ~lme~ ~eaay, ~I at r h~ in B i ........ f e, file l ~ .~PbnV:qSu,,d~:" ;... fit" .~ l~e . . ..... ol vaz. Visitors ~They w~ll spend next week *Wl~.ri ..'~ ~ ......... ~ y ~ax es T WI~ and L_ Frederick, Md ' ' ' , GOLDEN BANANAS - - lb. :v the home of ~h~ and Mrs E~-~-~[ ~ne h~.~ter'~ome on Sunday were ]Mrs. Dudrow, ez~route to their home ~e~e~.O~seb~y iVi.!"s- M]~M. 1H" : C H O I C E ST.[ I B E I" 2~h'itts, near Boliv'ar ..... [.,~r szs~er, _Mrs. l-larry Stoutsen-fin Hammondsport N Y there "]er, ~enlor ~egenL n'om M~rt~ns- Sgt and Mrs ()sper WagnerKansas ]c~3~er"I~ washington, D. C. ~c-1. Mrs. H. R. Lloyd, ................ of Arlington ]ourg, ~nemee~g was turnedover :1 APPLES--,Lodis .... lb. - ' .... "- ,,-u-meuoy~won-ienos Mrs,ca s.entSunda.,,,,~ .... :~l'~ecouegeo*-~gen~s cnalrman R'[I aria p~,e son, IVl~.rk, ,.of ]Blanche McGinnis and Mrs' Betty ]Mrs i~-ewis Reek IMrs. Gertrude Prain. The Enroll: NONE BETTE .; ~+-Y." -~-2"ar-e s+-e-n-ding me frmer's [Hartong. " "[ Recent visit.r~' ,, +ho ~ ..... [ment of our new members was car ] : POTATOES---U. S. No.l's - 50-1bs. $1.+ ~v~.~ w~m Mrs. wagner's uncle and } Mr. and Mrs Ro .... ~.~,~. -...~ |~ .... ,~ .... -T~=_~=_, ~:=~ ,:" .... = ~" [ ried ou't by College o$ Regent J'~5 T~DIIII~ ~f,,,/* llVl~ ~ll~ IV, LI~) x2eKoul-b %lSJln wer~ ) " g '[Members from Charles Town and ______ ; ~ 1 1 1 / Ivisiting chapters. ROUND STEAK - - - lb. 79e ,After bhe enrollment of new ITY GRO ERIES .ii f I memrbers ~there was an interesting ( +~ ,talk on+the College of Regents by SIRLOIN*STEAK - -, - lb. 79c SAVE I~ QU iL : I, +++: ]a member of the Grand Council, Marie Holden of Hagerstown, Md RIB STEAK ..... lb. 69c SPEND LESS AND GET MORI ..... The presentation of gifts to Col- lege of Regents members was made There's One Thing Sure.. You're Never Going to Get Business by NOT Advertis. ing!! ! IT'S A KNOWN FACT? ---s o--. WHY NOT TRY THE ---I N-.- Charles Town, W. ~a. Read and Enjoyed By More Than 20,000 People E v e r y Week... @ by chairman of t,he day Mrs. Get CUBE STEAK .... lb. 69c trude Prain and Senior Regent, Mrs. Mamie Lancas+er. CHUCK ROAST ' lb. 45c Two mem+bers, Mary Russell and .... Thelma Sims, having birthdays in July were presnted width a gift. Ini BRIGGS BACON .... lb. 59e vi,t,a, Nons to attend College of l~e- gent meetings were extended by BRIGGS ALL MEAT "FRANKS, lb. 59c Pied.mon,t Ch,a~pter o~ July 26 and .~lVIartinsburg on July 29. The meeting adjourned CORKHILL FRANKS--Loose - lb. chapter to met again on July 28 at 8 o'clock. SUN UP BACON--Esskays There 'was a social hour follow- " ing the during w:h~ch re- freshments of turkey, salad, pick- LONGHORN CHEESE - - les, cotage c hese. olives, celery and potato salad wer .sez-ed. During this Lim/e the drawing for the door m m prize took place which was *won by Burde~te No]l cf Marti~:sburg, (SMOKED---SMALL AND LEAN) 47c lb. 39c lb. 49c Shepherdstown High Class of 1950 Enjoys Reunion Magaha Home The class of 1950 of Shepherds- town High School held its annual reunion at Meg-Wilie !Parm home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Magaha, l=bt. 22, Charles Town. A piemc lunch was held on ~he lawn with nine of the actual class members along with their fan.lies Those present were Miss Mary Dobbins, ,teacher, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miles and children J. R. and Sara Beth, Mr. and Mrs. Don Miler and daughter, Donna Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Shipley Mrs. MHdred Ditlow and daughters Deanna and Sherry, Mr. and Mrs Gordon Ba~ks and children. Ried and Susan Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pra ther III and children Jamie, Dee, and Corene, Mr and Mrs. Calvin Rusell and daughter Christine Other guest.~ included l~ttle San dy Nicho}s, Mr. ~nd Mrs. Do~a!d Si~errow and daughters Cynthia and Anne, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin DeHaven, Mrs. Maria Taderl, mo- ther of Mrs. Rusell of Amberg, Get' mar~y. Miss Louise Magaha of Inwood and Miss Mary Frances Magaha were helpful gue,~ of Mr. an~ Mrs. Roy Magaha and family al- sc~ Guests came from Marti~sburg, Shepherd~town, WilJam~port, Ar- lington and Germany. RUBBER STAMPS :--Made an~ Size you desire: Quick and Effi- cient Service. Telephone 222, SPI:H, IT"OF JEFFERSON - AD- VOCATE O~IvI.CE, North George Street. R&yburrt opposes,change in ap- bills VEAL CHOPS .... lb. 59c HAMBURGER--- Fresh Ground Beef - 3-1bs. $1.33 (LESSER QUANTITIES SLIGHTLY HIGHER) I Igll m U. S. Inspected-.-U. S. Grade "A" (Whole or Cut Up) I 1 m FRADELIS DINNERS .... 49c MEAT LOAF, FRIED CHICKEN, BEEF PATTY, HALIBUT STEAK BLUE STAR DINNERS - - - 5% CHICKEN, TURKEY and BEEF I 1 I I OPEN 8:00 A. M. to 12:00 Midnight Monday Thru Saturday (Quantity Rights Reserved) :Always Plenty of FREE PARKING! SU-Z-Q RED KIDNEY BEANS - - " YACHT CLUB BUTTER BEANS - - " BONNELLE'S SPAGHETTI - - - YACHT CLUB PORK & BEANS - - ' LITTLE CHEF GREAT NORTHERN BEANS ESKO SHORTENING - - - 3-lb. can F L U F F O--8c OFF .... CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE - 1.1b MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE . - l-lb. NESCAFE COFFEE--Instant . . 6-oz. jar NESCAFE COFFEE--Instant - Big 8-oz. jar BOSCUL TEA--48 Tea Bags--10cOff BOSCUL FAMILY SIZE TEA BAGS = etm SALADA TEA BAGS---64's . . ct - BOSCUL TEA BAGS---80's .... ctm KRAFT MAYONNAISE .... qt. jar KENNEY'S TOMATO JUICE--46-oz. can, 4 for $1 KRAFT VELVEETA CHEESE - 2-lb. pkg. BORDEN'S COFFEE--Instant - 5-oz. jar BOSCUL PEANUT BUTTER . 12-oz. jar BORDEN'S SILVER COW - 6 tall cans MARGARINE--Famous Brand - - 2.1bs. DOMINO SUGAR - - . 5-1bs. (With Purchase of $5.00 orMore) SIZ INSTANT CHARCOAL LIGHTER ",.3" 0 COCA COLA ...... 6 pac_ : (One Six Pack FREE with Each $10.00 Or ,' e r Plus DepoS ARROW ...... " m G U N T H E R . . - qA0 SCHLITZ .... - (6 PACK THROW AWAY BOTTLES) ALL POPULAR- BRANDS