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July 20, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 20, 1961

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lula Wlii )p Viands 'Banks and Mr. Floyd MartJnsbul'g, Mrs. Les- and sons Glenn and town, Mrs. Harry Shir- Debbie, Harry were Saturday af- with Mr .and Mrs. Mrs. Nelson Bush at: funeral of their uncle :g, Va. on Sunday. He mr to Mrs. Gilbert Wil of Kearneysville. Hovermale Albert Viands Were in Win- on Thursday after- and Bonnie John- Saturday night with arents Mr. and Mrs. TO CREDITORS. ~editors and Bene- the Estate of Harry Mr. and Mrs. William Frye and t6 celebrate the happy occasion ]her first aid and finally she came [the'Methodist Mens Club was held [ Miss Eunice Myers of Winches- [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE son Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ]were Susan, Ann and Allen Dad-[to., so Mr. Furr thought it wasn't on Friday evening at the church ter, Va. spent the weekend with [THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1961 7--B Stocks and Mrs. Catherine Holler son, Mary Nancy, Glenn and Jack necessary to take her to the has- at 6:30p. m. the men had a cook her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred[ , all of Brunswick, Mr. and Mrs. ie Viands, Judy, Debbie, Harry, pital. Although he said she would out at which hey grilled ham- M'"r'- [Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rvman and Commi/tce~ amends bill to aid Sublette Chamblin of Ranson and Jr. Bobby and Donald Shirley. A- be very bruised for some time so burgers all the men present voted ~ ~'" ....... i/daughter Miss Juanita Ryman. children of jolfless. g as being v~rv oniov ~vtr otto ttynlan anooaugmer Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Frye of dults wer~t Mr. and Mrs. Albert I hear today she is able to walk the evenlno _s ...... o ---~ ~--~,- ... '!..': ~ .. Charles Town were Sunday visi- Viands Jr., Mrs. Lester Viands, around. She is the daughter of Mr. able. When they had finished eat lvnss zviama Ryma!l m..Kanson --- tars with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mrs. Julia Viands, Mr. William John Popkins. ing games were played. After they were Sunday evening wsltors m GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Frye, Mr. Sylvester Frye of Beth- Dodson and Russell, dad Itarry French Farm Fire held their devotional service and ---------i -/-- i I ...... II l ..... I .................................... I I ....... I ................ I Ill II esda, Md. spent the weekend with Sr. A large birthday cake center- Both fire companies of Charles business meeting. [] his parents, ed the table with two candles. Ice Town were callers Thursday night Mrs. George Morison and son ~ Harry Shirley Jr. is spending cream, candy, mints, potato chips to the French farm formally own Freddie spent the past week in a couple of days witk his cousin and soft drinks were served by ed by Mr. Elmer Wageley. The Atlantic City, N. J. Glenn Viands in Charles Town. the hostess. Rusty received so fire was first discovered by Mr. i Sunday guests at the home of Mrs. Maude Smallwood and son many nice gifts. Paul Dailey who called the cam- Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Wiltshire were Marvin and his twin daughters Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocks of panies. The boys really can't be Mr. and Mrs. James Lightner and were callers on Sunday evening Brunswick, Md. were supper ' praised enough for their prompt- son Jimmy and Miss Goldie Kain with the formers grandson Mr. guests Thursday evening with the hess and how they stood by until of Baltimore, Md., Mr .and Mrs. and Mrs. Francis Smallwood and latters parents Mr. and Mrs. Rob 6:30 in the morning to prevent Scott Himes of Pleasant Valley, family in Ranson. Sorry to hear their little son met with a bad ac cident on Thursday which caused five stitches across his stomach. Birthday Party Mrs. Harry Shirley gave her son Russell a birthday party on Thurs day the 13th celebrating his sec- ond birthday. Those helping him ert Frye. They were on their way other buildings in catching on Md., Mr .and Mrs. Elmore Wormer home from a vacation in Daytona ifre as the barn was almost a to- and son Freddie Lee of Lovetts- Beach, Florida. Falls From Bicycle Little Nancy Popkins had the misfortune to be knocked off her bicycle Saturday evening near her home in which she was knocked out for some time. Mr. Clark Furr who came in the ambulance gave NOTICE TO CREDITORS. tal loss when they arrived, ville, Va., Mrs. Pittman Russell Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands spent and daughter Karen Mrs. John the day Thursday with their son Shirley and Miss June Shirley of in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Winchester, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harry Shirley and family near Wiltshire and sons of Ranson, W. Middleway. Miss Barbara Slusher Va., Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wiltshire of Ranson spent Friday night with and children of Harpers Ferry the Shirleys and Saturday night and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wiltshire Mrs. Lester Viands and sons Glen of Ranson. and Jackie spent the night. Mrs. Shirley returned Sunday to the YOUR THRIFT CENTER NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Reba Lee Ryman of Shenandoah Junction spent the past week with Charles Town Phone 399 deceased. To the Creditors and Bene- having ~laims a- ciaries of the Estate of Benjamin To the Creditors and Bene- estwte of Hwrry M. L. Byers, receased, ficiaries of of the Estate of Rosa ~hether due All persons having claims a- V. Boyd, deceased. notified to exhibit the ~ainst ,the estat~e of Benj,amin L. I All persons having claims a- vouchers thereof, le- to the undersigned, the Citizens Office Town, West on or ,'before l~he 15th. 1962; other~clse ~hey he excluded from all All bene- are noti- on said date to my hand @his i0th. .961, B. WETZEL, 6f Accounts of Jefferson TO CREDITORS. and Bene- Estate of AHee G. clalnas a- ~a~ of Alice G. w~e,the~ due t0" exhibit tile vouchers thereof, le- if~ the undersigned, in the Citizens Office Charles Town, West ~..v beTore the 15~h othevw.~se they from all bene- notified date to pro- l~nd, ~hi's 1Oth ~ 1961. B. W~TZEL of Accounts County of Jefferson TO CREDITORS. ginia, on or ,before ~he 15th day Vi,rg~ni~, on or before t~he 15th oT Louise having claims a- of January, 1962; otherwise they day of Jan., 1961; otherwise ,they tl~ey may, by law, .be excluded from ma~,, by law be excluded from all ,all be.nefits of said estwte. All benefit of said estate. All bene- beneficiaries of said estate axe: flclaries of said estate are notified notified to be preser~t to protect their interest. Given under ,my h~nd b1"~s lOth day of July, 1'961. Commisaioner of Accounts, M/kR~ B. WETZEL, Jle~f.ferson County. July 13 -3~. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. To the Creditors and Bene- ficiaries of the Estate of Caroline Heaton Macoughtry, deceased. All pe,xsons having clad~n,s ag~Mns~ the estate of Caroline He~q~on M,acoughtry, deceased, whether due or not, are notlfied to exn~bll, the same. with vouchers thereof, le- gally verified, to the undersigned. at my office in the Citizens Office Building, Charles Town, , West V~rgin~a, on or ~e,fore the 15th. day ,~f Jan., I962; o1~herwise ~ey may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene- nelarles of said estate are notified to be present on said date to pro- tect their interests. Given under my hand ~lMs 10bh day of ,July, 1961. MARK B. WETZEL Commissioner of Accounts Jefferson County. W. Va. July 13-3t. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. to be present on said date to pro- teot their interests. G~ven under my trend +dqls 10~2~ day of July, 1961. MARK B. WETZEL Commissioner of Accounts County of Jefferson July 13-3t. general telephone where she is her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. an assistant supervisor after two Edward Ryman. weeks vacation. Mr. and Mrs. George Helman of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and Randallstown, Md. spent Sunday daughter Sherri and Mr. and Mrs. evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Billie Viands spent Saturday even[Johnson and sons and Mrs. Lula ing with their parents Mr. and Ranalli. Mrs. Albert Viands at the Hover-] Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Raish of male Home near Jefferson Ave. Lakeview, Ohio are visiting\Mr. in town. and Mrs. Milton Reed and sons, Mrs. Helen Shirley and children Mr. and Mrs. Raish are Mr. Reeds Harry, Bobby, Judy, 'Debbie and step father and mother. Donald Lee and Mrs. Kitty Whit, ~P~':~.~'.~"~'.~':~.~,~.,~~,r~'~,',~4 more and two children spent the day Tuesday at Glen Echo Park M 0 T 0 R O L A and they also went through Mr. Vernon. RADIO -- TELEVISION Mr. and Mrs. Milton Popkins HI- FI STEREO of Kabletown were Saturday even To t h?~ Creditors an~Bene- ficiaries of the~ Esfaf~ of ~oma~ J. Lackey, deceased. All persons having claims a- ~a~e of Louise gainer the eestate o,f T~omas J. whether due Lackey, deceased, whether due are notified to exhibit or not, are notified to exhibit the vouchers thereof, le-same with vouchers thereof, le- ~d .to the undersigned, gally verified to the unaerslgned, 1 ~ the Citizens: Office at my office in the Citizens Office ~l.~r ,s T0wn, West Building, Charles Town, West un or 'bbfore the 15~ Vitgi n,~a, on ~r before the 15th otherwise ,they day of J, an., 1962; otherwise ~hey be excluded from all Said estate. All bene- said estate are notified on said date to pro- han, d ~_is 10th 1961. MARK B. WETZEL of Accounts County of Jefferson may, by Law be excluded from al) benefit of said estate. All bene- ficiaries of said estate are notified to be present on said date to pro- tect their Interests. ~i~,en under my ha~d this 1Oth day of July, 1961. MARK B. WETZEL Commissioner of Accounts County of Jefferson J~ly 13-3t. ing callers with Mr. and Mrs. Obie SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Johnston and daughters. NOTICE TO CREDITDRS. l r. and Mrs. Garland Henry re W E B B ' S tttrned 'home Thursday evening To the Creditors and Bone- from a vacation in Patuxtant, Md. RADIO & TELEVISION fleiaries of the Estate of Robert with their brother and sister-in- 222 West Washington SL P. McGarry, Sr., deceased. !law Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ott and Charles Tgwn, W.. Va.. All ,persons havl,ng ola~ms ~guins,t family. the estate of Robert P. McC~arry, PHONE 487 ~r., deceased, whether due My deepes[ sympathy goes out or not, are notified to exhibit the t to Mrs. Alice Hackley of Harpers ~'.~zP~,'.~.~'~'~'.~..~.~'~'.~'.~.~'~ same with vouchers thereof, le- Ferry by the sudden death of her" ! " I Ir gally verified to the undersigned, husband. The Hackley family used at my-office In the Citizens Office frequently,visitors in our FOR YOUR Building, Charles Town, West V~rgima, on ,or before the 15th. I town while her sister Mrs. Robert day o~ Jan., 1962; otl~erwise they Steward resided here. He also lea may, by law be excluded from all ves a son and daughter. oenefit of said estate. All bene- Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fritts of flciaries of said estate are notified Charles Town were Saturday even Ira be present on said date to pro- ing callers with his sons Melvin tect their interests. , ~ and Nelson. I , ,~iven under my ha,nd ~Vhis 10th Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. I day of July, 1061. MARK B. WETZEL and daughter spent the weekend] --AND OTHER Commissioner of Accounts at the home of their son-in-lawI County of Jefferson and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Don-1 July 13-3t. ald Hovermale while they were NOTICE TO CREDITORS. in Pottsville, Pa. taking Mrs. Con nie Earp of Harpers Ferry up "------ there to see her brother who was To the Creditors a4a~l ~ .Bene- flcLaries of the Estate of Matthew ver~'~ll imttie h~pltdl tip th~r~ Mr. and Mrs, Irvin Hedges, Mr. ~ MitchelL, deceased. All , Persons having claims a- and Mrs. John Aits and Rev. and gainst the estate of M tthew Mrs. Reed and four children all Call 424 Mitchel,l, @eceased, whether due lof Ranson spent Wednesday even or not, are notified to exhibit the i ing at the Shirley farm in Middle same with vouchers thereof le ........ h ..... J. Edward Magaha ~n,,',,o~ifl~,~ ~o the , ndersi ed way anu wire me ~ lrley iamuy t" y'ol ice"in'th e Citizens ffice they all enjoyed a picnic on the Building, Charles Town, West t creeK. . V rgin a, on or ,before ,the 15th Mr. Guy Shnkman, Mr. and day J,an., 1962; o herwise .t heylCarl Dell, Mr. and Mrs. r omn may by law be excluded from all [ Brown all of Green Spring Valley, benefit of said estate. All bene- Md. were callers last Sunday with flciaries of said estate are notified to be present on said date to pro- tect their interests. C~en under my hand ~his 10th day of July, 1961. MARK B. WETZEL Commissioner of Accounts Jefferson County, W. Va July 13-3t. ANTIQUES, HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND DAIRY EQUIPMENT IN PURCELLVILLE, VIRGINIA SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1961 STARTING AT 10:00 A. M. (D.S.T) t "~f. raining sale to be held FRIDAY, JULY 28. starting at same time. ioe~o settle the estate of the late Mrs. Rebecca Hoopes, we will sell at her home ated on Route 7 in the eastern end of Purcellville, Virginia, at the above ~aentioned time and place the following: --ANTIQUES-- Walnut 2 door. comer cupboard, 4 Adam chairs, set of 6 wooden seat chairs, very 2 ft. high mantle clock made by Bristol clock works in excellent condition; chest, Chippendale square table, mahogany card tabLe, wash stand, small Flax spinning wheel, small desk, 5 splint bottom chairs, 4 poster bed with bar springs, 2 pie safes, Acorn top chairs, 16 goblets, hanging lamp, several of cut glass, bowls, celery dish, etc.; 6 small bowls, spoon holders, blue plates, several pitchers, strings of bells, framed Janney Family Tree, 10 china plates, 6 hand painted cups and saucers; pewter and china pitcher. mirror, Lot of picture frames (some gold band and some deep); Iron candle pewter salt and pepper shakers: very old vases, lot of Iimoge china incLud- bowls, butter chips, large dinner set, etc.; diamond ring, watch and other sugar and cream set, part set of gold band plates, very oLd quilts, sugar lot of very oLd books, stone jars and pitcher; coffee mill. chest from covered wagon, Peter~on and Godey magazines, Ironstone and pitcher; lot of iron pots, large covered wagon platter, and many small antique items too numerous to mention. '~ AUCTIONEER'S NOTE:---Mrs. Hoopes was the last of her immediate family so :~Verything sells for the high dollar. Majority of the above items have been in her i~amily for 3 or 4 generations. Plan now to attend this Large Antique Sale, plenty ~f parking for everyone. -- --HOUSEHOLD GOODS-- L, Cane sofa, piano and 2 stools, oval table, 3 cLocks, roll top desk, typewriter, small ~oUtnds round table, buffet, sewing machine, Heatrola, dresser and stool, chest of *t~r ~i awers, brass clothes tree end tables, bureau, odd chairs, Library table, lot of i~ew Tupper cookware, oil heater, 3 corner what-nots, plenty of buttons, trunks, le~OPper kettle, new set of aluminum cookware, ha)lL rack, floor lamps,' dresser set, t~Usic cabinet, 4 iron pots, Westinghouse Refrigerator, Gas Range, Washing Ma- inline, Rogers Plater Ware, 6 Steiff Rose Sterling Teaspoons, set of Community tare Ware. --DAIRY EQUIPMENT-- ~. 1O0 Gallon Sunset Bulk Milk Tank and compressor in excellent condition, 3 De- It~Val mi,lking units and milk compressor; wash up vat, steam closet, bhckets, milk iCOns, 20 cow stanchions complete with dividers, and other items too numerous to Itaention. SHIRLEY PIGGOTT MARY SIMPSON Executors Estate of Rebecca Hoopes !~ALE CONDUcTED BY a0RTHERN VIRGINIA AUCTION CO. LEONARD BOWMAN, Purcellville, Va~---ED 8.7116 JAMES deBUTTS, Hamilton Vw--,4~I 5.4120 Ladies , of H~llsboro Salem W., S. :C... S-c~Wi!l ~ Serv~ r L unch~ ..... 20 - l't: the formers brother Mr. William NORTH GEORGE STREET" Slinkman. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. (Free Estimates Cheerfully Given. Just Call Us.) By Miss Margaret Houser Mrs. James Curry and children [ and Mrs. Edna Daugherty of Ha- gerstown, Md. were Thursday ev- ening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Char f/f" lie Daugherty. Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Brill of Washington, D. C. visited Mrs. Margaret Houser on Saturday. Little Miss Karla Kay Frye of -- -- Kensington, Md. is visiting her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ernest / Houser Sr. and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. William Capriotti .... and sons motored to Hershey, Pa. on Sunday and visited his ister. WSC8 Meeting The WSCS held its regular monthly and business meetings at the church on Wednesday night, July 12 with a very good attend- ance after the meeting Mrs. Cap- riotti served refreshments. Mrs. Don Trundle and daughter from Shepherdstown visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. William Sny der on Sunday. Mr. Clyde Daugherty of Hagers town visited at the home of other and Mrs. Charles Daugherty on Sunday. Mrs. Carl Frye and children of monument Kensington, Md. were Tuesday guests of their parents Mr. and be Mrs. Ernest Houser Sr. and daugh ca ter. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loudan of"just as good" Harpers Ferry, Mr. Gardner Loud an Charles Town and Mr.'and Mrs. Fred Tabler of Martinsburg were as a Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harding and son and Mrs. Rock of Ages* Annie Loudan. S mea, o, run - Monument wick was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harding and son and Mrs. Annie Loudan on Saturday. available only frorn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill and daughter of Winchester, Va. areyour Rock of Ages visiting his mother Mrs. F. A. Hill and brother and Authorized Dealer. and Mrs. C. J. Hill. ILL ILL MARTINSBURG GRANITE WORKS By Miss Dorothy Lake WSCS Meeting 109 West John Street The regular monthly meeting of Telephone Amherst 7 - 6141 the WSCS of the Millville Metho- - Martinsburg, W., The regular monthly meeting of fasldon-rlght styles exciting savings TI OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMMER DRESSES ON SALE! Still Plenty of time to wear these Hot Weather Beauties. All Sizes from 7 to 52. Hurry In For Several At This Low Low Price. WERE TO $10.98 Our Entke Stock Now Reduced to " REGULAR $3.98 STREET COTTONS--NOW REDUCED TO ;2.99 OPEN BOTH FRIDAY and SATURDAY TILL NINE. Save Money Now in Southern States Prices cut on top-quality Unico Passenger, Truck and Tractor Tires! 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Va.