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July 20, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 20, 1978

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2 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, JULY 20,1978 | i i ill rl ii i i .... I EMERGENCY LEGISLATION DON'T NEED SPECIAL DAY 00g.i00d won dertkfl .Ji.A In recent weeks, several city and town councils in The Congress of the United States has "done it the Eastern Panhandle have resorted to again." "VIIN'IA |STABLISH|D1844 "emergency" legislation to accomplish specific They've set the stage for the creation of another '';.,r' objectives. "day" in a long list of days that crowd our Gregorian .......... L ........ JEFF[R$0N PUBLISHING CO., iNC ........ Monday, June 26, the' Harpers Ferry Town Council calendar and are greeted with great joy by the people June 8 may be a red letter day of half of the political candidates Donald G. Renich ...................... passed an emergency ordinance banning pinball who handle greeting cards and appropriate gift items, for West Virginia. That is the from each party. R. Meade Dorsey .................... machines, pool and billiard tables, juke boxes and In this case, if the President of the United States so date when the law regard- Some of us can remember the "other coin operated novelty electronic game proclaims, the Sunday after Labor Day in September ing political action committees days when it was claimed the C Published Every Thursday at machines." will be set aside as "Grandparents Day," was effective. Thehusiness and & O railroad ran our state 210 North George Street On Thursday, July 13, the Martinsburg City Council designed to honor all those who have been strong industrial communities may government or in today# Charles Town, W. Va. 25414 now form political action language "called the shots". Telephone(304) by a unanimous vote, adopted an emergency enough to last while two additional generations have committees and support can- Major coal companies joined the amendment to a zoning ordinance which apparently been spawned, didates of their choice, influence crowd. When John L. Subscription Price .... $7.50 a Year bans the establishment of any new taverns or other There's nothing wrong with "Grandparents Day." Representatives of corporations Lewis established the United Entered in the post office at Charles ToWSi businesses selling alcohol from locating within a As grandparents ourselves, we welcome the have already participated in Mine Workers as the bargaining three block area in downtown Martinsburg. recognition, although we've always been privileged, workshops and seminars power for labor, he gradually as second class matter learning the new law and took over as prime influence and Ad Deadline 4 p. Both actions were predicated upon sincere con- through our own grandchildren, to enjoy all the figuring out the extent of labor has made many gains -- clusions by those involved. Both, however, will recognition we've really ever wanted, possible involvement. They are through our law makers. The big probably be faced with some resistance. It's enough that they like to come to our house and calling this the political muscle lobby was once railroads and In Harpers Ferry, there was a petition from the enjoy grandma's meals; to listen to grandpa's tall of business and a way to counter coal then it gave way to the townspeople objecting to the pinball establishment tales; to euchre a buck or two for a special treat; to the power of organized labor in power of labor. because, it was suggested, it created a "carnival- remind of birthdays and holidays thilt generally are the state. Could it be that under this new If a corporation establishes a law corporations (business t. AY yp atmosphere not in keeping with the historical accompanied by gifts; to ask unanswerable political action committee, it community) will emerge as the nature of Harpers Ferry. questions; to probe about the life of their mother and may solicit funds from power to he reckoned with. Two In Martinsburg, it was the extra-curricular ac- dad (the information they get might be useable management, salaried per- other groups are organizing to Advisory Board. away Friday. Her tivities of an establishment called the Seven Seas that anytime in the future)" to look into the nooks and sonnel and stockholders but it bargain for themselves, namely At the July 10 election here, Mrs. Albert Elsea, a may not solicit money from the teachers and the public Rohrer out-polled Joseph Bolivar. prompted the council action. TheSeven Seas closed crannysofanoldhouse, areasthat, in the fantasies of employees on hourly wages, employees. Both have been Harper, of Mouth of Seneca, and Visitors last week because it did not have a license to operate effective the young, hold innumerable secrets. These, of course, are the source having organizational meetings James W. Pennington, of and Mrs. Albert Elsei 1 July 1. The town council, responding to pleas from the It's enough, we add, that the brightness and beauty for membership in the labor and working sessions to learn Buckhannon, for a post on the 10- and Mrs. Bill business community, agreed to act quickly to keep and inquisitiveness of grandchildren help keep organizations, the business of organized in- man advisory board, stock, Vs.; that particular hot spot, and any others, from re- grandparents young well beyond the level of old age. According to the meagre in- fluence. formation available, a number It may be that the only corn- The voting was done by area Shepherl and opening or opening for business. It's not all sweetness and light. Grandchildren of corporations are planning to men ground or independent young farmer couples at the Levettsville, Va., cooperative's Young Farmer Mrs. Steve So, on the record, these emergency actions were grow, and move into the world of reality. And grand- support candidates in the stand will be the taxpayers but Summer Seminar. Those at- Leesburg, Vs. "taken in response to public reaction, and in the in- parents worry, as much or more than parents, about November general election. This then, taxpayers cut across all tending the meeting were invited The Junior and terests of the public itself. We will concede this to be the pitfalls which stand in the way of young people could make some difference in a earners. Somebody eventually by local Southern States farmer Department of the reasons for the actions, growing up today, few places especially where the has to pay the bill. Since West boards and member com- Church Sunday Republican Party had an active Virginia had its Proposition 13 mittees, a bake sale at However, a word of caution. We do not believe it Some of us may be hard pressed to provide any primary election. In counties ! back in the 1930's maybe we are As the new advisory board Ferry-Bolivar advisable to resort to the passage of "emergency" guidance or advice for some of today's problems. We like Kanawba, Cahell and Wood due to lead again with a member, Rohrer replaces John Hall on legislation on any regular basis. Such action should he knew them not in the past. But, as grandparents, we predictions are for the election Proposition 14. R. Marker of Winchester, Va., heginningat9 limited to actual emergencies and not resorted to in do know the difference between right and wrong; we - who completed a one-year term all kinds of baked an effort to circumvent possible public reaction, can explain that to our grandchildren. And we can Estimates are high in the good for children who go to on the young farmer board. ' Mr. and Mrs. Perry There are few things that require emergency ac- hope that what we tell them will have a lasting, billions and, like the estimates of Sunday School on Sunday and During July the cooperative and daughters of Medicare costs, they are then during the week, Monday bas l0 seminars in the five states Fredericksburg, tion. In the two instances already outlined, there may favorable impact, probably low. National Health through Saturday, to play the itserves, with an advisory board Sunday with his have been time elements involved which prompted In our opinion, it's fine that Congress passed a Insurance would increase in- gaming machines and waste member being elected at each MaryEackles, the utilization of the emergency clauses. These will resolution authorizing the President to proclaim this flation like throwing gasoline on their money, forgetting all about meeting, the Cliffside Motor I. not happen too often. September 10 as Grandparents' Day. Frankly, a fire. what they learned about God on The elected young farmers are Mrs. Mattie SinghaS Just as there can he over-utilization of such however, we don't need a special day to be Ah, but you say, the doctors Sunday. Again, I hope every expected to serve as a liaison the Singhas reunion would be required to provide Mother and Father will read this between the cooperative and the held at the horse shOW procedures as executive sessions, and meetings of the recognized; everytime our grandchildren are with us care - there would be govern- letter very carefully, young farmers the cooperative in Berryville, Va. councils as committees of the whole, so can there be is recognition enough; and we suspect that most meat regulation of doctors' fees By the way, what happened to serves, according to Robert Mrs. Shirley- over-utilization of "emergency" action, grandparents feel exactly the same way. and dist[ibution and control of the curfew laws anyway which Bryan, Southern States' director granddaughter Let's then confine emergency actions to emergency For those not so fortunate as to have grandchildren his services, requires that children must he of member and institutional Frances Rodgers Then we should ask: What off the streets by 10 p.m. relations. Mattie situations and instead follow the tried and true of your own, try adopting some who have been so about the freedom of a Sometimes, at least last Friday Advisory board members and Mrs. Ella ZombrO methods of conducting public business in public unfortunate as to have never known their own physician? He spent a vast sum and Saturday, children were on their spouses will meet in Rich- dinner at her home session on the basis of standard procedures which grandparents. It's a grand feeling...for both young of money and many years in the street, at least at II:30 p.m. mend, Va., in November after Guests provide safeguards for all of us under all cir- and old alike, training -- is he not to be a free and possibly later, the eooperative's annual Meadows and cumstances. ,.'.,L.,,.,L'-.'.'k,'L.'L.''.'.'.''.'',A. person who may sell his ser- RuthRice meeting to form committees and Dunn, Mr. Coleman ,, .... ,H, .... ,,, , ,,, .... * ', ,,, i r-v-r-v-v'-v,'vv'v'v'v'vrvv-v-v-v, vices? Is it right that govern-lsNi0 [ Citizens elect a chairman. In early 1979 Mattie Singhas "" "-"---,=,,=,, .u'- Editor ment control the services of . theboard will again gather in Luckett, and Of Other Years phys'c'am--w:hwouldmake[N0w Exp0sedT01R0000mon.tomeetwithsouthern Do0000s. News .----....-----------..-- :them slaves, as a slave is a States' top management. Deedee and DouglJs '------'v--''---,- )erson who cannot work as he .......... of Virginia Beach, ' )leases and cannot keep the ............... visiting their I Preventicare July14,1978 Women have never given an (ruits of his labor. Surely a ti tl HARPERS FERRY Mary Dalgarn at 10 -- YEARS AGO -- 10 seney farm on the Middleway Dear Editor: opportunity to vote for a woman physician, who provides health Guy H: Miller, of Charles Summit Point Road. I would like to apologize to that represents them? Why not? care, has heenendowed with the BOLIVAR Farm. Town, is re-elected Post Com- MARRIED: State Senator Robert Steptoe for I am sorry I unjustly used Sen. same inalienable rights as the "Preventicare" is an Mr. Reid Geronimo SWORDS OF mander of Jackson-Perks Post Miss Mary Frances stating in my letter printed in Steptoe's name. rest of us, and his medical especially planned mobility Dial 535-6528 71, American Legion, when the Hockensmith, of Shenandoah the June 29th issue of the Spirit However, I believe every training has not deprived him of program of physical activity for ............. A special concert regular monthly meeting is held Junction, and Mr. Jerry o f J e f f e r s o n - person running for elected office those rights. His knowledge and West Virginia's Senior Citizen. Granville Smallwood left the Spirit of at the Charles Town post home. Christian Hockman, of Advocate, that he had voted to this year should be asked his or skill are his personal property. Now in its 7th year, and co- Wednesday for the Navy, to be be presented DEATHS: Shepherdstown; Miss Patricia protest the National Demecratie her position on this so-called You may suggest that a doctor sponsored by the Department of stationed at the Great Lakes. at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Forrest Win. Hedrick, 70, Ann Gageby, of Eagle, and Mr. Committee's decision to hold its feminist movement, is not forced to practice under a Welfare and the Lawrence Granville is the son of Mr. and Refuge, 200 of charles Town, andthe former Claison H. Henkes, of national committee meeting in i VirginiaB.Kable national health play -- he mhy Frankel Foundation, there are Mrs. Gilbert Smallwood of in Charles ToWn. manager of Claymont Farmson Wis. Memphis, Tennessee. choose to refrain from practice currently more than two Bolivar. on the program or may stay in private practice thousand residents of our state Our sympathy is extended to Sandy the Summit Point Road, dies in 30--YEARS AGO-- 30 Since then I have received a July 17, 1978 in competition with government enrolled in classes in most of our the family of Mrs. Lucinda tinsburg, sharing the Rockingham Memorial The Independent Fire Corn- letter from Senator Steptoe in Hospital in Harrisonburg, Va., pany of Charles Town, takes which he stated: I am not and Dear Mr. Rentch, medical care. But in the first fifty-five counties. Richardson of St. John's testimony. The where he had been visiting another progressive step in the never have been a member of Although labor unions ad- case hewouldbedeprivedofhis The Commission on Aging Newfoundland, who passed welcome. friends: Mr. George Washington community protection with the the committee, that even though voeate National Medical In- right to freedom to engage in his and other state agencies are co- Pomeroy, 65, of Loudoun purchase of a Mullikin I am its parliamentarian, I have surance, one must question the profession; in the second case operating in an effort to broaden Heights, Va., dies at his home; Respirator. B d's'Ey Mrs. Mary Louise Eavery, 82, of The Hilltop House at Harpers no vote in the committee's efficiency of such insurance and the government would be a the .scope of participation in 'r e proceedings, and that I was not the quality of care provided competitor far his services accordance with Governor Boonshoro, Md., and formerly of Ferry is purchased by Mr. and present at the meeting at which under it. The experience of other because government medical Rockefeller's mention in his Keedysville, Md., dies in the Mrs. George A. Higgins, Jr., the action of which your corn- countries, notably England, care was "free". state of the state message that Jackson Convalescent Home formerly of Stoddard, N.H.; Mr. plaint was taken, from which we get more in- But is government medical Preventicare be made available By U.S. 8emttor Robert following a long illness Mrs. and Mrs. Thompson, former Perhaps mycomplaintshould formation, shows that the care free?Therest of as would to all West Virginia Senior Bailey "Alice" Viola B'allenger, owners, return to Hampton. have been taken with the local quality of care decreases while be deprived of part of the fruits Citizens. The Preventicare of Leesburg, Va., dies in the Dr. and Mrs. Byron D. White, newspapers. Perhaps we the costs skyrocket: Moreover, the of our labor to pay for the "free" program is free of cost to all Loudoun Memorial Hospital; of Poolesville, Md., purchases voters could vote more in- costs of government medical service given others. Already participants, requiring only Fighting to Control International Cynthia Anne Kanehl, infant the large stone mansion house of telligently in our local care in this country, i.e., taxes are so great that we must their physician's blessing: In the first week of 1978, that terrorist, daughter of Carl and Peggy the late Dr. Rudolph M. Rau on newspapers felt it their Medicare and Medicaid, have work until June to pay them. The program has attracted a representative of the shifting to Anne Hire Kanehl, of Charles Rockville Terrace in Frederick, responsibility to let the public been astronomical with a Despite the altruistic sounding nationwide attention; workshops Palestine Liberation Orga- cooperation Town, dies in the local hospital, for $49,200. know exactly what business does  : deerease in quality andalssof terminology, there is no 'hright" and teaching seminars haw nization in Britain was ing terrorists Theodore Roosevelt Spriggs, 64, patient privacy, to medical care. The attempt to been conducted by foundation shot by an assassin. The existing Raymond Zinn of Ritehie take place at such meetings and Now, however, I want to provide such a right infringes on staff over the nation at colleges, victim was considered to tional order, of Charles Town, dies at his County, Va., assumes the who bolongs and how they voted, discuss whether anyone has a the rights of others. The Ken- universities, and state agencies, be a political moderate, against home. position of Jefferson County 4-H In the many organizations that "iight" to health care astha nedy-Corman health care bill and was the subject of testimony and had made anti-terror- party or the MARRIED: Agent. I belong to, the parliamentarian Miss Linda Lou Willingham, of DEATHS: ist speeches in the last few of one nation. Ranson, and Mr. Larry Wm. Henry F. Seal, prominent is a memherof the organization" Kennedy-Corman National would add billions to medical at Congressional Committee and is expected to attend the Health bill states. We are en- care and bring about an even Hearing on long term care months before his death. Although dewed by our Creator with poorer medical care for those sponsored by Congressman The terrorist attack on terrorist Osbourn, of Sbepherdstown. northern Virginia musician, dies meetings. Isn't that the purpose certain rights -- the right to life, who already find medical care a Claude Pepper. this man was only the first last decade of the acts of international place outside Mrs. Bunis Lemen, a resident in the Winchester Memorial of a parliamentarian- to see liberty, and the pursuit of burden. A published study done at terrorism for this year-- States, the of Bolivar for 23 years, pur- Hospital; Miss Susan Robbins that the meotings are conducted happiness. No one may take LelaGardner West Virginia University chases Gay's Grocery Store Craighill dies in Washington, properly? . and he became an instant ternational located near the Harpers Ferry D.C.; Elmer C. Ronemus, native This leaves a question in my from us our life or our liberty Department of Research and statistic in the records of which High School. and former resident of Charles mind as to whether the state without legal authority. As for July 14, 1978 Development by Zeller and such attacks which are be- property The Aces shade the Rebels 59- Town; Joseph O. Moore dies at Democratic Committee was the pursuit of happiness, no one Dear.Mr. Editor: Knight concluded among many ing kept by worried gov- 52 to win the Jefferson County the home of George Armstrong following parlimentary may take from us the fruits of I want to address this letter to favorable findings, that the cost ernments everywhere in Our Memorial Park Basketball near the BloomeD'. our labor, all Mothers and Dada. I hope effective feature of the program the world, ulations nated and procedure when they In other words, rights are they will read this letter very was less than $50.00 par year per Our own CIA has re- lice League championship. MARRIED: unanimously voted to send a After rolling through seven Miss Mary Ethel Bains, of formal protest to the negative in character. They carefully. This is to call at- participant. Many expressed ported a tentative listing tunately consecutive victories without a Oneota, Fla., and Mr. John N. Democratic National Committee guarantee us from action of a tention to the "so-called" game renewed zest for living, added of 1,15l such terrorist in- most other negative nature from others. A room located on Liberty Street, vitality and an enhanced sense cidents between 1968 and the defeat, the Charles Town High Newcomer, of Shepherdstown. for its selection of Memphis as right is defensible against willful which I believe is sort of getting of well being. 1976. Some of those trage- netmen find the going a little too i 70 -- YEARS AGO -- 70 the site for the Decmber's mini- dies received media atten- to rough and drop a pair of league i C.G. Hayward, who operated convention, or accidental violation, out of battd with our children. I The program is a viable and tion, and some did not. national games to set their season record i a photograph studio in Charles But does a right guarantee a am the mother of three children exciting alternative to Some were crimes against bringing at 7-2. ! Town for some time, sells out to However, I think the public positive action from another, and it seems like each time they premature institutionalization property--bombings, arson, better Dr. Riley F. Dobbins, a native R. F. Whir of Blaeksburg, Va. should have more information Although John Smith may not go out, it's later and later when attractive both from fiscal and or incendiary attacks. Some American of West Virginia and a graduate Wheat of the I908 crop coming on this state's Democratic take my life, m he fo-ced to they get home. I agree whole- humanitarian standpoints, were kidnapings, or the abroad has of West Virginia University, into the Charles Town market, committee meeting and who guarantee my health if through heartedly there should be West Virginia residents at- taking of hostages. The American er i t opens a dentist office on t sells for $0 cents per bushel, they are representing. Are they some mischance or act of God something for the children to do tending snior centers, meeting most tragic were outright assisted in second floor of the for S0 -- YEARS AGO -- N representing the majority of the lloeeit.Forinstance, fflhavea in this town, but not until all inchureh groups, living in high assassinations or armed as- rity for Register building in Shepherd- James S. Clair, former clerk Democrats in West Virginia? heart attack or am involved in a hours of the night, especially rise complexes or alone may saults. The single thread ployees stown, of the Circuit Court of Loudoun Aren't most of those serious accident, is John Smith after 10 p.m. just to play pinball contact, for particulars, their which joins all of these moved to 2O -- YEARS AGO -- 20 County, Va., dies at the home of promoting the F, qualRights paid morally responsible for my machines. There are many local welfare office, the C0m. cases of international ter- rorism together is the fact sanctuarY P. O. Dunaway sells his fur- his son-in-law, Henry W. employees of the Bureaucracy? medical bills? things playing pinball machines mission on Aging, or the that a violent crime, or the The niture business in Charles Town Castleman in Jefferson County: Their salaries and promotional If you advocate National teaches children to do. No. 1. It Lawrence Frankel Foundation, threat of a violent crime, and to the Swimley Furniture Co., of The salary of the postmaster schemes paid for with tax Health Insurance, you will say teaches them to waste their in Charleston, W. Va. was committed for political p o I i eie Winchester, Va. at Charles Town is increased money? he is not responsible for the bllls money; 2. It keeps the children purposes. The victim is criminals DEATHS: from $I,500,00 to $1,600.00 per Since utilities are forced to -- government iS responsible, out and away from home longer;  Resident seen by the terrorist only very Grover Lee Bush, 73, Jefferson year. refund overcharges, then To which l-reply -- where does No. 3. It teaches children of all as a means to an end--a use of County farmer, dies in the local PIERCIREUNION perhaps taxpayers should government get its money? The ages to smoke because fight ted S Coop tOOl to be used to draw at- litieal hospital; Mrs. Fannie Painter JULY 3e MORGAN'S GROVE demand tax refunds from the government money Comes from near the pinball machine is the tention to a political prob- Milton dies at her home in the The Pierce reunion will he variotm Bureaucratic agencies taxing the millions of John cigarette vending machine Ad0 Group lem or to force a desired world Mt. Mission area; Mrs. Clara held Sunday, July 30, at using tax money to promote the Smiths -- all the people who where they have easy access to political action, tithesis Fellers Smallwood, of Mar- Morgan's Grove Park, oa the feminist movements philosophy, comprise the wking force, buying cigarettes. Unless the In the last decade there which tinshurg, dies in City Hospital Kearneysvflle-Shopherdstown Examples--$5 million to fund They would all pay additional cigarette law has been changed, MCHENRY, MD.- Daniel A. has been a rapid increase in and there. Pike, beginning at II:$0 a.m. the International Women's Year taxes becatme of the medical I thought no one waa permitted Rohrer, of Boonsboro, has been in the number of interna- world. Lightning causes $20,000 fire Family and friends are cordially inHotmton, Texas -- H.E.W. and bills others experience. And to sell cigarettes to anyone flected to the Southern States tional terrorist attacks, can to ':- *^  ,- ,,- **   g,-- i,,*d  ttend. Humanitim Irograms. "those taxes would be high. under 18 years of age. It's no Cnoperative's YOUng Farmer There is strong evidence