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July 20, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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July 20, 1961

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hereinafter described, notice is hereby given that the undersign- ed trustee will sell at 10:00 A. M. on Saturday, July 29, 1961, at pub lic auction at the front door of the County Court House of Jefferson County, West Virginia, the follow ing described real estate, situate in Charles Town District of Jef- ferson County, West Virginia, that is to say: "All of that certain lot or parcel of land situate near the northern boundary of Ranson in Charles Town District, Jeffer son County, West Virginia, being all of lot number 8, as the same N OTICE OF is bounded and described accord-ltwo years after date respectively, I corded in said office In Deed Bank Tras ii*l proceed to execrate said o-talerI SP IT OF JEFFERSON ling to a survey of West Edgewood bearing interest from date at six Book Y, page 129. peruvian, as admims~ra~r of the at 9:00 A. M., E. S. T. You are A ~ ~UTT~Or~V ,T~V TRUSTEE SALE Subdivision made by J. Jas. Skin percent per annum, payable senti- This property is the former res Estate of Bessie E. Penweli, de- hereby required ,to preger~t your ~"-~ .,u~,ou~,~, Jw~-- ner, S. J. C., dated May 16, 1956, annually, secured by deed of trust idence of the late C. T. Cross. It is ceased, a~d how much, if any, of .cl~aims ~bo the uncle,rEigned on or ~ --'-- ~ ~----'--- said personal estate is now ~n the .before said date, otherwise you day, Summer Assembly of the Lu Berle sees economic Default having been made in a plat of which is recorded in the upon the property sold and assign improved by modern 8-room stuc hands of said Blakeley Bank ,~nd xnay .be, by 1,aw: excluded *fr,oxn all theran Synod of Virginia at Mas- in America. the payment of the indebtedness office of the Clerk of the County gent of fire insurance in a reas co dwelling house, with tile bath, Trust Company as Administrator o,e~ents o~ SUCH ese~a~e.. .... sanetta Springs, Harrisonburg, Va. Common refuses to secured by the deed of trust here Court of the said County in Dee~l enable amount upon the buildings oil hotwater baseboard heating, av~l~ble car the payment of ~ny . t~ven unae~ 'my nana ,vnLs lt~n Wednesday, Annual Church rite on peerage. inafter described and the under- Book 212, at page 229, to which therein, if any, with the privilege modern built-in kitchen, hard debts owing from the es~te of said any of ~u~, ~: ~,-,,~ I School Picnic at the Jefferson Me Talk of Bangkok: Signed having been notified by the survey and plat reference is here to the purchaser of paying all wood floors downstairs, and is in Bessie E. Penwel,1. deceased; ~v~ ~. wr~r.~, ~morial Swimming Pool and Park fails to arouse Thais. holder of the said indebtedness to by made." cash on day of sale or increasing excellent condition, in a splendid THIR2:): Sebtlemeat of tah~ Ad- CommAssioner in Ch.ancery. " foreclose and sell the real estate Being the same real estate con- the cash payment as he may de- location, ready for immediate oc- .mcn~strwtion of said estate of said July 13, 20, 27 -3t. Thursday, Senior Choir rehearsal sire. cupancy. The five lots are 50 feet decendent .by said BlakeleY ~ank at 8:00 p. m. Signed: in frontage each by 126 feet in and Trust Compax~y, her Ad~mn- is~ratov; NEW veyed to the undersigned trustee I by a certain deed of trust from Temple G. Wheeler and Helen C. Wheeler, his wife, and Arthur L. , Wheeler and Barbara A. Wheeler his wife, bearing date of the 23rd day of September, 1959 and being of record in the aforesaid County Clerk's Office in Deed Book No. 234 at page 305. The ~rms of sale shall be one- third cash on day of sale ,balance in tWO equal installments, eviden- ced by the notes of the purchaser bearing even date with day of sale, payable on or before one and Model ADK27A MIGHTY LOW PRICE e Plugs into any adequate 115 volt circuit Operates on 7 amp~ Master-Mind Control Panel $199.95 Coldcoil design cools and dehumidifies more completely Available on easy terms J. Errol Ward, Trust Offi- depth. cer of the Blakeley Bank TERMS OF SALE: One-third and Trust Company of Ran cash on day of sale and the re~i- son, West Virginia, as trus due in two equal annual install- ments evidenced by the notes of the purchaser bearing interest from date of sale, said deferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on said real estate; (or a I larger part or all cash at the put chaser's option.) LEE BUSHONG tee. Luke E. Terry Attorney for Trustee. June 29-4t- ORDER OF PUBLICATION "The Beatitude Of ~OU~TH: Wh~ debts Bessie E. Penwell~,~,,,: owed at .t~e ,ti:me o.f her ~eath, to whom they ~re pay- Precariousness" To Be able, ~nd ~eir n~tuve, and Cheix respective amounts and .priorities; was Sermon.For Lutherans owned 'by the said ,Bessie ~.. Pen-I vcell at ~he .~ixne of her de~th, its! The Rev. Richard E. Neal, pas- quantity, des~r~l~on axed loca~on; tar of St. Thomas Lutheran Chur- S~IXTH: The ~mes ax~ in- ch, corner Seventh Avenue and terests of all ~ l~aving an North Mildred street, Ranson, interest in the est~,e, persoxml and reM, of s~ld decedent; Monday announced the following Trustee S~EN'I~: And such o~ter schedule of Sunday services and July 6-4t. m_~Vters as azay party ~n ~rest other week day events: The ser- n~y, the s~me being per- vice at 8:30 a. m. and 11:00 a. m.; ORDER OF PUBLICATION U:nezn. or such other ma ters of sermon, "The Beatitude of Precar said Comvaissioner may himself iousness" and children's sermon, determine pe~ner~t, whether so "The Lutheran Liturgy". Nursery Circuit Court of Jefferson Court .equested or not. , ty, West Virginia held during worship for pre. Circuit Court of Jefferson Coun 'y, West Virginia Robert W. Buddenhagen, plaintiff v. Civil Action No. 141 Carol Buddenhagen, Defendant cfo Mrs. Sam Eber 27 Beech St., c/o Clifton Heights P. O. Alden, Pa. The object of this suit is to ob- tain a divorce from the bonds of matrimony To the above named Defendant -Carol Buddenhagen It appearing by affidavit filed in this action that Carol Budden- hagen is a none resident of the State of West Virginia, it is here by ordered that Carol Buddenhag en serve, upon James M. Mason, 3d, plaintiffs attorney whose ad- dress is hason Bldg., Charles Town, West Virginia, an answer on or before the 10th day of Aug- ust, 1961. If you fail to do so, jud Georgia L. McGovern, plaintiff v. Civil Action No. 142 Thomas F. McGovern, defendant The object of the above entitled action is to obtain a divorce from the bonds of matrimony. And it appearing by an affida- vit filed in this action that the said Thomas F. McGovern is a non-resident of the State of West Virginia it is ordered that he do serve upon Kenneth W. Metz, plaintiffs attorney, whose address is Charles Town, West Virginia, answer or other defense to the gement upon proper hearing trial may be taken you for the relief demanded in the complaint. Entered by Clerk of said Court July 3, 1961. W. M. JONES Clerk of Court By: Marie Trussell D.,C. July 6-3t-pd. PUBLIC SALE Of House and Lot AT SHENANDOAH JUNCTION ! - complaint filed in this action on or before August 5, 1961, other- wise judgment upon proper hear- ing and trial will be taken against him at any time thereafter. A copy of said complaint can be ob- tained from the undersigned Clerk at his office. Entered by the Clerk of said Court July 5, 1961. W. M. JONES Clerk of Court July 6-3t- NOTICE Slleni Circulator blower hushes air rush. Entire cool- ing chamber is heavily inou. Ioted. Silent Knight Switch provides whisper.quiet nlght-time operation. Pursuant to the terms of a cer- IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, WEST WEST VIRGINIA. CIVIL ACTION NO. 121 tHin deed of trust made by James E. Brand, Jr. and wife to the un- dersigned trustee, dated June 1., 1955, recorded in the office of the Blakeley Bank and Trust Com- pany, A Corporation, Admlnls- Clerk of the County Court of Jef- ferson County, West Virginia, intrator of the Estate of Bessie Deed Book 206, page 40, the un- E. Penwell, Deceased, dersigned will offer for sale at Complainant. public auction in front of the VS. ~Court House in Charles Town, W. Goldie Painter, Lester Penwell, Va. on James Penwell, Ellen Wilt, SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1961 AT Irene Akers, Marie Helshman, I 10"30 O'CLOCK A M CDST~ t Donald Penwell, Bessie Ballen- " " " " n l all those certain lots of land, with Iger. Epp~ Penwe~l~ Fe~CEiSdwP:rd l improvements the eon, situated at , m~.,~n Rl~Lkelev l~nlr Your HOTPOINT= Dealer:~ ~'~ " r " wen, uamerne~ c , [Sl enandoah -Janction, "in 'said Trhst"Compa- - -A C oration-; WHERE YOUR ~DOLLA~ Y~S MORE [county and state, known as Lots 9, Potomac Light and Power Corn- [ 10, 11, 12 and 13, in Block No. 17, pany, a Corporation; Charles Phone 370 Charles Town, W. Va. as the same are laid off and desig Town General Hospital, Inc., a Hated on the plat of Shasta, re- ALONE Corporation; Jules F. Langlet, M. D., William P. Warden, M. ISN'T ENOUGH ! it takes moisture removal, too-and FRIGIDAIRE HAS IT/ D., The Melvin T. Strider Cam- I pany, a Corporation, Defendants. Model ACD-19D-- 19,000 OTU/HR, Cooling Capacity, 6.9 PTS/PER HR. Moisture Removal (NEMA Standard CN1-1960). To the above ~,amed parties and all creditors of Bessie E. Penwell, deceased, includi,~g ~hose :holding leins by judgen~n or o~herwlse, on her real estate or any l~r~ thereof: In pursuance of order of the Cirouit Court of Jefferson County, West Virgin~a, m~.cle an ~ cause ~herein pendir~g, ~o, subjeo~ Vhe veal e~tute of said ~Sessle ~E. Pen- well, to the payment of her debbs, i~ncluding Chose whic2~ ~re liens on such real estate, or any part of it, you are hereby required to your claim o ~he trader- for ~ljudi,c.~tlon ~t l~4s of- in the Cl,tizens Office Bu~ld- trig, a~ Charles Town, Jefferson Cottaty, West Virg~ma, on or be- iore the 5~h day of August, 1961; ~therwise you may, ,by law, be ex- cluded f,rom, all ,benefit of such real estate. This big 19,000 BTU/i-/R. fRIgIDAIRE Room Air Conditioner removes more moisture from room air than any other leading brand of comparable capacity/* , The above p~rt~es ~e f~ And said paxties wlii take notice school children. Sunday Church Vh~t on ,the 5th day of A~gust, School and the Pastor's Class at 1961, at my ~ffice in ~-~e Citizens "~fflce Builctirtg, Chortles Town, 9:45 a. m.; Joseph R. Staley, Sup- "b,fferson County, West Virginia, I erintendent. Monday through Sun % i 55 )i ?Zilil Advertise In The Spirit-Advocate NORMAN E. KISNER INSURANCE AGENCY Office City Building Telephone 552 Charles Town, W. Vs. I MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY MUTUAL FIR|INSURANCE COIdP~I~' UFIr mSURANC[ COMPANY Nemt Offgll ~4~t~$. OhM What's this little fellow up to? ,Where's he going? - Why? He knows: Maybe he couldn't put it into @ords, but hc's lust as sure is any little man can be. He is taking in God's world with all his little-child faith. He knows that trot and how God made it strong against the ~tom~. Those clouds? He knows God painted them {n the sky [or hir~ to enioy. He knows that more of God's wonders are risht up ahead--and that's where he's going, lust walking among Go~[ In the truest sense o[ the wor~]s, our ~oung hiend doesn't have to FIND Cod-'h is WITH GOd. We are older. A lot of things clutter up our lives. We are busy losing God. When we do search for Him we searcdy know where to turn. It would be nice to ioin this young [dlow -- to slmre his thoughts, his hopes, his dreams, his God. We can't do that. We don't have a chilffs faith. But can come CLOSER to ~ and ease our restless hearts. ~_ We can go to our church--C, od's temple, our place o[wo~hip. ~~ will be there. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . ALL POk THE CHUECH , - f[ that FRIGIDAIRE Roti,fied t~h~t in pursuance of said The Chuzch is the greatest f~cto, on e~rth for the bm'ldlng of I~F t, roo removes more moisture order entered on the 7t~ day of ch.~ctcr End good citizenship. It is u storehouse of spiritual values. Sund~' Matthew C~6 Va~a~19.23 J~ly, 1961, ~id cause wa~ referred Without a strong Church, neither democracy ~ civilization can Monday Matthew11 21~2 Here's what you get with this co0,,.. MOISTURE FRISIOAIR[ t~O the u.nd.ez'~zz~:~ ~oznzz~ss~oner Cot~ri&ht,,,t ,...ivc. %cre,~to~r,~.d~somwh, c~c~pesso, tho.ldattend: ~'ryices regularly and support the Chureh. They azc: (I) For his ovm TuesdayMatthewl big FRIGIDAIRE ACD-19D! u.,, gAPAII" REMOVAL REMOVES to t~ke. s~a~he ~n.d llefpoll~ a,n 9,~- ~r~d~.~rvi,.l~ s.~e. (D For his chi|drcu's sake. (,)Fo~thc,keofhisc ..... it}"Wed.~t~Mark '4-38 BTUIHR, PTS/HR. THIS % MORE ooun't, ShOw~g: $~r~bur~ V~. a~d nation. (4) Foe the rake of the Church itself, which needs his Thundaylohn 14 i-7 FRIGIOAIR[ 19,000 6.9 ~T: W~at persona,1 estate moral and matefia]suppo~ ~hzz to go to chu:ch z~,u]azly and zc~d Friday Ronmm $ 1-8 Vhe deeeder~t, Bessie E. Pen~veU, owned ut Vhe time of her de~th. the cl,~racter and value O~reof; SECOND: Wl~at d~sposlMon, if any, was made of said perr, on~l ~te b9 the P~nt~*f$, ~l~'eley yee: Bible daily. Saturday lmne~ 4 a A 18,400 3.2 . 116% More B 23,900 5.7 21% More C 18,000 5.4 28% More D 18,000 5,5 25% More *From latest available published figure= 5 Year Guarantee ON ALL 1961 MODELS IL LE PER WEEK! BIG COOLING CAPACITY--19,000 BTU pe: houri REAL DEHUMIDIFYING--as much as a barr " of moisture a week! 3-SPEED FAN--volume adjustable at the flick of a switch! QUIET ORERATION---just a gentle reassuring murmur! HOME IS WHERE 1'HE HAZARDS ARE wind, fire, theft, vandal. isma~d personal liability are only a ~ew of the m~ny hazards that threaten your home. You never know when one or more of these perils will strike, so be sure you have complete financial protection with a moctern HomeoWners :pbl~y. '~ THIS ADVERTISEI ] I T SPONSORED BY THE IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHILCO DEALER Cl les Town, W. Vs. Phor[e CHARLES T WN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. V~. J. C. P ENNEY COMPANY "ALWAYS FIRST UALITY" CHARLF.S TOWN, W. VA. H. W..W~GELEY, INC. AS LOW AS SAVE TOO -- FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY WIRING INSTALLATION ON ALL 240 VOLT Corner Charles Washington Charles Town, *W. GENERAL APPLIANCE & SALES and q WITH LOW GIDA R Charles Town H. S. CLOPPER, JR. : i ~ ..... BUY TODAY AT sn ce, and Real Sstate W. & R." SALES, INC" and Bonds C ES TOWN, W. VA. BOX 591 PHONE 113 120 E. Washington Street ..... Charles Town, W. Va. Telephone 216 J. EMORY KABLE ESSO DISTRIBUTOR Shepherdstown - Martinsburg R. C. A. vICTOR- TV SALES & We Service All Makes dEllS LIFE 0111111118100. PAUL BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW THE COMMUNITY: LEGGETT'S DEPT. "TH]g HOME OF BETTF~ Phone 202 JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SHERWIN, WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. VL POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS RANSON, WF~T VIRGINXA RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RANSON, W, V,aL PHONE 309 RANSON MACHINE ~ i~QRKS PHONE 481' RAISON, W. V~ COMMUI ITY OIL CO', INC" C~TI~S SER~rICk Ch/~l~s Town, W. Va. M~rUnsburg, W. Va. -,Leesburg, VL VALLEY BOARD CORP. L 5 & Phone 578-W Charles Town, W. Va. HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA ChaHes Tobn, W; YL HENANDOAH AIR CONDITIONING HEATING---COOLING Plumbing - Shee~ Met~l. Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone | | THE MELVIN T. STRIDER ~harlem Town 162" SUDLEY FUNER~ HOM~ Shepherdstown 2683 PITTS CHARLES THEATRE--Ranson "ALWA~ZS A GOOD