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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
July 21, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 21, 1966

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pmmerce Warn i l Schemes ToVictimize , I he Jefferson County Chamber j I .... IU-LI-.J I .0mmerce said today that bus-[ ld[ry /.[o ffUlllIU[U[ ~men throughout ti']e country/ I being victimized by itinerant[ Irl^~bAml D,^~,|mI^Rb ~$ ! ~rnen peddling overpriced of-/ l.lgLllgU [Ig31Uglll UI [ ;supplies and other material~.[ .......... I Brooke Blackford, Manager] Key Uub International I he Chamber, ++said two raeket+~:| a I ~ed hy name-dropping sales-] ~ [ L, often with foreign accents,1 ~ I currently being used with| ~ I e success across the nation. | ~ I the first scheme, which| ll~~i~ I ht be called "The Carbon[ I er Sob Story Racket," a care-| [ 'rehearsed salesman with a/ I inn accent and a flair for| I tries offers carbon paper and[ I ie supplies to business firm~.| I mg on a heart-rending taleI ~~ I roe calculated t,o induce sym-J I eric executives to place or- al~~~~ I in substantial anaounts. ] ~r~:~ I ~CO " I + rdmg to the Natmnal Bur-I~: :/i I of Better Business Bureau, I [~~:~ t Which the local Chamber isI ~i~ | iated through membership, a l ~ I ~lar pitch used by these l ~ ' +raen has it that they arcI~ I garian refugees trying toI ,nosy , w,,u,=,,.~ I -~ money to bring other ref-]~-, ............ v,,,~ [ ~tO th!s country. With greatI Chicago, Illinois, July 5, 19661 ~ uu, t:ney wnl ~-eiate n/,~WlLarry A. Wohlford, 17, a mere-! relauves were lostinme v ~. ,. ' '" "i ber of the Key Club of Hutchin- ,uuon.h~, ! son High School, Hutchinson, Ran L..~.s.mlghtfiay they are liq- sas was elected President of Key HI'It g their stock at a fraction ,~, ' .......... " ....... L~IUD Jnternauonal at me ClOSe s worth to return to Hung :' ...... 7 of .the 23rd annual convention of[ LO setue, an estate o,r ~o visit the organ, ization in Chicago, Ill- 2k relahve behmd the Iron in~is, June 26-29 I ae~nr" On3s mmgma't~n P~rac~ The young president is the son [ a po . ," ., g of Mr. and Mrs. Olan Wohlford, i I a,ssocmtea wlth me Hung- 818 East Seventh Street, Hutchin-I ~atmna,l ~anK in l~ew i ' " .... son. He s president of hm Key :'. ' . : . Club, a past district bulletin edi- , Hm title is phony and the is non ex stem L ' " " , 'tor, and served as a Trustee of| esesalesmen, adept name.- the organization before his ele- 'Pers, may cla4m acquaint- ction to the presidency. ] ~l~ with officers Also elected were two vlce-pres [ ectors rney comena tna~ e " " . '. .. idents" D Colley Joseph of Baton maroon paper is top quamy Rouge, Louisiana, and William E. ay Olsplay sampms, treq ...... .. _ " Partridge, Demopolis, Alabama; a y getung orders as rouen as ~ secretary, Cecil E. Snodgrass of ~' secon-' schem o "~' _ _ Puyallup, Washington; and 12 u e uulnea oy ~' ...... ~,' trustees: C. Christopher Bean, sa~lSo u,vmves a name-arop- Burlington" North Carolina" Kirk , msman, oxen wltn a tot. ' ' accent, who tells a prospect LOW COST INSURANCE .. with Nationwide's new Family Hospitaliza- tion Plan! Offers liberal ash benefits.., world. ~ide coverage . . . /ow rates. See me soon! E. 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Complete details are available by writing to Registrar Agent, Washington NaIional Insurance Co., Post-Gazette Reader-Insur- ance Dept., Box 957, PRtsburgh, Pa. 15230. that his company intends to build a pl.ant nearby or is planning to rent space in the building. Nat- urally, he wants to know whether companies in the area would be interested in the packing mater. ial his company will be selling. He shows samples and salicits sample orders, with the expressed hope of receiving a testimonial letter. CHA RLES TOWN, W. VA. OFFERS FOR SALE On Monthly Installment Plan GRAVES LOT -- $280.00 Payable $27.00 Down, Ital. 11 MONTHLY PAYMENTS $23.00, Per Month GRAVE LOT -- $75.00 Payable $9.00 Down, l al. 11 MONTHLY PAYMENTS $6.00, Per Month NO BURIAL WILL BE MADE UNTIL COMPLETE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN ONE YEAR. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, CALL AT SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE EAST CONGRESS STREET, Charles Town, W. Va. FOR COMPLETE DETAILS I People, Spots In The Newsl : / Jim Ryun, U. of Kansas frosh, 19, breasting tape in another under-4- I:~ :1 minute mile. : II ......... ......... /,?+++:+: .... LITTLE RED HEN was bred by ~+~: Shaver poultry geneticists in Canada to appeal to Japanese religious preference for red birds. Isamu Ikeda holds her. ~::y : ~~~ +.. :.| KAREN ANN SWAN- / | SEEN, 21, named "Miss Steel Pier" in oldest bathing beauty contest in U.S., dating from 1917. +~ + . ~.:'::: .... :.~.' ........... WEDDING ARCH: Rod Laver, great Australian tennis pro, and his bride Mary Benson, run a gantlet of rackets after marriage in San Rafael, Calif. , ter, Mr. . Bobby ? IeOnonzh whoSPIRIT OF JI FFER ON FAR WJlg OCATE was vacationing in New Jersey. , ,> 1 nAU n. ~,.++. Jatncs ,s on vaeatmn fromI . + , - + THURSDAY, JI+LY -1, 1966 B--2 aU'aM ~+'VM Victor Products, liagerslown. Md. I ~ ~ -- I ~t.., r~,.. a ~," .... l Mrs. Avis Grim of Charles I of Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd, D. ~l/L.- IJ...l~,.. I + ..... ,.,v~,u o,~:~u,,+ i Town Mrs. Nora Steward of Mar- ] and family. They celebrated Miss[ DI~ fflSt -- AU1fflI$C [ t~..~,:~'~.;t~.Z:.~;!:~l~:~~ [ tinsburg and Mrs. Fh)yd Simons [ Boyd's hirthday. [ [ Mrs Rudolnh Ware is a natient Itured (.lark~ County, Va,, Wed- [ [ tin the" Winchester Memorial IIos- nesday, visiting their bie~+hp!~?le~+l kTTI~II~ CHURCH Read T~. ~,ia+.Aa,^,,+, / -ital She went ther~ last week[ and where they spent the']" " -/ ~11LIWV I i11+ dl~ III HlillVVlblglll+ | ~i,f,',,; ..... h ...... i~,- ~J),, wish J hood days. It brought back many / an"dhope happy, memories.and they en-[ ....... | the will be home soon ] Joyed ~t very much. / a [ Mr. David Lynn of Cumberland, l PFC. Terry Wayne Hough, son [8 kdltlPIP~'rqP hUlhkd|#tV I / Md, spent the weekend with his [ of Mr. and Mrs. George M tIough ] ~ murrr I / r-naaimal.! ,~ ..... 1- 'u I v lVlli / V II toni ~ " lrMv/ y | mother and stepfather, Mr. and/is taking his training at Fort IO u |Mrs Fred Landers. Mrs. Kath-[(;ordon, Ga. lie would like 1o[~ / leen Ma~son was at,o a v.isitor at [ hear from' his friends, llis ad- I~1~1 lh~ ~i~T.~+h;.r~b.. ~+ ~,, ,I,,~ rl~ .... " " " . llff~l[~ ldd, YV glbk,~lllll~lb~Lllll k~lb. m %.)lldll~D lUffll /the Landers home Sunday / dress ,s U.S. 51663105 Co. B. 161~ t Mr. and ~lrs. John Perrott and[ T.N.G. 2, T.N.G.B.D.E.U.S.I~ | /aonnie Bitner of ttagerstown,/A.T.C., Fort Gordon, Georgia. 1~ DIAL 725-7321 /Md., vimted Mrs. Louise Bentz[ Mr. and Mrs. William B~)yd and[~ |Tuesday evening l son Charles spent a few days/. i II | Mr and Mrs." Gary John~n,[ with Hr. and Mrs. Charles Orr II~I~EC/~I~II~TI/'tLI ("Ehlll~l~ /Mr and Mrs Frank Simons and| Baltimore, Md /~ rh[.MLl~lr'/lllll +~rRVll.r |sOns Michaei and ]Xlaz'k spent| Mrs. Bulah" Good and Miss| ............ "'" """''--" | Sunday at Lake Fairfax, Fairfax,/ Louise Boyd were Sunday guests|- /va" / ~~- | Mrs. Ella Gill of Washington,] | D. C., is visiting her daughter,| , - 1-~ONT'T [ft.q~ OI~(]FtITC~PIfi~T t Mrs. Louise Bentz, this week. Mr.l ~ -, @ ..... ~ ............ "" ....... Bill Bentz, Alexandria, Va. was also a weekend gue~ of hisI' r} DUE TO BLmNED PASTURES- l Misses Beverly Ann Whorton/ .~~]~]~]~J~[~ + T) mother. + | ad Patsy Mar~he are spending| II~'~ ]r !" ]r]l~ I~I~T/'~/ I It. I --- l this week vacationing at Virginia/ mtl~/ll I, E, ~i/m IIW -T)W/~iY~T17~9~ 1c' I)ATD'V" / .. * -- .. / 7,,L"IJL~.~ I! ,~.~. gl 1 L~sLPlJL~L~IIkJ 1~ ( llX-lll+ I /~Mr?'FV:nk Simons flew to BooI lhO amazin (REGULAR Or PELLETS, /ton, Mass. Monday on business/ _ __t~ , ........ + .... I, for Dixie i~arco. I:ie is expecting| IIg)~l?/JI/l~'/I/'. r/,/J/ll t'I~OI'L,I~S " B 1 R to return Tue ay night. | ~w./~., .~a~,*~w~a v,~.-, (WITII BUILT - IN ROUGHAGE) Mrs. Nell Meade, Arlington,| l Va., visited her daughter, Mrs.] (llllllllh lllM ++D~,,r~T L'~,O~ :n,Tg~ O. I-IX'~I~ |Phyllis Ki.lmer over the weekend , ~ I-12~3171dJ.~l,,~ Z-ILl ~ lZUt~r I Mrs. Nora Steward of Martins-[ . . " ...... .._ --------------0-------------- I bur~ called -- M,~ ~|..a ~; .... Never netore a paint like it., oot~ I Saturda" m"~";i~" an~la~a~er'~a~~-not drip or spatter like ordinary WATER SOFTENER PELLETS OR '/tended ~the ~f'une'~l of"/~Irs.'Ma- P::;:~:~oitkr,~rut~mYr ~/jlt~ CRYSTALS -- tflda Merchant ~n Harpers Ferry , I .., .~ ." H _ * .." easy to use. N~ds'no stirring or PI RINA FLY BAIT or FLY CHECKERS asu nas neon qmte " * thinning. Dries in 30 minutes. 22 lfll at her home on George Street ~^--I,, dec,,rat .... u,.= i but is some improved at this =,~'~ ~,~,'~'~,~'~;~rr,~.,.,.r INTERIOR Or EXTERIOR -- / afternoon. t Mrs. Laura James spent last ...... .... PEOPLES SUPPLY / week in New York with her hus- PEOrLr ~c rrt x ' *+ / band, Mr. George James, who is PHONE .m~.2002 n..r~=r,~ ~"9~ c~r~.c~ fs,~lnw ~c, rln~r~'ilrXT ~17 ~lr employed ,there. 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